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Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Head To Galapagos Airport

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Head To Galapagos Airport

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt take a car ride to the local airport on the Galapagos Islands on Saturday (April 21).

The newly engaged couple have reportedly been vacationing on the islands for the better part of a week. Brad and Angelina arrived with their kids, Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne, and Knox, for their post-engagement announcement relaxing vacation.

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Brad and Angelina announced their engagement last week.

We can’t wait to hear about the wedding details!

Bigger picture inside…

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  1. 126
    lol Says:

    Maniston is a all time loser. LOL

  2. 127
    flower girl Says:


    and honey what exactly are you going to play with in that lonely whatever you live in. No one with a life would be posting as much as you. Kind of sad that this is all you have. trolling on the JP thread. You can yammer all you want. Spew til the early mornings.. which I’m sure you will. But baby for someone who thinks they are as clever as you think you are. Get clue You have no life. Nothing.. now talk about the fans and the JPs all you need to.. but remember Brad and Angie are off on a fab vacation with their family. Most of the fans here are off actually living and enjoying life …YOU are on this tread posting none stop for perhaps pennies. LOL.

    But hey most people end up exactly where they should. Now yammer away.. I hope you are getting paid by the word instead of the post.

  3. 128
    lol Says:

    Sorry trolls, just look the past 7 years, Brad and Angie have been always winning, you idiots are losers just like Maniston. LOL

  4. 129
    Jubilee Says:

    Trolls are so green with envy they are foaming in the mouth. more power to the JPs.

  5. 130
    Tamsin Says:


    You can congratulate their tireless PR team for these and other staged ops all over the world. Behave accordingly? Just a man and his mistress walking around promoting themselves and exploiting their children as a brand is nothing to admire, let alone consider “cool”. I don’t see them giving away anything or doing anything charitable in this stage photo op.

  6. 131
    lol Says:

    You sure you losers have checked Maniston? Is she still alive? LOL

  7. 132
    jeannie Says:

    Can you imagine how cool to be able to actually show your children the nature wonders of the Galapagos, take them to great museums to show them art from all over the world, including the country and culture they come from originally?
    how nice is it to get them to visit, interact with people of and in different countries and continents, and even learn more than one or two languages?
    Many parents cannot do this. It is great to be taught a biology lesson in the actual setting. What a field trip for the older children!
    I also bet they swam their little b*tts off!

  8. 133
    Dickens Inspires Says:

    wow- looks like the Miss Havisham doppelganger troll is back posting. You will recall that Miss Havisham was jilted on her wedding day and has never taken off her wedding dress since. Like Miss Havisham, the troll is SO UNHAPPY with his/her own life, she/he wishes misery on all, especially kind, happy people (like the JPs) Well, eventually Miss Havisham is so CONSUMED with misery and hate for others, she sets herself on fire and Pip and Etta live happily ever after. Based on all these nasty posts spewing lies about the sweet JPs, looks like the troll is as full of spite and hate as Miss Havisham was- soooo, not to worry, troll will eventually set herself on fire to SPITE the JPs and, Brad and Angie will keep on living happily ever after!!

  9. 134
    Tamsin Says:

    @flower girl:

    It’s you who has nothing. What can you admire in these two? Nothing. What do you think you need to defend from? They won’t ever thank you for it. Whether you live or die, they give a rat’s ass.

    Take them off that pedestal for a sec and see them for what they really are: two insecure, attention-starved people who are using their children to get approval from the world.

    How sad sweetie, you are getting thumbed down by your own fellow loons, but hey don’t take it personal. As for me, I come and go as I please. You sheep entertain me with your lunacy and creepy fanaticism.

  10. 135
    dawne Says:

    Don’t let the door slam on your fat azz, troll. See ya. Actually fans, it’s time to pressure JJ to ban this scum………..they are beyond banal.

  11. 136
    Tamsin Says:

    @Dickens Inspires:

    Hey I love that book! Miss Havisham got dumped at the altar, and basically cheated on. Since you support these couple of cheaters, I cannot wait until this happens to you, so you can become old bitter hags and relate to the crap these two did, but first, you have to get over your insecurities and find somebody willing to date your ugly ass.

    Nothing is forever when there is so much lies and deceit involved dear. What comes around goes around, remember that.

