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Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Django Unchained' - First Look!

Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Django Unchained' - First Look!

Check out Leonardo DiCaprio in this first official image from Quentin Tarantino‘s upcoming film Django Unchained!

The 37-year-old actor stars as Calvin Candie, a charming but sadistic Francophile plantation owner.

Also pictured inside: a first look at Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz‘s characters in the film!

Jamie and Christoph play Django and Dr. King Schultz, respectively. The twosome, a freed slave and a German dentist/bounty hunter, travel across America to rescue Django’s wife (Kerry Washington) from Calvin Candie.

Django Unchained is set to be released in theaters on December 25.

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leonardo dicaprio django unchained first look 01
leonardo dicaprio django unchained first look 02

Credit: EW
Posted to: Christoph Waltz, Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio

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449 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Django Unchained' - First Look!”

  1. 1
    Fig Says:


  2. 2
    barfan Says:

    nothin withut Bar!

  3. 3
    #2 Says:

    squinting again. same old same old

  4. 4
    Nanda Says:

    Fuc**** A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!!!!!!!!


    And Leo looks soooooo damn hot… exactly what I was expecting :). Drooling over him.

  5. 5
    kiki Says:

    cannot wait! looks great. i wan’t to see leo getting the oscar next year from meryl for this or great gatsby.

  6. 6
    *_* Says:

    He is turning into benicio del toro

  7. 7
    lol Says:

    It reminds me on looks of The Man in the Iron Mask. Just his face is bigger now. so not interested in this kind of movie.

  8. 8
    Foreigner Says:

    Copypast costume.Boring actor.

  9. 9
    Gossipgirl Says:

    I cannot wait for this movie!! I am not a Leo fan, but the film sounds interesting.

  10. 10
    Message Says:

    I think he will be great in this movie. It’s something different from him. I’m excited to see it. Tarantino is amazing!

  11. 11
    pupils Says:

    He looks happier in his films

  12. 12
    Ploop Says:

    I don’t like slavery movies in general. They’re always degrading. Hopefully this one will be good. Leo looks great here, I’m definitely liking the facial hair. He looks like a mix of Benicio del Toro and Brad Pitt ….but then again, these two look alike XD Del Toro is the latin’s version of Pitt lol. Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing this movie!

  13. 13
    S Says:

    @*_*: Hahahaha, I thought the exact same thing when I saw this pic! LoL.

  14. 14
    Delamadre Says:

    Oh yeahhhh!!!! ;D

  15. 15
    Yaya Says:

    I cannot wait for this movie. I’ve been interested this before they even started filming. The academy insist on only giving leading male oscars to old and guys with accents, but we all know DiCaprio is one of the best actors ever!

  16. 16
    Fassdong Says:

    OMg! He looks amazing!
    I can’t wait for this film

  17. 17
    The Real Emma Says:

    Leo is a an actor I enjoy watching very much, it will be interesting to see what Tarantino does with him.

  18. 18
    Ca Says:

    OMG so damn hot!!!!!!!! He is gorgeous #HaterGonnaHate I feel so sorry for that,but He is freaking awesome… I love Him since I was 10 and keep falling in love over and over again,everytime I see his face… <3 Sending lots of Love,Peace and Blessings your way my babe Leo :)

  19. 19
    vagabond Says:

    It’s about time.I’m amazed we haven’t gotten more pics.I guess Quentin,runs a tight set?Leo looks very devilish,I like it.I just love that man’s hair.Also jmo but i think he’s a little better looking than Brad and Benicio.I’m looking forward to this and Great Gatsby.

  20. 20
    Django Says:

    I like Tarantino, but the costume looks ridiculous

  21. 21
    Tea anyone? Says:

    Any tea on Leo DiCaprio and Erin Boring Heatherton???

  22. 22
    @21 Says:

    If they are so ‘boring’, why do you want tea on them loser?

  23. 23
    Wild One Says:

    You just know that with Quentin as a director that this movie will be a fun watch.

  24. 24
    @22 Says:

    I think it’s only her #21 finds boring. At least that’s how it reads to me…

  25. 25
    Tea anyone? Says:

    Shut up #22 I wasn’t talking to you,I was asking for some tea,if you don’t have one why are you talking to me anyway?Go back to school to learn text comprehension.And thanks #24 that’s right….Leo has nothing to do with….by the way Leo is sexy as hell! He is a real good piece of hotness to me!

  26. 26
    @25 Says:

    So who were you talking to when you posted on a public leo forum on gossip on persons not mentioned in the post but who allegedly bore you TinkerFreak?

  27. 27
    eva Says:

    @*_*: exactly indeed .. looking at leo’s smoking hot picas, im trying to recall he looked like someone, the ‘che’ guy but i dont remember his name

  28. 28
    mmm Says:


  29. 29
    Tea anyone? Says:

    @@25: Tinker WHAT??? Who’s that? Your imaginary enemy?????? You need a doctor!The only freak here is you…GOOD LUCK ON THAT,HAVE A NICE DAY! ;)

  30. 30
    @29 Says:

    My guess is someone coming on a thread demanding ‘Tea’ (WTF) – gossip- like a rabid dehydrated biddy needs a doctor/shrink sooner.

  31. 31
    piping hot tea Says:

    yes I have tea. you are no doubt from the deluded lsa forum that comes here with the rubbish that leo is secrelty in love with blacks, rihanna, naomi campbell and cant be with them due to pressures of the industry or some other crap. well i can tell you the real love of his life is michelle obama not erin. thats groundbreaking leo tea for your gullible self to digest.
    old michelle is actually with him now in NOLA. enjoy

  32. 32
    benita Says:

    first off, YUM.

    second of all, I didnt post until no, I was at the edgar awards and getting free books an hanging about with writer friends. So keep tiliting at windmills.

    Its Ernesto “Che Guevara”— looks a litlte alike in expression but Leo aint cuban.

    third of all, what bothers you so much about Leo with black girls? The last was probably model Leasi Andrews- you can google her-she’s black/thai and gorgeous, while he was supposedly dating
    bar but it was ending.

    are you the Bar poster that called Michelle Obama “simian” and the Williams sisters “apes on the court- I want to throw bananas at them”

    because if you are you are a racist pig just like bar was rumoured to be. She called Palestinians “animals” and Egypt “primitive” starting off a diplomatic incident.

    ALso it was said that part of the reason they broke up was he was dating another black girl in NYC. I dont belive he likes black girls more, just he’s basically EEOC like most normal people these days.

    He usually has a “main” dyed blond girlfriend but then chicks of every desciprtion on the side.

    You started it this time so I’ll end it. I’d rather a million times a young michelle obama than bar or 100 times more kerry washington than erin, not becuase they are black but because they are smart talented, and yes


  33. 33
    benita Says:

    and again, YUM. My god, I love it when he is BAD. I mean BAAAAAADDDD. looks better there than ina while.

    No, I think leo will stay with the blondies at least in public. what he does privately is anyone’s guess–jasmine waltz is a brunette, supposedly she was in the picture when he was “dating”—just dating, mind you, not “in love with” not “engaged to” and not even “going steady with” or “monogamous” with barfie.. Just dating on and off for five years. Who knows what will happen with Erin. She’s pretty boring.

  34. 34
    benita Says:

    you brought it up first, so dont even go there. Look at that guy up there-he doesnt give a **** about barfie or even erin very much. Never did.

  35. 35
    benita Says:

    @barfan: much better without bar—I guess you are tired of hearing she’s nothing without him. And pretty much she is. So what? You got buried by posters.

    By the way, “spilling tea”" is general american slang for telling gossip. Is not at all exclusively related to Lipstick Alley. Tea leaves a brown stain -it has tannin, tannic acid, that you cant get out. That’s what it is.

  36. 36
    Kerry Washington is Gorgeous! Says:

    @benita: Agreed!!!!!!!!Kerry Washington is so gorgeous…how cute it would be a Leo’s baby with some black girl…Kerry,Sanaa Lathan,Gabrielle Union or even Halle Berry,someone said while ago that Halle is Leo’s crush (don’t even know if it’s true…but was spilled out!)…mixed with blue eyes,soooooo cuteeeee *-*

  37. 37
    Ka Says:

    He’s so handsome!!!!!!!!!!! Is he really playing a supporting role? cant wait to see this film.

  38. 38
    eva Says:

    how i wish 1 day leo walks the red carpet premiere with kate on any leo or kates movie

  39. 39
    I love them Says:


    If DiCaprio dyed girlfriends are so boring for women without talent and beauty (Benita, are u beautiful and full of talent lol?) why you don’t discuss Uma Thurman or Sharon Stone here?Who is interested in your black women obsession?I am not.Not because I am racist but because I like blondes,I love them very much, like leo.Even Kate W is blonde already.

  40. 40
    I love them Says:

    The main DiCaprio type is not blonde at first – it is the type without any kind of decent education,decent intelligent behaviour etc.Very much like Leo himself.

  41. 41
    me Says:

    @benita: You are such a loser, you just cant help yourself can you?…you have to bring up bar, I’m beginning to think your life would be empty without her to hate on, give it a rest woman., nobody cares!!

  42. 42
    Ugly,dumb ,BUT FAMOUS Says:

    It is really bad and unfair that the most dumb/ugly/boring models become famous and rich. Did u see Joaillerie de Chanel adv?Who knows her name?But we all know ‘beautiful’ moments of erin f*ckerton.

  43. 43
    #41 Says:

    Why do you care if she brings up Bar or not? Ignore it then.
    Of ALL the stupid things benitabell talks about you – ‘me’ – always seem to get sensitive whenever she mentions your precious Bar.

  44. 44
    So Funny Says:

    He looks ridiculous! LOLOL

  45. 45
    718 Says:

    Flicks going to nice!

  46. 46
    Dasha Says:

    I can’t wait!!! Leo i love you, your the best!!!!

  47. 47
    benita Says:

    @I love them:

    why yes, yes I am ! Full of talent and beautiful. I know many women that are too, of all shades and ages.

    Sharon Stone=Smart coke addict
    Uma Thurman_ one of the worlds great beauties but has weird feet-acting is spotty, good sometimes terrible others. A friend of mine knew her as a child in Amhest Mass where her father taught.

    The reason I wouldnt mention them is that A. they have enough talent and brains to make it on their own- Uma was also covering Italian Vogue at 16. And both of them wouldnt touch poor Leo with a ten foot pole- Uma is pregnant by her gazillionaire swiss businessman and Sharon has three kids by Phil Bronstein. She’s busy.

    Blonde aint the only color. There are both a Jewish girl with beautiful long black hair and a latina who is a size 0 with waist length black hair. I have no love for particular hair color- I also work with a natural blonde who dated several NFLers in college-but she dyes it brown, probably to be taken more seriously or she got bored.

    Halle Berry is so much more beautiful Bar, and yes Erin they shouldnt even be mentioned in the same sentence. They arent the same. Halle is the reigning beauty in HW even over 40, sorry, they dont make em like that often. Grace Kelley was another,and Liz Taylor, and sorry, Lohan cant play liz and blake cant be grace, that’s like a schnauzer playing a Arabian stallion-not even the same species that I can tell

    YOU brought up Barfie this time at the first post. It’s on you. Whenever you get bored its the “leo is gay” routine-must not be getting what you want somewhere. Nowadays you try to shut me down with “that’s so boring” but honey I really dont care bout you!

  48. 48
    benita Says:

    BTW he’s holding a hammer in the full picture.

    yummy yummy yummy I got love in my tummy!

  49. 49
    mr brownstain Says:

    leaves a brown stain like tinker and cammie leda

    leo likes aryan lookin girls. evens the jewish ones has to be blonde

  50. 50
    mr brownstain Says:

    stinkerbell benita go away an take your friend cammie leda wiv you

  51. 51
    @49&50 Says:

    why don`t you go away and take whoever you want wiv you?

  52. 52
    mr brownstain Says:

    love in your tummy from givin leo bjs in your head

  53. 53
    benita Says:

    leo will be at jazzfest tonight in NOLA….

  54. 54
    benita Says:



    does bar spit or swallow? I am thinking swallow for Leo when it was going good or she had to get him back. Wonder about Erin–but she doesnt seem like the on-her-knees type. Bar does.

    “shopping sprees get her on her knees for the ends..
    from the wetlands all the way to the apollo
    if ya broke she spits
    if ya rich she might swallow”

  55. 55
    benita Says:

    @mr brownstain: I want to be just like you, Mr Poo Butt!

  56. 56

    This woman is seriously a psycho. I actually enjoyed her tidbits of information about various celebs. She writes well. But the way she unfairly criticizes leo’s exes and talks about the way leo makes out with his gfs is just disrespectful. Some of us have been brought up well and cant take potty mouth. ALSO NONE IS INTERESTED IN TALKING ABOUT BAR REFAELI BUT YOU. Get it. And stop !!!!

  57. 57
    benita Says:

    @BENITA IS TINKERBELL: oh,get off your soapbox. Or join Bellazon where you can have all the narcotized niceness you want. It’s like getting a lobotomy
    going over there.

    Definitely Bar swallowed for Leo.

    I talked about Leo “making out” with his exes? Nope, just Bar, and someone definitely seems to want to talk about her, as long as its baby pap, untrue, and therefore flattering.

    I was talking about Bar BLOWING Leo which I am sure she did to get her dating contract. If it’s disrespectful, I MEANT IT TO BE.

    Nice try, dildo head!

  58. 58
    benita Says:

    I’d bet the following:

    LEO= swallow
    Tedi Sagi=spit (but with discretion since he gave her a car
    CHACE Crawford-Spit
    David Charvet- swallow at the beginning when she was 16 and went to “live” with him in Paris
    Oded Kobo=swallow, he’s rich
    Uriel Natan= swallow, his stepfather a billionaire
    Ricardo Monsour= swallow

    for leo

    Gisele- She is the highest paid supermodel in the world. Who does SHE have to blow? Nobody. And she accepts payment only in euros.
    Blake= did anything he wanted, same for Ben Affleck and Harvey Weinstein.
    Bar= Here girl! snap fingers, point
    Erin=when she wants to, if he does her first

  59. 59
    benita Says:

    ps, Bar tweeted a picture of herself sucking her middle finger after they broke up—was that for old times sake? Also she wrote something at one point the gist of which was “girls who swallow are the best” so I’m just quoting her.

    Have fun!

  60. 60
    Hey Tinkerbell Says:

    If you’re going to use malicious rumors to attack Leo’s girlfriends from your cell then at least remember the equally vile rumor form John Casablancas of Gisele blowing people to the top as well. Its prob 100% crap as much of what YOU write is s***t but as you insist on vicious rumormongering, be consistent fool.

  61. 61
    xxxxxxx Says:

    after all…scroll down

  62. 62
    wth Says:

    that benita chick is sick-in every way-mentally ill-she’s like-oh I hate every leo’s gf cause I am the one for him-or like: I know what they’re doing in their spare time??!!? what a freak-
    stalker-in a demented way,-creepy
    leo’s gorgeous btw

  63. 63
    xxxxxxx Says:

    @Hey Tinkerbell: oh no, I’m just extrapolating-since she’s been called a “mattress backed *****” by people who knew her in Israel and “totally in love with herself” and so forth, and portrayed by people close to leo as a relentless gold digger, and has distributed photos of herself with her finger in her mouth and allowed the Terry Richardson picture to be taken, that she enjoyed c*ck sucking and sees it as a career skill. I’m not the only one to say this.

    But looking at that great picture of Leo up there and the fact that it is a Quentin Tarantino picture, and I admire and respect Quentin,I’ll switch to that.

    Leo has possibly several dozen documented and admitted exes,
    the only one who really sucks and offends people is bar, although Balke’s nudie cam didnt really endear her to me either.

    NONE of the other girls ever started a diplomatic incident or had documented flaunting of draft, tax, and customs laws to harp on.

    But since I’m really enjoying that picture, I’ll stick to that.Also Leo was at Jazzfest with Q-tip yesterday, since he “only likes Aryan types” -I dont have to be with him, and unfortunately he is not even the type of guy I would like to date but I saw the line-up at Jazzfest including Mavis Staples and I wish I was there.

