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Zac Efron: Seeing 'Lucky One' with My Mom Had Me Squirming!

Zac Efron: Seeing 'Lucky One' with My Mom Had Me Squirming!

Zac Efron lands after a long flight on Saturday (April 21) in London, England.

Earlier in the week, the 24-year-old actor was in New York City promoting his film The Lucky One. Zac was gracious enough to stop outside of his hotel and take pictures with his fans!

For the screening of The Lucky One in the Big Apple, Zac spoke about seeing the film with his mom Starla.

“We saw the film together and I was kind of squirming,” Zac said to People, referring to the nearly naked love scenes in the film. “Even though she was a couple of seats down from me, I tried to duck out during those scenes because it was too embarrassing.”

10+ pictures inside of Zac Efron arriving in London…

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171 Responses to “Zac Efron: Seeing 'Lucky One' with My Mom Had Me Squirming!”

  1. 1
    lauren Says:

    the ending of this movie really bug me.

    i was annoyed with how beth and the grandma didnt really seem to care that keith died, yea he was an A**/toxic but at least have some respect for him, and how beth just goes off with logan…

    plus also the 20 minutes of just ”love” scenes was just awkward to watch, zac performance was good.

  2. 2
    Unlucky Says:

    He looks like he’s aged 10 years!

  3. 3
    R U sure Says:

    @Lauren You are a real A–H— , Let people see the movie for themselves. Why are you trying to ruin it for them. Are you trying to run the numbres down?

  4. 4
    lauren Says:

    @ r u sure
    its called comments, chill out,
    if i was a real A hole i would just give away the whole movie, its called opinions.

  5. 5
    eat me Says:

    @ R U sure that’s fine with me atleast i’m eager to watch it, i got more excited…

  6. 6
    Rachel Says:

    He looks very cute here!! Nice of him, posing with fans :D

  7. 7
    R U sure Says:

    @lauren I normally like you . You defend Zac Then you go throw him under the bus. You do it here and on the gossip sites too. (You know what I mean here) I know your name there also. Iklnow all your names . I’m sure you don’t want me posting them here , I would but I have respect for people who at least sometimes try to help.
    I like or I didn’t like is an opinion . Not giving away major parts of the plot. You are sabotaging Zac and his movie here. If you contine like this . I’ll show you how to sabotage someone by given out things you shouldn’t

  8. 8
    Rachel Says:,,20588197,00.html- An article about who all are going to Cannes!

  9. 9
    Rachel Says:

    ^Woah, I just read the article, and now the page’s not to be found! Why would they remove it?

  10. 10
    tumblrjunkie Says:

    Book was awesome, movie is good nd Efron looks adorable as usual. Bravo Efron. He will turn into awesome actor one day, but he really needs to do action movies. It would fit him better.

  11. 11
    Dave From Canada Says:

    CNN News gave this movie a bad review – called it unconvincing. I think Zac looks too young to play a Marine.

  12. 12
    Rachel Says:

    Guys see this:
    2 new stills from ‘The paperboy’! Hopefully it’ll be a good flick! Lee Daniels is a great director.

  13. 13
    Funny Says:

    Zac as a marine is just a joke almost as much as the leading man business. Hope he gets a hit ot they will stop asking

  14. 14
    rosie Says:

    he is so hot

  15. 15
    MADONNA Says:


  16. 16
    Bunnylover Says:

    @MADONNA: It’s not expected to be!! It is entertainment!!@lauren: Some people haven’t read the book and don’t wanna know what happens. I never really get you. When I first became aware of you, you behaved like a hater. You don’t seem to be able to make up your mind sometimes.

  17. 17
    proudofzacnessa Says:

    what the he*ll who cares if u dont like Zac or his movies?
    is your opinion, is your problem, but we love his job….

    He look nice here :D
    Thanks baby, yesterday he was aswered fan’s question on twitter :D

    I’m excited for THE LUCKY ONE (Cuando te encuentre….may 3th, Chile)

    and sorry if my english wasn’t good…xD

  18. 18
    proudofzacnessa Says:

    He looks* …handsome here

  19. 19
    movie sucked Says:

    What kind of a marine plucks eyebrows and curls eyelashes? LOL

  20. 20
    barbara Says:

    I’m going to see this movie this afternoon, i’ve heard from other people they liked it, and zac did a very good job, alot of interviews, i don’t listen too, verything has to be realistick, the ones they like alot of the time i don’t like the movies they like.

  21. 21
    R U sure Says:

    @movie sucked A sexy one.

  22. 22
    me Says:

    lol the movie is really bad, glad to see that everyone hate the movie. lol another zac efron´s bad performance and another Box office Disappointment.
    He should really date Lily Collins so both of them can cry about their movies flops together. Do you guys read how he has been talking about Lily Collins and Vanessa Hudgens during his promo tour? lol

  23. 23
    Tony Says:

    He says different things in different interviews. In one interview he said he was sitting between his mom and brother. Try to keep your stories straight, Zac. Or maybe he decided it didn’t sound cool to have his mom sitting right next to him. I’m sure the movie will be a box office success. Every one of his little girl fans will go see it twenty time over the weekend. Good to have fans who are that loyal and obsessed.

  24. 24
    sari Says:

    what F.U.C.K.I.N.G stupid movie and the acting in it is so bad ,i wish i can get my money back. :(

  25. 25
    Deb Says:

    No, it’s called a SPOILER, and you should not have posted anything about the movie, especially the ending. That was just wrong. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  26. 26
    arriana Says:

    i love zac but the movie was Horribly boring.

  27. 27
    Maria Says:

    @Dave From Canada:
    The average age of a marine is between 19 and 23, so explain how is looks too young to play a marine.

