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Zac Efron's Favorite Female Body Part - Lips!

Zac Efron's Favorite Female Body Part - Lips!

Zac Efron shows off his bulging bicep in this new pic from Women’s Health magazine‘s May 2012 issue.

Here’s what the 24-year-old The Lucky One star had to share:

On how he approaches a pretty girl: “‘So do you like High School Musical?’ I’m kidding! If the situation’s right, buy someone a drink. Think on your toes, use what’s around you, and come up with something organic and fun.”

On his favorite female body part: “Lips. Because they smile. And they’re fun to kiss.”

On his girliest quality: “Sometimes I take a while to get ready to go out. It’s not excessive, but it takes me some time to find clean clothes that match.”

On his biggest regret: “Not going to college.”

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Also pictured inside: Zac on his laptop doing a Twitter question and answer session. Check out the pic below, and head on over to his Twitter to check out some of his answers!

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157 Responses to “Zac Efron's Favorite Female Body Part - Lips!”

  1. 1
    Mlllllle Says:

    Yeaaah riiiight….wich ones ?! Naughty Naughty Boy.

  2. 2
    XYZ Says:

    There will be one day when u will have to get out of the closet

  3. 3
    Sayer Says:

    He’s trying too hard to prove he’s not gay. Sorry Zac, we’re not buying it.

  4. 4
    Stephanie Says:

    I LOVE you zac! always have, always will.

    He only keeps getting better with time, not only physically speaking, but overall, as an actor, person, everything.

  5. 5
    Mlllllle Says:

    “Lips. Because they smile. And they’re fun to kiss.”

    That’s one of the most depressing sentence I ever read in my whole life.

    The next one will probably be “Boys’s back. Because they smile, and they’re fun when they poop”.

  6. 6
    HartAlice Says:

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  7. 7
    ColinG Says:

    If he is gay, I am on a one way trip to Hollywood!

  8. 8
    R U sure Says:

    Go ahead show your true colors haters, what is wrong with being gay?
    I’m not saying he is and I don’t believe it for one moment.
    @ColinG i gave you a thumbs up on that one.

  9. 9
    Shauna Says:

    Oh come on Zac, it’s obvious that’s not your only girliest quality!

  10. 10
    adam Says:

    between him and taylor is more gayer than the other.will not go out because of their careers.lets face it ,we all can see that they suck at acting they cant even act straight what ever they do they come out LOL as gay

  11. 11
    emma Says:

    this guy is more feminine than me and i am a girly BFF that is gay by the way says that zac efron is in the closet, his gay rader never fails him

  12. 12
    lauren Says:

    are you guys seroius right now?
    pretty sure he can get more ass then most of you people on here.

  13. 13
    IllWill Says:


    I’m guessing that your friend has never met him, so that pretty much just discredits his opinion right off the back.

  14. 14
    LOL Says:

    @Shauna: No kidding. Watch the end of HSM 2, and see the way girly Zac jumps into a pool. I could never get that visual out of my head.

  15. 15
    drea Says:

    I have nice lips! Approach me, boy! hehe

  16. 16
    Derpina Says:

    Come have fun with my lips Zac, I have a lot of fun parts in my body

  17. 17
    LOL Says:

    I’m glad not going to college is his biggest regret. It’s our biggest regret too! His movies are insufferable. Should have gone Zac. Should have gone.

  18. 18
    bella Says:

    So hot!

  19. 19
    I want to suck his nipples Says:

    feel the taste of his sweat, end with my ​​mouth full of his chest hair, delicious

  20. 20
    Jake Cruise Says:

    It’s no use trying to fool us, Zac.

  21. 21
    ash Says:

    well done jared
    you always bring zac haters here
    well done

  22. 22
    addis Says:

    um there are many straight people left in this world ya know…I’m one of them and have absolutely no desire for females, ick. Pretty to look at but I couldnt deal with smelling fish.

  23. 23
    me Says:


  24. 24
    me too Says:


  25. 25
    A Says:

    @LOL: um, wtf? You can still go! In my country people START going to College at 22 to 24.

  26. 26
    hehehe Says:

    Same old tricks: promos are slithered with sexual innuendos…nothing new…can’t talk about his crappy acting instead!!!! getting tired to make himself a credible male lead…so far it doesn’t work…more like a misleading man!!!!

