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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Post-Engagement Vacation with the Kids!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Post-Engagement Vacation with the Kids!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt arrive at the Baltra Airport on the Galapagos Islands for some family vacation time with the kids earlier this week.

The newly engaged couple brought along the entire family for the tropical vacay. Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne, and Knox joined mom and dad in the celebration of their post-engagement announcement vacation!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Angelina Jolie

Angelina‘s engagement ring was designed by Brad with jeweler Robert Procop. Check out the pic of her beautiful jewel in case you missed it!

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  • anustin

    lol Maniston is doing a great job for taking away the batman Theroux.

  • Passing Through

    # 232 LLM @ 04/21/2012 at 10:15 am
    I think Ticky’s hens would have wisened up to the fact that Brad was never coming back a lot quicker had any of the 4,000 men Ticky’s fvcked since Brad dumped her found her tolerable in the anything more than the face-down doggy position. Unfortunately she turned her head to the side and kept right on talking. Ho just does not know when to STFU. Therefore every guy that hit it ran like hell afterwards because the woman is just too damned annoying, neurotic, clingy, desperate and obsessed with having the public think she’s the catch of a lifetime – and as powerful in HW as Brad and Angie are. If any of those men had been looking for a Sugar Mama like Squiggy then Ticky would have found a guy a long time ago. Even the 2 nobodies that she dated (that we know about) quit the ho. “Yeah, she’s richer than hell…but she’s just too fvcking annoying to put up with for longer than it takes to bust a nut. And the shrine to Brad Pitt in her bathroom is just fvcking creepy!” Now that’s she’s seemingly found a guy who’s willing to put up with her – and her equally annoying hens – her fans are upset that he’s nobody and might be taking advantage of her. Oh well…be careful what you ask for next time and you should have been more specific when asking God for a man Ticky’s neediness & desperation didn’t scare away.

  • RotflmaoO

    Dear leader we our praying for your weave. It’s ubeweavable, find the wiglet superglue.

  • fyi1


    ITA Rose, but the best form of flattery I heard is imitation! I think it shows how much JP family is loved, adored and how much everyone around the world is rooting for this wonderful family.
    Yep, the knock-off can not be compared to Angie’s ring BUT some folks who admire them might get a ring they could afford.

  • RotflmaoO

    Dear leader we pray for food for dear leaders wife, Angelina twiglet Jolie.

  • RotflmaoO

    Will brad wear his wiglet when he marries his twiglet?

  • Passing Through

    # 244 fyi1 @ 04/21/2012 at 12:04 pm
    Since those apartments were an end to a means for Ticky – she’s not shedding any tears over that half mil because she accomplished her goal of fooling Jeangolo into believing she was willing to live in NYC part-time to have him. Like I keep saying – it’s the same bait-and-switch she pulled with Brad. She undoubtedly pulled the same routine with all those other men, too. Squiggy’s gonna live Brad’s 6 1/2 year nightmare firsthand now. Hope he remembers when he dumps her that it seemed like a good idea at the time. At least Brad was recovering from having his heart ripped out and was high half the time. He had a readymade excuse. Squiggy’s supposedly sober so this dumping should be super fun…

  • flower girl

    Did no one remember that yesterday was Iggy Pop’s birthday.

    How quickly we forget.. Remember someone once referenced that Aniston looked like Iggy.. LMAO

    that was funny..

  • Rose

    @fyi1: You are so right about the imitation ring. I can just see the joy in Angie’s face, she loves her ring. Brad Did good.

  • TOL on MAX

    Great news- TOL is now on-demand if you have Cinemax. They are also showing in a 10 PM EDT tonight. As much I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Moneyball and Brad & everybody else in it, Brad’s performance in TOL is just masterful- words can barely convey how great his work was in TOL- the whole movie is amazing.

  • fyi1

    @Passing Through:

    ITA, I am on the front row of the bleachers to see when Squiggy run, run, runs for his life or back to Heidi.. Le ny has that reaction from everyone she tries to hire as a BF! But as usual, she will have to STFU & STFD while the JP wedding frenzy dies down….No one cares about her or Squiggly! This will be fu. To watch as High desperately tries to save his mula he has been milking from the 43 year old, ugly cow.

  • Rose

    PT#257, PT, you forget to mention, Let me add my two cents, he is hotter than Brad, as her hens would say. So they have that to comfort them when the getting gets rough. When was the last time we heard her hens talking about THEROXNESURO hotness? Cricket, cricket.


    thanks for the TOL info…right now, watching Moneyball on Starz- they just had the scene with Billy & his daughter having ice cream!!

  • Tamsin


    Oh throwing homophobic insults at me? What is your goddess going to think? She is bisexual and has a transgender boy. Shame on you.

  • Rose

    @fyi1:#248, Love, love this video, Thant you for posting.