  28. 28
    Derpina Says:

    Why a lot of Zac haters pay to see his movie? I like Zac and not even I am sure I will.

  29. 29
    Maria Says:

    It seems that the Marines at Camp Pendleton disagree with you.

  30. 30
    amelia25 Says:

    Beautiful Zac!

  31. 31
    Female Says:

    Is the film that bad, Zac? Add that to list of craptastic films you’ve starred in!

  32. 32
    Tony Says:

    “Think Like a Man” was in 1,150 fewer theaters than “TLO,” has fewer showings per theater, and still made $3 mil more than “TLO.” I don’t understand that. Zac and his stick-thin costar (even Nick Sparks) promoted the hell out of what great on screen chemistry the costars had in TLO? Did movie goers (other than rabid Zac fans) not buy that?

  33. 33

    As a mother, I prefer to think my son is going to be celebate until he gets married, and then he’ll have sex once to have a child. No mother likes to think about her son having sex; its the same as kids thinking about their parents doing it. In both cases, we all prefer to think it never happened or only happened for the sake of procreation.

  34. 34
    R U sure Says:

    @me Zac didn’t bring up Lily . One reporter said she called the others just said rumored to be dating. both cases PR

  35. 35
    Rachel Says:

    It made 9.3 million dollars on the first day, which is good!!

  36. 36
    kyle Says:

    I am quoting verbatim what box office mojo said about the Lucky One.

    “The Lucky One opened in second place with $22.5 million. That’s the second-best start for a Nicholas Sparks movie behind 2010′s Dear John ($30.5 million), and the movie did manage to sell more tickets than The Notebook. For star Zac Efron, The Lucky One was a bit off from 17 Again ($23.7 million), but was a massive improvement over Charlie St. Cloud ($12.4 million).

    With the enduring popularity of The Notebook and the recent success of Dear John, The Lucky One was lucky to come out at a time when the Nicholas Sparks brand is as strong as ever. That’s not to take away any credit from Efron, though, who was obviously the center of the marketing effort. The movie’s strong start indicates that Charlie St. Cloud’s disappointing performance was less about Efron and more about that movie’s unappealing story. Put Efron in something with a clear premise like The Lucky One and his core audience will turn out. Unsurprisingly, his audience is overwhelmingly young (52 percent under the age of 25) and female (76 percent). That group awarded the movie an “A-” CinemaScore, though it dropped to a “B+” across all moviegoers. ”

    Congratulations to Zac!!!

  37. 37
    Bo Says:

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  38. 38
    Wera Says:

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    aramaria indan kiyanawa v pintura walatapose karannalu. man kiyanawa itin okita.

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    Wera Says:

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  40. 40
    Bo Says:

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    oya fashion line katawatath tama wadi prasiddiyak na. v mokak hari interview eheka kiyala tibbe. ane manda appa. biliana ganan nan yanna ekak dammat.
    tama mukut hariyata kiyala nane. mona magulak hari z gen aat wela hitiyoth matanan ati. oya huttawa pattapalate gagannawatawat man nan kamati na. mata hitenawa z tat meyath ekka yaluwo wela innawat onnatuwa ati kiyala. meya gana nan danna.
    samanyan ohoma actres la fashion line danne egollanta career ekak na kiyala danna hinda. dan hilary duff balandako. kohomat tawa tika kalayak yaddi meyata wada hammbawena eka nawatinawane. ohe ona huttak. looks tibba kiyala wadak na. meyage personality eka hariyata lamayekwage. meyage wayasata hasirenakan ganiyak wage kauruth meyawa serious ganna. oyatat terenawane meya hari modai kiyala. man dakala tiyana dewal wala hatiyata meyage demapiyo (ingrisi wachane kiuwoth munta ahuwenawa) lat hari modapatai. mulupaulatama podinut leakekak tiyanawa wage pena widihaTa.

  77. 77
    Bo Says:

    ow hema fashion line ekama negala yannene , den hilarygeth bagayak hari giya , bagayak kadan wetunane , mata nam oone kohoma hari zac A lister kenek wenawa balanna , echcharai , eyata e potential eka thiyenawa ,meyata ne , oya kiyewwda meyage part eka gena websites kiyala thibba ewa , e gollo kiyala thibba s exy but unintersting , weak kiyala , zacta ehema kiwwe nene eyage paperboy trailer eka awa kiyala , eyata kiwwe s e xy , intersting , talented kiyala , man nam kohewath narakak kiyala thiyenawa dekke ne . eyage anga se xy unata e pole dance ekedi eyage moone expressions e tharam s ex y ne , ekai prashne

  78. 78
    Bo Says:

    oya dekkada namalaya kiyala thiyena eka , ooka anik unta kiwwa mata respond karanna epa kiyala , ehema kiyala uuma mata den keeparak respond kalada? uu e part eka aran thiyenne wikipedia eken ehempitinma, ara api midriff expose karanawa and ”modern ones ” belly button ring expose karanawa kiyala , eeka ehemmmama thiyenawa wikipedia eke Sri Lanka kiyala search kalama , ooka boruwata pennanne ooka api gena maha godak dannawa kiyala , ooka me kiyawanne wikipediai wena anm manam sites walai thiyena de

  79. 79
    Wera Says:

    Ou ane man parana v ge post kiyeuwa eeye. ekaka namalaya kiyala tiyanawa u asiayawenlu. oya namalaya pavichchi karana nama pogle karala balandako teruma. chu karana pattata kiyana eka tama teruma.
    hama clothing line ekama nagala yanna. mata hitenawa meya dammat ehema hodata sucsesful wei kiyala.
    man v gana kiyala tibba ewa kiyeuwa. hama ekema liyala tibbe meya nikan wihiluwak wena widihata.
    E madiwata oya notice karada hamadama danne wenas sapattu joduwak kiyala. mala kolan ane. e madiwata eyage nangi hama welawema adinne kotama kota kalisan. ee manda. pissu magul.

