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Bar Refaeli: Topless for 'Spanish Elle'!

Bar Refaeli: Topless for 'Spanish Elle'!

Bar Refaeli goes topless at the beach in this photo shoot for Spanish Elle‘s May issue, which she covers.

The 26-year-old Israeli model also showed off her bangin’ bod in several bikinis for the fashion mag.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Bar Refaeli

Bar recently took to her Twitter page to vent her frustration about an incident while traveling.

“I got a security ‘patdown’ by a woman at the airport that made me feel very uncomfortable and left no doubt about her sexual preferences,” she tweeted.

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54 Responses to “Bar Refaeli: Topless for 'Spanish Elle'!”

  1. 1
    Dee Says:

    I cannot understand how DiCaprio let her go

  2. 2
    CList Says:

    um all her shoots she’s even done look identical as this. She is the model equivalent to an actress who does nothing but rom coms. YAWN.

  3. 3
    skill Says:

    Since she’s had twitter I like her less and less, she makes fun of all types of people and seems beyond stuck up. Unfollowed ages ago.

  4. 4
    Re:DEE Says:

    He didn’t exactly let her go.
    He dumped her after cheating on her with Blake Lively.

  5. 5
    Julia Roberts Is Not My Aunt Says:

    “I got a security ‘patdown’ by a woman at the airport that made me feel very uncomfortable and left no doubt about her sexual preferences”

    Wow, that is so arrogant. Lol. Maybe the lady was just trying to do her job?

  6. 6
    Bna Says:

    why do people insinuate you cant let a “hot” person go? sometimes they can be the biggest douche-bags or bi*ches on the planet. Maybe they just didn’t click that well personality wise after a while.

  7. 7
    Photoshop Much Says:

    She’s nowhere near as thin as this
    Leave Leo alone, he’s moved on with his life.
    Why do Bar fans ALWAYS have to reference him?
    Oh yes, unlike Gisele, without Leo she’s nothing/no-one.

  8. 8
    Daria Says:

    Elle,beach shoots,sand,bikini… is this all this girl can do??!!!?? she is a beyond boring model. I would never even guess this was a new shoot. Her whole portfolio looks just like this. reality tv is probably her next step with this stagnant modeling career.

  9. 9
    MB Says:

    she’s boring no doubt..but next to Erin Heatherton, she actually looks a bit more interesting hahah

  10. 10
    IKR Says:

    @Daria: ]#
    Still no W, Vogues, Harpers, Vanity Fairs in ANY country?
    Always Elle, and its never the big important Elles UK or US (which have the higher editorial prestige and reprinted editions). Its always Elle for the smaller markets.
    Damn, even Irina Sheik got a Hapers Bazzar cover, though it was for Turkey

  11. 11
    @XYZ Says:

    Why don’t we stop the ‘Leo is gay’ stuff already unless you can actually prove it!

  12. 12
    Re:DEE Says:

    Well, she looks good on these photos. She has good body, but not so good legs. She is a bit curvy (for a model).
    I personally like Erin Heatherton. She has the height, the body, and her face is also cutie pie.

  13. 13
    Same Stuff Says:

    Been here…. Seen This ;)

  14. 14
    Brad Says:

    I never got why anyone thinks Bar is hot. She’s not that attractive. Giselle only looks better than Bar because she got a nose job and boob implants. Blake looks better than both of them.

  15. 15
    Same Stuff Says:

    Leo is Very Gay. – entertainment insiders know it already.

  16. 16
    g Says:

    @Brad: Blake is not even remotely attractive..even ugly gisele and bar are better looking than Blake.

  17. 17
    @Brad Says:

    Please leve Leo’s exes out of this. Don’t mention them at all
    Notice even in 6 years they have not stopped obsessing on th biggest supermodel on the planet – ‘ugly gisele’
    The Bar fans will commit hara kiri against them all if they could because the main meal ticket is no longer here for them to live vicariously through. And unlike Leo’s other exes she has no-one

  18. 18
    Good Point Says:

    We keep hearing how shes the most beautiful of all Leo’s girls. All the rest are apparently hideous. Then how come men – other actors, soccer players, Italian counts are not falling at her feet or proposing?

