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Ian Somerhalder Interested in 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Film!

Ian Somerhalder Interested in 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Film!

Ian Somerhalder blows a kiss to the camera while entering the Fred Segal store on Monday (April 23) in West Hollywood, Calif.

Earlier in the day, the 33-year-old Vampire Diaries star grabbed some food and noshed on his way into the clothing boutique!

That morning, Ian stopped by Ryan Seacrest‘s show, where the host asked him about a potential interest in starring in the cinematic version of the novel “Fifty Shades of Grey”.

“I absolutely would be up for that… Absolutely. That would be a pretty incredible thing. And hopefully that could pan out, I think” Ian said of playing the leading role of Christian Grey.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE Ian Somerhalder star in “Fifty Shades of Grey”??

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  • Maree

    I think he’d suit it, he’s got the whole smoldering look down, and his eyes are amazing! And he’d be great at the whole ‘dark’ side of Christian.
    He might be a few years too old though, I’m not sure how the casting people are doing it, unfortunately I heard they’re trying to cast unknowns…but that could be a rumor

  • emm

    I love you so so much Ian, but please….TAKE OFF THE HAT D:

  • A

    No…not as Christian…please don’t ruin the book.

  • alex

    yeah..what’s with the hats recently..

  • Meee

    Omg!! He’d be perfect!! Way better then nasty Robert Patterson!!

  • lold

    Fedora – check.
    Creepy smirk – check.

    No thanks.

  • BEAN

    NO he wouldn’t suit it. Get a proper actor that actually looks like a man — christian bale perhaps.

  • BEAN

    @lold: Thank you! He might be good looking but he is certainly not attractive. He’s creepy.

  • Sharon

    I read Fifty Shades and LOVED IT. However, this is going to be a major movie not TV. I’m sure that Ian has alot of younger 12-16 and possibly older fans. But this movie has to be an actor who can act. Ian is known for being hot. I’ve seen the show he’s on and it’s a good show but his acting is well, just not great enough for this book turned movie. Sorry. I want to see someone like Chris Pine or Orlando Bloom or Ryan Gosslin. They are incredibly gorgeous men who are great actors.

  • Lea


  • Dream on

    His chance in film flopped a few years ago., he’s a CW guy. This role needs a real actor like Bomer or Cavill!

  • Sharon

    @BEAN: Forgot about Christian. He would be EXCELLENT

  • Sam

    I think they could’ve DEFINITELY picked a more flattering picture of the guy considering what the topic is about… and he is an extremely attractive guy so it couldn’t have been that hard :-/

  • niagirl

    Theo James hands down. Under thirty, Coppered colored hair,Tall,Sexy,Deep voice,Beautiful smile,and looks awesome onscreen lovemaking.

  • crimsonangel

    No thanks, that would totally ruin the book for me. You need someone sexy and confident and commanding, not Ian.

  • call me crazy but…..

    Read a bit of this book online….dialogue was terrible. Very poorly written. Bad fanfic meets p0rn. Just that one excerpt showed what drivel the book is.

  • Jamie

    People know that Fifty was a Twilight fanfiction called Master of the Universe, right? It was hugely popular in the Twilight fandom, and “Christian” is actually Edward…and yada yada? I feel like more people should know this. Twilight fanfic fans, and there are MANY, read this for free two years ago.

  • greengrass

    @Dream on: Henry Cavill or Matt Bomer would be perfect but they both are booked with new major movie roles with premium directors plus TV for Matt so doubt they would have time. Good backup is Garrett Hedlund!

  • Stacie

    I really Love the book . Don’t get me wrong i love Ian I’m just not sure about him playing Christian. I was thinking more along the lines of Michael Fassbender , Chris Pine or Matt Bomer. Because it has to be someone Hot but a good actor as well . Ian is just Pretty to look at .

  • Meee

    Garrett hedlund would be the best!!!! He is f*ing sexy!!!

  • Meee

    Fassbender and bomer are too old

  • JenniferH

    @Sharon: I’m in my late 30s and have quite a few friends in that age range who watch TVD and adore Ian Somerhalder and think he’s mighty fine. You forget Ian was on Lost also, so he has fans in the 30-40 range aplenty. As for your picks, it’s subjective. I think Chris Pine is okay, and Ryan Reynolds does absolutely nothing for me. And as someone who’s watched ALL of Ian’s acting, I find him a better actor than all three of your choices (even Orlando, whom I love).

  • amy

    No way. he even kisses with that weird side smirk.

