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Zac Efron: Love Scenes with Nicole Kidman Was the 'Highlight of My Life'

Zac Efron: Love Scenes with Nicole Kidman Was the 'Highlight of My Life'

Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron sit together at a bar in one of the many new stills from their upcoming film, The Paperboy.

The film, which also co-stars John Cusack and Matthew McConaughey, is about a reporter who returns to his Florida hometown to investigate a case involving a death row inmate.

“I pinched myself everyday, especially after doing love scenes with Nicole Kidman,” Zac recently told press. “It was the highlight of my life. Nicole was something else and was always in character. She didn’t get weird method, like some actors do, but I have never seen anyone so centered.”

The Paperboy hits theaters November 23!

10+ new stills from Paperboy inside…

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157 Responses to “Zac Efron: Love Scenes with Nicole Kidman Was the 'Highlight of My Life'”

  1. 1
    lauren Says:

    of course you chose these words to get more hits and bs comments?


  2. 2
    sorry......................... Says:

    he said the same thing about his NYE costar -___-

  3. 3
    lauren Says:

    he said kissing her, that completely different then having fake sex ?

  4. 4
    Bunnylover Says:

    This is an old comment but of course it will score an amazing amount of hits from the haters! So BRING IT ON!!! Your views are irrelevant to me! This is looking like an amazing film, and in no way can anyone claim that this is a tween movie.

  5. 5
    Revenge-Is-Sweet Says:

    Some people will never learn it. No matter what he’s doing, the haters and jerks will always hate him for reasons like jealousy, enviousness. They disrespect him for everything. No matter if he’s hiding at home or hanging out with his brother, everything is wrong.
    And the dumbest haters, idiots or whatever I should call them, wish him a slow and painful death. But jerks like them, get what they deserve. And for them fits something perfectly: What goes around comes around.

    And for the ones who like Zac, here are more stills:

  6. 6
    florence2 Says:

    No he says the love scenes were the highlight of his life so once again we’re going to hear nothing from him but how great it was for him getting cozy with yet another female. And he comp
    kains about being known as a sex symbol when he comes out with lnes like that. My god if he has got a gf hidden she must be so proud of her man constantly raving about his female costars and their intimate lve scenes, kissing scenes wtc. He really is taking th role as a womanzier in his stride so it obviously comes very natural to him. @lauren:

  7. 7
    MADONNA Says:


  8. 8
    webb Says:

    @florence2: Sex symbol – seriously?? LOL

  9. 9
    R U sure Says:

    @Florence2 there you go again Zac Sex Zac Sex just can’t get him off your mind can you. Look up the originale interview , working with her was the highight of his life. Both he and VANESSA together loved “Moulin Rouge” He like most peole loved “The sparkling Diamond” So please keep your mind off his Hot Dog and take a cold shower.

  10. 10
    Derpina Says:

    He praises the acting of Nicole, seems that Jared love to sow the seed of discord here. lol

  11. 11
    Marj Says:

    I think this is going to be a great movie. Nicole Kidman is my favorite actress. I hope Zac can give a decent performance. It is suppose to be shown at Cannes, that should say something for the movie.

  12. 12
    Moh123 Says:

    Nicole kidman is agreat actress, and any actor like Zac will be lucky to work with her.

  13. 13
    annoying guy Says:

    This constant “bla bla bla sex” complaint of @florence2 pisses me off

    Don’t expect some day to Zac gonna be full of tattoos, piercings and a very heavy makeup to disguise that his performance is s*it like Vanessa does in Gimme Shelter

    And don’t forget your sweetheart was in a bikini on ALL paparazzi photos of his movie Spring Breakers, there’s not a lot of clothes in Sucker Punch too, she does the same thing, stop complaining

  14. 14
    cocooi Says:

    I would watch it because Nicole Kidman is such a talented actress but since Zac Afron is on it too, i wouldn’t watch it… All i see is Highschool Musical.. ekkkk

  15. 15
    R U sure Says:

    Sorry for the typo Original “The Paperboy” will be considered his best work todate in my opinion. but I loved “The Lucky One”
    I will wait to see the reviews from Cannes however .
    @t Florence2 Zac Sex Zac Sex Zac Sex in addition to a hot dog , he has cute buns too. Think about that for awhile then start your hate all over again.

  16. 16
    Zzz Says:

    SMH, the guy just never changes. He’s still the same old douchebag. Don’t blame the haters, don’t blame JJ he’s the one who constantly can’t keep his foot out of his mouth and keeps talking about sex. No one forces him to do it, but it’s all he knows.

  17. 17
    eat me Says:

    @annoying guy your absolutly right!

  18. 18
    Pathetic Zzz Says:

    Waaahh snif sniif, Zac didn’t want to fu*k my hairy assh*le, I am so frustrated

  19. 19
    Female Says:

    @Marj: That doesn’t say anything about the movie. Many bad films have been screened at the Cannes Film Festival.

  20. 20
    Zzz Says:

    @pathetic zzz
    I’m not gay and have a gf. Zac might like d ick I’m not sure but I don’t.

  21. 21
    Female Says:

    Isn’t it funny that all the talentless girls on this site are scolded, but the talentless guys are excused because they are ‘hot’.

  22. 22
    Zzz Says:

    I’ll drink to that. Nice one.

  23. 23
    anoiyng guy Says:

    @Female: Most popular girls in this site

    Megan Fox, Kristen Stewart, Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens…

    Don’t seem “scolded” at all, nice try

  24. 24
    Zzz Says:

    @annoying guy
    LOL you’re joking right? Obviously youve never been on any of those girls posts. Of the girls you mentioned Miley takes the most crap, then Kristen, then Vanessa, Megan used to take the most crap but it’s died down A LOT since she got married and not as immature that’s why I think it’s gone down. Their popular because people talk a lot of s hit about them.

  25. 25
    Whatever Says:

    @Revenge-Is-Sweet: There are other reasons to dislike someone. Jealosy and envy are not even on my radar with him. Instead, it’s about basic human respect and decency, and he lacks it in many ways. Maybe, at some point, I can chalk it up to immaturity. But for now, it seems to be a pattern for him. Even with this post, he loses sight of the fact that she is MARRIED, a MOTHER, and gushing about doing love scenes with her is inappropriate!! He just does NOT get it.

    Honestly, I don’t hate him, and never comment unless it’s something typically Efron-ish behavior. If he would just learn to put a filter on his mouth, he would be fine. I could care less if he’s a womanizing player. That’s his choice in life. But the things he does and says are totally annoying. No one has an issue with hanging with his family, friends, or a girl. But he just asks for hate with the things he says.

  26. 26
    annoying guy Says:

    @Zzz: The EXACTLY SAME thing that happens to this girls, happens to Zac Efron, Robert Pattinson, Shia Labeouf… make seems like the guys are loved and the girls are victims is stupid, unless you can prove with objective informations, you can convince me if you do a search in every guy and every girl post and show me the results

  27. 27
    Zzz Says:

    @annoying guy
    but as long as they look good with their shirts off no one cares that their douchebags. Zac is a douche, Shia is the BIGGEST douche, and heres what makes Shia worse, he knows he’s a douchebag, it’s no secret to him and I honestly think he enjoys it and doesn’t care. He know as long as he looks good it doesn’t matter. Rob, the jury is still out on him, I don’t like the guy but I don’t dislike him either, he’s ok. I’m more of a fan of those brittian boys then the ones we have in America.
    Since I said Miley takes the most crap I’ll use her as an example, here’s her tag with all her posts. Read and enjoy
    she’s been taking a lot of s hit about her weight recently that’s something guys will never have to go through.