  12. 137
    Rose Says:

    Remember fans, I told you early today, not all fans are sane. We obviously have a couple of insane trolls parked on this thread. Please just ignore, thats the only thing we can do. You will never be able to cure their illness, only medication can do that, and obviously they have not been complying with med therapy. You’ll never win by trying to make sense from nonsense.

  13. 138
    Tamsin Says:


    Loony, don’t be silly dear. And isn’t it ironic that all of you loons gathered here because you were considered trolls elsewhere? You were chased out of other sites and message boards because your fanaticism is demented and no one really likes Brand-gelina, but perhaps they’d like them more were it not for you crazies. You are all the type of fans that celebrities get restraining orders against.

  14. 139
    Tamsin Says:


    How many years of therapy will you need to shake off the Brangie obsession? I tried to understand you but all I do now is have fun at your deluded rants.

    I am not a troll just because I post my opinion. I will continue to do so. You do the same dear. It makes my day.

  15. 140
    Dakota Says:

    Thanks Marina. Posts #59 & 60. I will NOT feed the trolls.

  16. 141
    beautiful family Says:

    #136- I think you missed the point of Great Expectations and what Dickens was portraying via the ultimately vile Miss Havisham. No matter your circumstances (poor, rich, jilted, happy), it’s how you REACT to those circumstances that is the true measure of character. You could also say that EVERYONE has baggage, it’s how you carry it that shows what kind of person you are. Can hardly wait for Cannes- here’s a nice Cannes 2011 video to tide us over:

  17. 142
    sullivan Says:

    These kids travel to the most fascinating places throughout the world. What an invaluable education they’re receiving. Between these trips and learning from the humanitarian efforts of their parents the JP kids should grow into amazing adults.

  18. 143
    Roxy Says:

    WOW!!! There is definitely 1 or 2 demented people on here that is trying desperately to take over Brad and Angie’s thread….this behaviour is seriously becoming stalkish. Thank God Brad & Angie has proper security.
    I’ve been coming on this site for a while, and although there’s a lot of haters who post nasty and negative comments about them, I have never seen anything like this….There engagement announcement seems to be annoying a lot of people especially the one or 2 lunatics on here that’s going crazy…what’s up with that, are you a member of the JA inner circle

  19. 144
    Tamsin Says:

    @beautiful family:

    You’re also missing the point: What comes around, goes around.

  20. 145
    Wonderbust Says:

    Hmm everyone supposedly hates Braf and Angie but somehow Angies last two movies she started in made over 500mil ww n Brads last movie is the 2nd highest grossing baseball movie ww. So if brad and Angie have no fans who is going to see their movies? How did Angies vanity fair cover in 2010 outsell lady gagas cover n she has a massive fan base. The troll thinks we are crazy lmao has it ever visited fuglyfemales now those folks are MENTAL. Interesting that ticktys last movie which was a Comedy n had her bf in it only made $17mil. So where r her fans. Tickys highest recognition for film was a ISA nomination 9 years ago, she hadn’t even smelt a gg nomination. Did u know thst Warner Bros had for your consideration ads for Horrible bosses n campaigned for ticky to get a best actress nomination for HB. Hey tamsin how bout you google “slimbutsexxy ontd” n see what the general public thinks of u crazy Jen hens.

  21. 146
    Rose Says:

    Roxy, #143, the more secure they see Brad Angie relationship, the more out of control they become. Remember, this relationship should have lasted no more than 6-12 months. Thank God BA have body guards with them at all times. It’s sad when trolls care more about strangers they dislike than their own mental health. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  22. 147
    LLM Says:

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Bid & Kiss at Peace Auction

    credit LynnJPS

  23. 148
    Wonderbust Says:

    Typo I meant slimandsexxy. She was a notorious crazy obsessed jp hater n eveyone on ontd called her out . They eventually found out she was sn ugly skinny almost balding 50 year old woman named Joyce.

  24. 149
    jeannie Says:

    I just love this set of pictures from Paris, when tehy had Maddox and Zahara, and were expecting little Shiloh, remember the carrousel pictures?

  25. 150
    Jubilee Says:

    That’s right what comes around goes around to hateful people who hate other people they don’t even know and haven’t done anything bad to them. Your hatefulness will bring back hate to you trolls.

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