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Vanessa Hudgens: Lunch with Austin Butler & His Mom!

Vanessa Hudgens: Lunch with Austin Butler & His Mom!

Vanessa Hudgens walks back to her car after having lunch at the Artisan Cheese Gallery on Tuesday (April 24) in Studio City, Calif.

The 23-year-old actress was joined by her boyfriend Austin Butler and his mom.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Vanessa Hudgens

In case you missed Vanessa‘s film Journey 2: The Mysterious Island when it was in theaters earlier this year, you can pick up the movie on Blu-Ray and DVD when it hits stores on June 5!

20+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler out for lunch…

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vanessa hudgens lunch with austin butler mom 01
vanessa hudgens lunch with austin butler mom 02
vanessa hudgens lunch with austin butler mom 03
vanessa hudgens lunch with austin butler mom 04
vanessa hudgens lunch with austin butler mom 05
vanessa hudgens lunch with austin butler mom 06
vanessa hudgens lunch with austin butler mom 07
vanessa hudgens lunch with austin butler mom 08
vanessa hudgens lunch with austin butler mom 09
vanessa hudgens lunch with austin butler mom 10
vanessa hudgens lunch with austin butler mom 11
vanessa hudgens lunch with austin butler mom 12
vanessa hudgens lunch with austin butler mom 13
vanessa hudgens lunch with austin butler mom 14
vanessa hudgens lunch with austin butler mom 15
vanessa hudgens lunch with austin butler mom 16
vanessa hudgens lunch with austin butler mom 17
vanessa hudgens lunch with austin butler mom 18
vanessa hudgens lunch with austin butler mom 19
vanessa hudgens lunch with austin butler mom 20
vanessa hudgens lunch with austin butler mom 21
vanessa hudgens lunch with austin butler mom 22
vanessa hudgens lunch with austin butler mom 23

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# 1

The reason of why Vanessa has less haters comments than Zac is because his fans doesn’t wasted their time on this girl anymore as her fans does

# 2

Cool story Luisa

# 3
Haters Suck! @ 04/24/2012 at 9:05 pm

Whatever you say. And just an fyi just because someone hates on zac doesn;t make them a vanessa fan. Gotta love zac fans they act all innocent when they are not.
Anyway, Vanessa looks great, she has a wonderful smile. And vanessa is meeting the parents, thats pretty cool. And i don’t buy dvd’s anymore its all on ITunes baby thats where ill get Journey.

# 4

Obviously you are wrong since you are here!

# 5

@Haters Suck!: yeah right… I’m not saying that Zac’s fans are innocent bc i know that they are not, but vanessa fans are all the time hating on him bc they are just too jealous of him..

# 6

@Crazy: odviously you are wrong since you born!

# 7

So by the comment you made in #5 are we to assume that when his fans come here and say hateful things it’s because they are jealous of her? Thanks for the insight. (sarcasm)

# 8

her hair looks really nice

# 9
Haters Suck! @ 04/24/2012 at 9:15 pm

you know what i really don’t want to fight with you a-holes today. Im just going to enjoy the pics of the beautiful vanessa hudgens and her boyfriends family.

@Haters Suck!:


omg, i just saw that journey 2 made $322,268,713 worldwide. that is amazing.

In all the years she was with the ex, you never saw his mother bother to have lunch with Vanessa. Nice to see Austin wants his mom to get to know Vanessa. Another nice show of respect, and that she means a lot to him. You don’t take girls to meet with your mom if they aren’t important to you.

It is so nice to see Pics of Vanessa with Austin’s mom. She’s certainly a tall lady and I think Austin probably looks more like his dad even though I haven’t seen hum yet. They seem to be getting along just fine. Nice!!

@Mel: of her naked pics? of her PDA boyfriend? of being a famewho–r-e? yeah, sure ;)

Rise Above Hate @ 04/24/2012 at 9:49 pm

meeting the parents always a very delicate situation. But i bet she handled it with flying colors. She got a hug out of it always a good sign.

@maria: that bc her ex was more private.. you never knew if they were on the same way LOL.. not everything about celebs has to be public

@Luisa: What rock did you just slither out from?

@ Luisa, Shooo!!! Bring out the pesticide!!! There’s an Efron bug in the house.

@Luisa – you dont make sense lol but yeah you are a hater! if you dont like Vanessa then what are you doing here commenting and wasting yout time???
Vanessa looks SO pretty as always:) good to know she had lunch with Momma Butler lol not many guys want their parents hanging out with their girlfriends and this just shows that Austin cares a lot about her.
you are right @Maria i’ve never seen her ex’s parents or family hanging out with her. Only time at her ‘rent’ performance to support her, but probably cuz they live 3 hours away from LA…. still in 5 years they could have tried something every time they come to la and visit their son. Anyway im really happy for Vanessa, she deserves this and more :) wish her and Austin the best!

Be jealous of the fact she scored with your idol while you can only dream about that

she looks flawless!