  27. 27
    hehehe Says:

    dorpping condoms….unhooking bras….kissing rehearsals in trailers….sticking tongue in costar on national tv…NO ONE’S BUYING!!!! PICK UP YOUR ROTTEN TOMATOES FIRST AND LEARN HOW TO ACT! MAN UP!!!

  28. 28
    hehehe Says:

    Even your BRAD PITT STUNT IN YOUR HOTEL BALCONY smelled like bad publicity!!!

  29. 29
    Tony Says:

    So, this is why Zac and Taylor are going overboard about their great chemistry. Even Sparks tweeted that the chemistry between them is INCREDIBLE (all caps).

    “The biggest problem, however, comes down to chemistry. If the leads have it, a Sparks romance will work. (“The Notebook,” which made stars of Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, still sets the standard.) If they don’t, there’s little else to fall back on.

    Alas, it’s hard to imagine a more evident mismatch than Efron and Taylor Schilling.

    There’s no telling what the casting directors were thinking when they put this pair together. They don’t make a natural couple physically, there’s no emotional connection between them, and they seem to be acting in different movies.”

  30. 30
    tumblrjunkie Says:

    Jlol @ negative comments and people are still on this gay thing? Jeez grow up.Zac seems like an honest guy. I personally think he would say he is gay, if he is. Until then people should quit this childish comment about him being gay. That won‘t make him less talented.


  31. 31
    Tom Says:

    So favourite part isn’t the vagin a? Nor did he say her/she. Not gender specific Mr Efron. Something to share?

  32. 32
    Cheryl Says:

    No one will come out as gay if it would affect there career. If Zac is gay I’m pretty sure it would never come out, his films struggle as it is.

  33. 33
    zacfan Says:

    what’s up with all these anti-zacs.. you keep on bursting out harsh words yet you haven’t realized that you’ve atleast alotted your time viewing this post about the person you despise. come on, if you dont like this man then dont waste your time just to view posts about will be a favor for you coz you’ll gain no sin due to insulting a person who didnt do anything to harm you.

  34. 34
    KissThis Says:

    I really get the feeling that Zac is Bi. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I just think him portraying himself over and over as a completely straight male is laughable.

  35. 35
    YOUYETTE Says:

    People who the f**k cares wether he is gay or not ???
    Why the hell are you blaming him scolding him for not coming out of the closet or being gay ? Whats the point ?
    If he is not coming out of the closet(idk if he is gay or not and i honestly don’t care) it must be because it’s a hard thing to do in this judgemental society, and sure thing your hating comments are proving this right.

    (if there are any mistakes, well english is not my mother langage but i think you got the point).

  36. 36
    amelia25 Says:

    Beautiful Zac!

  37. 37
    Bo Says:

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    Wera Says:

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  88. 88
    Bo Says:

    ow aththa , mata nam den arakawa epa wela thiyenne, mata therenne uu monawa kiyawanawada kiyala ,ane manda man wena namakin giyai kiyala wedak wennethi wei halo ,mata liyawenne ekama widihata, anika ara me2 kiyana eka eda kelinma kiwwane uu dannawai kiyala man kohenda enne kiyalai kiyala ,ehema trace karana ekek kiwwama athine ,eda mage welawata anith ewun me2 karaya kiyapu de haraawussanna giye ne , ehema una nam ehema man iwarai , anika ara namalaya anduna gaththane e awe oya kiyala eeye ,uu kiwwe you are not invisible on the net ,i have my sources ehema kiyala ,

  89. 89
    Wera Says:

    E wunata e man nemene. u ehema ekak kiuwe mokada manda. oyage kamattak ehenan. ane manda oya oya namen ma gihama un team ekama hodata denna gani oyata. trace karath wena namakin giyoth un rata gana kiyala apiwa pachchal karanna ne.
    ane manda oya kamattak karanna. man oya ratawal wala wistara wadiya danna. oya dannawane. un api gana monawahari kiuwoth oyata unge rata gana kiynna ewa ati. ewunata api danna ne un mona ratin da kiyala. man nan kiyanne nama wenas karoth hodai kiyala. liyana krame wenas karanna amarui tama. oya godak liyaddi paragraph deka tunakata wen karala liyanna. waakyak ewara wunama. antima tita tiyala eka sarayak witarak space tiyanna epa. desarayak liyanna. tawa capital akuru pavichchi karanna epa. nikan ewayen liyanna.
    Matanan dan attatama ati wage. hitunoth liyanawa. ewunata dan nan epama una. parana weddi raha natuwa yanawane. e wunata man oya kiyona ekanan karanawa.