  64. 64
    Sexy! Says:

    Can all the losers stop saying Leo is not aging well????? The man is almost 40 and is sexy as hell,still have the swagger of a champion! I wonder myself how good he is NOW in everything He probably was is the past…you know what I’m talking about… ^^ sighs…..

  65. 65
    sick homophobe! Says:

    Bar’s statement about the TSA woman who “groped” her is VERY insulting to women of same-sex preference. How does she know the woman was gay? It could have easily been a heterosexual woman or man, but, no – she makes a homophobic statement instead. When I was “moderately” sexually assaulted, the authorities were called almost immediately. Had I not, I wouldn’t have found out this idiot was stalking and assaulting 6 others. Seven years in jail. Did Bar involve the authorities at the airport or the local police? Or did she take to the public forum first for some presumptuous media attention. UGH!!HOMOPHOBE!!!

  66. 66
    madalina Says:

    I kinda like Madalina after reading this, if she meant it. She says that she was upset at pics coming out about her with Leo cuz media just started showing her lingerie pics when she was trying to promote herself as an actress, and she was also a runway model, not just lingerie. She says being iwth leo means getting in tabloids, but not being taken seriously by directors or getting auditions. (maybe that’s why they broke up?) I assume they were together cuz she said she cares much for him. Dunno, could be pr?

    wonder if they dated while he was with Blake, they met at Cannes. Also wonder why girls are willing to be girlfriend # 2 or 3. Also wondering why Bar gets brought up so much. I know Erin is boring but dang, I could go a long time without reading/seeing about Bar.

  67. 67
    maurice Says:

    @sick homophobe!: She did it to get attention to herself. Just like she said she was drunk the whole time she was with Leo. Its for attention- to pop on the news / gossip circuits–which is why I dont like it.

    Her family- especially her mother is homophobic.

  68. 68
    maurice Says:

    @madalina: she was never with him, just appeared on his balcony hanging clothes to dry. The tabs jumped on it because she is big news in Italy. She was dating one of his boys at the time.

  69. 69
    know her Says:

    sickobenita tink, is a nasty piece of work, as she is a rather big lady with red frizzy hair, she is bitter as she has the brains but missed out in the looks and love department, leave her alone.

  70. 70
    @maurice Says:

    No shade intended here but you seem to make quite a few qualified statements when its opinion. How can you say her mother is homophobic unless you hang out with them? How do you know Madalina was not banging Leo?

  71. 71
    maurice Says:

    dicaprio with all the “coloreds’ (non aryans) he doesnt like…

  72. 72
    maurice Says:

    ethan suplee is at jazzfest probably with leo…

    Ethan Suplee ‏ @EthanSuplee

    · Open

    “Jazzfest, lots of inebriated white people…” -Jazzfest
    8h Ethan Suplee Ethan Suplee ‏ @EthanSuplee

    · Open

    Jazzfester: “Are you that guy from tv?” Me: “Sometimes.” Jazzfester: “Oh my God! You’re my all time favorite! Honey, it’s Earl!”

  73. 73
    maurice = benita Says:

    Oh I see its you. Well disregard #70.

  74. 74
    @madalina Says:

    She was upset? Well, she enjoyed the attention she got back then and what she still gets thanks to Leo. It`s one thing what she says or said and another taking advantage of the attention she got back then. Also if she is so private why does she keep talking about it months later? Every woman linked to Leo gets attention but Madalina is making herself a victim but it seems like she didn`t mind it. Whatever was going on between them it`s the past she should stop talking about it if it was so hurtful…

  75. 75
    maurice Says:

    @know her: you dont know tink—you imagine she’s like that to make yourself feel better. She is petite, brunette, and has been with the same guy over a decade. This is a “guilty pleasure” for her…

  76. 76
    maurice Says:

    @@maurice: Her Mom was outed for

    1. Writing Leo is gay comments when he and Bar were broken up–I’ll post the link later

    2. She was also outed because an entertainment journalist in Israel wrote an article that Bar was accepting fees from men to go to certain parties with them- and she threatened to out him as a homosexual. Unbeknownst to her brilliant self…he was taping the conversation and played it on Israeli TV..

    Also if you read the Israeli press people who know them come on and say that her Mom has a terrible potty mouth herself and is racist and homophobic.

    I dont believe he was dating Maddalina. He was busy at the time with Gatsby and she was only seen in a group on a balcony with him one time. I think it was gossip copped…but I just got that feeling. Supposedly she was with Danny Avikanzer, also there in the group…..that’s what I think. Leo was busy with Australian models at that time too….Alyce Crawford…etc

  77. 77
    Homophobe like mom? Says:

    Bar’s statement about the TSA woman who “groped” her is VERY insulting to women of same-sex preference. How does she know the woman was gay? It could have easily been a heterosexual woman or man, but, no – she makes a homophobic statement instead. When I was “moderately” sexually assaulted, the authorities were called almost immediately. Had I not, I wouldn’t have found out this idiot was stalking and assaulting 6 others. Seven years in jail. Did Bar involve the authorities at the airport or the local police? Or did she take to the public forum first for some presumptuous media attention. UGH!! HOMOPHOBE!!! I just read that her mom was going to out a journalist? wtf??

  78. 78
    tink Says:

    You dont know me….but you can try to make something up if it makes you feel better. I KNOW what you look like and I’m underwhelmed….sorry!
    Also you’ll never find me either, I dont need your validation or invalidation. Doesnt matter what YOU think of me.

    The frizzy red hair was funny—should I go “GET MY NAPPY HEAD FIXED WITH BRAZILIAN KERATIZINATION” like your horse faced can-opener nosed mother used to bray???

  79. 79
    WTF? Says:

    THIS is who Leo wants to be with? Wow. Just, wow. I never thought he would sink…

  80. 80
    Leo and Madalina = match? Says:

    I just read the Madalina article. I like her. Wish Dicaprio was with her. She should do VS, while acting is taking off.

  81. 81
    @61 Says:


    Is this supposed to be a “playful” image of Bar with 6 feet of Italian **** in her mouth? What else is new? Butting getting GROPED….did she go to security and police right away? Tabloids first?

  82. 82
    eva Says:

    no matter what u guys are saying im missing kate and leo .. hehehe ahaks

  83. 83
    eva Says:

    just wanna share …

  84. 84
    eva Says:

    owhhh i just love sharing this …

  85. 85
    xXx Says:

    Orson Welles with beard:

  86. 86
    figment Says:

    he’s MINE!! ….. LOLLLL!

  87. 87
    madalina Says:

    If you had read the article, you would see that the interviewers kept bringing him up and shoving photos of them in her face. Photos is plural, more than just the balcony photo.
    But I do question whether or not she enjoyed the attention and took advantage of it at the time. She had a movie coming out…
    I just think she still would be with him if she really liked the attention that much. Maybe it wasn’t her choice.
    The way it’s presented does make Madalina seem down to earth and sympathetic. Again not sure if it’s meant to or if it’s the truth.
    I’m starting to think that labeling every girl that’s with Leo as an attention ***** is unfair. Who he’s with romantically will get attention, whether they like it or not, cuz he’s single and an A list star. Bar (ugh- her again) obviously is one. Look at her now. But Blake has quieted down a lot. I think we won’t hear a lot from Erin after these two break up. Of course if she even hints about anything about him in the future, it will be national news.

  88. 88
    vagabond Says:

    @@madalina: I was thinking the same.Feels a little pr -ish to me.No denials or a we’re just friends kind of thing,just vagueness.Also no mention that Leo has a new gf?How about her does she have a boyfriend ?That was like 8 months ago.

  89. 89
    figment Says:

    was talking about Kate Winslet, the way she puts her arm around his neck; hes MINE!!! hahaha… yeah.. maybe Leo has affairs with porn-stars all over the world that nobody knows about, he just doesn’t want it to look like the down-grade it is.. poor him.. hahahahaha….

  90. 90
    figment Says:

    a girlfriend, f*ck man how old is this guy, 15? LOLLLL

  91. 91
    Angelina Says:


    I just cannot find at least ONE significant difference between them.Just common silicone everywhere

  92. 92
    eva Says:

    @Angelina: at least there’s a pureness in kate … hehe cheers

  93. 93
    ridiculous Says:

    ld and br planning wedding or kids? I think both. Is he an emotionally intelligent sort of fellow? Anyone know? Because this is a ridiculous choice!

  94. 94
    ??? Says:

    He’s marrying someone who basically threw his own mother under the bus with that awful narcotics and sex blogs?? Not good for the family.

  95. 95
    eva Says:

    @ridiculous: im sorry is this the latest about leo and bar?

  96. 96
    maurice Says:

    @eva: stop trying to create buzz for bar by bandying rumors that no one believed even when they were ********. its offensive and silly.

  97. 97
    eva Says:

    maurice, im having fun myself about leo and kate. not about bar. im only asking whats on with leo and this bar r and am not bandying. read again dear ..

  98. 98
    maurice Says:

    @eva: ok sweetheart–the answer is they broke up around this time last year and havent seen each other since.

  99. 99
    BB Says:

    Where are the formers regulars (Canada Girl, Dr Brown, LDC FAN, french,bzfrks…and the others ?

  100. 100
    They left... Says:

    when the bitchfest left Bar and started on Blake Summer 2011 and have never come back. Look back on May/June posts at KC and Canada Girls disgust. Can’t say I blame them. They found lives to live. iheartcomments also said she did not like it and now posts sporadically. Sigh those were the good days.
    At least Message still posts occasionally

  101. 101
    ??? Says:

    @tink: Who are you talking to? LOL

  102. 102
    BB Says:

    @They left…: Thanks, that’s sad because at this time, Leo’s threads were interesting and fun,
    The soulmate’s stuff is ridiculous and others fight for nothing….

  103. 103
    Yeah... Says:

    they are why I loved his threads. It just became so relentless and bitchy by 3-4 posters under diff names that they went elsewhere. KC, said so in one of the June 2011 threads. But Message, Gee Whiz, Philly,also post and make it great fun. But they aren’t here often at all.

  104. 104
    Ridiculous life Says:


    guys nobody is interested to entertain you, you sound just ridiculous, go somewhere else for fun if it is the main aim of your life!

  105. 105
    @104 Says:

    *** off. Free public forum
    Anyone can post where and what they want to. You’re the ridiculous one, guarding/dictating on the forum is the main aim of your worthelss life and If you dont want to hear it Fcuk off.

  106. 106
    @BB Says:


    You are absolutely right. Not to mention, the monitors like to chase people away and mess with your computer over and over again until you fall in the “bar” line.

    They probably got tired of the lies that bar was no longer in leo’s romantic life. All the while, they’re planning a future? tsk tsk

  107. 107
    leo's fan girl Says:


    Can i ask you this are you a professional writter or gossip columnist?

    PS. who am i?

  108. 108
    benita Says:

    @leo’s fan girl:

    thanks for asking, no, but I was thinking of maybe trying a fan fiction novel a la shades of gray based on experiences here….funny huh??
    but if it makes money I laugh all the way to the bank.

    and no barfie, leo et al,the first amendment is in effect here and you can’t do d*ck about it if I dont mention you by name. Fun Jackie Collins pulp novel about King ******* (under another name) and Veruschka Vomit, his former or maybe current paramour.

    I have a writing/journalism degree from one of the top universities in America, and I worked in the media for 12 years in NYC. But I am also a visual artist, so it was more on the graphic side.

    I am thinking of trying it out—if the barf squad pays money for this **** maybe I should do it for someone I like. Leo’s flack is a fellow alum of mine, both of the university and the university paper, so that does count a little bit. Maybe I should start going to alumni affairs.

    Leo’s fan girl, who are you? I wish you were Iheartcomments, she is an LA PR insider who knows a bit about Leo and what goes down-she doesnt know him personally but could see through Team Barf like glass. So could I—living and working in NYC makes you very savvy-you develop instincts to stay alive.

    I also wish you were Perez Hilton- he refuses to publish anthing about Bar, he doesnt even have her on the star list. Wonder what happened there? His book, which I picked up at a stoop sale was very interesting-he said basically celebs

  109. 109
    benita Says:

    I just thinking jousting with the Barfies et al IS fun- I cant stand women like them so it is fun. That’s all.

    I think I will DEFINITELY join Tom Morello’s guitar army-I am sympathetic to occupy but not sure they have an agenda of what to do once they’ve got rid of all the old cruddy stuff.

    BTW perez said:

    1. celebs VERY conscious of public image/gossip sites—read and post on them all the time
    2. Often date younger people to LOOK younger themselves–I think that’s Leo odd, vain thing, he wants to be 24 forever. It’s shallow, but if he is that much of a wanker he gets what he deserves and so do the *******.

  110. 110
    eva Says:

    hi everyone … sigh no new entry on leo ??? … so what else to watch more youtubes on leo and kate … ahaks

  111. 111
    TINK!!! Says:

    Really need to talk….how can we make it happen. NOT HERE.

  112. 112
    leo's fan girl Says:


    Can you publish an unauthorized bio on Leo, i would definetly like to read that. Do you think that there would be any chance it could be published and how could you validate all the info. (or do you think there are agreements to stop that info from getting out)

  113. 113
    @112 Says:

    lol. YES. It’s an interesting subculture and alot of facts. :)

  114. 114
    Canada Girl Says:

    Hi gals! Thought I’d come in and celebrate Leo’s first “dump-iversary”. LOL
    I have to say that Leo looks fantastic in the Django picture and has been looking great in general. Is he getting a little too slim maybe? I’m looking forward to Django; Tarantino is a great director. Since being an A-lister, this is Leo’s first supporting role isn’t it. Nicholson said that he never let the size of a part deter him from being in an interesting film and it’s true. Jack’s had quite a few small, but memorable parts, so good on Leo.
    There are a lot of comments about Leo looking old and fat. Huh? He’s 37 now and looks better than most guys his age. Look at this picture. The bouncers are younger, but don’t look as good.
    *sigh* The skin looks SO good.
    I’m off. Have errands to do before I get to work for the night. I have some news on the work front that I’ll share later tonight. :)
    Hope to see Tink, Dr. Brown, IHeart, Raven, etc. here some time.

  115. 115
    @114 Says:

    OMG Hi Canada Girl,
    So great to see u!
    As posters #100, #103 said, sad most of the old pack left for good last year. Different atmosphere since, not witty and informative mixed with a sardonic remark now and then. Just b*****s.Be warned most of the oldies have never come back so it’s not the same crew any more.

  116. 116
    vagabond Says:

    lol!Wow nice to see you on,Canada 115 said it’s a rare occasion if someone comes up with anything even close to the way it use to be.BTW,I’m curi2,my names been snatched a couple of times since last
    I think he’s been looking pretty good myself,maybe a little more sleep but other than that.

  117. 117
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @vagabond: Hi, curi2. It’s too bad that people vacated. It was fun on this board for awhile. I never got why some people couldn’t make it more of a community. If Angelina can have that on her threads, why not Leo? What’s that indicative of?
    What was the general reception of J.Edgar on the thread? I did see it and I was a little disappointed. Not with Leo mind you, but the overall tone of the film, which for me fell under the pervue of Eastwood and the writer, Dustin Lance Black. I think Eastwood took too quiet an approach, and there were so many details and idiosyncrasies that could have been developed had the script and direction allowed for them. I can understand why Leo was disappointed during Oscar time, but I don’t think that J.Edgar was the one to take him across the finish line. Sad really, as he put in a lot of time and effort. Here’s hoping that Gatsby does the trick.
    @@114: That’s too bad. Hopefully more will pop in.
    So I have a new job and will be changing locations. I’m thrilled. I put in a lot of hours at work and I was not happy with my current location, so the change is a relief. It’s not a promotion, but a lateral shift, so no pay raise. *sniff* I worked with a lot of b**ches, and I’ll be glad to get away from them. I really hate “mean-girling” especially when it’s directed towards me.
    Well, off to do more work. (some things never change)

  118. 118
    Hi C/G!! LOVE Canada Says:

    Canada Girl!! I missed you too. Last message we had, I was putting in a new computer but then was not on the internet for quite some time. Is it the PR presense that sent people away or the b1tchy overtone? Any suggestions to get some new or former blood on Leo’s threads? I was formerly Oh…..

