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Stacy Keibler: White House Dinner Next Week!

Stacy Keibler: White House Dinner Next Week!

Stacy Keibler makes her way to her car after landing at LAX International Airport late Wednesday night (April 18) in Los Angeles.

The 32-year-old entertainer will be attending the annual White House Correspondents Dinner next week with her boyfriend George Clooney as the guests of Time magazine.

The couple will be seated at a table with Steven Spielberg and his wife Kate Capshaw, as well as Defense Secretary Leon Panetta.

“Fitting 4 my dress 4 the Correspondents’ Dinner next wknd, check. Butt kicking’ @ @barrysbootcamp check, #back2reality from vacation, check,” Stacy tweeted.

10+ pictures inside of Stacy Keibler landing in Los Angeles…

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260 Responses to “Stacy Keibler: White House Dinner Next Week!”

  1. 1
    Sean Says:

    She wouldn’t be anywhere near this dinner if it weren’t for Clooney. What a joke this woman is

  2. 2
    lou Says:


    she’ll be in good company. there’s no way you’ll be allowed anywhere near this dinner either.

  3. 3
    FOX NEWS Says:

  4. 4

  5. 5
    CLASSY Says:

    For high society lady We Have

  6. 6
    CLASSY Says:×684.jpg

  7. 7
    abc Says:

    so ridiculous! — but maybe she has some opinions about putin and how best to correspond with him.. doubtful tho’.

  8. 8
    Nika Says:

    I want George and Stacy to make a beautiful baby…does he have kids? I never followed his life so I have no idea but Stacy seems good for him.

  9. 9
    Ah...Bite Me!® Says:

    What a hideous who*re.
    Stan Rosenfield the creepy midget publicist with only 2 notable clients on his book (one of whom is the ONLY one who makes additional revenue through for him, ie George) and Kirstie Alley (the Z-lister yo-yo dieting old bag who aspires to be the white Oprah Winfrey entrepreneur media personality & the defunct pr network of who runs chose this overgrown hideous freak giant rodent as Clooney’s current publicity girlfriend.
    And George the Pusssy accepted and lost big time. It hasn’t dawned on the buffoon how much he lost.
    The Academy Award, his credibility, his sobriety… There’s no love interest in his life, so he resorts to scum relationships compliments of a pathetic PR team backing the loser!!!

  10. 10
    UGLIEST wrestler HOOKER EVER Says:

    Stacy Kyborg:
    * on one side her failed rhinoplasty hooks over like a parrot’s beak.
    * on the other profile, it’s pinched and retroussed.
    (not that Canalis could give a ******** with those loose Steven Tyler rubber lips on her horse face).
    - OVERGROWN GARGANTUAN BODY LIKE A QUARTERBACK AND SOLID LEGS LIKE A MAN. Andre the Giant also had similar sized legs.
    - NO ****S
    Hideous freak who never made it as a model nor an actress.
    Just a cheap wrestler valet after Vince McMahon made her service a bunch of old executives who liked to be pegged with strap-ons.

  11. 11
    UGLIEST wrestler HOOKER EVER Says:

    (not that Canalis could give a B*L*O*W JOB with those loose Steven Tyler rubber lips on her horse face).

  12. 12
    Harsh Reality Says:

    So in an upcoming magazine Stacy “the ugly greedy hook*er” Keibler has trimmed down because Kirstie Alley & Stan Rosenfield advised her to lose weight for several main reasons.
    Oh, also construed the theory.
    See, George (who posts as Lorenzo on Celebitchy) has repeatedly complained that this hideous giant wh*ore is not only too ugly for him, but also too FAT! Yes, as Lorenzo, he stated that he can’t get over the size of her huge rump.
    Now, KatieCunt.Dot (& her myriad of sockpuppets) and Kirstie Alley STRONGLY ADVISED STACY KYBORG TO GO ON THE CLOONEY PR GIRLFRIEND DIET. He likes slender petite frames, so Stacy was told that the only way they can keep the PR arrangement going ALL SUMMER is if she trims down.
    This way they hope, with summer on approach, he may get drunk and have sex with Kyborg one night… Then WARM TO HER…..*shock/ horror* and KEEP ANOTHER YEAR OF THIS BULLLSHIT.
    The fact that the self-loathing Clooney is doing this at all, is beyond ridiculous. But he doesn’t find Stacy Kyborg REMOTELY ATTRACTIVE. Not at all!!!
    Still… he slept with Canalis in Hawaii, during summer 2010 and on & off in 2009. She was advised to “comfort” him when he gets all “drunk, deep and meaningful.”
    This is how much George Clooney is controlled like a puppet-on-a-string.
    His management have even mastered the art of doing so by making him think that HE TAKES INITIATIVE.

  13. 13
    UGLIEST wrestler HOOKER EVER Says:

    edit 2
    and NO ****S

  14. 14
    UGLIEST wrestler HOOKER EVER Says:

    edit 3
    Flat chested, masculine ugly who*re.
    Somebody buy her a set of silicons to match her wide rump.

  15. 15
    Phys Major Says:

    SO STACY KYBORG THE HIDEOUS WHO*RE lost a ton of weight and her arms are more angular.
    Her head looks just like Charlie Brown.
    They PR gnomes, Kirstie & Stan the weasel think that if she downsizes Clooney will find her more appealing.
    But the bone structure remains of a HUGE MUTHERTRUCKER.
    She looks like a drag queen.
    The titty tape fiasco and shoe strap slippage at the premieres in Paris & London respectively last year show what a lousy piece of red carpet butt bracelet this hardened bi*tch is.
    Of course, we cannot judge people if they’re not physically beautiful, but she’s a mercenary prosti*tute escort who is out for the money.
    She’s told Clooney is impotent after the Syriana accident that’s why he’d doing this.
    However, his PR team call him insane behind his back.

    They tell him: George “the internet is you playground.” Go select your next PR escort hired hoooker off the DWTS smorgasbord or elsewhere, dearie.

  16. 16
    Phys Major Says:

    @Nika: do you gnome, moron??? He has to insert his pen*is inside her ****** to impregnate her, dumb bi*tch!!! And you know that won’t happen
    Why is it you PR correspondent scum are all behind the scenes???
    Cos you’re all so fuc*king ugly that you have to stay hidden!

  17. 17
    Phys Major Says:

    @abc: yeah, she can offer to peg any correspondent in the toilets for a fee.
    She keeps her strap-on between her thunder-sized tree trunks.

  18. 18
    Ah...Bite Me!® Says:

    @lou: neither can you attend,
    PR scum like you and the frump brigade can only stay hidden behind the scenes.
    Kyborg pollutes the world with her ugliness.
    You pollute the public’s consciousness with PR spinning lies.
    And your loser boss Stan Rosenfield/ Pari the midget can only loiter around wishing he was a star. Hating Clooney the Puppet-On-A-String Idiot. And profiting off him. Sabotaging all along. For a quick buck.
    For him & mad Kirstie Alley the two bit TV actress who’s still bitter that she never made it as an A-lister.

  19. 19
    Helen Says:

    Give me a guess a bout the break up announcement ,I think it will be in the summer

  20. 20
    Dr Feelgood Says:

    Clooney is such a loser, anyway.
    I have zero respect for an alcoholic who thought he was going to win an Academy Award for such a mediocre performance and a glycerin tear.
    He’s lost perspective. Controlled left, right and center.
    Everyone, even Signage is playing a duplicitous game.
    He’ll never break free.
    Cos he’s too insecure and has panic attacks prior to red carpet events.

  21. 21
    political rhetoric Says:

    Clooney the Scum is taking Stacy the Cheap Hideous Freak to the White House correspondents dinner to be controversial.
    Because the moron thinks that a wrestler freak ugly cun*t like her will impress the staunchly conservative.
    In reality, they’ll scoff at his bad taste!!!
    And on top of that, SPECULATE THAT HE’S QUEEER AS FOLK!!

  22. 22
    Libertarian Says:

    pretentious phony muthatruckers make me wish Obama losers.
    Even if I’m a Democrat.
    I’d gladly become a left of center/ ultra liberal Republican, just to pisss assswipes like Clooney off!!!!
    That cockssuckker Stan Rosenfield tells the prick to JUMP, and Clooney the Clown obliges him! “How High, master???”

  23. 23
    I KNOW she's the one.... Says:

    I’m pretty sure I heard that they are secretly getting married BEFORE the Brangelina! So it must be serious…maybe sometime around his birthday? We’ll see…stay tuned in!

  24. 24
    Guest Says:

    It must be a slow gossip day if all you have is Stacy walking through LAX. If it wasn’t for George she wouldn’t be going to the dinner. I would love to listen in on the table conversation between Leon Panetta and Stacy.

  25. 25
    Phys Major Says:

    @I KNOW she’s the one….: yes of course! Because she’s such a dog! Nice try, (the ugly dragon bit*ch Stan Rosenfield hired) and old battleaxe Kirstie Alley.
    Get old George to an anaesthetist first and then wheel him down the isle to marry this overgrown fugly trash can.
    The professional excrement on rope scrubber!
    Clooney can marry her for all I care.
    He has no love interest! Crusty old goat can’t even get a hard on anymore!!! Old, alcoholic bore!!!
    With an obnoxious male chauvinist prick personality.
    The kind of asssholes I love to break.
    Stacy the Feces Scrubber is super adept with her strap on anyway.
    She should get it surgically attached!

  26. 26
    Grow a 'tache, Stacy Keibler!! Says:

    OMG!! I thought she was Hulk Hogan when I first looked at the photos.
    The resemblance is uncanny.
    She looks like Hulk Hogan minus the handlebar mustache!!
    Just flippin’ thru her photos.

  27. 27
    No kidding! Says:

    How is this relevant news?
    How is this worthy of a thread?
    How is this linked to George Clooney?
    Oh, that’s right, KatieButtPlug of clooneys open fake blog is actually spinning her bullshit as usual.
    With Stan Rosenfield’s (aka pseudonym: Pari Selvarag/ Pari) blessing.
    And let’s not forget mad Kirstie Alley.
    George Clooney is a loser!

  28. 28
    Nellie Says:

    A friend told me that Stacy has such a complex about being so tall.
    Felt like a freak. She was even hunchbacked cos all the guys chased the petite ladies. As a cheerleader, she was always on the bottom of the pyramid cos she’s a huge giant.

    ***She’s actually 6ft2 barefoot. George wears 2″ lifts in all his shoes and he’s still under 5ft11. She towers over him.****

  29. 29
    Ah...Bite Me!® Says:

    George Clooney is the ultimate loser.
    He’ll never find true love. He lost that opportunity. FACT!!
    Point of no return.
    He agreed to this relationship last July. And he’ll continue till he expires.
    Empty, shallow man.

  30. 30
    Phys Major Says:

    @Guest: Stacy Keibler will probably comment about Leon Panetta’s an*al crack….
    Same way Larson said the Dalai Lama is cute.

    Given Stacy’s lack of education, trailer trash Baltimore upbringing and distinguished work history…LOL…
    Not only does Clooney fake date ugly lame dogs, they’re dumb too.

  31. 31
    Phys Major Says:

    @I KNOW she’s the one….:

    Get old George to an anesthetist first and then wheel him down the aisle to marry this overgrown fugly trash can.

  32. 32
    ewwwwww!!!!! Says:

    George Clooney has obviously got screws loose or a major problem. Celine Balitran was quite pretty. This ugly woman Stacy Keibler is one of the worst.
    No wonder she can’t get a contract.
    She didn’t even go to Barcelona for the Pronovias lame photo shoot where she had an Adolf Hitler hair parting to go with her ass chin.
    All lies.
    Big woman! And such a plain face.
    What’s with the broken bump nose??

  33. 33
    I KNOW she's the one.... Says:

    Say what you want and post all you want, under as many different names as you want but Stacy Keibler is getting married….and YOU’RE jealous!

    No one goes on and on and on about how ugly someone is unless they’re obsessed, like you! And Clooney doesn’t even know you’re alive….FACT!

  34. 34
    DavidaRochelle/ Kirstie Alley Says:

    (to gnomes): let her be nasty! The more she offends, the longer we force him to date Stacy. It’ll keep us all busy.
    George does as he’s told!!!!!!
    I paid my dues married to Parker Stevenson while he was in the closet.
    I adopted the two token children (like Nicole & Tom did in their PR marriage).
    George has to pay his dues. He’s obliged to ride this through.
    And he lost the bi*tch so we’ll always delegate.
    Give him alcohol and he forgets her and everyone!!
    Ah….the influence of power!!

  35. 35
    Oh that's rich... Says:

    Ah there you are Davida….have any directors or famous Alist actors tell you how witty and beautiful you are today?

    Nah….those are the voices in your head dear!

  36. 36
    Phys Major Says:

    @Oh that’s rich…: nah, you and your paranoid schizophrenia! There are several people posting here. Not just you gnomes!
    She’s a hardened who*re.
    Greedy Daughter is what Stan Rosenfield calls her.
    Put the who*re in her place!
    IT’S TOUGH BEING UGLY AND TRYING TO PROSTITUTE YOURSELF. Fawning for attention. Ha ha ha ha ha.

  37. 37
    Phys Major Says:

    @I KNOW she’s the one….: jealous of what,
    There are several people posting here, not just you gnome scum.
    I’m repeating how UGLY SHE IS TO ANTAGONIZE YOU.
    Cos you need to make extra revenue 20% off her fee in this side scheme Stan Rosenfield has devised, but Stacy Keibler is a FAIL FAIL FAIL.
    In fact, any of Clooney’s PR arrangements have become failures.
    You’re a non-entity.
    Did I say Clooney knows who I am, jelous bi*tch??? You seriously have a problem comprehending. Always jumping to conclusions.
    You and the parasite PR gnomes.
    How is dear Courtney Rubin????

  38. 38
    Stylist Hotline Says:

    that pen*is vein thing running in the middle of her football field sized forehead!!! Man, it’s freakin’ me out.
    The snake pen*is vein on her Botoxed forehead.
    Can’t she do something about it???
    Wear a fringe like a curtain over it!!

  39. 39
    Helmut Says:

    what a Teutonic beast!

  40. 40
    Chip Chungo Says:

    I couldn’t get a hard-on with a cheap Plain Jane like her either.
    I saw the Frederick’s of Hollywood el-cheapo lingerie photos in a tabloid for simpletons recently. Old shots recycled.
    My dic*k went limp for days after that.
    So trashy cheap, man!!!
    Just not sexxxy!

  41. 41
    Clinton Says:

    in the time of c*h*i*m*p*a*n*z*e*e*s, George was a monkey.

  42. 42

    Oh wow! Haven’t some people been busy! Busy indeed! Now it all makes sense to what has been happening this week. So George is planning on marrying toe hag eh? What a bunch of s*h*i*t*! Now I know why the real Anna has been going through hell. Yes it is becoming duplicitous indeed! Now Clooney is offering two fans a chance to go to the dinner he is hosting if they pony up money for a donation. Now that is crappy! Fear is running abounds and desperation is setting in. If and when George marries Stacy his life will go further into the toilet based on karmic implications alone! Now I know why I am being attacked as well. You guys are nothing but little sh*it*s!!! Too bad some of us sniffed out the plan already. Also trying to create situation where Anna will be forced to allow this woolly mammoth of a person in her home to create more havoc in her life. Yeah all of you morons simply should just go ************ okay???

