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Chris Pine & Adrianne Palicki: CinemaCon Awards 2012!

Chris Pine & Adrianne Palicki: CinemaCon Awards 2012!

Chris Pine arrives at the opening night of the 2012 CinemaCon held at Caesars Palace on Monday (April 23) in Las Vegas.

The 31-year-old actor was joined by the cast of G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Adrianne Palicki, her real-life boyfriend D.J. Cotrona, and director Jon M. Chu.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Chris Pine

Dwayne, 39, was presented with the Action Star of the Decade award at the event, which celebrated 100 Years of Outstanding Movie Making from Paramount Pictures.

FYI: Chris suited up in Ermenegildo Zegna with Florsheim Limited shoes, while Adrianne wore a Reem Acra dress.

10+ pictures inside of Chris Pine and others at the 2012 CinemaCon

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Credit: Ethan Miller; Photos: Getty
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  • Dave Franco

    It’s TYRA from FNL. Love that girl! Great actress!

  • Talia

    Why are his har blond? Is this for a new role or something?

  • Whatever

    He is so good-looking!!!!! Love him!

  • Butter_Fly

    I don’t know, I just don’t care for this actor anymore. He seems arrogant, sexist, oh, I better shut up before I get deleted lol.

  • Cintia

    @Butter_Fly Why sexist? I’m just curious to know about that ! And he does seem arrogant

  • Stacie

    Loving Chris … not so much the hair . Good to see him out and about . :D

  • Dee or Deemebr

    AWWW… CP looks gorgeous… the hair is blond for Captain Kirk, Chris Pine is shooting Star Trek sequel…

    Hey Butter_Fly… What are you talking about? sexist? arrogant?… are you out of your butterfly mind?… LOOOOLLLL…

  • Tom


  • Butter_Fly

    @Dee or Deemebr:

    Well, truthfully, since Munngate Part 2, he’s been a total turnoff and his attitude in some interviews make me feel like that. Like when he said something about going shoe shopping with girls in miniskirts and thinking of getting hookers, etc. Always thought he was joking when he made those types of comments, but again, since munngate the sequel, I really believe he’s, umm, icky? Now that I think about it, I dont think I could handle a five minute conversation with him. Haha! Don’t hate me, just my opinion. lol.

  • Dee or Deemebr

    All right then!… LOL… but let me tell you… I have brother, cousins ​​and friends… I know how guys can be… but I still love them nonetheless… I’m not so sensitive about it… I do not believe in perfect people so I do not get disappointed easily… and do not forget we only get the version of “the lady” on the munngate2 … I doubt we will have a version of CP about it … I hope not … better not!

    Then CP is not a “cupcake”! hmmm… but I like him anyway… ;-) :-)

  • Butter_Fly

    @Dee or Deemebr:

    Fair enough! I have a bro also and if I ever heard him talking like that about women I would give him my most evil eye ever. Maybe I am too sensitive. CP’s still arrogant though!

  • Cookiemonster

    @Butter_Fly: Ur not bein sensitive, he really is that gross. He’s just smart enough to keep it private

  • Me

    Adrianne is beautiful!

  • Dee or Deemebr

    Oh I really love that gross… LOOOOLLLL!!!

  • Cookiemonster

    @Dee or Deemebr: You would since you sound like you’re about 10.

  • James

    Dee probably works for Chris Pine’s PR, so we’ll have to excuse her!
    As for Chris’s interviews, they break my brain…..I think the guy “protests” waay too much. LOL Mungate 2 was funny, especially the reply at SXSW.
    Love the green dress among other things LMAO

  • cyn

    If it’s Chris’ intention to get women to hate him and not date him, he’s certainly going down the right path. LOL

  • Cookiemonster

    @cyn: Well smart women that is. Theres always the vapid silly twits who wont mind.

  • cyn


    like the women he’s been seen with? lol

  • Cookiemonster

    @cyn: not just his latest silly twit, but take a look at some of his dating history: audrina patridge, olivia munn, jasmine waltz,….what do they all have in common…i rest my case.

  • Keachick

    What has Chris said that is so arrogant and sexist? What protests?

    Who is Chris’s “latest silly twit”? Know her personally, do you?

