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Zac Efron: Seeing 'Lucky One' with My Mom Had Me Squirming!

Zac Efron: Seeing 'Lucky One' with My Mom Had Me Squirming!

Zac Efron lands after a long flight on Saturday (April 21) in London, England.

Earlier in the week, the 24-year-old actor was in New York City promoting his film The Lucky One. Zac was gracious enough to stop outside of his hotel and take pictures with his fans!

For the screening of The Lucky One in the Big Apple, Zac spoke about seeing the film with his mom Starla.

“We saw the film together and I was kind of squirming,” Zac said to People, referring to the nearly naked love scenes in the film. “Even though she was a couple of seats down from me, I tried to duck out during those scenes because it was too embarrassing.”

10+ pictures inside of Zac Efron arriving in London…

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zac efron arrives london 02
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  • lauren

    the ending of this movie really bug me.

    i was annoyed with how beth and the grandma didnt really seem to care that keith died, yea he was an A**/toxic but at least have some respect for him, and how beth just goes off with logan…

    plus also the 20 minutes of just ”love” scenes was just awkward to watch, zac performance was good.

  • Unlucky

    He looks like he’s aged 10 years!

  • R U sure

    @Lauren You are a real A–H— , Let people see the movie for themselves. Why are you trying to ruin it for them. Are you trying to run the numbres down?

  • lauren

    @ r u sure
    its called comments, chill out,
    if i was a real A hole i would just give away the whole movie, its called opinions.

  • eat me

    @ R U sure that’s fine with me atleast i’m eager to watch it, i got more excited…

  • Rachel

    He looks very cute here!! Nice of him, posing with fans :D

  • R U sure

    @lauren I normally like you . You defend Zac Then you go throw him under the bus. You do it here and on the gossip sites too. (You know what I mean here) I know your name there also. Iklnow all your names . I’m sure you don’t want me posting them here , I would but I have respect for people who at least sometimes try to help.
    I like or I didn’t like is an opinion . Not giving away major parts of the plot. You are sabotaging Zac and his movie here. If you contine like this . I’ll show you how to sabotage someone by given out things you shouldn’t

  • Rachel,,20588197,00.html- An article about who all are going to Cannes!

  • Rachel

    ^Woah, I just read the article, and now the page’s not to be found! Why would they remove it?

  • tumblrjunkie

    Book was awesome, movie is good nd Efron looks adorable as usual. Bravo Efron. He will turn into awesome actor one day, but he really needs to do action movies. It would fit him better.

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    CNN News gave this movie a bad review – called it unconvincing. I think Zac looks too young to play a Marine.

  • Rachel

    Guys see this:
    2 new stills from ‘The paperboy’! Hopefully it’ll be a good flick! Lee Daniels is a great director.

  • Funny

    Zac as a marine is just a joke almost as much as the leading man business. Hope he gets a hit ot they will stop asking

  • rosie

    he is so hot



  • Bunnylover

    @MADONNA: It’s not expected to be!! It is entertainment!!@lauren: Some people haven’t read the book and don’t wanna know what happens. I never really get you. When I first became aware of you, you behaved like a hater. You don’t seem to be able to make up your mind sometimes.

  • proudofzacnessa

    what the he*ll who cares if u dont like Zac or his movies?
    is your opinion, is your problem, but we love his job….

    He look nice here :D
    Thanks baby, yesterday he was aswered fan’s question on twitter :D

    I’m excited for THE LUCKY ONE (Cuando te encuentre….may 3th, Chile)

    and sorry if my english wasn’t good…xD

  • proudofzacnessa

    He looks* …handsome here

  • movie sucked

    What kind of a marine plucks eyebrows and curls eyelashes? LOL

  • http://google barbara

    I’m going to see this movie this afternoon, i’ve heard from other people they liked it, and zac did a very good job, alot of interviews, i don’t listen too, verything has to be realistick, the ones they like alot of the time i don’t like the movies they like.

  • R U sure

    @movie sucked A sexy one.

  • me

    lol the movie is really bad, glad to see that everyone hate the movie. lol another zac efronĀ“s bad performance and another Box office Disappointment.
    He should really date Lily Collins so both of them can cry about their movies flops together. Do you guys read how he has been talking about Lily Collins and Vanessa Hudgens during his promo tour? lol

  • Tony

    He says different things in different interviews. In one interview he said he was sitting between his mom and brother. Try to keep your stories straight, Zac. Or maybe he decided it didn’t sound cool to have his mom sitting right next to him. I’m sure the movie will be a box office success. Every one of his little girl fans will go see it twenty time over the weekend. Good to have fans who are that loyal and obsessed.

  • sari

    what F.U.C.K.I.N.G stupid movie and the acting in it is so bad ,i wish i can get my money back. :(

  • Deb

    No, it’s called a SPOILER, and you should not have posted anything about the movie, especially the ending. That was just wrong. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • arriana

    i love zac but the movie was Horribly boring.

  • Maria

    @Dave From Canada:
    The average age of a marine is between 19 and 23, so explain how is looks too young to play a marine.

  • Derpina

    Why a lot of Zac haters pay to see his movie? I like Zac and not even I am sure I will.

  • Maria

    It seems that the Marines at Camp Pendleton disagree with you.

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • Female

    Is the film that bad, Zac? Add that to list of craptastic films you’ve starred in!

  • Tony

    “Think Like a Man” was in 1,150 fewer theaters than “TLO,” has fewer showings per theater, and still made $3 mil more than “TLO.” I don’t understand that. Zac and his stick-thin costar (even Nick Sparks) promoted the hell out of what great on screen chemistry the costars had in TLO? Did movie goers (other than rabid Zac fans) not buy that?


    As a mother, I prefer to think my son is going to be celebate until he gets married, and then he’ll have sex once to have a child. No mother likes to think about her son having sex; its the same as kids thinking about their parents doing it. In both cases, we all prefer to think it never happened or only happened for the sake of procreation.

  • R U sure

    @me Zac didn’t bring up Lily . One reporter said she called the others just said rumored to be dating. both cases PR

  • Rachel

    It made 9.3 million dollars on the first day, which is good!!

  • kyle

    I am quoting verbatim what box office mojo said about the Lucky One.

    “The Lucky One opened in second place with $22.5 million. That’s the second-best start for a Nicholas Sparks movie behind 2010′s Dear John ($30.5 million), and the movie did manage to sell more tickets than The Notebook. For star Zac Efron, The Lucky One was a bit off from 17 Again ($23.7 million), but was a massive improvement over Charlie St. Cloud ($12.4 million).

    With the enduring popularity of The Notebook and the recent success of Dear John, The Lucky One was lucky to come out at a time when the Nicholas Sparks brand is as strong as ever. That’s not to take away any credit from Efron, though, who was obviously the center of the marketing effort. The movie’s strong start indicates that Charlie St. Cloud’s disappointing performance was less about Efron and more about that movie’s unappealing story. Put Efron in something with a clear premise like The Lucky One and his core audience will turn out. Unsurprisingly, his audience is overwhelmingly young (52 percent under the age of 25) and female (76 percent). That group awarded the movie an “A-” CinemaScore, though it dropped to a “B+” across all moviegoers. ”

    Congratulations to Zac!!!

  • Bo

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