  80. 80
    Wera Says:

    not pogle its google LOL

  81. 81
    Wera Says:

    Atana kiyawenna ona hodata sucsasful WENNATI WEI KIYALA man weikiyala liyala. Sorry

  82. 82
    Bo Says:

    ow eka kiwa dawask eka asiyawen kiyala , mata dena ganna asai e mona rateda kiyala , eya samahara welawalata use karanawaneda amuthu language ekakin phrases anam manam , anna e eka phrase ekak hoya gena mona language ekada kiyala hoya gaththanam hari

  83. 83
    Wera Says:

    uge name teruma google karala balandako. eke kiyala tiyanawa mona rateda upe nama rude wachanayak widihata pavichchi wenne kiyala.

  84. 84
    Bo Says:

    man uge nama google kala , e wunata enne boji kiyana organisation ekak genane , boji kiyala jewellery wagayak genane , oya khmd google kake , just bojida ?

  85. 85
    Wera Says:

    Owu meaning kiyala gahanna epa. just nawa witarak gahanna.

  86. 86
    Wera Says:

    mata tawa ekak matak una. oya v ge buriye juwelery dagena inne dan awurudu ganaka indan ne. mata matakai eka sarayak giya awurudde mula meyai joshue giya lakers game ehekata. meya hitamatama ata ussa ussa araka pennat ekka udadanawa. ane maha moda wesiyak ane. e ehema karanne awilla balanda kiyalane. mata sure v kind kellak wennati e wunata poddak hari self rispect ekatiyanawanan poddakhari class ekatiyanawanan ehema pennanane. hari wesa gati tiyanne. pau appa z mata dukai eya mekit ekka mechchara kal hitapu hinda meya kochchara nan hodakellak hoyaganna chance miss karaganna adda.

  87. 87
    Wera Says:

    Mekita nan pissu appa. hamadama monawa hari liyala tiyana ewa adinawa minissu eka pana kata karana hinda. ara namalaya oyata kanyawiyak da mokadda kiyala monawada kiyala tiyanawa neda.
    mokakda ane ara waterbury katawa? oyata arawa track karana widihak hambawunada?

  88. 88
    Bo Says:

    ne man kiwwe ara uda inna spread the word eka kiyanawane apita minds kiyawanna puluwan kiyala , ekai man e kiyala thiyenne , man uge mind read karanawai kyala , podi joliyak

  89. 89
    Wera Says:

    Me ara v ge eeye post eke kattiyak wena basawakin kata wenawa. oya dannawada un mondawada kiyanne kiyala?

  90. 90
    Bo Says:

    e french ,man ewaiyn ekak dekak translate kala , wedak ne , ekak benala thiyenawa eyage career eka sawuththui , eya kochchara gym giyath bada thiyenawa , eya gedetta wela nikam kaka bibi athi aman man kiyala anika benala , echcharai

  91. 91
    Wera Says:

    Ha ha mara gati. arunta kiyaganna ewa na. un kawadawat hitannatuwa ati un wage molakarayek hambawei kiyala. Mata puduma v ta ohoma molakara rasikayo hambaune kohomada kiyala. man nan wishwasa karanne na oya tundena ma ammala kiyala. namalayata oluwa kachal wage ati dan. unwa ataarinna epa hodada. mawa ahuwuna hinda man post ekak dekak witara magaarala tawa dawasakin dehekin apahu kament karanna gannawa. me sare akuru hariyata gahanna ona.

    man oyata kiyanda hitiye man eye parana post kiyawaddi mata tawa tanak hambawuna group ekak chat karana. unta hariyata ingrisit liyaganna danna. un wahawatila inne z v ekatu wei kiyala. eke komant haradas ganak tiyanawa.

    v ge nama gahala, me site eke nama gahala x factor kiyala gahandako meke anith site eke post eheka tiyanne. oyata etana ahuwei.
    hambaunoth kiyanda harida. etana unta nan mongal. awurudu deheka witara indala chat karanne.

  92. 92
    Wera Says:

    Oya dakkada namalaya mata hoda kiyala tiyanawa. mata u ena widiha hari na. hari amuttak danenawa. mata hitenawa mu man attatama kauda kiyala hoyagattada danna kiyalath.
    man adurana ekek da danna. api dannati unata krama tiyanawada danna ne api kauda kiyala hoyanna. mu dannawane man nam wenas karala otanata awa kiyala. ai ehenan u ehema kiyanne.
    oka kochchara kiuwat u liyana krameta e level eken ma fightekak denna puluwan oyata witarai. u dannawa oyat ekka eyata dinanna ba kiyala. ekai u oyage wachana hari na kiya kiya boru magul adaganne.
    matat oya wage hodata liyanna puluwan unanan matat wadak denna tibba.
    un bara wachana daddi mata liyanna ewa enna. man liyanne normaly ne.

  93. 93
    Bo Says:

    nene halo . uu hithanne e wenas wenas nam walin enne man kiyala . ai api denngema ip adres enne lankawenmane , ekane uu kiyanne mata having a conversation with oneself ehema kiya kiya . uu hithanawa athi e enne manma kiyala . hebei ithin oya liyana widiyen andunagannath puluwan e oya kiyala , ara kohewath inna ekek anduna gaththnam e birdie widihata awe oya kiyala meka andunan nethuwa inna widiyak ne . moota mole thiyenawane . ane manda , amuthui thama . mata nam eya den den approach wena widiha allan ne .mata penne …. ……eya oyata crush wage .