  • http://none blondie

    1 min ago

    I think that it was about seven years ago
    that Jen had a five year plan:

    I can, I do, and I will?

    I will find a man and settle down with him,
    get married, and produce a child????
    Have a career. Be happy? Take baby steps to
    mother and daughter happiness with Nancy Dow?

    Instead look what happened in those five years:

    Belly-aching about Brad and his new life without her.
    Flop movie after dull movie.
    Tabloid coverage of nothing worth remembering.
    Dresses and outfits that boggle decription.
    Affairs that end up being denied.
    The interference of David Arquette’s marriage???
    The facial expressions on the cover of magazines
    that make you twist your head in all sorts of
    positions to try to find some sort of hidden
    meaning as to what on earth any photographer
    worth their salary must have been trying to
    conjure forth!!!
    Box office figures that must have been fudged up.
    Fans that may have dwindled, in number, to a large
    The loss of poor old Norman the Dog, just to replace him with Justin and Sophie, the Pitt Bull.
    (Just had to get a PITT in there somehow…the
    corney old HOE!)

    And a new face for each flop movie that she made.
    Photographs that were so touched up
    that you never are really quite sure if it is Jen
    or a Jen look-a-like, that is about 15 or twenty years younger
    than the actual great-grand-mother aged Aniston!!!

    Haaaaaa haaaa ha.

  • RotflmaoO

    i am a cretin. i hate myself.

    i hate brad pitt and i will NEVER accept brad pitt loving my girl angelina, and i will troll them till the day i die.

    i am pathetic and mentally ill. help me

  • Tasmin

    i am a cretin. i hate myself.

    i hate brad pitt and i will NEVER accept brad pitt loving my girl angelina, and i will troll them till the day i die.

    i am pathetic and mentally ill. help me

  • Tamsin


    Brad confessed that he was a self-absorbed junkie who was leeching off Aniston’s. Why he keeps bringing her up is only because he feels guilty about screwing her over, and his pathetic “it wasn’t her, it was me” excuse does little help to put him as more than dull, empty, boring person who hasn’t found himself.

    Watch any of his interviews and listen to his mumbled speech and hesitant tone, then you’ve heard it all. He’s dull and and is so afraid to say something stupid that he hesitates with every word he utters. That’s why he prefers to give written interviews instead of live ones.

    As for his behavior, he is the type of partner who is needy, demanding and won’t encourage the other person to grow and instead sucks up all your life energy when you are in a relationship with him. It’s pretty evident by the way St. Angie looks lately.

  • Tamsin

    @Jen the hag:

    Are you bitter because no matter what she does or what you say, your goddess is still nothing but a MISTRESS and will always be one?

    I’m only stating the facts, luv, no need to get upset.

  • fyi1

    PT, post #261

    Yep this is so TRUE! Yeah, at least Bradley had an excuse…..poor Squiggy has none, just plain old money/fame-hungry! I sure hope Lenny’s handlers won’t somehow stop him for milking her all the way..hey, there are dozens & dozens who live off of this talentless 43 year old box office poison.. I am sure Huvane is working behind the scenes and overtaken like crazy to make sure they get their share after tolerating, consoling, pampering thiis b!tch for decades.

  • Let’s GO OAKLAND!!

    also watching Moneyball- a bit behind because bc I paused dvr to multi-task…they are in the middle of the win streak- so cool. That guy that got to play a young Billy really does look like Brad. What a beautiful movie.

  • Tamsin


    Sweetie, do you know how ironic it is for you to quote Charlie Sheen??

    The jokes do write themselves sometimes. I rest my case. :D

  • also

    It’s hard not to be romantic about baseball!

  • fyi1

    @Let’s GO OAKLAND!!:

    Do you mean the 18 year old Billy Bean? If that’s what you are talking about, They hit the jackpot with him, btw loved seeing him Brad chatting on the RC. He was great!

  • Lara

    ————————–New Thread————————–

  • Tamsin

    @Love the JoliePitts:

    The only person who is pretty evidently getting paid for putting a positive spin on every PR stunt by the JPs is you, doll. There is no other justification for the overwhelming wall of text that feel like a fu-kk-ing litany because of the repetitive stupid sh it you put out: “God bless the JPs. They so beautiful, talented, happy. Beautiful kids. He said “XXX” to her ,and she replied “XXX” to her in this pic.”

    Mind you, I can’t read through all that nonsense. I would tell you it’s sad and pathetic but your clearly are making money off of the crazies here, so I guess I should say congrats on milking these loons and I thank you for devoting so much time on me. :)

  • facts not tabliod/web junk

    Actually it was Brad who talked Aniston into doing The Good Girl. She was afriad to step out of the box of her normal romcoms. Just like she is stuck in the same box for the last five years.
    Brad was the one who incoragned Angelina to show her script to others. He was the one who said she would make a great director.
    It’s funny how this trolls just spitting out bs without any facts.

