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Charlize Theron: 'Agent 13' Picked Up By Universal!

Charlize Theron: 'Agent 13' Picked Up By Universal!

Charlize Theron hides under her hat as she makes her way into Le Pain Quotidien with her mom for some lunch after getting in a workout on Saturday (April 21) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 36-year-old actress just got some great news as Universal Pictures is finalizing a deal to pick up Agent 13, a film that she is attached to star in, according to THR.

Charlize will also serve as a producer on the flick and Rise of the Planet of the Apes director Rupert Wyatt is attached to direct.

No plot details have been released yet, but the film will be based off the little known comic from the 1980s.

15+ pictures inside of Charlize Theron grabbing lunch with her mom…

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charlize theron agent 13 universal 01
charlize theron agent 13 universal 02
charlize theron agent 13 universal 03
charlize theron agent 13 universal 04
charlize theron agent 13 universal 05
charlize theron agent 13 universal 06
charlize theron agent 13 universal 07
charlize theron agent 13 universal 08
charlize theron agent 13 universal 09
charlize theron agent 13 universal 10
charlize theron agent 13 universal 11
charlize theron agent 13 universal 12
charlize theron agent 13 universal 13
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Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Strange

    Congrats to her on landing her new projects . She is a very talented actress .

  • bahha black sheep

    why is Hollywood still trying to shoving her and Colin Farell down our throats…all their movies flop

  • again

    hello again piece of ice :)

  • FaKE

    Still faking/famewho** it. Seriously why did she adopt if you just want to live carefree.

  • Ugonna Wosu

    here we go again with the same old trolls. Oh well. The bigger the star you are, the more fans AND more haters you get. You guys are only proving Charlize is a big deal, and if she isn’t already you are MAKING her a big deal. So keep it up! Add to the publicity! :)))))

  • FaKE
  • smells like pork

    I just don’t get why someone would want to be an actor/celebrity and then hide your face in public ? it’s like wanting to be a star quarterback but not wanting to play backyard / playground pick up games, LAME ! I kind of feel like deep down they hate people !

  • Dieter

    Instant hard-on on her ass !!!!!

  • Boyfriend

    Why is her boyfriend Alexander Skarsgard not w/ her and her mom? he has got free time he should now be spending it with Charlize and his new adopted son Jackson not cochella gettin pi**ed w/ his mates.

    He is now a new daddy. He needs to show it and be there for his son

    And I hope he takes Charlize and there new son to his home country Sweden very /soon


    WTF! Why does she hide her face every time! She could at least give one smile. I like her work but she is starting to annoy me with her attitude. She is an oscar winning actress and a beautiful lady. She should start acting like it. Sorry Charlene but part of fame and getting paid millions of dollars per film (Could feed a whole lot of people in Africa) is people wanting to take your picture all the time.

  • Dieter

    @Boyfriend: I LOVE THE BEAUTIFUL WORDS OF YOURS !!!!!!!!!!!

  • marant

    she pretends not to like getting papped and the attention.

  • chelle

    @Boyfriend: Get a grip you freak!

  • Dreamer

    Am dying to see a pic of CT and AS together! JJ please work harder to get it fixed!!

  • old charlize

    without makeup she looks old

  • mforman

    CT is really starting to get to me. CT was never papped or posted like she has been since her people posted about her two casual dates with AS, and even if she is hiding her face, she is loving all this attention.
    The only times we used to see her is when she was at a red carpet or charity event. Seriously two posts, each with her having lunch with different people, it is getting very famewhorish or the best her at Bristol Farms, come on.
    Also, why did she adopt a child. Sandra B took time off and when you saw her she was with her child, as all the other celebrities that have adopted children, because once the paps get their one photo, it is over and they leave them alone with their children. None have come out about their beauty sleep or are constantly being papped without their child.
    It seems like a very weird situation, all in all.
    I think that is why her people made sure they said it was casual with her and AS, because that is what it is. They have gone out on two dates (still no proof, Ted C, is an a*s), and both times it was group dates. That is casual FWB’s, so stop with the daddy crap, it is very ignorant.
    CT used to be private, but something made her change, maybe it is her upcoming movies, but AS is still very private and that is one of the main reasons we defend him, because what he does in private in none of our business, it just makes him more likable to his fans.

  • No makeup

    Well I would love Alex to see Charlize like this no makeup, dressed down you can see her true age, i bet alex only sees her with makeup on her face and all dolled up
    and did she go to dinner straight from the gym all sweaty?