  28. 28
    lauren Says:

    what exactly were you and zac trying to buried the hatchet with?

  29. 29
    Bunnylover Says:

    @Whatever: Perhaps if JJ wasn’t so obsessed with getting hits he wouldn’t twist the words people say so much.

  30. 30
    Zzz Says:

    you’ve never heard that expression before? I was leaving
    i got a job offer i couldn’t refuse, it was everything I wanted so I took it. A mutual friend who knew me and zac hated each other tried to get us to make peace and at least respect each other before we’d never see each other again. It didn’t work, I left, havent seen him since.

  31. 31
    ash Says:

    being a hater is addicted,I learned this from u jared.

  32. 32
    lauren Says:

    i mean to ask, were you working for him?

  33. 33
    tree Says:

    @Zzz could you tell me why you feel he is a douchbag, what did he do to you. I think @Lauren is also just trying to understand.

  34. 34
    Zzz Says:


  35. 35
    Tony Says:

    Don’t get why ppl get angry at the “over the top” way Zac promotes his movies. He’s always done that. I’m sure his PR encourages him to do so. To him it’s work. He did it with Nikki Blonsky. Held her hand on the red carpet and looked lovingly into her eyes as if she were the love of his life. Even tongued her on live TV. Yes, he was in a “committed” relationship at the time. Nikki may have bought it and fallen in love with him, but to Zac it was all in a day’s work and brought him/Nikki years of attention and speculation. It’a all about creating a buzz and he/his PR knows how to work that.

  36. 36
    lauren Says:

    @zz why don’t u just into detail on what happen? since you seem to angry and upset, all i know is that you guys tried to fix your problems, u got a better job somewhere and u think he’s an douche,
    explain your story and maybe i will try to understand your angryness

  37. 37
    Missy Says:

    So why do you haters keep reading about him if you dislike him so much? He seems like an ok guy to me. As for “gushing” about Nicole, get a grip. They are ACTING. It’s not real. Believe it or not, love scenes are not easy or comfortable for an actor or actress to do. The fact that Nicole was so centered made the scene easier for him. It’s a complement to a fellow actor, not a lusty come on. I suggest not spending so much time analysis and criticizing someone you don’t know and don’t even like. If you don’t like the things he says, don’t read about him. He could care less.

  38. 38
    Zzz Says:

    I could but I’d be called a liar. I’ll just say this sometimes two people just can’t get along. I felt he didn’t respect me and as a result I didn’t respect him either and we clashed. That’s life.

  39. 39
    august Says:

    @Zzzz – Suuurrrrre, you met him. And now you, such an important person, spends her time bad mouthing him on the internet. I can see why he wouldn’t respect you, that is, if he even knew you existed. There’s real life out there, sweetie. You should try to find some.

  40. 40
    tree Says:

    @Zzz was your connection a friendship and as a friend he didn’t respect your feelings and you clashed with each other? By the way are you a guy or girl? Do you think fame caused him to be a douchbag or was he one before his fame?

  41. 41
    Zzz Says:

    see what I mean. Look you don’t have to believe me. Makes no difference to me one way or another. At the end of the day it is what it is.

  42. 42
    tree Says:

    @Zzz you shouldn’t care about others, I sincerely believe you and would simply like to know your specific reason for believing he is a douchbag, I am not judging you, I just feel you have insight into Zac’s real world and I want to understand.

  43. 43
    tina Says:

    @Tony: I guess for people that were fans of his it still rubs them the wrong way that he hasn’t grown up. The Nikki B thing was stupid but he could be forgiven given his age and inexperience in the business. Even back then he had a steady Gf which I’m sure that hurt very much. Instead of him being more compassion towards that said GF he continued in every film after that with the female co-star to go over the top with affection and inappropreiate comments and touching. I think for most females it is looked at as disrespectful towards the gf and even towards the other females partner if they have one. Girls put themselves in the place of the GF so when he does that it makes you feel bad for that person. the ex took it for many years. Case in point if the rumors are true about Lily Collins that she is his current squessze then by him being all over Taylor Shilling and saying the things he has about filming the love scenes not only does it disrespect his GF at the time of filming but also his current squeeze. I know people say it’s for PR and I can see to a point that the actors have to put it out there that they have chemistry but this guy goes too overboard. He keeps saying how much he connected in every whiich way, it was the best and easier part and that he didn’t need much direction they they went for it.
    He has also stated he has not found any girl yet that he has potential for him to be serious with. So when he states that making love to Nicole Kidman is the highlight of his life he has almost said that about Michelle P ,Claire Danes , Leslie M, and Amanda C everyone but his ex GF. So it does makes people feel sorry for his ex and glad they are not together any more. It also makes Lily Collins if she is his current sqeeze look pathetic just waiting for any bread brumb Zac Efron will toss her. Of coarse whenever he has time for her, between his having a good time with whatever female he is with when he’s away from her. If that is what she wants good luck Lily. So if it’s PR with saying things like this and acting flirtaous with his current co-star it doesn’t make him a honerable person does it? I’d say he is a bit of a sellout who is very ambitious and self serving to himself and only to himself. His career comes first and foremost and people are around to serve him until they are not needed any longer. He does have the looks,money and fame so are people jealous? Yes but maybe they wouldn’t be if he was truly a nicer person. If he was Not trying to be humble and charming just because he is trying to bluff his fans into thinking he is this cool wonderful guy. I know people would still be jealous but maybe some would back off and not feel they have to comment and call him out for his phoniness.

  44. 44
    lauren Says:

    do you believe everything you read and hear? if you don’t like him then why are you on here giving an essay on what you think? obviously u must care to post on here?

  45. 45
    Zzz Says:

    since you’re being nice ill answer you. I’m a guy and no our connection was never based on friendship not even close.

  46. 46
    tree Says:

    @ZZz thank you, you have said previously that you didn’t work for him and you said it wasn’t a friendship so how we’re you connected? Maybe this is too personal and I’m sorry I’m just trying to understand your feelings. Anything you can explain especially on how exactly he is a douchbag to you would be insightful.

  47. 47
    Zzz Says:

    well let me rephrase that work for him part. When I first started out you could say I worked for him. That was fine. When I first met him we were cool we were both new and we worked fine together. The problems started as we got older and I wasn’t working for him anymore but trying to work with him. If I’m being honest I’ll admit I’m not blameless in this as yes I can be a pain in the ass and I got under his skin and I knew when I should have let things go.

  48. 48
    tree Says:

    @Zzz thank you, it says a lot to me that your are willing to take some responsibility. In your opinion Is it that his fame is causing him to be a douchebag? Did it change him in your opinion?

  49. 49
    Zzz Says:

    that’s hard to answer. He was always cocky and at first that was a good
    thing if youre going to try and make it as a star you need to be cocky and believe in yourself. But in my point of view others who know him would disagree with me but he is too cocky and too full of himself. I don’t think it was a fame thing. People change that’s just the way it goes.

  50. 50
    tree Says:

    @Zzz. Thank you for your honesty, I agree it takes some form of cockiness and self confidence to make it. If you don’t mind me asking was it his cockiness and such that made him, I believe breakup with Vanessa? Did he want to focus only on his career. You said you left in December so you would have been around during this time.

  51. 51
    Black-Dahlia Says:

    What he said about Nicole is just plain rude.