  94. 94
    Bo Says:

    mata hambuna , mata hambuna , ara oya neda testing kiyala thiyenne , math den etenta yanawa , eka jolly wage

  95. 95
    Wera Says:

    Lol oh god
    seriously than nan mata bayat wage. meka gedara hoyan eida danna.
    oya man 91 kiyala tibba tana hoyagattada?
    dan oyata me wade nikan boring wage nadda? ada wadiya un awissune nane.

  96. 96
    Wera Says:

    Ah oya hoyagattada. hari hari. man tama etana testin kiyala tiyanne. ane manda mage komant etana post wenne na.

  97. 97
    Wera Says:

    Ane manda mata diga kament gahanda ba. man ara video eka gana ahuwa. un uttara deida dannet na.

    oya e kament haradas ganama kiyonawada?

  98. 98
    Bo Says:

    baya wenna epa , uuta hoya ganna wenne gedara thiyena thena neme , ISP eka thiyena thena . lol ! ane manda appa , moo khmd mechchara ape rata gena danne ? den api asian unai iyala api dannawada anith asian countries gena me tharam , nene . moo nam mokedda manda

  99. 99
    Bo Says:

    ne halo , therumak nethi dekata mage kale nasthi karanna man kemathi ne , eken wenne thawath hurt wena eka withrai , e denna oya seeing each other , talking with each other kiyala e gollo mawan inne nikan heena lokayak witharai , e post eke comment karaddi e heena loke tika welawak jeewath wenawa , hebei e post eken eliyata awama e loke shatter wenawa , duka awissenawa ,mona unath zanessata man adare kala . aye e denna gena boruwata hopes thiyaganna man kemathi ne

  100. 100
    Wera Says:

    Un dennata poddak nuts wage. barbarai anit ekkenai.

  101. 101
    Wera Says:

    Un kiyanawa pinturayak tibba lu eka martu 2011 ua ekak lu ewunata goda aya eka gana danna kiyala.
    etakota un kohomada danne. mata dikata gahanna bari hinda ahanna widihak na.
    un kiyanawa v z tama horen hambawenawalui eyata kellak natte eka hindai kiyala.

  102. 102
    Wera Says:

    Mata hitenawa ara ok minihagen oya pic eka gana ahanda? ewunata un dannattan.

  103. 103
    Bo Says:

    me ara v dan inna male gena un mkdda kiyala thibbane . e male ara faith kiyana cap eka dan innathena thiyenawa .eelangata ara kalu bracelet eka mkdda? ane manda man holman wela inne

  104. 104
    Wera Says:

    Man oya ekak wat danna. maget dan oluwa kachal wegana enne.

  105. 105
    Bo Says:

    oya dekkada ara lady kiyana ekkenath kiyala thiyenawa vanesage as deka wenas kiyala , ara man kiyapu dema . ehma kiyanna gihinne eda man ahuwune

  106. 106
    Wera Says:

    Ane manda appa. unuth nikan guess karanawa witarane. kauda danne atta mokadda kiyala.
    man nan hitanne meya me hasirena widihata z meyawa apahu gani kiyala. ewunta man hitanawa egolo public eke eachouther avoid karata hoda yaluwo wennati kiyala tama. text karanawat ati.
    mata hitenawa e denna break up une wena mukut hinda neme. they just fel out of love. it hapens al the time.
    oya bracelet eka untat (v ge eka) z dunna eka wennati eka hari watinawane. e denna ekata na kiyala ekada danna hodanadda. mara magulakne. matat eka sarayak kollek hitiya. eya mata malayak dila tiyanawa. api dan ekata nati unat man eka danut adan inne. e wage v eka andan innawa kiyala e denna ekatu wenwa kiyanna bane. ara z dan hitapu ekanan eyata kauru hari cannes waladi dunne. kauru dunnada danne na.

    mokak hari, me langak wenakan mata hituna e denna apahu ekatuwei kiyala, e wunata v me act karana vidihata matanan dan ehema hittene na.

    eka neme oyath arungen ahandako ara v anduwa kiyana photo eka gana. koheda eka tiyanne kiyala ehema. man nan hitanna un kiyai kiyala.

  107. 107
    Bo Says:

    hari shishyathwe patan gaththo !!! awurudu ekolahakata kalin man me weddi shishyathwe liyanawa ! mata island first wenna lakunu dahayai adu wune !

  108. 108
    Wera Says:

    Ara balandako arakige post eke kauda manda oyage nama dala eka eka ewa kiyanawa. oka karanne namalaya nattan tarahakarayo suck kiyana eka. balandako appa. monawahari dekak kiyala dannako. api eka sarayak namalayage namin komant karanna giya neda. ehema karanan hari.

  109. 109
    Wera Says:

    Ane mata samawennaappa. man hindane oyatamehema ewa ahaganna welatiyanne. man aperate nama kiuwenattan mehema wennane. unta kunuharapenma dekak kiyaladannako. mata unta kiyanna ewa terenna. aruge namen uta bannanan hari namalayata z ekka budiyanna ona hari mokak hari kiyala denna onaunta hodawain dekak.

  110. 110
    Wera Says:

    Man hitanne oya nama wenas karala enne ara uda post eke man dewaniyata nama liyala tiyana eka. ai eye indan kiuwe uta oya kiyana ewa terenne na kiyala ehema. oya namalaya neme wenna ona. V ta banala liuwanan hari. mata suwar oya eka tama.

