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Suri Cruise Sticks Her Tongue Out at Katie Holmes

Suri Cruise Sticks Her Tongue Out at Katie Holmes

Suri Cruise sticks her tongue out at her mom Katie Holmes on Tuesday (April 24) as they walk through the TriBeCa neighborhood of New York City.

The 6-year-old daughter of Katie and Tom Cruise held onto two baby dolls as they made their way across town.

Last week, Katie brought Suri to a matinee performance of Broadway’s hottest show, Disney’s Newsies, to celebrate her birthday!

Katie‘s Dawson’s Creek co-star Michelle Williams recently said that she would be up for a reunion show. We hope it happens!

FYI: Suri is wearing curio+kind‘s faux rabbit fur black coat. Katie kept warm in an Inhabit sweater.

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  • TexasLovin

    Where has Tom been? Haven’t seen him with Suri lately at all. And she looks and acts like a 3 year old… not a 6 year old. Shouldn’t she be in school with kids her own age or is she getting some kind of Scientology tutoring? She needs to be with kids her own age!

  • Courtney

    This movie is not gonna end well..

  • OMG

    Wonder if she goes to school or have friends of her age??

  • gogog

    She is not sticking out her tongue at her mother.

    she is in licking her lipp..

  • Hmmm

    - I think its obvious Suri needs to carry things in her hands so she doesn’t begin to stim. Here she is holding a fork in her hand PLUS one doll (upside down) on one hand and another doll in the other. I guess that is better then the paparrazi getting pictures of her hands stimming. I hope Suri is getting the help she needs if that is the case but clearly she has development issues and parents that are more concerned about their celebrity exposure than Suri’s best interest. Katie doesn’t look happy, she looks exhausted to me.

  • http://justjared POLO

    they’re both so Ugly and Worthless!

  • Marina

    Becareful with the comments, people. She’s just a kid.

  • Marina

    @POLO: OMG, seriously? She’s only 6!!! Jesus, don’t judge the girl because of her parents.

  • Lorena

    I feel sorry for Suri. She is just a child. She didn’t ask to born or be whoever she is. And now I see so many haters saying horrible things about a girl. Please, imagine if was your child. NOT COOL. Live this kid alone.

  • Annie

    @Lorena – ia. In fact I’m rooting for Suri to turn out well adjusted and relatively normal, al la Frances Bean Cobain.

  • camillus

    If the brat stuck her tounge out at me she’d be taken home and ass beaten, she’s 6 but they treat her like an adult, no school for this child, they probablly think it’s beneath them to send her to school or play with kids her own age.

  • Posie


    beaten? no reason for beating a child , brat or not! It’s not her fault she is behaving in that way. It’s the parents- the bimbo mom. Someone else commented that she is not sticking out her tongue, Poor observation. LOL. Suri is sticking it out ah so careful cuz she knows mom wont approve. Just look at Katie’s facial expressions.

    It’s too bad that she is turning out to be a real brat. None other than her parents fault.

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    Suri Sticks Her Tongue Out…………is this supposed to be newsworthy??!! So what’s next? Suri Throws Up At Scientology Class………..?!

  • Pippa

    She’s just licking her lip.
    @Dave from canada: Its newsworthy when you’re reading a gossip blog. This isn’t CNN. Its gossip and pictures of celebs doing everyday shit.

    Katie has those ugly brown boots on again. And now they are not only ugly, they are totally dirty. Katie is lazy. She is a lazy-ass mom (bottles & diapers until Suri was 4 y.o.) and a lazy-ass dresser (obvi, see above) and a lazy-ass actor (see her last 4 movies.) She had potential, but then we all know what happened.

  • Hmmm

    Katie is dressed like someone who is depressed. I say this because she has maids and nannies and drivers at her disposal and she could have taken the time to get dressed. She KNOWS her picture will be taken but still didn’t bother to put some effort into getting dressed. That is why she will never have a following, she is not consistant and looks sloppy.