  52. 52
    Zzz Says:

    I can’t really speak about what happens betweeen him and Vanessa. He was much mire barable when she was around I’ll say that. And to be quite honest I’m not that fond of her either, although my experience with her was very limited. She was nice enough I guess but she just wasn’t my cup of tea. I’ll say this their break up was a complete SHOCK, no one saw it coming. I don’t get surprised very often but I was shocked. What happend is still a mystery. It’s one of the most closely kept most gaurded secrets I’ve ever seen. Usally the cats out of the bag by now but Only a handful of people know what went on, it’s like a pandoras box that no one wants to open. You better not ask about it either unless you want to get your ass in hot water very quickly. It’s still a very tense subject fro the time it happend to the time I left you better be very careful around that subject. Whatever it was, I get the feeling it was very bad.

  53. 53
    tree Says:

    @ZZz. Thank you for your honesty, I hope we get to converse again, I believe you and enjoyed your insight

  54. 54
    Louise Says:

    Thank goodness Nicole has John Cusack to work with. Nicole is very talented and so is John, but Zak and Matt are lacking in the talent department.. Nicole is so lovely; her arms are gorgeous.

  55. 55
    tina Says:

    @lauren: You should talk lauren you are a troll that is always the first to comment on Zac. You act like your a fan but your like a bi- polor freak. You never know if your gonna be nice to him or bring up something that will hurt him. At least I am honest I don’t care for him anymore but I will admit I’m still interested . I want someone to tell the truth about him , to show his true colors. The truth will come out someday and I want to be around to see it. Just Jared posts things that reveal quite a bit about him. Pics and comments will begin to unveil what he is really like. He can’t hide it for long.

  56. 56
    lauren Says:

    uh maybe because its his own life and he wants it to be private?
    if you intrested there is no need for you to bash him and just sput all this hate and stuff on what you think, your like every other people on here who thinks what they know. wow bi-polor freak? your clever, im pretty sure your a troll too who just trashes zac every time you get the chance,

  57. 57
    sally Says:

    OBVIOUSLY zac was not the one who cheated.
    Zac is still single now,and Vanessa Hudgens dated at least 3 guys since they broke up.
    Zac went to the set of journey 2 to visit her when he filmed The Lucky One(it was in 2010,they were still together).cuz he was worried about something was going on between Josh Hutcherson.After zanessa broke up,vanessa hudgens hung out with josh A LOT and took him to Coachella,and they kissed at a bar (he’s not even 21y.o…LOL).IT’S OBVIOUS.vanessa hudgens is the one who’s cheating on zac,and during “beastly” & “Sucker Punch” promotion tour she said A LOT of bad things about zac.

  58. 58
    Mick Says:

    The only thing obvious about what you just said is that you are an idiot. She didn’t say s*** about Zac during the promo other than the occasional, we’re friends. One time a reporter asked her what she thought of his abs and the only thing she did was move on down the line. Make sure you get your info right next time.

  59. 59
    lol Says:

    mystery huh?I guess zac and vanessa broke up cuz he was caught having sex with ryan rottman


  60. 60
    Jake Says:

    You gotta hand it to Zac! Girl sure knows how to kiss ass and generate a good buzz. Too bad the buzz doesn’t show at the box office !

  61. 61
    Dieter Says:

    I totally creamed my jeans on Nic’s ass !!!!

  62. 62
    florence2 Says:

    I have never heard Vanessa bad mouth Zac all the time they were together and even now they broke up and big deal she hung out with josh this was after she and Zac broke up. The only way she refers to Zac now is by calling him her costar which is what he was and it comes across from day one of he break up that Vanessa was far more upset than Zac over it.

    Funny how he’s doing promo again and she gets mentioned.

    Zac does’nt care if his costars are married or not he gushes over them and does’nt take into account how their partners may feel. He acts the same way he does now just like he did with Nikky so he has not matured at all and he willingly goes along with whatever his PR team tell him to do to sell his film it’s not his acting that sells the movie it’s the fact he loves gushing about his costars and what a womanizer he is portrayed as.

  63. 63
    R U sure Says:

    @Zzzz Ok if you are telling the truth about what you say here, I know who you are now. You do know me also . I was OK with every thing til you said he might like Di , that was uncalled for. I always have good dealings with him but he can have a temper , then get out of the way.
    I was confused about what you said about Vanessa that it came as a total shock. Not true they had problems that were growing for a year. it was just a matter of time But you were not around in that year to see what was going on. I will say this you knew him way before I did. i was there when the problem happened. I will say this now don’t ask about Vanessa or Zac breaking up. No one was to blame , they both were equally to blame

  64. 64
    tree Says:

    @R U sure – Zzz has been very generous with his telling of information, I would like to give you the same opportunity. And please know Im not here to bash or accuse anyone, which I think you can see from my prior posts. Since your were there when the problems began, and you say they went on for a year. May I ask, was the problem, in your opinion, the time spent apart because of filming or is there another problem that we are unaware of?

  65. 65
    lauren Says:

    why are you believing people on here?
    anyone can come on here and just say stuff. are you serious?

  66. 66
    tree Says:

    @lauren – Yes I am serious. I want to hear what they have to say. I’m not here to judge anyone or put them down. I just want to listen and hear what they have to say. Sometimes it’s better to listen than to spew hate and insults. @Zzz and @R U sure have an opinion and I would like to hear it.

  67. 67
    Zzz Says:

    @r u sure
    the like d ick comment may have been a little over the top. That was directed more at the fan that came at me then at zac.
    I know he has a temper but I wouldn’t back down from him that’s when we had most of our disagreements. I knew somethings were going on between him and Vanessa, heard whispers but I didn’t bother checking it out as I just didn’t care. I honestly thought if they were going to end things it would be sometime around this year. That was an intersting day around the office. My only regret about leaving my old job was i missed the Pitt-Jolie engadgment. I heard from some friends that day was very intresting. Granted those two were well above my pay grade to handle but I heard it was fun.

  68. 68
    R U sure Says:

    @Tree Vanessa was afraid of losing Zac someday. she wanted to get married. if not married at least engaged. She was getting more and more possive . He was not ready for this .He even said he may not get married ti 30 if then. He had friends that were trying to hook him up with girls (I’m Not saying he ever cheated) These are some friends he dumped. He needed some space Not to cheat.He just wanted to clear his mind. she wouldn’t give it. She wanted to be tho top Hollywood couple .At this time he wanted things private.. For the Paps they looked happy, but every once in awhile he would say something(AND STILL DOES) that doesn’t come out right. They would argue about what he said all the time. It was just not worth it anymore. Now all of you go ahead call me a liar , I’m not saying one was right one was wrong. Maybe if he got rid of some friends sooner things would be different. In my opinion he still needs to get rid of some more.

  69. 69
    amelia25 Says:

    Beautiful Zac!

  70. 70
    Whatever Says:

    @R U sure: Then why do they hate each other now? They did NOT part as friends, and it was obviously hurtful if they do not speak. Sorry, but I believe Zzz on that. The way things went down did seem out of the blue, and Vanessa looked shell-shocked to say the least. They looked happy ALL year, with nothing amiss. Sorry, I’m not buying it.

  71. 71
    Whatever Says:

    @R U sure: If that all is true, I would not blame her in the least. I would not have trusted him as far as I could throw him. The rumors were constant, the flirting was relentless, and the girls throwing themselves at him were ridiculous. I’ve said a thousand times, it is NOT fun being the GF of a heartthrob. No wonder she is much happier now, and he doesn’t have to worry about someone wanting to be with just him and not wanting to share him. I doubt any woman would react differently.