  111. 111
    Bo Says:

    ne e un dennagen ekekwathneme , e intric 8 .mata kiyanna hithuna hondawain dekak , e wunath oya intricayata thiyenne maha jara katak , eda ara kunuharupa kiwwthekane uune ara api denna sl kiyala denagaththa da mathakada ?,ooka iwarayak wenne ne , ekai man nikan shape ek ganan ganne wage comment kale ,uuwa ignore kala wage inne

  112. 112
    Wera Says:

    Oya kohomada danne e u kiyala?

  113. 113
    Bo Says:

    ai eeye uutane una thibbe man french walin liwwa kiyala , mathaka nedda ? man liyapu eka liyala ,eeta paase eke english translation eka dala kiyala thibbe lankawe aya google translate walin french danna bawa pennanna yanawa kiyala , mage namin liyala thiyena comments okkokma thiyenne rata gena apahasa wena widiyata , oya note kale nedda ? me intricaya hariyata ratawal gena apahasa katha kiyanawa . v tath ekeka ewa kiyanne eya philipine hinda . mata mathaka hetiyata haters suck kawadawath rata gena kiyewwe ne , meya liyana pattern eka intricayage wage

  114. 114
    Wera Says:

    Man hitanne ekage rata v ge ammage rata wenna ona. ara eda u apita banala tibba post eke namalaya ahuwahama u kohomada ape kunuharapa danne kiyala u kiyanawa gogle karala balandalu. ane ehema karata hoyanda amarui. man hitanne u poddak hari ape basawa dannawa. uta apit ekka mokak hari wairekut tiyenawa. ekat v ta kamati nattan ai u apita bainne. poddak hitannako.
    man nan kiyanne oya hemita oya nama wenas karala enna balanna. post ekak dekak maga arala wena namakin enna. oya liyana widiha wenas karanna ba kiyala man dannawa. eka hinda oya liyana widihata liyanna. godak liyaddi(liyala iwarawela hari) liyapu eka kali dekakata hari tunakata hari wen karanna. ara eda alexkiyala apu eki oya wage liyala tibba hinda man hituwe e oya kiyala. munta sakayak danennati wei. moka kiyanne puluwanda?

  115. 115
    Wera Says:

    tawa ekak. aruta monawahari kiyala danna. nattan lajaweba. u oka monawelawe nawattai da danne na. oya okata ena hamawelawema meka oyawage liyanda ganida danna. ehenan maha watayak wenawa. eka hinda nama wenas karana ekama tama hoda. namalaya apiwa trace karat man nan hitanna eka apiwa allala dei kiyala. (wena namakin awat u dannawane api kauda kiyala. e wunata u kiyana ekak na kiyala mata hitenawa)

  116. 116
    Bo Says:

    meka dekkada ?

  117. 117
    Wera Says:

    Ane link eka wadakarannane

  118. 118
    Bo Says:

  119. 119
    Wera Says:


  120. 120
    Wera Says:

    Oya kohomada ane danne e liyanne intricaya kiyala?
    ip trace karana vidihak hoyagatta da?
    an aru apahu monawada kiyala.

  121. 121
    Bo Says:

    ane mandanne halo mata therenne ne man mona karannada kiyala , kawadawath hithapu nethi ekak ne mata une , e untricaya thamai , oya zoloft kathawa eka dawasakuth ooka pavichchi kala

  122. 122
    Wera Says:

    oya ewunata sure ekenma kohomada kiyanne e u kiyala?

  123. 123
    Bo Says:

    oyata ehema hithenne nedda ? moo liyana sampalaenma mata nikan hithenawa . ai ithin uune methana ara man french katha kala ekata rata allan wede dunne , anika den ara zoloft eka ,zoloft eka wena kawruwath use kale ne , eka mokak hari thenak wenna oone , eka dawasak eka kiwwa mathakai man den zoloft ekata yanawa kiyala ,anika uu kiyala thiyenne namalayata uu mooowa dannawa hebei haters such neme kiyala , meya liyana widiya intricaya wagene , oyata ehema hithennedda ?anika namalaya respond karana widiya amuthui

  124. 124
    Wera Says:

    Dan oyata tiyanne oka himita nawatala danna.
    apahu liyanawan mokak hari karala oya liyana widiha poddak hari wenas karanna ona. nama wenas karannat ona. eka post ekak hari panala tama apahu kamant karanne ganna onA. nattan meka nawatinna. oya liyana attitude ekat poddak wenas karanna wenawa. anemanda appa ochchara tama mata nan dan karanna tiyana dekata oluwata enne. tawa awusanna yanna epa.
    oya mata ekak kiyanna.
    oya adres trace karanna widihak hoyagattada?
    nattan oyage adres eka hangana widihakwat hoyagattada?

  125. 125
    Bo Says:

    ane mandanne appa ara lady mona kiyanawada kiyala , eya kiyanawane zactath e wage necklace ekak thiyenawa kiyala , man den me hoyanna yanne eya ehema ekak daan inna photo ekak , mata proof ekak oone , oyath puluwaan nan hoyanna

  126. 126
    Wera Says:

    Man 124 ahapu prashna dekata oya uttarayak dunnane?