Austin´s mom is young!!

or because since Vanessa dumped Zac, she doesn’t get so many haters… let me remind you that so many Zac fans aka 12 years old little girls or old mans -like Perez Hilton- used to hate on Vanessa just because she was with Zac.. now she is free and happy!

@jr: Good one. And so true.

it would be awesome to see some pics of V with Austin’s dad and her dad

lol you sound like that girl over twitter, obsessed with Vanessa and always insulting her and how good her ex is, but yet saying “i want zanessa back” jelly somenthing hahaha the most pathetic person…

i heard they never had a good relationship… you know, almost all zanessa fans know that his ninjas friends had a lot to do in the break up…

having your picture taken doesn’t mean you are not private, talking about your life during promo or saying how good you are or how many gifts you gave to your girlfriend makes your relationship public

hahahahhaa omg hahahaha <3


Of her growing career, her money, or endorcements or my favorite the fact she doesn’t need zac – what a jerk you are

My 2 cents @ 04/25/2012 at 12:41 am

She looks so pretty and Austin’s Mom is pretty too. That’s lovely they had luch together.

what an adorable couple

they are so cute! they spent the earth day together at some event in Santa Monica with their friends, then they spent the day with Vanessa´s family, yesterday with Ashley Tisdale and they were at Roxy to support Vanessa´s best friend Lauras band and today with Austin´s mother, is always nice to see a real young couple!

i think it is because now no one has a reason to hate on her, you could hate what she is wearing or her hair or whatever, but you cant hate her life or her choices. I thinks that just proves that the zanessa fans are the inmatures here.

another comparing session aren’t you happy that she’s out of his life? Why are you still bashing him here?

we stay out of this thread arent you happy another insult that i might read here believe me i won’t stop until you’ll read something that you don’t like.

@caroline there’s no reason? there’s so many reason to hate her what we want is peace that’s why we stay away in this thread…. We gave it a rest cuz for me it’s non sense to fight over this since the two is over and don’t call me immture cuz your immature to realize that we grow up we want closure we want it to stop but this thread is not stopping to bash him comparing her new to her ex it’s not fair..

why don’t you talk about austin instead since he made her happy rather than talk about zac efron’s mistake or differences? he can be a douch too or an A S S when times come how old is he? 20? time fly, people change ,he has a dream and his life doesn’t revolves only for vanessa hudgens he has his own career, he make decision for his own good… I know you guys are happy for her now but let zac do his own thing his happy on his own way he made his life the way he wants it so leave him alone fo christ sake…. @ caroline don’t you realize that this thread is the immture one?

I hate Zac because he’s promiscuous and mean-spirited.

@eat me: I don’t see any ex-trashing, so just go away. No one cares, no one wants him back in her life. Comparisons will always be made, so deal with it.

@eat me: You stay out of these threads, yet you’re always here…….

@me2: I totally agree. Walking out of a restaurant is a right of freedom every person has in this country. She has every right to be able to walk about in her life freely. But you never hear her talk about her relationships, ever. She does not brag about what romantic things she’s done for a BF, that he does her laundry, or ANYthing private. She is hated on for just LIVING. I think this relationship is very nice for her after having such a visible one. He’s not as famous, and that is good. Let them be, I say. Let them figure out how happy they are and how long they’ll be together, instead of heaping scrutiny on them.

i dont know why i love so love this pics..
next level relationship?

I don’t usually (okay, NEVER) comment on Just Jared, but I just had to this time.
A couple of things:
1) Wow! Vanessa looks really pretty here! I like her top. :)
2) Austin’s mom reminds me of the mother in Halloweentown. Random, I know.
3) I’m all for Zac and Vanessa’s happiness, and definitely hope things are going well for them!
4) BUT, Vanessa needs to stop trying so hard to convince the world how happy she is, how in love she and Austin are, and how serious their relationship is. If all of that is true, then great! I am happy for you, V. :)
However, flaunting it around just makes her look bad. I truly believe that these pics were no accident. I’m sure of it.
So it’s going to be hard for me to believe all of this is the real deal (and be truly happy for her) when it seems like 95% of it is intentionally taking place in the public eye.
I will go now…

@ Shay, don’t try too hard to see something that is not there. She can’t help it if the paps choose to follow her everywhere. It is not her fault or that she courted them. There are many and better ways of seeking attention. Take twitter and dressing risqué for instance and taking instagram pics of self for instance like some celebrities do which I shall not mention. Vanessa has all the attention she wants and that is from her boo. She doesn’t even talk to the paps if she can help it. Just because Austin and her show a lot of affection towards each other doesn’t mean that that they are attention seeking. At least they have consistency and the fire is still burning high and bright.

shay you mean that Vanessa happiness is w/ zac efron only?
come on…

zac efron has a girlfriend already i think its time to move on.

He is not a nice and good man

As you know, in the video clip, she gave him money

He is the worst kind, who receives money from woman

She is very beautiful…love her with long hair. He seems nice and is cute..he is her “Mr. right, right now. We don’t know what tomrrow will bring, I look forward to her next project. She always chooses such diverse will be .interesting to see what’s next.

