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Katie Holmes & Suri: Cupcake Cuties!

Katie Holmes & Suri: Cupcake Cuties!

Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri take an early evening stroll together on Wednesday (April 25) in New York City.

While enjoying the cool Manhattan evening, the 33-year-old actress and Suri, 6, grabbed a cupcake treat at a bakery! After Suri noshed on the cupcake, the duo hopped in a cab.

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This past week, Katie‘s rep shot down rumors that she and her hubby, Tom Cruise, are expecting another child together. Tom‘s rep also commented, calling the rumors “false.”

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Credit: Ordonez/Thornton; Photos: INFdaily
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  • http://justjared POLO

    katie always looks like a dead piece of meat. I am sure if she hadn’t gotten pregnant, tom would never marry her, no1 would. This is a good lesson for guys ryt here- ALWAYS USE PROTECTIONS !!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    WOW!!! Suri looks like Tom Cruise here. She got his nose!

  • jaspisgirl

    oh god,is this a night-dress again??????? is it so difficult to put some clothes on this lttle one?????????? always with mommy always sweets and toys and no other kids no proper school no playground .she is only there for public relations for her parents.poor little rich girl.

  • Rocky

    Why does this little girl always look unkept? Guess she does what she wants, because no daughter of mine would go out looking like this. I may look like sh**, but not my kid.

  • http://google Cindy

    No matter what is said….that little girl is cute.

  • Tara

    Katie is just a mess. Bet she is not happy that she married the guy who was once a poster on her wall.

  • Jane21

    Katie really look like the walking dead here, i mean is she auditioning for the role of a zombie she got the part from her looks alone.

  • jillyro

    What happened to Katie, has she given up completely? She looks like a slob, barely combs her hair and dresses like a homeless person in the past few months. She must be depressed and she is no longer hiding it. Maybe that is her way of getting back at Tom and the Scibots for controlling her. Wonder if she ever thinks that selling her soul for a cushy lifestyle and money was not worth it.

  • Tara

    anyone notice the bodyguard behind carrying the doll???? Makes me laugh

  • jaspisgirl

    @tara what people do for a living hahaha :-)

  • Pookie

    cupcake cuties?

    nope! looking more like they fished some clothes out of the dumpster after digging themselves out of the ground. the walking dead mom and her youngster brat.

  • tiffany

    Even one child seems to be too much for Katie. She does not look like she puts too much into mothering.

    I know Tom is already scouting a new Mrs. Cruise right now.

  • Kate

    Why is this child not in school like a 6 year-old should be? I wish someone would ask Katie in an interview how Suri is liking school. Perfectly innocent question to ask the mother of a child who should be in nearing the end of kindergarten. Would LOVE to hear Katie’s response. She’d probably try to say Suri is being homeschooled, but I honestly doubt that. Not with the crazy schedule and traveling she’s dragged through. And by the way, had Tom visited at all while they’ve been in NYC? I know he’s working on a movie, but did he not even fly in to see Suri on her birthday last week?

  • behh

    The walking zombies are back in town.

  • tsquared

    LMAO. People had spread on “Star designers-Looks you’ll Love!” Jolie started the 30 w/ her jewelry. Nicole Ritchie, Jessica Simpson, Victoria Beckham, Gwen Stefani, Madonna, Olsen sisters etc…and NO Katie and Holmes/Yang.

    And viewing what both of them are wearing today–it was a well-deserved omission!

    Also, the bodyguard looks absolutely thrilled to be carrying the doll. Great way to start the morning–laughing at his expression.

  • Susie#1

    I really feel for the bodyguard. He looks absolutely bored, and why wouldn’t he? I don’t think he imagined that his job would turn into carrying dolls and blankets.

  • Whatever


    Are the Jolie-Pitts in school? They are always globe trotting too so I don’t think they have any type of stable schooling either.

    Suri is sooooooooo cute!! She’s a cute little girl living her life. It’s pathetic when grown-ups hate on a little girl because they desperately want to kiss “saint Angie’s” ass. Yes, we all know that’s why you all hate on this adorable girl and don’t even deny it.

  • Marina

    @Cindy: But you have to admit that she’s going to need some lip enhancement when she grows up.

  • No School Again

    Does Suri do her home schooling at night or what? She doesn’t seem like she is six or even four. If she went to real school she wouldn’t be carrying around TODDLER toys all the time. Remember when Kate dragged Suri to private schools in New York and Los Angeles?
    Maybe Suri
    Maybe none of the schools accepted Suri. She may not have passed the developmental tests.

  • giddian

    Tom is never seen with katie and Suri anymore. Is he planning his exit. Since his last movie made some money he doesn’t need Suri right now to get press so he’s ditched her and katie.

  • kris

    What a negative lot!! If you do not have anything nice to say then do not say it at all. Harboring negativity is bad for the soul!

  • joel

    That little girl looks psycho. Going to be a mean girl. And her parents think she’s super smart. “just amazing, magical’. No-one wants to play with her, so mommy plays with her.

  • Sally


    Aren’t you hating as well ? You can’t tell other to stop hating when your do the same thing you come of sounding like a complete hypocrite and contradicting everything you said.Lol

  • gagagoogoo


    LOL so true!

    this poster must be Hamlet’s or whatever he calls himself now…girlfriend.

  • hihi
  • Hamlet

    Maybe people will stop questioning his paternity already, #2.

    She’s already said her daughter is home schooled and they flew down to see him, #13. Mind your own kids.

    You’re disgusting, #18.

    What are toddler toys, #19?

    You’re an idiot, #22.

  • hrmph

    Is it me or does Suri look really haggard for her age? She used to look so cute but now she just looks like she’s subsisting on sugar and no sleep?? What did they do to this child SMH

  • Tulip

    The nice young man who is with them is Suri’s teacher?? I’m sure Suri was the one to hire him (good looking guy, ha, ha)!

  • MeMyself&I

    Tom Cruise always looks so well put together so how do his wife and daughter go out looking like this?

    Katie Holmes always looked great before she hooked up with Tom Cruise. What the hell has happened to her? She constantly looks stressed out and unkempt.

    Suri looks like she gets to pick out her clothes every morning, gets to choose what she eats, decide when she goes to bed, etc. No wonder Katie is stressed out, she gets bossed around by a spoiled 6 year old.

  • LUYN

    I love to stuff that cupcake up her ass.

  • anon2

    Suri looks like Joshua Jackson…she has his mouth, chin, eyes, nose….

  • nancyw

    Does that child live on cupcakes and ice cream???