  19. 19
    Same Stuff Says:

    Gisele is Man Faced. – Hired by Men Fashion Designers who want a face like hers. – whatever that mystery reason is!!

  20. 20
    Crazy Says:

    @Asian Mind reader: – You Just make me think of “CRAZY” song. – Crazy, – Crazy for feeling soooooooooo Lonely… Crazy…. Crazy for feeling soooooo Blue… I knew U wanted me tooo. – :) LMFAO

  21. 21
    John Says:

    who has the most twitter followers and A list career from his exes? lmao…
    She is pretty but boring and bland. Agree on someone who says she can’t even get the important editions of mags. Always random countries. Irina Shayk the epitome of a commercial model even has Harper’s Bazaar covers, whats Bar’s deal with being so un indemand? Irina does have a svelte models body instead of a page six girl though, probably why.

  22. 22
    movie Says:

    I like Bar but how long has she been non associated with Leo and um Gisele and her stans still bring them up every chance they can get? get over it! I dont see Gisele nor Leo fans ever even talking about her, lol. obsessed much?

  23. 23
    Domino Says:

    Daria Werbowy had the same water shoot for Elle Spain. Of course Daria is gorgeous and an actual supermodel, so it makes Bar look even cheaper and lamer on this.

  24. 24
    yourloss Says:

    Bar’s manager Scott Lipps who gets her jobs and the photographer who shot this are both gay as were the stylists who did her hair for this shoot. enough with the gay bashing please.

  25. 25
    @Same Stuff Says:

    Of course entertainment insiders already know. So I assume you are one of them who likes to spread the word on sites like Jared. It`s funny that so many people are in the know but it just never gets really public. Same old story for years without proof.

  26. 26
    ali Says:

    sleazy air head woman .

    the most Hated woman in her country .

  27. 27
    marcee Says:

    she looks almost pretty but she just isnt. THe face just doesnt have it. She does have a nice body, but as we’ve long said its not a couture or a supermodel body. To be a supermodel you have to be able to cross categories. But what is interesting to me is that bar, gisele and blake ALL had nose jobs and boob jobs and lighten their hair.

    what is wrong with leo he has to date all these bimbo wanna be beyotches.

  28. 28
    marcee Says:

    didnt she do the same exact shoot for elle before, the same naked bum tan line pictures???

    I dont have anything to say, you guys said it all for me.

  29. 29
    Hello Says:

    She seems full of herself

  30. 30
    Stunning Says:

    Amazing. Pretty woman!

  31. 31
    Leo lost his brain Says:

    Bad girls… unhealthy jealousy. Bar is happy now, relax.

  32. 32
    sarah Says:

    She’s beautiful & sexy.

  33. 33
    Cassie Says:

    All she can do is pose in a bikini or naked for cheap magazine and attend event. She wasn’t and won’t ever be a real supermodel, nor a real model.

  34. 34
    LiveLearn Says:

    hey little girls… got a project for you. Go look up Claudia Schiffer,Naomi Campbell,Cindy Crawford,Christy Turlington,Linda Evangelista and see what a REAL Supermodel is. They accomplished more than Bar has in their first month of modeling way back in the 80s than Bar has in her whole career. Calling her a supermodel is an insult to REAL Supermodels. Where was Bar on Time’s greatest fashion icons again?…that’s what I thought….she is merely a lingerie/swimsuit/commercial model. Big difference there. Don’t get it twisted.

  35. 35
    sixties Says:

    Even Kate Upton aspired to get a high fashion Muse cover and modeling in Prada. I have a feeling bar has no higher aspirations than pleasing old men living in their mamas basements. She is completely one note. She is a royal B on her twitter too. Not a good look at all for the panty model.

  36. 36
    marina Says:

    she looks beautiful, hot and damn sexy! so she is not a ”fashion” model and does boring bikini shots,…i say good! she does it really well.

  37. 37
    lula sailor loves you Says:

    @Dee: I cant understand how he stood her for so long. She’s inane and dumb.

  38. 38
    lula sailor loves you Says:

    @Same Stuff: No, he isnt but Bar’s camp has been trying to say that whenever they were on the outs, and THEY were outed for saying it. Where do you think the GAY “King *******” post came from, a “hot HW chick?” that’s what they think BR is, but they are wrong.