    What’s with all the bitchy comments?

  • le meagre

    I’m not as … vehement as other posters are.. but I can totally see where Cookiemonster and Cyn are coming from. That said – Keachick is right in saying that we don’t know his girlfriends personally so… :S Maybe they’re all lovely people…. but you can’t really deny he seems like a, well, modelizer. And I have to say, his whole vibe (in interviews) has changed a bit from when the first Star Trek came out… It’s hard to articulate, and I think this is where the arrogant comments are coming from. AH WELL, as long as he’s good on-screen, right? (Looking forward to the next Star Trek SO MUCH!)

  • Lipsticklesbian

    @Keachick: Actually if u read her twitter you can see how ditzy & obnoxious she is. Spends lotof time humblebragging about her man. And i agree pine is arrogant & gross. Also would love to know if his gf knew what he gets up to when she not around. would she humblebrag as much? ;)

  • Thought!

    And who should be the ideal girlfriend for Chris Pine?

    Is the girl spreading poison and making judgment of celebrities better than a happy and fun model that takes care of his own life and makes her man happy?

  • le meagre

    Okay 1. This is a gossip website – this is the place to talk about what we think about certain celebrities. The actor in question seemed really appealing at one point, and to be honest – he’s losing it. It’s all over this thread. Whether it be claims of arrogance or grossness or disappointment with his *ahem* chosen company (male or female – I remember his friendship with Dane Cook didn’t sit well with some).
    2. What’s your point? How about talking about what you like about him rather than passive-aggressively lashing out at commenters who don’t have the same opinion as you?
    and 3. I just want the next Star Trek to be good.

  • cringe!

    Chris Pine’s “girlfriend” is an incredibly stupid dimwit. She stumbled on “Pierce Morgan”(sic) interview the Dalai Lama and her insightful thoughts which she tweets to the whole wide world? “wow man. what a legend.” and he’s “adorable” ……..WTF??

    Also, what’s with Pine being the oh, so private guy and his gf tweeting to the entire world about her man/nunu??

    There is something off about Chris Pine.

  • bob


  • Danie

    The one thing I do not understand is why would you bring your GF to the London premiere of This Means War, and not be photographed with her. She wrote on her twitter that not only did she see the movie but she also wrote “that Chris Pine guy is mighty fine”. Why would you write that on twitter if your BF is so private. I means it sounds off. Also if any of you have the time to read A memoir confessions of a rebel debutante by Anna Fields. There is a brief writing about Mr. Pine about how he slept with 2-3 girls one summer for a theater or play he was doing before he became famous. The fact is HE IS USING HER, just like SHE IS USING HIM. She is from South Africa, and in the May issue of South Africa cosmo there is an article with Mr. Pine , and Mr. Hardy. In the article it has her full name that she is dating CP. I mean what is going on? I use to believe that CP was a nice, humble, smart, shy guy. But after following him for the past couple of years, and reading stories about him on tumblr and twitter. I believe he is not a nice person. Did you know that on twitter last year a girl wrote that he was trying to pick her up, and not only was she in highschool, but his line was “Want to sneak away”. This is the truth, I wish I would of saved the name of the girl on twitter, and the story she told on twitter. She did not go with him. He only wants to be nice to people when HE wants to be nice to people. I still think he is good looking, but beauty is only skin deep.

  • Butter_Fly

    Whoah! If that is true, then I definitely don’t care for this actor at all anymore. I still like the “new” Star Trek but now he’s obviously a loser. Good thing I only like that one movie he’s in.

  • Lipsticklesbian

    @Danie: thats just tip of the iceberg!

  • le meagre

    I don’t really see what’s wrong with 3somes or 4somes. I mean, if everyone is willing right? (and actors! Jeez! Egomaniacal yet insecure dogs in HEAT – this is every actor I’ve known!) And I also don’t really see what’s so wrong with how he’s handling his current relationship. She has a twitter and seems to make reference to him sometimes. He hasn’t asked her to shut it down – that would be worse, imo. And the magazine asked was his relationship status is, so they said so. I don’t know – all that doesn’t seem skeevy to me at all.