  43. 43
    foresight Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: he’s not marrying Stacy Kyborg. Not in a million years. He’s rather have a proctologist exam every hour for the rest of his life than marry the Giant Rodent as he calls her.
    But Anna left him and she’s never going back. He’ll never see her again in the flesh. Not in this lifetime, nor any other, if she can help it.
    So Georgie is served on a platter back to you, to do as you, please. Find him more mail-order style PR girlfriends on DWTS, if you can!

  44. 44
    dahlia1947 Says:

    Wow when i clicked on this post I didn’t think that i would encounter soo much hate and jealousy. How ugly of you.

  45. 45
    lou Says:

    Ah…Bite Me! @ 04/21/2012 at 7:08 am

    again, thanks for giving us more of your psychotic rants. obviously, you are not listening to your therapist. this is so hilarious. you are just seething with jealousy here. after all, Stacy will be not only be sitting at the same table as Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw; she will also be sitting at the same table as Leon Panetta But don’t worry psychotic one, Secretary Panetta is more than capable of “protecting” himself from the “evil” Stacy; after all, the United States Military answers to him. by the way, how can you be sure that I have not been invited to attend the dinner as well.

  46. 46
    Ah...Bite Me!® Says:

    All class! And ugly looking to boot..
    I hear Rande Gerbil & Kid Rock knew her so they suggested Stacy Godzilla Keibler to Clooney as the next publicity escort.
    Stan Rosenfield & Kirstie Alley approved.
    As long as they would make 20% off all her fees.
    Even after the split.
    What a loser!!!!!!

  47. 47
    Phys Major Says:

    @lou: lou aren’t you part of the team who backs this PR arrangement???? Aren’t you working for Stan Rosenfield?? Trying to promote this bulllshit so you and Kirstie Alley make 20% revenue off all the feedback???
    Of course you attack.
    Aren’t you KatieCunt.Dot of
    Or are you PR correspondent Courtney Rubin??? She certainly works for you!
    It seems too many people agree Stacy Keibler is ugly and not getting commercial contracts as you wanted.
    That’s the harsh reality.
    Kirstie Alley (posting as Timekeeper here) tries SO hard to endear Stacy to George. But he’s turned off. Limp. It doesn’t even stir around her… LOL
    Yes, we have to say she’s UGLY. Not because it’s the general consensus that she’s less than PLAIN, less than HOMELY!!!
    But because it annoys the F*U*C*K out of you losers!!
    You’re not making money!!!
    Whoever sits next to her, will be throwing up their dinner thinking of her wrestling routine.

  48. 48
    George Clooney Says:

    HERE’S STACY KEIBLER (Miss HAND-ON-COCKK) dancing for beer tips just prior to becoming a wrestler. Flosses her fat rump as she bends over to gyrate.
    *WARNING* this is nausea inducing.
    AND this is what the guests at the dinner table will scoff at!!!

  49. 49
    George Clooney Says:

    HERE’S STACY KEIBLER (Miss HAND-ON-COCKK) dancing for beer tips just prior to becoming a wrestler. Flosses her fat rump as she bends over to gyrate.
    *WARNING* this is nausea inducing.
    AND this is what the guests at the dinner table will scoff at!!!

  50. 50
    Phys Major Says:

    LOU, Oh, that’s Rich, LMAO, I’m KatieDot the Cu*nt Drill Sergeant of and Cindigirl is my side kick with all the othe old bagz posting there. Kirstie Alley posts as Cinderella.

    And STAN ROSENFIELD posts as PARI….
    Kudos to us! We’re dumb mutherfukers who leech vocab & ideas off others!!!

    WHO THE HELLL WOULD BE jealous of a hideous freak like Stacy Kyborg? You said the same about Canalis when he was in a PR relationship with her.
    CORRUPT ******** LIKE YOU and Stan Rosenfield and mental old bag Kirstie Alley make 20% incentive to promote this bullshit!!

  51. 51
    This Is Why Says:

    Let’s take a look at how Stan Rosenfield makes money from these contracts:
    * Using Keibler’s new appearance fee of 25k, if the contract states that Stan gets 20% of all of her fees while the contract is in effect, that means Stan gets 5k of each of her 25k appearance fees, and Keibler gets 20k, which is still double her pre-contract fee of 5k.
    Money wise, it’s win win for Keibler and Stan.
    5k may seem like chump change by Hollywood standards, but the fees add up, and Stan and company don’t have to do much except see that the contract is signed. Of course they hope that more lucrative offers roll in so that they make more money.
    Suppose that Canalis got paid 1 million for the Cavalli contract she got during her Clooney contract; at a 20% cut, Stan would have gotten $200k from just that one fee. So at the 20% rate, 5 million total in fees while the contract is in effect means that Stan gets himself a 1 million cut. His cut may even be a higher percentage than that. Only Canalis didn’t get many lucrative offers, with the ones she got mainly being overseas, and Keibler has gotten almost none. No one is interested in hiring these bimbos as they are reputation killers.

  52. 52
    Ah...Bite Me!® Says:

    @lou: well if you’re invited to the dinner “lou” then I’m guessing your Stan Rosenfield the useless prick! Loitering around trying to bask in your client’s glory. Trying to be significant. Little shifty slimy bald weasel.
    I guessed lou was a sockpuppet of, but sometimes you scum interchange.
    Some shi*t, different smell!
    Not this dinner.
    Just you losers.
    He has no love life.
    Just your puppet-on-a-string!

  53. 53
    OBANANA Says:

  54. 54

  55. 55

  56. 56
    Don Corleone Says:

    @OBANANA: Gee, I’ve seen more class in sleazy run down strip bars off the sunset strip. The girls at Spearmint Rhino & Scores are way hotter than this scrubber. The wrestler ogres who have ODd on so many steroids are defecating all over Stacy Keibler in the video.
    Ugly sight of a woman too!
    She’s so cheap & tacky!

  57. 57
    April Shower Says:

    To be seen with a beast like Kyborg.
    Someone must really hate him to force these bogus hook-ups.
    Or he’s SO self-loathing to select the lamest choices.
    Whatever…. More sabotage!
    More killing off of brand Clooney!
    What a joke his PR team is!

  58. 58
    Dealbreaker Says:

    Hmm, wearing wedding dresses and not getting married must be really frustrating. She is already in her thirties and it will not get better, ouch.

  59. 59
    LMAO Says:

    WOW…someone is off their meds again!

  60. 60
    I have to say Says:

    I like them together she’s beautiful, Well Mannered and seems nice , i hope she won’t act like the other Clooney’s girlfriends and misbhave (otherwise that would be the end of it) if she wants the relationship to last cause i like George Clooney he’s a very nice man , Humanitrian and a brilliant actor.

  61. 61
    gloria monti Says:


    are you joking or something? or are you from planet mars?

  62. 62
    Anon Says:

    I can’t believe all of the viciousness of posters over someone that they (probably) have never met! Would you still be as rabid in your attacks if you were standing face to face with either George or Stacy?? I doubt it. It’s your perogative (I guess) to not agree with George’s life choices but, to do so with such personal information (according to the poster who disclosed a “relationship” with someone named Anna) borders, at least to me, above and beyond “freedom of speech”. Wow.

  63. 63
    Phys Major Says:

    @LMAO: that’s your main catchphrase, broken record psychotic b*tich! “Some one is off their meds,” of the PR network blog spinning LIES ABOUT GEORGE CLOONEY’S phony PR relationships.
    Planting seeds & controversy at the same time about his sexuality.
    Because her geriatric brain capacity is so limited, that she Stan Rosenfield & Kirstie Alley can ONLY promote this theme.
    The SAFE TRIED & TESTED METHOD, that advised the dumb pusssy George Clooney last year!
    FUC*K OFF, CU*NT!!! I’ve never been on any meds. Just an Asprin anyway & the odd antibiotic. Unlike you spasstics that need therapists & colon irrigators.
    I’m feisty, temperamental and I tell it like it is!

  64. 64
    Phys Major Says:

    @I have to say: Of course you have to say “you like em”
    You promote the deal.
    That puppet-on-a-string George sure doesn’t like her.

  65. 65
    Livewire Says:

    @I have to say: you sound like that patronizing short fat granny gnome Cindigirl.
    “George is a very nice man and his ladies have to behave or that’s it!”
    Good for George the PUSSSY.
    They have to behave cos they signed a contract which delegates how they breathe, walk, talk, fa*rt and sh*it!!!
    I’m a FREEBIRD & I’d never allow an assshole like George Clooney within a 200 meter radius near me. Alcoholic sleaze is so patheticallly annoying when he drinks and hits on women. Can’t take no for an answer.
    Cos he thinks he’s a STUDHORSE!!

  66. 66
    Ah...Bite Me!® Says:

    @Anon: can’t you believe the viciousness, FATSO???? When you flood the boards with your deranged conspiracy theories to deflect and instill controversy, you’re more than insane & vicious!
    YES, YOU’RE RIGHT. George Clooney, your personal puppet conceded and CHOSE TO PRETEND he’s dating Stacy Kyborg. Because the fuc*ked up loser thought he’d win an Academy Award.
    There is NO ANNA!!!
    She will NEVER EVER GO BACK.
    She already cheated on him & did freaky acts with a crazy, untamed, sublimely talented, outlaw of a man!!!
    But then, she was too good-looking & wild for Clooney! His ego couldn’t take it. She rejected his advances & tortured him.
    Twin soul, my asss! He can adapt to exist without her. Devoid of connection.
    Listless and going through the motions of his meaningless vapid life.

  67. 67
    Davida Rochelle Says:

    @DavidaRochelle/ Kirstie Alley:

    Again someone is falsely using my legal name. I have repeatedly asked this site to block all postings under “DavidaRochelle.” I only post to let others know of the fraud. And I have absolutely no connection to Kirstie Alley either.

    However if I am employed by Stan, how come I’ve never, ever been paid? And where’s my bonus, a free trip to Italy? I’d even take Cabo, except that I don’t have a passport. (Oh and my roomie has to come too, to keep the paps away.)

  68. 68
    Davida Rochelle Says:

    @Oh that’s rich…:

    Pardon me, but WHEN did I ever say that “an A lister/director “called me witty and beautiful?” Whom are you quoting? We all know anyway that Hollywood beauty is the creation of makeup artists, stylists, cinematographers, etc. Complimented me on my acting? Yes, just last week. Flattery is commonplace anyway, especially in the industry. Like you must have a very vivid imagination. And I just gave YOU a compliment.

  69. 69
    Phys Major Says:

    As if George Clooney doesn’t swear. His mouth is a sewer.
    An uneducated ignorant country bumpkin.
    The guy’s a phony!
    Lying and deceiving the world!

  70. 70
    cowbulls Says:

    @UGLIEST wrestler HOOKER EVER:
    Fine, find a woman for oral sex. Stacy has the best legs in history and a world class ass. She is the ultimate sexual accessory for all other sexual positions.

  71. 71
    justsayin'too Says:

    OK- who is Anna?

  72. 72
    Phys Major Says:

    @cowbulls: STAN ROSENFIELD aka COWBULLS aka PARI.
    Loser Stan Rosenfield! Corrupt scum of the earth.
    Only 2 clients worth anything on your books, prick.
    And only Clooney makes some additional advertising money for you.
    All De Niro gets is a bit of gaming commercial contracts.
    Her ass if is not sexy at all.
    NEITHER WAS Canalis who had a Tranny butt like a Thai rent boy.
    And her legs are masculine. Shaped like a man’s.
    Solid tree trunk like Andre the Giant.
    Long??? So are any NBA player’s.
    Ugly face.
    Thin hair,
    No lips.
    Soccer ball head.
    Massive balloon forehead.
    You couldn’t have picked an uglier who*re. On par with Canalis.

  73. 73
    Phys Major Says:

    @cowbulls: ahahahahahahahahah
    You dumb muthafuc*ker Stan Rosenfield.
    Not a sexy pert ass at all. Jennifer Lopez has the best ass. But Georgie would know that.
    Tiny waist and a round pert bottom is sexy. Not a Gargantuan proportioned pelvis with a fat WIDE RUMP double the size of Clooney’s.

  74. 74
    SHAME Says:

    @cowbulls: but what would you know about beauty, you bald little insignificant prick!
    A midget who looks like Elmer Fudd and aspired to be an actor like Joe Pesci or Danny DeVito. But had no talent and became a publicist.
    Just ask Charlie Sheen how destructive to his career Stan Rosenfield was!
    Now Cowbulls/ Stan Rosenfield/ Pari tries to squeeze blood out of a rock by promoting this used up theme! But no one wants in!!
    Cos it’s BULLLLSHIT!!!
    SELLING PHOTOS TO Gossip magazines, or getting fat cuts off the hoookers’ appearance fees or commercial contracts is what Stan Rosenfield aspires out of these bogus publicity arrangements.
    As much as he played George that he’d win an Academy Award. “For sure! Guaranteed, dude! You’re hot favorite. Do this publicity arrangement. It was verbally agreed. Don’t believe your instincts. Trust me….”
    Stacy Keibler does cheesy lingerie shots in tacky Made in China nylon lingerie, that can’t even model for Frederick’s of Hollywood, and Stan considers it hot.
    Broke-asss ********, can’t make any money off this hideous who*re. And Canalis dried up too soon. The novelty wore off.
    Soon you won’t even be able to lecture at UCLA in summer school, Stan!!!

  75. 75

    Hmmmm…… Well we know without why Obama brought George onboard despite his incessant need for trashy, dipso calypso women with a empty parking lot for a brain. Lol! Look what someone sent to me that is hitting the internet:

    President Obama’s re-election campaign is straining to raise the huge sums it is counting on to run against Mitt Romney, with sharp dropoffs in donations from nearly every major industry forcing it to rely more than ever on small contributions and a relative handful of major donors. From Wall Street to Hollywood, from doctors and lawyers, the traditional big sources of campaign cash are not delivering for the Obama campaign as they did four years ago. The falloff has left his fund-raising totals running behind where they were at the same point in 2008 — though well ahead of Mr. Romney’s — and has induced growing concern among aides and supporters as they confront the prospect that Republicans and their “super PAC” allies will hold a substantial advantage this fall.

  76. 76
    TIMES Says:

    Catch & point & click New Electeurs so important in USA
    :Day of the Starsass ..

  77. 77
    SHAME Says:

    @TIMES: Starass??
    wide saggy ass when not heavily Photoshopped.
    And a face so ugly and cheap with sting thin bleached hair and broken nose. No lips to kiss.
    Clooney the all round LOSER.
    Who WILL be ridiculed by everyone.

  78. 78
    ugly Stacy Says:

    First there was Ugly Betty, and now Ugly Stacy.
    So who has Timekeeper lined up next, hmmmm???
    Another beast??

