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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Wedding Anniversary This Week!

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Wedding Anniversary This Week!

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian head out for lunch together at Toscanova restaurant on Thursday (April 19) in Calabasas, Calif.

The 29-year-old singer and her hubby are getting ready to celebrate their first wedding anniversary this weekend!

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LeAnn tweeted about the couple’s plans for this special day – “I think we are packed for our ‘stay cation’ Good times ahead! Here’s to a great weekend and an amazing one year anniversary.”

10+ pics inside of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian out to lunch…

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leann rimes eddie cibrian almost anniversary 01
leann rimes eddie cibrian almost anniversary 02
leann rimes eddie cibrian almost anniversary 03
leann rimes eddie cibrian almost anniversary 04
leann rimes eddie cibrian almost anniversary 05
leann rimes eddie cibrian almost anniversary 06
leann rimes eddie cibrian almost anniversary 07
leann rimes eddie cibrian almost anniversary 08
leann rimes eddie cibrian almost anniversary 09
leann rimes eddie cibrian almost anniversary 10
leann rimes eddie cibrian almost anniversary 11
leann rimes eddie cibrian almost anniversary 12

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Mimi

    Great, now we can all look forward to her tweeting pictures of herself from her “staycation”, in a skimpy bikini no doubt. I wish she’d take a vacation and never come back.

  • kel

    Bwahahaha! A whole year and a two week celebration. Losers.

  • Bah!

    Who cares? he is so dumb for being with this ugly squinty lemon faced.

  • who cares

    attention hos

  • Mimi

    @Bah!: He’s far from dumb, he’s a gold digger with no job and she’s pathetically desperate to actually think he loves her. Who would? Look at her!

  • dobbi

    Money must be getting tight since this is a no-income duo.

  • for real

    She makes me cringe. I’m just so embarrassed for her. She thinks this guy is a prize, and that she’s some beautiful fashionable A-list celebrity. And she thinks she was America’s Sweetheart and only a few people dislike her. It’s just so embarrassing.

  • http://google Cindy

    I don’t care for this couple; she is the breadwinner and the one that gets them both in the spotlight…and HE knows it. He needs her right now to boost what little ‘career’ he has…the sad part….she probably knows it.

  • opinion8edx2

    …shame on you mimi for equating looks with being loved…shame on the rest of you that trash Eddie for making less money than his wife…way to slip back into the dark ages…

  • notapitviper

    Congrats you guys! You look so happy, here’s to many more years of love and great sex!
    LOVE the dress!

  • JL

    She really is the definition of ball-and-chain.

  • airheadopinon8edX2

    @opinion8edx2: are hilarious. He doesn’t love her looks he loves her money. He doesn’t make any money but he wants the lifestyle .Leann Rimes is a delusional skank.

  • Maria

    Eddie, do you not have any sense of embarrassment for yourself? BE A REAL MAN and get a job to feed your family, instead of sucking off the money of a long-passed-prime singer like LeAnn. Be a great example for your children instead of being a cheating, no-good jobless father.
    If you can’t get a gig as an actor, get a job like any normal person would do. I would absolutely be ashamed to have a father like you, especially when your new girlfriend is ‘tweeting’ your locations and having paid paparazzi take pictures of you two so that you could at least hang on to the fame that you created.

  • Hope


    Well said Maria. He has not hame because that loser has no self respect, hence those boys have a shitty role model as a father. As for wife (Leann’s got Brandi’s seconds), she is an embarrassement to women, stepmothers and she has no sense of integrity and humility. She is vindictive, phony and her anniversary only compounds the fact that she is a cheater, her husband is a cheater, the victimized two innocent people (their ex’s) and now we sit back and wait for karma to do its thing and it will. Those boys will grow up and thanks to many of us who keep the truth alive on the internet, they will know the truth about their father and this skank of a stepmother. They will lalso know how much their mother endured for their sakes.

  • sickened

    Wow Ed, you are such a great know letting this trash talk junk about the mother of your children and all. What a catch you are. Oh and a cheater too? HOT!

  • what

    Why would you spend your life waiting and watching for someone elses karma?
    Pathetic much?

  • what

    @notapitviper: Well, at least you are not a snotbag. Most of the other posters are sadistic bully’s!

    Happy Anniversary to the Happy Couple! Sod off, haters.

  • Hope

    @what: not as pathetic as the loser you seem to suport..which you support cheaters, liars, homewreckers..are you pathetic much?

  • Hope

    haha..pot meet are an idot.I am entitled to my opinion as you f9ck off

  • Linda

    Both are losers and she’s so pathetic….thinking she has won THE prize..and the prize is a user with no job. Two has-been who deserve each other. Karma is on its way and I hope it hurts them as much or more than the hurt they caused others..

  • Claire Louise

    People really hate this couple.She puts it all “out there” and doesn’t seem to value privacy in her relationship at all. The public know she pays for everything and it makes her look desperate and him bought and paid for. Not exactly something to brag about..Dumb posts like this do nothing to help. I am sure JJ readers are in for a fortnight of inane and banal posts with lots of staged photo ops. Can’t she just give it a rest and focus on the supposed love of her life, instead of paying the paps to follow them and tweeting constantly? Really, she must not be absorbing much of what goes on in her life with all of those distractions. That is really sad.