  119. 119
    CanadaGirl Says:

    Hi, Oh.
    I’m not too sure how to get people back. I guess just posting and ignoring the rant posters. After reading some of the posts, I was left baffled and wondered what all the squabbling was about. Ironic that I said I hate mean-girling, but posted about X. *shrugs* Different irl to me. I say ignore the silliness and post links and tweets and don’t bother with the rest.
    I’m off. Have a good night Leo-fans. :)

  120. 120
    vagabond Says:

    @CanadaGirl: I don’t know what that’s about.I was kind of expecting the board to be a little different after last year,not like Bellazon,but different.I haven’t seen J Edgar yet.Most of the reviews I’ve read are like yours.Leo was good but the movie itself wasn’t that great.Which is why i’ve put off seeing it.I’m getting excited about Great Gatsby.It’s getting good reviews on just the small clip that was shown.It’s going to be interesting to see how GG & Django do next year.One of them maybe his Oscar.
    Good luck on your new job.
    Here’s a pic of Leo with Ethan in NOLA.I guess that hats a new favorite.

  121. 121
    eva Says:

    @vagabond: ooowhhh look at him buying an icecream (snowball that is) im so missing him ..

  122. 122
    Leoleggs Says:

    Leo legs remind me of this picture. lol

  123. 123
    eva Says:

  124. 124
    @123 Says:

    @eva: Kate is a safe answer. I’m sure she wasnt that great of a kisser. Anyone else would have had people guessing! Leo actually liked kissing me the best.

  125. 125
    vagabond Says:

    From In touch this might actually be true:
    Leonardo DiCaprio Gets Serious
    Leonardo DiCaprio is spending a lot of time with Wall Street power brokers to nail his role in Martin Scorcese’s new flick, The Wolf of Wall Street, about former financial crook Jordan Belfort. “He’s been reaching out to friends and acquaintances about spending time in New York investment banks,” says a pal. Luckily, he’s already perfected the bit about powerful guys dating hot supermodel types!

  126. 126
    i think Says:–electronic-cigarette.html?ito=feeds-newsxml

  127. 127
    lol Says:

    Lee lee Dicaprio getting **** faced at the Boot
    6:36 pm – 3 mayo 12 vía Twitter for iPhone ·

  128. 128
    leo tweetpic Says:!/Madyeverett/status/198179287327719424/photo/1

  129. 129
    leo tweetpic Says:

    lol same pic

  130. 130
    benita Says:

    Baby’s having problems quitting the cigs–maybe erin brought on the cravings becase she smokes. looks a little paunchy too. Too much beer, pizza, and ice cream.

    Bar has a new ad for her undies–completely naked again. And not looking too happy about it. Must not be selling well. Didnt think so.

  131. 131
    benita Says:

    getting desperate again

  132. 132
    raven Says:

    Hi Canada Girl!!!!!!!! *hug*

    Glad to see you back. I hope you are well. Many have missed you around here :) I’m glad you will get some relief from the meanies at work. Hopefully there will be a better energy at the new location. Not gonna lie, I didn’t watch J . edgar. Django seems like it will more interesting how he plays that role. What do you think of him and Martin working together again?

  133. 133
    Mmm.... Says:

    Hunky Star Is A Stinky Star

  134. 134
    eva Says:

    @i think:

    aahhh what a relieved. theres a bit of news on leo … sighhh …

  135. 135
    ??? Says:

    Just check out posts 131 and 132, that rubbish is the reason most of the regulars have disappeared…shame!

  136. 136
    ??? Says:

    My apologises Raven, I meant posts 130 and 131!

  137. 137
    leofan Says:

    @???: This Benita is mentally retarded. Keeps on talking about how Bar’s people are trying to rekindle any rumors when she is the only one to talk about BAR. As she claims to be educated and experience, she must be 40 plus. I feel sorry for her. No life, sick head, vile language. Poor woman.

  138. 138
    benita Says:

    @leofan: feel sorry for yourself, I’m enjoying myself. they were trying to do that-there were silly posts about how tobey went to israel to get hem back together—only one person would have said that. It was obvious, so no, I’m not the only one.

    I’m sorry Miss Sweetheart is not selling any panties and the investors are getting nervous, but its not my fault!

    Your chickens do come home to roost.

    “Dont be mad at me
    Because you’re pushing 30,
    And your old tricks dont work anymore…”

    Amy Winehouse, F*** pumps

    And I’ll talk about anything I want. Say anything I want about anything I want.

  139. 139
    benita Says:

    @leofan: even if I was “40 plus”—so what’s wrong with that? I could be 80 or 17 and still call a spade a spade. So what!
    And you can be educated at 22…or 25….or even 18. Bar just isnt, so what? What happened to “Open University” Bar- did ya flunk?

  140. 140
    seriously?!? Says:

    @benita: Wow, anger will give you cancer.

  141. 141
    Where is Lukas Haas??? Says:

    Why Lukas Haas don’t spill more tea on LSA anymore??? I miss those incog tea!Hey Lukas,come back,I wanna know more secrets about Leo,who is his black girlfriend in NYC…? lol

  142. 142
    No matter Says:

    Go Leoooooooooooooooooooooooo,you’re hot!!!!

  143. 143
    LOL...... Says:

    @Where is Lukas Haas???:
    Leo’s black girlfriend is in your imagination. Now go back to LSA with the ‘inside info’ your fellow fantasisers believing the crap that Lukas is your contact.Didnt the ‘insider’ also ‘reveal’ Leo’s affair with Rihanna last summer, the one no sane person except you guys believed. LMFAO. Keep the hope alive, its not like you have anything else.

  144. 144
    benita Says:

    @LOL……: Leo messes around with black women on the side all the time or hits on them. This is no big news, whether he has one in NY or not is not a big issue–he’s EEOC when he’s on the down low, which is not nice but its his funeral. I say that because what if your soul mate, the one person you’d be truly happy with was Japanese? Or Nigerian, or black/native american which is common. You’d be screwed dating aryan beyotches your whole life.

    I’m sad today because one of the Beastie Boys died in NYC today. His wife was Tibetan as was his daughter with her. We knew people in common in Brooklyn, I feel bad because their later work was amazing.

    was the incog lukas haas? we dont know but apparently he likes to spill tea on leo. being part of an entourage and a hanger on must be frustrating, as close as they are I can believe he’d want to vent. Do I know for a fact it was him? Nope. But I can believe it.

    The Rihanna thing was as fake as the Ghenea thing, but he’s EEOC when its not public.

    There is nothing rubbishy about 130-131. Just unflattering to Miss Barfie.

    I have to ask again, why are you so invested in keeping Leo’s sex life white? If its not does that mean being blonde is not the best thing in the world? We already knew that, and if you have nothing else to bolster your self esteem and sense of worth than Miss Clairol you really a useless bag of nothing.

  145. 145
    benita Says:

    BTW Incog IS BACK:

    Old Re: Leonardo doesn’t believe in DEODORANT…or SHOWERS
    For all of you co-signing and believing this crap, please take a moment to understand that not everything you read on here or anywhere else in necessarily true. I’ve been around Leo off and on for years, many of those occasions were intimate and he has always been nothing but clean. The only smell of his that was off putting was the smell of cigarette since he’s a smoker and has been for years. I’m not here to spill any tea, I have way too much respect for him but LSA is just becoming too gullible and hungry for tea these days and everything that’s being spilled is not always true. He’s a good guy, does have some extremist environmental beliefs but he even knows and expresses that he’s a hypocrite because of his smoking/private planes. Dude always smelled good and was very clean.

  146. 146
    benita Says:

    leo’s at jazzfest today–wish I was too. So many acts to see.

  147. 147
    BS on incog Says:

    @benita: big deal… some idiot claims a story from a tabloid magazine is false isnt earth shattering and then claiming they were intimate to make the story seem more legit is total and utter BS!!!! No one cares about stupid incogs on here.

  148. 148
    @146 Says:

    @benita: Leo is a text-a-holic! He needs T.A.

  149. 149
    benita Says:

    @BS on incog:

    If Bar’s momma writes all over the place for her, then why not Lukas Haas?

    bar’s mother was outed again on–she writes the same type of stuff (or maybe its adira ronen doing her job) there as here–we’re all “jealous” and “every woman wants to be her” etc. The numbers are the responses the poster knows are Tzipi’s

    Tzipi mother and responses

    Shaked, 05/05/12 18:55
    74, 69, 64,28,23,17 – Hello Zippy – you raised your daughter to sell herself for a fistful of dollars – so why get upset from the definition of it as an actress porn starts??
    Believe me the porn industry has hundreds of beautiful it – that does not make them from z and Noth prig.
    As beautiful bar – but that’s not everything in life – and it has become for example how you can become a model admired merely cheap!

  150. 150
    benita Says:

    @BS on incog: lots of people do and lend them credence. I happen to believe them, and I dont believe the bar garbage and other crap on here.

    The LSA posts were not flattering to Ms. Barf but I believe a lot of them. You dont have to but going with my gut they are believable.

  151. 151
    benita Says:

    run it through google translate

  152. 152
    @151 Says:

    nobody is that desperate except you…

  153. 153
    benita Says:

    I think you wish the public was stupid and it was easy to get over on us…but we’re not. Not here and not in Israel either. On the same thing…comments raise from “*****” to “I am ashamed for her” and the article on walla says bar is “spreading” to get interest in her underwear line-it’s clear they are being sarcastic.

    Enjoy, your funeral not mine.


  154. 154
    Where is Lukas Haas??? Says:

    @LOL……: Why you mad ???? Racist much??????? This behaviour proves some interesting facts!!!Why you so worried,if everything is a BIG ILUSION??? Tsc tsc tsc

  155. 155
    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Says:

    @LOL……: Hi Barrrrrr

  156. 156
    benita Says:

    @Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: no ****. Long time ago leo was told to date only white girls because they were his core audience…but that was a long long long time ago and many many movies ago…hence the blondies for the public but whomever he feels like on the side. Wish he would drop this ish !

    I’m “white” btw irish-scottish. Not everybody thinks the same as these losers

  157. 157
    @156 Says:

    @benita: you’re the only loser here.

  158. 158
    Nope... Says:

    @Where is Lukas Haas???:
    …not mad. Highly amused that the delusional brigaide are still lusting after Leo and his alleged black princesses to comfort them at night. Who insist his relationships with white chicks are ‘PR’ from the typical lsa dreamers/BS incog. No one else believes it but u guys from there. Funny cos I saw Leo in action in London 2009 and even with no cameras or ‘stress of Hollywood’ it was alllll blondes on request. Enjoy

  159. 159
    Oh Geez Says:

    The desperate ‘we know leo’s secret girlfriends are back’. Cant you guys stick to your urban blogs and enjoy your bulls- sorry – info.
    Only larson is missing from the ‘we know Leo’ secret sex life and hidden mystery women he cannot date because it wil be a nadir for his career yes even in the 21st century crap’ NO ONE HERE BUYS IT

  160. 160
    OMG Says:

    @Oh Geez: Those black girls that were used by their white boyfriends from LSA and DON’T BUY ANYTHING about IR relationships are back!

  161. 161
    not so Says:

    @Nope…: I’m black and the only delusional brigade is Tink aka Benita. No one else is talking about this. I don’t think Leo has a blonde fetish. I think he has a supermodel fetish. He was after Naomi Campbell for awhile and is still friends with her. They went to Cuba together and it was reported that they were jumping in the pool together nekkid..etc. So yeah he went there… but she’s also a model. He just loves them hos. I hope Leo finds someone that truly makes him happy whether they’re green, purple or blue!

  162. 162
    OMG Says:

    Why ppl CAN’T believe in a black-white relationship?What’s wrong with that? If Leo dated black girls in the past,he isn’t racist…so why can’t he have a secret black girlfriend??? Ok,is not right keep hidind her,but we’re not here to say what is right and what is wrong…

  163. 163
    benita Says:


    1. I said he’s EEOC in private, doesnt have princesses
    2. I dont need comfort at night i have a man for that
    3. there is a pr aspect to all of his recent relayshes—he makes em all sign non disclosures for one thing

    I dont think I’m the one that’s delusional, but I just think that he’s not as racist as some of the posters here.

  164. 164
    benita Says:

    @Oh Geez: no, I am not going to stick to “urban” blogs or anywhere. And I’m not going to shut up or steer the convo your way either.

    what i mean is he gets a girl under contract for up front—she cant talk about him, or complain about him or say he has a little weiner or anything—that’s for heterosexual/monogamous/all-american boy show and then messes with anyone he wants on the side.

    he hit on a black girl about 20 feet away from bar at a basketball game because he was sick of ratbelly and hadnt given her the official heave ho…also was seen with leasi andrews before the official break-up. so while yeah, the models are the official girls, its anything goes in private. I/m not saying its right…but what you saw one evening in London is not every night in a long life….he was chasing Anne V at the time, right??

  165. 165
    benita Says:

    @@156: Original!

    Keep trying sweetie, it aint gonna work.

  166. 166
    benita Says:

    @not so: I just found out some interesting stuff about miss campbell and vlad through work but I am under contract and cant spill.

    With Naomi it was sort of a one-off. Leo likes pretty girls, yes, we know, but its time for little Leo to grow up and be a man. and the ******* he picks are as deep as a puddle in death valley in july….he can handle more/better,

  167. 167
    benita Says:

    well I’m just glad he’s not at jazzfest with the current vapid idiot. Supposedly she’shome sick in bed, but she hasnt been around in like 3 weeks, I hope she stays away, like FOREVER. Maybe he’s texting her, but then again maybe in the picture he’s texting Madame Next.

  168. 168
    ... Says:

    @benita: So…this girl he hit on a basketball game is black?And is the same girl he asked her phone number in exchange for his autograph??? She was there with her father right?

  169. 169
    norey Says:

    @benita: who would date someone that keeps them hidden?? That makes “them” no better than his “day girls” that he dates. These “girls” too must have some low self esteem just like the “outside girls.” Its no wonder they too can’t nab him. Self-esteem much?!?

  170. 170
    norey Says:

    @norey: thumb down me all you want but its true…who would date someone that keeps them hidden?!?! Self-esteem much?!?! Seems like Leo likes to hang with a lot of low self esteem girls whether he takes them out or keeps them behind closed doors. I wouldnt say one situation is better than the other.

  171. 171
    bicc@ Says:

    @: you are assuming that what people say online is always true. God speed

  172. 172
    ... Says:

    @bicc@: No dumbass,I said that if all those ‘black women,black girlfriend’ are rumors,why the racists are so worried about? It’s a lie,isn’t it? So relaxxxxx…(sarcasm) There´s no smoke without fire my friend.Yo racists can suck my D***

  173. 173
    bicc@ Says:

    @: don’t be so quick to call everyone a racist! lol Most people don’t care who Leo dates and then you have that one psycho Tink. And when I say most people I’m talking about people that aren’t obsessed with the just jared Leo threads. I think Leo has slept with a few unknowns maybe someone of them were black maybe some weren’t. I put these girls in the same category as bar and erin. He was using them for sex and hiding them if rumors are true which is way more degrading if you ask me. That is not something to be proud off in my opinion. He inks them, then leaves them and then they clean up? How romantic ..if by romance you mean being a w-h-o-r-e…call girl,…on the side piece…a jimmy come quickie…

  174. 174
    dorothy Says:

    Don’t you just love these pics of a half-dead nude lady? Let’s hope someone can unchain her in time.

  175. 175
    @172 Says:

    It appears you’re the dumbass #172. You made no allusions to that in your post #168. Since you are now laying claim to another post entirely its safe to assume you are one of the Leo obsessed self conversationsists here. You and Tink should form a lub, but you probably are Tink. Leo’s secret lovers, that socviety forces him to hide a claim which anyone calls BS is thus a racist.

  176. 176
    benita Says:

    @dorothy: wha?

    reference to django?

  177. 177
    leo's fan girl Says:

    So where’s Leo’s secret girlfriend or maybe he hasn’t found her yet. I doubt there is one and if she is real, there would pictures of her by now. I really think Leo would want a real relationship and not have to hide her from the world.

    PS Leo can i be your secret girfriend?