  90. 90
    Bo Says:

    oya ara man dunna link eke thibba eka kyewwada? oya mokadda hithanne ?

  91. 91
    Wera Says:

    Ane manda appa. e denna karannema kiyanne samana dewal. weird. d denna oita issella kiyala tiyanawa e dennama hoples romantic kiyala. ane manda. ewunata dan mata hitenawa e denna ekatu wennati wei kiyala. mokada mand.

    oya mokada hitanne ara kendara stuff gana. oyata hitannadda z naki wenakan taniyama indi kiyala? atleast 40. alone for a LONG PART of your life kiyanne loku kalayak wage mata terenne e site eke kiyala tiyana widihata.
    ane ehema hitaddi mata dukai wage. mata hitenne z enne hari dukin kiyala. v eyath ekka nati hinda neme eyata tama hoda kellak hoyaganna bari wela hinda. eyata tani ati.

    oya minissu kiuwata eyata kello lesiyen hoyaganna puluwan kiyala man nan hitanna eyata eka ehema lesi ati kiyala. eya kind of a douch ne. lol tawa ekak man hitanna z looks gana balana kollek kiyala. its all about the personalety.

  92. 92
    Wera Says:

    Ane ara paharaya oyawa ataarinna wage ne. eka rata allan wade denna wage yanne.

    oya ara uda kiyala tiyana widihata un apiwa trace karanawanan api me site eke yanne mona post ekatada kiyala wenkarala adunaganna puluwanda? nattan me site ekata ena eka witarada danaganna puluwan?

  93. 93
    Bo Says:

    balapan ban ara yaka mawa atharinne ne , mata eka kiyana ewa therenneth ne ,ithin kohomada retort karanne , uu kiyana ewaye kisima validity ekak ne , uu kiya nawa man anith unwa copy karanawa kiyala , anika uu kiyana ewaye ekakata ekak gelapillak ne , ooka ada mawa atharinne , uu hadanne mawa baya karala mata epa karala mawa site eken pannaganna ,ai methek kalayak ekekutawath ooka karaganna beriunane , math atharinne , count eka 1000ta neggath man ookawa atharinne , ow api inna post eka denaganna puluwan

  94. 94
    Wera Says:

    Oya man 91 ahapu ekata uttara dunna ne. oya mokada hitanne?
    ekko meya apahu v ekka ekatu wenna ona nattan mata hitenawa meyata amaruwe kiyala kellek hoyaganna. mata hittene z lesiyeN kelleKuta love karana kollek neme kiyala.
    Eya duradiga hitanawada koheda.

  95. 95
    Wera Says:

    Oya lily ge aluth post eke komant ekak dammada? oya liyana widihata ekkenek liyala tibba.

  96. 96
    Wera Says:

    Oya arun ekka nikan palwenna yanawa. unta wadiya denna epa kiyawanna. arui namalayai team eka wage oyata wade denna yana patai penne. mun heta kament kare nati unoth oya aru kiyapu ekata mukuth kiyanda yanna epa. oya dan ati. koman desiya ganak tiyanwane.

    man kalpana kare elagata v gana post ekak eddi ekata komant karannatuwa indala balamuda ekata komant kiyak hambawenawada kiyala?
    kauru hari awilla api wage arunwa awussanawada kiyala balamuda? moka kiyanne?

    ara 91 ahapu prashneta uttarayak denna hode. mata danaganna ona oya mokadda hitanne kiyala.

  97. 97
    Bo Says:

    man hithuwe eeye iwara thamai kiyala , mata jeewitheta eye wage wedak wela ne , ai wade kawda danne mekai kiyala ara wachane ethenta pavichchi kale , ,math ooka kohendo thibila ahulahaththe , man balan hotiye uuta kohen hari miss ekak wena kan , honda wela wata aroo kiwwe ehema ekak ingrisi katha karana ratawala thiyenawai kiyala , nethnam redi nethuwa inna wenne mata ,meeta passe sehena parissam wenna oone , mata athtamai uuta kiyanna dewal therenne ,uu kiyana dewal mata issella therila inna epai mata uuta uththara denna ,me ara anthimata eya kiyala thiyenne ape rata gena grain of salt kathwak ,e kiyanne eya kiyana weredi aduwen hithaganna kiyalane , mara yakekne , rata gena puluwantharam weredi kiyala , eelangata kiyanawa ewa ganan ganna epalu , langapathaka hitiya nam man aninawa ookage moona samathala wenna , eka athakata ehema hari kiwwane