  • Cam S

    Wow! I feel like we are all intruding on this couples privacy! OBVIOUSLY they are very private couple who wish to celebrate and have a low key anniversary without the prying eye of the public… (sarcasm folks) I swear, I think they are attention starved

  • Life of Brian

    Poor thing’s shoulders are as broad as her husband’s. She’d have a great career as a pro linebacker

  • Rach

    I hope she gets eaten by a shark.

  • what



  • what

    What is an idot?

  • Hope

    @what: I am sure you are better at sucking it.,,just don’t choke.

  • Jane

    You do realize Leanne is going to all lengths to milk this for all its worth. She will say, “People said it wouldn’t last a year, but look at us now.” I utterly cringe at that thought. Of course she is probably fuming that the public is talking about the Brad and Angie wedding, so Leann is going to make this first anniversary a huge one and get the paps to go FULL ON with pictures. JJ will be writing about her constantly and she will Tweet like some whirling dervish about every move she makes. The posing will be more that over the top than ever to all out insanity. No doubt she’ll be thanking swimsuit companies for her sexy bolt-on’s cover up. The rag magazines will be lined up to mention every move as well. I wonder what Eddie—er Leanne will get her for their first anniversary… a bigger and better diamond? Remember, Angie’s is bloody huge! I wouldn’t be surprised if Leann flashes a huge ring for only one purpose, to make America stop talking about the upcoming wedding and focus on her sick marriage.

  • what

    @Hope: Yeah, I didn’t need lessons like the BB’s. Can’t even do that right!

  • Hope

    @what: I am sure Leann can do it right so long as her horse teeeth don’t get in the way.

  • Amy

    I bet whenever Ed is forced to have sex with LeAnn, all he keeps thinking is, “you ugly f_cking b_itch you are paying me big money for this d_ick. I wouldn’t be seen with you in public ever if you didn’t pay my child support and give me free range with your cash”.

    I guarantee he thinks that for sure.

  • Hope

    @Amy: haha..brilliant! I am sure his Don Julio drip helps.

  • WTF

    wow, I know this comment will prob get deleted since it seems like trashy talkers out number everyone else here like 20-1, but geez, you guys need to chill, the reason they get so much attention is because you guys keep giving it to them… just like spencer and heidi, at least these two don’t have a reality show and they are good at what they do, even if they don’t work very often… every1 chill hahaha

  • WTF

    @Mimi: then stop following her on twitter hahaha

  • Jane

    @WTF: Pray tell, what is it that they do so well that you have this inexplicable need to defend them so? I am waiting with baited breath!

  • Devon

    @Jane: The people who defend LeAnn and Eduardo the unemployed, alcohol edema riddled, spineless wonder, seem to be under the impression that there are two teams. Team Brandi or team LeAnn. They don’t get that people who aren’t BB’s like myself dislike this couple for their obvious fame whoredom, lack of class and desperate need for attention. They make their little posts telling everyone to leave these two saints alone and go mind our own business. They do this on a comment section of a gossip website that their idol pays to be on constantly. No matter how pathetic her behavior or how glaring her narcissism,they defend her by calling everyone jealous of her talent (wasted), stardom (faded) and beauty (delusion) and saying that anyone who comments negatively is a BB, lives in a trailer, is fat, etc. My personal fave is when they remind everyone how jealous we should be that she is getting it from Eddie, as if everyone wished that they too could be a speed bump in the life of a serial cheater and proven liar. There is no point questioning people who obviously have their heads shoved up their back sides. That is the only explanation for their blind devotion to someone who is so undeserving of it. That or they are her paid for “friends” and have something to gain from it.. Everyone else seems to see through their pathetic charade. Anyone who goes to a gossip site comment section to tell others how they are supposed to react to a celebrity is barking up the wrong tree.

  • Jane

    @Devon: Thanks, Devon. I know all about the saga that we all call Leann and Eddie. I agree with everything you said. I was waiting for WTF to catch wind of my acute use of sarcasm, but perhaps he/she could not come up with anything profound to say in response. It seems that she depicts these two entities as something heaven sent and practically “walks on water”.

  • Devon

    @Jane: WTF is probably consulting a thesaurus to find alternative words to hag, jealous, fat etc and perhaps pondering a retort wittier than suck it. Defending a pair of fame mongering, faded celebs with morality issues is a delicate process. You should also remember that Lele has taken a break from Twitter and not being able to tweet sycophantically to her probably leaves them in a withdrawal of sorts/ I;m sure they’ are sitting in a darkened room, surrounded by pictures of their idol and her husband of one whole year and listening to her latest bomb of an album until they can once again bask in her tweeting glory.

  • Jane

    @Devon: You know Devon, it would be a “slice” to go to a bar with you and yammer about this. We’d be laughing to our sides hurt of all the nonsensical madness that only we can comprehend and find the true meaning of it all this. No doubt Mrs. McSquinty lives in an alternate universe and has no normal reality. I prefer ours better, eh? First round of drinks are on me.

