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Miranda Kerr: Sexy Lingerie Picture!

Miranda Kerr: Sexy Lingerie Picture!

Check out Miranda Kerr showing off her rockin’ nearly naked body in this picture posted to her Twitter account!

“Thank u @frankiefoye @annamariemakeup @ingefonteyne for one of my fav behind the scene pics!” the 29-year-old model tweeted about a photo shoot, and included the sexy pic.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Miranda celebrated her birthday that same day! Happy belated birthday, Miranda!!

Earlier this week, Miranda showed off her athletic side at the Reebok Satisfaction photo call.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Miranda Kerr’s sexy lingerie Twitter picture??

Bigger picture inside…

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  • lem

    She tries way too hard. Nothing will ever made this alien sexy.

  • Yo gi HO

    OK she is gorgeous, and her work is all about being hot, but why does she even post all these almost nude pictures of herself on her page. Lack of humility maybe? These models obviously have a big ego, I guess you need it in that world.

  • Lauren

    Vain much?

  • BEAN

    Her face looks different lately

  • BEAN

    @Yo gi HO: I completely agree. I was going to comment that you know, I get she is a model, and call me old fashioned but leave some mystery for your HUSBAND.

  • Jane

    She’s ridiculous.

  • Zoe

    she is beautiful. She is an underwear model- it is not unusual for her to post pictures of this sort. why not just celebrate a beautiful woman instead of harshing on her?

  • John R.

    Sexy? Certainly NOT!

  • Sean

    eat that out for hours. So yummy!

  • LOL

    She should have kept this garbage to herself. A naturally sexy, confident person doesn’t have to prove anything.

  • AnnmarieZ


  • Sarah

    She is beautiful and one of the best models out there.

  • Dieter

    I would like to see her gorgeous ass !!!

  • Get Real


    I was thinking the same thing. How are these people okay with their spouses posting sexy, almost naked, pictures of themselves? It seems disrespectful to me.

  • BarKerrfan

    whos complaining? lemme guess Adriana’s famous 12 yr old fan base with nothing better to do than talk about other models more than their own perfect bucked tooth beaver? LMAo…dont hate cuz Miranda’s fame is today and not yesterday.

  • Beepop

    Looks like she cried her eyes out.

  • ta

    I love all of these idiots calling her shamless for posing in a bra/bikini.
    She’s aVS model, for goodness sake. that’s her job.
    You haters are just mad because she looks so gorgeous while doing that job.
    Bunch of hateful, jealous, losers.
    That’s all you will ever be.

  • Sayer

    Mirand, the Kate Bosworth/Rachel Bilson of modeling. No one cares.

  • gohome

    she must be on JJ payroll though, I mean tons of models tweet pics, why does she get her own dam* post about it??!!???….really weird and leaves me suspicious.



    You’re obviously envious of the gorgeous Adriana Lima. No one mentioned her in their postings except you. Get over it, she will never be as gorgeous as the rest of the Victoria’s Secret models and certainly not Adriana Lima!

  • frisbee

    Hahahaha! Oh, this is too much. I always thought she was actually self-aware through all this but now… 30 is going to hit her like a tonne of bricks.

  • Mlllllle

    Her cheekbones just broke my screen.
    I have the same ones, but I never tried to attack anyone with them.

  • Effy

    She’s not being vain. If I had her body I’d walk around in barely nothing all day. We all were born naked and it’s human nature, or society is just too conservative and judgmental.

  • Jon

    no this is the best model twit pic EVER (from Adriana lima)

  • Marieme

    I think I’m tired of seeing any woman naked/in bikinis/in lingerie period. I like Miranda but there’s something that turns me off about a person who works so hard to publicize herself and her assests. That said she is a better person than most women who do the same (Madonna, Kim, Fugs).

  • Dude WTH!!!

    Shes hot. hot hot . She is a real hottie and model unlike the Olivia Munns and *** who think they are sexy models cuz of them got t$ttie. They got the vacant eyes n desperate dog sex face and average bodies like they need a good work-out. My girls Miranda and Adriana the real dealio, face and body. I would eat that up and own it.

  • YES!

    LOVE HER!!!
    She looks gorgeous! And much younger than her 29 years!
    I hope that she had a great birthday!

  • http://Justjared ?

    Just why she dont need 2 do this. She seems 2 love herself a bit 2 much

  • Casey

    I like most men find this woman the sex!!!!! Women are so jealous when they see ones that are hotter, we find it ugly in you.

  • ha!

    Guess that the old, fat, ugly gals at delphi are at it again.
    It must drive you bonkers that Miranda;s life keeps getting better, while your own lives just keep sliding deeper and deeper into the abyss.
    *points and laughs at the loons^

  • ugh

    She looks very cheap here.

  • Jho

    I don’t like her thin hair. Most models have thick luscious hair and that’s what makes them more appealing, but not this one. Also, why is she posing almost nude on her personal account looking for men’s attention? Isn’t she married?

  • @32

    Almost nude???
    She’s wearing a bikini.
    How is that almost nude?
    And she does have thick hair. But I guess that drinking haterade affects your vision….and intelligence.

  • Jennifer

    Wow! Why do I sense a strong vibe of envy?! Everyone needs to chill, this was a photo from A PHOTOSHOOT! What’s the difference between that photo and her posing for Victoria’s Secret? nothing. And I don’t think her intentions with this photo were to flaunt her beauty, especially now that she has a husband and a son. She doesn’t have to prove anything. And plus, most of her Twitter followers are girls. She’s not putting on a show, she just knows how to pose for a photo, and if that comes out looking sexual, you just need to get over it!

