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Zac Efron: I Want to be 'Exactly Like' Tom Cruise in 30 Years

Zac Efron: I Want to be 'Exactly Like' Tom Cruise in 30 Years

Zac Efron looks dapper while leaving an office building on Monday (April 23) in London, England.

The 24-year-old actor jetted across the pond to promote his latest project, The Lucky One, which he screened in NYC with co-star Taylor Schilling.

Over the weekend, Zac participated in a Twitter Q&A session where one fan asked, “How do you imagine yourself in 30 years?”

“A little wrinklier?” Zac joked. “Hopefully exactly like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. Chasing down bad guys.”

In case you missed it, check out some new stills from Zac‘s other movie, The Paperboy, featuring Nicole Kidman!

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  • tsquared

    Oh noooo don’t say that! Off screen he is a cult nut case.

  • Alexis

    Hahahaha! That’s THE LAST person I’d want to be like.

  • Lauren

    Who Cares what he would look like in 30 years he would prolly have more money then all of you and still look good.

  • Sam

    closeted and creepy?

  • me

    lol his movie flopped so bad… he cant have a number one anymore… at least not just using his name… loling at all his fans saying this movie it was going to be like “The Vow”. the last Miley Cyrus/Sparks movie did it better.

  • an

    It’s crazy how good looking he is!
    An of course, once again JJ took the part of the interview he wanted… I mean come on, stop drawing haters’ attention, you know they’ll take any chance to belittle him.
    He was talking about action movies!

  • Sean

    Well then make a decent movie 1st..

  • Derpina


    The Last Song
    First weekend: $16,007,426
    Debuted in 4

    The Lucky One
    First weekend $22,805,000
    Debuted in 2

    Of course the Miley Cyrus movie did it better

  • Sara

    Yes, if you want to be short, gay and ugly.

  • babasama

    Ultra G _ _ sorry but i think it is reality!

  • babasama

    @Sara: you re my hero lol


    OMFG seriously? of all human being/Actors out there it has to be creepy Tom Cruise for u ZE?

    ROFL………..all the best………LOL

  • anonymous

    Well at least Zac is a lot more handsome than Tom!!

  • My 2 Cents

    Wow Zac is looking so handsome I loved “the Lucky One” he did a great job. Lots’ of jealousy here again, no matter how anyone feels this film is a hit movie. It overperfomed and all I can say is it cemented Zac Efron as a star that can carry a film on his name alone. Congrats and Zac your the Lucky one for the Win!!!.

    P. S. for those comparing this to the Last Song that was based on a five day opening since it opened on a Wesnesday compared to The Lucky One which opened on a Friday. It opened second to “Dear John” based on all films based on a Nicholas Sparks novels.

  • MrJeffery

    he looks handsome!

  • Lronhub

    He wants to be “exactly like Tome Cruise in 30 years”???

    you mean an insane closet case gay who is part of a scamming cult???

  • Zzz

    damn you!! I was going to say the same exact thing but you beat me to it. Ow well next time.


    LOLOLOL!!!!!!! not even gonna be relevant or win a SINGLE Golden Globe in the next 30 years.


  • um

    Tom Cruise has just made his biggest hit of his entire career (8billion total) this year, no way in hell is zac going to do this three decades from now.

    oh by the way, the jealous idiots who are still working 8-4 at starbucks and will never make the hundreds of millions Cruise made from his acting AND his good looks. You might as well volunteer at a library so you won’t die pathetic too.

  • Zileuton

    who the hell does he think he is anyway? he’s no hearthrob! he must’ve been during HSM days for tweens and i found him pretty hot then too in my immature days, but i have gotten over his appeal…and there are too many guys out there in hollywood anyway, so nobody quite falls into that category for a good period of time, there’s always someone who pops out of nowhere to claim that title for another brief period of time…HE’S TRYING REALLY HARD THESE DAYS TO LOOK LIKE A WOMANIZER, and that’s pretty damn creepy. His words sound desperate for some female attention and i guess he’s trying way too hard to not look like a homosexual. He obviously thinks he’s in line to become the next dicaprio or tom cruise…that too, with movies like lucky one and charlie st. cloud whatever that was! atleast vaness is better than him, she’s just living in the moment, not dropping off condoms super-randomly, not comparing herself to angelina jolie or kate winslet and is just doing her thing! I think the condom incident was also pre-planned! please zacky, dont be so damn desperate!

  • Zzz

    @my 2 cents
    he couldn’t even beat a movie that openend in barley over 2000 theathers in 1000 less theaters then his movie did and did not have the promotion it got and it still got it’s ass kicked by over $10 million. Look at this site for example how many think like a man posts have there been compared to the lucky one. What’s going to happen when he faces competition in a fair fight? And don’t count your chickens before they hatch I see both think like a man and the lucky one taking big drops this weekend and then when the avengers comes to town it will destroy and ruin everything. Both movies better make as much as they can while the can before it’s too late.