  98. 98
    Bo Says:

    ow ane eeye nam mara pala eka , mata polowa palagena yanna hithuna araki ara phrase eka use kale eyai kiwwama , ow man hithanne zac sehena kalayak nikan indiy ,hebei man hithanne 40 ithara wena kan kiyala ,kohoma unath mata hithenawa zac vwa atharin nethuwei kiyala , e dennama thamath denna gena hithanawa , ekane denna meet wenna kemathi neththe ,v fully over zac nam and completely moved on to a nam eyata zac hamu wena eka prashnayak nemene , mata hithenawa zac v maththema tika kalayak merei kiyala , v kawada hari dawaska marry karama eya eeka nawaththai ,api eelanga post eke nethuwa eeta passe eke ehema karamuda , nethnam arun hithai man pal wuna hinda enne kiyala

  99. 99
    Wera Says:

    Ha ha ehema karamu. oya kohomada danne araki kellak kiyalai british kiyalai?

  100. 100
    Wera Says:

    Ane ou. ati yantan aru ehema hari kiuwa. man oyata ekak kiyannan. poddak hitannako. oya kellai namalayai liyana widiha gana. un liyannema samanya manussayekuta terennati widihata. amutu vachana dala. internet slang pavichchi karala ehema. apita hitunata un smart kiyala attatama baluwoth api unta wadiya goda smart. unta normal vachana valin liyaganna danna. no convesation skils eka hinda api dannati ewa liyala maha lokuwata puka uda dagena innawa.

    oyata man vadala kiyannan. apahu oya post walata yanawanan nam wenas karala yanna. liyana widihat wenas karanna. nattan oyata hari pal eka hode. ong hodata mataka tiyaganna.
    jatiya gana kiyanda gattot redi galawenawa.

    tawa ekak. ara tim namalayagen kepa sarayak ma ahuwane z monawada disrespectful kiuwe kiyala. namalayata kiyaganna deyak tibbe na. mata hinath ekka. maria tama mokadda ewa godak kiyala tibbe. evunata ewa valid na.

  101. 101
    Bo Says:

    ai eya mata kiwwane , ara man patent kathwa kiwwama eya kiwwe cleavage kathawak , eya brit neme , eya kiwwe man ahapuwama

  102. 102
    Wera Says:

    Man oyagen ahanna hitiye oyata v gen amutu vibe ekak ennadda?
    ane manda mata hitenawa api hitanawata wadiya eya godak wenas ati kiyala.
    eya act karana vidiha ehema. eya hari amutu nadda? eya nikan hama welawema attention ekama hoyana kenek wage. eya nikan mongal paat eka

    mata eka welawakata hitenawa ane ai z mehema deyak kare dagatte kiyalath. e wunata e dawas wala eya young ne. mata hitenawa z meyath ekka hitapu kale rigret karanawado kiyalath.

  103. 103
    Wera Says:

    Eya apita pennana taran ahinsaka nati patai. eya act karanne hari sweet vidihata. e wunath eya hari amutui.

  104. 104
    Bo Says:

    ow ane matatha penawa eyage amuththak ,issara vanessa private person kenek , den inna ekkena fame wesiyak ,man oyata kiyanne eyata break up eka bad widihata balapewa , eka gena zac unath upset athi ,eyata hithenawa athi responsible kiyala , eka hinda wennethi eya serin sere eyage interviews waladi unath meyawa mathak karanne , mata eka athakata meya gena dukath hithenawa , hithannako apitae hema unai kiyala

  105. 105
    Wera Says:

    man oyagen prashnayak ahala tibba. mun eka kapala. oya kawadawat notice karala nadda ara z hama welawema half into the relationship kiyala goda aya kiyanne. e denna at allan iddi ehema z ge ata ohe ellenawa v tama tadin allan inne. mamat hama welawema eka notice kara. oyata eka notice wela nadda?