  72. 72
    lauren Says:

    @r u sure
    im prretty sure i heard everything you said, esp the marriage/engagement stuff. ive also heard the same bs rumors on how they had an ”’open relatinoship” at some point but i dont think that was ever true, or some bs crap on how zac cheated on v in nola/ v cheated on josh.

  73. 73
    Whatever Says:

    @lauren: She did NOT.

  74. 74
    R U sure Says:

    @lauren He did not

  75. 75
    R U sure Says:

    @lol He never had sex with Ryan Rottman, not that Rottman didn’t want it . OOOHH I said. it This is nothing knew Zac never judged you if you were straight or gay or bi. you can’t be bigoted in Hollywood and survive. several of his friends say They are bi.
    Same goes for Vanessa she has friends too
    @Whatever where did I say they parted as friends. I said before They have been to the same places at the same time. They have mutual friends the could go through. Zac is very good looking man and can’t help it if girls throw themselves at him. If Vanessa couldn’t handle that . she had no business being with him. It doesn’t mean he cheated.
    Vanessa had her moments too (pics were not for Zac) so lets not play this game. Zzzz said he didn’t know what happened.
    @Lauren The only thing I will say about open relationships is THEY DON’T WORK.

  76. 76
    lauren Says:

    @r u sure..
    so how do you know zac than?

  77. 77
    Rabbithater Says:

    @R U sure: Sorry, I don’t buy that crap. The typical ‘she was possessive and wanted marriage’ crap. Vanessa is a free-spirited, laid back person. She does want to marry, but she does NOT want that now either, and she has said so herself. Always blaming the woman……so damn typical. And not for nothin’, but wouldn’t it be time to show some kind of commitment after 5 years? You either put a ring on it, or let her go. Glad she doesn’t have to deal with his crap anymore.

  78. 78
    R U sure Says:

    @Lauren I’ve known him for five years , I’m not saying if it is friend or work.
    @Rabbithater I don’t care what you believe and don’t believe but you contradict yourself. you say she doesn’t want to marry, but he should show a commitment. after 5 years.
    If you read what I said I wasn’t blaming her I made that clear. She wanted the ring and he didn’t . I’ll be more blunt at times he was an a– to her and she was a nag. it just got worse. go to Youtube look up Mtv movie awards Kisscam june 2010. They were not happy. once on E she went out to Disneyland without him They asked where is the Mr. she said at home he was on his way to Hawaii. Speaking of Hawaii look at The Thanksgiving pics . Your going to tell me that was happy. She gave him a deadline for a ring on her birthday or it was over. He said OVER the day before sure she was in shock, he never called her bluffs beore.

  79. 79
    lauren Says:

    @ r u sure

    but vanessa has said over the years she wasnt ready to get married? but she wanted zac to put a ring on it? was she a paranoid person? did she think he would cheat? did she want to ”own” him? maybe she thought if he put a ring on it ppl would stop obsessing over him?

  80. 80
    Dani Says:

    Haha oh Zac, his infatuation with older women is quite adorable actually, he crushes on Nicole, Michelle, Sofia & so on…….

    The boy has good taste.

  81. 81
    Christian Says:

    I haven’t seen anything new with Nicole Kidman in awhile! I’ll watch if only for her.

  82. 82
    tree Says:

    @R U sure – Thank you for sharing your story. I believe you just as I believe what @Zzz shared. If I may ask another question. Do you think that Zac, in your opinion regrets letting her go or is he happier now that he is free. I ask this because when he described what he is looking for in a wife he stated someone who is ambitious and free. This to me describes Vanessa. I would like to hear your opinion.

  83. 83
    My 2 cents Says:

    It’s sad people are bringing up the past and pointing fingers. No one knows what happens in a relationship there are only two people who know why a break up occurs. I’ll bet neither one is commenting on this post. They have both moved on , maybe one day after time has passed
    they can be friends again. Everyone should let it go now.

  84. 84
    R U sure Says:

    @tree No I don’t by this time to many things had been said to many people hurt. No one is blaming the other. I will say Vanessa seems happy and Zac has let her know through “channels” he is happy for her.
    @My 2 Cents You are 100% right here. I’m only giving the info I know so it wasn’t all one sided here.The last thing they both want is for people to hate or blame the other. That is not what this is about. People do you realize any can go on here(Including me) and claim things.Do I think they could be friends again? without a doubt , one day you will see this, anythhing more than that . No.

  85. 85
    R U sure Says:

    just to stir up the pot Think when did these rumors and blind gossip start showing up about Zac and Taylor in New Orleans?
    right after Ryan Rottman, made the BIG announcement on his Twitter he was going to see his friend in New Orleans. 3 guesses who that was. Zac you need to think who is your true friend. The one who gets in every possible pic with you , the one who goes out of his way to avoid being seen with you so he doesn’t trade on your fame?

  86. 86
    Bunnylover Says:

    @R U sure: Be honest, I never thought he looked happy on the Thanksgiving video but all the fans told me he was just bursting to get back to the hotel! He steps away when she tries to hold onto him! @lauren: As for her not wanting to get married, I heard that her and Ashley were overheard talking about their perfect engagement ring and she was bemoaning the fact that Zac still hadn’t given her one.

  87. 87
    Whatever Says:

    @R U sure: Well, if you don’t mind my sayin’, he sounds like an a$$. Vanessa may not want marriage right now either, but 5years is a long time to devote to someone and have no commitment. She should not have to beg for a ring. He should have wanted to give her one. So it was not going to happen. Better to move on. No, they did not seem happy in Hawaii, at least in the pic I saw. He looked like a cold *******. But that’s the Efron I see. Cold and calculating.

  88. 88
    Whatever Says:

    @R U sure: And I’ll bet she doesn’t give a damn if he sends good wishes, and that they will NEVER be friends, especially if that is what happened. That is WAY too hurtful. At least it explains the shell-shocked look she had on that birthday. But doesn’t explain the next month of sightings and his trip to see her in NC.

  89. 89
    tree Says:

    @R U sure – If he told her it was over the day before her b-day, in your opinion do you know why they were spotted x-mas shopping and also at a club in Jan, and he also went to NC. Is this the Open Relationship part you talked about in an earlier post?One that ultimately didn’t work because now they don’t speak. Also, you gave a hypathetical scenario, in a prior post about Zac and a very private relationship with someone who wanted nothing to do with Hollywood, is that what you also know?

  90. 90
    R U sure Says:

    @Bunnylover He couldn’t wait to get out of Hawaii . this is where the demand for the ring for her birthday or they were over. He was cold to her. You don’t make demands like that , you discuss with him.There was something private betweent them they dicusse , I can’t go into that.
    He told her there Don’t threaten or try to force me. There were several or engagement rumors that his people would knock down Late (March 2010) I can’t recall the Mag. but they are sitting on a car in the photo and it says his camp denies this. items about her wanting a ring from Zac.
    @Whatever. I’m with you on this one . If he wasn’t going to do it then move on , the choice was hers She made the demands and one in partculalar, she knew he would not go along with (don’T ask) yhat is their business) He usually gave in , not this time.

  91. 91
    Whatever Says:

    I’m going to say one more thing on this subject…..I love how she is blamed for wanting to get engaged. Shame on her for loving him, wanting to spend her life with him and his temper and a$$hole behavior, and hoping for a ring to believe in their love. I am SO freakin’ happy she is no longer with such a jerk.