  • http://AestasBookBlog Aestas

    I sincerely hope that the casting powers that be decide to cast an UNKNOWN actor as Christian Grey. As a big fan of the books, I’d like to be able to walk into a movie theater and look at the screen and only think “Fifty/Christian”, not Ian, or Damon, or Ryan, or Robert, or Alex or any other famous actor who is being considered for the role. I’m hoping for a blank slate, a guy who can just be Christian Grey.

  • Gossipgirl

    @Aestas: I totally agree with you here; some fresh blood would be great!

  • pup

    Matt Bomer hands down as Fifty. Have you seen him in a suit on White Collar? MY GOD. PERFECTION.

  • sas

    Noooo not Ian – he can NOT pull off “every womans fantasy” .

  • Funny

    Kinda sad that Ian staged this with Ryan just to get his name out there.

  • perfect choice

    Ian Somerhalder is the first person I envisioned as Christian Grey. He has the looks, the smolder and he most certainly can act. I have watched him since he was on Young Americans. I think he can handle the mercurial fifty shades! I would love to see him get it.

  • sarah

    ewwwwwww why is anyone interested in making SUCH a horrible HORRIBLE book into a movie? Besides HBO (who would love to film all the nudity) who else wants to film this crap? It’s literally porn. All they do is have sex, more sex, fight, have sex, complain about food, have sex, then have more SEX. There is no story, no real story. I read it and it was was HORRIBLE. Seriously, no one will watch this crap. Except people who want to see the main characters naked, but i’m guessing its going to be the worst movie ever.

  • maria

    me gustaria que alexander skarsgard hiciera el papel, pero no creo que aceptara por que esta buscando cosas mas interesantes…pero este chico de la foto (aca no es conocido) no me gusta ni un poco, tipico chico que resulta bonito para las teens, pero nada nada sexy.

  • TheBathroomStop

    Thats a nice looking hat!

  • Carmen

    Ian in Fifty Shades of Grey??
    Oh gosh…
    It’s definitely different when you consider that Fifty Shades of Grey used to be called “Master of the Universe” and it was a Twilight Fanfiction so Christian was Edward Cullen..
    puuuh… but I think Ian would also be great for this role…
    but are they going to cut the bdsm stuff or are they going to film them too…???

  • Carmen

    yeah!! :)
    and It’s still one of the best fanfics Ive read until today! :)

  • nanci

    I see Jonathan Rhys Meyers. He’s got the smolder and personality for this role. He’s also a good actor.

  • erm

    @Sharon: I agree i feel like Ian just plays himself he played a cocky role in lost just the same in TVD , someone like chris Pine who has the smolder look and great acting ability to match

  • CaliGirl

    I think Ian would be an excellent fit for the character of Christian Grey. He’s got playing angst down to a science and he’s a master at being sexy, mysterious, and damaged (Hello, Damon Salvatore!).

    I think that casting an actor with some credits under his belt, whether it be television or movies, would be better for the movie than casting an unknown. Ian may not be a major name in film, but he has the potential to be. Just because someone is a television actor does not mean they don’t have the cred or the acting chops to carry a mainstream movie.

  • CaliGirl


    He’s name’s already out there he doesn’t need to stage anything.

  • Susan

    He’s sex on legs! haha would be perfect for the role <33333

  • Susan

    @Funny: RYAN ASKED HIM ABOUT THE ROLE, all Ian did was…giving a honest answer!

  • Anastasia

    What about Colin Egglesfield? Super hot and still relatively unknown…

  • molly

    Come on, the hat is not too bad…

  • Irena

    I love the hat and him! He’s incredible sexy, a great actor and would make a great Christian Grey!

  • mary2

    ian is a perfect actor for this

  • Sayer

    Ian is good at playing smoldering, cruel and sexy.

  • sue


    Are you kidding me? He’s every girls fantasy boyfriend.

  • RobstenFreak

    I don’t think he can pull this off..when all is said and done, it comes down to chemistry, famous or unknown..its like instant magic and it is rare..Robert and Kristen’s chemistry was thrilling and carried all 5 movies..yea, yea, I said it and probably will get alot of rolling eyes..but since I know that the characters were ‘loosely’ based on Bella and Edward, I just see them, tho I don’t think for a minute they would even consider it..just saying..

  • Angel*

    Would LOVE to see Ian cast as Christian!!!!He has the whole sexy,smoldering thing going on—-HANDS DOWN!!!!!!!!!

  • Angel*

    @sue: Agree with you 1,000%!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ella

    Henry Cavill is perfect! Ian Somerholder is almost 34yrs old and not as good an actor.