  • Hmmm

    I dont think Katie and Tom want to be like Angie and Brad. I think Katie wantED to be like Victoria and David Beckman and become a brand in fashion design, and other products aside from acting. But Katie will never be like Victoria Beckman who you can tell might come off as self absorded but is VERY DISCIPLINED when it comes to her grooming and dressing along with her children. I don’t think we will ever see Victoria Beckman looking like Katie does in these pictures.

  • Hamlet

    Her father is busy providing his family a living, #1. Anyway, you’d just find something to criticize if he was seen playing with his daughter.

    She is tutored and you don’t know how she is or how she’s being raised.

    Of course she has friends her own age and goes to school, #3.

    Just like you, #6.

  • siennagold

    It’s nice to see her walking and not being carried again. lol.

  • Observer

    I’m surprised that no one is commenting on the fact that it appears Katie might actually be disciplining Suri here. Katie does not look happy with Suri.

  • jaspisgirl

    disciplining my a…. i bet she gets another toy or candy by the end of the day.and to hamlet:billions of other dads are providing a life AND spend time with their kids,he only does this when he has a movie to start and therefor needs his pr-daughter.when is she together with other kids,she only goes out with mommy!!!!! and since when is it school,when you go dining with mom,shopping with mom,strolling with mom?????? little suri is the boss for sure and call me crazy,this can’t be good for a six year old!!!! where are her limits?????

  • lucy2

    Hi Romeo…er.Hamlet.
    You need need to deal with other people’s observations on this subject and get over yourself.
    Katie survived the first 5 years of the contract. The marriage will be over within the next year unless Katie continues to be dumber than a rock. Tom is trying to get her to stay $$ until his 2 movies are released this year. I hope she doesn’t.
    Once the marriage is over, I really want Josh finally asks for that DNA test.(but he’ll do what he thinks is right…unlike you, Romeo, I realize that this is an entertainment blog and our opinions mean nothing to anyone outside of this comment string)

  • bigdeal

    Well done Suri!!! Lol she looks cute again for the past 2 years ago?

  • umLOL

    she’s sticking tongue at stupid paparazzzissdiots


  • Maggie

    What’s wrong with this picture. Everyone is wearing caps and overcoats and Suri has on a summer dress, with nothing covering her legs. Who’s in charge here?

  • umLOL

    and STUPID AMERICANS, celebrity kids are homeschooled. They don’t go to regular school like your poor ass mistakes that you cry over at the Jerry Springer Show.

    The saying goes. If you weren’t middle class and could afford to dress your child in designer, you wouldn’t be jealous of another one doing so. HOWEVER, if you can’t afford it, you can’t get over the fact that your life is a joke compared to these people.

    Haters keep people relevant,. Tom Cruise has mastered this and used it to his advantage, he is still making millions at the boxoffice and his movies get maximum media exposure and free publicity. As long as sheep keep clicking, people will be relevant.

  • Madeleine

    She is so cute! ~not

  • I can; I will

    Tired of these ppl

  • SCAM

    Scientology freaks

  • Posie


    who’s the one that is stupid? YOU.

    not all Americans are stupid. You should have commented..

    Some Americans are stupid. Stupid!

  • Dolittle


    U are calling Americans “stupid”? And U watch the Jerry Springer show?

    LOL. Guess we know whom really is stupid!

    umLOL !!!!!!

  • tsquared

    Well, they are back in NYC which means Katie is going to take advantage of endless photo ops for herself and Suri. It was amazing last week when she suddenly disappeared–so she has proven she knows how to hide and go about her business without the paps when she wants to. Obviously she no longer wants to!

  • thenewTomCruise

    awww love them


  • cancan

    She needs replacement parents

  • madashell


    duely noted ;)

  • Mattie

    everyone should leave them


  • Jean

    A spoiled @ss brat. Sticking her tongue out at her mother.

  • Mia

    She is going to be another Lindsay Loha .

  • Deborah Dooley

    That’s right Suri…stand up for yourself!

  • ylg

    I really would like to see how Suri looks bathed, hair washed and combed, with a complete, appropriate outfit on like other little girls her age. I bet she would be so cute. Now she looks like a feral child.

  • ugly

    this kid should be put into show biz right away. there is a remake she can start in. it’s called the demon seed.