  92. 92
    R U sure Says:

    @tree I know nothing about Christmas shopping. i was working out of town at that time. In Jan they were still talking They were tying up loose ends. The pic of him leaving her house he ws getting his personal items (He is holding them) . The bar was nothing like the article said. they were talking , but not holding on to each other (They were not friends with benefits like what was being said) N.C He promised to go to the After party of MI J2 he kept his word. I was just saying an open relationship wouldn’t work they both knew people who had them and they failed. I can’t comment on the scenario anymore, I got Holy he– for that which I deserved

  93. 93
    lauren Says:

    @ r u sure
    so basically it was the enagment stuff/nagging of marriage/ring put the end of it all? or did the relationship really did ran it’s course? idk i personally think zac heart was broken when he did say ”we were in love”

    so basically she wanted to ”own” zac?

    pretty much everything you been saying ive heard over the last year.

  94. 94
    R U sure Says:

    @whatever I don’t know what you want me to say, i agreed with you. They were at odds here. If she wasn’t happy good she left. If he didn’t whant to commit good he told her. She knew what he was like and he is not easy to change,(private life) they made a great looking couple , should they have stayed together to make he fans happy? No only if they were happy. Let me make this clear I knew her also, not always with him.. We had ourups and downs. On the whole I liked her, but they were difficult to be around near they end. He was and is my friend first and she knew this.But I’m not blaming her.for wanting more after 5 years. That said she knew his views going into the relationship.

  95. 95
    R U sure Says:

    @lauren Let’s just say this helped it , in running it’s course. either way one was going to be unhappy that wouldn’t be fair.the nagging didn’t help, him acting an ass at times didn’t help (Not Cheating, he was flirty that was just him , he was this way always). They were both very sad that a 5 year relationship ended. after Jan. they were both free to do what they wanted Own sounds like a terrible word but if you are together , that is the general idea right? He just wanted more freedom. Right or wrong? I wouldn’t want that but that’s me.

  96. 96
    Rachel Says:

    Boy, the movie looks good! Can’t wait for it to come out! Zac looks great, he sure is glad that he got to work with Nicole!

  97. 97
    sugar Says:

    Granted this stuff is what happened…taken with a big grain of salt….more like a boulder rather than a grain… When someone forces someones hand, it’s usually a passive aggressive way to end things. For whatever reason, I wasn’t feeling that she was happy towards the end. I think both are unresolved in what happened. I think ZZZ is more credible than RU sure. That’s just my opinion.

  98. 98
    tc Says:

    Well here is an interview that Zac clearly states when he filmed this in Louisiana he was caught up in the setting , Taylor and the romance of it. He clearly forgot he had a GF at the time., but he clearly found out he didn’t want a GF anymore so there you are you have an answer.
    He might not have fallen in love forever with this women but I’m sure they are reliving that time right now with this promos. He has clearly stated that he like being single and best of luck to him. But I think we now know he most likely cheated back then and wanted out of any relationship he had.

  99. 99
    tree Says:

    @R U sure – I just wanted to say thanks again for your insight into Z and V. I appreciate your explanations and now have a better understanding. I’m sorry you took h…. For the hypo. Scenario. I think you were trying to tell us some insight into what Zac is going thru in a relationship now. Can you say if this person is a celeb or not? Also, if he wants freedom I would think he would steer clear of a relationship and just date for fun. Is he still friends with R Rottman?

  100. 100
    My 2 Cents Says:

    Well after reading all these comments all I can say is Wow. I’m sure a couple of you loved that you had the chance to be under the bed /in the room / be a confidant/and hear the conversation first hand while it was happening. When is the book coming out? Seriously, again NO ONE knows what happened in these people’s lives except the two people involved. I think I’m done with all of this.

  101. 101
    R U sure Says:

    @Tree thank youI deserved to get He– for it , i said way to much in that scenario. i shouldn’t say anything , but if you go back andread them , I made it clear this person is not a celeb. but does understand how PR works and is fine with that. I also said sometimes things change .
    R . Rottman. Don’t get me started or I’ll get He– again. I will say this He did not go to the Lorax premiere, nor “The LuckyOne” (First timw he missed an L.A. premiere for Zac. He made a point that at the moment Zac started down the carpet. He went on Twitter and said”sitting on my back porch reading a book , by my best friend” Then had a pic of a book by someone we all know. i will not and can not spek for zac here, but I will say. n my opinion. RR is a stranger to the truth, jealous, and a backstabber. He tries to get in every pic he can. he was encouraging bromance rumors , would call the press ahead of time. I also believe he was behind the romors that made gossip sites about drugs , strippers, random hook ups. Even tweeting Zac was at a “party” in the bedroom with someone, I knew for a fact Zac wasn’t even there. Let me change one of the “Friends” tweeted that but RR was there. Some of these friends are gone now. For some reason RR always shows up like a bad penny..

  102. 102
    tree Says:

    @RUsure – I do know sometimes things change and people grow up and change. However, seeing Zac and listening to his interviews I don’t see a change in the way he likes to flirt. It would take a very secure and understanding person to accept his ways and also this temper you’ve talked about.

  103. 103
    tree Says:

    @RU sure – so hypo speaking if Vanessa agreed to be private and accepted his flirting ways as PR, in your opinion do you thing he loved her enough to still be together.

  104. 104
    R U sure Says:

    @tree I over stated the temper. he is very easy going , but you can get him riled. He will let many things pass , but everybody has a limit. No more on the temper.
    Like I said in the scenario , if someone is there , they are very understaning of PR and this is their wish.
    That last one is hard.They both became to famous to keep it hidden, they became the real life fairytale. They were both very young. thins change. Who knows on that on though she may sill of wanted a ring or commitment of some type. My opinion It would be very hard to see all the flirting , that has to give you doubts. I know this business backwards and forwards and how PR works. I don’t think I could do it. I just don’t know.

  105. 105
    tree Says:

    @RUsure- thank you so much for your honesty, I wish them both success and happiness and I guess a part of me will always wish that they could some day find there way back to each other.

  106. 106
    R U sure Says:

    @Tree Life & Style just came out with an article based on what I said about the houes paties and girs in the bedrooms. This is why I hate RRand his friends. They are hurting Zac and others.

  107. 107
    tree Says:

    @R U sure – So Zac alows RR and his friends to tell the magazines lies and he still is his friend, does RR lie to Zac and tell him it wasn’t him. I would think Zac being the private person that he would stand up to RR and his friends and not be their friend. Why does Zac put up with him and them.

  108. 108
    tree Says:

    @R U sure – Do you know or think his PR team likes that Zac flirts with all his co stars almost to the point of awkward and saying thinks that go too far? Do they encourage this or do they reign him in sometimes. He says he doesn’t want to be a heartthrob or sex symbol, just a good actor, but his approach when he talks about all his female co stars and how great it was to have sex scenes with them and kiss them just makes the point he says he doesn’t want. How do you think his PR team feels about this

  109. 109
    R U sure Says:

    @Tree Zac doesn’t allow this the ones he knows who did this stuff are gone. He is in the process of getting rid of more.Unlike me he gives these guys the benefit of the doubt. I can’t tell Zac who to see and not to see. but after this , It has to hurt these lies and such. The worst part about this when this story the haters are all going to believe it is true. I’m just hoping I mentioned it before the story came out. Like I said I believe R and his friends are behind it. Funny Zac isin Germany and this hits back in the U.S.. I won’t know more til I get back and can check my sources on where this story came from. L & S is wrong all the time.They had a romance with Zac & T Palmer wrong , they Said Lily and Zac the real thing quoted sources Wrong Now this Wrong. Besides Zac two people were at most these events. I would never say anything RR is always around or was. . This could be revenge for not getting an invite to the premiere. I know I have said enough and he knows who I am, I can’t waite to see what he says next . He has give gossip site stories I would never say here. Rumors they started also , that still pop up til this day.