  127. 127
    Bo Says:

    ne deken ekak wath hoyagaththe ne . mata nam penne meka nawathina patak ne .moo meka karala thiyenne daas deka thunaka indala , man ada parana posts walata gihin beluwa , mata eka note wunn ne

  128. 128
    Bo Says:

    oya ara zacge male thiyena photo ekak hoyagaththada ? man zefron archives walai ehs ewagei beluwa . thama hambun ne . oyata v ge black bracelet eka hambunada , ane manda halo ,me gollo kiyana ara carpedium eka french site ekak , mata eken hoyanna therenn ne , laren eka hoya ganna beri una , eya kiyana ara phone eka diha balala zac hina unai kiyana ewa ehema kohenda ane hoya ganne ? mata nam hithaganna be .oya monawada refer krn websites ? man wediyen balanne zanessatumblr , zefron , ehs

  129. 129
    Wera Says:

    Me un dennata pissu ane. man ahuwama ara photo eka gana kiyanawa dakala nallu. oya bracelet mala man danne na ane. cartier eka witarai danne. oya phone eka diha balala hinawuna kiyana ekat man danne na. mona kiyonawada manda.
    E denna hama welawema monawahari jewelariyak dagenane inne.

  130. 130
    Wera Says:

    Mata nan hitenne oya intricaya neme eda ara oyat ekka randu une. ara pihole ekakgana kiyanne. u wenda ona.

  131. 131
    Bo Says:

    me un denna jj kiyawanawa , dekkada ara kiyala thiyenne haters suck ekai , namalayi anik untai den amarui deal wenna , more people are coming kiyala , oya api gena kiyala thiyenne , un dannawanam man kawuda kiyala mawa palathe wedda ganne , ai ithin man v wa bash karanawane

  132. 132
    Wera Says:

    Oya monawada dan karanna yanne? aru nawattana patak nane. man nan hitanna oya oya namin ena taak oka nawattai kiyala.
    tawa ekak. oya kiyanne oya intricaya kiyalane. u ai apita bainne uth v ta kamati nattan. mata terenna?

  133. 133
    Bo Says:

    man wenas namakin awath mata man liyana widiya wenas karanna be anika namlaya mawa trace karanawa , uu beri welawath hint ekak dunnoth anik unuth eka adala gannawa , mata naannnai wenne , eeta passe ara intricaya man e use karana aluth naminuth enna ganiy , ooka iwarayak wenn ne , mata charter man wena namkin awith ahuunoth , den man miniha deep ignore level ekekn ne thiyan inne , man monama widiyakatawath uuta react karanna yann ne , ethakota uutama epa wela ooka atharala dai , ehema nethnam digatama karan yai , mata prshnayak ne , anik ayath uuwa wedipura ganan gann ne , ooka digatama kaan yaddi anik unma uuta ooka nawathwanna kiyala kegahanna gani ,ai confusing ne , ai oyata mathaka nedda intricaya awa mulma dawase indanma apita bennane ,oya poddak parana post kiyawal balanna , api apu mulma dawase hari e kittuwa dawasaka uu mention kala oya zoloft kathawa , man ara UN quote karanna giyama miniha kiwwane mawa deep ignore level karanawa kiyala ,

  134. 134
    Wera Says:

    Oya mekata goda kal enda hitan innawada? man ahanne tawa kochchara kalayak enawada? university yanna tama mukut aranchi ehema na?

  135. 135
    Bo Says:

    wera oya neda ara wede kale ? aiyo oya mawa kewa .

  136. 136
    Wera Says:

    Huta patas e oyage namin enne oya nemeda? deiyo sakki e man neme. man me dan aharuna witarai. kauda ehenan oya nan wenas karanne? oya nemeda? oya dannawane mata ochchara smart widihata liyanda ba kiyala. kauda ade meka karanne?

  137. 137
    Wera Says:

    ane attamai e oya nemeda? aru apiwa track karanawane. u dannawane e api dennagen ekekwat neme kiyala. metana tawa lankawe ekek innawada danna?

  138. 138
    Wera Says:

    Monawada ane api dan karanne? un nawattana patak nane. oya mekata ena eka nawattanna ne?

  139. 139
    Bo Says:

    e oya nemeda ? man hithuwe e oya kiyala . eda ara tim namin aweth uu. mata sure . e kiyanne uuth lankawen . uu smart neme , uu maha gon heliyak . monawa kiyalada manda , maha pissek , uu hinda api dennama amaruwe wetenawa . ai deiyane ip adres ekak lankawen aawama ara yaka hithanne e man kiyala .us wala wage neme , lankawen giyama hoya ganna be wena wenama , hithannako dennek lankawen oya site ekata yanawai kiyala eth therum ganna be e enne ekkenekda dennekda kiyala , ape ISP’s thiyenne ekama then wala , eekai ,dekkada uu mata kiyala thibba ewa .mata therenn ne mona karannada kiyala . man ekane oya doppleganger bo ekka ellenna giye neththe .matath nethnam ooka karanna thibba , man dena gaththa ooka ohoma wenawa kiyala , meka karapu eka hinda anthime matai naraka naame

  140. 140
    Wera Says:

    Eka tama oya tim karaya tama oya. eda une namalayage nama gana kiyala tibbe. dan oka nawatinna ane. monawada oya karanna yanne? mage oluwat kachal una

  141. 141
    Wera Says:

    Ara ladytai barbaratai molehonda na ane. un denna hina lokeka inne. hariyata kiyana ewa terennet na. hari amutu wadak barbaratat lamai innawalu. yako metenta ennema naki wechcha ammandilane.
    dan ara denna venice yanawane. austinwat geniyai tha dannena.