  178. 178
    Sammy Says:

    Idk bout black girls but was wondering what is going on with Erin n the ‘dating’ thing ? She seems 2 be out of scene already,what is going on ? Split ? So Weird.

  179. 179
    benita Says:

    @Sammy: according to her twitter, she’sbeen sick in bed, but I really think these two arent that close. She hasnt been around for a while. Not a very passionate thing between them. More of a convenience. She was in NOLA about three weeks ago, but I’m glad he went to jazzfest alone. Sorry, I am.

  180. 180
    Sammy Says:

    @benita: She was in NOLA with Him? How do you know? Cause what I heard is : she was somewhere working all the time,that’s why diplo said on twitter Leo was with every kind of girls around him at some party…so Idk…

  181. 181
    mike Says:

    @not so: I read somewhere that Bar and Leo broke up because she was concerned about preserving her “supermodel” (questionable) status because as a “supermodel” she gets better rates. That she was concerned him dating
    “negroes” would make it look like she wasnt a “super” model.

    This is a very sick way of thinking–if he prefers someone who is a second class citizen (her way of thinking) then she appears not to be a “super” model which she isnt anyway. Which is stupid because there are real black supermodels who do much better than her anyway. Saw a Somalian model on the train last week–just breath taking.

    Anyway, I think that’s what this is about, preserving her compensation rate which just shows how sick and delusional that crowd is. Her own mother coming on and braying about how “all men want her, all women want to be her” is another example of wishful thinking.

  182. 182
    benita Says:

    @Sammy: yeah, think she was, and on the Mexican junket too because more than one person saw her. But I think either:

    a. She’s not as clingy emotionally as her predecessors, and has actual work to do
    b. they just arent as closely involved–its a “dating” thing not a relationship thing…you know when you like someone but its not passionate love? I mean she’s not with him as much as some of the others–in part because because she has a real job to do for Victoria-they are using her a lot.

    Hope its over soon.

    I dont think its that “passionate”–it wont be a big deal to either when its over. And there will be some official explanation like “our schedules made it difficult” blah blah blah blah when he finds another he’s more into it’s out the door for her. But it might take a while-summer and the Euro Trash yachting scene is coming on with Cannes.

    PS B

  183. 183
    benita Says:

    PS Bar is attempting to make another movie in Israel. This is not a good idea as learned from the last time when it was unreleaseable. You shouldnt make a film when you are guaranteed baaaaa-aaaaaaddd in it—I guess this is another one of monster mommy’s fantasy as she also had a little role in an Israeli produced film.

  184. 184
    #179 Says:

    Gimme a break!
    She’s trying to justify the distance between them…I don’t believe it!

  185. 185
    come on Says:

    She is not sick she was doing a photo shoot for VS on Thursday. It`s not gonna change the fact that they weren`t seen together for a while but is shows that benita just keeps talking but often she is off….

  186. 186
    Sammy Says:

    @benita: Hmmmmmmmmmm yes,agreed!Something ain’t right there…where I can find people saying she was there? Where you saw this?

  187. 187
    #179 and #185 Says:

    @come on: THIS!
    I think you CAN work sick,but if she can work,they could be together…right? But NO,they aren’t….so this is suspect! She is sooooo sick to be with him,but she still can work!Bullshit! He prob don’t want the ‘pot of glue’ stuck on him EVERYWHERE…PERIOD!

  188. 188
    come on Says:

    @187: It was said she was in bed because she was so sick. If she can work then she is not in bed and she is not that sick, right? Why are you so fixated on her being sick? People recover eventually. Also I said it`s not going to change the fact that they haven`t been seen together for a while.

  189. 189
    #188 Says:

    @come on: lol I wasn’t disagreeing with you,I was agreeing with you…please read again! I just think she is using this as an excuse to justify the fact they haven’t been seen together for a while…like you said!

  190. 190
    come on Says:

    Ok, I misunderstood. My bad! Either it`s cooling/over(?) or super low key and she was told not to tweet/leak when they are together? There was always info or photo before on twitter when she was around him but nothing now. Either she is not around and it`s extra low key. Leo is often spotted in NOLA there are even tweet photos of him ( posted on his bz thread ) so …. who knows?

  191. 191
    benita Says:

    all I said it was it seems lukewarm at best…not really close. And she was sick, but I dont think that’s it. Jazzfest is the kind of thing he brings a girl too…she wasnt there.

    I hope its over but its not that Erin is beelzebub. She’s just young and empty.

  192. 192
    #190 Says:

    @come on: Ok,no problem! :)
    Yes,maybe this ‘silence thing’ is in her ‘dating contract’ lol I have no clue,cause some girls was saying on twitter they saw him at Red Bar,according to her FB,both (I think) live in Durham…who knows?

    Marie Moyle ‏ @marie_moyle
    IM DYINGGG RT @CarsonDemont Leonardo Dicaprio at the Red Bar!!!

  193. 193
    come on Says:

    Its one thing not tweeting about being around him but not a tweet sighting of them together? With a skinny blonde? There were tweets and even photos of them before. Also there are Leo tweet sightings even tweet photos with friends or alone in New Orleans but nothing with his gf…

  194. 194
    #190 Says:

    @come on: Yes!!!!!!!!!!!! Weird isn’t it? No pics!!! The last pic I saw of them,they were watching a game or somehting….

  195. 195
    Red Bar Says:


    The boring pot of glue must be sooooo happy!

  196. 196
    If it's not over,should be!!!! Says:


    She is so……..I don’t know,but I think the word is: HIDEOUS!!!!

  197. 197
    benita Says:

    @Red Bar: it might be some silly inside joke between them. I can’t see leo in a bar in koreatown-I know it well, I eat there all the time. Not a karaoke bar…I work around the corner from Lavo-that’s his type of joint.

    I can almost guarantee she signed a non-disclosure, and if they “broke up” she cant say anything about it. But I dont think that is necessarily so-I think they got together during Oscar season, and then the relaysh served its purpose but is not particulalry exciting now. Ever date someone when you werent really in love but it was fun to have them around and you werent so upset when it ended?? I think that’s it.

    But you never know, if it serves its purpose we might see her on some yachts this summer…but the time in Mexico when he made her stay at another hotel—that would really irk me.

    Yes we know he likes skinny blondes, and he was into this one, and she’s pretty if not a work of art. But I just dont see passion here.I also still say its anything goes outside of the spotlight, always was always will be until he stops shopping in the DUM DUM aisle.

    I mean he even had barfie around a lot more—granted, she doesnt have a lot to do and stuck to him like glue…but this is a lot more casual it seems. She might just be riding him for the free trips and exposure she gets–its hard to say no to that,

  198. 198
    come on Says:

    I can`t believe I`m saying this but I agree with benita. I can`t see Leo in a bar in Korea town. The tweet says The Red Bar and of course people on bellazon want to put him in NYC whenever they can… There is a Red Bar in Florida, Gulf of Mexico and not that far from NOLA. Conveniently you can`t see other tweets from the person who tweeted this because she is private, you have to follow her to see her posts. So NYC is just a guess…

  199. 199
    come on Says:

    I`m not saying it`s impossible that he is in NYC. Of course he could be but I just don`t see him in a Korea town bar… That`s it.

  200. 200
    come on Says:

    @197: You made some points I hate to admit but why do you keep pushing the `he made her stay at a different hotel` story? She was in a different hotel and in a different town for work. She had a fashion show in one town and he attended the birthday party in another town. There were photos of her on the runway and him at the beach. You always have to make things more complicated. It wasn`t him who made her stay at another hotel but it was him who didn`t stick around for her and went to Miami to party with models.

  201. 201
    Spinsters Unite Says:

    Leo aging fangirls stay pressed on his EVERY movement and try to deduce what his relationship status is like the no hope- no life losers you are. Can’t wait till he starts banging the next blonde then you can have a countdown on that as well till the 2 of you ( thats benita and whoever #187 is ) are sectioned.

  202. 202
    Stewy Says:

    @Spinsters Unite: haters gonna win!!! : )

  203. 203
    @196 Says:

    Seriously. Get professional help.

  204. 204
    That makes sense Says:

    haters often have nothing else to live for.

  205. 205
    benita Says:

    @Spinsters Unite: 10,9,,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 Houston we have ignition!

    doesnt matter if there is another one, because as inevitable as that is, him treating Miss Fine Thing like crap and eventually dumping her or torturing her is inevitable too. Think Bar was HAPPY all that time. Nah.That’s part of the fun too. They think they are SPECIAL because society deems them attractive, but THEY’RE NOT. Bar sure wasnt, her mom always brayed about how beautiful she was, but he cheated on her left and right-as the Rock would say, IT JUST DOESNT MATTER.

    The lesson of Leo is, you can be the highest paid model in the world (Gisele) on the cover of Sports Illustrated, in Victoria Secret, but he’s still gonna frustrate you an dump you, or you will want to dump him.
    Emotionally unavailable men are that way for everyone. Evil glee!

  206. 206
    benita Says:

    @Spinsters Unite: and we can also diss her clothes, hair, nude photos, surgeries, and everything else she does. That being taken into consideration, who is the real loser?

    Bar was the best for doing stupid crap and starting diplomatic incidents, I think Lively was next best with the “leaked” cameraphone.

  207. 207
    Lol Says:

    Some people here need help… no joke.

  208. 208
    i love you leo Says:


    Just reading tids bits of what you say keeps me laughing. Do you think Leo needs some professional dating advice or some behaviorial therapy. You just seem to know everything about them and who they date are you GoldieLocks? Can i ask you have you slept in Leo’s bed without him?

  209. 209
    benita Says:

    @i love you leo: He’s been doing therapy for a while, which shows that he aint exactly happy with his life despite blistering success. Therapy aint enough, the ability and committment to find and keep true companionship is, not just a trophy but a real partner.

    I’m not GoldieLocks, (???) but maybe one of the three bears???? ;0

    I’ve never been near Casa DiCaprio, and taht is a weird question to ask–can I ask why you are asking?

    Two things you “haters” dont understand:

    1. I dont want to date leo, I think he’s undateable, unlovable, and emotionally unavailable. I WISH he was someone I wanted to date.
    Well, I think he has loveable qualities but forget being in a happy relationship with him. I really think that. No matter who you are. I’ve dated the not-so-well known version.

    The displeasure is all yours !

    2. This IS therapy for me. Works better than the 50 minutes. You have NO idea how much fun this is !

    And another:

    3. Yet, despite all this, I think Mr. DiCaprio can still suprise us. You never know. Some people buck the trend, no matter what.

    A friend of mine was in the military and married a korean bar girl-these marriages have a 70 percent chance of failing but here theyare still happily married 20 years later….and she got her masters degree in biochemistry summa *** laude as soon as she got here.

  210. 210
    benita Says:

    take a look at the Met Ball pix. For the most part, I’m projectile vomiting. With the exception of Gisele, Solange Knowles, and Hilary Swank.

    There has been a lot of celeb activity in midtown- I work down the street from Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, etc, and I swear I saw Blake Lively galloping down the street yacking wildly into her cell phone. Could be wrong, but celebs are everywhere. They have to pick up their outfits at Bergdorf or whatever–I also swear I saw Beyonce and Solange outside Norma Kamali but could be wrong there too. There were limos and Ferraris everywhere.

    Gisele looks prettier than usual- while I think she’s a great model she also is a little raw boned looking too sometimes and not aging well. Still a fantastic presentation. And she has the best looking accessory-Tom Brady!

    Will we see Barfie or did she drop off the invite list this year? Is she shooting her “movie” in Israel right now? How about Erin? Did she get boosted to the list because of her Leo dcik connection? Will Blakey be there?

    Stay tuned, all the pictures aint in yet.

  211. 211
    Delicia Says:

    Leo,seu gostoso!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  212. 212
    benita Says:

    well, I did a whiz around–leo’s in NOLA, Bar’s in israeli, tobey and jen are at ball, god knows where erin is and kate upton is UGLY at the ball.Poor Chloe Sevigny looks awful too and I like her. With all their money these people cant pick out a good dress to save their lives….there was a killer YSL in the window for two weeks…how come no one is wearing that?

  213. 213
    Wait...what? Says:

    How old are they? Geezzzzzzzzzz


    If Leo date Bar,they LOVE Bar…
    If Leo date Blake,they LOVE Blake…
    If Leo date Erin,they LOVE Erin…

    At least they know they like Leo’s girls more than Himself o.O

  214. 214
    raven Says:

    I had a weird dream where I flipped Leo the bird. Not in a mean way but in a joking way and I was making fun of him, lol how random?

  215. 215
    OMG Says:

    The more crazy is they holds to a single tweet (probably not legitimate) to dream he’s in New York visiting their beloved Erin. Loved until he changed to another dumb model who will replace her from their avatars.

  216. 216
    i love you leo Says:


    I definetly believe you should write for the tabloids found in the supermarkets, even those rags need verification on stories otherwise they get sued. Do you work in the celebrity industry to get all this gossip or is it thru the internet or is this coffee house chat. Also have you been associated with DiCaprio personally or professionally. One more thing stop slandering him. Maybe he is is not available for you and you resent that.

  217. 217
    @213 Says:


    Sorry but You’re looking for freaks in that forum??? … What about in this one??? This Benita girl is a seriously nuts case

  218. 218
    Wait...what? Says:

    @@213: I just found out about them right here,and I think this forum is better than the freaks,cause at least this something-Benita has REAL info about Him!
    She says what she has to say…those freaks keeps pushing fake things as a fact…Lord!
    @Benita Seriously,I think you are very very very close to Leo,just tell us everything you know….are you the Incog on lsa? just tell us the truth…

    God…stop hiding…

  219. 219
    Red Bar Says:


    is in florida

    Sarah Sullivan ‏ @SarahMSully Gainesville, FL
    OMG SO JEALOUS RT ” @CarsonDemont Leonardo Dicaprio at the Red Bar!!!”

    Marie Moyle ‏ @marie_moyle Tallahassee, FL
    IM DYINGGG RT @CarsonDemont Leonardo Dicaprio at the Red Bar!!!

  220. 220
    Wait...what? Says:

  221. 221
    @omg Says:

    @OMG: hahahahahaha so true and so funny… thanks for the laughs! :)

  222. 222
    jj Says:

    these days jj is more reliable and update more than bz,sometimes!@Red Bar: thax for ur info and tweets!

  223. 223
    scary Says:

    This benita freak is a well known model stalker with way too much time on her hands.

  224. 224
    benita Says:

    @scary: I am not a model stalker. I hate Bar because of the racist and nasty personal comments her team made here. I have nothing to do with other models. I just dont like Bar is pretty much it, and I have no attention of ever contacting her personally. I’m not too crazy about leo’s other pets either.

  225. 225
    benita Says:

    @i love you leo: Apparently they dont because they write that leo is stinky, his dog stinks and he fights with every director on every set.

    As far as Leo, I’m telling you like it is. Sorry! All these young girls find out the hard way. Years of loving but not being loved back,

  226. 226
    benita Says:

    @Wait…what?: I am in no way close to leo, @i love you leo: I used to work with the tabloids in another capacity (photo agency) and they do make up all kinds of crap. Once they got a baby doll and pasted a third eye on its head “Three eyed baby born” was the headline.

    These mags used to say Leo was on a UFO with Elvis, Biggie Smalls
    and Tupac, Jim Morrison and James Dean.

  227. 227
    @226 Says:

    MAN – i love you. HAHAHAHAHHA. Please keep writing. I always check you out, and you deserve your own site. You remind me of my love, Lainey.

  228. 228
    benita Says:

    @@226:” thank you, thank you,glad you enjoyed the show!”

    -Bon Scott
    “Can I sit Next to You Girl”

  229. 229
    @207 Says:

    @207 Nobody here takes Benita and her ilk seriously, she just sits in her little room hating on people, mainly models, we all know this is just malicious, almost cyber bullying and it says nothing whatsoever about the people she is trashing, but says a whole lot about her!

