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Zac Efron on Taylor Schilling: We Had Instant Chemistry

Zac Efron on Taylor Schilling: We Had Instant Chemistry

Zac Efron flashes a peace sign while leaving the BBC Radio 1 studio on Tuesday (April 24) in London, England.

The night before, the 24-year-old actor attended the premiere of his new movie, The Lucky One, with co-star Taylor Schilling.

Asked if the two had an instant chemistry when they started working on the film, Zac replied, “There was.”

“The first time we met for the part, and in between when we were doing readings and stuff like that, we were talking and hanging out,” Zac recently shared. “She’s very down to earth. She’s a real person, very sweet and we got along in that sense, which is so important.”

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  • lauren

    those love scenes were kinda hot, esp the night scene, :0

  • Yoki

    He’s looking better than ever, well when I was 12, I thought he was kinda cute in high school musical! :D

  • tommy c.

    so did he come out yet??

  • Harriet

    Aw he’s hiding his hand because he’s embarrassed. Nothing to be embarrassed about Zac! Hope you feel better.

  • Revenge-Is-Sweet

    @tommy c.: It must be really hard for people like you to accept that a guy can be handsome and straight. I really hope that people like you get that one day in your narrow-minded little brains.

  • jillo

    just HOW can one be so hot:):)

  • Sarah

    Those sunglasses are totally gay!!!

  • Liv

    Such a try-hard.

  • tc

    Oh he’s straight alright, a well known womanizer. So everyone knows these two took that instant chemistry off the set. People are so stupid it’s obviously they had a love affair back then and it ended when the cameras stopped . Now they are back together until the promos are over. Talk about F*** buddies they are perfect examples. It’s just too bad they had to hurt people along the way.

  • lauren

    do you believe everything you read or hear or from ”sources”

  • Aimme

    I wamt him to bury himself inside of me. I want to feel his warmth.

  • Waldo

    chemistry – really? zero chemistry

  • tina

    @Waldo: If they have chemistry it’s too bad it wasn’t on the screen . I agree no chemistry it looked like he made out with his older sister.

  • ash

    they do have chemistry:)
    I love watching their interviews,and the love scene from the trailer looks great!I love their friendship

  • Well

    Why does he do this thing with his mouth all the time? Its not sexy. Its unnatural and annoying!

  • My 2 Cents

    Zac looks so cute here, Hi Michael. Seriously Just Jared is just picking out quotations and printing them out of context to get hits. What is Zac supposed to say? He has to get along with his co-stars and is by all accounts very friendly, laid back and well liked by all who work with him. So for him this film was a good experience and he got along with all. It’s a win , win situation if you ask me.

  • Deb

    No, everyone does NOT know that they took anything off the set. It is NOT obvious that they had a love affair. You are too stupid to understand that they are promoting their movie, so they want you to believe that they formed a close bond during filming. It just goes to what a good actor Zac is that he can make you believe that this is real.

  • kaskaskas

    I’m surprised how Zac and Vanessa have a lot of “friends” here in JJ, treatment for schizophrenia is a reality, go get it

  • rob

    I had to go see this lame movie with my gf. In one of the kissing scenes it looked like the dude was closing his eyes for dear life and imagining his fine ex-gf.

  • rob

    The whole lame movie was 90 minutes I’ll never get back!

  • babasama

    please so much evidences
    hand trouble
    fan of Tom Cruise
    look of James DEAN
    the need to define his felling during a FAKE intercourse o_O —->”AWESOME”

    Someone doubts about the fact he is Ultra G …

    Generous of course ;-)

    + 20 to Sarah and Harriet make me laugh a lot

  • Bite Me

    I feel bad for you man. Hope you at least got some action afterwords for your trouble. That last nic sparks movie I had to sit through was dear John I nearly feel asleep but at least I got lucky after so It was worth it. Thank God my girl wasn’t intrested in this crap I don’t know if I wouldve made it through without throwing up.

  • t cruise

    he’s gay and gettin gayer

  • Tony

    He’s promoting a movie, what’s he supposed to say, that they hated each other’s guts? That would be counter productive.

    In a recent interview, Zac said Taylor was the only person to read for the part, meaning she read first and got the part. And she said she thought lots of actress would be trying to get that part. Anyone remember the “story” that Taylor “beat out” Abbie Cornish, Katie Cassidy and other “top” actresses? Anyone…anyone?

  • Bunnylover

    @Tony: And all of those actresses are too young to play the mother of a ten year old!! She said that she screen tested with him, not first. they can make decissions without screen tests.

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • eat me

    what happen to his hand? Sorry no clue!