  142. 142
    Bo Says:

    ane manda , ausgei vangei relationship eka boru ekak kiyal nam man denan hitiya , eka normal girl -boy relationship ekak neme monawa kiwath , eke amuththak thiyenawa , oya dekkkada ara tumblr eke thibba photos , ethana thunak thiyenawa , e thunema aus inne rawagena , eya honda ne kiyala man oita kalinuth ahal thibba , mata thamath hithenawa ara cartier eke mokak hari deyak athi kiyala , eka halo cartier eternity ekakne , eeke specific meaning ekak thiyenawane , nikan ekak nemen , nikan ekak nam demmata kamak ne, othana mokaak hari horayak thiyennma oona , oya dekala thiyenawad ara teddy bearwa ?

  143. 143
    Wera Says:

    Un denna oya podi dewal note karagena hina mauwata z v ekatu wennanan inne eka ikman wennane. eka wenne e dennata ona welawata ne.
    mata nan kawadawat danila na austin boruwak kiyala.
    kohomat man kamati na z v apahu ekatu wenawata. mata ona z meyata wadiya hoda kellek hoyagena e reletianship eka private tiyagannawata. so i realy dont care much about ara pisso dennai eyalage predictions tika ganai. Owa oluwata gattot wena wadak karanna hambenna.
    man arakigen ahuwa kohenda dakke ara phychic predictian eka gana kiyala. tama mukut kiuwe na.

  144. 144
    Bo Says:

    e kiyanne oya kiyanne austin aththak kiyalada ? oya kiyanne austin v ta adre karanne aththatama kiyalada ? eyage salli walata neme kiyalada?

  145. 145
    Wera Says:

    Man danne ai fansla kiyanne austin v ekka inne salli walata kiyala. oka patangatte ara v eyata salli dena video ekata passene. e video eka hodata balanda, a v ta apuhu salli denawa. munta pissu. v ge muna glow wenne nahalu z ekka iddi wage. ewunata mata nan pena widihata dan tama v ge mune glow eka tiyanne. eya hamawelawema hinawelane inne. anit eka man dan v ge fan kenekut neme. eka hinda attamai mata nan a and v monawa karagattat ganak na. mata ona z meya natuwa wena hoda kellak hoyagannawata. echcharai.
    Man nan hitanna me denna kasada badi kiyala. arun denna monawa kiuwat( z v apahu ekatu wenawa kiyala) mata eheme hitennatte z hari private ne. ehema eke meya me natala tiyana nadagan wala hatiyata mata nan hitennema na z meyawa apuhu gani kiyala. z meyata tamat poddak hari adare ati(1 lovene) e wunata man nan hitanna z ta meyat ekka apahu ekatu wenna ona kiyala.
    ane deiyane z ta hoda kellak hoyala denna. mekiwa ange gagattot z ewarai.

  146. 146
    Bo Says:

    ane manda mata penne eke anik peththa , a eyata adare unath man hithnne ne v eyata adarei kiyala , eya balen hina wenne , eka aththa hinawak neme , mata hithenawa z eyata thamath adarei kiyala , oya dekkada ara video eka , ara zacge penshoppe interview eka , eeka mara sweet ane , eeke oya dekkada eya v ge photo eka dihama balan inna heti ara manussaya eelanga prashne ahaddith , hariyata nikan kochchara balan hitiyath madi wage , oya eeka dekkada ? mata hithenawa e denna ekathu wei kiyla . mata hithenne a kiyanne nikan cover ekak kiyala

  147. 147
    Wera Says:

    Ane manda lets wait and see. who knows what the future brings (v said that)

  148. 148
    Wera Says:

    You know what. i just saw that video you said. maybe they will.
    egollo ekatu wenawanan koi kale wei kiyalada oya hitanne? elaga awurudde?

  149. 149
    Wera Says:

    Oya ok miniha kiuwata e denna ekatu wenna kiyala e denna karanne galapena dewal kiyanne galapena dewal. i mean everything you know. oka hamawelawema cunsindance wenna bane. otana mokak hari ati.

  150. 150
    Bo Says:

    oya e interview eka dekkada , eke oya ara man kiwwa eka notice kalada ? eeka mara sweet ane . mata nam hithagannawath be e denna kawada ekathu weida kiyala . den thiyenne favourable conditions neme for a relationship , both busy and all .mata hithenawa e denna thawa tika kalak ohoma hide and seek karai kiyala . prashnayak ne . mata nam hithenne denna masa thuna hatharakata serayak hari seeing each other kiyala . api denna facts hoyana than weradiy . api denna balnne famous blogs walai websites waali , tumblrs walaine . oya ahu mulu wala balanne nene . oya mun denna kiyana photos anam manam thiyenne ahu mulu wala . man kiyawanne ne kiwwata mokada man ara dennage parana comments kiyawnawa , eewage mara mara ewal thiyenawane .

  151. 151
    Wera Says:

    Oya dakala tiyanawada z mokak da interview eheka kiuwalu reletianship eka eyata serve karanawada mokadda? eka oya dakala tiyanawada?

  152. 152
    Bo Says:

    ne math eka dekala ne , mun hema thenama eka kiyawanawa , eeka thama munta thiyena ekama weapon eka , oya ara parana commnets kiyawanwada? 1. black bracelet 2. ash bracelet 3. sunglasses 3.mustache 5. necklace 6. phone case 5.zac’s photo on v’s facbook account hat thawa thawa monada magul thiyenwa .oya monada hithanne Z?

  153. 153
    Wera Says:

    Ane manda appa mage oluwa koloppan wela tiyanne man oya kisi deyak danna. oya wage podi dewal notice karanna taran mama obsesd vela na. matat jewitayak tiyanawane. ungenma tama ahanda wenne e wunata un hariyata uttarayak dennane.

  154. 154
    Wera Says:

    Mokadda v ge facebok eke photo katawa?

