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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West: Romantic Stroll in NYC!

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West: Romantic Stroll in NYC!

Kim Kardashian and boyfriend Kanye West are all smiles as they go for a romantic stroll through the New York City streets on Saturday afternoon (April 21).

The 31-year-old reality television star ate an ice cream to keep cool on the warm day in the Big Apple.

“Hi dolls! I’m so happy to be in NYC with the whole fam! Fun week! Have a good weekend guys!” Kim tweeted that afternoon.

Kanye, 34, just changed the name of his song “Theraflu”, in which he talks about Kim.

“I changed the name of the song THERAFLU to WAY TOO COLD and you can buy it now at http://KANYEWEST.COMKanye tweeted.

DO YOU THINK Kim Kardashian and Kanye West make a cute couple?

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Credit: Jackson Lee; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • T-Marie

    Do they make a good couple? Hell to the Naw!!!

  • omg

    this wont last 10 minutes..

  • Emma

    Staged. They’re looking directly at the cameras….

  • rahrahrah

    i just want Kanye to be happy! He’s such a talented artist not just for his music or voice but for his creativity. He’s also so passionate about the art. I dont really care for kim, but look at Kanye smile! :) Get it ‘Ye ;)

  • BEAN

    What is with her darker tan and lip fillers. The tone is fine, well kinda, but the lip fillers look damn awful.

  • BEAN

    No it will absolutely work. They have known each other for a while. Apparently he cheated on Amber with her. But anyway, they are pretty much the same. Shallow people with no consideration of other people!

  • Female

    I mean, I know he’s a moron and everything, but wouldn’t you think that at least he would have higher standards than that?

  • Dave Franco

    Is anyone sick of this girl? Man, I never seen someone with so much bad publicity and attention seeking whore like this woman. She has no talent, not even famous and keeps exposing herself to us like she’s greatness.

  • Melissa B


  • Qiana Jones

    The two biggest egotistical people.

  • remember da truth

    Female, what are you referring to? A woman who has been working since she was a teenager and built a successful multi-million dollar career and looks amazing?
    People can say all they want about her having a sex tape, but lots of people have and not had a highly rated show for SEVEN YEARS. Obviously there is more to her than that.

  • Luiza

    … both have a big ego. they are a good couple, but yeah it wont last.

  • Lola

    Can someone say publicity stunt?

  • remember da truth

    Kanye might be self-involved, but he has made appearances on Kim’s shows for a while now and their friendship is legit and longstanding. It’s nice to see him caring about someone besides himself. Kim needs someone right now, and I think it’s great that they are together, however long it lasts.

  • Kylee

    I won’t lie she is a pretty girl, but damn she wears so much makeup. I wonder how “pretty” she is without it. Either way, they might work for a while. He is out of control and she seems very in control and they both are in love with themselves, so we’ll see…

  • remember da truth

    Dave Franco, walking down the street with a friend is hardly “exposing herself to us like she’s greatness.”
    If you didn’t care, why bother posting? You don’t have to read and comment on every post on Jared, do you?

    Sure she loves publicity, but if you really want her to go away, ignore her. She obviously has a talent for business, which Paris Hilton doesn’t have and that’s why she is successful and Paris is only paid to go to parties, which she’s getting too old for and fewer people care anymore.

    Kim has never gotten into trouble with the law or been involved with drugs. She’s hurting no one.

  • dooliloo

    can this look anymore staged??? them 2 egomaniacs are perfect for each other!! Kanye’s short man complex must get his ego boosted, he’s actually taller than her in heels!

  • drea

    She likes dark chocolate!

  • Fraud

    This is all about drumming up business for her reality show and his album. Now West will be feautred on that dumb show becuase the Kardashain’s are all about money and generationg publicity for themselves.

  • Female

    @remember da truth: She does f-ck all. She has a good PR team.

  • carrie

    2 famew**res but he’s very talented and she ‘s a clever business woman

  • TasteLikeCandy

    She is a douche, he is a bigger douche, perfect couple!!