  106. 106
    Bo Says:

    mokadda ara yaka ara kiyala thiyenne ? mkdd e fan kathawa

  107. 107
    Bo Says:

    ow ,math dekala thiyenawa ,zacge angili fold wela neme thiyenne , vge witharai fold wenne , man hithanne eka eyage purudda , oyata mathakada eya v ekka break up unata passe v wa hoya gena giya , ehema gihin eyath ekka awididdith eya ara widihata thamai angili thiyan hitiye , ehema hoyan yanne eyawa oone hindane , ehema gihinuth ara widiyata allan yannne eka eyage purudda hinda misak half in to nisa neme , man hithanne eya half in to it kiyala , eyata public affair ekak oone wunne ne , ara astro report eke hetiyata z kiyanne godak caring and possesive wdihata hithana widiha kiyala , mata hitheneth eya ehemai

  108. 108
    Wera Says:

    Oyata matakata ara vidio eka e denna hawai wala lobi eheka kis kare. e video eke penndda z nikan tarahen wage inne kiyala.
    v eyawa pitipassen badagena ehema inne. eth z nikan etana hitan innawa. ane manda appa e denna atare monawa wunada kiyala. e wunta hamadema wenne hodata kiyanawane.

  109. 109
    Wera Says:

    Oya oya astrology wishwasa karanawada?

  110. 110
    Bo Says:

    man nam astrology wishwasa karanawa . man dekka e video eka , eke eya atha passata karan indala passe vge oluwa allanawa , eka man asama karana gesture ekak , eka neda e dennage anthima tour eka

  111. 111
    Wera Says:

    mokadda ane e z v ge pitipassen giya katawa. man eka danne na ne. eyawa hoyanna giya kiuwe?

  112. 112
    Bo Says:

    ai break up unata passe z eyawa hoyan journey 2 set ekata giyane ,ehema gihinne ara club ekaka dance karala ehema thibbe , mathaka nedda , ane mata hari dukai halo ewa mathak weddi ,

  113. 113
    Wera Says:

    Man hoyala baluwa. pena widihata e set visit karapu ewai club wala dance karapu ewai rumurs. oya dan unath z wa eka eka tan wala dakka kiyala minissu twit karanne. e wage etakotath kauru hari ohoma ekak twit karala tama oya katawa hatude. okata attak tiyanawada dannet na. wennath puluwan. ara club katawa nan boru wenna ona.
    eka gosip site walin hadagattu ekak. ara lauren nue ok minihai owa gana kata karala tibba. oka una kiyana dawas wala z la wala hitiyeth naha. eya nola wala eyage film eka shot kara karalu hitiye kiyala aru kiyala tibbe. kauda itin danne hariyatama.

    me mata ekak kiyanna. oya attatama kamati z v apahu ekatu wenawatada nattan nowenawatada.

    man nan atta kiyannan. v dan hasirena vidihata ekatu wennati ekama hoda kiyalamai mata hitenne.

    dan e dennage film deka venice wala open wenawane. etakotawath e denna ekata inna pinturayak wat dakinna tibbot hoda. ekat magaari da danna. kohomath egollo
    nawatinna wenne ekama city ekene. eka hinda ahamben hari munagahenna epai.

  114. 114
    Wera Says:

    Man hoyala baluwa. pena widihata e set visit karapu ewai club wala dance karapu ewai rumurs. oya dan unath z wa eka eka tan wala dakka kiyala minissu twit karanne. e wage etakotath kauru hari ohoma ekak twit karala tama oya katawa hatude. okata attak tiyanawada dannet na. wennath puluwan. ara club katawa nan boru wenna ona.
    eka gosip site walin hadagattu ekak. ara lauren nue ok minihai owa gana kata karala tibba. oka una kiyana dawas wala z la wala hitiyeth naha. eya nola wala eyage film eka shot kara karalu hitiye kiyala aru kiyala tibbe. kauda itin danne hariyatama.

    me mata ekak kiyanna. oya attatama kamati z v apahu ekatu wenawatada nattan nowenawatada.

    man nan atta kiyannan. v dan hasirena vidihata ekatu wennati ekama hoda kiyalamai mata hitenne.

    dan e dennage film deka venice wala open wenawane. etakotawath e denna ekata inna pinturayak wat dakinna tibbot hoda. ekat magaari da danna. kohomath egollo
    nawatinna wenne ekama city ekene. eka hinda ahamben hari munagahenna epai..

