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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Post-Engagement Vacation with the Kids!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Post-Engagement Vacation with the Kids!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt arrive at the Baltra Airport on the Galapagos Islands for some family vacation time with the kids earlier this week.

The newly engaged couple brought along the entire family for the tropical vacay. Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne, and Knox joined mom and dad in the celebration of their post-engagement announcement vacation!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Angelina Jolie

Angelina‘s engagement ring was designed by Brad with jeweler Robert Procop. Check out the pic of her beautiful jewel in case you missed it!

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289 Responses to “Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Post-Engagement Vacation with the Kids!”

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  1. 151
    Tamsin Says:


    Do you know how ironic is it for you to call others sheep?
    I appreciate that you give us a run down on JA’s projects, lots of things a I didn’t know about. I thought you weren’t a fan of JA, but I was wrong.

    Did you know that Angie was had four Razzie nominations back to back? Some of them were even double entries. JA has been hard pressed to follow up on such remarkable achievement, but so far St. Angie has kept a hold of that record. I’m pretty sure she’s very proud. I mean, “Life or Something Like it” is a timeless classic.

    Stil you couldn’t refute what I said about Plan B. It was all about Jen and Brad Grey’s influence and connections, but hey, there is no shame in admitting that. Everybody knows it. She couldn’t stand being involved any further with a lying cheating manskank.

    And yet you forget to mention that as part of Plan B she financed her then hubby’s star vehicle Troy, so the money he is using to build his little vanity projects (while trying to pass for an architect, no less) it came from the investments that his much wealthier wife made. Has his mistress realized that yet?

    I’m sorry that you’re butthurt that Tree of Life and Land of Blood and Hunny tanked at the box office but hey, there is only so much support a cheating sleazebag and his mistress can get. There’s always room for Mr and Mrs Smith part 2, right?

  2. 152
    Tamsin Says:


    Your nervous laughter tell me you’re scared that they might not go through with it at all, after all, as a dedicated fan you are indeed aware that well known for cheating on their partners and break commitments.

    I hear that guys who marry their mistresses aren’t always that fortunate.

  3. 153
    anustin Says:

    wtf!!! batman Theroux is 510,00?hehehehe

  4. 154
    Tamsin Says:

    @Tamsin or Iamsin:

    Does it bother you that you’re not invited to the pothead and the mistress’ next PR stunt aka their wedding? They don’t care about you at all, and yet you’re here defending them from god knows what.

  5. 155
    lurker Says:

    nope more like 5″6 lol he looks like a midget

  6. 156
    bdj Says:

    Beautiful pixs on facebook page

    People Mag reports the newly engaged couple and their kids have set up shop at the Royal Palm Hotel on the island of Santa Cruz. The hotel, a member of Leading Hotels of the World, is the only luxury hotel that’s actually located inside the Galapagos National Park. Reportedly, Brangelina and co. are staying in one of the hotel’s 10 villas which are equipped with living rooms, dining areas with fireplaces, jacuzzis and covered outdoor decks off the bedrooms and living spaces.

    But since those villas have only one or two bedrooms, we suspect that the family is renting out the hotel’s luxury residence, Villa Escalesia which has fourbedrooms in the main house, four and a half bathrooms, an infinity pool, whirlpool, steam bath, sun deck and bar, another suite on the villa grounds that can sleep up to four more nannies, er, people, unobstructed island views and total privacy. The residence also comes with an in-home chef, housekeeper, maitre’d and a personal concierge.

    If you have to ask how much this residence costs, then you aren’t Brangelina. Regular rooms, or verandas, at the hotel start around $320 a night. The villas start at $529 a night.

    [Photo: Villa Escalesia/Facebook]

  7. 157
    bdj Says:

    Brad and Angelina: Domestic Bliss
    The world’s two hottest stars discuss love, marriage, and playing house in Palm Springs. Brad Pitt collaborates with photographer Steven Klein to create this portfolio of images, while starring in it alongside his Mr. and Mrs. Smith costar and purported new love, Angelina Jolie. CLICK HERE to see W’s latest collaboration with Brad and Angelina. AND HERE to return to the W Classics archive.

  8. 158
    bdj Says:

    Blast from the past for the whiny hen. Often imitated but rarely duplicated. Just ask myboo Gerry and that constipated Baby Jane layout or frozen Nicole Kidman and Clive Owen. BP and AJ just sizzles in Domestic Bliss.