  79. 79
    Towering Inferno Says:

    ass wider than George’s

  80. 80
    Towering Inferno Says:

    Nice legs???
    you gotta be kidding!!!!
    She’s UGLY ALL OVER. Where are her lips? Is she a mutant??
    And the legs are gross like a dude’s:

  81. 81
    LeeAnn Says:

    Contrary to what Signage wrote, he does sleep with Keibler because he thinks it’s his conjugal duty to Method Act the fake PR arrangement.
    But maybe not often. Told her he’s had problems since Syriana to keep her away. Same excuse to Canalis.
    But when a man has slept with ugly women like Canalis and Keibler, I find him so off-putting.
    Keibler appeals to factory workers, janitors, gas station attendants, grease monkeys, and McDonald’s staff….. IF that anymore.
    Canalis is long gone history.
    What a loser!

  82. 82
    Mr. Porter Says:

    I noticed that she and Canalis have the same bag VUITTON
    Except that Stacy model is platinum-the most expensive and Canalis the basic model
    in summary George mounted

  83. 83
    Jezebel Says:

    @Mr. Porter: oh, you think George made a platinum choice in choosing Stacy, do you? Well, no actually the Damier Vinyl (IMO the least appealing of Louis Vuitton’s range) comes in Graphite & Ebene. Same price for both. And if you mean George mounted the camel one, well, that’s his misfortune. The man has lousy taste in women, judging from the last two deformed looking ones.

  84. 84
    Nathan F Says:
    – here she has banana big rolls under her ass. Yuck.
    You’d think a person who claims to work out & eat healthily wouldn’t carry excess fat rolls on her upper thighs. I guess she’s a big woman and can never be lithe or elegantly slender.

  85. 85
    LMAO Says:

    Here Stacy is patting George’s ass affectionately after sharing their passionate love.

    BTW, does she wear incontinence pads?? Sure looks like it.

    Stan can net a commercial contract for Stacy for Tena Lady, maybe???

  86. 86
    Quid Pro Quo Says:

    George looks very sad here. Almost like he’s about to cry.
    More convincingly than on the death bed scene in The Descendants:

    Maybe because he’s fated to be with another ugly b*itch for 2 years.
    Maybe cos he never found true love or threw it away.
    Or maybe someone betrayed him.
    Whatever the case, he brought it on himself.
    Now he can take Stacy the embarrassment to WH dinner next weekend. Not only is she an embarrassment, unattractive but also, uneducated.
    I can just imagine the ridicule. The slander after the event when guests look at her embarrassing past on YouTube.

  87. 87
    SHAME Says:

    George Clooney reminds me of Julia Robert’s character in the film Closer.
    A depressive. He doesn’t want to be happy.
    That’s why he shies away from honesty & happiness.
    Prefers to live a lie he thinks he’s controlling… and to drink EXCESSIVELY to numb out reality.
    Quite pitiful, actually.

  88. 88
    the REAL LMAO Says:

    Yes darling, we know…sure sure, we know.

    You’re stunningly beautiful and you have the higest IQ in the WORLD and you’re the best thing that ever happened to mankind since sliced bread…yes, yes, we know…we’ve read it over and over and over again all over the internet!
    And George doesn’t know what he’s missing right? Or does he? I think he does and he hasn’t stopped running away from you since!
    And stop using everyone’s ID….not that it’s confusing since you keep saying the same things over and over and over…well you get the picture!

  89. 89
    All Wrong Says:

    No sure what you guys are smokingg but Stacy Keibler is the most beautiful, smart, funny, witty girl on the face of this earth!!!
    You all dream of having a beautiful smile and stunning body as
    hers. Jealousy is a terrible virtue and shall strike down upon everyone that preaches is jargon.
    As cliche as it may sound, be careful what you wish for, it may just come true :)
    AND, to all of you losser knomes out their that Have absolutelly nothing–beter 2 do with your timeee, WATCH OUTgnomes!!!!
    Show some compassion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    END OF STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. 90
    All Wrong Says:

    END OF STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. 91
    Ah...Bite Me!® Says:

    @the REAL LMAO: KATIECUNT.DOT the lame hideous pathologically jealous and obsessed pr correspondent who works for Stan Rosenfield promoting and profiting off Clooney’s fake relationships strikes again.
    Stacy Keibler never amounted to anything other than a too bit wrestler and CANNOT ACT NOR MODEL.
    And you, KatieCunt.Dot are a fuc*king ugly croaked up b*itch which is why you work behind the scenes.
    I know my merit. You’re a jealous dog. Kirstie Alley is a crusty cross-eyed old bag.
    She lost her weight through gastric banding, yet flogs off pills to the unsuspecting public,
    You’re bitter. You’re fighting a losing battle.
    You’re jealous.
    Like your opinion matters to me! You’re an ugly non-entity.
    I look nothing like these ugly who*res you promote: I’m passed off as a cross between Adrianna Lima or Angelina Jolie. And that’s what everyone says. Touche, dog face!
    You’re an ugly frump. Same league as Courtney Rubin???? LOL
    AND KIRSTIE ALLEY is a senile old bag who looks like Sandra Bernard on a bad day without make-up!!
    End of your story soon bit*ches!!

  92. 92
    Phys Major Says:

    @the REAL LMAO: yeah, she’s so ugly that you idiots can’t get her any commercial contracts.
    Just one look at her broken nose, no lips, fat soccer ball head and that monstrosity of a pen*is vein on the egghead extension forehead.
    The small squinty eyes and strings of thin bleached hair.
    And that big boned overgrown body of a man. Massive shoulders.
    She stinks drag queen all over.
    JEALOUS??? Ha ha ha ha ha!
    She’s UGLY. As ugly as KATIECUNT.DOT.
    Just like your YouTube Channel. The frumpy plain Jane gnomes.

    General consensus.
    The world laughs at Clooney.
    You losers know it.
    But given how ugly you, the frump gnomes and cross-eyed Kirstie Alley are, I can see why you identify with ugly dogs like Canalis & Keibler.

  93. 93
    Phys Major Says:

    @All Wrong: the jealous one is you, KatieCunt.Dot.
    The way you were born and doomed to be non-entity background fodder.
    Clooney isn’t even attracted to Stacy Kyborg.
    If he decides no more publicity escorts, then (head of the gnomes) you’ll have to find a new gig!

  94. 94
    Jezebel Says:

    Yeah, right. As if anyone believes that helium inhaling Big Bird Stacy Keibler is in a real relationship with George Clooney.
    KatieDot of & formerly New Kid of Milano Cookie Crumbs always said George is bisexual with Waldo.
    But that’s to incite controversy.
    I’ve seen KatieDot at a junket. You’re right, she’s a scary ugly woman.
    No wonder she finds Stacy better than her.
    Courtney Rubin & Jennifer Shoucair told me :-)

  95. 95
    OMG! Says:

    Poor KatieDot & Stan Rosenfield can’t make any additional revenue of Stacy Giant Kiebler. Kirstie Alley will go nuts if George doesn’t accept the next publicity escort she has in line….

  96. 96
    the pivotal point Says:

    The biggest fear KatieDot has is if Clooney breaks the deal.
    If he has a real potential love interest, KatieDot will do everything she can to antagonize. You should hear how she talks about him behind his back :-O She constantly berates him to the gnomes as insane & alcoholic.
    If there is such a woman as a true love interest in George’s life, I hope she’s playing the gnomes back and outsmarting them with misleading behavior. Not a hard thing to do.
    They’re a dumb lot with zero imagination. Robotic.
    As for George, he has to take initiative and end the bulllshit for his life to go as he plans. To find his happiness. He has to force a strategy change. That’s the pivotal point in all this.
    But most of all, end his association with these negative, destructive people.

  97. 97
    Nathan F Says:

    @Jezebel: I know what you mean. KatieButtPlug and her blog always repeat the same ol’ same ol’ same ol’ crap! zzzzzzzz
    Bored me to tears when I followed it for a while.
    They say the same rubbish, yet attack others here for stressing matters that they lie about constantly. The PR gnomes who spin incessantly.
    Like they’ve done a copy/ paste. From Canalis to Kiebler.
    KatieDot & the PR gnomes. What a broken record. zzzzzzzzz

  98. 98
    Lady Godiva Says:

    George alone has to break free. Put an end to all these lies. Now.
    I wish he takes initiative instead of being so insecure and easily manipulated by Stan, Kirstie, KatieDot and the matronly PR gnomes.

  99. 99
    SHAME Says:

    He could have achieved so much more fulfillment and happiness.
    KatieDot and all the names she uses above, is convinced she, Stan & Kirstie will keep manipulating him. They do patronize him in a way to make it seem that it’s his decision.

  100. 100
    Taijitu Says:

    Ugliness is not so much external.
    Think of it like this: some people are gifted with physical beauty and that’s universal. God given. And they should be humble. Statistics indicate that only 2% of humans are considered in that category by people in general.

    It’s internal ugliness that should be addressed.
    I hope that is what you talk of.
    And yes, Stan Rosenfield (who is All Wrong posting above IMO & not KatieDot) as well as him posting as PARI, he’s an ugly bald midget of a man. True! Very ugly bespectacled freak.
    Kirstie isn’t too bad but has an ugly side to her soul sometimes.
    And KatieDot – hideous beyond belief. Barf inducing freak show!
    Ugly souls and ugly exteriors.
    Remember that!
    Because for money, greed bears its ugly head in the form of Stan Rosenfield and KatieDot with her gnomes.

  101. 101

    Indeed George, it will be dark, very dark, soon. REMEMBER, pay close attention to the mirrors in your home for they will contain very special messages to all nonconformists. Also, be sure to temper the water in your shower as skin moisturizing is critical during all dry seasons. In addition, sleep is critical to a healthy body and immune system- without it, the body is sure to become ill and withered. Alas, let’s not forget about keeping all 40 guests very happy :) PLEASE, whatever you do, be as hospitable as possible for they tend to be easily irritated if everything is not in good standings starting right NOW!! They like to be pampered BUT don’t feel as though you’re enslaved to them as they will take ya’ll for weak fools with nothing to look forward to. And we arrive to the final leg of this journey for which you have all failed miserably. Perhaps one day, everyone will look back upon these blogs and believe what we’ve said. Should that day never arrive for ya’ll, I wish you all the best in your search for happiness and GOOD LUCK!!!

    Timing is everything and all will happen at precisely the right moment. Outside of this, I will continue to SMOTHER with kindness ;)
    You Poor . Old . Fat . Hairy . Alcoholic . Cave dwelling . Loser . Psychotic . Paranoid . Lunatic . Insane, excuse for a human being.
    You’ve been locked-up for way too long, get off your basketball court and make a name for yourself! Stay tuned!

    Peace out, yo! For good.

  102. 102
    Taijitu Says:

    @NEXT STEPS IN SHAME!: you’re showing a very nasty side, Stan. No surprise.
    74 years old is not an age to be stressing out so much! Your blood pressure skyrockets and your glasses steam up, fogged up and saturated with sweat droplets.
    Working at your age is too taxing. You should be out jogging, playing tennis…. relaxing or hibernating in your home in Beverly Hills.
    You wrote: “And we arrive to the final leg of this journey for which you have all failed miserably. Perhaps one day, everyone will look back upon these blogs and believe what we’ve said.”
    Believe who? The PR lies? So hard to differentiate?
    Who actually failed?
    Threatening and bullying is not a civilized way to conduct business.

  103. 103

    Well, well, well karma sure does changes things doesn’t it? You morons attack and attack. Cashing checks your bodies cannot cash.

  104. 104

    Hmmm….…. And yet George not only runs to Cabo, but now setting up a tequila business. Hmmmm….

  105. 105
    CC Says:


    Hi…who are you. You seem to know so much. do you live in LA
    let me know cause i know alot too


  106. 106
    Phys Major Says:

    @the REAL LMAO: *******And George doesn’t know what he’s missing right? Or does he? I think he does and he hasn’t stopped running away from you since!
    And stop using everyone’s ID….not that it’s confusing since you keep saying the same things over and over and over…well you get the picture!********
    Stop delegating & Stan!!!
    The only ones George needs & wants TO RUN AWAY from is you!
    Manipulative & corrupt to the core scum!
    Too bad if you’re jealous of me, b*itch!
    I don’t rave on about myself but if provoked, I give you a piece of my mind and reinforce what guttersnipes you are!

  107. 107
    Taijitu Says:

    Stan Rosenfield wrote above as NEXT STEPS IN SHAME!:

    “Indeed George, it will be dark, very dark, soon. REMEMBER, pay close attention to the mirrors in your home for they will contain very special messages to all nonconformists. Also, be sure to temper the water in your shower as skin moisturizing is critical during all dry seasons. In addition, sleep is critical to a healthy body and immune system- without it, the body is sure to become ill and withered. Alas, let’s not forget about keeping all 40 guests very happy :) PLEASE, whatever you do, be as hospitable as possible for they tend to be easily irritated if everything is not in good standings starting right NOW!! They like to be pampered BUT don’t feel as though you’re enslaved to them as they will take ya’ll for weak fools with nothing to look forward to. And we arrive to the final leg of this journey for which you have all failed miserably. Perhaps one day, everyone will look back upon these blogs and believe what we’ve said. Should that day never arrive for ya’ll, I wish you all the best in your search for happiness and GOOD LUCK!!!
    Timing is everything and all will happen at precisely the right moment. Outside of this, I will continue to SMOTHER with kindness ;)
    You Poor . Old . Fat . Hairy . Alcoholic . Cave dwelling . Loser . Psychotic . Paranoid . Lunatic . Insane, excuse for a human being.
    You’ve been locked-up for way too long, get off your basketball court and make a name for yourself! Stay tuned!
    Peace out, yo! For good.”
    Good grief! Is this any way to speak to your #1 client off whom you made SO much money??? Who allowed you SO much additional revenue??
    At 74 years of age, Stan, can you not improvise and come up with a different strategy to promote an A-list celebrity??
    I guess not. You’ve stagnated in the early ’80s.
    The SHAME is on you!

  108. 108
    signage Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: “Now Clooney is offering two fans a chance to go to the dinner he is hosting if they pony up money for a donation.” That’s actually great. In addition to raising more money for Obama’s campaign, this is George’s way of saying that going to this dinner with him does not in any way mean you’re important to him. It’s a subtle diss to Keibler, yet it makes him come off looking classy because two fans get to attend the dinner and Obama’s campaign gets more money. I have to hand it to him on this one. Well played, George, well played.

  109. 109
    signage Says:

    @cowbulls: Actually, Keibler’s legs are below average in appearance. Larson had much, much prettier legs. Keibler’s legs are butch and below average. She even lies about their length, using some made-up measurement taken outside her legs to up her massive hips.

  110. 110
    Looky Looky Says:

    Check this out! Adorable seeing George and Stacy out shopping for groceries at Whole Foods.

    I hear wedding bells, hahaha!

  111. 111
    signage Says:

    @Looky Looky: Someone’s been having fun with photoshop again. Those pics are about as real as Keibler’s hair extensions.

  112. 112
    signage Says:

    @Looky Looky: Next time, use photos that match the weather. A short dress with short sleeves and no jacket on a day when the highest temperatures were only in the 60s F doesn’t work. Tell your boy Stan this is another FAIL to add to his extensive resume of FAIL.

  113. 113
    signage Says:

    Sorry but poor photoshop is a pet peave of mine. Not one of the fake pics shows Clooney looking at Skeezbler. She’s obviously posing for the camera. This was staged, and Clooney was added into the pics later. These are like the fake photoshoot she did in NYC, except this time she had George photoshopped in.