  115. 115
    Wera Says:

    Aiyo oya api trace karannati untath nikanmma note wenawa. oya liyana widiha wenas karandako. apahu capital akuru dala liyanawane.

  116. 116
    Wera Says:

    ko oya. metenta ennadda?

  117. 117
    Bo Says:

    ne deiyane ewa rumours neme , ai e denna ara pare awidan yana photo ekakuth thiyenne , passe ara pethirichcha kathawa around last october withara ara thibbe eakk e denna club ekka dance kala kiyala ,eka rumour ekak ,january wala una eka rumour ekak neme , monada oya me kiyanne ,man awe bo widihata witharai ,man sehena kalekin wenas nam use karala ne

  118. 118
    Wera Says:

    Mokak. atana ara alexandara kiyala enne oya nemeda?

    Man ahapu ekata oya uttara dun nane.

  119. 119
    Wera Says:

    atana ara alexandara kiyala enne oya nemeda?

    Man atana ahapu prashneta oya uttara dun nane.

  120. 120
    Bo Says:

    Aio ne , e inne ara zacge posts wala inne Lexie kiyana kena , e geni athe mattu , man nam aye oowa kiyawanna yanne sehena kalekata , ekama dene , wedak ne , eka neme api denna podi joliyak dannath ekka oya ara post ekata ennako , untath eka den boring wela inne ,

  121. 121
    Wera Says:

    oya man liyapu eka hariyata kiyeuwe nadda. man kiuwe ara ok karaya kiuwa kiyala. uta suwar lu oya club Katawa boruwak kiyala. man danna man etana hitiya ya. kohomat man nan pinturayak natuwa vishwasa karanne na. ehenan set giya katawa atta wennati. Kauda danne. ara giya awurudde october wala club katawa awurudda mula una ekamai mase witarak wenas karala.

    man atana me namin enna. nikan illan kanna onna ne.

  122. 122
    Wera Says:

    oya oya kiyana ara denna pare awidan yana photo eka oyata metana link karanna barida? nattan mata hoyaganna puluwan dihak kiyanna?

  123. 123
    Bo Says:

    ane mandanne halo ,mata hithaganna be , mata welawakata hithenawa ,e denna ekathu wena eka hondai kiyala ,welawakata narakai kiyala ,eya den me hesirene widiha nam pale pal ,oya anith sites walata gihin coments bala thiyenawada , eyata kawruth kemathi ne ,eyawa samanya minissu hitan consider karanne joke ekak widihata , mata hithenawa zacta eeta wada gonda kenek hamba wenna oone kiyala ,aye me denna ekathu unath ochcharai wenne , ayeth breakup wela meki me widihata pissu natanna ganiy , eya lowclass girl kenek ,eyage thathatha firefighter kenekne ,oya le wala thiyena gathi arinna be halo , mata e photo eka methana link karanna be halo ,anika oya ok karaya kiyana hema dema wishwasa karanna yanna epa ,ekeka pisso innawane ,anika eka dennagen kagewath mangement eka deny kale ne . e wunath october eka deny kala , venice film festival eka dennagen kenek aniwa maga hariy , thawa tikakin light yanawa

  124. 124
    Wera Says:

    Oya apahu Sahena kalekata arawa kiyawanna yanna kiuwe? kament karana eka nawattanda yanne?
    ara alexandara oyawa kopi karala. ahuwennati wei kiyala hitanda ati.

  125. 125
    Bo Says:

    me oya neda ara peththe inne

  126. 126
    Bo Says:

    me oya nemeda ara peththe inne , mala keliyai ,man mean kale man aye oya eya paps lata katha karanawa kiyana ewa anmmanam kiyanna yanne ,mata den ewa kiyala athiwela ,mata ehema coments kiyawaddith ninda yanawa , mata den oone kageth ekka hari awilenna , ara eda more than words wage ,awush appa ,kalekata passe joliyak gaththa , math tikak pal wuna thamai ,e wunath uuta kohomahari parajaya baraganna unane , eka nam mara joly ,man me denuth eka kiyawa kiyawa inne , mata eeki kiyapuwayen bagayakma theruneth ne ,oyata theunada?

  127. 127
    Wera Says:

    Ane mata hariyata teruneth na. Eki hadagatta wachanada koheda kiyapu ewain bagayak ma.

    man arunwa awusana yanawanan wena namakin yanne nattan ara man dala tiyana kament eka waGe normal ewa danawa me namin.