  • sami

    I love how fast the haters flip flop from ‘that alien couldn’t be sexy if she tried’, to ‘why does she have to post a picture where she looks so sexy?’.
    It’s like that on the hater boards, too.
    Laughable hypocrites who can’t keep their insults straight.
    My most recent fav was when the news came out that they were considering Miranda for the hosting job at Australia’s Next Top Model.
    The delphidiots were all saying that she was only being considered because it was a “crap show”, and that her agreeing to do a TV show like that proved that no one wanted to hire her.
    But when she said that there was no way that they could possibly work out a way that would fit a long shooting schedule for the show in with her other responsibilites, the delphites changed their tune in a heartbeat.
    All of a sudden, that “crap show” that Miranda wa taking in desperation, became a very “important show” that didn’t want Miranda to host, and she was just ‘covering her tracks’.
    As others have said…..and they wonder why we mock them?

  • faz

    I used to think she was pretty but her face looks like it’s changed. And I don’t understand why she had to post a picture of herself on twitter we’ve seen her half naked body a millions times, we already know she’s skinny!

  • sennit

    She is so gorgeous!

  • http://Justjared @36

    I agree with you we have see what she looks like,dont neet 2 keep doing it.

  • surroundedbyidiots

    I didn’t realize that Miranda had addressed this in person. Where is the interview/article that you refer to? You said:

    “But when she said that there was no way that they could possibly work out a way that would fit a long shooting schedule for the show in with her other responsibilites…”

    How about sharing your source? The show’s execs have said they didn’t make an offer to anyone and why would she make a statement like that if she wasn’t even offered the job?

  • http://Justjared @36

    Oops it was ( dont need 2 keep do it)

  • @39

    Oh, I’m sure that the execs talked to a lot of people, Miranda included. Talking to, and making an offer are two different things. They would only make an offer after a lengthy interview process.
    And I don’t know what interview they were talking about in post #35, but the statement makes perfect sense.
    With her job at VS (which has the models flying all over the world for numerous photo shoots) and David Jones (which takes up a lot of her time whenever she is in Australia), as well as photo shoots for fashion magazines, commercials, etc, when would she have time for a television show?
    And that isn’t even taking into account the amount of time that she spends in LA, or the time she spends to fly to location shoots with Orlando, and the time that she sets aside to be a wife and mother.
    And there is just no way that she could pin herself down in Australia for a lengthy period of time. Maybe when she retires from modelling in a few years, she could do something like that. But certainly not now.
    I do find it interesting that you question a logical statement, and demand sources only from a fan. You never seem to question statements from haters, no matter how illogical or outrageous.
    I also noticed that you didn’t bother to post your source. Not that I don’t believe it. Just wondering about your double standards.

  • surroundedbyidiots

    @41. Is this going to turn into a I’ll show mine if you show me yours?

    Ok. The posted an article by Travis Kirk on 8 April that included quotes from Foxtel: ” While supermodel Miranda Kerr was thought to be Foxtel’s number one target, the subscription television provider denied any potential host had been approached.”

    “We haven’t offered anybody the hosting role,” a Foxtel spokesman said.”

    Another denial, even more explicit came from on 10 April and included this: “”We were told the host they had in mind had just pulled out and that they’ve decided to shelve it for a year,” the source explained…..

    A Foxtel spokesman denied a “replacement host” had recently opted out but just said “(they) haven’t offered anybody the hosting role.”

    So you see, @41, unknown “sources” say they were considering Miranda, but Foxtel themselves say they weren’t. So of course we’re interested in when and where Miranda made comments about why she couldn’t do a show that the producers say she was never approached for.

    Your turn.

  • tam

    Megan Gale and Jennifer Hawkins stated that they had scheduling conflicts, and therefore could not do the show.
    Now if they were approached (which they obviously were no matter what the studio ‘officially’ said), doesn’t it stand to reason that one of Australia’s hottest, and best know models would also be approached?
    And if they “had a host in mind”, who “pulled out”, doesn’t that prove that they HAD approached several people? Maybe even offered someone the job? Because how can someone “pull out” of a job that they were never offered??
    It’s more logical to assume that the reason that they keep insisting that no one was approached is that they were not releasing any information due to contract negotiations. Otherwise, you just posted two conflicting quotes.
    Why is it so hard to accept the idea that Miranda was one of their choices? She is very popular in Australia, and would have brought a lot of attention to the show. Much more attention than either Megan or Jennifer. It makes perfect sense. Rupert Murdoch thought so. And no matter what you think of Murdoch, he knows what people want. If he was backing her, even privately, that means that they approached her for the job. No matter what the studio people stated for the record.

  • surroundedbyidiots

    @43, — That was a pretty long and meandering non-answer to the request for a source from Sami’s post above so I’ll make another short and sweet, non-demanding and very polite request about the post #35 which stated:

    “But when she said that there was no way that they could possibly work out a way that would fit a long shooting schedule for the show in with her other responsibilites, the delphites changed their tune in a heartbeat.”

    It’s simple, really, I just want to read where Miranda Kerr said she couldn’t work out her schedule, etc. referred to in “But when she said…….” link us to the article, post, video, interview, tweet, pr release, whatever it was, please.

  • sami

    Here ya go.
    Now does this settle the matter? Or will you come up with some other excuse not to believe that she was considered for the job??

  • surroundedbyidiots

    Thanks for the link. She did indeed refer to her schedule. I do appreciate you coming back with this info, it was helpful.

    Here’s a question for you — why would the producers deny having approached her? I’m curious.

  • @46

    Studios take that line quite often. In movies and in TV both.
    As #43 posted, it probably has something to do with contract negotiations.
    But who knows?
    The point remains that Miranda, and others, were indeed approached.

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