  114. 114

    Oh puhleaze! Yesterday in LA it was pretty warm. Close to 80 I believe. That Whole Foods is located at Coldwater/Riverside Dr. Why didn’t he go to the one on Sepulveda instead the little ****! That is very close to the real home and the Whole Foods she shop at. Nasty little cur he is! So that is another reason why there is such a push to get her out of the neighnorhood? Jerk!

  115. 115

    T*u*r*d*! The store is so small and he can get noticed right away! He could of went to Fairfax/Santa Monica Blvd as well because those are bigger stores. Now if Anna goes shopping again, the first damm thing is going to be said is that she is trying to follow! That is bulls*h*i*t*! It is closer to her than it is to George! Jerk!!!!

  116. 116
    Phys Major Says:

    @Looky Looky: Oh, my! Poor George. He’s FORCED to participate in these STAGED photos with that horrendous FREAK show Stacy Keibler. The Jolly Big Giant, as some of the PR gnomes call her behind her back, eh Cindigirl!

    Stacy is getting uglier by the day. The ravages of time and burning the midnight candle, the overdoses of growth hormones & botulism viral injections…. all taking their toll.
    Stan Stan Stan – you’re in your mid-seventies, sweat profusely and you’re gonna blow up from all the stress!!
    Yes, you decide when George can break the contract.
    But ya sure wanna impose another and another after it so you can pimp him off to make some extra bucks. Greedy little man.
    Regardless of your desperate attempts, these photos show an ugly big freak who has zero chemistry with George.
    The hired help hooker buying dogfood for Einstein and getting a lift back to his home.

  117. 117
    SHAME Says:

    @Looky Looky: it’s not wedding bells you hear! Oh, no! Just a severe case of Tinnitus, given your advanced age.
    Keep provoking.
    You’re only angering George more.
    It’s all about control.
    George Clooney can’t stand Stacy Keibler. The no-lipped balloon head freak is a greedy who*re who wants to get as much out of this before she’s given the boot. Cos on her appearance and zero talent, Giant Tootsie Roll Keibler proved what a FAIL FAIL she is!
    As much as you are neurotic weasel.

  118. 118
    Dealbreaker Says:

    Stop wasting your energy, you will need it to please your grinning Giant. And watch out that she doesn’t bash you when she gets too many negative comments, hahaha.
    Have a sexy week, best friend!

  119. 119

    This is staged by the way! No paps hang out that store period! They actually staged a photo op at one of the busiest stores that is harder than hell to get in and out on a Sat. afternoon? It is right by the freeway which makes it worse? What the hell would he have done if Anna strolled in to pick up a few items especially that it is convenient to her? That is pretty damm lame if you ask me! I meant to state earlier that the real Anna lives very close to that store, Just Jared chopped off my words. Walking distance. Interesting he sat in the car and she went in. George Clooney has hired help to do the damm shopping! Oh is it being insinuated that they are living together? What’s next? Obama running in for a quick snack? Stupid! Jacka*s*s*!

  120. 120
    SHAME Says:


    It’s not bad enough that she advises old senile Stan Rosenfield on the bulllshit PR strategy.
    1. – the staged photos MAY have been taken on Sunday afternoon.
    2. – George was ORDERED to take more staged photos. He was told to drive there and pick the Giant Rodent (as he calls Stacy) from Wholefoods Market (Kirstie Alley improvised the idea).
    3. – NO the real “Anna” does NOT live nearby. Oh, she does eat & shop at the Fairfax/ Santa Monica one. Sits by the coffee bar & surfs the net.
    4. – A huge order was placed. Stacie Kyborg walked in, collected the trolley and Clooney had to fill up the trunk. All this to make the PR arrangement seem credible.

    Stacy is getting uglier by the day. Massive masculine fat body.
    Even if her BMI goes down to 16%, she’s a big-boned butch muthertrucker of a lumberjack.
    And what a vomit inducing FACE. GROSS.

  121. 121
    Gelina Whiddon Says:

    This question is for all of the people that alleges that George Clooney has been in contractual agreements with basically low to none talented prostitutes masquerading as girlfriends for years…almost universally you all blame it on his head PR person…and you state that George is getting nothing out of this except an opportunity to contact STDs… my question is what is this PR person holding over his head ( blackmail) in order to make him cooperate?

  122. 122
    Mr. Porter Says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation. WHY
    with videos support

  123. 123

    Oh Shame so you don’t live in the Cincinnati area non? You know I woulkd love it if someone tracked you and kicked your sorry a*s*s*! STFU and you do sound like someone who is off their meds Signage/Shame! Sociopathic mutherfrucker! You have a clear obsession for Kirstie and must want her. Sorry I cannot fill that order for your crazy a*s*s*! Anna lives closer to the Coldwater/Riverside location you schizo! You on the other hand thanks for revealing your whereabouts. It will not be hard to find you! Dumba*s*s*!

  124. 124

    I took a closer look at the pics. George looks madder than h*e*l*l*! Lol! Oooowwwweeeeee!!!! I do not blame him. Stacy looks like white wonder bread trailer trash! Yikes! I did not realize how Appachian she looked till now. Yikes! Hair is thin and stringy. She is laughing and smiling and George just looks ticked off! I feel bad for George but I am laughing my a*s*s* off though! Must of suck having to look at someone who looks like a character straight out of Deliverance. snicker..snicker…snicker….Oh my! I will be laughing for days………..

  125. 125
    justsayin'too Says:

    Ok I’ll ask again. Who the heck is Anna and why on earth would George Clooney with his millions and a-list career bother with ANY kind of PR arrangement with ANYBODY. This makes no sense to me whatsoever. Stan can not control Clooney, as Clooney can take his business elsewhere. Please someone explain this to me instead of all this irrational, illogical ranting and raving.

  126. 126
    Jezebel Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: I agree that George is madder than helll in those photos.
    Because Stan Rosenfield forced him to interrupt his basketball playing afternoon to pose with Stacy Giant Freak.
    That little old prick Stan just wants more “candids” because no one is buying that George would date such an hideous overgrown trailer trash inbreed.
    Stan even told her to wear a short shirt dress to take away the attention from her ugly soccer ball cranium.
    But only to reveal two massive big-boned tree trunk legs, similar to Hulk Hogan’s.
    He deserves this misery!
    He lost!!! Is stuck with Stacy Giant Freak for up to two years Stan Rosenfield hopes.

  127. 127
    SHAME Says:

    @justsayin’too: well, Team & the useless PR gnomes, you already know the answers! You’re trying to deflect again. Fuc*ked up failure!
    The only ones who rant and rant are you lot. Flogging bulllshit to the public’s consciousness about George Clooney’s private life.
    So in layman terms for the cannon-fodder-brained PR gnomes:
    Stan Rosenfield has George Clooney tied up in contract to him.
    And some clauses in that legal document state that Stan Rosenfield and any PR networking team with whom he liaises have executive rights to manage & project Clooney’s public image..
    Moreover, they arrange the fake publicity girlfriends and have executive control over that aspect of her public profile. And that’s long after the official “break-up.” ie, any affiliated stories/ photos, potential commercial contracts by association, can potential entitle a % fee to Stan & Co off these ex-escort girlfriends.
    So usually the talent pool is so ugly like Canalis & Keibler. Women who had little opportunity to make money anymore because of their advancing age to sell the sleazy bimbo semi-porn image. Their lack of talent & beauty which prevented them from becoming models or actresses.

  128. 128
    Phys Major Says:

    @Gelina Whiddon:
    in reply to:”This question is for all of the people that alleges that George Clooney has been in contractual agreements with basically low to none talented prostitutes masquerading as girlfriends for years…almost universally you all blame it on his head PR person…and you state that George is getting nothing out of this except an opportunity to contact STDs… my question is what is this PR person holding over his head ( blackmail) in order to make him cooperate?”

    Elaborating – low to non-talented UGLY women who attempted to be models (but were considered TOO unattractive) and actresses (but had zero talent). So they did ANYTHING to get into showbiz. Including sucking the scrot*ums of fat old Berlusconi or Vince McMahon executives.
    George is apparently getting additional publicity in the gossip magazines, blogs & tabloids. Embarrassing sabotaging media exposure & public scrutiny, as it turns out. Speculation that he’s gay.

    Stan Rosenfield may have coerced him to sign a contract that delegates George’s private life.
    An unscrupulous, hateful corrupt man like Stan employes unethical means to obtain compromising material.
    He may have some evidence of George that can be damaging to his public image. Maybe George was intoxicated once and impulsively participated in a mass orgy and there’s video/ photo evidence OR maybe George signed a contract while under duress or incapacitated, in the presence of a corrupt, bribed lawyer, which technically ties him to Stan for a certain amount of time.
    As Stan says in his message #101, “Timing is everything and all will happen at precisely the right moment. Outside of this, I will continue to SMOTHER with kindness ;)”
    In other words, STAN will delegate to George until his time is served!!

  129. 129
    signage Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: Please, yourself. Those pics were both staged and photoshopped. Keibler posed for them with a hired photographer, and those shots were photoshopped with pics of George when he took an actual trip ALONE to Whole Foods. Can you explain why there isn’t a single pic in which he actually looks at Keibler, or touches her? The pics are fake.

  130. 130
    signage Says:

    Obama’s campaign is toast before it even gets started. Hooker culture in the Secret Service, and hooker culture promoted by Clooney and Obama by association.

  131. 131
    Phys Major Says:

    @Gelina Whiddon: and by “delegate his life” I mean, Stan delegates how to publicize George’s bogus personal life: ie, publicity relationships.
    Not the truth. George is a very private person. Very few people know with whom he enjoys his intimate time. But it sure as hell isn’t with these horrendous PR hoookers.
    Until his time of servitude to Stan Rosenfield is served, George is Stan’s puppet-on-a-string.
    Otherwise, it may become a messy court case with huge damages claimed on either part. Airing dirty laundry. Negative publicity.
    Or as Mr Congeniality, George is accommodating Stan until the contract expires.
    But he seems angry in these photos at Wholefoods.
    It’s ridicule.
    I don’t think it’s Photoshop.
    I agree they were taken on Sunday.
    Stan briefed Stacy Kyborg to smile, laugh and act like they’re husband & wife engaging in domestic chores.

  132. 132
    Nathan Forrest Says:

    @signage: cheap & trashy budget hoookers. That no one wants other than freak services.
    I’m officially supporting Ron Paul.
    George Clooney disgusts me! I stopped being a Democrat because of dysfunctional asssholes like him!

  133. 133
    GNGL Says:

    George Clooney COULD have refused another contract.
    It wasn’t imposed on him.
    He didn’t have to sign a publicity agreement with Stacy Keibler.
    It didn’t happen until last September, anyway.
    On July 28, 2011, he met her in London to discuss the prospect.
    So he IS to blame.
    I know he deliberated whether he should proceed. But he went through with it in his callous, inconsiderate selfish way.
    IMO, I would never forgive someone who did that. No excuses!
    Good luck to him.
    He’s a miserable loser!

  134. 134
    signage Says:

    Obama can say that he disapproves of hooker culture, but it’s not credible because he associates with Clooney who promotes hookers. Obama would do well to distance himself from Clooney until after the hooker promotion ends.
    As for Stan the gnome, he must work for the government in some capacity as anyone else would have fired his stupid asss before now.

  135. 135
    justsayin'too Says:

    @shame- you must have me confused with someone else. I posted earlier asking who was Anna but no one responded. I am just a fan and have no affiliation with LA or Hollywood or Stan, etc…. It just seems illogical to me that Geoege Clooney would be involved with any kind of PR agreement. Having a date during Oscar season does nothing to help him get votes, etc… It just seems very unlikely that ANY agent or manager could have any kind of control with such a high profile client. Maybe I don’t understand the Hollywood PR system, but this does not make sense to me. SO who is Anna?

  136. 136

    Signage are you that dumb?? Have you ever been so ticked at someone that you do not even bother to look at them? Look closely the man is madder than h*e*l*l, and he did not look like he wanted to be there period. I feel for the guy actually because I have been in that position of being around somebody and being so ticked off not only did I refused to look at them but I also would not touch them with a ten foot pole. Still funny as h*e*l*l* though. Poor Georgie! Anna says that she wants George to say hello to a mutual acquaintance named Ed D. Lol! George and company knows who Ed D. is, and it has something to do with goats. Baa baa baaaaaaaaaa! Grin.

  137. 137
    SHAME Says:

    @justsayin’too: yes, of course you’re are! ….Your writing style is one of the PR network gnomes (namely KatieButtPlug) who patrol this blog & everywhere else online.
    But since you’re playing dumb for the benefit of any reader who actually is unaffiliated, KatieButtPlug, I’ll answer again.
    George Clooney’s assshole publicist is the geriatric Stan Rosenfield who uses a PR strategy that dates back to the 1989s. He believes George has to be in the tabloids, gossip magazines, online blogs CONSTANTLY to gain maximum exposure and stay in the public’s consciousness.
    LIES of course. He has a hired defective PR team of 7 useless idiots with zero creativity.
    They manipulate statistics and feed dumb George a ton of lies.
    The puppet-on-a-string obliges.
    Industry insiders are well aware. The public is increasingly too.
    No one buys that George can date someone as ugly as Stacy Keibler.
    Not too many believed the Canalis fiasco either.
    Most people speculate he’s gay.
    Also, he’s coerced into “dating them” through extortion.
    I cannot elaborate.

    *the Oscar campaign was to have Stacy Keibler as his red carpet buttt bracelet (as he called her) was for maximum exposure and generating publicity. This too extends into the hope that the 800 AMPAS members are influenced.
    *then more importantly, there’s the money making issue. The REAL reason he’s forced into dating these failed plain-Jane hoookers.
    A hefty % of the commercial contracts, advertising revenue, appearance fees, gossip magazine photo sales, product endorsement, etc, is the PROFIT making side-scheme Stan Rosenfield has off pushing these publicity arrangements.
    Several million extra per year is what they hope for. The fashion labels aim for sale increases, etc… George, of course, gains some of this. And the low-life ugly whor*es can’t stop counting their blessings for the association not only catapults them into George’s limelight for their 15minutes of fame by association, but they get PAID big time.
    * As their entertainment industry careers start to wane due to advancing haggard age and lack of appeal, they stagnate.
    Bingo! They’re then selected for this highlight of their career.
    * That’s why the women are so lame looking and dispensable.
    The sad part is that George Clooney is ridiculed and his public profile sabotaged for greedy quick bucks.
    Stan Rosenfield is 74 years old, ready for a bypass and his blood pressure skyrockets. Do you honestly think he gives a sh*it about the longevity or legacy of George Clooney???

  138. 138
    Sad But True Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: don’t pay attention to the poster justsayin’too. It’s just one of the dumb PR gnomes.
    KatieDot writes the same crappola all the time.
    Jewish American Frump Courtney Rubin is one of the gnomes.
    You should see how she manipulates the truth about George!
    ALWAYS spinning LIES.
    It’s sad how they keep him under control.
    Treat him like he’s mentally unstable or a dysfunctional alcoholic.

  139. 139
    Sad But True Says:

    don’t pay attention to the poster justsayin’too. It’s just one of the dumb PR gnomes.
    KatieDot writes the same crappola all the time.
    Jewish American Frump Courtney Rubin is one of the gnomes.
    You should see how she manipulates the truth about George!
    ALWAYS spinning LIES.
    It’s sad how they keep him under control.
    Treat him like he’s mentally unstable or a dysfunctional alcoholic.