  110. 110
    tree Says:

    @R U sure = I guess the rumors and gossip is all a part of the business. You must really have to be careful who your friends are. I always wondered how much control a celebrities PR team has over what the celeb says or how they act. Any thought or comment on my #108 post, I would be curious as to your opinion.

  111. 111
    tree Says:

    @R U sure – I just went back and read over all youryour hypo scenario posts. i have to say that it would be very hard, not impossible, to hide such a relationship for a year. Unfortunately with all his filming and promo work this past year they would have very little time for each other. Unless she is so un famous that she could be travelling with him and no one would notice. Would you say she has a sense of ambition and a sense of freedom to her? If I had to guess I would say she is someone in the PR business who maybe works for his PR Company. I would love to hear your thoughts.

  112. 112
    R U sure Says:

    @Tree We must of been on here the sametime I didn’t see that question. At one point he pretty much did what he was asked to do.i have to really be careful here. A Pr team was trying to force him to do something his heart wasn’t in. This meant problems he didn’t want.(not just for him) He was suppose to be at an event and left town instead. Not only did he miss the event, he left RR there on RR’s birthday and missed the party that night for him , plus he missed the party the night before. The gushing over co-stars going out to party.crused what they were planning on him doing. My opinion , they may still try to force it.
    But he is right he would only look bad now. I know I’m going to catch He– but this time not from him. Before that I think his PR team liked the player look not realizing he was losing fans.

  113. 113
    tree Says:

    @R U sure – I think what you are saying is that his PR team would have liked him to pretend with Lily Collins but his heart was not in it so he left town, possibly with his hypo scenario girlfriend. Any comment to my post #111

  114. 114
    Whatever Says:

    My biggest problem, RU Sure, is that those closest to Zac would NOT be tattling about his personal life the way you are. Making up scenarios, where you sometimes slip and speak like it is true, and not hypothetical. Then the dishing on what happened between him and V, and the problems with his friends. You sound like one of those “inside sources” that blab to tabloids. Even the things you have said will probably end up as tabloid fodder. Do you see why I am suspicious??

  115. 115
    R U sure Says:

    @Whatever If that is your biggest problem you have it made.Let me get this straight Zzzz an ex friend hater of Zac was believable to you , but I’m not. because I want the truth about things out, because I don’t think the truth really hurts. I said I got Holy He– from Someone for what I said in the scenario. I was also forgiven
    @tree I don’t wont to leave you wondering but I don’t want to get in trouble again . No on working PR or working for the them.
    Your Number 113 Your right on part of it, but left town with a friend. for a few days. No secret it said he was at clubs with a male friend of the family. Don’t read any more into than that. They both had family in the area. I only say this because if someone checked the gossip sites they would see or remember it was a guy he was with. I don’t want people getting the wrong idea. He is straight.

  116. 116
    lauren Says:

    @ r u sure
    why do ppl want him so badley to be gay or think he’s gay
    ive heard so many stories over the years about him

  117. 117
    tree Says:

    @R U sure – You have been very forthcoming and I really appreciate it. I don’t want you to get in trouble with anyone but i find your truthfulness refreshing and very enlightening. Im sure some will doubt you but I want you to know that I don’t doubt anything that you have said. Something else that I always wondered. Did Zac’s family like Vanessa or did he keep her from them. Also, I’m guessing about something you said earlier that the
    n ude pictures that came out of V were not meant for Zac and that is possibly what the trip with her was about (problem/discussion)

  118. 118
    Whatever Says:

    @R U sure: I said I believed Zzz when he said the split came out of the blue. All couples have problems and issues that they constantly work with and resolve. I believe that’s what they had to do all along. But I don’t think anyone saw that split coming when it happened, like he said. Maybe you, with your inside look at their lives did, but no one else did. I am not convinced that Zac himself would like you spilling the truth and is giving you the OK to talk about things he wants kept private. Nor would Vanessa. I don’t think she’d like to be painted as a conniving, nagging, simpering girl, trying to trap this guy, as you have suggested

  119. 119
    tree Says:

    @ Whatever – I don’t think that @R U sure made V out to be that way at all, she explained that they were both to blame for different reasons. I also think that the simple truth is better than all the viscous rumors that have gone around and are still going around. I admire @R U sure for her honesty and insight.

  120. 120
    R U sure Says:

    @Whatever I don’t get you at all I said I didn’t blame Vanessa for wanting more .I didn’t blame her for making the demand. Are you kidding me . I’m giving an account that doesn’t make one worse than the other. I’m being very fair to both.They reached this point and it ended . I’m not going to make him out to be a monster or her out to be a b—. That wouldn’t be right. I will say it one more time leave it at NO ONE WAS TO BLAME, THEY BOTH WERE TO BLAME.
    @ Lauren I don’t know why they try to make him gay, those rumors follow most good looking actors in Hollywood. He was or is close to some male friends, He has one friend that lost his family, he was very close to him helped him through a bad time, other friends got jealous and spread Rumors.
    @ tree Zac’s family loved Vanessa , but I cant and wont speak about that. thats not anything I feel O.K. talking about. The Pics were considered a thing of the past and that was that. They had nothing to do with what happened in Hawaii.

  121. 121
    Whatever Says:

    @tree: Sorry, not convinced this isn’t some insider trying to detract people from the likelihood that he cheated in NO, by fabricating some hypothetical romance he’s hiding somewhere, tattling on problems with friends who are users (i knew his friends were bad news, but his fans thought his ninja antics were SO cute…gag), and supposedly spilling the “truth” about his split with Vanessa. Again, I just have to say, for someone so private, you really think he has some “plant” here telling us the “truth”? Please, let’s remember to take all this with a grain of salt. I’m not trying to be argumentative, just realistic.

  122. 122
    tree Says:

    @Whatever – You can believe or not believe what you want, no one is trying to make you believe. It is up to each on of use to decide for ourselves. I choose to believe @R U sure. I asked the questions and @R U sure was kind enough to answer, she is not on the current thread trying to make everyone listen to her. She is just answering my questions honestly. I find the truth refreshing.

  123. 123
    Whatever Says:

    @R U sure: Zac Efron will be hard pressed to find a girl who loves him for who he is, will tolerate his fangirls, his inappropriate promo tours, the rumors of his womanizing and cheating, his user friends who want him to “bathe”, and not want some kind of commitment to be able to trust him. He will learn that the hard way, by loving and losing someone important to him. Good luck to him.

  124. 124
    tree Says:

    @Whatever – Well said, I hope he realizes.
    @R U sure – Zac has said that NO was life changing, can you give us any insight as to how it was life changing for him?

  125. 125
    kidman sucks Says:

    Eeeww I never knew that Zac Efron had a thing for old ugly women. He can kiss his career goodbye now that he’s making a movie with old box office poison,Kidman,

  126. 126
    What a laugh Says:

    @My 2 Cents:
    Thank you. You definitely have the most correct outlook on this whole thread. I also have a feeling there are “plants” on this thread who are here for a definite reason. If people cannot figure out what I’m talking about then it would do me no good to spell it out for them.