    Whenever they get frustrated they come on here and say Leo is gay and bash Gisele because Bar cant become her. Been going on for two years now.

    Must be frustrated no one is excited by this shoot or buying any under.mes. We just dont like you Bar, not here or in Israel. No one LIKES you, no ONE thinks your pretty or wants to be like you. SORRRRYYYYYYY!

  39. 39
    guyyyyyy Says:

    Digging the implants! natural my a s s.

  40. 40
    mya Says:

    love the dark roots, that’s what color her hair really is.

  41. 41
    mya Says:

    @Same Stuff: yeah becayse theyobviously dont wanta face like bar’s to sell their products.

  42. 42
    hi Says:

    @Re:DEE: how you can be so sour?

  43. 43
    hi Says:

    @Bna: 5 years its not a while and everybody knows that leo is a huge womenizer…

  44. 44
    benita Says:

    @MB: Erin is at least PRETTY. She does have chipmunk cheeks, but you cant tell with her hair down. Bar’s not even pretty, just sort of plain.

    Erin’s no beauty but later I’ll post pre-op pictures of bar so we can see what she really looks like.

  45. 45
    xxxxxxx Says:


  46. 46
    Fan of models Says:

    you call Erin pretty? SHe is the least pretty girl Dicaprio has ever dated. And the naked photos she’s done are the ugliest pictures a model has done. Her body and legs are horrible.
    At least Bar is an authentic sexy model. Please.

  47. 47
    Benita Says:

    At least Bar’s nude photos are done with taste unlike Erin’s ugly nude photoshoot.
    She looks so dumb even with tons of makeup like VS is putting on her face to make her look ok. It is probably because she smokes too much.
    Bar’s figure is at least healthy and gorgeous.

  48. 48
    #47 Says:

    ‘Healthy and Gorgeous’ is subjective. To some Bar is FAT.
    How is pulling ur bikini bottoms down to show your vajay to the world as Bar always does tasteful?

  49. 49
    ofer Says:

    so fuking amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. 50
    BAD, BAD FORM!! Says:


    To the media first? What… now an interview for Parade to spin? You make me sick.

  51. 51
    maurice Says:

    @Fan of models: Bar has a nice body in the way the “hot” girl in your local community is—very desirable to men but not a great beauty to anyone else. Then she gets married pumps out a couple of kids and ends up Jabba the Hutt like her mother (Tzipi has gotten even bigger these days- muumuuu kind of big)

    But to me Erin is the prettiest one he has been with. That having been said, they are all kind of buttafaces, Erin being the least buttaface. She’s pretty, just not classic or spectacular.

  52. 52
    maurice Says:

    @Benita: Go ahead and google image bar- most of her photos are topless that come up, and there are quite a few “naked but I am holding my boobs pictures”- that is what bar has to offer, to sell. Nothing else.

    I know how we’ve heard “bar is healthy” for years but bar has implants, rhinoplasty and collagen injections. All of those have risks, especially during the surgery. And she is not having her picture taken because she is so “gorgeous” or does anything really of note, she’s not an actress for example, or singer/musician. She is a quasi celeb, famous for being famous and ******** famous people from Charvet on. Or trying to.

  53. 53
    maurice Says:

    Also, frankly, yes, they pat you down at the airport. I was in NYC during 9/11 and I’ve flown from Logan where the terrorists gained access. As far am I concerned you slow down and take your time and do what they tell you. Its annoying but not as annoying as burning to death in a high rise when flaming jet fuel is dumped all over you. Or being crushed dead by a body falling from great heights, that happened to.

    Women frisk women, if the TSA lady was a bit rough around the edges, that is who they hire to make sure terrorists dont get through- men and women who dont mind arresting you or blocking you getting on if you protest. And women who are big enough to do it.

    These so-called fourth string VIPs are legends in their own mind who think they are special and should have special treatment…..and not pay taxes, do military service or pay customs, all of which Bar has done as well.

  54. 54
    maurice Says:

    @Fan of models: Go look at Erin’s VS ads. She’s very pretty and alluring, if not Grace Kelly or Halle.

    VS didnt want Bar to be an Angel for them, she’s too squat. Ok for print but not runway, so she went and did some brands no one has ever heard of and dont sell in the US>

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