  140. 140
    sane Says:

    @UGLIEST wrestler HOOKER EVER: You seriously need help, if all you can do if post rubbish like this online you must have a real boring life.

  141. 141
    sane Says:

    @Phys Major:

    SK is the one, despite your insane ranting to the contrary!!

  142. 142
    sane Says:

    @Phys Major:

    You are so jealous it is seething out of every pore in your body – so laughable

  143. 143
    justsayin'too Says:

    OK once again, I am just a fan, live in Nashville, have NO affiliation with anything in LA or any PR team. All this ranting just does not make common sense. I think George is too smart to go along with something as dumb as what you guys are saying. He does NOT need this kind of PR. I think he dates these kind of women because they are easy to get rid of. Give them a little money and their 15 minutes of fame and he moves on. It is just my opinion, take it or leave it. However, NO one will answer who the heck is Anna?

  144. 144
    Phys Major Says:

    and you’re KatieDot, employed by Stan Rosenfield to write this bulllshit spin.
    Of course you have to attack me and deny all that I post.
    I was told that a lot of people reading here since this thread has been Tweeted.
    So psychotic control freaks like you have to attack me.
    The sham is too exposed.
    Video footage of her flossing her butttcrack on YouTube for beer money prior to becoming a wrestling ogre is SO DESTRUCTIVE TO GEORGE.
    *FACE IT – GEORGE DOES NOT even like nor respect her.
    He IS forced to date her for financial profit for the corrupt PR team who have absolute control on promoting his public image.

  145. 145
    Phys Major Says:

    @sane: FUC*K OFF, KATIE.ButtPlug, you ugly freak useless PR guttersnipe.
    No wonder you work behind the scenes!
    She’s far from beautiful. She’s no Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, or even Charlize Theron. Stacy’s body is built like a man’s. So heavily photoshopped that even her Twitter page picture has her thighs halved in the leg spread.
    Ha ha ha ha
    The jokes on you, muthertruckers!
    * thin limp bleached sparse hair.
    * balloon sized face like a soccer ball
    * no lips whatsoever
    * a broken asymmetric nose
    * beady small eyes covered surrounded by crows feet.
    * broader shoulders than a padded Quarterback.
    * long, big boned sturdy thick legs like a man.
    * and a wide pelvis with a wobbly asss hanging off it.
    Clooney finds her repulsive.
    Get over it,
    Your team & Stan Rosenfield are failures.

  146. 146
    Nancy Says:

    @Phys Major:
    you’re right. + that pen*is vein thingy running on her massive forehead. Is it from all the Botox or steroids??
    I remember that same poster KatieDot of the pr network blog used to attack anyone who claimed Elisabeta Cannalis by accusing them of being “jealous.” It’s all this pr person ever says!
    But Cannalis was so man-looking that no one believed it and thought maybe Clooney was hiding something.

  147. 147
    Comedy hour Says:

    Gah, poor old silverscreen/signage/ah bite me etc etc, still flogging the dead horse that is her fantasy chance with Clooney. It’s not going to happen, and the sooner you realise this and stop with the delusions, you’ll be a happier person. Trust me. No one can be happy living that lunatic life of yours.

    It’s too sad to even comment on at this stage.

    Poor old thing. We should pity her. But mostly, we should stop giving her the attention she can’t seem to live without.

  148. 148
    SHAME Says:

    @justsayin’too: your broken spiel is a copy paste of what you’ve said many times, KatieDot.
    You say it so any random fans reading here can identify with you.

    For the benefit of genuinely unaffiliated readers:
    Once again, George is told he needs this publicity to keep the public interested. The old adage “all publicity is good publicity” is what Stan Rosenfield adheres to.
    OBJECTIVE is to give George Clooney press. Coverage. Publicity.
    The PR Team believe this can ONLY be achieved with George’s personal life covered in the press.
    SO THEY DEVISE FAKE ARRANGEMENTS with a certain genre of dispensable women: plain to unattractive, untalented, entertainment industry exposure…
    Then the clean up the image to sell a story. 20% of all her fees is kept by his PR.
    You got the “easy to get rid of” part right, PR gnome.
    That’s all though.

  149. 149
    SHAME Says:

    @Comedy hour: OH, go to helll! Your provoking isn’t working. You get nastier when you’re upset, bi*tch!!!
    You asssholes know I’m not Signage/ Silverscreen.
    She’s part of the PR game but for other’s interests. Not yours.

    I’m independent. And you scum know it :-D
    I also argue that George should be free to date who he likes, not who old neurotic Stan Rosenfield & Co select, just cos it adheres to the agenda.
    NEVER have I written that I’m involved with George.
    You bitter losers cannot make money promoting hideous giant Stacy Kyborg. LOL…LOL…LOL…
    Trying to break Georgie, hey??? Antagonizing him by delegating?
    How many years did the fool sign away his life to this bulllshit just cos he was promised an A-list career.

  150. 150
    Nancy Says:

    Is it true that Kirstie Alley really got gastric banding to lose 100lbs and yet she’s lying to all the overweight people in the usa, promoting slimming products??
    OMG! What a phony! She never even took these products.
    She’s deceiving again!

  151. 151
    Comedy hour Says:

    @Shame/silverscreen/signage/ah bite me etc etc

    I’m afraid the only one round these parts sounding upset is you.

    You really need to get a new hobby, something that takes you out into the fresh air and away from a computer.

    Fishing maybe? Gardening would be good too. I recommend both.

  152. 152
    Nancy Says:

    @Comedy hour: keep your patronizing to yourself, thanks.
    My points are valid.
    You idiots panic that anyone may leak the truth about George.
    Useless guttersnipes.
    And you know I’m not Silverscreen/ Signage/ AhBiteMe.

  153. 153
    Nancy Says:

    and SHAME is my husband :-)

  154. 154
    Gelina Says:


    Thanks for the info…so all George Clooney has to do is fire his PR team and pay out whatever is owed on the contract with them, right?

    There’s isn’t a contract on planet earth that a great lawyer cannot get a person out of…so are sure he’s not holding something over George’s head, because this last contract has pretty much killed his movie career.

  155. 155
    Gelina Says:

    @Ah…Bite Me!®:

    George Clooney could try getting his head out of his ass and dump what appears to be Hulk Hogan’s twin and fire his PR team and pay out whatever monies is remaining on tall their contracts. And, last but not least, attempt to rebuild his movie career. And since I am giving unsolicited advice…Clooney might want to take note of Angelina Jolie’s UN efforts…shining her celebrity status on more than one country.

  156. 156
    Alwara Says:

    @Comedy hour:
    If people here need your advice, they will let you know.
    Meanwhile you can do the fishing and gardening by yourself.

  157. 157
    SHAME Says:

    @Gelina: errrr… no his last contract has NOT killed his film industry career. His movies (except for Leatherheads) have all made profit & surpassed budget considerably well… [Not as much as Matt Damon's or Johnny Depp's movies but then they usually star in films that are aimed as blockbusters.]
    The big money rolls in for George through commercial advertising contracts.
    In any case, he still makes a killing in the film industry, DESPITE of the damage to his profile with these defective Hoookers like Canalis & Keibler. The speculation & the ridicule in the public’s eyes.
    And HAPPIER.
    They’re actually damaging his profile and he’s slipping in popularity.
    That can spell the decline of an A-lister’s career.

  158. 158


  159. 159

    (re George)

  160. 160
    Jack Says:

    Bounce & FLOSS that broad lard asss, Stace!
    Same routine over and over again for beer tips.. Hahahaha.
    The wannabe stripper reject coz she looked too menacing on the podium.
    She can’t even give a b*l*o*w job coz she ain’t got lips.

  161. 161
    justsayin'too Says:

    @Shame- OK you really are making me think you are delusional. This ranting and raving does not make sense. IF the PR is hurting George then WHY would his team be doing it. I can see no LOGICAL reason for the things you are claiming. His management makes a heck of a lot more off of HIS movie and promotional contracts than they EVER would off of his “dates”. These women make such a small amount of money and they appear to be HURTING his career and credibility. WHY would ANY PR advise him to do this kind of publicity??????? And again I ask, who is ANNA????

  162. 162
    signage Says:

    I bet PariStan RosenFudd forgoes one of his 20% cuts of Skeezbler’s fees for every sexual favor the hideous giant does for him. An ugly midget and an ugly giant, what a sideshow. It’s a wonder RosenFudd doesn’t get lost in her huge cavernous posterior. He probably can’t get it up, though, and just gets his jollies from Skeezbler giving him wrestling rope wedgies and prostate massages. Poor RosenFudd, he wants to control everyone, but the impotent little cretin can’t. So funny when the midget tries to control and order around complete strangers on the internet.

  163. 163
    Phys Major Says:

    oh, SIGGGHHHHHHHHHH……………..
    Ofcourse you say you can see no logical reason. It’s all you ever say. zzzzzzz
    So this is for the benefit of unaffiliated readers who just MAY read. Or bloggers looking for a juicy blind item??? The boss monitoring??

    I’ve answered above. PROFIT. QUICK BUCKS. Additional revenue through staged photo-ops for magazine. Publicity for George.
    A PR strategy devised by Stan Rosenfield 40 years ago…
    The hope was it makes several million extra per year.
    His movies alone won’t do the trick if the public wants scoops, they tell George. To give him maximum exposure even through ANY form of PR.
    The fact that it’s undermining George hadn’t been brought into perspective because defective, lazy PR networks lack foresight.
    That’s why Stan has only 2 A-listers on his books.
    (Charlie Sheen got the fcuk out of Dodge last year and regained his MOJO.)
    KatieButtPlug wrote: “His management make a lot more off his movie & promotional contract.” Paradox alone here, Einstein PR gnome.
    Promotional is PR. If surplus millions can be squeezed out of brand George, the greedy muthertruckers will do it.
    Celebrities are commodities. They make money even long after they’ve expired for their Brand lives on. Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, etc.
    But the hideous hoookers have been counterproductive and George’s PR team has failed him yet again.

    Keep playing daft, BubbleBrain Broken Record….

  164. 164
    signage Says:

    RosenFudd can’t get an attractive hooker to do these contracts. He can’t even find one with shiksa appeal. Maybe the unattractive hookers resemble his mother, and part of why he arranges these contracts is as a way of getting back at a domineering, disappointed Jewish mother. “See, Ma, I’m the one in control now!” the midget screams at Skeezbler. Show me your butt or give me 20%!” Even Freud would be shocked.

  165. 165
    signage Says:

    Since the Daily Fail will likely not post my comment on the fake Whole Foods photos, I’ll post it here:
    These pics are as fake as can be. I’m not surprised the Daily Fail published them. Firstly, Keibler, is obviously posing for an arranged photographer. Secondly, the staged pics of Keibler have obviously been combined using Photoshop with pics of George out alone. Notice that George never looks at Keibler or touchs her, as those poses are more difficult to achieve using Photoshop. Also notice the strong outline around Clooney’s image, another Photoshop telltale sign. Keibler does not live with Clooney and never will. This is all fake.

  166. 166
    justsayin'too Says:

    and I thought the Gerard Butler fans were nuts. I’ve been posting over there off and on for 2 years. I like George and thought I would check this out when I saw Stacy Keibler on JJ. You can call me whoever you want, but you are wrong. I thought she towered over him and I wondered why he was with her since it makes him look so much older and smaller. You said in your post above that it is undermining him. I can not believe he is so unintelligent that he does not know what the public sees in these arrangements. I think he just likes easy gold digging women that will take whatever crumbs he throws them. When he is ready to dump them he pays them to keep quiet. He must not have ever really been in love, even though he had a short marriage. This is only my opinion. I will go back to the GB board and listen to their crazy for a while. If anyone will answer my question who is ANNA, I would appreciate it. However, I guess getting a RATIONAL answer is too much to ask.

  167. 167
    the REAL LMAO Says:

    The rational answer is that there is NO Anna….what you’re encountering here is two mentally challenged women; one who “believes” she is “psychically connected” and in “communication” with George; and the other who worked at Warner Bros. as a temp and became “smitten” and is convinced that SHE is his “twin soul” and they are battling it out over who is the “real Anna” which used to be referred to as “The One” who will get Georgie boy down the aisle. This has been going on for years now…I’ve actually lost count.

    And any reasonable posters who are actually fans will be accused relentlessly of being either Stan or Kirstie Alley…(don’t ask how she got involved because none of us get that connection either! LOL)

    Is that crazy enough for ya?

  168. 168
    the REAL LMAO Says:

    Oh I forgot….we (anyone who tries to post) get accused of being Katiedot also, who is a forum mistress who runs a Clooney forum and she gets called horrible names for her trouble! Yeah, real nice right?

    But…there’s no mentally illness here according to the two dingbats…

  169. 169

    The Real Lmao- oh really? Yeah there are 2 dingbats but I count you as one of them. As for Anna she wasn’t “smitten” as you stated a*s*s*wipe not good enough for toilet paper. Lol! You idiots surer do like to spin the story like that don’t you? Hmm.. Why don’t you spin the story about all the false accounting entries in the Ocean movies budgets to cover up the mafia stuff which blew out in the open on the set in Italy huh? Also explain when Anna was planning a vacay to Seattle and you goons followed? What the h*e*ll was that about huh? Oh another one, why don’t you talk about the escorts that are on Arch Dr. that Warner was keeping on hand for sexual favors? Were all these idiots smitten too? Yeah dik brain expound on that you”smitten” mothertrucker hmmm????? I am waiting……

  170. 170

    Also The Real LMAO tell about Oprah shooting George down will ya? Was she “smitten” too??? Oprah is not um… skinny but yet George made a play for her. Oh do tell will ya??????? F*u*c*k*i*n*g* dumba*s*s* is what you are not to mention poor white trailer trash who got lucky. Talk about that….

  171. 171
    Phys Major Says:

    No, far from it “the real LMAO.” You start bullying once you think the coast is clear and no one will bother to correct you.
    You’re right there is no ” Anna.”
    That’s a code name for a woman who Clooney supposedly loves, but with whom for several reason is not in a relationship.
    George Clooney is under contract to do bogus publicity agreements with unattractive, sleazy Z-listers like Canalis & Keibler OR his publicist coerces him to do so. Clooney could have broken the deal and been with the mysterious “Anna” if he wanted to last year. Instead, he greedily chose to do the Stacy Kyborg fake “PR relationship” agreement. He was manipulated that it was paramount for his Oscar campaign for Best Actor and for increased revenue promoting his public profile to magazines, etc
    “Anna,” therefore, never forgave him & disappeared from his life. Hence the comments above that she indulged in kinky sex with some other man to forget George & that she’s never coming back.
    But I’ve always protested that “Anna” is a euphemism. A mystery woman who George really loved but because she was a very private person, his PR (with whom George is under contract & have exclusive rights to control his public profile) will not allow to get involved.
    They claim he cannot be trusted for he won’t do the bogus PR arrangements if he has a “real” partner. Or perhaps Anna would not accept them and George’s conscience would not allow him to lie & deceive the public if he had a real partner.
    That’s my opinion based on direct information that cannot get more reliable.
    DO NOT BELIEVE “the REAL LMAO” as it IS MOST DEFINITELY KatieDot who heads the PR network hired by Stan Rosenfield or Stan himself posting.
    Stan Rosenfield is corrupt man with a nasty reputation from industry insiders. As for Kirstie Alley, a leak from within the PR network, revealed that she advises Stan Rosenfield because she partly owns this PR network company (a silent partner). Obviously you know that many actors do diversify and expand their film industry involvement. Especially someone like Kirstie Alley who never was an A-lister and was forced to work behind the scenes for years, given her obesity.
    And KatieDot, according to two PR correspondents and colleagues linked directly to her, is a major psychotic controlling b*itch.
    A repulsive neurotic woman who lives in London and is Stan Rosenfield’s PR correspondent there. She liaises constantly with a team of others worldwide and they promote the publicity through the media & online blogs, etc.
    As for “Anna,” from what I was told, they fell in love or he had an infatuation, but George was constantly sabotaged from the beginning that she was “inappropriate.”
    Apparently, she’s like a female version of him. Very striking, talented, intelligent, but also opposite in many ways like discreet and private.
    KatieDot and several others are pathologically jealous of her because they do not want George to get involved. They want him to continue this pathetic existence of phony publicity that he abhors as much as the women with whom he’s linked.