@maria i’m not againt’s on what she’s doing and i’m not questioning what she done for zac i’m just asking you to leave him alone is that hard? You guys dont realize what your saying… Yes he made mistake,if he didn’t fulfill what bf should do his gf that’s not his fault and he shouldn’t be blame especially by you the right person who can blame him is ONLY vanessa.. That’s why they broke up right? So what do you want now from him?????

if you think she made a right decision then good so what now why can’t stop mentioning his name and still blaming and comparing him to her new?

@Yets I worded that weird. haha. No, I meant happy for Zac and Vanessa as individuals. If they ever get back together, great. If not, I hope they are happy. :)

@Boji Trust me, I think Vanessa’s behavior could be a lot worse, and I understand that the paps are a pain. I sure as hell would never be able to deal with them. Anyway, V seems content, and is staying out of trouble (like other celebs these days). Good to hear :)

I’m really glad Austin wants Vanessa to get to know his mother!
That’s really sweet!
I think Vanessa and Austin will be together for a long time!

Vanessa looks so gorgeous and happy

since last year Vanessa has been smiling and enjoying her life so much. I’m so glad that she finally has someone who loves her and she loves him back. Respect is an important factor in any relationship. and i never heard Vanessa talking about her relationship, not even her past one, she is always so respectful about those things, like someone said, pictures are that, just pictures, Vanessa has never talked about her private life.

and about all the “hate” i remember one interview during Vanessa´s Beastly/Sucker Punch promo time, and a journalist said to her:

“Before I let you go, I’d like to take this chance to apologize to you. Some of us may have said some unkind things about you in the past, but it was mostly because we were jealous of you and wanted Zac Efron.”

Funny huh?? and its true, some people, like his obssesed fans, hate Vanessa just because she was with that guy. Let her be happy, I think no one, and im talking about Vanessa´s fans, want her back with zac, at least not in a relationsip.

kelly martineau @ 04/25/2012 at 5:42 pm

Meeting biglips mom maybe for the first time. Looks like they got along ok. Is there a videos of them?

kelly martineau @ 04/25/2012 at 5:55 pm

Finally nessa is spending some time with ahley and Laura.
Next she needs to spend sometime with her mom and sister.
like to see pitcures of them.

@kelly martineau why you care/worry so much? im sure Vanessa has seen her family and friends w/out paparazzi on her way ;) This is just her spending some time with bf and his mom like any normal, free spirit girl living her life…..let it be! she is happy this way :) she dont need anybody’s permission to live her life, she can do what she wants!!

she always has the CUTEST OUTFITS

@eat me: What on earth are you talking about? I did NOT talk about Efron. I said it was nice to see That Austin wants his mom to get to know her. I also said that just because she was leaving a restaurant and walking to her car, doesn’t mean she’s not private. Where did I talk about Efron, his mistakes, or whatever else you’re accusing me of?? You always come to her posts and trash her for no reason. No one was even talking about Mr Efron.

Haters Suck! @ 04/25/2012 at 10:35 pm

dont worry about eat me. there was nothng wrong wyh what you said. eat me is always going on rants about efron even when no one is talking about him. its always hard to understand what her problem is or what shes ealking about

@Haters Suck!: LOL, so weird, isn’t it? Still don’t get why his fans are obsessed with her still…..she has nothing to do with Efron, and they STILL can’t leave her alone. She has a nice new guy, is busy with her career, and NEVER trashes her ex or talks about him. What is she doing wrong?

Haters Suck! @ 04/25/2012 at 11:23 pm

she’s not doing anything wrong. I’m not talking about eat me don’t know what her problem is but there are two things. 1 some people think how she can even move on given that zac was so “perfect” (yeah right) and 2 this is my favorite the crime Vanessa is guilty of is destroying their little fairy tale dream couple if you know what I mean by moving on with another guy. They don’t want to understand it or accept it so they try to destroy or discredit it by calling it PR or calling them famewhores. Such a shame some people can’t appreciate how good this couple is.

My 2 cents @ 04/26/2012 at 1:31 am

# 71 & 72 Your both hit the nail on the head. I’m just so happy to see her with someone that appreciates her and makes her happy

Is truth fiction @ 04/26/2012 at 3:24 am

This guy is handsome but I think he’s going to need to up his career. V-Hudge is very free spirited but I think she is ambitious too. Look at her last two boyfriends.

i think Austin wants serious relationship w/ vanessa.

She looks like she went shoppimg in a dumpster. What is she trying to hide?

Haters Suck! @ 04/26/2012 at 5:49 pm

Geez what bug crawled up your ass today?

Vanessa Hudgens is a famewhore @ 04/29/2012 at 7:12 pm

I wonder if she’s seen Vanessa’s nudes.. Oh wait. Who hasn’t considering she had THREE batches of them leaked. Stupid, stupid, stupid girl doesn’t learn from her idiotic decisions.

Haha, yes… the ****** pictures of her spreading her legs… I will never be able to have respect for this girl.

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