  • facts not tabliod/web junk

    Sorry that is “Brad is the one who encouraged

  • Tamsin


    Don’t you mean, Dear Leader’s Mistress? Because that’s what she is.


  • Tamsin

    The lying cheating manskank exposed.

    I love this bit down here..

    What does it feel like to have a wife unemployed now?

    BP: She makes more money than I do.

    (the only truth he admitted to in the interview)

    Are you appalled by the tabloids headlines featuring you and Angelina Jolie?

    BP: At this point we just stay away from it all cause we’ve seen so much of it come and go. I’ve never seen someone so misperceived as Jolie. She’s a really decent human being. Very dedicated with her UN work and very dedicated to her child, which is a daily thing for her. She’s surprising levelheaded and bright and decent.

    She told us how great you were with her son. Would you like to be a father?

    BP: Yeah, it’s time. I’m finally at the place where I think I won’t mess up too much and Jen’s in agreement with this.

  • Passing Through

    FYI for anyone interested – I have posted the tab report but it didn’t quite work out as I’d planned it. Full explanation at the tab report blog…

  • Lisa

    Omg jared you must’ve gotton paid by skeletina to have deletd my comments on the 1st page,damn you jared!! biased much!?

  • fool


    suck it up cry baby

  • lsam

    There are so many kinds of unique animals there. The kids would love it. My husband said there is only one small hotel there. Glad they are having a great time in between movies.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Angelina Jolie is more than a pretty face for Pakistan flood relief
    Angelina Jolie, a veteran of humanitarian work, has traveled to more than 20 countries. Pakistan’s crisis was greater in scope than any she had ever witnessed, Angelina Jolie said.

    By Issam Ahmed, Correspondent, Christa Case Bryant, Staff writer / September 8, 2010

    Angelina Jolie, the Hollywood celebrity with access to everyone from heads of state to humble refugees, used her global megaphone today to solicit donations for Pakistan’s 21 million flood victims. The United Nations, for whom Ms. Jolie serves as a goodwill ambassador, is struggling to raise the last third of a $460 million appeal for emergency funds.

    Rich Clabaugh/Staff


    In Pictures: Pakistan floods

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    Haiti’s pressing need: rain-resistant shelter for 750,000 homeless
    Port-au-Prince, Haiti: From George Clooney to Lance Armstrong, celebrities tap star power to urge giving
    Watching Africa from the inside
    Pakistan floods: Want to help? Click here.
    Angelina Jolie meets with flood victims in Pakistan
    A veteran of disaster scenes whose humanitarian work has taken her to more than 20 countries, Jolie said Pakistan’s crisis was greater in scope than any she had ever witnessed. While Hollywood stars rushing to disaster scenes often lead to rolling of eyes and complaints that they do little good, at least some veteran aid workers in Pakistan are delighted that Jolie is on the case.

    Ishfaq Ahmed, head of operations for the Hashoo foundation in Pakistan, was grateful for the added attention she brought – particularly amid claims of corruption in aid distribution and complaints about Pakistan’s mediocre record in tackling militancy.

    IN PICTURES: Pakistan floods

    “I think it’s really helpful because we have problems on a massive scale in Pakistan… we have a big catastrophe on our hands and we have a big trust deficit,” said one of his employees, who did not want to be named. “A lot of Westerners who would come to help, now think twice about coming. A celebrity coming over is a symbol of trust and shows their support…. It’s brilliant, it helps improve our image.”

    Jolie toured a camp of 6,000 people, whom the employee described as living in “terrible conditions” despite the camp’s proximity to Islamabad, the capital.

    “She was very down to earth and friendly with the kids and interested in knowing about everything. She visited homes, she visited schools, and she chatted with the kids for almost half an hour. I talked to her about the health center, and she wanted to meet the families and displaced people.”

  • Love the JoliePitts
  • Tamsin


    LOL at your double standard. So passing your stupid opinions for facts and making all kinds of judgements on what Brand-gelina those two must be talking about in those pics, or even guessing what JA must be doing/feeling about them is okay, yet you tell me not to do the same.

    Unlike you, I know enough about the subject to identify Shiloh’s behavior, but hey don’t take my word for it, there are plenty of documentaries and interviews with other children on youtube for you to check out when you feel ready. Of course you’re going to deny it, and kick and scream about it, because she’ like a messiah to you but I dare to watch it and deny that Shiloh does not behave like the kids who are subject of these documentaries.

    At the end of the day, with St Angie being bisexual she shouldn’t have a problem with any of her kids’ sexual orientation. If she went further than calling it “Montenegro style”, I’m pretty sure that if she confirmed it, you mindless sheep would immediately change your collective mind, acting all progressive and claiming to have always known.

  • Tart

    ‘Post-Engagement Vacation’

    I wonder how many Pre-Wedding Vacations they will take for the cameras?