  • WTF

    @Jane: He’s actually a decent actor, even if he hasn’t done anything since csi miami and playboy club, and she’s a good singer too, I mean, I guess it’s alright if some people don’t like her kind of music, but I guess you should ask yourself i you can do a better job than they can at that? I know that they both cheated and that’s simply plain wrong, but the only reason why they keep popping up everywhere is because people keep making comments and talking about them instead of just ignoring them!!

  • WTF

    @Devon: I don’t really care much about these two, my only point, again, just in case you missed it, is that yeah, they might be paying plenty of sites to have their stuff put up, but AGAIN like spencer and heidi, everyone just keep looking and making comments about them, I understand it’s a gossip site, but if you keep giving it attention it will keep coming up, that’s the whole point of gossip. I actually didn’t read much of the comments after mine, they were rather long and I guess your point was to pick a fight… so, I’ll leave it at that, you can go ahead and say what you want I know I won’t change your mind, but you’re just giving the article “more comments” (more popularity) and these two will never read them haha

  • FUTU

    @WTF “if you keep giving it attention it will keep coming up” > Exactly, goes for LeAnn defenders too! More importantly, LeAnn (& “Eduardo the Undesirable”) would love it to become a non-topic, so why would moral people with traditional values of right & wrong, the ends don’t justify the means, want to assist her end game? I personally WANT it to keep being a hotly debated topic through both of Brandi’s boys becoming internet savvy & fully aware of what LeAnn & Eddie did to their mother, and how LeAnn exploited them for PR; buying their affections with gifts, just like their father! Bet the boys will then have some well deserved heart-felt conversations with dear old dad & bogus mom!

  • Jane

    @WTF: Ah, you have spoken, and you gave me quite a laugh my dear. If you think Leann’s squawking and yodeling is considered singing, then I believe we are polar opposites. Of course there is the issue of Eddie’s “acting”. He was the reason I stopped watching CSI Miami for good and donated my DVDs to the library. Posing with those dimples is not what I would call “acting”. This whole scenario sounds like something from a badly executed Saturday Night Live routine. I can act pretty well and am not a bad singer. I just don’t put myself out there for the whole world to judge, nor do I go out of my way to make an utter fool out myself, thus bringing shame and embarrassment to my family. It seems that Mr. and Mrs. McSquinty are experts of the highest caliber on that score. If you defend these two, what does it say about YOUR morals and character?

  • Jane

    @FUTU: Spot on. I agree with you. I would love to be a fly on the wall the day Eddie needs to sit down with Jake or Mason and explain his actions. Those kids are going to seriously resent what he did. Leann is paying for this circus act he calls a marriage. Some day when the money runs out all the smoke and mirrors wont hide the fake that their marriage and the paps pictures were all to feed Leann’s ego and try to make her look better than their biological mother. The boys will know that “Bonus Mom” is really a “Bogus Mom”. I would love it to see the look on the boys’ faces when they explain how she screwed up their live. We have a decade or more to wait for teenage angst to set in….provided they stay married that long.

  • for real

    @Jane: I’m more curious to see how the saint herself will explain all the egging on she did to have her twitter fan/friends harass their mom two years. OR, how the saint herself had her own secondary account on twitter in which she was harassing their mother. OR, how she retweeted over and over articles about bad biological mothers, stepmoms are the best, etc., etc. THAT would be an interesting conversation to overhear.

  • betty

    Everyone knew this dog and pony show was coming. Leann is very immature so what can you expect. Unfortunately for her,her life is built on Eddie he is her life so unlike most couples that celebrate an anniversary she makes it an extravaganza because she is insecure in her relationship and knows Eddie cannot be trusted with all the show and tell that why she savors everyday they are together. You would never think she was married before because she acts like Eddie is the first man she ever been with.I hope their marriage last because she is headed for a serious downfall. No matter how hard she tries to displace with her tweets and actions the kids bio mom that won’t happen.The kids probably like her a lot but Leann is not mom and she sees that. That mother-son bond cannot be broken all the tweets and photos won’t change it.

  • Jane

    @for real: Based on what I have seen in the past she’ll handle one of two ways. Either she will start crying uncontrollably (as she did with her interview on a morning TV program), or will be egotistical and haughty and say the affair was “fun” as she did on the Ellen show . Either way, she is setting herself up for a real let down with her bonus boys.

  • Jane

    Did I call it or did I call it, people? “Eddie” bought her a huge ring with diamonds. Just as I predicted earlier. Check out the strange rock on her Twitter feed. Stay tuned for the bikini shots.

  • Devon

    @WTF: Your opinion is valid. I was actually replying to @what. So sorry.. Not looking for any fights just think that the fact the Leann pays to be on this site makes her lose any validity. I actually used to defend her, on this site. Her continuing bad behavior has repulsed me as well as many others.You know, if she had laid low after all of this she could have come out smelling like a rose, but she decided to go the other route. It has cost her the respect of the public and her former fans.

  • Just somepoints

    So in other words, LeAnn bought herself a ring indirectly cos’ Eddie ain’t got no money. LOL!!!