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Joshua Jackson & Diane Kruger: Car Trouble!

Joshua Jackson & Diane Kruger: Car Trouble!

Joshua Jackson and his girlfriend Diane Kruger rush to find a cab after their car breaks down on Sunday (April 22) in Los Angeles.

The 33-year-old actor experienced some car trouble while he was driving Diane to the airport.

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After Diane was safely in a cab on her way to the airport, Joshua was seen pushing his car down the street.

10+ pictures inside of Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger racing to catch a cab…

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jackson airport rush 01
jackson airport rush 02
jackson airport rush 03
jackson airport rush 04
jackson airport rush 05
jackson airport rush 06
jackson airport rush 07
jackson airport rush 08
jackson airport rush 09
jackson airport rush 10
jackson airport rush 11
jackson airport rush 12
jackson airport rush 13

Credit: LR; Photos: limelight
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  • Annie

    Posting pics with people’s license plates showing? Shame on you, Jared.

  • so cute

    what a gentleman!!

    that’ss what i call a real man.
    see him rushing so his sweatheart can catch her flight!

    bless him

  • Jolinks

    I love this german car called “Karmann Ghia”. Must be hers ;-)

  • nikky

    where can I find a man like this?

  • so cute


    i think such a man comes ones in a lifetime.

    diane , put a ring on it!

  • dvd



    diane is the best ever

  • Peapo

    The car was made by volkswagen

  • Trinity J

    Awww thats such a cute little story!! I love them!

  • yea

    They don’t wear their “commitment rings” anymore..what a pity, i thought it was cute!!!!!

  • Anon

    She sure uses him well. He seems like a sweetheart.

  • Night Owl

    Josh, please stop, I keep falling in love with you. ;) They are too cute together!

  • beau

    joshua looks really young here.

  • on the bandwagon

    “Uses him is correct!” He’s been very helpful in getting her face out in the public. Let’s get real, he’s really useful when she needs someone on her elbow. Apparently she doesn’t care enough to wear his ring!

  • sped

    These two are such a joke. Two B-list “actors” in a “committed” relationship, There’s nothing real or sincere with these two. Blah!

  • Anon

    LOL! These two are a joke indeed. She sure jumps at the chance to get as far away from him as soon as she can doesn’t she? Of course their ‘committed’ relationship works, they are NEVER together! (Cue the 3 Jackson fan girls that log on here to gush about these two…)

  • on the bandwagon

    She’s one lucky ‘B’, what woman wouldn’t kill to have a good looking idiot licking at their undeserving feet. Key points I want taken, he’s an idiot but a good looking one.

  • Meems

    I adore him!

  • ilovegeeks

    I hate to say this, but I don’t think being with her is his greatest career move. He’s too busy listening to his little head, while his bigger head should be more concerned with his lack of a career. I have tried following him since DC, even though he hasn’t done much. Sure a love letter to his beloved Canada and a few years on Fringe is great, but he could do so much better. He should actually be thinking about his career instead of worrying about what his girlfriend thinks, wears or carrying her bags. He’s a great actor, maybe he should spend some time following that instead of following her around the globe.

  • Anon

    @ilovegeeks: COULD NOT AGREE WITH YOU MORE ilovegeeks!

  • David

    It’s amazing how people are so arrogant to think they know so much about two people they’ve never met and only conjecture about through occasional photographs.

  • heh!


    Arrogant and delusional, David.

  • http://odxl haha

    oh look it’s the talentless duo

  • ken

    This women is a fake b^tch believe me. She always uses her men to reach the top before throwing ‘em away when she has nothing else to gain from ‘em. Poor Jackson have no clue YET.

  • flora


    give an example?

  • HelenSays

    The reason these two work so well is because they have an open relationship. Neither one of them believe in monogamy and have had great difficulty keeping both of their respective pants zipped in the past. Their relationship works and has lasted as long as it has (over six years!) because they’re rather accepting of one another. Especially him, he worships her because she’s the first woman who really understands him, and he puts her on a pedestal. That doesn’t stop him from the occasional one night stands but it also doesn’t change their commitment to each other. They might not see each other often, but they are close and communite a great deal. It’s a modern, showbiz relationship but real nonetheless.

  • Anon

    @HelenSays: If that’s ‘real’ then I never want to be in a ‘real’ relationship. I live in Hollywood and work in the industry and what you just said is an excuse for not being faithful to your partner. There actually are MANY normal and real relationships in this industry (celeb and non-celeb couples) and these two are just in it for the publicity – more her than him. He has so many issues though and what you said about him putting her on a pedestal is 100% correct. He thinks the sun rises and sets with her and it’s so sad that he has no idea how many people talk about him behind his back b/c of her.

