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Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber: 'Boyfriend' Set Snuggles!

Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber: 'Boyfriend' Set Snuggles!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez embrace on the set of Justin‘s upcoming music video “Boyfriend” on Saturday (April 21) in Los Angeles.

The 18-year-old pop star and his 19-year-old girlfriend looked thrilled to see each other and shared a few smooches between takes!

Justin tweeted about the video, saying, “great shoot today. gonna chill the rest of the night. heading to the UK tomorrow. Shoutout to my dude CHUNKY BIEBER. haha.”

10+ pics inside of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber on the set of Justin‘s new music video…

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justin bieber selena gomez boyfriend set 01
justin bieber selena gomez boyfriend set 02
justin bieber selena gomez boyfriend set 03
justin bieber selena gomez boyfriend set 04
justin bieber selena gomez boyfriend set 05
justin bieber selena gomez boyfriend set 06
justin bieber selena gomez boyfriend set 07
justin bieber selena gomez boyfriend set 08
justin bieber selena gomez boyfriend set 09
justin bieber selena gomez boyfriend set 10

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  • yikes

    He’s such a tit.

  • Wes

    Gotta love lesbians :)

  • mlllllllllllle

    Oh Sweet Lord ! My Eyes ! Pedophilia Pedophilia !

  • ehhhh

    i’m gonna throw up a rainbow .

  • Sara

    its weird every time i see him like on the beach, i compare his 18 year old body, to the WHOLE 1 direction group who are only 16-17….and they are actually Buffed up!

  • Lil

    This crap belongs on Just Jared Jr.

  • ironclad

    the poor kid can barely hold her and she’s all over him..creepy and desperate for a almost 20 year old woman.

  • Emma

    @Sara: One direction are 18-20 year olds

  • lauren

    they remind of ”zanessa” but more open

  • KissThis

    is it just me or are they starting to look alike? yuck.

  • aimee

    it doesn’t make sense that hollywood teens think growing up means being able to straddle your legs around your bf in public. mature adults show their affection more appropriately in public.

  • A

    Seriously, I don’t want to see this s*** Jared. Put it on Just jared junior.

  • boo!

    @ironclad: I thought the same thing! In half the pictures I saw on other sites he looks a little uncomfortable and she’s all over him. I’m assuming they haven’t seen each other in a while?

  • trent

    @ironclad: i agree on the she’s almost 20 and behaves like that but thats depends she never did that with her other boyfriends in public. then again she dated a mommy’s boy and a douche bag before justin.

  • s

    And this is the girl who called their kiss cam moment ‘humiliating’! Yea right!

  • John


  • Dakota

    This half MESSYCANT is such a medi whore always hugging up on Beiber while in public. I’ll be glad when he dumps her weird looking girl.

  • Effy

    A few days ago Selena said on the Ryan Seacrest radio show that kissing Justin on the Lakers Kiss Cam was “humiliating.” So what’s the difference with the PDA she’s showing here? She’s getting so hypocritical these days.

  • Crawford

    He can do better I hope he realizes this before she turns into an obese hairy faced pointy chinned shaved eyebrowed CHOLA.

  • Kathie

    You can tell that she likes him more than he likes her he is putting up with it because she is sexually loose and will do anything to keep him.

  • Gossipgirl

    Ugh….just, ugh….

  • Jamie

    She is a slu tty exhibitionist trying to hang on to this white guy she was the same when she dated one of the Jonas Bros. until he had enough of her clinging desperation and dumped her. Why doesn’t she try dating a Mexican for a change?

  • Mary H.

    I thought she found kissing him humiliating….

  • Annie

    Give them a break they’re just living their life

  • T

    Do you guys ever grow the **** up and stop hating on Justin for no reason. You don’t even know him or Sel, gosh you guys are so immature! You guys laugh at Justin, he’s laughs at your bank account, oops do you even have one?

  • http://N/A Kelly

    Selena is not loose and definitely not a slut! She is a classy, down to earth woman. Justin is damn lucky to have her. At least she doesn’t behave like an idiot in public and pull stupid stunts to get attention unlike some people!

  • Joshua.


  • gemma

    they’re on a closed set, not in a public arena………….

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  • david b conway

    dear jared jr, .com web site hi my name is david conway and my comments to here is that just to me about justin bieber and his girl friend selena gomez , it is so hard to love selena gomez , just when she act,s like gong hoe about her life and her career and not to think about her younger fan,s that can,t not watch her motion picture of spring , breaker and they are to young to watch that kind of movie , and second question i have is that , selena gomez already admited that movie is not sudble just for her younger fan,s and my question is that what does she have just her younger fan,s now when she comfirmed that second sequel of her motion picture of her old tv show movie was cancell ,love david conway

  • david b conway

    page 2 / by david conway , and back on topic about justin bieber , i do love justin bieber his is not the problem at all to me , it,s only about selena gomez it,s not like they are married to each other ,, and why are selena gomez , hovoring over justin bieber for may i ask , and just with justin bieber he is the one that loves the younger fan,s than selena gomez , it just looks like selena marie gomez , is trying to sell her body just for more money by saving her career that is al,most gone and over just for selena gomez , she what,s to sell her body just for the high player just to justin bieber , love david b conway

  • Angel Wortham

    I think that they are amazing together and that she’s a perfect set for him and he’s a perfect fit for her !! Im soo glad that they go out they are cute she’s mad lucky to have him as her beau