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Zoe Saldana Covers 'Cosmopolitan for Latinas' Premiere Issue

Zoe Saldana Covers 'Cosmopolitan for Latinas' Premiere Issue

Zoe Saldana strikes a pose in Bebe on the cover of Cosmopolitan for Latinas‘ premiere issue, which hits newsstands May 1.

Here’s what the 33-year-old actress had to share with the mag:

On being a Latina: “People think of Latina women as being fiery and fierce, which is usually true. But I think the quality that so many Latinas possess is strength. I’m very proud to have Latin blood.”

On being a ballerina in her teens: “I had to quit ballet because it felt like a part of me was dying inside. It takes a lot of courage to face up to things you can’t do because we feed ourselves so much denial … In dance you use every party of your body except your voice. I wanted to start acting because I wanted to use my voice.”

Check out Zoe‘s other cover on!

FYI: Zoe is wearing a Blugirl dress for her fashion spread.

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  • jennifer

    Dominicans must be proud of her

  • Lauri

    She is so pretty! Nice cover.

  • A

    Pretty! Cue haters coming here saying she’s ugly or not latina enough for them lol jealousy is really ugly

  • xiopio

    All Latinos should be proud of her, not just Dominicans, I know I am…She’s doing a great job of paving the way. BTW, she looks great in those pics!

  • Cassandra

    I was missing you Zoe.Always beautiful.I love this girl dominicana

  • Jennie

    I can’t think of anybody that would do that 1st edition justice ! Way to Go Zoe !

  • Maria

    How can Zoe Saldana not be Latino enough? Latinos are not really a race, but an ethnic group. They can be black, white, Native American, Asian or a mix of those ancestries. Somebody like Jennifer Lopez is just a mulatta. Zoe is just following in the footsteps of other Latinas like Celia Cruz, Gina Torres, Christian Milian, etc. I’m proud to be a Latina and one with African ancestry.

  • Ploop


  • Marzena

    She is so beautiful, and a great person!

  • Reina

    It’s good to see that black women of Latino descent are finally being recognized as Latinas in the US mainstream media. I mean when you see all the Major League Baseball players that are black Latin players. It should be obvious that Latinos come in a wide array of people. Good for Zoe Saldana representing that.

  • Finanas

    Am I the only one who thinks that the subtitle “own your curves” doesn’t fit at all the actress on the cover (… Since when Zoe Saldana has curves?)

  • Juan

    I hate when people say that Zoe isn’t a Latina. Most Latinos have some black ancestry. For example, the second president of Mexico was a mixed black and Native American man that took over after Spanish rule was ended in Mexico. Spanish women don’t look facially and aren’t shape like Jennifer Lopez. They look more like Penelope Cruz. Jennifer has fuller lips, broader nose and a big butt.

  • Amma

    Bellissima! Love her.

  • Sofia

    ugly black Dominican girls are the worst in god’s creation she is hideous and not Latina at all. Latinas do not look like this real latino people are descendant from ancient white Spanish people not from the slaves of the Spanish slavemasters like Saldana.

  • eduardo

    She looks like a mona! Real Latina women look like Sofia Vergara not Zoe. Zoe tries to buy the affections of white men but they do not want her because she is ugh! Black women like her are the least attractive of all women for dating/relationships because no one wants to date them.

  • Jake

    @eduardo: ?Eduardo, you were just saying that Puerto Rican women are the least attractive of all women when it comes to dating/relationships under the Sandra Bullock post. Are you bi-polar? I already think that you’re a woman really posing as a man or you’re gay man.

  • Jake

    Zoe is a good-looking woman. I’ve dated women of various races and ethnic groups. It’s stupid to discriminate because as I said women are women.

  • Rosa

    They should have chosen a pretty woman like Salma, Shakira or Selena who do in fact at least look like what you expect a Latina to llok like.

  • Madrid

    #12, Penelope Cruz is European Spanish so do not compare her to the likes of Jennifer Lopez who is Puerto Rican there is a monumental difference of course.