  172. 172
    the REAL LMAO Says:

    I rest my case! LMAO!!!!!

  173. 173
    Nancy Says:


    I see I grew a twin and she comes with a husband, Lol!

    @Phys Major- what do you mean by “inappropriate.”

  174. 174
    Pari Says:

    @Phys Major #171, IF an Anna sure exists for George, ie., IF he believes there is one… and as you say, they may have fallen in love / been infatuated etc… AND IF there are a bunch of PR folks who are up against it, THEN what happens to his FAMILY and FRIENDS?? Where are they?? There must be so many of his REAL friends, who would understand, who would do everything they can to help, right?? So, WHERE are they?? OR, does George REALLY believe in his Anna at all, to take the NEXT STEP, and some help from his friends and family I mean?? Are you saying that his “The Boys”… 7 – 10 men, can do NOTHING for him?? :D
    Everytime I read “about” an Anna… I somehow get this funny feeling that George and Anna haven’t REALLY COMMUNICATED with one another!!! You know what I mean? The “verbal” / “meeting” communication… They may live in one another’s hearts, souls, senses… they may even be “visible” to one another… BUT, with all of that, a form of VERBAL / TANGIBLE communication is still a must… IF two persons are in love I mean… :D AND IF they really do communicate, given as you say, that they are intelligent etc… then they might actually be able to solve so many questions for themselves and for the others… na?? :)
    I am NOT so sure that Stan is really the PR problem… I think that that lies elsewhere… maybe a different / new set of PR folks that got in, that may have bungled, taken control, played… and Stan may even be hurt, given the kind of their “operation” that mere folks like me can watch from the outside!!! ???
    Folks jealous of Anna?? Yes, it is possible… especially as I read about some “dangers” that have been meted out to her… and as you say, she likes being private and discreet, then may be, her discretion is being taken advantage of by them?? O hurt her, she won’t TELL?? :D How would George / Stan / Team George even know or realize the harm that they are / have been doing to her, if they nobody really communicates with her??
    And finally, this whole “belief system” ABOUT “Anna”!!! IF God made this Anna for George, and George for her, and they were destined to be together, then everything about their lives, would’ve been mapped / braided… they would’ve been created for one another’s worlds… that is how God makes HIS pairing happen… if you look around you will see what I mean :) Her imperfections will be perfected by him, while his will be by her… complementing one another… all by God’s grace, IF GOD was THE ONE WHO made them to be together! :) So this whole “fear” of her not being IDEAL / RIGHT for his world, may be just that – fear / confusion / making $$$ out of that which should have been clarified… :D So maybe all you folks just ought to be aware of a few things, and pray as much, so you can see the path that GOD opens out to you to take… :)
    Cheers, Peace… :)

  175. 175
    justsayin'too Says:

    @THE REAL LMAO- Thank you for clearing this up. I was wondering what the heck was going on. There is the same thing over at the Gerard Butler thread. Some woman that writes “gerry porn” posts continuously as if she knows him and is destined to be with him. Then another poster that uses different names like “LOL” says that he is only after young women and since she is young and beautiful he will fall in love with her. It’s really quite sad, and I see the madness continues over here. So, basically, George just has crappy taste in women and wants to be able to dump them quickly before he commits and he leaves them with a little money and a small amount of name recognition to try to jump start a career. The problem is none of them have any real talent so they end up back where they started and he goes on to the next. Got it!! I hope he one day finds love but I am sure it is so hard to trust anyone in the toxic environment of Hollyweird.

  176. 176

    Well The Real LMAO is just a facade. Someone who posts and stirs up nonsense. It has been going on for a very long time. That is the thing with Hollywood it is all about lies and illusion. Funny though if someone that is being bullied has power to ruin someone that has skeletons then fear and paranoia sets in and it is an all out effort to squash it. Funny thing though, I know someone who has access to many stars medications, and I could go ape s*h*i*t* and spread it to high heaven. There is no need to do so. Another thing, attacks are happening because there is fear that the White House Correspondents dinner will go awry. Well that is stupid, the damage has been done. Lohan is now going because how can they refuse her when Appalachis honey Keibler is going to saunter her stringy hair a*s*s* there. Also LMAO you did not answer any of my questions. Why does Warner keeps such a cattle of escorts for everyone’s beck and call? Anna is smart, and stays out of the fray. Go ahead and attack her. Unlike Stan, she was never dragged into court for not taking care of children, and never assist in orchestrating cocaine buys on a studio lot, and blame it on a scapegoat like Warner has. Also she never stooped down to kiss anyone’s a*s*s* for that matter. Case LMAO? You are full of s*h*i*t*. Get some balls and come face to face with me. You know damm well I can find you. Talk your s*h*i*t* then. Instead of hiding behind a computer being paid to be the nerd you are.

  177. 177

    These comments say it all…….

    tmbg says:
    April 25, 2012 at 7:54 am
    And to think back in the 90s I saw photos of JFK Jr. and his wife attending the correspondence dinners in beautiful evening clothes amongst really intelligent people.
    Now it’s come to this. I really think the internet has made Hollyweird worse. They get so much more exposure now. I wonder if LL would be getting any attention if the internet wasn’t around and all we had were some tabloids and cheesy TV entertainment programs.

    Amy says:
    April 25, 2012 at 8:29 am
    So…Susan Sarandon, someone who’s pretty active, gets denied clearance, but Lindsay Lohan, a thieving crack addict, gets an INVITE? I can’t wrap my mind around that.

    Hmmm says:
    April 25, 2012 at 3:22 pm
    Well, if she is accompanying Greta rather than being directly invited, then perhaps she hasn’t been vetted yet. Just because it is announced doesn’t make it true in her case. I live in hope.
    This dinner sounds like a party for lowlifes. How the mighty have fallen.

    e.non says:
    April 25, 2012 at 3:10 pm
    she’ll be in her element — wdc is full of whores.

    Cody says:
    April 25, 2012 at 4:35 pm
    Well Stacy Keibler is going and that is because she is escorting George Clooney, so anything is possible. By the way I don’t think you could put Stacy with Reese George and Kate category. Stacy is a d-list/ reality celeb like Lindsay and Kim. The Correspondents Dinner is getting to be a real joke on who is going.

  178. 178

    Karma can really suck Hollywood huh?

  179. 179
    Phys Major Says:

    @the REAL LMAO: you rest your case in the crevice of your old ass!
    Useless corrupt b*itch.
    You can’t win an argument.
    You creep up when you think the coast is clear and then you can only argue insanity.

  180. 180
    Ah...Bite Me!® Says:

    justsayin’too – more than likely that old short fat granny-to-be Cindigirl from
    and the psychotic b*itch who has executive rights to manage Clooney’s public profile, in accordance to Stan Rosenfiled (aka PARI or Pari Selveraj as the evil weasel has given himself a full pseudonym.)
    Nancy is a name shared by many. The PR gnome guttersnipes think that they can control & dominate unconditionally.

  181. 181
    Ah...Bite Me!® Says:

    As for the “disgruntled Warner Bros temp who got fired, an obese black crippled woman who had a crush on Clooney” – well that story is a fictitious lousy attempt at character writing for the PR network by Kirstie Alley (aka PreferToRemainAnonymous on imdB.)
    And Signage has never claimed to be “Anna” or the ONE.

    KatieCunt.Dot came up with the whole stalker “leaks” and “The One” theories. Negative PR is a part of their modus operandi too as it provides controversy/ speculation, in their demented minds.
    All that matters is CONTROLLING PUBLIC THINKING.

  182. 182
    Ah...Bite Me!® Says:

    You warned you would SMOTHER with kindness, didn’t you?
    Well, I’m not backing off, weasel.
    Little Ashkenazi Jew mocking Christian ethics.
    74 year old **** plagued by senility! You’re TOOOO old Stan.
    Give it up. That’s why you hired useless PR psychopaths like KatieCunt.Dot.
    (Courtney Rubin has been useful info to me too :-))

    Arguing that all is in God’s path is your MANIPULATIVE WAY OF TELLING GEORGE TO NEVER BE PROACTIVE.
    “Let it Be!” “Things will miraculously materialize. Till then do as I delegate.”
    *You mock him that he’s deranged & an alcoholic behind his back.
    *You tell the PR gnomes, we’ll keep coercing & manipulating him until it’s too late. Then patronize the fool that all spiritual healer he sees are charlatans.
    *You tell him that he can never be sure otherwise God would have magically fused him & his love interest together. That way, you can CONTROL HIM.
    *If George is PASSIVE and DORMANT, then you CONTROL.
    Corrupt geriatric.
    George Clooney should break away from you & KatieCunt.Dot’s PR network NOW. You’re both undermining him.
    YOU’RE DESTRUCTIVE to George Clooney arranging these FORCED publicity arrangement.
    He was certain about “Anna” but was told so many lies about her.
    No she’s not scared. She’s resilient and has extreme strength of mind.
    Why inappropriate you ask?
    Because she doesn’t adhere to the PR STRATEGY that you & wish to promote:
    *That George will be a “playboy” like Hugh Heffner or Warren Beatty until he’s 60 years old approximately. Till then, you’ll keep promoting the theme of trashy, ugly women in short lived relationships with him
    *That Anna, is highly intelligent, multi-lingual and from an Academic background. Not the type they want for George.
    *Also, she looks like she’s in her 20s, very beautiful and modest. Not like the Z-list trashy plain gym junkies with flawed bone structures selected for George for these short stints.
    *Many pursue her but she’s so enigmatic.
    *Her strength cannot be perceived. Extremely intuitive and wise.

    These are facts and she’s very well aware of them.
    Ugly KatieCunt.Dot & some of the gnomes are pathologically jealous. is a two-dimensional transparent non-entity.
    THE Divine Power, humanoids call God, gives a person inner insight to know what HE OR SHE HAVE TO DO.
    George has to be ProActive.
    Instead, George is SO PASSIVE, he claims he will impose a different strategy for to follow.
    But she won’t do it.
    Here lies his karma.
    This is why he LOST “ANNA.”
    He lay dormant too long because he’s weak and cowardly.

  183. 183
    ana trisha Says:

    ana trisha is not so private if EVERYONE knows she’s on youtube! The truth is that the real ana (her nickname is trisha) was deemed “inappropriate” because she talks super dooper fast. There was serious concern from TEAM GEORGE that ana trisha wouldn’t be understood if reporters tried to ask her a question. GOD WILLING, GOD WILL make a way for her and George to get spray tans together and DO fun things like talking as fast as possible to each other.

  184. 184

    Ah Bite Me yaaawwwwwnnnnnnn! Go take your meds unwise one.

  185. 185
    twila Says:

    No wonder everyone is jealous of ana/trish. She seems the right age, height and tan shade for George. Maybe he’s intimidated that he won’t be able to get a word in edge wise IF she tries to read her books out loud to him? I don’t understand why HE doesn’t TRY to talk faster also and not be threatened by HER talent? ;)

  186. 186
    SHAME Says:

    @twila: @ana trisha: why don’t you gnomes get over it.
    There is no Anna.
    Hideous ugly freaks like Stacy Keibler who has to rim & peg rich fat uncles who invest is all that George has now.
    Clooney has had a vasectomy and cannot impregnate the masculine Hulk Hogan look-a-like.
    But from what I’m told, he can’t even get a hard-on around her.
    NO ANNA.
    The embarrassment at the WHC dinner this weekend.

  187. 187
    Ah...Bite Me!® Says:

    Go buy more extensions so you can have lustrous brown rich hair instead of the MacBeth’s Hag look you sported for years.
    KIRSTIE ALLEY (who liaises with Stan Rosenfield)
    Who promotes slimming products to innocent unsuspecting overweight people across the USA when in reality, the old battleaxe lost her 100lbs of lard through gastric banding.

  188. 188
    Ah...Bite Me!® Says:

    Oh, I notice Prime Eve constantly has to delete messages posted on imdB.
    Stan Rosenfield is controlling again.
    Mutherfuc*kin weasel deleted his threatening post to George on thread. For all to see, otherwise he’d tell him direct. AS HE DOES.
    And has been doing so for years.
    Stan Rosenfield, (PARI )your conniving Kill With Kindness Ploy doesn’t work on me, assswipe!
    George Clooney’s stupidity lies on him WAITING…..
    And allowing corrupt scum of the earth like you to delegate.
    At 74, with high blood pressure and bypass surgery, severe senility, STAN ROSENFIELD IS TOOOOOOOO OLD TO REPRESENT GEORGE CLOONEY.

  189. 189
    Anna Hooper Says:

    I think George lost Anna because he WRONGLY assumed Anna Hooper was just using George to further her hooping career. I don’t know her personally but Anna Hooper doesn’t strike me as a user. She has become highly successful hooping on her own without George.

  190. 190
    Phys Major Says:

    @ana trisha: @twila: PARI AKA STAN ROSENFIELD!
    The ana trisha hoooker in this video is what Stacy Kyborg sounds like and the caliber she aspires to be. Helium inhaling dumb fugly Stacy.
    “yaaaay! Vince McMahon offered me a wrestling ogre gig cos he needs someone tall enough to rub excrement on wrestling ring ropes while bending over. Yaayyyyy! I’m the luckiest Giant in the world.
    As a cheerleader I was always on the bottom of the pyramid coz I’m a linebacker’s size.”
    If you lose George Clooney as a client, YOU’VE LOST YOUR GOLDEN GOOSE.
    Carole Rosenfield the dragon will whine incessantly if you don’t bring in the mega Clooney bucks!!!!!

  191. 191
    SHAME Says:

    @Anna Hooper: of course you do! The gnomes antagonizing.
    They stink of desperation.
    “Anna” was never with George.
    She refused any indecent proposals made to her.
    Courtney Rubin has proved a real eye-opener indeed.
    One of the gnomes.
    And how’s Linda Stevens?