    BUT! Hitting on a teenager??! Hahahahahaha!-ewww… Now that is skeeve-town! A 30 year old man making a pass at a high schooler. Grimy.

    And Lipsticklesbian – I want to pick your brain! ;) You sound like you’ve got some juicy stories.

  • Lipsticklesbian

    @le meagre: hollywood is a vile gross place..this is their disneyland. pine has somehow managed to keep his sh*t locked down thus far…keeping his kinks on the way down low..Dont know for how much longer he will manage that..especially wit star trek 2….Or vindictive Ex gfs. Perhaps that is why he doesnt shut down current gf personal refernces about him on twitter .makes him sound nice& normal, and keeps focus away from other…not so nice things.

  • Though!

    So people are freaking out because he has a girlfriend, “people say crazy things” and ridiculous!
    Your arguments are so stupid, people listen to yourselves!
    He has a cool girlfriend and there’s nothing you can do about it!
    Nothing but screaming as always!
    But be cool Nothing lasts forever especially in Hollywood!
    And stop following the girl on twitter if she does so much harm to you guys!
    You strange people, dammit!
    The perception you have of him has always been wrong before and now!
    He’s just a real guy, with flaws and qualities as any human being with a little more glamor of course, what I think is great!
    He is not a Prince Charming he is an actor, with gorgeous blue eyes!

    “Who feels the need to kill someone with words, does not deserve comfort!”

  • cringe!

    Chris Pine says he’s a real private guy BUT
    He lets his gf twitter all about her man and does nothing to stop her.
    When cosmo asked about his relationships he had only to say “sorry I don’t discuss my personal life” or better still, made sure his agent informed the mag that he will not be answering such. But No!
    And don’t forget all the photo ops with his gf the time ZQ came out. But can get away from the paps for months on end when he wants to.
    Chris Pine, I think, is real keen the whole world knows he has a girl friend while all the time professing to be so mindful of his privacy.
    If nothing else, he’s a lying liar that lies

  • le meagre

    Lol – Though!, meet Cringe!. Cringe!, this is Though!. This should be good. :P

    HI BOB!

    On-topic – Adrianne and Chris both look great.

  • Dee or Deemebr

    There I go again…..behaving like a silly 10 yr old!

  • Butter_Fly

    Wowee! This thread is getting more interesting by the day! I bet he’s got one infected d!ck! Why did I like this guy to begin with?

  • Lipsticklesbian

    @Though!: Actually the only person screaming here is YOU.

  • Keachick

    This is nuttiness at its worst and somewhat obscene as well. What would Butter_Fly know about Chris Pine’s dick? I wasn’t aware that he had invited you in…

    Chris Pine is not his girlfriend’s boss; he is her friend. If she chooses to have Twitter and talk about her bf/nunu sometimes, then that is her business/her right. I believe that she has not mentioned her bf by name – perhaps that is the only ask Chris has made of her, which she honours.

    Yes, I have found a way of reading the twitter of someone who is supposedly Chris Pine’s girlfriend but I don’t often read them. I don’t have Twitter, so I cannot see any replies that she receives, probably just as well, given what’s going on here. Perhaps, some of you should look at your own low down, before you go on about what you think Chris Pine might be doing on the low down.

    BTW, this is also a site on worldwide web – in other words, what gets said here can be read around the world. It only takes the right computer and access to the internet. Not much different to Twitter really. It is really a case of choosing which sites you wish to read (and reply to), which person’s Twitter account you want to read etc.

    I have still not seen any substantial verifiable evidence to support people’s claims that Chris Pine is arrogant and/or sexist. I have seen him give recent interviews, some with Tom Hardy and Reese Witherspoon and he always seemed a pleasant and respectful person.

  • Hashtag

    What are you? the NZ president of the Chris Pine fan club? People will say what they want. Your entire comment is just dumb or are you playing dumb?!

  • cyn

    I was wondering why the reputation didn’t match up with the persona. Reading the comments here, I think I’m getting somewhat of a clearer picture. Chris, you sly dog, you. I agree with you, Keachick.

    Did y’all see the pictures of Pegg, Pine, Quinto, and Cumberbatch hanging out at Hooters a few weeks ago? Good times.

    I’m looking forward to Star Trek 2013. That is all.