  • Isabella

    She does not look Latina period and that is a fact I hate this!!!

  • reba

    @Sofia: so Sofia, if I understand you currectly, all latinos look like Nicole Kidman? If you put Sofia Vergara next to Nicole Kidman, you would call them both ‘caucasion’? Hmmm…

  • Julia

    Listen Im Brazilian and some people dont consider Brazilians tobe Latinos or not. Im a native from the state of Minas Gerais (not the Amazon ones), black from the state of Bahia (who were decendant from the African slaves), Portuguese colonists and German immigrants in my ancestry. I do not have this voluptuous body Latinas portray to have or dark skin. My skin color is like Alicia Keys and Im 4 11 inches at 110 pounds. My eyes a are little bit epicanthic due to the fact that some not all native latinos are descendant of the people who crossed the Bering Strait from ASIA. I have had Asians come up to me asking me if Im asian or part asian cus Im 4 11 petite and epicanthic to find out Im Brazilian! Latinos come in all shapes and sizes due to various genetic backgrounds. We are not all black or native. Look at Gisele Bundchen, Xuxa and the Brazilian president Dilma Rouseff (Bulgarian decent).

  • Yanomami

    Brasilians are LUSOPHONES not Latino and any REAL self -respecting Brasilian knows that. We speak Portuguese and are part of CPLD) Community of Portuguese speaking language countries. Brasilians refer to Spanish speakers as Hispanics because in South America latino is considered to be a ploitical word invented by Spanish speaking American activists so don’t try to lump us into the same category where we do not belong. Gisele is Brasilian of German descent so learn your correct history and stop spreading lies. Brasilians are Brasilian and proud of it.

  • Reina

    @Sofia: Sofia if you have ever read comments from Spanish people from Spain. They don’t consider Hispanics Spainiards. They think of them as being Native American, black or mixed with some combination of black, Native American and Spanish. They get mad when Hispanics call themselves Spanish. If you knew that basically the Spanish enslaved the Native Americans and Africans. Those 2 groups in a lot of Latin American countries drove the Spanish out. You need to learn your history. Just because a person has a Spanish surname and speaks the language, doesn’t make them a 100% Spanish. That’s like saying black people who have British names and speak English are 100% British. I can be 100% black and 100% Latino. Because Latino isn’t even a race. I’m a proud black Latina.

  • Reina

    @Rosa: Salma and Shakira are half Arabic. Are you aware of that? Zoe looks like millions of Latinas look.

  • Reina

    I forgot to add one of Selena’s parents is white. Salma and Shakira are half Arabic. So they’re not 100% “Hispanic.” Both of Zoe’s parents are Hispanics.

  • Romana

    Real latinos do not look like Zoe , Zoe looks African mostly. And yes, Sofia Vergara is white because she is descended from Latins who are white so naturally she looks white and she is blond to.

  • Mejay

    So sick of these ignorant morons! What do “real Latinos” look like?? There is no set physical mold for ANY ethnicity or race.

  • Patrick

    You know Sofia is a natural blonde right? Nicole is a natural redhead. Yes I’d say they’re both white.

  • CastilianGurl


  • Media

    It’s like going to the circus.

  • Stephanie

    nice photoshop, by the way i didn’t knew Latina princess were black and with a monkey nose. LOL.

  • RachelSun

    Ignore the racist, ignorant trolls. All they are trying to do is spwe hate to upset people. Saying black Latinos aren’t Latinos is like saying black Americans aren’t American.

    I am a black Hispanic and don’t care what u racists pigs think.

    As another poster said Spaniards are so racist they don’t care what color your skin is “white Hispanic”, if u are not a native born Spaniard they consider you less than them and ur defintitely not Spanish.

  • WhiteLatina

    Disappointing, but Cosmo is trying to be politically correct even though they are wrong.

  • Karina

    Sad to see that people are so racist it just proves that we are not going anywhere.

  • E_D_LosAngeles

    @Juan: Truth! Thanks for a great observation. The more “Love” Latin@s have, the more the world will embrace you. You could be unstoppable.