  • Sentimental


    These two having a relationship where they openly sleep with other people is just DISGUSTING. I’m sorry but that is not a real and loving relationship. WOW I just don’t seem to care for either one of them right now. Pacey, where have you gone?

  • flora

    I’ve always liked them! Whatever they do in their relationship obviously works for them so who is anyone else to judge? And for all the talk in here, you’d think these two were flagrant about cheating on each other all the time, but they’re hardly ever in the tabloids, let alone for something like a cheating scandal. It’s all just supposition and conjecture.

  • Eonyk

    @ilovegeeks: How about Josh does whatever makes him *HAPPY*. He is a working actor, and has been successful enough to now have a career spanning 20+ years. Maybe Josh is happy having a steady income and being able to stay settled in one city for 9 months a year (which is what a TV show provides). He’s also spoken often of how much he enjoys working with John Noble and from the way he talks, it’s clear he loves his little show. He probably earns more from one episode of Fringe than most of us earn in a year.

    I would KILL to work for 9 months a year then have a 3 month break to travel and spend time relaxing, being with family etc. I don’t understand why some people assume he should be working 24/7 or making movies all the time. Career success can be a very subjective and personal thing. Not to get too philosophical, but when people are nearing death, do they often say they wish they had worked more? No, they wish they had spent more time with family or friends.

    Personally, I think Josh’s career is fine. Also, remember a lot of great actors are now on TV. TV is not something to be looked down on, and being the next “IT” movie star does not always last long, anyway. Not to mention that the man is only 33, and a lot of male actors particularly, don’t start getting the really good roles in movies until they are in their 30′s and 40′s. Josh has time to do whatever he wants – be that in film or television.

  • Eonyk

    @flora: Exactly. People here say things as if they are facts, as if they know JJ or DK personally, which is ridiculous. For all we know they are the most monogamous couple on the planet. And even *if* they do have an open relationship (which again, none of us know), so what? They’re happy, whatever the status of their relationship, it works for them.

  • flora


    Yeah, and some folks here seem confused about DK’s motivations. She’s using JJ to “reach the top”? How? JJ isn’t A-list by any stretch of the imagination. Not now and certainly not when they got together, so she must be super patient, just waiting it out for 6 whole years for him to hit it big so she can use that association to her maximum benefit! I mean, what? That doesn’t even begin to make sense.

  • Eonyk

    @flora: Ah, yes, the old, “she’s using him” argument. Right. Sorry, but she doesn’t need him for her career. In fact, if I were the cynical type, I’d say that if she was so obsessed with her career and “reaching the top,” she could easily choose to dump Josh and move on to date someone like Leo DiCaprio (seriously, if Blake Lively can date him, why not?) or George Clooney or.. I don’t know… any number of A-List movie stars. It’s not like many men wouldn’t like a hot model-type on their arm, especially given DK is often featured on ‘best dressed’ lists. The fact that she hasn’t, that she’s still with JJ even as her star has risen the last 6 years, signals to me that she’s not nearly as shallow and conniving as some of the posters here.

  • Anon


    So one of Josh’s fangirls from over at his RIDICULOUS fan forum is present.

  • flora


    Right? If they’re both in it for publicity, then why are they together if their relationship hasn’t pushed their careers forward? DK gets about the same amount of work she did before she started dating JJ and she’s still not considered for top tier projects. She still does French movies that no one over here ever sees. So what’s her motivation to stick it out at this point? Because she loves Canadian winters and being B-list? That must be it.

    It seems that hate rage blocks the common sense cells from functioning properly.

  • Eonyk

    @Anon: And this site is crawling with RIDICULOUS haters who seemingly have nothing better to do with their time than spew out so-called “facts” about people they don’t know. Including me.

  • Eonyk

    @Eonyk: And by “Including me” I meant that I am one of the people you don’t know.

  • uh no

    Oh no, Diane´s smoking again!
    Didn´t she say she quited?
    And commitment rings are definitely not there anymore.

  • Anonymous

    It seems to me some posters just enjoy picking fights – and by that I mean those on both sides of the fence!

  • hm

    “I truly, genuinely like clothes. Making them is an art form, and wearing them is a form of self-expression. I find it very emotional because I can remember moments in my life – my mood, how I felt – through these clothes.” – Diane Kruger

    I´ve never heard her speaking about children with such enthusiasm and love. Or about anyone. Her boyfriend is probably #4 for her after clothes, bags and shoes.
    And don´t you worry about them not wearing commitment rings : I´m sure that means they will marry soon. Ha-ha.