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Ben Affleck: Taking Violet To Ballet!

Ben Affleck: Taking Violet To Ballet!

Ben Affleck has his hands full as he takes his eldest daughter to ballet class on Saturday (April 21) in Los Angeles.

Little 6-year-old Violet held on to her ballet flats in one hand while keeping a tight grip on her dad’s hand on the other. Ben, 39, carried a laptop and iPad in his other hand.

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Ben is gearing up for his new film, Runner, Runner, with Justin Timberlake, a film about a businessman and his protege as they deal with offshore online gaming. Runner, Runner starts shooting in Puerto Rico this summer.

FYI: Ben is wearing Tretorn Skymra Mid SL GTX sneakers.

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  • AmberWaves

    This photo offends me on so many levels jared! I wish you didn’t post it.

  • BEAN

    That’s not cute – she’s 6

  • KissThis

    so her parents make her put a jacket on, but no bottoms? seriously?

  • BEAN

    @KissThis: I agree, it’s an inappropriate photo but this family get followed 24/7 a day, 7 days a week. They should know to put bottoms on. She is a big girl now.

  • C.

    Jennifer and Ben seem to be very relaxed parents but they shouldn’t let their daughter walk around the street like that. It shouldn’t be an issue to let your kid have fun but unfortunately these days it isn’t safe for a child to walk around like that…
    And JJ def shouldn’t post those pictures here! Too many pedos around the web will be all over them…

  • See

    Still miserable …I give about three months and it’s over.

  • lacy

    you guys are making a big deal out of nothing.It’s not like she’s walking around the streets like that ,just to the car.Shame on the paps for always bothering this lovely family

    good luck ben on your new movie.

  • kel

    Still miserable …I give about three months and it’s over__

    The only miserable is JLo .She already on the prowl for another young boy.She has her eye on Phil Phillips on American Idol. You can see her drooling as he plays on stage.Can you blame her though\?Casper looks like a dud in bed.

  • Jennica Panettiere

    Oh such a relief to know I wasn’t the only one who thought this photo was inappropriate. Jared, have some class. I know you hire people now to work with you since you’re out kissing alot of Hollywood butt, but seriously isn’t it common sense that a photo like this is inappropriate. It’s bad enough that paparazzi freely take photos of celebritie’s kids who don’t ask for the attention.

  • Mary H.

    I understand she was going to ballet class but she should be covered up or at least wearing tights. Letting her walk around like that and then having the pictures posted on the interest isn’t exactly safe.

  • Mary H.


  • denise

    She needs something on her legs. Some tights, leggings. Just walking around with only leotards on, does not look right. Jennifer ought to know better than that,

  • Anon

    Jared is not the only one who post these pictuers many other site posted these pictuers of her in this outfit.

  • AmberWaves

    So we now blame the parents ? hundreds of little girls go to ballet practice and throw on a sweater or jacket to walk to the car. But this little girl should cover up because she’s stalked by paparrazzi and needs to be “protected” from pedophiles.

    I disagree. There really isn’t anything wrong with a kid leaving Ballet class dressed like that. She isn’t going out to dinner, or running around the mall.

    There’s a lot wrong with taking photos of minor children without their parents’ permission, and selling them, no matter what they’re wearing.

  • niagirl

    He always looks miserable. Compared to Matt who always looks content. When he takes his girls around he makes it look like a chore.

  • Angel

    Wow, the little girl is in a leotard. Yeah, tights would look better. But it’s not like she’d in her underwear, for crying out loud. People obsess over the dumbest of things.

  • Yikes

    I can tell you that you are naive if you think it’s okay for a little girl to be on the internet wearing this . . . Ben, get a clue.

  • Mari

    Gosh, some of you people disgust me. How can you be so judgemental? You probably don’t have kids at all or if you have them in front of the telly to have them cheaply distract them. She is covered and not running around in the nude…sheesh. She is going or coming from ballet class and not from an excursion to Greenland.

