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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian Celebrate First Anniversary!

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian Celebrate First Anniversary!

LeAnn Rimes and her hubby Eddie Cibrian celebrate their first wedding anniversary out to lunch together on Sunday (April 22) in Malibu, Calif.

“We have had the most wonderful first anniversary weekend in Malibu” the 29-year-old singer wrote on her Twitter account.

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“Thank you all for the beautiful anniversary wishes! Woooo hoooo it’s been a year. Here’s to many, many more!!!” LeAnn added. “Few more days til we go away for a lil bit, just the two of us. The first year deserves two weekends :)”

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  • dobbi

    Nice tablecloth.

  • Shay

    Hey wewe, did you get in trouble for calling the paps with the wrong time for your photo op? LOL!


    Could someone please tell me what is so fascinating about these 2 people? I just do not get it.
    I have never seen him do a thing. Who is he?
    America is nuts.

  • Ryan

    Gee Just Jared, why no pictures from the epic fail photo op where she called the paps and told them to come at the wrong time for Eddie’s son’s soccer game? Is it because they prove she stages all of her strangely constant paparazzi coverage despite her and her husband lackluster careers? Could it be that you and LeAnn are in cahoots? Say it isn’t so.

  • Huge

    the world best losers

  • JL

    Perfect for each other. Two nasty a holes.

  • Nina

    Better make sure you don’t leave each other’s side or else one of you might cheat!

  • tsquared

    How does she have time to do anything with her constant twittering and tweeting. Clicked on her Twitter link and was so glad to know what she had for breakfast. NOT.

  • betty

    It apparent Leann and Eddies anniversary is not gaining them new fans with all the negative comments.They have publicized their anniversary on every site an Leann has shown all her gifts to the world. Leann no one cares dear. People don’t like you or Eddie.The more you keep pushing yourself on the public the more repulsed they become. You are not role models are admired, G

  • Kristina

    @betty: That is what I don’t understand. The more she shoves her life and their “love” into the public’s face and the more details she provides about her supposedly blissful life, the more people dislike them. Is she a little slow on the uptake? You’d think that the fact this method of PR has and is continuing to disgust almost everyone and is costing her the respect of even diehard fans doesn’t seem to be sinking in. She really has lost it hasn’t she? As for Eddie, he isn’t aging well and as an out of work actor, proven liar and serial cheater, you’d think he would want to be more careful with his already terribly damaged image. I guess since she pays the bills, he can’t tell her to give it a rest and risk having her cut his allowance or stop making his car payments.

  • for real

    @Kristina: Something like that. Or it’s just denial?
    Everything they are involved with fails. Thousands came out of the woodwork on twitter when David Spade made a joke about her – the comments were NOT positive. It seemed like thousands of people jumped on his comment and vented about how much they can’t stand her. She doesn’t get much positive press except for a couple of odd amateur “style” blogs who she’s befriended on Twitter. And negative comments on any stories mentioning her outnumber the positive ones 10 to 1. She does interviews with Ellen and Chelsea Handler, and both the hosts and the audience are “cold” to her, or give polite applause, and she gushes how amazing the experience was and how loved she felt. And she frequently insists on Twitter that her “haters” are just a handful of jealous people. So, you tell me?? What is that? Part of her narcissism? A complete lack of self-awareness? Maybe her parents cushioned her so much to criticism when she was growing up (since she was their cash cow – similar to most of her “friendships” now only involve paid staff), that she just has NO ability to see it?? No idea…but it’s kinda creepy, really.

  • Kristina

    @for real: It is very creepy. Almost like she has no concept of how she makes others feel and doesn’t care either. Isn’t that what a sociopath does? Someone with a bunch of paid friends and Twitter sycophants who play yes men aren’t going to help her gain any self awareness are they? Eddie is just gross. Aging, bloated, dependent oh his former stalker,,now wife financially and seemingly willing to let her call all of the shots rather than pay his own way. What a pair!

  • betty

    @Kristina I guess my 1 st response to you didn’t take or JJ wouldn’t submit my comment.@for real is right Leann is in denial and delusional about all things negative about her. No one is cushioned against criticism and they both know it’s not just a handful of people or her music would sell and Eddie show would not have flopped after 3 episodes. She wants recognition and praise and her career is at a standstill so she tweets and paps to be relevant. Secure happy.people don’t need that only ones with low self esteem and self worth.

  • Laura

    OMG! She looks like a feral rat! Get some sleep, Leann. You look awful from top to bottom. And yes @for_real, it is a complete lack of self awareness. Everyone is laughing at her, but she just doesn’t “get it”. She is her own worst enemy!

  • mayer

    A bunch of self obsessed losers hating on a happy couple. Nothing better to do EVERYDAY? That is a sad life, indeed.

  • Jane

    I’m noticing how gray Eddie is getting. I guess being with her is aging him something fierce. She is quite a handful. She is his problem now. He has ever been able to handle her in the first place, and I do not think he will be able to control her in the future. I will not be surprised if he is all gray be year two.

    I think the only way I can take this marriage is pretending what their wedding ceremony should have sounded like:

    “Eddie, do you take this narcissistic personality disorder, psychotic cheater speed bump to be your “awful” wedded wife?”

    Leanne, do you take this douchebag serial cheater dead beat husband and non- bread winner for his children to be your “awful” wedded husband?

  • Ryan

    @mayer: Going onto a GOSSIP site comment section to lecture people about how they should be responding to faded celebs who pay to be on it EVERY DAY. Look in the mirror and view your own sad life loser. LeAnn Rimes defines self obsessed. That fact that everybody sees through her must make her and apparently, you very frustrated. She can pay for these little stories all she wants, it isn’t helping sell her latest record. I guess the entire music buying public is jealous of the her. Best you stick to her twitter and fan site. Lots of complimentary gushing about the “happy couple” on there. Most of it by LeAnn herself, but still, I’m sure you’d love it.

  • Jane

    @mayer: mayer, mayer, mayer, if we were so “self -obsessed” as you so eloquently described us, then wouldn’t we be talking non-stop about ourselves and NOT this sad excuse for a married couple? Mr. and Mrs. McSquinty are our comic relief. We work hard during our 9-5 jobs and need this little comedy in our lives (as this is better than any situation comedy on TV) to show how “Normal” we are in comparison to this lot. They do nothing all day except for making fools out of themselves. We work hard for our money and earn an honest living. By the way, my life is NOT sad as you so put it (bluntly I might add), I am quite happy thank you.

  • for real

    The fat jealous loser jab always cracks me up. Really? That’s your whole retort? – a phrase that is considered the world over to be completely useless and devoid of any type of logic or critical thinking? Ok, cool. Uh, game over? LOL.

  • dadad

    ahahhahaa @ her angrily eyeing those paps.

  • B

    they bored me. once a cheater always a cheater!

  • what’s really going on

    @dadad: I think you can tell when she’s papped in a situation where she didn’t set it up. ;) She glares at the paps while Eddie looks bored and totally uninterested in her. It’s interesting the difference in the staged pics versus candids. IMO.

  • Jane

    Has h*** finally frozen over? JJ, I am shocked…no WEWE pix for 6 days? Did she forget to pay you or did you come to your senses and finally stop the madness with her.