  9. 159
    Observer2 Says:

    Lenny’s connections? Really? She’s got so many connections that no A-List talent wants to work with her. She has to all but beg in interviews for people to please call her. She’s still waiting by the phone. Ring, please, ring.

    With such notable movies as MisManagement, Siht happens, The Switch and Wanderbust, the movie where she found twu love and no one cared. LOL.

    Such notable connections that her Echo films, is all but dead.

    You’re so far up Lenny’s **** that you’re swimming in the fecal matter that is her colon. Bend over and grab your ankles.

    Talk about being butt hurt. She’s got to do 4 movies, to make what Brad and Angelina make doing one.

    Brad’s worth over 200M, Lenny is on a losing streak. Bought little man is costing her money, not making her any.

    And it’s pretty sad that people have to go back a decade to say, hey, she was good in that one movie, remember? LOL.

    Speaking of razzies, Lenny was nominate for razzies for The Switch, TBH and JGWI. She’s batting 3 for 5 for her last movies. Good job!

  10. 160
    Tamsin Says:


    Yes, let’s be reminded of the shameless farce that they willingly took part of. Let’s celebrate a man and his mistress, and the lame asses they were cheating on at the time. Serves them right.

    Karma is a bigger ****** than St Angie ever will.

  11. 161
    bdj Says:

    NOLA-shot ‘The Paperboy’ and ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’ added to Cannes 2012 lineup

    cannes film festival 2012 press conference.jpgThe official lineup for the 2012 Cannes Film Festival is announced during a news conference in France. Four titles with significant Louisiana links are among the 54 accepted this year into the prestigious film festival.

    Lee Daniels’ New Orleans-shot drama “The Paperboy” — starring Zac Efron, Matthew McConaughey, John Cusack and Nicole Kidman — will screen in competition at this year’s festival. Also, the Houma-shot Sundance Film Festival sensation “Beasts of the Southern Wild,” directed by New Orleans-based filmmaker Benh Zeitlin, has been added to the Un Certain Regard section.

    They join director Walter Salles’ “On the Road,” based on Jack Kerouac book and which filmed in New Orleans, among various other places around the country; and “Killing Them Softy,” director Andrew Dominick’s gritty crime drama starring Brad Pitt and which shot in New Orleans under the title “Cogan’s Trade.”

    Both “On the Road” and “Killing Them Softly” had previously been reported as part of the Cannes lineup.

    The 2012 Cannes Film Festival will be from May 16-27.

  12. 162
    bdj Says:

    The whiny paid hen should go celebrate Baby Jane stealing a short skinny jean wearing gold digger from his girlfriend of 14 years. Thus creating that dynamic duo, McGreedy and McNeedy. The rest is history.

  13. 163
    Observer2 Says:

    Domestic Bliss set the standard and every movie couple has been trying to recreate it since. Even Lenny, with Buttefinger Butler. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. LOL.

  14. 164
    lurker Says:

    beautiful,classic cannot be copied

  15. 165
    theresa Says:

    I wonder if these trolls, tamsin and friends, know that very few posters are responding to them. essentially, they are talking to themselves.

  16. 166
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    “If you have to ask how much this residence costs, then you aren’t Brangelina.”
    Well, then, that is just how they roll! And they deserve it!
    Brad is saying -”Nothing is too good for my Mrs., and my kids. ”
    And we love you for it Brad!

  17. 167
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    NAN! Nice to see you on board. You are always missed.
    Have a wonderful life, dear lady.

  18. 168
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    BDJ, your comebacks are incomparable.
    Your zingers are enjoyable even when I don’t know who or what you are responding to.
    Thanks to all the fans for thumbing down the Troll.
    It is refreshing to be in a “you don’t have to read” – “Toll Free Zone”

  19. 169
    NAN Says:

    @ Love the JoliePitts.
    # 183
    Hi Love the JoliePitts and thank you.
    Have a wonderful life to you too.
    Hi To all JP fans around the world.

  20. 170
    facts not tabliod Says:

    Aniston DID NOT put in any money to become part of Plan B. She became part of Plan B by being Brad Pitt’s wife. Which is why she got NO money for Plan B when the divorced occurred. Also she go NO production credits for any of the movies that have been created after there separation. Her friend did for The Departed for the work she did but not her. She only rec’d is the rights to two stories that she has yet to make movie on and probably have lost the rights to them.