  • Gossipgirl

    Please, next time……put some pants, shorts or a skirt on this kid. They know that the Paps. Follow them everyday. There is no excuse for her to be out in the stage of undress, it is not cute!

  • AmberWaves

    First of all, bathing suits cover less than this outfit. We see kids little kids running around in bathing suits all the time. There is nothing disgusting or dirty about it.

    Like I said before, she’s no’t running around a shopping mall or going out to dinner, she’s leaving her ballet lesson and getting in the car. Like most little girls.

    The problem isn’t about Ben or Violet. The problem is the paparrazzi taking pictures and then bloggers and magazines buying them and posting them.

  • solecito

    This is not about being judgmental, it’s about PROTECTING a child. There are too many crazies out there to expose a little girl like this.

  • teri

    I was just about to comment about how wrong it was to post these pictures but it looks like others felt the same way. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks only invites the wrong people.

  • Isabelle

    God forbid any one of you ever saw a child in a swimsuit. And don’t start with “it’s not the beach” or whatever. People who are to blame are people who are pointing the finger at a little girl, YOU are the ones she needs protection from.

  • believe

    I can’t believe the comments here. She is a little girl coming or going from ballet wearing a tutu. The picture bothers me solely on the level that it seems so intrusive. The kids aren’t celebs, the parents are. It doesn’t feel right that everyday life for a kid is violated by strangers taking pictures. And don’t be naive on the paparazzi, everyday people take these pictures and then sell them to wire services. There are a lot of fingers that can point but not at parents trying to give their kid’s a normal life.

  • jaspisgirl

    oh please people!!!!!!! nothing wrong here,calm down it is the way to the car after ballet.where is the problem?????nice family happy kids soooooo stop seeing problems where no problems are!!!!!!!

  • Joe Blow

    Violet is adorable and her dad is fine. End of story.

  • Kyle Livingston

    I think violet’s hair will eventually become darker as she gets older she’ll have black hair like selena gomez.

  • wren

    It’s a weird photo, and one that would encourage pedophiles. Whether she is famous or not, coverage counts when one is in the public eye.

  • denise

    @Mari: #18
    I have three daughters, and yes she should have on tights or leggings.

  • jessica

    what a little whore slut…just like her Mom

  • Sassy

    This family seems to be the most well-adjusted family in Hollywood. She is a little girl, and while there’s nothing inappropriate about this photo, there are way too many sickos out there & I’d be upset if this were my child & this photo was published. It’s a huge invasion of their privacy & gee, maybe that’s why Ben has a scowl on his face.

  • jessica

    she’s is such a slu%t who$re just her mother…….her mother doesn’t give a shi%t about her and the girl is rebelling….
    such a whor#e already like her mother.

    her mother is desperate for attention and is trying to get it by wh$oring our her daughter…both slu%ts

  • jessica

    who is this bitch anyways??
    just like her Mom….SLU%T

  • jessica


  • Fleur

    That is really rude…the girl looks ugly but you shouldn’t call her a ho.
    She’s only a girl…wait a couple of years.
    Who is Jennifer Garner???

    Why is this kid so ugly?

  • Jezy

    Aww Violet is adorable! looks just like Jen. END OF STORY pervs!

  • Jezy

    @solecito: yes, maybe we should hide all our children in a dark cave…chill out woman! she is supervised and well-taken care of, amen to that!

  • Toni

    Jared – STOP posting photos of peoples children!!!! Seriously!!!! As for Violet not wearing any pants etc – for all we know, she probably didn’t want to wear them, but agreed to the jacket at least. Kids don’t always feel the cold like us.

  • Robert

    Her Mother is so irrevelant these days!
    Poor children……lowering themselves to prositution to make a couple of dollars for the parents.
    I heard her other kids were retarded aswell…..
    Poor Garner nobody sending that old bag any scripts hahahah IRRELEVANT HO

  • Kim

    her dad looks like a pedophile…the wasted drunk. with a ho is a mother and a drugged drunk dad as a father…the bitc%h better run….she looks malnutritioned and sick aswell.

    poor kids…

  • Elizabeth

    wow! she is a walking skeleton. has she got cancer?
    is she retartded? i didn’t know that. poor parents.
    I also heard the other kids are retartded also.
    god bless them….this is very sad.

