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Zac Efron: Love Scenes with Nicole Kidman Was the 'Highlight of My Life'

Zac Efron: Love Scenes with Nicole Kidman Was the 'Highlight of My Life'

Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron sit together at a bar in one of the many new stills from their upcoming film, The Paperboy.

The film, which also co-stars John Cusack and Matthew McConaughey, is about a reporter who returns to his Florida hometown to investigate a case involving a death row inmate.

“I pinched myself everyday, especially after doing love scenes with Nicole Kidman,” Zac recently told press. “It was the highlight of my life. Nicole was something else and was always in character. She didn’t get weird method, like some actors do, but I have never seen anyone so centered.”

The Paperboy hits theaters November 23!

10+ new stills from Paperboy inside…

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  • lauren

    of course you chose these words to get more hits and bs comments?


  • sorry…………………….

    he said the same thing about his NYE costar -___-

  • lauren

    he said kissing her, that completely different then having fake sex ?

  • Bunnylover

    This is an old comment but of course it will score an amazing amount of hits from the haters! So BRING IT ON!!! Your views are irrelevant to me! This is looking like an amazing film, and in no way can anyone claim that this is a tween movie.

  • Revenge-Is-Sweet

    Some people will never learn it. No matter what he’s doing, the haters and jerks will always hate him for reasons like jealousy, enviousness. They disrespect him for everything. No matter if he’s hiding at home or hanging out with his brother, everything is wrong.
    And the dumbest haters, idiots or whatever I should call them, wish him a slow and painful death. But jerks like them, get what they deserve. And for them fits something perfectly: What goes around comes around.

    And for the ones who like Zac, here are more stills:

  • florence2

    No he says the love scenes were the highlight of his life so once again we’re going to hear nothing from him but how great it was for him getting cozy with yet another female. And he comp
    kains about being known as a sex symbol when he comes out with lnes like that. My god if he has got a gf hidden she must be so proud of her man constantly raving about his female costars and their intimate lve scenes, kissing scenes wtc. He really is taking th role as a womanzier in his stride so it obviously comes very natural to him. @lauren:



  • webb

    @florence2: Sex symbol – seriously?? LOL

  • R U sure

    @Florence2 there you go again Zac Sex Zac Sex just can’t get him off your mind can you. Look up the originale interview , working with her was the highight of his life. Both he and VANESSA together loved “Moulin Rouge” He like most peole loved “The sparkling Diamond” So please keep your mind off his Hot Dog and take a cold shower.

  • Derpina

    He praises the acting of Nicole, seems that Jared love to sow the seed of discord here. lol

  • http://comcast Marj

    I think this is going to be a great movie. Nicole Kidman is my favorite actress. I hope Zac can give a decent performance. It is suppose to be shown at Cannes, that should say something for the movie.

  • Moh123

    Nicole kidman is agreat actress, and any actor like Zac will be lucky to work with her.

  • annoying guy

    This constant “bla bla bla sex” complaint of @florence2 pisses me off

    Don’t expect some day to Zac gonna be full of tattoos, piercings and a very heavy makeup to disguise that his performance is s*it like Vanessa does in Gimme Shelter

    And don’t forget your sweetheart was in a bikini on ALL paparazzi photos of his movie Spring Breakers, there’s not a lot of clothes in Sucker Punch too, she does the same thing, stop complaining

  • cocooi

    I would watch it because Nicole Kidman is such a talented actress but since Zac Afron is on it too, i wouldn’t watch it… All i see is Highschool Musical.. ekkkk

  • R U sure

    Sorry for the typo Original “The Paperboy” will be considered his best work todate in my opinion. but I loved “The Lucky One”
    I will wait to see the reviews from Cannes however .
    @t Florence2 Zac Sex Zac Sex Zac Sex in addition to a hot dog , he has cute buns too. Think about that for awhile then start your hate all over again.

  • Zzz

    SMH, the guy just never changes. He’s still the same old douchebag. Don’t blame the haters, don’t blame JJ he’s the one who constantly can’t keep his foot out of his mouth and keeps talking about sex. No one forces him to do it, but it’s all he knows.

  • eat me

    @annoying guy your absolutly right!

  • Pathetic Zzz

    Waaahh snif sniif, Zac didn’t want to fu*k my hairy assh*le, I am so frustrated

  • Female

    @Marj: That doesn’t say anything about the movie. Many bad films have been screened at the Cannes Film Festival.

  • Zzz

    @pathetic zzz
    I’m not gay and have a gf. Zac might like d ick I’m not sure but I don’t.

  • Female

    Isn’t it funny that all the talentless girls on this site are scolded, but the talentless guys are excused because they are ‘hot’.