  21. 171
    briseis Says:

    Wow, two threads I had to catch up on. Thanks to all who thumbed down the trolls (or is it just one troll?) Don’t have to put up with their nonsense. But I can’t believe the stamina of this troll that keeps posting and posting all day and all night long. Must have been promised a huge bonus if it just kept on going and going and going ,,, like the energizer bunny.
    I truly and seriously envy the JP kids. The Galapagos Islands? All these places that I only read about or learned in Geography in school and they see them for reals. Sigh!

  22. 172
    Observer2 Says:


    Is McGreedy helping McNeedy with The Boring Girls? Ya know with all of her connections, this indie should have been a slam dunk. Instead, Stacey Snider, from DreamWorks put it into immediate turnaround. And Overnight put it on the shelf after MisManagement and Siht Happens flopped hard. But, we know that Lenny has got a hard flop sweat going on with Wanderbust, busting as badly as it did. They even trotted the wee one, threw a spray tan on him with sparking mascara, with his gold sparkly sneakers and they highjacked the movie for more of their tour of love and no one showed up.

    But, all is good, as Lenny will throw down and isn’t afraid to stretch herself by wearing no mascara or throwing on a dark wig.

    I just can’t figure why The Boring Girls hasn’t gotten made, nor any of the movies that were announced when Echo Films was announced.

    That’s how she maintains her wannabe B-List status. Hell, even CC gets to direct a full length movie for Lifetime, whereas, Lenny could only get a 12-15 minute short on Lifetime.

    McGreedy will stick around for a few more months. It’s apparent that CAA isn’t working their tails off for him. It’s a good thing that his writing and directing allows him to do such masterpieces as Charlies Angels 2, Your Highness and Wanderbust. With such a stellar resume, color me que surprised that he hasn’t hit it big time yet. And RDJ was so impressed with his IM2 script, that he went on record slamming it and hiring the screen writer from SH2 to write the script for IM3. Good thing, the balding hipster, skinny girl wearing douchster has his friendship with Stiller. You know everyone is just waiting with baited breath for Zoolander 2. Not.

    So, Lenny is going to be playing a part where she’s dying from Cancer in Beaches 2. Will she try and sing The Wind Beneath My Wings Part Deux? LOL.

  23. 173
    cats and rats Says:

    I come to make fun of all Ange mother she. Not no about. U talk no talk do not gave a shift* I have fun. You o bay cult leader or he bet fat button. Why you stay all day an night wonder of bloodsucker life. I come when my father in law an my mom in law and my boys and housbond have eat play bath play. What about u old women what u do for the day. Pray Ange she do not care for you or no. .u. u love her be good in her name. U sat in high chair an judge. Some u proper are. Crazy an lonely no friendss.

  24. 174
    theresa Says:


    no, it’s all one troll.

  25. 175
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    Brad, Angelina and the children all look so happy to be on this vacation. So much good to celebrate and savor.
    I am overjoyed that Brad gave Angelina a beautiful engagement ring and that the two of them did not just run off and get married.
    They have seven lovely and joyous years together to celebrate and not just the beautiful engagement alone.
    The engagement brings with it the herald of a future that will be even more lovely and loving and beautiful and filled with so many more unexpected blessings of joy as they have experienced in the past and will experience as they go forward in their lives together as husband and wife and father and mother to their beautiful clan.
    Yes! You are doing it right Brad and Angelina. You are doing it the “Brangelina” way! You always set the tone and then others follow gladly acting as if they thought of it first. :)
    Looking forward to your perfect wedding, however you decide to present it.
    And the ring Brad designed is so spectacular the world cannot stop talking about it. It fits Angelina’s finger so beautifully and she wears it so gracefully, like the Lady of Class she is. It is clear she is thrilled to have it on her finger and she is proud to show it off as any woman in love would be. Its incredible beauty is a testament of Brad’s love for her and how much he cherishes her and what the family they have so beautifully created together means to him.
    Angelina said they (she and Brad), along with their children have a very warm and loving home. We give thanks that your home will continue to be filled with such warmth and love and joy and goodness for you all throughout eternity.
    A special extended double blessing is asked for you, Angelina, because of the unwarranted, hateful attacks leveled against you for so many years. We give thanks that the Universe of Love does not tolerate such injustice but instead protects those it loves and sets all things right. God’s blessings cover you always beautiful lady. You, Brad and all your children.

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