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Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Django Unchained' - First Look!

Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Django Unchained' - First Look!

Check out Leonardo DiCaprio in this first official image from Quentin Tarantino‘s upcoming film Django Unchained!

The 37-year-old actor stars as Calvin Candie, a charming but sadistic Francophile plantation owner.

Also pictured inside: a first look at Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz‘s characters in the film!

Jamie and Christoph play Django and Dr. King Schultz, respectively. The twosome, a freed slave and a German dentist/bounty hunter, travel across America to rescue Django’s wife (Kerry Washington) from Calvin Candie.

Django Unchained is set to be released in theaters on December 25.

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leonardo dicaprio django unchained first look 01
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Credit: EW
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  1. 426
    Why? Says:

    Why when you try to have a normal conversation in this forum, the freaks show up??

  2. 427
    wow Says:

    @benita: Oh do go away you tiresome creature.

  3. 428
    @lulz Says:

    your sarcasm sailed over their heads. lets see if they get this.quentin is balanced an sober, big easy is never sleazy and leo is a faithful boyfriend. believe it.

  4. 429
    ME! Says:

    Where is the cool conversation about Leo…so boring here –’

  5. 430
    @428 Says:

    LOL! Thanks for the joke about the faithful boyfriend! Like you have a clue…. ‘Quentin is balanced an sober’? That sentence doesn’t even make sense!

  6. 431
    @428 Says:

    Ok monsieur/madam superior. Here is reality rather than sarcasm – You and your pal lulz are probably the same bullshitters who claimed Leo was going to party in Cannes., Europe. As we can now see – Total BS. True some are hungry for gossip and would swalow anything, but for some of us we trust receipts. You dont know any more than us here, so pls quit the superior attitude. Toodles

  7. 432
    @431 Says:

    talk to your psychyc and lipsticks alley they know everything. believe it

  8. 433
    @432 Says:

    I’ve always called BS on the astros and lipstick alley. It should be clear from the posts that only tinkerbell and some others consider them gospel truth. Moreover one would think with that stinky attitude, ‘Miss-I-know-squat-but-pretend-to-know-it-all’ like you would be an excellent speller. Psychyc??

  9. 434
    psychotic bitch Says:

    @@lulz: I was talking relatively. Quentin has no rep that i know of as a partier. Scorcese was a major coke addict back in the day but overcame it. Sure they go out but its no HW Babylon it seems or we’d hear about it.

  10. 435
    psychotic bitch Says:

    @@428: actually what someone said here quite credibly is he wasnt going to Cannes and not with Erin or Luke like last year because they have to wrap the film by end of June. Which shows that occasionally people in the know do post.

    You can believe what you want. Why get soooooo upset about it if it doesnt involve you personally?

  11. 436
    psychotic bitch Says:

    @@432: as i said before, not even the GOSPEL is the gospel truth. Wasnt written until 100s of years after the life of Jesus, and was heavily edited by men who never knew him. It’s a STORY.

    As far as it being TRUE- I dont know. Just rings as more credible than the paid for BS posted here. Why care if it doesnt involve your own life? I trust my instincts—why? because at work, personal life, and in public affairs, they are usually right. The gut doesnt lie. You can believe what you want, i disrespectfully disagree. and i’ll be a psychotic ***** in your opinion if that happens, who cares? dont like me, awwwwwwwww. I like me. And I trust my instincts. In Leo’s case as in everything else, they are right 90 percent of the time.

    Truth hurts, reality is a *****. Come over and join us sometime!

    Also schweetheart, I dont need or want to know certain people personally. Their actions/words in public SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES. IN A PARTICULARLY UGLY AND STUPID MANNER SOMETIMES.

  12. 437
    down with the swirl Says:

    yet another celeb who is “down with the swirl”—-John Travolta. One of his accusers is black–apparently that’s HIS preference. Black or Middle Eastern.

    Tra la!

  13. 438
    @435 Says:

    Who cares about Cannes? I wasn’t referring to that post or him going in any way! Again you don’t make any sense!

  14. 439
    ??? Says:

    Anyone notice how Benita, Phschotic *****, same thing! uses all caps alot? mmm, interesting!

  15. 440
    @??? has usually always been.. Says:


    Shut up Tzipi.

  16. 441
    ??? Says:

    @@??? has usually always been..: You idiot lol

  17. 442
    gone Says:

    This page has turn into the equivalent of Leo’s facebook page with stinkerbell/benita/mike/psychotic b***h leading the way…all the sane people have left…

  18. 443
    ? Says:


    I agree. As a Christian it offends me too. Who uses the words ‘hate’ and “Catholic” in the same sentence? It stinks of anti-Christianism. I thought Leo didn’t really believe in religion? Now I hear he is converting to Judaism, which is fine, but why date someone who looks to be anti-Christian with that comment?
    What if someone used ‘hate’ with another religion? They would go mad.
    Does Brazil know about this comment?
    BRAZIL!!! show your cultural pride and don”t let this propable ‘hater’ walk your catwalks!

  19. 444
    HM Says:

    Piaget Interview:

    “Your latest video to promote your brand made ​​a buzz on the Net: you Appear Nude?”
    BARkey: “Yes, but it was not turned in a provocative way! There is a seductive atmosphere was added these little touches of eroticism without intent to shock. I even asked the director to remove some, there was too much for my taste!”
    I love it when they do that, lol! It always makes me laugh. Looks like Bar learned from a young age how to say one thing and then contradict herself in the same breadth. Unbelievable!

    Fantastic communication skills for a lasting romantic relationship, not to mention another screwed-up HW-raised kid. Leo Run.

  20. 445
    @444 Says:

    @HM: looks like you need to get a life and stop bringing Bar related info on a Django thread. You’re lamer than Bar…

  21. 446
    hey! Says:

    There`s a new Bar thread! So why don`t you take your cr*p over there instead of continuously ruining Leo`s thread? Nobody cares about her except for some really obsessed people! They `hate` her so much but it seems their whole life revolves around her! How sad and pathetic!

  22. 447
    hey! Says:

    Also if anyone here still cares about Leo ( who knows among all these Bar obsessed people ) there`s gonna be some scenes shown from Gatsby tonight on Entertainment Tonight. Just in case there are still people here who are interested in the actual topic of this thread.

  23. 448
    Boo Says:

    Bar is gross, but please stop polluting this board with her. No one cares. Leo got rid of her over a year ago and hasn’t looked back. His love life sucks, but you might as well get used to it. He’s not going to change.

  24. 449
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