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Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev: Influence Affair Couple

Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev: Influence Affair Couple

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev pose for a picture together at The Influence Affair on Saturday (April 21) in Bel Air, Calif.

The 33-year-old Vampire Diaries actor hosted the event, whose aim was to connect business leaders, change-making strategists, and visionaries to begin developing a better, kinder and greener future.

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The Influence Affair benefitted Ian‘s foundation. The IS Foundation is an environmentalist organization whose aim is to empower, educate, and collaborate with people and projects to positively impact the planet and its creatures.

After the dinner, artist Erik Wahl painted Bono in under four minutes – and it looked magnificent The artwork will be auctioned off for ISF!

FYI: Nina is wearing her own personal dress that she bought from a street vendor in Hawaii!

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Credit: Gregg DeGuire; Photos: Getty
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  • Tim

    LOL on so many levels.

  • Saskia

    Awww I’m so proud of Ian Somerhalder ♥

  • Ruthie

    Ian is such a great guy! This is amazing! Don’t know why Nina is there through!

  • Helena

    I love Ian ♥ Uh and the drawing looks so good!

  • *****

    Why do you say that?

  • Maria

    Ian’s trademark smirk is starting to get annoying. Yes, we know you are good looking, but must you have that smirk on every time?

  • tara

    Ian works his butt off for a great cause. Nina is there to get her picture taken. She loves the attention and HAS to be the center of attention or she acts like a spoiled child. Ian I hope wakes up and gets with someone who will work with him for the cause. Not to take the spotlight away from him.

  • Danira

    I heard the event was amazing! I’m very proud of Ian, ISF and all the volunteers! Cleaning up the beach of California is a great cause, BRAVO!

    Way to go Ian! <3

  • Klowee

    Please. You obviously don’t know her. She’s his girlfriend and wants to be there for him. She’s anything like a spoiled child. Before she moved from Bulgaria to Canada, her family hadn’t got a thing. Nina is one of the most down to earth celebs out there, so check the facts, before you start talking!

  • Irena

    @tara: Totally agree with you Tara! Ian works his butt off while Miss Dobrev only shows up to get attention! If it wasn’t for Ian, she wouldn’t get half as much press! She is such a attention seeker! :(

  • Paula


    Nina was there to support the cause, just like Julie Plec and a few other TVD people were.

  • Paula


    Yeah, having another star from TVD will be so harmful for the cause, having more star power at charity events is always so bad /end sarcasm.

  • mlllllllllllle

    I don’t get his permanent one side smile.
    I can’t bear that, it’s everything but natural.

  • Ruthie

    @Paula Julie was there? Thats awesome, who else?

  • Paula


    You actually sound like a jealous stalker. Going through some paparazzi videos and overanalyzing one minute videos of Nina’s facial expressions sounds really desperate.

  • Egoiste

    nah..i wish! it’s just such fun,to watch little sis gushing about match made in heaven at some board,where they bring all the stuff they can find about them,after we really saw them during Coachella. Drunk me best fun ever!
    Jared is crazy about the fact that they aknowledged him twice and gushing over them too. I love to read here sometimes how lonely fangirls dreaming about having same relationship ignoring the obvious!

  • E

    @Egoiste: Nina was at the beach helping.

  • Tvfan

    Starting countdown how soon horny teens and desparete housewives will come here do defend the fairytail they wrote themselves?
    My respect to Somerhalder,as was said he is working his ass out for a good deed and he is good at it!
    Also my admiration to him for the class he is handeling the situation with fanservice. He is a professional.
    Almost no mistakes as was made during his previous events and even when all accidents Nina caused with fanservice again will pop up (and they will) fans wont believe it,they already see her as a hostess of the event, even if it is obvious for everyone who knows the protocol of such events that she was there just as co star.

  • anna8

    Nina is beautiful and is anything but an attention hog! She is one of the classiest people in the business.

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    …cute couple. Ian’s doing a lot of good.

  • Liz

    You people all sound completely and utterly insane. Round of applause to EVERYONE that attended an event for a good cause. Even if was just to get their picture taken. Their money still went to the foundation.

  • Valentina

    First of all Nina is his girlfriend so she has every right to be there to support him…second there were a lot of cast members and producers, plus others CW stars..
    It was an event for a good cause, everybody needs to shut up and be more respectful.

