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Adam Lambert Covers 'Instinct' May 2012

Adam Lambert Covers 'Instinct' May 2012

Adam Lambert takes the cover of Instinct‘s May issue, out on newsstands now.

Here’s what the 30-year-old singer had to share with the mag:

On reaching out to new fans: “As a community, we’re a little bit resistant to a gay male pop star ourselves. It’s very easy for people to look at my origin, which is American Idol, and automatically assume that I’m a commercial sellout or a puppet or a flash in the pan. I don’t think I’m any of those things. There’s something weird there. We’re very eager to celebrate a strong female. But to celebrate a fellow gay man – it gets catty sometimes.”

On his new album, Tresspassing: “This is the kind of music I listen to. I know the style of vocal I have is kind of big. It has a certain edge to it. I’ve always loved rock, but I also love stuff that is more groove-based, more funky, more soulful, more dance music.”

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  • CJ

    Great cover. I’ll look forward to reading the interview.

  • J.Taylor


    From the snippets it sounds to me like Adam has made a perfect Pop – Funk – Dance album!

  • carina

    love him!!!

  • Jake

    Adam is hot on that cover but then he always is one sexy dude! I agree with him, we just had that conversation the other day, the LGBT community wants to put straight strong females on a pedestle for their inspiration when in reality it’s people like Adam, out and proud gay with amazing talent who struggles to be heard and keeps fighting for it no matter how many obstacles get in his way that inspires me and should inspire them all! Come on people, support your own and quit eating them!
    BTW, Adam is sexy on that cover!!! He’s one Hot guy!!

  • Sharon

    @Jake: Why can’t all gay men think like you. Seriously the lesbian community support Adam why can’t the gay males do the same. I’ve never seen any music artist have to struggle so hard to get recognition both on radio and in the music industry in general. All these straight males and females getting awards for what? Cheezy pop songs please I can’t even stand to listen to 99% of what’s on the radio today. It’s that bad. Best way we can support Adam and his music is to buy and request it on radio. A show of support is crucial by as many as possible. He’s too good to ignore much longer.

  • alien

    I’m gonna definitely look for this when I go to B&N next. Great cover.

  • Bill

    @Jake: Lambert was mentioned on 1 Girl 5 Gays last night for similar reasons! Good on ‘ya for your post, thx.

  • Marcia

    In what world is Adam not being celebrated? He gets tons of promo on TV (how many times has he been on Ellen?) and on radio, where he gets his fair share of airplay. His new song is already on the “Taking Off” list on AllAccess and it’s barely been released. He got a Grammy nomination. He has an army of fans. He’s doing shows with Queen this summer. No one is denying his talent. How does all of that equal NOT being celebrated?

  • MMM

    @Sharon, wish I could thumbs up this a million times!

  • Guest

    Marcia, I suppose some of what you say is absolutely true, maybe even most of it, BUT, more the point is that its frickin ridic that Lambert doesn’t get more radio play! No need for it! BTIKM was totally radio friendly. That’s a “suits” thing though, hope the dj’s and PD’s and MD’s can have some more influence and pull with NCOE

  • pr63

    gay, shmay!! who cares!! adam is a brilliant singer and as gorgeous as all get out. why people can’t see (and hear) this is totally beyond me

  • SEP

    Three more weeks until release of Trespassing. Can’t wait for it! Loved all the snippets. Mostly all of the upbeat ones and from the dark side Chokehold and Underneath are my fav. tracks

  • lking

    Interesting posts today. I will always buy any magazine that has Adam on the cover…not always easy to find. the Big Box mags seem to have very few people other than the Kardashians, which is why I do not subscribe to them.

  • Marcia


    Since I’m a member of every Adam Lambert fan club in existence I know what the initial reaction of the fans was to BTIKM back in December, and if you were there you know that the “it’s ok” and the “I hope it grows on me” comments far outweighed the “hooray” comments – and that was across the board – not just one place. BTIKM is an OK song, not a great song. That said, there’s a lot of excitement for the album so things look good for the future and NCOE is already getting really good spins.

    And btw, Adam gets a lot of airplay every single day. You can go to – put his name in the search bar and you’ll see that there’s never a day or even an hour in a day that Adam isn’t on the radio somewhere.

  • Kathryn

    I absolutely LOVE the cover! So looking forward to his new album! I have completely loved the first two singles and just can’t wait to hear the full version of Underneath, Chokehold, Cuckoo and Outlaws of love! =D
    Wishing you all the luck for Trespassing !
    Adam \m/

  • noplace

    Sharon @ 04/24/2012 at 1:15 pm #5
    I totally agree with you. Great cover. Adam rocks. Love his music.

  • Jason

    @ Marcia: Totally disagree, BTIKM is a great song. Totally agree with Jake.

  • Lissy

    Ooooh pretty cover! I foresee a trip to Barnes & Noble in my future! I’m completely in love with the snippets from the album that we’ve heard so far, can’t wait for the full album!

  • Guest

    @Marcia @ 04/24/2012 at 2:23 pm: “Guest” here again. I didn’t say BTIKM was the best song ever created, I said it was perfectly RADIO FRIENDLY and there was no need for it to be passed over for radio play. A song needs to BE PLAYED to get played. If you don’t get my meaning, whatevs. I am huge Lambert fan, and I am huge radio listener, top 40 and HAC…don’t know quite what your talking about but BTIKM obviously didn’t get good airplay, again, for which there was no need… not enough requests came in some will say, bullcrap. And again I say, any song needs to get played to get requests to be played.

  • hiba

    Looks great as always, looking forward for his album

  • Ann

    Adam is gorgeous on this cover. I’m looking forward to reading the article. I love “Better Than I Know Myself” and I have requested the hell out of it. Luckily I live in an area where BTIKM got a lot of airplay on HAC and it still does … I’ve heard it 3 times so far today. I also love “Never Close Our Eyes” and I’m requesting it daily to my local Top 40 and HAC stations. A DJ at my local HAC station told me that they are getting a lot of requests for NCOE now so I am sure I will hear it there soon. Go Glamberts!!!

  • Elvisthesecond

    I’m still waiting to hear BTIKM and I listen to KISS everyday. I have requested this MANY times and still not hearing it in Central PA. Where are you located?

  • Jesse555

    Never Change, Adam!….Always intelligent, always thoughtful and honest, always classy. You are also the best damn male singer in the world today! I pray you get the respect that you deserve.

  • Ann


    I’m located in Newfoundland labrador, Canada

  • cover

    beautiful boy

  • Meena

    awesome hot cover, Adam is always hot. Can’t wait for Trespassing, loved BTIKM and really love NCOE, well, loved it all from what I’ve heard and love Adam for being such a real,honest,genuine person.

  • JLM

    All the snippets from “Tresspassing” just have me so excited. This album is going to kick buns! Adam is looking gorgeous and the gay community can be caddy against their own – but Adam’s talent just out shines any qualms of any kind.