  127. 127
    tina Says:

    @Whatever: You said it perfectly. # 125 LOL

  128. 128
    R U sure Says:

    @Whatever If he doesn’t have someone already , I’m sure there are plenty out there who wouldn’t mind not having the spotlight in their eye all the time.That would have to be a very stong and caring and understandiing person.
    @Tree This is my opinion Life changing in several ways. Life wasn’t just his Hollywood bubble of fans, money and such. Life was really different from all the glamour. All the time he still says how The Marines made him realize that others his age but their life on the line for others. Others live and worked to serve others first, he really had to admire them for that. He learned how to respect others and how they choose to live their lives. He also realized he could live his life for himself and not just what othes thought it should be It was the beginning of finding out all his friends were not true friends and he could trust very few. that even got smaller.

  129. 129
    Whatever Says:

    @R U sure: What does having a spotlight in your eye have to do with finding someone that will tolerate him? And again with the scenario ‘someone special’ that he hides in cars, delivery trucks, and whatnot, who he can’t be seen in public with, because this poor withering person could not deal with what would be said about her.

    People can choose to believe what they want, but a plant here telling ‘the truth’ is not quite believable to me. This could be anyone detracting people, telling lies, and just because they answer questions, doesn’t mean they are the real deal. I stand firm in the belief that Mr Private would not want some mole spilling about his personal life, talking about his problems with his friends, and telling the world he’s hiding a year long GF.

  130. 130
    Rachel Says:

    Geez, stop it guys! I don’t know if the people talking about Zac and V and blah blah about the breakup are telling lies or not. I’d rather not believe them, cause anyone can come here and write essays about what happened between them! Its funny how people have formed so many perceptions about Zac! We don’t know him. Interviews and stuff give little insight into a celeb’s nature, and he seems sweet and honest to me from them. People here believe all the crap they read on celeb sites!
    And I highly doubt people who are his friends, who care about him would come here and start disclosing things about his past relationship and stuff!!

  131. 131
    tree Says:

    @Whatever – No one is forcing you to read and respond to these posts, I believe and want to hear what R U sure has to say.
    @Rachel – We are on an older thread, you don’t have to read and respond.
    @ R U sure – I understand the life change. After meeting the Marines and talking to them, it must have been a very moving experience to realize that all the stuff that goes on in Hollywood is simply unnecessary drama. It must make you question what your life is made up of and also question the people who are in it. Hence the tattoo “YOLO”. Makes sense to me. I have to ask, being away on promo has to become lonely. I understand that his team is with him but still, it must be hard. Does Zac have more promo after Europe or can he go home. I know his film will be at Cannes in May but does that fit into this very busy schedule. He must be getting tired.

  132. 132
    LMAO Says:

    @tree: O….M……G. Tired? Lonely? Are you serious? He has his Taylor with him. Remember, he had fun falling in love while he had a GF.

  133. 133
    R U sure Says:

    @Whatever I don’t care what you believeordon’t believe. I’m not going to Make Zac out to be the monster or cheater you haters want him to be, I will not make Vanessa out to be a B— or a cheater that the other haters want her to be. As far as the scenario , either you didn’t read what I said or you are trying to trick me. First I said I got HOLY HE — for what I said. And I deserved it. I went way to far with the scenario.I will not add more to it only what I already said. I NEVER said Zac forced or asked this person to do this.. I said the opposite I said this person didn’t like what they saw happened to everyone associated as a love interest to Zac or even as a date . In the comment sections they were torn apart or called names by fans or haters.. THEY asked Zac to keep it secret, not the other way around. What is it to you how they conduct the way they live. This is a very private person, perfect for Zac. If this is just a scenario , Why would you care if Zac does what this person wishes.. If he goes out with people, everyone assumes he is with (Put in name) put his real date is assumed to be with someone else.. They can go in disguise.. hey can go to places that are very discreet.. NO MORE ON THIS. IT IS AND WAS A SCENARIO.

  134. 134
    Whatever Says:

    @R U sure: Then why so specific? And if just a ‘scenario ‘, why did you catch h-e-l-l for it? And why would you tattle on him and get the paps and tabloids interested? I just question your motives.

  135. 135
    R U sure Says:

    @LMAO leave Tree alone, he could of had fun falling in love after the breakup, or falling in love with the city or with life. You don’t know what he meant.
    @Tree He is planning on Cannes . he also has more phoot shoots that have to be done. He wants some time just to do what he wants. They May add more cities around Cannes for the Lorax I believe opens in June in most of Europe. They are thinking of adding Mexico and Latin America. They are looking at Japan for The Lucky One. The only thing I know for sure he is going to the Philipines. He is really looking forward to this. He has to do a promo tour for a sponser. He wants to stay for awhile, his father has friends that live there.

  136. 136
    Marj Says:

    @ Female: I think it does say something about this movie being seen at Cannes. Movies are chosen from many, many films by people that know more about movies than you or I. I will ageree with you that some are rejected and go nowhere.

  137. 137
    Whatever Says:

    @R U sure: Just to clarify,he had a GF at the time he was filming TLO, until the last few weeks, unless you’ve forgotten that. And I think it’s unbelievably tacky that he’d go to the Philippines before His ex, knowing she’s always wanted to go there. His dad has friends there, my eye. He could have picked an endorsement anywhere in the world, but he chooses the Philippines??? Everything he does seems to be a slap in the face to her still. He tattoos feathers, one of V’s favorite things, under his arm, then tattoos YOLO, her mantra on the same part of the hand as hers, he talks about how he loved her, his favorite band is the same as hers, and I could go on and on with the weird coincidences. What is his deal? They do not speak, they are not friends, and not going to be ever again. He’s just so strange.

  138. 138
    R U sure Says:

    @whatever Because I wanted to be, Because That’s what I said it is.
    why I caught he– , why and by who is my business. I think the Paps and tabloids have better things to do than read gossip sites and the comments that people make. If this is just a scenario and the vultures waste their time then I did a good thing. Besides don’t think for one moment that they are trying to catch him with someone they don’t care if it’s a girl or guy. they always take pics and sometimes add what they want.

  139. 139
    What a laugh Says:

    you have the last part of your comment correct.

    how is it that people are believing RU Sure? is it for the juicy gossipy type things or how it is about stuff people have wondered about for over a year? the way this guy writes is a mystery to me as to why anyone would take this person seriously. for all i know his first language is not english but some people need to take into consideration his how much sense some of his sentences are or how clearly he writes. so many things are false too showing that what he is saying is what he has gathered over time.

  140. 140
    R U sure Says:

    @Whatever. You are so full of hate. Vanessa could go to the Philippines any time she wanted to. Instead she chooses to go on Vactions elswher with Austin , How disrespectful to Zac is that. (It’s none that’s her business (BTW I like Vanessa and I like Austin) If Zac went after she did, you would say it was an insult that he did the same thing. The offer to Zac was the biggest in Phlippine history , he would of been crazy to turn it down ,just because Vanessa hadn’t gone yet, BTW what is stoppinng her if she loves it so much and always wanted to go? So he can’t have the same favoite band that she does. I’m sorry but when I look at the break up agreement papers that isn’t mentioned they belong to her. IT’S A JOKE on that one , that is so ridiculous.
    I thought her thing was butterflies , I didn’t know she had the patent on feathers or yolo. Maybe just maybe those feathers that come and go are for someone else.If you knew anything about Zac you would know his Father has friends there. Zac even mentioned it in the announcement. And you can bet Zac’s father will go with him on that visit. Listen and listen good THEY ARE OVER she does what she wants without regard to Zac. Zac does what he wants with out regard to Vanessa.THEY ARE BOTH HAPPY NOW .