  230. 230
    benita Says:

    @@207: First off, I dont care if you take me seriously. Second of all, I dont go after models, just wannabes. If its cyberbullying, so be it, its well deserved, how about all the

    BAR IS DROP DEAD GORGEOUS GO STRAIGHTEN YOUR NAPPY HEAD stuff—that’s not cyberbullying? How about threatening to call the FBI (hah!) or putting “Israeli security” (double ha!)

    I dont go after models. Only Bar who claims to be a model, Blake Lively who was sort of border line there, and once in a while I give it to Erin but since erin keeps her mouth shut and doesnt offend me, I leave it. And only here and on LSA, where it is par for the course.

    Do I go after real supermodels, the cindy, lindas, claudias, etc, or the current day, Miranda, Candice, Kate Upton, etc.


    I just posted about Bar’s racism again in Lipstick Alley, go find that and try to cover it up and naysay there. I WONT let it go. You offended me too much to let people forget.

    I dont hate models. Just Bar. But dont worry, “stalkers” are men who want sex with their quarry, I’m strictly dickly. I just enjoy injecting a little truth serum into the mix once in a while.

    On the other hand I am sure Bar would love to have a “stalker”–that would mean

    a. she’s important
    b. she’s a CELEBRITY!

    I say plenty about her and also about people in general who deserve and frankly are grown up and can take it. (Naomi Campbell anyone?)
    They dont like it they can stop trying to be in the public eye or change for the better.

  231. 231
    benita Says:

    “I’m a TRUTH addict- ah sh*t I got a headrush”

    -Zack de la Rocha, Rage Against the Machine

    BTW its not a little room either—more like a whole floor. Rent stabilization been very very good to me!

    “No matter how hard you try you cant stop us now!”
    -RATM, Renegades of Funk

    “Now is the time to decide whether you are part of the problem, or part of the solution”

    -the MC5

  232. 232
    benita Says:

    Leo, honey, you are so lovable you forgot to learn how to do it in return…hope lightning strikes someday and it changes.

  233. 233
    .............................. Says:

    Does anyone know if this Erin thing with Leo is fake….or something like PR? JUST ASKING,PLEASE… :)

  234. 234
    benita Says:

    @…………………………: Not fake, but not really supercharged either. They havent hung out for weeks….and I think MIGHT, MIGHT be over. I think he hooked up during his hopes for an Oscar with Hoover, but it petered after that.

    This is the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of his FINAL break-up with Ratbelly. (There were rumors he was going to the Met Ball with her and even picked up his tux, turned out to be Breaksville) so historically this is a good weekend.

    Pick one of the following:

    A.He doesnt take her to Cannes, and its over.
    B. He doesnt take her to Cannes but is not over and wants her on call for yachting season and doesnt have a film til fall and he’s worked his way through most of the available models already anyway
    C. September, like with Blakey saying “he’s too busy now for a relationship” for an excuse
    D. It’s already over just not announced
    E. It’s so “freelance” you cant even call it a relationship anyway.

    I’ll go with “B.” with a mixture of “E”. Let me know what you think, I’ll think of some kind of online kudos for the winner. Other choices welcome.


    A. Kate Upton (obvious front runner)
    B. Swanepoel (but she’s too close to Erin)
    C. One of the new blonde VSers.
    D. Fill in the blanks:_________
    E. He just hoes around with whomever for a while, black, white, redhead, brunette, party girl, door girl, bottle girl, valet car service girl, cocktail waitress, zoo keeper, dental hygienist, manicurist. I almost prefer this.

    Remember the prereqs:

    A. In entertainment industry or a stromg wannabe–will be “wowed” by his status and easy prety
    B. Fake nose/rhinoplasty
    C.Fake boobs
    D. Fake blonde
    E. Dumb as a box of rocks but thinks she’s smart
    F. Must enjoy/ be ok with dirty texting….(I know that’s a lot of you, me included as long as its from him but ok…._
    G. Under 25 and the closer to barely legal the better.


  235. 235
    benita Says:

    Funny thing was I knew he would end up hooking up with Erin first time I saw her in the window at VS….I just knew. So hit me up galzzz!

    that’s easy prey… I only qualify for F…because I’m a bad girl…but let me know what you think.

    I think we should all make bets on the new ones as they show up. I swear its Upton though.

  236. 236
    .............................. Says:

    @benita: I have no clue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :’(

  237. 237
    benita Says:

    @…………………………: that is why this is fun, we’ll see.

    It aint my funeral! Or my dysfunctional dating. So I enjoy commentary.

  238. 238
    wtf Says:

    @benita: hahaha, what a sicko you are, maybe you dont go after all models only Leo’s and YOU, you alone make ms BR relevant here because you wont shut up about her, you mention her constantly, you are wildly obsessed, you bore most of us to snores with nasty comments about her and other women!

  239. 239
    ??? Says:

    @benita: Seems like this is the only fun you have in your life…I knew someone just like you, always bitching about younger prettier girls at work, she stopped being that way when she moved away from her equally bitchy sister and lost a whole lot of weight.

  240. 240
    vagabond Says:

    No sightings of Leo so far?I guess he ‘s filming or will pop up in some exotic locale.@benita: lol at you list here.Not real impressed with Kate Upton.Have you seen Toni Garrn,she’s a new vs model.She’s got the look,and i think she is from Germany.

  241. 241
    Lol Says:

    Agrree!garrn looks pretty ready!

  242. 242
    benita Says:

    @wtf: oh bore me some more!

  243. 243
    benita Says:

    @???: I dont have a sister, I dont need to lose weight, AND I get along with a lot of young pretty girls on the job just fine. Why? They’re smart, fun, and attitudinous–they dont take any sh*t just like me.

    So dream on sweetie…..! We laugh all day and crank the music up too.

  244. 244
    benita Says:

    @???: The reason I get along with them is that there are things that are DEFINITELY more important to them than being pretty, although they do talk about Dior mascara and so forth, they are FUN.

  245. 245
    i love you leo Says:


    Why are you so obsessed with Leo? What he does in his personal life is his issues, why is that such a concern? Have you been dissed by Leo? I want to know why you care so much about Leo and his life etc. Do you secretly wish you were Leo’s? And have you given Leo any personal favors? And are you jealous of all his x’s? Wishing you were as beautiful as them. You have to be honest to yourself.

  246. 246
    mike Says:

    @i love you leo:

    Why are you so obsessed with Leo?

    I’m not. You don’t understand/know what real obsession is.

    What he does in his personal life is his issues, why is that such a concern?

    He’s an interesting guy, but also messed up emotionally. Its an interesting dichotomy.

    Have you been dissed by Leo?

    Never met him, never been in the same room with them.

    I want to know why you care so much about Leo and his life etc.

    I like commenting on it but am not trying to be part of it. I comment on other celebs as well, like poor John Travolta’s really bad hairpiece. It looks like a refrigerator magnet, one you peel off. I feel they are FAIR GAME.

    Do you secretly wish you were Leo’s?

    NOPE. He’d treat me as bad as he treats them.

    And have you given Leo any personal favors?
    Nope. I give respect for the good things about him. THere are many likeable/admirable qualities there. But’s he also a jerk when it comes to women. PERIOD. It won’t change, no matter who it is.

    And are you jealous of all his x’s?

    No. They are exes after all, and were never really loved by him or they’d still be there. Or what they got was spotty, a la Gisele.

    Wishing you were as beautiful as them.

    I dont think they are that beautiful, that’s a recurring theme here, not just from me. I would like to be tall like Gisele, but I dont think ANY of them are particularly beautiful, and I’m no slouch and like who I am/what I look like. I dont want to look like any of them, I’m used to me and like it. A little taller would be nice!

    If I could pick whom to look like:
    1. Adriana Lima
    2. Young Sophia Loren
    3. Audrey Hepburn

    moosh them together somehow- Adriana’s eyes, Sophia’s sultriness,
    Audrey’s gamine smile and look.

    You have to be honest to yourself.

    Oh sweetheart, I am. To me he’s the Ultimate Emotionally Unavailable man. It’s so obvious—you could be the highest paid fashion model in the world (Gisele) and still that gets you nowhere.Those guys are like that….it doesnt matter WHO it is, HOW “pretty” she is-it’s all the same.

    He just backs up what I have thought for a long time—some guys its just useless to try with.

  247. 247
    Mike=Benita Says:

    OMG! You’re pretending to be Mike and Benita! Got busted and forgot to change your name and you’re answering as Benita under your other name Mike. You are cray cray cray cray cray cray all day everyday CRAZY!!! Busted!!!
    Mike….Benita…same person folks!!! LOL!!! Talk about psycho!!!

  248. 248
    mike Says:

    it’s like they say “King ******* Cant Keep It in His Pants”-he’s a borderline sex addict, coupled with the fact that he’s one of the most if not the most sought after man in the world. We give him all this love and power and as a result he cant love even one single woman right.

    Don’t you find that interesting?

    As for his exes, one I am determined to keep up the dialogue and challenge, because she and her peeps are just that arrogant and horrendous and deluded,. The others I could care less.

    Seriously, if he was capable of even one functional relationship, do you think anybody would be here? If he was happily married off like
    Matt Damon or Brad Pitt (basically) or anyone else, would we be debating?

    He is fascinating….a real icon like Elvis, Marilyn, James Dean or others–he symbolizes a lot of things in American culture and in HW archetypes—he started out at the Huckleberry Finn type (the beautiful homeless boy in Growing Pains) and later the beautiful outside and now the troubled uber mensch is what he chooses to play. He shows the dichotomy between what men SEEM like (herolike, Jay Gatsby,Howard Hughes the Aviator) and what they are—the dark, troubled side of the American man. Sort of J. Alfred Prufrock.

    He’s like that himself, I have no doubt, struggling with his own image versus what he truly wants and feels like. So he’s interesting. Not easy, like Brando or Olivier or Nicholson or Pacino, but INTERESTING.

    I bring them up because they are the MOST NOMINATED actors in Oscar history–Nicholson tops at 10, two awards. They almost always get the award for lighter films, like Prizzi’s Honor or Scent of a Woman, so I think Gatsby might be a possible winner for him.

    What he does fascinates me….but I aint trying to jump into no HW A-lister life, I just find it interesting what he represents and goes through/does.

  249. 249
    mike Says:

    @Mike=Benita: so what, I use alternate names, its to keep people from jumping on me, so what. Calm yourself, I aint Deep Throat.

  250. 250
    mike Says:

    @Mike=Benita: there’s nothing crazy about it. YOU do it all the time. I always change names when ever I feel like it–and I always will.


    Crazy is what people say when they disagree with you but cant mount a reasonable defense for their own tired and indefensible position

    have a nice day!

  251. 251
    mike Says:

    You’d love to think I’m “psycho” because what I say makes you uncomfortable with yourself….


  252. 252
    mike/benita/whatever! Says:

    You wouldnt get so upset me if at the back of your teeny brains you didnt know I was RIGHT about you.

    Sorry I am.

    I used “mike” because that was the first JJ monniker Tzipi Refaeli was busted under that I saw.

  253. 253
    mike/benita/whatever! Says:

    @Mike=Benita: I don’t subscribe to your effed up world view, sorry, and I am not going to change. It may be inconvenient but sorry you dont get to get away with what you don’t deserve.

  254. 254
    mike/benita/whatever! Says:

    btw as much as I like that picture up there…its time for a new thread. OR a new BAR thread so we can run her over the coals again like she so blatantly deserves.

  255. 255
    Where is Leo? :( Says:

    Leo where are youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu? :(

  256. 256
    mike/benita/whatever! Says:

    @Where is Leo? :(: he’s in NOLA-wont wrap until June 24/25th.

  257. 257
    BORED Says:

    OMG boring,boring,boring convo,seriously.Can we talk about LEO gossips,please? Instead of arguing?
    I don’t like Erin at all.SO WHAT YOU GUYS GONNA DO ABOUT IT? IT’S MY RIGHT TO DISAGREE & I can’t wait for the break up news!
    I can be so damn wrong and get disappointed,but I don’t care,I’m not gonna pretend I like her,I am NOT A HYPOCRITE!!! Go away Erin…

  258. 258
    Mike=Benita Says:

    You wanted to post under “benita” because there was another mike but you forgot to switch out. LOL Nope, don’t change names because I’m a 99 percent lurker. Sorry, lots of people think you’re crazy, and for the record I’m not Tzipi or Bar. You are so sad. Why even change your name? Just go back to Tinkerbell because we can all tell your crazy rants by now. I think you were the “other” mike that posted about Bar. You’re sick because you were acting like a totally different person. God you really are a psycho. Here is mike, post 181, right after comes benita folks, post 182! LOL! cray cray…

    mike @ 05/06/2012 at 8:42 pm 0

    @not so: I read somewhere that Bar and Leo broke up because she was concerned about preserving her “supermodel” (questionable) status because as a “supermodel” she gets better rates. That she was concerned him dating
    “negroes” would make it look like she wasnt a “super” model.

    This is a very sick way of thinking–if he prefers someone who is a second class citizen (her way of thinking) then she appears not to be a “super” model which she isnt anyway. Which is stupid because there are real black supermodels who do much better than her anyway. Saw a Somalian model on the train last week–just breath taking.

    Anyway, I think that’s what this is about, preserving her compensation rate which just shows how sick and delusional that crowd is. Her own mother coming on and braying about how “all men want her, all women want to be her” is another example of wishful thinking.

    @reply | Flag This
    # 182 benita @ 05/06/2012 at 8:48 pm +1

    @Sammy: yeah, think she was, and on the Mexican junket too because more than one person saw her. But I think either:

    a. She’s not as clingy emotionally as her predecessors, and has actual work to do
    b. they just arent as closely involved–its a “dating” thing not a relationship thing…you know when you like someone but its not passionate love? I mean she’s not with him as much as some of the others–in part because because she has a real job to do for Victoria-they are using her a lot.

    Hope its over soon.

    I dont think its that “passionate”–it wont be a big deal to either when its over. And there will be some official explanation like “our schedules made it difficult” blah blah blah blah when he finds another he’s more into it’s out the door for her. But it might take a while-summer and the Euro Trash yachting scene is coming on with Cannes.

    PS B

    @reply | Flag This

  259. 259
    Where is Leo? :( Says:

    @mike/benita/whatever!: @mike/benita/whatever!: Yeah,I know,thank you.
    I mean,I just want some sightings :)

  260. 260
    mike/benita/whatever! Says:

    @Mike=Benita: just calm down. I dont care what you think of me, I did leave “Mike” in there by accident BUT it is ALSO the first Tzipi outing I saw that got me intrigued in this.

    Just calm down ding dong.

  261. 261
    mike/benita/whatever! Says:

    @Mike=Benita: I meant to say I chose “Mike” in the first place because she was outed using it.

    Why do you care???

  262. 262
    mike/benita/whatever! Says:

    @Mike=Benita: and yes I post under different names so as not to attract biased/paid attention. SO WHAT. People post under different names all the time.

  263. 263
    mike/benita/whatever! Says:

    @Where is Leo? :(: There were a bunch at Jazzfest this weekend. I’m glad there are still some people that arent “OBSESSED” with going after me and want to yack about the usual.

  264. 264
    mike/benita/whatever! Says:


    I dont think they are really “together” right now….for the record. It’s lukewarm at best. I dont hate Erin as much as some of the others, but her 15 minutes of Leo are UP.

    NEXT please. But then again young blonde lingerie models are hard to find if you’ve screwed your way through most of them. So maybe he’ll keep her on call.

    You dont have to apologize for NOT LIKING HER. This is NOT a FAN site and models/actresses soliciting admiration and praise are cordially advised to go to Bellazon which makes hardcore JJers puke their guts out all over their lap tops and Ipods.

  265. 265
    Where is Leo? :( Says:

    @mike/benita/whatever!: Oh don’t worry,nothing against you!

  266. 266
    mike/benita/whatever! Says:

    @Where is Leo? :(: thanks, preciate it !

  267. 267
    wtf Says:

    Hahaha, classic, I always knew ‘The Crazy One’ spoke to herself, any how if all this trashing of people is fun to her, best just to leave her to it and not read her posts, shame though, cos when she’s not hating she can be amusing!