  • Observer

    I actually was a fan of ian until he started to talk way too much for his own good, well at least he is doing a good cause, as for the nina chick the snob didnt even attend the beach event. If you classify the dumb chick with the handbag holding her sandals as her attending the beach event then she is one dumb bitch, the cute smiles and soft voice during interviews is all an act, dumb bogans, if u want dignified actors check out depp and mathew fox from lost now they r true actors, all this media attention that ian is seeking for is foundation is going to come back and bite him in the ass

  • JLove

    He really looks like a vampire

  • Dani

    You can hate on Nina as much as you want but not here…C’mon guys this is really ridiculous!
    Ian is a wonderful Guy with a big heart! He uses his frame to do good….I ADMIRE HIM SO MUCH FOR THAT! Never change Ian! Kudos to you!

    I’m also glad so many Co-Stars support his cause! Really nice! :)

  • Dave Franco

    Good looking couple. Stop hating on Ian, he’s a good guy but Nina is way too skinny here.

  • Dani

    @JLove Well Vampires are really beautiful! Ian is beautiful in and outside! He is the most humble and down to earth Guy ever!

    STOP THE HATE GUYS….its really incredible :(

  • tara

    @Klowee: Actually, she moved to Toronto when she was 2. Scarborough to be exact and yes I do know how Nina acts. She loves attention and must be the center to attention.

  • Nothing

    Oh stop crying, good looking people can do no wrong? The cunts got millions and lots of horny fans.

  • ashley

    come on people!! why all the hate on Nina? she was there supporting him! you know why? because she is his girlfriend . it’s not like she was saying that this was her event or something like that. I don’t think she deserves this kind of comments ’cause she is a wonderful person and she doesn’t necessary have to be everywhere he is!! I’m really proud and happy for Ian, but really really disappointed that people think this way of Nina, don’t judge what you see only in pictures or mini videos of only seconds

  • Verite

    Wow as soon as I saw this post I knew that the usual Nina critiques would be out in full force. I don’t understand what all your problem is? Is she YOUR girlfriend? What the hell do you care if she’s spoiled or whiny or attention seeking or using this guy the way you think? You don’t know her and you don’t know him. Oh and Tara…yeah, knowing someone from high school or something is knowing them NOW like nobody ever grows up or matures or learns new behaviors right? Come on people its always the same crowd hating and ragging on Nina. She’s a kid. She’s having fun. She’s got a hot guy all over her. She’s making money most of us will never see in a lifetime. Even if all she ever did was bang this guy ONCE most of us would poop all over ourselves if he just looked our way. Talk about desperate teens and housewives — who the hell are all these people who come out here and jump all over this girl’s pictures as if they are far more superior. Can you do better? If so go out there and do it!

  • Truth


  • Verite

    Oh and you people are never happy. She doesn’t show up for one of his events its all “why didn’t she show up….because she doesn’t really care”. She does show up and its all “she doesn’t want to be there, she just wants the attention”. She tweets about something and you are on her. She doesn’t and you are on her. She poses for a picture with Ian and she’s just using him. She doesn’t pose and she’s just teasing people. They aren’t really dating but on the other hand if they are she’s using him and not good enough. Hell people what’s a girl to do to make people happy? Whatever, if that man just stepped into the same room with me I would hyperventilate let alone have his arms around me … even if it was for show.

  • Tvfan

    as was predicted Nians are here to defend.
    first of all no one said a bad word about Ian here. He got respect b/c he deserves it.He indeed using his fame for good. I doubt there is a person who met him who can say that he is ot a decent guy or hypocrate
    Nina on the other hand reached her limit with fans.Even respect to Ian can’t make ppl shut up and stop telling about encounters with real Dobrev who is a snob and hypocrite and despareta for attention
    she is his gf? really? she almost admited that she even doesn’t have a bf during PCA.
    she is his co worker he needs to pose with to please fans. Ian before and after vacation repeats as on record that show biz is to satisfy fans wishes
    fans want Nian,they got Nian.

  • Truth

    @Verite I could not have said It better,THANK YOU <3

  • KissThis

    I might be the only one, but I think they are an annoying couple. He’s too old for her. She seems very immature and he seems full of himself these days. He didn’t seem that way a couple years ago, but now he’s whoring himself out and every event he can possibly attend and she tags along like a little puppy.

  • Meh

    This is completely, utterly, ridiculous. Instead of sitting on your ass, and complaining, go ahead and try to do something that helps IS. Because you’re all so mighty, and good for him. This is all none of your business, girlfriend, or not, she attends, or not, that is none of your business. Oh what one of you would’ve done if you got some hate like this. You guys don’t need to prove how good Nina is, if they don’t believe that, let them be. Thank god, he bless us with brains to think with.