  128. 128
    Wera Says:

    Aiyo mona huttak da appa. man atana kagatta. man tellar kiyala nama dala aruge upandine gana gahuwa. man sinhalen ganna giya ekath ekata watila.

  129. 129
    Bo Says:

    mage coments athana post wenne

  130. 130
    Wera Says:

    Mageth wenna samaharawelawata. mokada manda appa.

  131. 131
    Bo Says:

    mage ekak wath post wenne

  132. 132
    Bo Says:

    oya Veet use karala thiyenawada ? hondada?

  133. 133
    Wera Says:

    Mhhhh kohe gaannada? LOLOLOL

    man pavichchi karanne rosapata eka. kiyala tiyana vidihata karoth wadakarana.

  134. 134
    Wera Says:

    Mata puka halenda hina ban.

  135. 135
    Wera Says:

    An ara selma kiyana eki french walin monawada liyala. oyata puluwan nan oka ingrisi walata translate karanna widihak hoyaganna oki mokadda kiyala tiyanne balanda.

  136. 136
    Bo Says:

    e wunata eke nikan pichchena gandak enawane , mama ada ekak genawa , mage cousinslath kiwwa eka honda ne kiyala , e wunath ape ge langa thiyena super market eke thiyenne veet witharai , eka neme oyata mokatada ochchara hina? mage connection eka weda karannethi tharamai ban , mata nam athi wela thiyenne , download speed eka bites walin , kiloth ne

  137. 137
    Wera Says:

    Hina giye kohe gandada kiyala ahapu ekata(get the joke) oya pavichi karanne sensitive skin walata tiyana eka nemenan eka ganna.
    hama danawanan ganna epa. etapase tawa ekak wei.

  138. 138
    Bo Says:

    tina , no I don’t think it was her .It was a guy , and he didn’t work in a pr team , a research agency or something .Anyway I don’t care much about figure either. It’s obvious Zac is more famous , I mean his films gave him lot of attention . They centred on him .

  139. 139
    Bo Says:

    mara wede ne une , man ara peththe ara geni kiyapu eka translate karala ekata reply ekakuth liwwa google translate eken , liyala post kalamai dekke aththa mat innawai kiyala , man hithuwe uu french neme kiyala ,math karana meti weda

  140. 140
    Wera Says:

    un monawada ane kiyanne?.

    me magule owa wadakaranna.

    Aththa mat innawai kiyala kiuwe? mata terune na.

  141. 141
    BO Says:

    aiyo oya ahuwela!

  142. 142
    Wera Says:

    Aiyo. arun denna monawada kata une kiyannako? Oya translate kara nan dannawa atine monawada kata une kiyala.

  143. 143
    BO Says:

    ma okkoma transalte kale ne , ekai kele ,man hithuwe mat kiyala coment karala thiyenne oya hari wena non french hater kenek kiyala , ekai man e widihata kale , eki ahala thibbe oya aththatama french kiyala sureda , oya inne isolated village ekka wennethi ehenam , kiyala , man kiwwa ow man inne frane wala ,isolatlaed village ekka neme , me minissunawa misguide karanna epa you belli kiyala . ape basawa google translate ekan translate karanna be

  144. 144
    Wera Says:

    Ehenan man hitana widihata ape basawa translate karanna hari amaru ati. wena widihawal tibbat man nan hitanna api kiyana eka hodata terunganna puluwan kiyala.

    oyata terune nadda un anjalina ganai mokadda PR katawak une?

    mama eka eka vachane gagaha baluwa meaning eka. ara isolated katawa teruna. e wunata pr katawa terune na.
    u indan kiuwe los angeles wala innawada mokadda.