  155. 155
    Bo Says:

    may wala v ge facebook account eke wall eke dala thibila thiyenwa zac sydney premiere eka karana kaledi gaththa photo ekak . eeke eyage trouser eka pahalata gihin yata short eka penawalu . eeka private photo ekak .eeka dala thibila . man parana comments kiyawanawa , man e denna oya eka eka podipodi dewal note karana eka gena mulin wediya wishwasa kale ne . man hithuwe ewa mun denna mawan inna eewa kiyala , eewunath me denna thamai ara cartier ekath mulinma note karala thiyenne , dennama cartier demma kiyala api sure ekatama dannawane ,demme ka wenuwen unath dennama demmane , eeedenna kiyanawa they are both wearing cartier , no one has noticed it , let’s keep it between ourselves ehema nethnam eedenna eeka galawai kiyala , passe ithin eka hemoma note kaalne .eeka mulinma dekala thiyenne lady , eeta passe eya kiyanawa barbarata ane poddak check karala balanna v e dan inne ara cartier eka neda kiyala , mata ethanin passe podi wishwasayak athi una , eeka v danna patan gena thiyenne 7th may day after shelly’s , ane manda mata nam holman wage ,man hitha hadan hitiye , den aye awul wuna

  156. 156
    Wera Says:

    Aiyo dan mata apuhu rata nidaganna hambenna. aan ara barbara kiyala tiyanawa ara photo eka gana. ekigen ahandako phychic katawa gana,
    man ahuwata kiyannane.

    mata oyagen podi udawwak ona, ara ok miniha uttara dena tanata gihilla (man oyata me pinture hoyaganna puluwan tana kiyannan) pinturayak tiyanawa eke link eka dala ugen ahanda mokak dihada e balan inne kiyala?
    man danna vidihata e call girl kenekuge pic ekak lu. meka 2011 ekak. ewunata mata ugen ahanda ona. mata link danna terennane. mokada puluwanda ? puluwanda?

  157. 157
    Bo Says:

    puluwan puluwan

  158. 158
    Wera Says: harida. oke udinma tiyanawa z resturant eheka indan innawa photo eka diha balangena. mata pena widihata nan call girl kenek wage. link eka dala ahanda meka aran tiyanne 2011 man hitanawa widihata oya meka gana dannawa ati. e ate tiyana photo eka ehema ekak neda kiyala ahanda harida.

  159. 159
    Bo Says:

    ehema site ekak nene , e thiyenne youtube linksne ,ane halo

  160. 160
    Wera Says:

    Na halo. man gahuwama mata enawane. kiyala sampurnayemma gahanna. zanesalove4ever witarak neme.

  161. 161
    Wera Says:


  162. 162
    Bo Says:

    sorry halo mehe eka digatama gerewwa , thamath ehemai , ow man issella hoya gaththa , den man eekata yannai hadanne ,man hitapu gaman reply krn eka neweththuwoth e gorawana hinda harida?

  163. 163
    Wera Says:

    Me mata hitenawa oya ok minihagen ara barbara dakkai kiyana pintura tika gana ahanna. ewunata barbara ha kiyannatuwa ahuwoth ehema un apahu apita uttara dena ekak na. ok karayat oka dakala tiyanawada danna??

  164. 164
    Bo Says:

    matath ookama hithuna , ee wunath sure ooka kiyai ne kiyala , eya partial to van and aus . oya dekala nedda hema dama first comment eka uu danne hi cutie whr is my hottie kiyala , uu thamai jj wala ru sure namin enneth .ada ekek ahala thibbe r u suregen zanessa ekathu weida kiyala , eekata uu reply karala thibbe ne , uu gayne , eka hinda austinta kela peranawa athi , e wage kenek gen ooka ahala wedak ne , eeka neme ara maria kyala thibbe mkdda ara zac vange hats danawai kiyala , eelangata ara ekama song ekakkata kemathi unai kiyala , eeka mokdda ?

  165. 165
    Bo Says:

    mage mole achcharuwak wela

  166. 166
    Bo Says:

    mage mole achcharuwak wela …

  167. 167
    Wera Says:

    man ewa gana danna ane. kauda manda e hat eka gana ahala tibba, e wunata tama mukut kiyala na.
    e manda appa, e widihata baladdi api mukut danna ne ane. ane manda appa. balanmuko mokada wenne kiyala venice waladi.

    me mada baddak kiyanna. oya me site ekata tawa kochchara kal enna hitan innawada?

  168. 168
    Bo Says:

    puluwan tharam kalayak , university yaddith welawak thiyena welwata enawa ,dawasakat eka serayak hari , oya oona tharam inne awurudu ganan ena aya kochchara weda thibbath ,oyat nam enna beri wei man hithanne ,oyata weda wedi weine ehe giyama , eeka nemei ane ,mata hari upset , man mechchara mun denna gena hoyalath mun gena danna itigediyak nene ban ,api hoyala thiyenne weradi then wala , lejjawe be , api maha lokuwata ara site ekata gihin okkoma dannawa wage katha krnw , hebei honda welawata ungen wedi hariyak api wage , eeka neme man hithanne van venice yanne ne ,man jr ekata gihin auwa vanui ausui aththada kiyala , aruu kiwwa ow kiyala ,oya gihin thiyenwada zacfanforum ekata ,?

  169. 169
    Wera Says:

    Man fan forum walatanan yanne na. matat welawak hambawei ehe giyama. mechchara nan enna hambenne na. mama ehe giyama kiyannan ko. oya metenta enawane.

  170. 170
    Wera Says:

    Mokadda ara many splintered thing katawa?

  171. 171
    Bo Says:

    api wena ekakta yamu harida ? may 22 ekata enna harida mustache man

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