  • http://@tamjonfan Nawal

    Oh I see the bitter SE fans are out in full today! Don’t be jelly because Ian and Nina are getting good press. What Ian is doing is a great thing and Nina is there as his gf and co-worker supporting him. He’s doing good things but I guess haters gotta hate.

  • Sarah Rose

    So proud of Ian Somerhalder and all he does for the environment and animal protection. Ian along with his true love, Nina Dobrev, who was helping him host the event, are the most gracious couple one could ever want to meet. Not only are they perfect as a couple, they are the most genuine and sincere two people anyone could ever have the pleasure to spend time with. It was nice to see other celebrities there too. Julie Plec, Kayla Ewell, Claire Holt, Maggie Grace, Desiree Siahaan (Ian’s leading lady from Marco Polo) and many many more. Erik Wahl, a wonderful artist was part of the entertainment., as well as a Cirque du (Somerhalder) Soleil performers and live music entertainment by Capital City and with DJ Josh LeCash.

    I am not sure why every time JJ posts an article on Ian and Nina the haters come to comment on this website, other than the fact they are extremely unhappy in their own lives and they cannot stand to see happiness in others. Obviously it is not because they are interested in Ian and Nina. To those that do come to read positive articles about Ian and Nina, please just show the “haters” pity… and look upon them with remorse.

    JJ, thanks for the article. Ian and Nina are truly the definition of PERFECTION together.

  • Rayne

    @Tvfan: Nians are her to defend, because we came here to read an article about Ian and NIna. Why are you are? Just to show hate and to wallow in your own miserable life by hating on others. Good Grief! Go read articles and make comments on websites that make you happy, if that is even possible.

  • Lina

    NIna an attention grabber? Seriously? We hardly ever hear anything about Nina. She’s a very quiet person who likes to keep her personal life personal. You want to talk about attention grabbers, look at the Kardashians. Leave Nina alone. To the person who claimed that Nina was simply carrying her sandals and bag around the beach, while others were helping out, you had the wrong person. That woman in the black coat, who was seen in pictures, that wasn’t Nina. Get your facts straight before you jump to ridiculous conclusions. Unless you know Nina personally, you have nothing to say about the kind of person she is, or isn’t.

  • Gossipgirl

    They are so GD adorable! I like this couple!

  • Marie

    A beautiful man with a beautiful smile and he has to creep the world out with that smirk. He even does it during interviews. :/

  • Mel

    WTF is wrong with you people. If you don’t like Nina or Ian, it’s really simple don’t read an article about them.

  • mimi

    Ok, you people are effing insane. Stop hating on Nina… I mean seriously wtf did she ever do to you? Kill you your mother? First off I don’t see how she’s trying to gain attention at all , and she can go where ever the hell she wants to go without your god damn permission. BTW jealousy is an ugly trait , it’s not her fault she’s beautiful and you’re not.

  • lea

    @Ruthie: Nina is there to support her boyfriend obviously?

  • haz

    uhh….why wouldn’t Nina be there? If your partner had a work function or something which they were hosting, you would go…so of course it makes sense for Nina to be there! Plus, Candice and Kayla were there too, the whole TVD cast supports each other and Ian’s environmental efforts.
    Nina and Ian are great as a couple, and as separate people and actors…if you don’t think so, fine, but just keep it to yourself
    Also, LOL at the fact that TVfan, Irena and tara comment negatively and hatefully on every single Nina/ian article…if you hate them just don’t read the articles…I do not understand your logic….

  • Scarlet

    I like Ian and NIna, but reading you the FAN (atics) and the HATERS are the worst. You are the same.

    I have an opinion, but they only know what they have. If they are doing it just for the fans, for promoting themselves and the show (as probably is what is happening) so let it be. They are grown up people to do whatever they want to do !!! When it comes to celebrities the reality is so so different so the haters and the Nian fans as much as you love them or hate them, we have no idea.

  • Clare

    Yep, I dread coming to a JJ article because it’s the same old jealous, bitter, no life hater. TRULY SAD AND PATHETIC!! Some little girl’s not getting her own way about something.
    Funny how you seem to be following their every move…..could you get anymore interested? Hmm.
    Seriously, drop dead haters, you suck hiding behind your big computer screens insulting people you don’t even know….wow, what an asset you are to the world.

    I’m very proud to call myself a Nina and Ian fan. Love their work as actors and their quest to make the world a better place.

  • giorgia

    oh Paul jealousy fans out here.. as always.
    Just ignore them, they come here everytime to say bullshit about Ian & Nina. No matter what they do, they’ll criticize them anyway.
    It’s incredibile :/ i heard the event was amazing im happy. Ian is a very wonderful man!