  • Gunther

    rude comments here…i didn’t know everyone hated garner so much.
    well, i never liked her and can’t think of anyone who did.
    yeah, her children are retartded unfortunatley…very sad. but i think they are dealing with it the best way they can.
    Garner is a drug addict and her husband is in and out of rehab…poor kids!
    not sure what hope they have.

  • Jill

    It might have been a better idea to maybe at least wear tights – but the bigger issue is that a site is willing to post these photos.

  • Annie

    You people are frickin’ nasty scum – that little girl is 6 years old – how can you call her such disgusting names – leave herr alone and leave her parents alone – the Affleck children are far from what you call them – they have a wonderful life filled with lots of love and endless fun – they are always smiling and enjoying being with their Mom and Dad – as for Ben looking unhappy – so would you if all you wanted to do is take your daughter to ballet like a normal parent – instead he has cameras stuck in his face. As for the leotard, who cares, if she was on the beach and the paps were taking photos she would have a lot less on – in future keep your filthy perverted comments to yourselves.

  • just sayin

    I don’t think it’s right for people to be calling the little girl names. Saying she is not very good looking is one thing but saying some really bad things about her is beyond ridiculous. She wears what her parents tell her to wear it’s not her fault.

    Jennifer Garner has opened her self to scrutiny..she has paraded her little girl for years and years and now it is biting her in her butt. Her husband hates the paparazzi, but she loves it, she taught her daughter to be a ham for the paps for years. She wanted the image of the hands on mom and exposed her kids a little too much. I don’t see any other celebrity exposing their children on the level that she does, and they are hands on A-listers and more popular than JG and actually working in movies!!!!

  • common sense thinker

    @jessica @Robert @Kim @Elizabeth
    (all the same person different username?)

    what a disgusting excuse for a human being you are.
    little Violet is a beautiful and adorable little child.

    you sound like you belong in prison. may you never NEVER never never have kids. or be around them.

    all these commenters on celeb children threads- I think are jolie-pitt fans, jealous and NOT wanting other famous children to stand out or seem more adorable. DISGRACEFUL. now bow your head in shame. jp fans are scum!
    children are innocent!
    PROTECT the children from these scums. thumb them down.


  • Hayley

    @common sense thinker:
    I agree.
    Disgusting how they address little children like fully grown adults.

    ”washed-up has been daughter” shes 6. she hasnt even ”begun”.

    ”just like her mom,sl@t” what.the.hell.

    ”of course the girl is a ho..just like her mother” what the flack. ho?how can a child be a ho? they make daisy chain necklaces. and play with play dough.

    ”is she retarded” no.she is not. what the hell. arnt you the retarded one?

    ”why is this kid so ugly?” really? gonna call a chid ugly? for reallyz?

    ”Poor children……lowering themselves to prositution to make a couple of dollars for the parents” what? how the heck could a 6 year old go into the prostitution business? what? what? what? why are you so evil? what?um whaat?
    what the hell.
    what the hell.
    what the hell.
    what the hell.
    what the hell.
    what the hell.
    what the hell.
    what the hell.
    what the hell.
    what the hell.
    what the hell.
    what the hell.

  • zip it

    @kel: So you write a comment about Ben and his wife than answer yourself with a bad comment about Jlo on the second paragraph…a little schizophrenic lmao!!!

  • Kylie

    FIRST OF ALL..the child is dressed like a ho.
    SECOND OF ALL…I agree with some of the comments…..Ben and Jen’s children are retarded it’s been reported several times.
    I mean, Jen is a media whore that nobody cares about and Ben is a alcoholic….these children are destined for disaster.
    She will be a ho like her Mom…

  • Ines

    hahahahhahahah this is so funny. the child is a looser.
    why is she sooooo ugly????????
    her dad is 100% a pedophile…he loves to see her in little tiny outfits like that.

    WHAT A HO…..