  • kami

    saw tlo and overall liked it.
    • plot: moved too slow and was contrived. logan’s ptsd magically went away. some of the dialog was hokey and “coming up with the idea” of logan and ben playing together in church is over the top hokey. opening war scenes were believable.
    • scenery: beautiful.
    • acting: zac, a solid b+. a few times he slipped out of character and into zac mode. he was believable as a marine–the walk, the stance, the pain in his face. a lot of his scenes with ben seemed forced and not natural just to show that logan is good with kids. with a good script, he’ll do wonders.
    taylor, b-. she stared into space a lot with a blank face and had lots of blank, wide-eyed expressions (not sure why), overacting a few time with no real motivation.
    blyth danner, a+ she is a natural, and funny.
    jay ferguson, a solid a because he is a natural at playing the bad guy.
    riley, b for playing his natural self. there was nothing special or outstanding about his performance.
    rowdy (zeus), wish they had used him more. he should have bared his teeth in the scene where keith pulls the gun. where was his trainer? lol
    • sex/love scenes: not sure what was off about them. maybe i was expecting full on ryan gosling and rachel mcadaes type scenes. they seemed more choreographed than natural, and in a couple of them beth seemed more amused than “in lust” with logan when she looked at him. i was thinking that any one of zac’s fan girls would have had her eyes crossed and rolling back in her head if she got that close to him, and this woman looked amused as if she were going to burst out laughing.

  • Lana

    I cant wait for The Paperboy. This movie was good, but The Paperboy will be his best movie. Movie will kick ass Nicole Kidman and John Cusack in it says it all.

  • Rachel

    He looks great. Y so hot, Zac? :P

  • tc

    @lauren: Here you go Lauren this is right from the horses mouth. Now you can hear that Falling in love is fun when he was with Taylor in Louisiana the setting etc. I guess he forgot he had a GF at the time.

  • Tony

    Zackey poo and Taylor are saying a lot of things during this promo that explain the reasons for the split with his ex gf. Things a lot of ppl suspected all along.

  • tina

    @Tony: I agree with your completely.

  • Whatever

    “It’s fun to fall in love”. Out of the horses’ mouth, all right. And who’s saying he wasn’t cheating while in NO? “it was just me ‘n Taylor.”. That says it all, folks.

  • kyle

    I still firmly believe that it was the ex who cheated on him with Josh. Josh was seen visiting her house during unholy hours – i wonder what they did? Probably held hands until morning when Josh was seen leaving her house the following day. Lol. Anyway, that’s just my opinion and let’s move-on. The ex had moved-on from Zac to Josh to the current flame so Zac has every right to date any woman he feels like dating.

  • tc

    @kyle: Your right Kyle they are both free to do what they want . but you have it so wrong when Vanessa started up with Josh it was after the break up. Everyone seems to forget they went back later in Norht Carolina to film the rest of J2 this is where I feel yes she had a rebound relay.
    She didn’t cheat she was devasted and when Josh was leaving her house it was way after the Rumor Willis New Years vacation and the Teresa Palmer incident. Get your facts straight . Zac wanted out he didn’t love her anymore and she was hurt bad.

  • Whatever

    @kyle: Hate to tell you, but that sighting of Josh being with V happened months after the breakup, maybe 4 months afterwards. I believe they became good friends during filming, but Vanessa was a woman deeply in love with her guy, wanted and hoped for more at some point, and is NOT the cheating kind. At all. I also believe he was there for her when her relationship fell apart and ended, and after some time, they thought it could be more than friends, but they only dated a few months. On the other hand, Efron spent months alone with Taylor, as he describes, having fun falling in love, by his own words. He filmed intimate s* x scenes, and spent off set time with her having dinner and hitting the clubs. THAT IS cheating. You don’t spend that much time alone with another woman, if you have a GF, with or without s*x. Vanessa had a goofy, brotherly relationship with Josh in Hawaii. Zac pretty much dated Taylor while in NO. HUGE difference.

  • kyle

    Well, there was a rumor too that Vanessa was flirting with Josh while they were filming in Hawaii.At that time, she was still with Zac. There was even a video of it on E and pictures that she was hanging out with Josh on the beach of Hawaii. My point is – of course, during location shootings, it is natural for co-workers to hang-out together. How then will you able to establish your rapport if you don’t? The only difference between V & Z, Vanessa continued the flirting even after the shooting and hence she and Josh became a couple while Zac and Taylor didn’t. take their lover image off screen. It was just a job for them. It is also normal to gush over your co-worker while you are promoting your film.Even Vanessa said she loves Michael Caine but it didn’t mean that she was banging him. Same with Zac when he said that he loves Taylor. Get my drift? Anyway, that is my opinion of the matter and let’s just agree to disagree.