  141. 141
    What a laugh Says:

    this is going to be my last comment on this thread but you are off on so many things. zac has talked for many years about how his dad has a best friend who lives in the philippines and how his dad has been there many time. he has also said for years he wanted to go there.

    is is coincidental he took a promotion job with someone in the philippines? perhaps, but maybe it wasn’t for the reason you want to believe. maybe some of the coincidental things between him and vanessa is different than what you want to accept. maybe what is going on isn’t him trying to hurt her or slap her in the face. maybe there is more than meets the eye here and you are refusing to accept that because you are wanting to believe bad things about him or not have a complete understanding. i think that will change in the coming months and that is all i will say.

  142. 142
    bleah Says:

    @R U sure:

    One thing for you, The Lorax isn’t going to Cannes, and secondly The Lorax premiered everywhere on the same day – depends on the time in the countries – but it already premiered everywhere in Europe. The Paperboy is going to Cannes just so you know because the list of the movies has been leaked/out since 11/19 of April. And of course he is going to the Philiphines, how the heck is that even “inside info” since It was said since March because that brand he’s endorsing, Penshoppe, said it.

    I’ve been reading your posts for awhile now and there’s not one thing you said that I didn’t already knew and you claim to have gotten he-ll for THAT? You really don’t know Zac if that’s so because there’s one thing with him that you don’t break and that’s confidence, you break it and he finds out, you get hell and a kick somewhere. And the most important thing, if you are his friend, you don’t come blabbing about it on a forum to incriminate yourself.

    And for someone who worked/works/knows PR inside out, you surely don’t know how to type/write so I want to know, how were you doing your job or whatever you were doing?

  143. 143
    Is truth fiction Says:

    Why would anyone think this “RU Sure” person is legit? I’ve tried reading a few of his/her posts and just gave up…too sketchy. One minute he/she is talking hypothetically and next they’re claiming it’s the truth as it happened. All I know is that borderline personalities run rampant on the Internet. Oh, and Vanessa is the coolest girl around and Zac was an idiot for letting her go. But maybe he didn’t have a choice.

  144. 144
    R U sure Says:

    You Read me wrong I was talking to @tree .Tree ask me if I knew what Zac was doing, I said he was going to Cannes , everybody knows it is for “The Paperboy” . I then said he has more photo shoots. I said when he is in Cannes , They may add more promos for the Lorax, You are wrong It has not opened eveywhere at the same time. I said at the very beginning that you would call me a Liar , but I took the time to answer questions , I gave a scenario , I broke no trust.

  145. 145
    bleah Says:

    @R U sure:
    Sorry but with the way you typed it… You could pot a comma or something when you move to another topic. From your post I understood The Lorax was going to Cannes and they will add more European dates for it and The Lorax opened in Europe, it’s in cinemas in over 3/4 of Europe already. I know Bulgaria gets it in October, France and Germany and Italy and UK gets it in July. There are about 10 countries that don’t have it yet in Europe but that’s not even half of Europe…

    No, it did, it depends on the time/date in the countries because they had like sets of countries were it premiered at the same time, but this sets had different dates. Hopefully you will understand better now.

    I didn’t call you a liar but the things you said made no sense to me at all.

  146. 146
    Wondering Says:

    I’ve been reading R U sure. One thing I noticed He may not say it right , but he is always protective of Zac. The scenario , I don’t know, I do understand it .That last year of Zac and Vanessa , that made sense. Everything he said did happen, he filled in the blanks for me anyway. I also noticed he went out of his way to make sure we knew , he thought Vanessa was right in wanting more of a commitment.

  147. 147
    Bunnylover Says:

    @bleah: The Lorax doesn’t come out in the UK until July. And of course it is not going to Cannes. Know what you are talking about before posting or you look like a twat!

  148. 148
    tree Says:

    @RU sure – I’m sorry for all the slack you are getting but I have appreciated all the questions you have answered for me and once again I believe you. You have been fair to both Z & V and if others can’t see that then too bad for them. I have assumed you are a she but someone said you are a he. Not that it makes a difference to me but I would like to know so I address you properly. I think there are a lot of similarities between Z& V but I think that is because they grew up together they are bound to like some of the same things.

  149. 149
    R U sure Says:

    Let Me apololgize to everyone here and now about the way I speak and write. I’m terribly sorry I’m not an English Scholar ,it was never my best subject.
    I may of jumped around but I thought I made clear what was a scenario , what was my opinion , what I said was the truth and who I thought was a hater ann haters. I answered the questions as they came in.
    @bleah I went back to see what I had written, I could see why you thought I was saying The Lorax was going to be at Cannes. Your right I should of had a comma or a whole new sentence.They could also do more promos for “The Lucky One”. He can plug two movies at the same time. After he is at Cannes for the Paperboy. As you see bunnylover misunderstood what you said. I understood it you never said The Lorax was going to Cannes , only you thought That’s what I meant.
    @tree Thank you very much for your kind words. I know I shouldn’t do this , I’m going to get so much slack. But I will tell the truth,I’m a male in my mid-twenties

  150. 150
    R U sure Says:

    Sorry about that apologize

    hater and non-hater

  151. 151
    tree Says:

    @R U sure – ok, so you are probably a good friend of Zac’s. I don’t want you to say anything that will get you in hot water but you said previously in your scenario that this person may go out with him but as someone else’s date. Did I get that right? The hypothetical person would not be noticed and therefore not be hated. This has to be very difficult situation to keep up, especially for a year. I would deal with the hate and wait for people to get over it.

  152. 152
    R U sure Says:

    @tree I will asner you because you were so nice earlier. I never said I was a good friend of Zac. I wont say yes I wont say no , I wont say how I know him so nobody ask. In the scenario I said this is one thinh that could happen along with others. People never get over it , look at the boards now about Vanessa , Zac , Austin anybody who goes out with him or her. In the scenario this is not What Zac wants but what she wants. No more on any subjects.

  153. 153
    tree Says:

    @R U sure – Thank you for all of your answers, I will leave you alone now, thanks again. I feel I have a better understanding as to what happened in the past and how things are now for him. I appreciate your time. I wish Zac freedom and happiness, I hope he finds the success and happiness he is looking for. Goodbye.

  154. 154
    Dani Says:

    @kidman sucks:

    Sorry but yes he likes older women… this…he basically admits it outright…

  155. 155
    DEE Says:

    Absolutely adore Nicole Kidman? Greatest actress alive although she doesn’t get the credit she deserves because she is soooo beautiful. She and Jude Law should have won Oscars for Cold Mountain.

  156. 156
    R U sure Says:

    @tree I wish I could answer any and all questions for you but I can’t.
    I thank you for at least trying to see both sides of what happened. If I helped you in any way then it was worth it. I think Zac and Vanessa are both very lucky to have a fan like you.
    It was pointed out to me that on earlier posts of JJ someone else was using the name R U sure. To that person , I truly apologize I had no intent to have people think that I was you. If I inconvenienced or upset you in anyway I’m sorry.

  157. 157
    Marj Says:


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