  • TasteLikeCandy

    @remember da truth: Better check the ratings for her show keeps getting lower and lower and lower..its at about 3 million now! People have quit caring about her long ago. What self respecting guy wants to date a girl his friends can watch getting butt f*cked and sucking another guys dick over and over and over again if they want.

  • Mlllllle
  • Laurel

    Kim needs a better bra….

    Annnnnnd that’s all I have to say about these pics.

  • Courtney

    2 Douchebag famewh0res!

  • Maggie

    They are both south ends of north bound mules.

  • jimmy

    the boy kanye is so kosher

  • Nika

    @Lola: haha, I know right…this is another PR stunt. unfortunately for Kim everyone knows! She should give up already b/c everyone hates that trash of a family (even Khloe is a fame wh*re fyi).

  • justsayin

    If this turns into true love, someone just shoot me now. I don’t want to be apart of that world.

  • a fan

    Yes. They do make a great couple. I don’t believe in forever but I do believe in what’s good for now and what works so good for them.

  • oh wow

    I think they are both ugly inside and out. Neither one appears to be a ind or thoughtful person. they are both billionaires so they can live in the styles they are accustomed to together. It will work for a rebound thing- they both have fame and fortune. but they do not seem like nice people. so yeah they fit for now. But neither are cute.

  • remember da truth

    Taste Like Candy — if every show with a Kardashian were canceled today, they still had a longer run than many hit sitcoms or dramas, so yes, they DID have a successful show for seven years.

    And even before that, the reason Kim’s sex tape is more famous than the dozens of other celeb sex tapes, and why she was able to go on to years of fame and publicity is because she was already working as a stylist and owner of high-end boutiques. She just parlayed the show into more notoriety of existing fashion ventures, and has been very successful at it.
    If she didn’t have legit ventures to publicize, she would have gone the way of Heidi and Spencer. The fact that she makes millions really sticks in your craw, doesn’t it?

    Complain all you want about her, but what you call publicity w*horing, other companies call “marketing”, and it’s what companies do. She’s been good at it and you resent it. Well, get over it and go make a name for yourself instead of trashing those more successful than you.



  • reba

    What was that part in your song Kanye “leave your ass for a white girl’? Yeah,..

  • just me

    Kim is a business woman. And not a famewhore like Rachel is
    Rachel do not know how to make money like her. So leave Kim alone. She do not run behind a man for attention like Rachel bilson does.

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    …I saw every Kardashian today expect Kourtney. Rob and mom at Flight Club, Kim and Khloe coming out the Gansevoort. Hilarious day.

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    These 2 shallow people deserve each other. They are probably trying to figure out how to get each other’s money.

  • NYC

    KK will never fall in love because she is too busy loving herself!

  • Jayla

    Her thighs/hips/butt are amazing! I wish i think this kinda of shape instead of bony thighs and square hips. Love the leather on her.

  • Sass

    Wow they’re both loing the attention.

  • Sass

    Wow they’re both loving the attention. Too bad NY doesn’t give a sh!t.

  • Anahit

    Damn,I love this couple,and not because I love Kanye and I’m Armenian like,I love this couple! hell yeah!

  • KissThis

    Please… They’re out together and trying to make it seem like they’re a thing to stay relevant. Nothing Kim does is genuine or real. It’s ALL for publicity.

  • Tila

    I’m am so over her. The lengths she goes to for attention (look at me, look at me) and ratings is just beyond vulgar. Is there a real person in that wide hipped, big bum woman? I don’t even think she thinks beyond money, ratings, attention. What happens when her 15 minutes are up, and real life hits her? People can only take so many tweets, appearances, marriages before they yawn and turn the channel.

  • oy

    At least they found each other instead of making the lives of two innocent people miserable.

  • sandra

    dont think it will last. kanye is a keep to him self person and kim loves the camra so push come to shove this is all a stunt for her show or his new album.(which he really dosnt need because he makes such good music)

  • lua j

    idk they look weird together to me, i don’t really believe that this relationship will last or something but who knows. in the meanwhile it will probably bring them a lot of $$$

  • Love The Shoes

    Honestly? They look happy. I think they’re two of the most blah people on the planet and custom made for one another. I wish them well.

  • sara

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