  268. 268
    The BELLAFREAKS again? lol Says:

    “GUYS!!! I was just watching enews and Erin was on with two other VS angels. At the end they asked them to raise their hands if they were single and she didn’t raise her hand. haha Not that big a deal. But does that mean they are getting more serious?!?!? ”

    OH GOSH,they’re sick !
    I wonder if they REALLY like Leos girls,cause it sounds so FAKE!
    It’s impossible to like ANY OF GIRL Leo date,they’re all so dumb (his girlfriends) and I THINK THEY (The Bellafreaks) WANT TO SHOW EVERYBODY THEY’RE NOT JEALOUS!

    I DON’T BUY IT!!!!!!!!
    This is the worst part in searching for any info on Leo,there…we have to read sh*t!

  269. 269
    junie Says:

    @The BELLAFREAKS again? lol: I was trying to place what she was talking about….it wasnt this thing here. I watched the silly promo video.

    They arent getting more serious but you may have a sighting of them this weekend—hence the e necklace etc. It’s Mother’s Day, and also Erin has a VS thing in LA tomorrow night. He WONT appear there, but the plan could be to meet up on the side. So we might have to suffer through.

    Then again he could fly Mommy in to NOLA….but there was a tweet putting him in LA that could be a joke or not….



  270. 270
    The BELLAFREAKS again? lol Says:

    @junie: Oh God!!!!!!! Seriously? I’m feeling sick already… *ugh* can’t see these 2 together!
    Blah! =P
    Thanks for the info anyway =)

  271. 271
    #268 Says:


  272. 272
    damn Says:

    leo fans truly need shrinks/exorcists from these rantings.
    no wonder the guy has so many bodygaurds

  273. 273
    junie Says:

    @#268: STOP WITH THE ALL CAPS already. I know you dont have capitals and lower case in Hebrew SO WHY BOTHER TO LEARN PROPER ENGLISH WHEN YOU CAN JUST APPEAR TO SCREAM AT EVERYONE RIGHT?

  274. 274
    junie Says:

    @damn: From #271? You betcha. But if it is who I think it is, he doesnt have to watch out physically, it’s the gay/homophobic rumors she’ll spread online about him he has to watch out for.

  275. 275
    The BELLAFREAKS again? lol Says:

    @#268: Take a pill…LOL

  276. 276
    Now Benita is Junie.. Ha ! Says:

    Oh silly Tinkerbell / Showmance / Benita / Junie . You are truly a nutcase !!

  277. 277
    junie Says:

    @The BELLAFREAKS again? lol: tried to find this on e and couldnt. I know it doesnt matter, but I was curious. Lets see what goes down this weekend. He didnt go to her show in Chicago…lets see what is up.

  278. 278
    The BELLAFREAKS again? lol Says:

    @junie: Only a fool can think she’ll rase her hand and ‘say’ on a interview she is dating,or single….she doesn’t even said OUT LOUD she is dating Him,she can’t say that,it’s in her contract lol the only thing she can say is “I do have a dog named Eddie”LMAO She’s a loser cause she is probab ‘dating’ Leonardo DiCaprio and was the only girlfriend that couldn’t confirm…what a dumb! Thank you for the info Junie!

  279. 279
    @277 Says:

    dont listen to the haters. I love you Junie. I don’t care if you change your name a million times. My one request would be that I wish you would tone down the Bar stuff. Can you please stop talking about Bar and instead talk about the Bar 2.0 that is Erin the Idiot Heahterton. Dont waste your energy with the past dear. There are lots of people that like you but we’re just tired of hearing abour Bar 24/7. But you’re not the worst n could be better.

  280. 280
    E! Says:

    I don`t know what`s going on with them if it`s still on or not but is there anyone who seriously thinks she would have confirmed a breakup on E!? That`s the thing going for her career!
    Someone asked if the bz girls like her at all. They like whoever Leo is dating. It was the same in the past and it will be the same with the upcoming ones. Whatever Leo does is perfect for them regardless of their own taste or personality. I don`t really care about them because they seem like a bunch of schoolgirls to me with a typical group mentality. Whatever makes them happy. But reading this one sentence was too much for me. `I knew they were still together but Erin showed it to me personally` ( maybe not exact words but close ). Are you kidding me?
    Anyway there was a tweet last night about Leo in the Runyon Canyon ( it was typed as Runyan if someone wants to look it up ) in LA. So he might be there. Also on the Erin thread it was mentioned she was seen leaving her hotel. Not staying with Leo if he is in town?

  281. 281
    wtf Says:

    @#268: We all know you are benita whoever, youa re seriously nuts girl!!

  282. 282
    junie Says:

    @wtf: bite me! NO ONE is stuck with one name here the names are unregistered dumbazz, and this isnt my real name anyway. Who cares! People change names here all the time.

    Anyway, I dont care what you think and know who the real nutsare!

    The Runyon Canyon thing could be a joke if you look at the exchange. Anyway, we’ll know soon. VS could have put them up at the hotel-they have a sponsored event there tonight.he wont go but they could hook up after.

    I guess they are still together! Bummer! But it’s not my affair–and it wont be forever. This aint Spencer Tracy-Katherine Hepburn, you know?Just another hook up for King *******-the main one,not the last one, everyone knows that including her and him.

  283. 283
    jj Says:

    @E!: oh i just checked erin’s bz threat(just cause i was curious to know what u mentioned) but i didn’t see anything there to say/show(any pic) she and her sis r lefting the hotel?! just there was one pic of them when they were in the hotel while they were manicuring! so how can u say some theories like these?!! i’m just curious why she brought her teacher sis with?for just supporting her at the show/to see leo or something/or cause she doesn’t wanna be alone in la cause leo will not be with her/did broke up with her/…?!!
    about their seeing or not after this time just gotta wait and see what will happen! leo is unpredictable at these parts;after almost one month without any sighting while they really could see each other but didn’t ,who knows what will come out tommorow/in the future?! there’s no surprising whatever happen whether break up come out or not! just gotta wait and see!

  284. 284
    curi2 Says:

    @E!: I’m surprised they haven’t jumped on that tweet yet.I don’t get that blind devotion ‘Leo’s the perfect boyfriend,attitude.’There are red flags all over his To me this seems to be his usually m.o.How many times have we seen this before?Him not being around his gfs for weeks at a time.Then of course we got people wondering if they’ve broken up.Then they’ll show up together some where.Leo keeps us guessing,which is why we are always talking about him and his love life.

  285. 285
    E! Says:

    @jj: It`s not a theory. I read it on the VS thread here on JJ. It was simply a comment that she was seen leaving her hotel with her sister and they don`t look like sisters. Sorry if I wasn`t specific enough about that. It`s not a theory really. Who knows if it`s true or the twitter sighting of Leo in LA is true ( @junie: I didn`t read the whole conversation so maybe it wasn`t a real sighting ). We will see I guess….

  286. 286
    . Says:

    Where were this event?

  287. 287
    curi2 Says:

    Have you guys seen the new VS thread?lol we got a love leo’s future wife,and baby mama poster.I can see it now Leo/Erin wedding

  288. 288
    E! Says:

    That’s right! A wedding is coming! lol It’s one of the ‘non-haters’ trying to annoy the ‘haters’ even when Erin is barely mentioned in the comments! It’s not worth responding!

  289. 289
    kandy Says:

    @E!: it moves me so little that I dont even feel the need to respond. : ) But they sure are funny! More like a Leo and Erin break up in the summer 2012 would be correct! But let them have their couple of weeks before it all goes down if it hasnt already still.

  290. 290
    @ Says:

    here,were said there is a vs party show or something;is that after party which jj posted and some one here thought leo will be there?cos as jj said at the party post,Lindsay Ellingson said in her tweeter:“Had so much fun with @KaysieEllingson at the #whatissexy party!,Now on my way home for mothers day weekend :).”

    so it means the show is over,right?sans leo at there(maybe he is not in LA or maybe he don’t wanna be there?) just there is one thing when erin was at the promote show she was happy/relax but at the after-party she is some how sad/tired,i think! i’m just curious more now to know what will happen at this weekend?! just curious!+….

  291. 291
    Jade Says:

    I bet Leo is still in NO all along…lol

  292. 292
    OMG Says:

    What I don’t understand he doesn’t seem even remotely interested in her so Why he’s still with her???

    At least with the previous he acted as a kinda boyfriend, but with this boring girl Erin nothing. And we’re talking six months of NOTHING!!!

    At the same time with the other ones we already saw actual sightings, captured of them in public, kissing, holding hands or SOMETHING … but so far with Erin hasn’t been anything to make us believe that he really has a relationship with her.

  293. 293
    Q T pie Says:

    @OMG: in the beginning you had the pr pap pics walking through the meadows but now its like they fell off the face of the earth…not that thats a bad thing. Works for me…

  294. 294
    Max5 Says:

    well it looks like they are NOT hooking up this weekend, hallelujah, but
    ya never no. I think Django may be in a little trouble with last minute dropouts from Russell and Sascha Baron Cohen, and he might be around using his “producerly” skills to bail it out—drafting new actors. He can do it.

    I am so glad he’s using Jonah Hill in Wolf…I love Jonah, think he’s great. Probably hanging in NOLA after all. I cant say it would be depressing if he was with her….it aint my life but I am starting to really think based on the promo videos that she’s horsey and fake…her voice is really deep for one thing, and though they are supposed to be models and represent a product, the whole thing was really inane.

  295. 295
    OMG Says:

    @Q T pie:
    Sorry but works for you??? A obviously fake hookup without any interest on any side, only for publicity or just to b*nging???

    Sure you also settle as the Bellazon dreamers with a picture of her lurking from behind in each event, with a vague possible sightings that them could be in the same city, a stupid and very cheap necklace that he allegedly gave her and the fact that she didn’t raise my hand.

    C’mon give me a break!!!!

  296. 296
    Maria Says:

    I’m sure Leo is going to be with the ones whom he loves on mother’s days. Quite easy to figure that out. Enjoy Leo!

    Where i will be tommorrow:

  297. 297
    Q T pie Says:

    @OMG: it works for me NOT seeing pictures of them…I wouldnt mind not seeing any at all. I want them to break up. I was wondering why I got so many thumbs down! lol

  298. 298
    Q T pie Says:

    @OMG: but at least we don’t get ANY pictures!! lol hahaha Its like he’s ashamed to be seen in public with this girl!

  299. 299
    me Says:

    Sure, sure, anything you say lady, We all know it’s you posing as a bar fan,to keep her mentioned here, just so that you can reply with your malicious rants, I also reckon that you are the mad ALL CAPs. lady from the past, you just want everyone to hate bar as much as you do, point is, many of us do, but just dont think about her any more…oh yeah, you’re busted lady!

  300. 300
    me Says:

    @me: sorry, the above is meant for mama marmaduke, tinkerbelle, benita, mike, Junie or whatever her latest moniker is!!

  301. 301
    One Year Anniversary! Says:

    (R.I.P. Barf+ Leo ) Fall of 2005 – May 12, 2011 on off on off on off on off off off off on off and many sour faces in between.

    Its been one year since Leo and Barf break up and the official word came to us today. Yippee!! Lets keep the flame burning that we will get very good news from People magazine soon with this current one. Summer will be good to us! It still brings me happy tears because it was just so painful to watch. This one hes has/had? is practically non existent so not as annoying but he needs to quit dealing with the young ones.,,20488838,00.html

  302. 302
    leofan Says:

    @me: My bet is on Max5.. lol

  303. 303
    wtf Says:

    @me: Ha Ha, you’re probably right, United States of Tinkerbell.

  304. 304
    me Says:

    @leofan: oh yes, you’re right!!

  305. 305
    dorothy Says:

    Is this something you want to celebrate, page 13 champion of misfortune?… heck, maybe it is… LOLLL

  306. 306
    One Year Anniversary! Says:

    @dorothy: I don’t completely understand what you’re getting at but I’m sure at this page 13 here Leo didn’t write one post. :) And besides NEVER A FAILURE ALWAYS A LESSON! ; )

  307. 307
    leofan Says:

    @me: Now she is One Year Anniversary! :)

  308. 308
    One Year Anniversary! Says:

    @leofan: actually no, now you’re an idiot because I’m not Tink! But like I care if you think I’m her or not! lol : ) Just because someone mentions Barfie doesnt mean they’re Tink idiot. I just think, this day is special is all! And I have feeling Leo has another “special day” coming up real soon!! : ) Good day!

  309. 309
    dorothy Says:

    Glad you are all so cheerful, but I definitely don’t think each failure is a lesson…hahahaha

  310. 310
    Lol Says:

    How many du** people in just one place. I can’t handle. That’s all I have to say. Thumbs up or down, whatever, because I really don’t care.

  311. 311
    ......... Says:

    Erin is sticking around to see what happens after he’s finished filming. If she’s lucky she might get him for a few months in between work. He has no use for a committed relationship.

  312. 312
    Cannes? Says:

    An alleged binsider posted in another thread that he and Lukas were going to Cannes like last year. Is Erin going with him? Will he shave the beard off for it?

  313. 313
    for peter's sake Says:

    @Cannes?: its funny how this “insider” said Leo and Lukas and not Leo and Lukas and Erin…
    Leo keeps all his girlies hidden. You know that. Daylight, Leo, his young catches and public outdoor functions is not a good mix. He never mixes the four you know that. They’re separate and unequal, so I don’t see her going unless she’s gonna wait at the hotel like a mattress till Leo finishes his Cannes business. I wonder how much disrespectfulness can a girl take?!? It doesnt matter to me if they’re still together though cause the end is nearing for this relashy.
    It seems like the longer this “relationship” goes is the less we hear about them and the less pictures we get of them.

  314. 314
    @313 Says:

    Chill out
    #312 asked a question. If it doesn’t matter, wtf do you care enough to be doing a countdown on the relaysh. Leo truly has the craziest fans.The fewer pictures is not even a good thing, as it means more chances for idiocy and wishful thinking from the Jackie Dawsons.

  315. 315
    ? Says:

    Huh, as soon as there’s a comment from someone who doesn’t like Leo with Erin soon after someone is here to criticize. It’s boring around Leo these days so I guess there’s not much better to do on other sites!

  316. 316
    for peter's sake Says:

    @@313: ok mommy I’ll chill out… lol

    @?: yeah its boring isnt it… Erin is so boring you can’t even hate her more like pity her for The End which she doesnt see is coming up in 5 , 4 , 3, 2, …

  317. 317
    XXXX Says:

    @Cannes?: link????

  318. 318
    Cannes? Says:

    Poster 736 , 740 and so on. I dunno seemed to know what h/she was talking about. But gossip is a buffet no?

  319. 319
    NOLA Says:

    his bz thread posted a tweet. he was eating lunch in NOLA today so it seems like he wasn`t in LA.

  320. 320
    Myself Says:

    @for peter’s sake: THIS!

  321. 321
    Django delays Says:

    are interfering with his yachting in Europe

  322. 322
    He's in New Orleans Says:

    never left

  323. 323
    Erin is hoping Says:

    she gets to party with him in Europe. Leo is continuing his party without her in the Big Sleasy

  324. 324
    be wary.... Says:

    of people you think are insiders. most of them are full of **it, nothing claimed about leo on here is ever true.

  325. 325
    Myself Says:

    @be wary….: …so tell us what is true then…

  326. 326
    me Says:

    @One Year Anniversary!: Oh my gosh, such an idiot, you know the dates of Leos break ups, haha, I dont even know the dates of my own break ups, go get some fresh air!

  327. 327
    One Year Anniversary Says:

    @me: go yourself. : )

  328. 328
    @me Says:

    And it`s impossible that this person googled it and that`s how the date came up? Also you are here to complain about everything posted on these threads. I agree some posters here should get some air but maybe you should, too.

  329. 329
    @#326 Says:

    If this is all so above you or people are writing things you dont like,as evident by your posts on this thread why are you here? Go live a full life and get YOURSELF some fresh air

  330. 330
    be wary.... Says:

    i dont know anything. i’m just a blogger, but i dont believe most of the people that post ‘inside info’ know anything either. i mean looking at the past posts have they ever been right about what/who/why leo is doing?

  331. 331
    ss Says:

    embarrassed for the posters who are waiting for leo gossip. He’s not gonna be at cannes and he’s not gonna be seen with erin. Django is on a tight schedule right now and they have to finish it by the end of june. Leo may be a f*ck up in his personal life, but he takes his work very seriously to goof off now.