  145. 145
    BO Says:

    ara mat kiyana eka arayata disagree wela thiyenne , eya kiyanne van araya tharam famous ne kiyla , eeta passe araki kiyanawa eya kiwe van hsm walata amathara wena deyak nisa prasiddai ,e j 2 kiyala , ow man hithanne ape basawa therum ganna amarui thama , man hoyala beluwa babylon walinuth be , anith man hoyala balapu aps ekakawath ape basawa translate karanna be , on line sinhala dics thiyenawa , ewayen ape wacahna deka thunak allaganna puluwan athi ,ara man eda kiwwe simple sentence ekak , oyata mathakada ? man kiwwe man kellek , mun hithanne man kollek kiyala , ehema kiyala , an e wage podi ewa therum ganna puluwan athi , namaalya apiwa hoya ganne ip walin , man hithanne me2 karaya th dics walin thamai hoya ganna aththe , mata hari amaru una ara gollo french walin liyaal thiyena ewa therum ganna , ewa hariyata translate wenne , hari amarui theum ganna , apith grammar hariyata dala nemene katha karanne, ethakota ape ewath therum ganna amaru athi translate kalath , man ara pr kathawa transalte karanna heduwa , e wunath un ne , uu ewaye spellings waraddala gahala thiyenne , kohoma hari ara selma kiyala thibba eya kiwwe ne van angelina tharam prasiddai kiyala , eka hinda matta hondata reply karanna kalin comment eka kiyawanna kiyala

  146. 146
    Wera Says:











  147. 147
    Wera Says:

    Attamai oya namin nan apahu argue karanna yanna epa. onnan podi kament ekak witarak danna.

    mokak hari karala oya liyana widiha wenas karanna.
    man edat kiuwe godak liyaddi paragraph deka tunakata liyanda kiyala.

    namalayai ara me2 eka witarai apiwa trace karanne man hitanne. wena namakin giyoth racist wena eka hari nawatine.

  148. 148
    Bo Says:

    ane halo ,mata liyana widiha wenas karanna be , man kohoma liwwath ahuwenawa , mata liyala purudu ara issara english lit liyana widihata . Ewa liyanne ekko mokak hari point ekak break karanna nethnma mokak hari point ekak prove karanna .Bio essays liyaddith ehemae.Mata awurudu ganak liyala purudu e widihata , simple grammar dala kiyawana keneta eka parata therum ganna puluwan widihatane mewa liyanne .Mata kochchara kalath eka wenas karanna be .Issara man lit essays liwwama sirta mage nama nethuwa hoyanna puluwan me mage kiyala , bio misstath ehemai .Class eke lamai heta huta hamarak indalath e dennata mawa hoyanna puluwan .Man try kala e wunath mata me style eka wenas karanna be .Oya ehe jeewath wena kenek hinda oyata karadarayak nethuwa e golla wage liyatheki , e wunath mona namin liwwath mage english hoyanna puluwan .Den mona namin awath wedak ne .

  149. 149
    Wera Says:

    Arayage passapatta eliye tiyana pintura dakkada. yatata ekak andala nadda koheda. hamawelawema monawahari eliya dagana.

  150. 150
    Bo Says:

    ow ane , eke eki underwear ekak andala ne , un tika shape eke maga ariya , mokada kiyanne awussamuda ? oya wena namakin enna , math me namin awith sup ekak dennam , mokada kiyanne?

  151. 151
    Wera Says:

    Mata ninda giya appa. hodatama una. dan yanawa beheth ganna.

  152. 152
    Bo Says:

    a ehemada ? ehenan beheth beela hondata nidiya ganna .

  153. 153
    Bo Says:

    man heta dathu balanna yanawa , eka hinda heta enawanan enna wenne re wela thamai

  154. 154
    Wera Says:

    Dathu balanda giye na?

  155. 155
    Bo Says:

    giya , udenma giye .Ammo mara senaga .Api yaddi echchara polima ne , peyak withara indala balanna puluwan una .Eliyata eddi polima thibba hethamma pahakatath wada wediyen .Oyata den hondada ?

  156. 156
    Wera Says:

    Dan poddak adui wage. sengedi hadila tiyanne. kelagilagannama baruwa hitiye. atana man nan deka tunkima awa. arakurullage naminuthenne mama.
    list eka dammethmama.
    man podi baddak note kara. namalaya me dawas tike wadiya kamant kare na neda. u issara kiyana taran barata liyanneth na. pudumai. u koheda trip ekak yanawa kiuwane eka wennati. oya namalaya ara intricayata ekasarayak raciest kiyalath kiyala tiyanawa ara pilipina katawa kiyanda giya welawe. api passe ahuwama kiuwa ehema kiuwe na kiyala.

  157. 157
    Bo Says:

    apel wisiek wenida thiyena anith post ekata enawada ? ara zacge amma issaraha film eka baladdi amarui kiyala thiyenne

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