    Marvellous what makeup artists do and air brushing. Makes you look a lot younger then you are .

    And some one please tell me why she is featured on here almost everyday

    And where is baby Jackson?

  • Charlize Fan

    @mforman: You sound like a jealous AS fan who is hating on Charlize just because she’s AS’s rumored gf. Lay off Charlize’s post. From what you’ve written, you clearly don’t know Charlize at all. You’re just someone who took an interest on her since the rumor with AS surfaced.

  • Ugonna Wosu

    @No Makeup

    Charlize looks fresh, young and smooth without makeup. There was another post just a few days ago that you very haters were scrutinizing. Her face was smooth and rosy and didn’t have a line on it. That showed her face up front, not hindered by a hat or glasses. Stop the jealousy.

  • mforman

    @Charlize Fan—Sorry but once again a stan gets it all wrong. I totally love CT’s work and find her various charity work amazing.
    All I have said is that she only started to get these posts, when her source went to US Weekly, to discuss two casual dates in two months, that were both group dates and her source made sure to state that they were not a couple, what is there to be jealous of, AS’s true fans only want him to be happy.
    Even her adoption which was released first before the 2 group dates (that still have no back up) was just a blip on the radar and I think that bothered her. Least we forget that Sandra B, had the cover of people and an amazing articles in a number of magazines and was talked about on various sites.
    I have said nothing about her that quite a few other people haven’t said before me.
    Can you explain why all of a sudden we are getting these ridiculous, famewhoring posts, I mean seriously, Bristol Farms, lunch dates, making sure she is seen at these places at the perfect time, these posts never happened before.
    I will state this again for the stans that don’t listen, AS’s true fans are not jealous, we only want him to be happy.
    I will lay off of CT’s posts when JJ stops carrying them over to AS’s threads.

  • Will we get a sighting

    Well now coachella has finished for the year do any of you think, we will get a siting of the couple Alexander and Charlize ,maybe tweets at least, I think we will. During the week or close to the weekend.


    I think they are a lot more serious then the “source close to Theron” -aka her PR team- said they were. Charlize is a smart woman, she knows what would happen if she was seen getting serious with a guy right after/during the adoption of a baby. It would be just like it is now; with all the people saying she’s a bad mother cause she’s to busy dating > only it would be 10 times worse.

    Back in December she told Ellen that she had been on a mini date with someone, coffee at her place, because she joked that if the press spotted them standing together they would be “married with kids”. It sounded the exact same as what Alex said a while back, and the fact that she was trying so hard to avoid that media circus is because the other person was a celebrity as well.

  • Prof.Nelly Fang

    Alex gets in shape by jogging through Griffith Park, wearing shorts but no…

    …underwear, oh my!

    I wonder if that’s because Nelly likes to be extra-free to whip it out, just in case he needs to take a whiz? Nah.

    More likely, that lack of clothing constraint is due entirely to Nelly’s penchant for stopping a guy who catches his fancy on the trail so he can lure his conquest to a hidden path and then have hot, hot, hot sex under the sun! Something Fang’s now done with my friend not once, but twice!

    Love it! And people say Tiger’s a slut! So glad Woods isn’t the only celeb who’s being supernaughty these days, what a relief.

    “He’s a real talker, too,” adds Nelly’s lucky path partner. “He kept saying, ‘Yeah, do it, yeah, you like that, don’t you, yeah, you like my ass?’ ”

    Oh my. If only Nelly’s gazillions of girlie worshippers could hear him talk. They’d either try to convert him or tell him to start talking dirty to them—or they’d stop being his fan—or both.

    By the way, I’m sure if you’ve made it this far, you’ll want to know the rest of the dirty deets, which are: Yes, Nelly’s endowed (longer than wider, to be precise), and yes, he’s a very neat boy down there.

    “Very groomed,” was how Mr. Fang’s private parts were further described to me. Or to be even more precise (and gay): “Manscaped.”

    Hmmm. How very interesting, as this body-maintenance routine doesn’t match the sometimes slightly grungy image Nelly likes to show off to the very unknowing public.

  • Bjorne Larson says…

    I am Dieter. Alex’s best friend.

  • Eurogal

    Northern European men are good in bed. Lucky Charlize.

  • Why?

    Charlize, you can date anyone you like. You chose a drunk for a boyfriend. What is wrong with you?!. Are you starving that hard for attention? Keanu is waaay better than that Freakish Alcoholic.