  192. 192
    Rebel Yell Says:

    full force effect attack after attack.
    The PR network hired by Stan Rosenfield and the midget himself.
    Their fear that George will snap and break free.
    The passive-aggressive alcoholic is what Courtney Rubin said Stan calls him.
    PARI aka Stan Rosenfield takes his gnome entourage to film festivals.
    They bit*ch and watch him constantly. He cannot step out of line.
    A 2 year old toddler has more autonomy.

  193. 193
    Jezebel Says:

    @Phys Major: you mean, if Stan loses George as a client, he loses his mega big financial incentive….LOL….
    Without George as a client, Stan has DannyDeVito, Helen Mirren & Robert De Niro.
    Not one A-lister.

  194. 194
    Phys Major Says:

    yep, that and how Kirstie Alley kept mentioning that Stan Rosenfield is covering up Robert De Niro’s current scandal.
    Stan Rosenfield came up with the PR spin that DeNiro and Grace Hightower are having a surrogate baby.
    WHEREAS THE TRUTH IS that DeNiro impregnated some bimbo with whom he recently took copious amount of cocaine and partied non-stop.
    They feared she’d to to the press or sue for child support.
    So, Stan “arranged” an adoption so Grace keeps the child.
    Grace knows about DeNiro’s infidelity and turns a blind eye.
    She’s got her money & it sure beats being an airborne waitress flightattendant, like Jackie Brown….LOL…LOL…wink…wink….
    Big pay off to the coke addicted bimbo too, BTW….
    And STAN thinks he’s a genius, yet again.

  195. 195
    Sane Says:

    @Phys Major:

    you are so funny, I dont even know who this Katie person is that you think I am!!!! Bizarre. I posted one sentence and you have gone off like a firecracker, too easy to rile you up, not much of a challenge. Seriously though I would think that if you wanted people to believe your posts you would type with more respect!!

  196. 196
    Phys Major Says:

    @Sane: oh, you don’t know…. Gee! you post as Joanna on katieCunt’
    Whatever you say, gnome scum!
    The only ones here are Clooney’s PR network, dementia afflicted Stan Rosenfield, Kirstie Alley (who advises), Signage, me… and hideous GIANT freak big-boned Stacy. Cos the latter thinks panics should anyone say anything negative about her, given how ugly & old she looks.
    She can’t figure out why Clooney finds her repulsive.
    A promiscuous coc*k who*re like Clooney who fu*cks just about any one… And yet he thinks Stacy Keibler is TOOOOO UGLY AND CHEAP.
    Her body built like a linebacker.
    Nor can Stacy Keibler understand why no offers are coming in.
    FOR KATIECUNT.DOT, and the gnomes.

  197. 197
    Sane Says:

    @Phys Major:

    Sorry sweets, dont know Joanna or this Openhouse you refer too, but being that you seem to seethe with loathing for them, maybe I should investigate further. By the way, Stacy is not ugly by any stretch of the imagination but your writing is, very ugly.

  198. 198
    Phys Major Says:

    ok, PARI (Stan) since no one has answered you #175 I’ll bother a bit:
    -George’s parents do not get involved.
    -there is no love interest in his life.
    -the whole argument is for him to STOP BEING FORCED BY gutttersnipes like you into doing FAKE PUBLICITY ARRANGEMENTS.
    -A woman he fell for not long ago who was a writer, he was advised wasn’t suitable because she was too private. Also, he would never do publicity arrangements with these hoookers unless he was single. So he chose to give up on the woman.
    -Although she looked very young, she was maybe only 8 or 10 years younger, I’m told. And while she looked like any beautiful actress, he was advised that “it wouldn’t work.”
    PARI / STAN ROSENFIELD, you once said to George that with time he’ll get over her.
    You told him that everyone’s lost someone, and he’ll accept it too.
    You also said that it’s in God’s hands, so George should lay dormant and do as he’s told.
    Well, George never got involved with her. He’s been to removed from reality tooo long. And an alcoholic.
    But you did call him all those insults and paranoid, insane, loser, cave dweller, amongst other offensive epithets recently.
    There is no “Anna” in his life.
    Nore “The ONE” – as calls her.
    That’s a euphemism for a woman who George may fall in love with one day and have a genuine relationship. But people only fall in love genuinely only once, rarely twice in a lifetime.
    So you have achieved the CONTROL.
    AS FOR HIS FRIENDS, they’re aware. Rande Gerbil knows. So do the closer ones. Many know. Matt Damon knows and feels for George.
    But they also know he’s in an ironclad mess with CONTROLLING SCUM LIKE STAN ROSENFIELD.
    Just ask Charlie Sheen was a ruthless evil man Stan can be.

  199. 199
    Phys Major Says:

    @Sane: oh, of course you don’t know…. You are part of the PR. Whether it be Stacy Keibler’s or the PR network Stan Rosenfield hired.
    You may post there as annemarie or joanna. I don’t read there ever.
    It’s in your interest, to say Stacy is marketable because the ugly Giant can’t get any contracts. SHE’S A REJECT!!!!
    Helll, you may be ugly Stacy alone.
    She’s only employable as a dog walker at present.
    Stacy Keibler has no lips, a massive balloon head, a broken nose and bad rhinoplasty, wrinkled eyes like a freeway map, an egghead extension of a forehead with a snake vein smack bang in the middle.
    Stacy Keibler has thin string bleached hair strands and needs extensions to cover the Charlie Brown soccer ball head.
    Stacy Keibler has an AWFULLY BIG BONED BUTCH BODY.
    The only thing they try to market are her legs, but they aren’t feminine nor sexxxy. Just massively long and muscular. Butch.
    Stacy Keibler’s pelvis is wider than George Clooney’s and her saggy asss hangs off this massive pelvis.

  200. 200
    Sane Says:

    No such thing as Ironclad, being that I’m a lawyer I’m an expert on that!!

  201. 201
    Phys Major Says:

    “”"Everytime I read “about” an Anna… I somehow get this funny feeling that George and Anna haven’t REALLY COMMUNICATED with one another!!! You know what I mean? The “verbal” / “meeting” communication… They may live in one another’s hearts, souls, senses… they may even be “visible” to one another… BUT, with all of that, a form of VERBAL / TANGIBLE communication is still a must… IF two persons are in love I mean… :D AND IF they really do communicate, given as you say, that they are intelligent etc… then they might actually be able to solve so many questions for themselves and for the others… na?? :)
    -And you know now, don’t you STAN.
    You who keep controlling George.
    Remember all the “fatherly” advice you gave him these last 4 years against that woman he wanted.
    You have files on her. Level 5 surveillance.

    “”"I am NOT so sure that Stan is really the PR problem… I think that that lies elsewhere… maybe a different / new set of PR folks that got in, that may have bungled, taken control, played… and Stan may even be hurt, given the kind of their “operation” that mere folks like me can watch from the outside!!! ???”"”
    Folks jealous of Anna?? Yes, it is possible… especially as I read about some “dangers” that have been meted out to her… and as you say, she likes being private and discreet, then may be, her discretion is being taken advantage of by them?? O hurt her, she won’t TELL?? :D How would George / Stan / Team George even know or realize the harm that they are / have been doing to her, if they nobody really communicates with her??
    Stop intimidating. It’s not working.
    And finally, this whole “belief system” ABOUT “Anna”!!! IF God made this Anna for George, and George for her, and they were destined to be together, then everything about their lives, would’ve been mapped / braided…YADA YADA YAD
    >>>>> in other words, leave it dormant and keep doing bogus PR failed relationships. SENILE STAN THINKS HE’LL MAKE SURPLUS MONEY JUST SELLING PHOTO OPS NOW.
    Given that he can’t earn 20% off Stacy’s non-existent offers.
    “”"”"In all things believe, that GOD IS IN CONTROL… and that there is NOTHING IMPOSSIBLE FOR HIM, ESPECIALLY, IF HE WANTS SOMETHING DONE HIS WAY :)”"”"”"
    Yes, Stan/ Pari – God is in control, but GREEDY asssholes like you come in the way to DESTROY because you’ve rendered George Clooney insane.
    You call him so. Right, here assshole!
    Didn’t you sarcastically describe “Anna” as damaged as raped victim in the Nuba mountains??
    Didn’t you say that George sleeps with all these ugly bi*tches you arrange for him?? Well, he also sleeps with a lot of women privately.
    But he sure as helll finds Stacy Keibler ugly. Her ****** is SO loose just like Canalis’. One from being a big boned freak with a wide pelvis and massive pusssy orrifice o boot. And the other hooker having been with hundreds of black basketball players based in Milan who engaged in double penetration coke parties with her…..
    George Clooney has to break free from STAN ROSENFIELD/ PARI.

  202. 202
    Sane Says:

    @Phys Major:

    SK is so not ugly – she may not be your cup of tea – but GC enjoys her company, so whats it to you, or is that what has your feathers rifled, that GC enjoys being with her, get over it.

    And finally not annemarie, joanna or any other female name you care to throw in the ring, not part of any PR, I’m just who I say I am – Sane!!

  203. 203
    SHAME Says:

    @Sane: go rim Vince McMahon’s asss while he take a dump on your ugly face, PR scum. Stacy Keibler did it to get her wrestling ogre role.
    Last month you were a university lecturer in psychiatry at New England University.
    LOL…. loser!!!!

  204. 204
    SHAME Says:

    @Sane: Stacy Keibler is VERY UGLY.
    It’s the general consensus.
    This PR arrangement proved to be a failure.
    Anyone… everyone… can see she’s unattractive.
    You PR gnomes write won’t allow anyone to post on Daily Mail if they say she’s hideous. You control.
    George Clooney can’t stand Stacy Keibler. FACT.
    He even thinks she’s unattractive. FACT.
    Ask his friends. I’m one of them :-D
    He tried to be friends with her but she bored him to tears and he turned to drinking more.
    George Clooney calls Stacy Keibler : The Giant Rodent, a hoooker and Kyborg.
    STAN ROSENFIELD AND YOUR PR NETWORK ARE bullying, blackmailing and delegating.

  205. 205
    Sane Says:


    You call yourself a friend!! Thats ludicrious – a friend would not be ranting and raving on a blog in the manner that you do – You have the nerve to call me scum, purely because I have a different opinion than yours, are you that immature. I pity you, truly, if you have nothing better to do than to spout such filth. Im not PR and connected in any way to any network, you are wasting your time shouting at me – I took and passed the bar, unlike you who apparently hit your head on it!!

  206. 206
    SHAME Says:

    @Sane: I have the nerve to call you scum because I know precisely who you are! And you are PR guttersnipe scum. Yes George wants OUT. And conflicting with the agenda of you scum of the Earth PR correspondents write is what friends do!
    You’ve used the same patronizing arguments for years.
    Pity yourself, b’itch coz of the work you do.

  207. 207
    Sane Says:


    If you only knew who I was, you would be feelng utterly and completely stupid right now!!….. Call me what you like, I’m sure you are used to being wrong – there is absolutely no way that GC would associate with the likes of you, no-one is buying what you have to sell –
    Haven’t you head you catch more bees with honey than vinegar, maybe you should adopt that attitude – Ciao amigo

  208. 208
    SHAME Says:


    @Sane: You said the same on another thread: “You don’t know who I am and if you heard my helium overnotes and saw my gigantism afflicted body you might feel impressed and ask me for a photo….”
    Like I give a fcuk who you are!
    George cannot stand Stacy Keilber. He thinks she an ugly hook’er.
    For all I give a shitt, you might even be that hideous GIANT Stacy.

    Whoever the fcuk you are, the fact is that George Clooney is NOT in a relationship with Stacy Keibler.
    She’s a rent-a-ho hoping she gets some publicity help, he gets an alibi and Stan Rosenfield makes some additional income. It’s just not happening given how ugly Stacy Keibler is.

  209. 209
    the REAL LMAO Says:

    Phys major if you set your story to music it might not be as nauseating but still no one will buy your fairytales…ahahahaha but you have quite an imagination, I’ll give ya that! I guess that comes with the neurosis…
    Ironclad contracts like you describe DON’T EXIST IN THE REAL WORLD dummy! You sound ridiculous with your insistance that they are keeping George against his will in an “ironclad” contract…you seriously watch too many movies!

    Get out and breathe the fresh air…it’ll do you good and help get your whacked out perspective a new view, instead of sitting in the dark, dank basement starring at a computer screen!

  210. 210
    Phys Major Says:

    @the REAL LMAO: Oh, fcuk off,KatieKunt patronizing mongrel.
    Now you changed your username YET AGAIN.
    Detect sarcasm in comments at all? I doubt it since you have a wet blanket personality. Drill sergeant!
    Ironclad is my sarcasm about Stan Rosenfield’s forcing George to do these fcuked up publicity agreements with hideous maggots like Keibler and Canalis. Ironclad delegation from your PR network’s implementation of a defective PR strategy that has sabotaged Clooney.
    Shove you patronizing tone up your anu*s, bi*tch.
    You still have to control.
    Well, I’ll bully you the fcuk back!!!
    It’s not imagination. It’s FACTS. And you know it, maggot!
    Psychotic scum like you who are total control freaks.
    Can’t accept anyone disagreeing with your PR spinning bulllshit.
    Courtney Rubin explained it all indeed. Another frumpy behind the scenes American PR gnome living in Islington. Eh,

    I can see how much passion you put in your work for George. You always parrot the same crap. Meds… much?…. basement…
    blah blah…..
    KatieKunt wanna Cracker???

  211. 211
    the REAL LMAO Says:

    Facts come with proof and so far you have offered nothing but outrageous allegations against people who don’t even know you exist. And the name Courtney Rubin means absolutely nothing to me…so what do I care if you spout off names of people I don’t know…means nothing to me dunce or anyone else reading here! ahahahahaha
    And it’s clear to everyone but you that you need medication and intense therapy but by all means, whatever floats your boat…don’t let me stop your plunge into the great black abyss! Knock your socks off.

  212. 212

    -And you know now, don’t you STAN.
    You who keep controlling George.
    Remember all the “fatherly” advice you gave him these last 4 years against that woman he wanted.
    You have files on her. Level 5 surveillance.

    — Hmm…Interesting…. Now there are. Some things that are making sense now. She has been having problems with her car, and gas has been messed with too. Wow! Smeaky t*u*r*d*s without a doubt! Level 5 clearance? That is federal/militiary. How in the h*e*l*l* did that happen? That is frying Obama if that is true. Wow!

  213. 213
    Phys Major Says:

    @the REAL LMAO:
    the REAL LMAO = = arabella298 = justsayin’too = a ton of other sockpuppets….
    You come up with no proof either, rettard!
    You stick to the bulllshit agenda.
    My statements are not allegations. I cannot provide the proof directly from the source HOWEVER, anyone can tell George Clooney is not in a relationship with Stacy Keibler, with or without my comments.
    KatieKunt the drill sergeant.
    Oh, of course you deny knowing your colleagues Jennifer Shoucair or Courtney Rubin.
    George Clooney has zero chemistry with Stacy Keibler, finds her unattractive and IS NOT IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH HER.
    And that’s the TRUTH. You know it, KatieKUNT!
    His stupidity stems from the fact that he accepted to do the fake publicity arrangement last September. And it has cost him…..

  214. 214
    Nathan Forrest Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: right. Level 5 clearance to violate anyone’s privacy.
    Uncle Tom Obama is GEORGE CLOONEY’S champion cause now.
    Because George Clooney is a MEGA LOSER.
    I hope it will be a mammoth victory for the Republicans.