  332. 332
    vicious clown leo Says:

    I suppose he is too petty to take seriously his clown work and his clown life

  333. 333
    car Says:

    what is wrong with his private life? he has a cute girl now, nothing wrong with that.. and how do you know he won’t be seen with her.. are you her??..

  334. 334
    vicious clown leo Says:

    nothing wrong with having shameless pets around if you have no possibility to interract with humans.

  335. 335
    car Says:

    if you are her it s strange you refer to yourself as a shameless pet

  336. 336
    vicious clown leo Says:

    i am not around petty leo for referring to myself as a shameless pet.

  337. 337
    LMFAO Says:

    Hahahaha Seems Leo never left NOLA…..LMAO at the freaks!

  338. 338
    eva Says:

    @ss: and he will lean on kate for shoulder to cry on, telling about his hectic life, his petty gf, whatelse? etc and etc …

  339. 339
    eva Says:

    somehow i wonder how if leo acts with angie … hurmm …

  340. 340
    leofan Says:

    Raven symone says leo is the only white boy she’ll ever marry. I have posted this news for genuine leo fans and not that lunatic tinkerbell.

  341. 341
    @leofan Says:

    Judging by these posts ALL you Leo fans are deluded lunatics!
    Poor guy

  342. 342
    car Says:

    no, you’re not around Leo at all here, on this thread.. not at ALL hahahaha!

  343. 343
    @ss Says:


    He found time to goof off while filming Gatsby. The man knows how to make the most of his time.

  344. 344
    LOL Says:

    Yes!, He knows how to make the most of his time…. BUT NEVER FOR HIS GIRLFRIEND!!!!! CERTAINLY MUCH LESS FOR ERIN.


  345. 345
    vicious clown leo Says:


    This thread supposed to about new Tarantino movie.I wonder why someone posted the photo of the main hollywood loser here in costume a la Elvis Presley?

  346. 346
    What? No NOLA for Erin? Says:

    She hasnt seen her boyfriend in a month and she chooses to go to
    Nashville…say it aint so…she must not miss him that much!

    Erin Heatherton‏@ErinHeatherton

    So flippin excited to be in Nashville for the first time! Even more excited to see Lily! Life is sweet

  347. 347
    C'mon now... Says:

    Erin probably hasn’t had anything to do with Leo for weeks! It was a set-up, and the sweet, poor thiing is in a very awkward situation! I hope she “tells all” in due time…like when Leo marries bart.

  348. 348
    @346 Says:

    Does it occur to you that maybe after Nashville she will go to NOLA? You don`t know what`s going on with them. Maybe it`s cooling, over or just super low key. Don`t jump into conclusions too soon… Nashville is close enough for a meeting so you never know!

  349. 349
    C'mon, c'mon now Says:

    Leo is not marrying Bar or anyone else and you know it. He needed a respectable girl for the holidays. He and Erin have mutual friends and she was more than willing. They had a brief relationship, but his behaviour with other girls showed it was never serious. Erin is Bar_in_waiting, atm. That’s the best she can hope for.

  350. 350
    What? No NOLA for Erin? Says:

    @@346: I can jump to conclusions all I want because IN THE END my conclusion will be correct! You know it, everybody knows it. Its funny how the relationship is turning into stale mode. Honeymoon is definitely over! LOL

  351. 351
    @350 Says:

    Your deep emotional investment in all Leo relationships is unsettling. Seriously you need professional help or a boyfriend.

  352. 352
    @350 Says:

    Just relax. I didn’t say it’s serious or he’s going to settle down with her. It’s a typical relationship for him ( maybe a little weirder than usual ) and who knows how long it’s going to last! Maybe it’s over or maybe a couple of more months. It’s just the question of time. The same situation happened with Bar so many times. They weren’t seen together for weeks and people jumped into conclusions and started to talk about breakup. Then they were together again. I don’t think it’s worth obsessing over this relationship because it will end like the previous ones whether she goes to NOLA after Nashville or not.

  353. 353
    What? No NOLA for Erin? Says:

    @@350: you don’t have to tell me, I know that : )

  354. 354
    @353 Says:

    We all know that! :) Even if it’s still on and she shows up in NOLA it’s just the question of time!

  355. 355
    @350 Says:

    But they ever were on the honeymoon period???? They don’t even qualify on the terms of “couple”. For they, since the day 1 always has been in the stale mode and the way he has acted this six months (like more uninterested than usual), the way in what everything happened (she suddenly was staying with him in Sydney ) only makes me think it just hookup to improve his image and she gained publicity.

    At least he shoudd have looked for a girl he actually liked.

  356. 356
    XXXX Says:

    @C’mon, c’mon now: how do you know?

  357. 357
    XXXX Says:

    If you go on Bar’s Bellazon thread you will see that Spanish newspapers are saying she’s been trying to steal Shakira’s boyfriend Gerard Pique-Shakira found calls on his phone from her, apparently. He’s a Barcelona soccer star and Bar’s been seen at a lot of games, as well as at the recent ProNovias show.

    I hate to say it but that is EXACTLY the kind of thing that little ***** would try to do—try to hook up with someone else’s man because he is famous and will give her exposure. It rings true to me, hope Shakira smashes her like a bug.

    Also it was rumored she was going to be on German TV doing Next Top Model after Heidi Klum,, but the producers are denying it. You know Klan Refaeli always starts rumours like this to get business.
    How could she go on German TV if she doesnt speak German? Yiddish is a little like German, but the Hebrew spoken in Israel is nothing like it.

    But the thing about Shakira’s man really steamed me—trying to steal a more talented woman’s man for fame is just like her. Her mother taught her to run after famous men—set her up with David Charvet when he was 25 and she was only 16, because he was a rich jew on American TV. She sent her to Paris to “live” with him at 16—this family is gross,

  358. 358
    OMG Says:

    People please stop with the comments about Bar… good or bad. Just stop mention her in every conversation!!!!

    Only give rope to crazy fanatics of Bar come here and continue the issue. And they are annoying enough!

  359. 359
    Bar's P Says:

    @OMG: I’m convinced some people on here want to lick Bars p.s.s.y. the way they talk about her so much…they are frustrated like Tink pretending to “hate” her…

  360. 360
    Burton Way Says:

    I really hoped the Name Bar…. regarding Refaeli – wouldn’t be USER-FRIENDLY at this point. – I mean, come on, its been a whole year now!!!! – whats up with LEO having 2 B mentioned about this 26yrs old User-Blonde??? — Leo Already has a Beverly of a Girl on his Movie Star side. – Erin is a Cutie-bug….. Don’t you guys thinks so??????

  361. 361
    Goldigga & Playa Femme Says:

    family allows her to shack up at 16 with a rich man in Paris…and they were slamming on Erin? Who is more beautiful? It’s definitely not Brrr!!
    This girl must have blackmail on Leo.

  362. 362
    Where Is it? Says:

    Is the wedding at Hotel Du Cap? Africa? Or small ceremony in Israel and then big party in northern California?

  363. 363
    Uh, yeah, right Says:


    pfff! trust most people here? no way. Leo is screwed.I hope he comes to his senses.

  364. 364
    NICE comment Says:

    @Bar’s P:

    Another homophobic comment from bar team\???Jerky thing to say. over the line.

  365. 365
    XXXX Says:

    @Where Is it?: you’re joking right, still flogging his name a year later to get attention for her?

  366. 366
    XXXX Says:

    @NICE comment: what else did you expect? Hope Shakira is laughing at the little nobody s.k.a.n.k

  367. 367
    XXXX Says:

    @Goldigga & Playa Femme: zactly, what did I tell you?

  368. 368
    XXXX Says:

    @Bar’s P: Yes, Adira, we’ve long thought you should give into those feelings/fantasies, since you talk about her so much and you name is all over her Bellazon thread.

    You just loooooooooove her….right? Its been pointed out before you two should probably get a room.

    But since she’s such a dumb homophobe from a dumb homophobe family you wont have much luck.

  369. 369
    the one known as tinkerbell Says:

    I dont pretend to hate her. I dislike the kind of person she is intensely though–pretentious, shallow, stupid, anti-intellectual, a fraud, vain, and a world class liar. Also a w.h.o.r.e. Chew on that.

  370. 370
    eva Says:

    from gisele to erin, they are all more exposed than leo himselves

  371. 371
    @357 Says:

    Genius, she WAS on Germany`s Next Top Model a while ago as a guest judge. At least get your facts straight before you start ruining another Leo thread with your continuous and unwanted Bar talk. Who cares about her? Why are you fixating on her? Get over it already! Nobody cares about her or her family! You bring her up all the time giving her attention.

  372. 372
    @369 Says:

    @the one known as tinkerbell: Who gives a toss…get your obsession!

  373. 373
    @369 Says:

    @@369: over

  374. 374
    @@352 Says:

    Yeah, I think this is probably standard practice for Leo. I don’t think he cares about Blake or Bar. I thought he still did but since we have had no counter pics fom his pr,or dropped ‘stories’ in the press about he and Erin, since last week’s Blake and Ryans pictures. My guess is Leo is pretty happy with his life right now and Erin is content with that. Tis all good

  375. 375
    celticrose Says:

    WOW! I don’t even remember how I got to this site but I started reading a few comments and wanted to stop but it is like a train wreck around here and I couldn’t look away. First Benita/Mike/Whoever is saying she has spent a lot of “intimate” time with Leo and that he is in therapy and is a sex addict and unloveable and undateable, but then denies being close to him at all? Something tells me it’s the same as the woman I see posting on Twitter and other sites about being Leo’s secret wife. Can you say “yeah, right!”?

    I doubt anyone here really knows the man and somehow, even though I don’t know him either, I do not get the sense that Leo is the cad Benita or whoever claims he is. Who cares who he dates? He has said he hasn’t found true love yet and that he wants a family of his own one day, maybe he is just having fun until he finds “the one?”

    Even if I am entirely wrong and Benita right, I truly believe there is someone good in there and he will surprise everyone someday soon.

  376. 376
    xxxx Says:

    so is our boy in Cannes or what? Maybe to get kaching for Wolf of Wall Street which is waiting to be picked up ? or with Baz for Gatsby? I cant tell. Maybe over the weekend we’ll know.

    And is this him or a lookalike I googled the place and its in Alberta Canada so I dont think so but wow the dude really looks like him..

    what up girlz? Im sick of radio silence…..someone here said he wouldnt be at Cannes because of Django but Quentin is presenting at Cannes? Anyone know?

  377. 377
    benita Says:

    @celticrose: No, two different people. “Incogneato” is someone from another site,, where a lot of insiders post dirt on celebs or people anonymously spill about encounters/knowledge of celebs. She is the one who claims to know him intimately…there is intimate and first person stuff about celebs and NBAers etc all over the site—believe it if you want or not.

    Benita is me but I think h e’s a sex addict. I would love it if he wasnt, but I think the part about true love is crap. Sex addict/emotionally unavailable men can’t/wont commit to anyone or make them their priority–they fear intimacy, being known, responsiblity and feel trapped when someone good comes forward. They dont change for anyone and it doesnt matter WHOM they date. Some women get a thrill thinking they can be the ONE who changes him–they wind up addicted and unhappy.

    I sincerely WANT to be wrong, but he dates the worlds supposedly “most beautiful women” and it gets nowhere–he is emotionally unavailable and doesnt want a committed relationship with ANYONE. It’s long been the case. And he reportedly dates a LOT of other women on the down low as well.

    I’m not ‘Anna Calabrese’ or Livia Bistceanu and have nothing to do with him personally. I’m just an interested observer.

    Celebs and the non-celebs close to them post all the time on the internet–a few have been outed or outed themselves, Perez Hilton wrote in his book that there were quite a few he knew about on his site…that they are VERY interested in how the public sees them.

    I dont think LD ever comes here but people who know him have and I believe a lot of the Lipstick Alley posters–some people dont but I do.
    And you’re right its hard to look away.

    I’m not even trying to know him personally. I like him but think he’s hell on the women he dates, no matter how allegedly “beautiful” or whatever.

  378. 378
    benita Says:

    @celticrose: Any relation to Lisa Rose, are ya?

    He’s almost 38 and “never been in love” ? Poor baby. Means he never will
    either. Some guys just dont. Another Jack Nicholson on the way–even though Jack was married and has grandkids. Clint Eastwood was equally awful to the women he messed around with/married/lived with until he got too old and married a much younger woman to keep him through old age. He’s almost 80 I think…Leo doesnt make the women he is with happy–its a relationship addiction make-up/break-up cycle and he acts out a LOT. Tries to keep it hidden and has paid flacks to cover it up…..but there you go.


  379. 379
    @377 Says:

    Why are you ALWAYS trying to promote that crappy site and their supposed bullshit ‘insiders’ here. No one but you and leofan buys it!Do you guys need the viewers that badly?

  380. 380
    benita Says:

    lisa rose= bar refaeli’s flack adira ronen who used to post here.

  381. 381
    benita Says:

    @@377: That crappy site has tens of thousands of registered members and is the best gossip site I know of on the internet. I have nothing to do with the ownership of the site, I read it because it cracks me up and a lot of it is believeable–more believable than the dreck I often read here.

    I dont think they need viewers because some of the threads like “Airing Out Leo Dicaprio” have been read by tens of thousands of people…and are continuing to do so….

  382. 382
    benita Says:

    believe what you want to believe—I know sh*t from Shinola and I have been around the block so many times I’ve memorized it, and I worked in the media for years in NYC—I know what is credible and what isnt. I’m not easily fooled.

  383. 383
    @381 Says:

    ‘Airing out’ or whateva is real I’m sure. So is CDAN Blind Gossip etc.
    That’s how it works in cut throat entertainment everyone knows the truth about some famous person, doesn’t mean all but the gullible take it as gospel.

  384. 384
    leofan Says:

    @@377: I dont buy everything that that site says. You have to take all that is written with a pinch of salt. I dont take it to be definitely true like benita / tinkerbell and then write essays analyzing the celebs. I take entertainment as entertainment.

  385. 385
    Bravo! Says:

    @leofan: Thank you, someone with sense!

  386. 386
    I wanna know Says:

    …details about the girl (someone’s daughter) Leo tried to pick up at Lakers game,the girl he asked the phone number in exchange to his autograph while his girlfriend was about 25 ft away from him in the new staple center….
    Anyone know more about it?

  387. 387
    nicole Says:

    @I wanna know: stop being an idiot. No one knows about this because it didnt happen. Is this you Benita? We all know you like to create multiple personalities that interact with each other on the same thread like Mike and Bennie!

  388. 388
    the one known as tinkerbell Says:

    @nicole: Nicole, it probably DID happen because he does things like that. Sex addict-hooked to the thrill of the conquest. Of course she was probably anonymous and there is no way to find out about her…but I believe it.

    No, LSA isnt gospel. But then again, the GOSPEL isnt the gospel either.
    The Old Testament was written about 500 years after the death of christ, which rules out it actually being WRITTEN by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

    What I am saying is yeah, I believe some of it, it jives with my instincts.

    And there are people who post here who REALLY DONT WANT YOU TO BELIEVE that site because their little Miss B*tch is outed as a racist who thinks Palestinians are animals. You decide. Also outed as a golddigger who no one around Leo really liked especially Mom.
    Also that he cheated on her constantly.

  389. 389
    the one known as tinkerbell Says:

    @nicole: duh, its the same personality, I dont hide it. Just use different monnikers sometimes like everyone else. I dont create different personalities. Its all me.

  390. 390
    OK Says:

    @the one known as tinkerbell:
    If what you say is true? And I know posters on TMZ and X17 also said she was a b****. Why was he with her for so long? What does that say about Leo?

  391. 391
    celticrose Says:

    @benita No, I’m no relation to Lisa Rose :) I wish to get to where I don’t want to know LD personally, but part of me does. It may be curiosity as to what is true and what isn’t. I mean anyone can come on the internet and say “I know so and so and they said and did this and that,” that doesn’t make it true necessarily. Hell, even if they post and do the person they could still make crap up. Maybe this is about my long repressed desire to be an actress rearing its ugly head. Whatever it is, I wish I didn’t feel it because it isn’t fun.

