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Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady: Rag & Bone Party Pair!

Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady: Rag & Bone Party Pair!

Gisele Bundchen and her hubby Tom Brady celebrate in style at the opening night party for rag & bone‘s flagship store on Friday (April 20) in Boston, Mass.

The 31-year-old Brazilian supermodel and Tom, 34, were joined at the event by pals Marcus Wainwright, David Neville, and fellow New England Patriot Julian Edelman.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gisele Bundchen

Earlier in the day, Gisele and Tom attended the 100th anniversary of the first game played at Fenway Park!

FYI: Gisele and Tom are wearing rag & bone at the event hosted by Dewar’s Scotch Whisky.

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Credit: Bill Brett
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  • Zoe

    They are a lovely couple. They seem like great parents too. Something abuot the way she looks in these photos gives me an idea she may be in early second pregnancy. Just a feeling. Not my business of course but I couldn’t resist sharing my idea.

  • Marzena

    Gisele may not be “traditionally” pretty, but she is so exotic and sexy, and she is one of the best models ever! She can transform into anything and her uniqueness it what makes her stand out. Many people find her unattractive but to me she’s Gorgeous…there are millions of fake, boring look alikes out there but only one Gisele!

  • cool

    I see bump. aww

  • Pat

    @Marzena: by who ? many people sittin on their a**es on the internet all day? Because EVERYONE who sees her or works with her has nothing but NICE things to say about her whether physically or professionally. Twitter is a good source for that. I think I will take their word over a bunch of malicious gossip mongers who criticize celebs for a living anyday. Oh and that EPIC onme of a kind PHENOM once in a lifetime modeling career speaks volumes about what she must really be like…you dont get that career from looks alone…

  • ?

    Oh my lord what is tom brady morphing into ?

  • denise

    She needs to do something with her hair. It looks awful.

  • denise

    @Marzena: #2
    She is not pretty at all.

  • Bonn

    Gisele is not exotic she looks like the average athletic willowy tall German woman. She and Steffi Graf can pass for sisters.

  • but her face

    butterface Gisele!

  • Love The Shoes

    @Pat: She looks like Trigger. If she didn’t have the body she does I seriously doubt she would be thought of classic, exotic or visually interesting at all.

  • boring couple

    Her hair style is so boring, she needs a change and there is nothing feminine about her

  • Love The Shoes

    @Bonn: Bless you! You described her to a T!

  • factvsfiction

    Behind The Scenes – Giselle Bundchen
    By daven | Published: April 11, 2012

    Sometimes I get to work with famous celebrities and just can’t help but ask for a photo! I’m very rarely starstruck, but finally meeting one of fashion’s most celebrated model left me speechless! Gieslle is like 9 feet tall compared to me, and she is so sweet!

    Giselle has modeled in virtually every fashion show known to man . Her signature look and catwalk has kept her in demand since the day she stepped on the frontlines of the fashion industry.

    I couldn’t believe how hard she worked on set, and how much of a team player she was. Its always nice when you meet a famous person, and they are exactly how you imagined them.

    Thank you Giselle for being a great inspiration!

  • bebe

    Without Makeup She is Totally Ugly!

  • ashe

    @bebe: I think you (whoever you may be, no one cares…) and your !!!!! points at the end of every statement have made yourself clear already. Go pop your zits.

  • Julia

    they look alike to me

  • mike


    With makeup you are butt ugly, ashe called it perfectly. So this is how you make yourself feel better. Pathetic.

  • Rosie

    Awww it’s me Gisele!!!

  • TOM

    Tom Brady is gorgeous<3

  • Rosie

    omg she sunbathes!!!!

  • bebe

    i don’t like her cause she is ugly, annoying, arrogant. I can’t stand her

  • Carbon Copy

    Is it me or are they starting to look alike…

  • Shelly

    Gisele is so gorgeous but I think it is time for a change up with her hair don’t we agree lol?????

  • Laura

    I love this couple

  • sadie

    Sorry this woman doesn’t have anything exotic about her except the fact that she was born in Brazil and is White and blonde instead of some shade of brown with black hair.

    She looks like an average German woman.

  • Serendipity

    Without makeup and styled hair, Giselle looks very ordinary. And her body is not the best shaped, either. She has no hips, no curves and her tummy looks anorexic.

    When you see her photos in mags, her poses, usually sideways, to show her best angle.

    You’ll see the real Giselle when she’s out on the beach with her son.
    Her bikini body is nothing extraordinaire. Her figure is straight and has no curves. Maybe a nice butt…

  • Sayer

    They look like brother and sister and very German.

  • Me

    She’s beautiful

  • Frank

    She is the only celeb that goes out without make up and she looks great!

  • Frank

    You haters just have no life . Maybe if you go work hard at something you might et to have just 5% of Gisele’s success!

  • Frank

    So go get a life haters ! Gisele is so down to heart and she can do whatever she wants! She does’t need to walk around all made up to impress any of you. She already is the best in what she does.

  • Maila

    @sadie: Argh! There’s always someone in a Gisele post who will say: She’s german, german this, german that… enough of that already! I’m also a german descendant, both my parents are. I have blond hair, blue eyes, I was raised in South Brazil, but that doesn’t make me any less brazilian! Where a plural country! I don’t look like most brazilian women who are brunette, have brown eyes, and a slightly darker skin, but that’s because most brazilians have portuguese or italian roots! there’s no such thing as a native brazilian look, except for the native south american indians, which is a minority just like in the US. We are a mix of europeans, africans, asians and many other races, and that’s what make us beautiful! Maybe in a hundred years we’ll have a characteristic “brazilian look”, but right now i’m as brazilian as it can get!

  • re

    @Maila: this person is like so many narrow-minded who only see Brazil as a festival of stereotypes: jungle, snakes, monkeys, samba, carnival, soccer,….

  • KissThis

    I don’t know enough about Gisele to really make any calls on her as a person, and I don’t want to. I think there are some petty, jealous b!tches in this thread! Gisele is beyond gorgeous. Not a drop of makeup and she’s a 10.

  • Carol

    @KissThis: I couldn’t agree more with you .

  • Carol

    Would love to see some of the haters without a drop of make up on a picture . I am sure they wouldn’t look as amazing as Gisele . She can wear no make up because she is so confident and doesn’t care about what people thing . Go Gisele !

  • Grazi

    @sadie: I wished I looked like her .She is beautiful even without a drop of make up on.

  • Grazi

    @factvsfiction: She is a true beauty ! In and out!