  • ColinG

    Guess we will see act like a pansy on the Opera show!

  • ozzie

    i never understood why Cruise is such a high paid actor … he plays the same stupid character in every one of his movies … not a good actor at all

  • porknpie

    what an arrogant lil puppet, omg, he prolly has a tattoo of tom somewhere on his body too, Sad Commentary !

  • Sapphira

    he looks SO handsome!

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    The new King of Hollywood wants to be like the old Queen, I mean King?! Zac, leave the cults, the closet and the arranged marriages behind and follow your own path.

  • Darkwolf

    For some actors, that’s what pays the bills. They play the same character type, make millions for it, and walk away happy. You think you can do better?

  • mlllllllllllle

    Scientology on the phone.

  • PoisonIvy

    He wants to be like Tom Cruise? Who would say something like that?? Tom’s batsh!t crazy and a bit desperate, who wantsto be that?

  • ash

    jared stop quoting twisted things for your post title.that’s mean.

  • lolicon

    totally AGREE!!!!
    and TC’s weird looking…and stupid…
    I guess he said that cuz it’s a twitterview,questions are asked so quickly and he has no time to think about what he really wants to be…and he’s friend with TC,and I still remember that TC and KH was not happy about anne hathaway just bc she played KH on snl….LOL,maybe cuz zac and TC re friends and he doesnt want TC’s family to hate him.

  • My 2 cents

    @Zzz: I’m sorry but your nuts if you think almost 23 million is a failure. I know the big films will be out soon and the bulk of the box office is in the first week of any film. Also, I think that the studio Warner bros was only expecting about 16 million since this film is geared for a specific audience. Nichlolas Sparks stays true to his genre so I never expected a broad range of people to want to see a romance. So it is what it is a romantic film geared towards women and men with a heart. So as I see it Zac pulled it off with flying colors .

  • thetis

    @My 2 Cents:

    Lesson about movies badly needed here so listen up – the success of a movie is not judged by its opening weekend but the legs it has or doesn’t have meaning whether it can sustain itself to make back its production, marketing, foreign release costs.

    Many movies start great and die fast. Also I give them credit the trailers were mostly him and Taylor taking off clothes

  • R U sure

    @My 2 Cents It opend in Austrailia at # 1 for the weekend as it will most likly everywhere. This opening in the U.S was far bigger than what Warners was expecting. A movie doesn’t have to open at # 1 to be considered a success. Lets see how it plays out. Oh and please forgive Zzzz he or she had a bad expierence with Zac , unlike the ones I had. he is always great.

  • oooh

    marrried with children and gay on the side, niice, that is exactly like cruise, and not forget, marriages limited to ten years

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • sjk

    So proud of Zac and the work he is doing. The Lucky One really was good. Zac did a great job with his character. Can’t wait to go see it again! Love that he is working hard and following his dreams, inspite of those that want to tear him down.

  • http://@rayudi Drew

    hahaha well, there you have it. He’s gay (bummer)

  • Tom

    In the closet?

  • kyle

    The movie is a great hit. It performed even better than The Notebook movie. Congratulations, Zac for the movie’s earning of more than $22 million for its opening day. Haters must be pulling their hair by now. Lol.


    good idol to have..Tom is top dog

  • VanessaAnneHudgens

    You moron. The Lucky One did not flop. How do you figure that? It opened at number two with almost $23 million. It was the second best opening for a Sparks movie ever; much better than The Last Song.

  • LMAO

    @R U sure: So you claim to know who Zzz is, and what happened between him/her and Zac. Then Zac isn’t Mr Wonderful, is he?? Makes me hate this jerk-off even more, and you people who defend his a$$. “oh, he’s so sweet to his fans”… what? Fans put money in his pocket. He’s not an idiot.

  • R U sure

    @LMAO I was talkng about something Zzzz said s you would not understand anyway , anything he did you wou would not understand anyway. haters don’t take the time to see good ,only bad, I always said Zac was not perfect. so you don’t know what I’m talking about and you hate him.

  • TheHungerButch

    @kyle: The Lucky One might be performed better than the Notebook but The Notebook gonna still outgrossing The Lucky One because its got better review and good word of mouth. TLO, most of it is negative reviews and bad word of mouth. I watch Think Like A Man, this week and it’s so funny…

  • j.aniston’s dried useless cunt

    Well, Zac if the rumors are true you’re more like Tom Cruise even now than any of us realize.

  • florence2

    Is’nt that the same suit he wore for the premier wonder if Taylor was inside to holdhis hand for whatever went on inside the building

  • http://Lala Aiwen

    Second pic!MELT!!!

  • Rachel

    He looks so handsome here!
    And yes the lucky one has done well! It had a solid opening in US and Australia! Hopefully it’ll do well in UK too!

  • Zileuton

    You and Mr. Jeremy seem to be a little delusional here, saying a rather stupid thing after many hate comments:P