  • Zzz

    I’ll drink to that. Nice one.

  • anoiyng guy

    @Female: Most popular girls in this site

    Megan Fox, Kristen Stewart, Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens…

    Don’t seem “scolded” at all, nice try

  • Zzz

    @annoying guy
    LOL you’re joking right? Obviously youve never been on any of those girls posts. Of the girls you mentioned Miley takes the most crap, then Kristen, then Vanessa, Megan used to take the most crap but it’s died down A LOT since she got married and not as immature that’s why I think it’s gone down. Their popular because people talk a lot of s hit about them.

  • Whatever

    @Revenge-Is-Sweet: There are other reasons to dislike someone. Jealosy and envy are not even on my radar with him. Instead, it’s about basic human respect and decency, and he lacks it in many ways. Maybe, at some point, I can chalk it up to immaturity. But for now, it seems to be a pattern for him. Even with this post, he loses sight of the fact that she is MARRIED, a MOTHER, and gushing about doing love scenes with her is inappropriate!! He just does NOT get it.

    Honestly, I don’t hate him, and never comment unless it’s something typically Efron-ish behavior. If he would just learn to put a filter on his mouth, he would be fine. I could care less if he’s a womanizing player. That’s his choice in life. But the things he does and says are totally annoying. No one has an issue with hanging with his family, friends, or a girl. But he just asks for hate with the things he says.

  • annoying guy

    @Zzz: The EXACTLY SAME thing that happens to this girls, happens to Zac Efron, Robert Pattinson, Shia Labeouf… make seems like the guys are loved and the girls are victims is stupid, unless you can prove with objective informations, you can convince me if you do a search in every guy and every girl post and show me the results

  • Zzz

    @annoying guy
    but as long as they look good with their shirts off no one cares that their douchebags. Zac is a douche, Shia is the BIGGEST douche, and heres what makes Shia worse, he knows he’s a douchebag, it’s no secret to him and I honestly think he enjoys it and doesn’t care. He know as long as he looks good it doesn’t matter. Rob, the jury is still out on him, I don’t like the guy but I don’t dislike him either, he’s ok. I’m more of a fan of those brittian boys then the ones we have in America.
    Since I said Miley takes the most crap I’ll use her as an example, here’s her tag with all her posts. Read and enjoy
    she’s been taking a lot of s hit about her weight recently that’s something guys will never have to go through.

  • lauren

    what exactly were you and zac trying to buried the hatchet with?

  • Bunnylover

    @Whatever: Perhaps if JJ wasn’t so obsessed with getting hits he wouldn’t twist the words people say so much.

  • Zzz

    you’ve never heard that expression before? I was leaving
    i got a job offer i couldn’t refuse, it was everything I wanted so I took it. A mutual friend who knew me and zac hated each other tried to get us to make peace and at least respect each other before we’d never see each other again. It didn’t work, I left, havent seen him since.

  • ash

    being a hater is addicted,I learned this from u jared.

  • lauren

    i mean to ask, were you working for him?

  • tree

    @Zzz could you tell me why you feel he is a douchbag, what did he do to you. I think @Lauren is also just trying to understand.

  • Zzz


  • Tony

    Don’t get why ppl get angry at the “over the top” way Zac promotes his movies. He’s always done that. I’m sure his PR encourages him to do so. To him it’s work. He did it with Nikki Blonsky. Held her hand on the red carpet and looked lovingly into her eyes as if she were the love of his life. Even tongued her on live TV. Yes, he was in a “committed” relationship at the time. Nikki may have bought it and fallen in love with him, but to Zac it was all in a day’s work and brought him/Nikki years of attention and speculation. It’a all about creating a buzz and he/his PR knows how to work that.

  • lauren

    @zz why don’t u just into detail on what happen? since you seem to angry and upset, all i know is that you guys tried to fix your problems, u got a better job somewhere and u think he’s an douche,
    explain your story and maybe i will try to understand your angryness

  • Missy

    So why do you haters keep reading about him if you dislike him so much? He seems like an ok guy to me. As for “gushing” about Nicole, get a grip. They are ACTING. It’s not real. Believe it or not, love scenes are not easy or comfortable for an actor or actress to do. The fact that Nicole was so centered made the scene easier for him. It’s a complement to a fellow actor, not a lusty come on. I suggest not spending so much time analysis and criticizing someone you don’t know and don’t even like. If you don’t like the things he says, don’t read about him. He could care less.

  • Zzz

    I could but I’d be called a liar. I’ll just say this sometimes two people just can’t get along. I felt he didn’t respect me and as a result I didn’t respect him either and we clashed. That’s life.