  392. 392
    I wanna know Says:

    @nicole: Why you mad? I was just asking a question! Jesus! :O

  393. 393
    Naomi Says:

    This quote is from a recent Piaget interview:
    “One day, I was criticized for wearing a cross for a shoot. But what can I do? It’s my job, I do not hate Catholics, why should I refuse to carry this cross?”

    I wonder if her rep feels the same way. I’m pretty sure she’s from TA. Lookas like this was taken while anchored in Italy.
    I don’t know why, but the comment and picture really offends me. There seems to be this ‘in your face’ attitude towards a MULTI-NATIONAL community with a specific value system.
    See here:

    picture 15? – woman with leopard pants and a far-too large cross unless you’re Madonna.

  394. 394
    nicole Says:

    @Naomi: blah blah blah….

  395. 395
    I wanna know Says:

    @nicole: You are so annoying!
    Ppl are just expressing their opinions…

  396. 396
    @395 Says:

    No, you are annoying with that response. This is not a Refaeli thread so why do we have to read ‘opinions’ here? This thread has NOTHING to do with her!

  397. 397
    I wanna know Says:

    @@395: #393 is not mine!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t like Bar at all…but I CAN’T make ppl think like me,cause I can’t force anyone to hate her…but I was just asking a question and you call me an idiot??????? Come on…

  398. 398
    nicole Says:

    @I wanna know: blah blah blah blah….

  399. 399
    I wanna know Says:

    @nicole: That’s all you have to say? So argumentative…so creative!You hate what everyone writes here but you don’t even have you own opinion smartass!!!

  400. 400
    geez Says:

    Enough of this bs already! This thread is like a looney bin! Why don`t you guys visit his bz thread and check out the new photos of him on the Gatsby set? He looks amazing! That`s what people should focus on not on his ex or ( the not too credible ) LSA.

  401. 401
    Insensitive - not surprised. Says:


    You do not have tolerance or respect for one’s spiritual beliefs. So you dismiss a very broad insult to ppl like me.

  402. 402
    benita Says:

    I’m wondering if this from the Raven Symone/Azmarie thread is our friend Ms. Tzipi–she’s posted again recently at least once….note the all caps, the trying to appear “black” with the name and failing—and the calling people “SICK” like she does. Just wondering after the whole TSA thing. Also talking about “America” like he/she doesnt live there…I think she was trying for “keisha” no one is named “koisha” anywhere that I am aware. Old timers here know what I am talking about. Tzipi had her own problems with threatening to out an Israeli journalist…he taped her convo and played it on TV.

    koisha @ 05/19/2012 at 3:26 am -9


  403. 403
    benita Says:

    off to check LSA for reaction/ spilled tea for Raven Symone/Wil Smith-I’m curious but dont disapprove of him.

    By the way but is this poster mad at Charlize Theron for adopting a black baby? Seems it.

  404. 404
    benita Says:

    Tzipi Refaeli, Bar’s Mom being outed for spreading gay rumors about leo, read comments.

    please stop saying there is no “them” anymore.

  405. 405
    benita Says:

    outed again 2009

    @ #28 @ 05/05/2009 at 1:47 am +1

    Thanks again Tzipi Refaeli (Bar’s mom) who poses frequently as “Mike” on JJ to make her daughter “happen” in U.S.
    Yes, she is much better than Gisele and makes $30 million and is top supermodel like Gisele. Stop smoking pot Tzipi – she has long way to go before this happens. If it ever will.
    Don’t forget to mail out the check to JJ so he keeps making posts.

  406. 406
    @everyone Says:

    People, just thumbs down and don’t read what this a** has to say…just keep moving and looking ahead…and look at this pic of The Great Leo in The Great Gatsby!!.

  407. 407
    benita Says:

    @@everyone: Yeah, saw them already…months ago. Posted here. I like the outfit and wish he dressed like that in real life. If you go back a bit we saw him in the same outfit here on Jared months ago the only diff is these are set photos with Baz.

  408. 408
    celticrose Says:

    What’s bz?

  409. 409
    ME! Says:

    @benita: Stop the Bar Refaeli talkingggggggggggggggggggggggggggg OMG ! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!!!!

  410. 410
    @everyone Says:

    @@everyone: no one cares what you’ve seen you psychotic b*tch….further more you didnt see that exact pic months ago so stop lying! Yes we’ve all seen the white suit pics…stop trying to talk to me because I told everyone to ignore your a**… Anyway giving some love to Leo. The greatest guy on the planet. Not perfect, no but he’s still the greatest!! Love ya boo!!!

  411. 411
    @Nicole - wtf? Says:


    Are you aloud to bash Christians on here? That is basically what you are doing by being so uncaring.

  412. 412
    geez Says:

    And the crazy keeps going on!
    I wonder if they are still together and they are super low-key or is it over? I`m just curious. There are Leo sightings from time to time on twitter but never with her or a skinny blonde ( if someone doesn`t recognize her )?

  413. 413
    geez Says:

    On the other hand when Leo is single you know that he is single. He parties and there are plenty of women around him even when he is working. That`s not the case this time. I have no theories or anything like that I`m just simply curious.

  414. 414
    OMG Says:


    It’s a good point … but also think he is in what appears to be the most boring city in the world. Nola isn’t Sydney…

    I’m also curious about what is happening with them, but the part skeptical can’t see it as Leo being faithful… such thing doesn’t exist!

  415. 415
    vagabond Says:

    lol@OMG: at the Leo being faithful comment.I’m kind of curious to know what’s going on too.Maybe it’s the on-off bit and they are off? Never really thought of Nola being boring.I think its definitely more laid back compared to Sydney and other cities.Just a thought here but that maybe why we aren’t get much news of him,doing anything or being with her?
    I love that new Gatsby shot of him sitting amongst the flowers.Can’t wait to see that in 3d or get a hd still of it.

  416. 416
    OMG Says:

    Is my impression that he has been very busy filming, and he doesn’t have much time as at the beginning like when he was going and coming constantly. This added to like you said, Nola its more laid back compared to Sydney. That is why maybe we aren’t getting much sightings of him.

    We know his friends were there visit him in New orleans and neither then weren’t crazy out of control sightings of them in clubs (as usual) but I doubt they had to do with him calming down of taking it slow or less… being faithful to Erin… At leats that is no the Leo we know!

  417. 417
    lulz Says:

    Leo DiCaprio, Jaime Foxx, and Quentin Tarantino are celibate teetotalers in New Orleans. Believe it.

  418. 418
    lulz Says:

    Sydney is new money. They loud and like to put on a show. The Big Easy is old money. They cool and keep it on the down low.

  419. 419
    psychotic bitch Says:

    @@everyone: I love you too sweetheart, the pix are nice but not that amazing. What I posted was relevant because of all the celeb news and forced outings of this week….but wouldnt expect you to get that. Love how the same people keep playing themselves, over and over – like they just cant help it.

    Lulz, I’ve been to NOLA pre Katrina and there is a lot to do—wander down Bourbon street and you’ll hear good music calling you in everywhere. But its more a music and culture orientated scene, not big clubs full of Eurotrash and model bimbos, he was seen at Jazzfest and at other clubs watching live bands—its not a trashy LA or Vegas scene. Like him like that.

    I dont think this is a real passionate rel. when both parties can stand to be away from each other for over a month- he seems to have a lot of down time and hangs with the homies, doesnt fly her in. Who knows.

    Also this film is a serious undertaking for him and its in trouble with Sasha and Russell leaving at last minute–they were great for the parts, its hard to get replacements, but I bet Leo is helping. Im glad he can be quiet some time.

    Personally I would much rather hang out with Quentin, Jamie, and Sam Jackson than an entire truckload of bimbos, male or female anyway.

    There are photos of Raven Symone and Azmarie together on LSA. Say what you like, they often have insider ish and the 411. Had it on Travolta for decades, as did Ted C. who’s Seymour Plow Me More was right on as well.

    Truth hurts like a *****—but in Raven and Az’s case I think they are a cute couple and god bless if they are together. Az was the most beautiful woman on ANTM in a long time, and that includes one-off
    judges in Germany.

    I dont believe they are teetotalers, but maybe taking it easy. None of them have problems with alcohol anyway excpet Leo who is borderline. Alcohol is common for actors and cops…dont know why.

  420. 420
    psychotic bitch Says:

    @vagabond: yeah, this is also a real serious movie—one you put work into..somehow a Gatsby retread doesnt seem as serious or as hard work. There aren’t big trashy night clubs and model wannnabes in NOLA as much in NY, LA, Vegas, or Sydney, or even Miami and London, Just normal folks.

  421. 421
    psychotic bitch Says:

    @@everyone: BTW


    and Bar’s people are saying on Bellazon she was picked #1 for the Maxim Hot 100- and the list isnt even in yet. They are saying she’ll have the cover next month- “probably” Of course she is the only completely nude photo too.

    This is why I never get tired of baiting you…..

  422. 422
    @418 Says:

    And if its on the downlow, how do you know what they allegedly are or are not doing?

  423. 423
    psychotic bitch Says:

    @@418: I dont think they are doing that much either, you take your time in the Big Easy. Quentin has never struck me as a druggie or unbalanced–when he first made it he said he went a bit wild but that was early 90s.

    Agreed, resting, concentrating on a very serious enterprise–a film by Quentin Tarantino, probably the best screenwriter and one of the best directors of our generation.

  424. 424
    @everyone Says:

    I’m glad you realize that you’re a psychotic b*tch. Mental illness is no joke. I’m glad no one takes you seriously. Just because you’re convinced something is so doesnt make it so. Just because you write children fiction on here wont make it any more real. You keep on referring to LSA like its Bible. Most of the intel on Leo is total crap people. Leo does not have a black girlfriend that he hides in NY and he never dated Rihanna. I’m glad you’re seen by most on here as a nutcase. And just because I don’t believe that Leo has a blk girlfriend that he hides in NY doesnt make me a racist. lol So before you go saying I’m Bar’s white racist homophobic mother you actuallly don’t know who or what I am. BTW lots of people on LSA think you’re nutbar! Yeah, they don’t like you so much over there either…yeah…thought you had friend and thought you were “in”…oopsie…

  425. 425
    teetotalers? Says:

    @417; Staying away from intoxicating drinks in NOLA? Yeah, that`s why there was a tweet photo of Leo drinking beer in NOLA. Also how can you possibly know something like that? Why would anyone believe you?

  426. 426
    Why? Says:

    Why when you try to have a normal conversation in this forum, the freaks show up??

  427. 427
    wow Says:

    @benita: Oh do go away you tiresome creature.

  428. 428
    @lulz Says:

    your sarcasm sailed over their heads. lets see if they get this.quentin is balanced an sober, big easy is never sleazy and leo is a faithful boyfriend. believe it.

  429. 429
    ME! Says:

    Where is the cool conversation about Leo…so boring here –’

  430. 430
    @428 Says:

    LOL! Thanks for the joke about the faithful boyfriend! Like you have a clue…. ‘Quentin is balanced an sober’? That sentence doesn’t even make sense!

  431. 431
    @428 Says:

    Ok monsieur/madam superior. Here is reality rather than sarcasm – You and your pal lulz are probably the same bullshitters who claimed Leo was going to party in Cannes., Europe. As we can now see – Total BS. True some are hungry for gossip and would swalow anything, but for some of us we trust receipts. You dont know any more than us here, so pls quit the superior attitude. Toodles

  432. 432
    @431 Says:

    talk to your psychyc and lipsticks alley they know everything. believe it

  433. 433
    @432 Says:

    I’ve always called BS on the astros and lipstick alley. It should be clear from the posts that only tinkerbell and some others consider them gospel truth. Moreover one would think with that stinky attitude, ‘Miss-I-know-squat-but-pretend-to-know-it-all’ like you would be an excellent speller. Psychyc??

  434. 434
    psychotic bitch Says:

    @@lulz: I was talking relatively. Quentin has no rep that i know of as a partier. Scorcese was a major coke addict back in the day but overcame it. Sure they go out but its no HW Babylon it seems or we’d hear about it.

  435. 435
    psychotic bitch Says:

    @@428: actually what someone said here quite credibly is he wasnt going to Cannes and not with Erin or Luke like last year because they have to wrap the film by end of June. Which shows that occasionally people in the know do post.

    You can believe what you want. Why get soooooo upset about it if it doesnt involve you personally?

  436. 436
    psychotic bitch Says:

    @@432: as i said before, not even the GOSPEL is the gospel truth. Wasnt written until 100s of years after the life of Jesus, and was heavily edited by men who never knew him. It’s a STORY.

    As far as it being TRUE- I dont know. Just rings as more credible than the paid for BS posted here. Why care if it doesnt involve your own life? I trust my instincts—why? because at work, personal life, and in public affairs, they are usually right. The gut doesnt lie. You can believe what you want, i disrespectfully disagree. and i’ll be a psychotic ***** in your opinion if that happens, who cares? dont like me, awwwwwwwww. I like me. And I trust my instincts. In Leo’s case as in everything else, they are right 90 percent of the time.

    Truth hurts, reality is a *****. Come over and join us sometime!

    Also schweetheart, I dont need or want to know certain people personally. Their actions/words in public SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES. IN A PARTICULARLY UGLY AND STUPID MANNER SOMETIMES.

  437. 437
    down with the swirl Says:

    yet another celeb who is “down with the swirl”—-John Travolta. One of his accusers is black–apparently that’s HIS preference. Black or Middle Eastern.

    Tra la!

  438. 438
    @435 Says:

    Who cares about Cannes? I wasn’t referring to that post or him going in any way! Again you don’t make any sense!

  439. 439
    ??? Says:

    Anyone notice how Benita, Phschotic *****, same thing! uses all caps alot? mmm, interesting!

  440. 440
    @??? has usually always been.. Says:


    Shut up Tzipi.

  441. 441
    ??? Says:

    @@??? has usually always been..: You idiot lol

  442. 442
    gone Says:

    This page has turn into the equivalent of Leo’s facebook page with stinkerbell/benita/mike/psychotic b***h leading the way…all the sane people have left…

  443. 443
    ? Says:


    I agree. As a Christian it offends me too. Who uses the words ‘hate’ and “Catholic” in the same sentence? It stinks of anti-Christianism. I thought Leo didn’t really believe in religion? Now I hear he is converting to Judaism, which is fine, but why date someone who looks to be anti-Christian with that comment?
    What if someone used ‘hate’ with another religion? They would go mad.
    Does Brazil know about this comment?
    BRAZIL!!! show your cultural pride and don”t let this propable ‘hater’ walk your catwalks!

  444. 444
    HM Says:

    Piaget Interview:

    “Your latest video to promote your brand made ​​a buzz on the Net: you Appear Nude?”
    BARkey: “Yes, but it was not turned in a provocative way! There is a seductive atmosphere was added these little touches of eroticism without intent to shock. I even asked the director to remove some, there was too much for my taste!”
    I love it when they do that, lol! It always makes me laugh. Looks like Bar learned from a young age how to say one thing and then contradict herself in the same breadth. Unbelievable!

    Fantastic communication skills for a lasting romantic relationship, not to mention another screwed-up HW-raised kid. Leo Run.

  445. 445
    @444 Says:

    @HM: looks like you need to get a life and stop bringing Bar related info on a Django thread. You’re lamer than Bar…

  446. 446
    hey! Says:

    There`s a new Bar thread! So why don`t you take your cr*p over there instead of continuously ruining Leo`s thread? Nobody cares about her except for some really obsessed people! They `hate` her so much but it seems their whole life revolves around her! How sad and pathetic!

  447. 447
    hey! Says:

    Also if anyone here still cares about Leo ( who knows among all these Bar obsessed people ) there`s gonna be some scenes shown from Gatsby tonight on Entertainment Tonight. Just in case there are still people here who are interested in the actual topic of this thread.

  448. 448
    Boo Says:

    Bar is gross, but please stop polluting this board with her. No one cares. Leo got rid of her over a year ago and hasn’t looked back. His love life sucks, but you might as well get used to it. He’s not going to change.

  449. 449
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