  215. 215

    Nathan Forrest- Hmmm….. Interesting. Have to check into this. Anna’s family has a lot of militiary/cop but I doubt I could ask her. It would put her in a awkward position and too many questions would be asked. I have conflict with this election. Inviting Clooney and he is bringing Appalachian Honey Keibler and Lohan just brings down Obama”s image if you ask me. Maybe Obama wants out and figures this is the way to do it. There are quicker ways to commit career suicide and less public in my opinion.

  216. 216
    Nathan Forrest Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: control freak George Clooney obtains level 5 clearance from intelligence, just as it pleases him. Not only has the liberal buffoon got access to satellites from the Sentinel Project (sometimes I wonder if that’s the reason the village idiot got involved anyway) but also has CIA operatives at his disposal.
    Hacks into anyone’s email, social networking sites, phones, you name it.
    Maybe it’s his high ranking Bohemian Grove status.
    David Gergen gives George Clooney carte blanche. And Obama is just another puppet-on-a-string.
    The token Uncle Tom president to spice things up.
    One season and his out!
    The patsy who got rid of the bad Ayrabs. Osama & Hussein.

  217. 217
    Phys Major Says:

    @Nathan Forrest: all the Photoshop, prosthetics, downsizing trick imagery, etc STILL DIDN’T HELP hideous overgrown giant STACY KEIBLER in the next photoshoot the filthy cheap hoooker did in Mens Fitness.
    She got the shoot compliments of George Clooney association. Pittance fees for Stan Rosenfield. But anything will do for the greedy midget.
    A bunch of hair extensions thrown around Stacy Keibler’s moon shaped face to cover it up,
    -touch ups to conceal the egghead forehead and pen*is vein in the middle,
    -nose bump retouched,
    -lower lip enhanced even though there’s still only a thin line.
    -And that gargantuan giant’s body cannot be downsized too much. What growth hormones did her folks give her?
    Bigger than Quarterback.
    And that ugly round big dull featured face of hers.
    Squinty wrinkled round eyes.
    Oh, Gross!
    She belongs in the circus with Stan Rosenfield the gimp rubbing his bald head between her knees for novelty freak shows.
    No wonder she can’t get any advertising work.
    Yet the dumb who*re is Tweeting it in the hope she promotes herself and gets a client.
    What a joke!

  218. 218
    Sane Says:

    @Phys Major:

    Phys Major – Timekeeper – Nathan blah blah blah – Just keep copying and pasting the same crap time and time again until your keyboard pops a fuse – your factless propoganda just makes all us sane people laugh our a*s*s*e*s off – you may be delusional but you are good for a laugh – either put up or shut up –

    The Real LMAO – keep posting – at least what you say makes sense!

  219. 219

    Hmmm… Now things are really starting to make sense. Now I am getting a better picture of past incidents and why they happened where Anna is concerned. The Whole Foods was a big F*U*C*K* U without a doubt. How did you find this out???

  220. 220

    SANE- STFU! It is so obvious who you are. You misstepped in your posting. You probably meant to post after my last post. I am asking questions. To clarify and that obviously makes you nervous. Too sad, too bad. Transparency becomes you doesn’t it? Life sucks then you die. Touche…

  221. 221
    Sane Says:


    STFU yourself – your and other postings on here are living proof that ignorance is bliss – funny how you ask questions of a poster who is only pretending to agree with you – hysterical

  222. 222

    Make me shutup. You talk real big behind a screen. You are the hysterical one.

  223. 223

    For a “lawyer” you are dumber than a bag of horse s*h*i*t*. Business kinda of slow or you that insipid?

  224. 224
    Sane Says:


    Be very very careful re your comments, business is booming thank-you, all the more so from dealing with the unfortunate few who take things way too far.

    Seriously, anyone reading my posts will note that there is not one bit of hysteria in them, totally calm cool and collected as is my nature.

    And I’m not talking big behind my computer screen – I’m talking sane, perhaps you do not recognise that?
    The truth shall set you free!!

  225. 225
    Phys Major Says:

    @Sane: you’re talking excrement from your mouth since your buttlplug is too tight,

    Spare me from your sermon! You promote the bulllshit PR for Stan Rosenfield.
    Drill sergeant on patrol in cyberspace.

  226. 226
    Anna Says:

    Wish I could be a fly on the wall to see the pride in George’s eyes to have Stacy by his side during such a prestigous event –
    Must be very excting to mix with such powerful people in Hollywood. Good Luck to her, hope she enjoys the night.

  227. 227
    Sane Says:

    @Phys Major:

    You can keep calling me other peoples’ names all day – you obviously enjoy being WRONG!!.

    No sermon, no PR, just a fan of GC

    p.s. do you actually know how to have a conversation without all the diatribes?

    Like I have said before to one of your multiple personalities (you poor thing) no-one is buying what you are selling!!

  228. 228
    Phys Major Says:

    A useless fugly frump who writes with the same style.
    You’re a lawyer this week.
    A New England psychiatry professor last week.
    A rocket scientist next week.
    AND A PATHETIC HYSTERICAL PSYCHOPATH EVERYDAY when not in your fantasy spinning world.
    And above all, A TOTAL FAILURE.
    Deny it all you like.
    Anyone can tell what you are.
    What a pathetic vocation you chose, huh?

  229. 229
    there is no "ANNA" Says:

    @Anna: stop pretending you’re ANNA.
    I doubt George has a love interest.
    And it sure as hell isn’t the GIANT RODENT STACY KEIBLER, as he calls her. He finds her SO UGLY & trashy that he won’t even sleep with her. But you losers know that!
    BIG-BONED MAMMOTH STACY. Ugly no lips, moon face, broken nosed, string cheap hair. ZERO talent.

    If George has a love interest called “Anna” I’m sure she will NEVER EVER HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH GEORGE CLOONEY AGAIN, if he takes the hideous ignorant uneducated Stacy Keibler to the WH correspondents dinner.
    But then, I’m convinced there is NO Anna. Any love interest he had, is long gone.
    He exists in complacency bordering on misery and drinks excessively to alleviate the farce.

  230. 230

    Anna-You are a disgusting creature. The real Anna has way more going for her. You are a loser for doing this. Bored much? Distract much? All of you idiots just make it so much easier to look behind the bs you are posting. We all should be seeing it in a few days as usual.

  231. 231
    the REAL ANNA!!!!!!! Says:

    Hey I take exception to that! I most certainy WOULD love Georgie back; you don’t speak for me!

  232. 232
    Sane Says:

    @Phys Major:

    Believe what you like – I am a lawyer – wonderful vocation in many ways – especially if you have an aptitude for it, like I do – keeps me very busy 80+ hr weeks, but at last enjoying a well earned and paid for break, fun in the sun.

    Just musing that its very strange behaviour indeed for a complete stranger such as yourself (and others) to verbally attack in a threatening/harassing manner other posters simply for stating their own opinion. You definately need to find another outlet for all your anger – must be very tiring trolling the boards all day and night, perhaps you could take up boxing or karate or maybe yoga is more your thing, just a thought -

  233. 233
    Anna Says:

    @there is no “ANNA”:

    Well that was uncalled for – my name is Anna, just wanted to contribute my thoughts on the White House Dinner – how bizarre

  234. 234
    Anna Says:


    I dont understand why you are upset with me, am I not allowed to post using my own name? Anyhow, hope they both have a great time, so cool

  235. 235
    Alwara Says:

    Haha, our Georgie has quite a few Annas in the closet, nèst-ce pas?

  236. 236

    Anna- You are doing it to contribute to the chaos and serve as a distraction. You know damm well that is what you are doing. The more you distract, the EASIER for me to locate what I am being distracted from. In fact post ALL you want. It actually makes my work that much EASIER. God bless!

  237. 237

    The Real Anna- The same goes for you too dear one. You are making my work so more EASIER and I thank you. I love it when this much chaos is thrown my way. It really makes it so much more simple. Post on! God bless!

  238. 238
    Passing by Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: Anna seems like an esquiset person. With an amazing and character. I guess she is not your average woman or a wanna be.

  239. 239
    Kirstie Says:

    @Sane: of course you are a lawyer lou/ Sane/ KatieKunt of

    And you work Sundays.
    Go back to your fantasy world.

  240. 240
    Sane Says:


    If your brain was switched on, you would have seen in earlier post that I’m currently on a holiday, oh der. Much like the fabulous holidays George/Stacy go on together, all loved up in Cabo

  241. 241
    Susie Says:

    Im the real anna, no you’re the real anna, will the real anna, please stand up, please stand up, you lot are too much HA HA HE HE

  242. 242
    Kirstie Says:

    George Clooney thinks Stacy Keibler is so ugly that he won’t even have sex with her.
    Stacy Keibler can’t get any commercial contracts because her face is not suitable and her body too big like a man.
    George Clooney cannot have sex with Stacy Keibler because big women like her have wide loose vag’inas so the experience is awful.
    Plus she has no lips so she cannot give fel’atio.
    Poor George.
    No wonder Stacy just reads books when she goes to Cabo.
    Canalis ran around the water rabid on her own, hoping someone would pap her hermaphroditic asss.

  243. 243
    KatieDot Says:

    @Sane: but Waldo Sanchez who is George Clooney’s gay Cuban hairstylist goes everywhere with them.
    Stacy Keibler knows and turns a blind eye. She still gets paid to be the escort.
    George Clooney is Bi-Sexual.

  244. 244
    Susie Says:

    @KatieDot: OMG! Really?!
    So George Clooney has compromising photos with Waldo Sanchez his gay Cuban hairstylist does he?
    And that is why Stan Rosenfield blackmails him?

  245. 245

    God Bless George/Stacy – hope you had a wonderful night with your friends ***

  246. 246
    KatieDot Says:

    @Susie: sort of.
    See, Stan Rosenfield showed me a video. Clooney was so drunk. Btw, Waldo Sanchez is a bottom!
    We couldn’t stop laughing.
    There’s no way George can deny it and say it’s a look-a-like.
    Stacy Keibler doesn’t care. She sees Geoff Stults her exboyfriend privately at her West Hollywood home. Though he sees another blonde younger woman too.
    No matter how tall men are, they always like petite women.
    Oh, well. Whatever.

  247. 247
    Susie Says:

    is Timekeeper mad? She posts under so many names?

  248. 248
    KatieDot Says:

    @Susie: on my blog she posts as Cinderella mainly. And here she’s Timekeeper.
    She was PreferToRemainAnonymouse on imdB but switched to Arabella298. Though for some reason I get the blame for that.
    But yes, she is Kirstie Alley. She’s involved with our PR network, Clooney’s public profile, DWTS. Quite comical really.
    She pretends she’s best friends with George, floods the boards with insanity to provoke him.
    Though Kirstie Alley did mention Stan Rosenfield and Ronni Chasen’s death. Go figure!

  249. 249
    lou lou Says:


    mad as a hatter – beware – internet troll – instigator of trouble – pay no attention

  250. 250
    Susie Says:

    @KatieDot: so was that Kirstie Alley posting on #245? She’s so crazy!
    What a nasty old woman! OMG

  251. 251
    KatieDot Says:

    @Susie: that’s right! Except Kirstie Alley forgot to switch from Timekeeper to Sane in that post.
    If you notice, she posts against Stacy/George to torment George.
    Then she switches to Sane & several others.
    Arabella298 as I said is her on imdB.
    Very psychotic. Probably her lou lou as well.

  252. 252
    Susie Says:

    @KatieDot: so Kirstie Alley posts as Timekeeper pretending she’s against George Clooney doing these publicity arrangements for all kind of whacky reasons.
    Then Kirstie Alley provokes George Clooney by supporting the fake publicity arrangements.
    Oh, but she did slip in #245 and congratulated them.
    OMG. Coz she’s so old and forgetful.
    I read earlier that Kirstie Alley did gastric banding to lose 100lbs but falsely promotes Organic Liaison diet supplements on the market. Kirstie Alley should be sued for corruption.

  253. 253
    lou lou Says:

    Keep going – I am really enjoying watching the same person write and answer their own posts (using diff id’s) – so funny, better than late night television –

    Susie – you need a better education, sorry, but if you falsely promote something you dont use, its not corruption you get sued for – misrepresentation can be construed as fraud for eg.

  254. 254
    KatieDot Says:

    @Susie: no you mean Kirstie Alley should be sued for falsely advertising Organic Liaison when in fact she had gastric banding operation.
    And yes you’re right. Kirstie Alley knows George Clooney finds Stacy Keibler very annoying & unattractive, but torments him by imposing more photo-ops.
    She thinks he’s an alcoholic buffoon anyway.
    Kirstie Alley will never allow George Clooney to be with anyone she considers anonymous. Anyone on his own accord.
    She always tells us “George does as he’s told.”

  255. 255
    KatieDot Says:

    @Susie: don’t pay attention to her as lou lou. It’s Kirstie Alley again or (Timekeeper as she usually posts and all the other names she uses here). Anyone else who posts here is called a troll or the same person.
    Kirstie Alley is very destructive to George Clooney.
    Stacy Keibler and Elisabetta Canalis are well aware of her.
    When George Clooney drinks he even tells the hired escorts his sad story about blackmail from Kirstie Alley.
    Very sad.
    He lost a lot because of Kirstie. And George Clooney does hold a grudge, as much as he never shows it.

  256. 256
    hmmmm..... Says:

    Hmmmmm I wonder….maybe it’s all true that there IS a PR team here at work but the REALITY is that THIS PR team doesn’t belong to George Clooney at all….no no no no no!
    Maybe…they were hired to blog away, trying to do as much damage to poor old George’s reputation as possible and if they did ENOUGH damage to poor old George they would get an extra big bonus! Because their “real boss” thinks he can still “win” this thing, if he can ruin George first…but time is running out, tick tock, tick tock! ahahahahaha
    In reality, it’s just some aging drag queen behind it all, one whose lost his voice in the public eye; kind of like the Wizard of Oz…you know…a puny little wizened man behind the scenes, with big bucks to spend since his retiring years will be spent in a loveless relationship or amusing himself with the little “Tai” boys you always speak about endlessly.
    hmmmm I wonder now….

  257. 257
    LMAO Says:

    @hmmmm…..: yes, but is this aging queen he who conducts the blackmail/ extortion against George Clooney?
    Is the aging drag queen closeted queeer he who hires the PR network that ruins Clooney’s reputation? Doubt it.
    Nice try, yet again, Kirstie Alley.
    Always trying to deflect from the truth.
    Weren’t you in a fake marriage with the very gay Parker Stevenson. Didn’t you adopt two token children to make it a nuclear family.
    The only aging drag queen here, my dear, is you!

  258. 258
    luisa romero Says:

    what’s with the growth hormone overdose?
    Stacey’s H-U-G-E

  259. 259
    hmmmm..... Says:

    “@hmmmm….. yes, but is this aging queen he who conducts the blackmail/ extortion against George Clooney?”

    Ah that would be a resounding HELL YES…and I’m expecting him to start singing “the blues” any day now…tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.
    Best to guard those secrets now….REMEMBER your place….loose lips etc….the coucil won’t be pleased with you airing dirty laundry dearie…..could make your “comeback” a problem!

  260. 260
    Gelina Says:


    She is working on a script.

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