  • august

    @Zzzz – Suuurrrrre, you met him. And now you, such an important person, spends her time bad mouthing him on the internet. I can see why he wouldn’t respect you, that is, if he even knew you existed. There’s real life out there, sweetie. You should try to find some.

  • tree

    @Zzz was your connection a friendship and as a friend he didn’t respect your feelings and you clashed with each other? By the way are you a guy or girl? Do you think fame caused him to be a douchbag or was he one before his fame?

  • Zzz

    see what I mean. Look you don’t have to believe me. Makes no difference to me one way or another. At the end of the day it is what it is.

  • tree

    @Zzz you shouldn’t care about others, I sincerely believe you and would simply like to know your specific reason for believing he is a douchbag, I am not judging you, I just feel you have insight into Zac’s real world and I want to understand.

  • tina

    @Tony: I guess for people that were fans of his it still rubs them the wrong way that he hasn’t grown up. The Nikki B thing was stupid but he could be forgiven given his age and inexperience in the business. Even back then he had a steady Gf which I’m sure that hurt very much. Instead of him being more compassion towards that said GF he continued in every film after that with the female co-star to go over the top with affection and inappropreiate comments and touching. I think for most females it is looked at as disrespectful towards the gf and even towards the other females partner if they have one. Girls put themselves in the place of the GF so when he does that it makes you feel bad for that person. the ex took it for many years. Case in point if the rumors are true about Lily Collins that she is his current squessze then by him being all over Taylor Shilling and saying the things he has about filming the love scenes not only does it disrespect his GF at the time of filming but also his current squeeze. I know people say it’s for PR and I can see to a point that the actors have to put it out there that they have chemistry but this guy goes too overboard. He keeps saying how much he connected in every whiich way, it was the best and easier part and that he didn’t need much direction they they went for it.
    He has also stated he has not found any girl yet that he has potential for him to be serious with. So when he states that making love to Nicole Kidman is the highlight of his life he has almost said that about Michelle P ,Claire Danes , Leslie M, and Amanda C everyone but his ex GF. So it does makes people feel sorry for his ex and glad they are not together any more. It also makes Lily Collins if she is his current sqeeze look pathetic just waiting for any bread brumb Zac Efron will toss her. Of coarse whenever he has time for her, between his having a good time with whatever female he is with when he’s away from her. If that is what she wants good luck Lily. So if it’s PR with saying things like this and acting flirtaous with his current co-star it doesn’t make him a honerable person does it? I’d say he is a bit of a sellout who is very ambitious and self serving to himself and only to himself. His career comes first and foremost and people are around to serve him until they are not needed any longer. He does have the looks,money and fame so are people jealous? Yes but maybe they wouldn’t be if he was truly a nicer person. If he was Not trying to be humble and charming just because he is trying to bluff his fans into thinking he is this cool wonderful guy. I know people would still be jealous but maybe some would back off and not feel they have to comment and call him out for his phoniness.

  • lauren

    do you believe everything you read and hear? if you don’t like him then why are you on here giving an essay on what you think? obviously u must care to post on here?

  • Zzz

    since you’re being nice ill answer you. I’m a guy and no our connection was never based on friendship not even close.

  • tree

    @ZZz thank you, you have said previously that you didn’t work for him and you said it wasn’t a friendship so how we’re you connected? Maybe this is too personal and I’m sorry I’m just trying to understand your feelings. Anything you can explain especially on how exactly he is a douchbag to you would be insightful.

  • Zzz

    well let me rephrase that work for him part. When I first started out you could say I worked for him. That was fine. When I first met him we were cool we were both new and we worked fine together. The problems started as we got older and I wasn’t working for him anymore but trying to work with him. If I’m being honest I’ll admit I’m not blameless in this as yes I can be a pain in the ass and I got under his skin and I knew when I should have let things go.

  • tree

    @Zzz thank you, it says a lot to me that your are willing to take some responsibility. In your opinion Is it that his fame is causing him to be a douchebag? Did it change him in your opinion?

  • Zzz

    that’s hard to answer. He was always cocky and at first that was a good
    thing if youre going to try and make it as a star you need to be cocky and believe in yourself. But in my point of view others who know him would disagree with me but he is too cocky and too full of himself. I don’t think it was a fame thing. People change that’s just the way it goes.

  • tree

    @Zzz. Thank you for your honesty, I agree it takes some form of cockiness and self confidence to make it. If you don’t mind me asking was it his cockiness and such that made him, I believe breakup with Vanessa? Did he want to focus only on his career. You said you left in December so you would have been around during this time.