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Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Django Unchained' - First Look!

Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Django Unchained' - First Look!

Check out Leonardo DiCaprio in this first official image from Quentin Tarantino‘s upcoming film Django Unchained!

The 37-year-old actor stars as Calvin Candie, a charming but sadistic Francophile plantation owner.

Also pictured inside: a first look at Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz‘s characters in the film!

Jamie and Christoph play Django and Dr. King Schultz, respectively. The twosome, a freed slave and a German dentist/bounty hunter, travel across America to rescue Django’s wife (Kerry Washington) from Calvin Candie.

Django Unchained is set to be released in theaters on December 25.

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leonardo dicaprio django unchained first look 01
leonardo dicaprio django unchained first look 02

Credit: EW
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  • ???

    @tink: Who are you talking to? LOL

  • BB

    @They left…: Thanks, that’s sad because at this time, Leo’s threads were interesting and fun,
    The soulmate’s stuff is ridiculous and others fight for nothing….

  • Yeah…

    they are why I loved his threads. It just became so relentless and bitchy by 3-4 posters under diff names that they went elsewhere. KC, said so in one of the June 2011 threads. But Message, Gee Whiz, Philly,also post and make it great fun. But they aren’t here often at all.

  • Ridiculous life


    guys nobody is interested to entertain you, you sound just ridiculous, go somewhere else for fun if it is the main aim of your life!

  • @104

    Fuk off. Free public forum
    Anyone can post where and what they want to. You’re the ridiculous one, guarding/dictating on the forum is the main aim of your worthelss life and If you dont want to hear it Fcuk off.

  • @BB


    You are absolutely right. Not to mention, the monitors like to chase people away and mess with your computer over and over again until you fall in the “bar” line.

    They probably got tired of the lies that bar was no longer in leo’s romantic life. All the while, they’re planning a future? tsk tsk

  • leo’s fan girl


    Can i ask you this are you a professional writter or gossip columnist?

    PS. who am i?

  • benita

    @leo’s fan girl:

    thanks for asking, no, but I was thinking of maybe trying a fan fiction novel a la shades of gray based on experiences here….funny huh??
    but if it makes money I laugh all the way to the bank.

    and no barfie, leo et al,the first amendment is in effect here and you can’t do d*ck about it if I dont mention you by name. Fun Jackie Collins pulp novel about King Schlong (under another name) and Veruschka Vomit, his former or maybe current paramour.

    I have a writing/journalism degree from one of the top universities in America, and I worked in the media for 12 years in NYC. But I am also a visual artist, so it was more on the graphic side.

    I am thinking of trying it out—if the barf squad pays money for this shit maybe I should do it for someone I like. Leo’s flack is a fellow alum of mine, both of the university and the university paper, so that does count a little bit. Maybe I should start going to alumni affairs.

    Leo’s fan girl, who are you? I wish you were Iheartcomments, she is an LA PR insider who knows a bit about Leo and what goes down-she doesnt know him personally but could see through Team Barf like glass. So could I—living and working in NYC makes you very savvy-you develop instincts to stay alive.

    I also wish you were Perez Hilton- he refuses to publish anthing about Bar, he doesnt even have her on the star list. Wonder what happened there? His book, which I picked up at a stoop sale was very interesting-he said basically celebs

  • benita

    I just thinking jousting with the Barfies et al IS fun- I cant stand women like them so it is fun. That’s all.

    I think I will DEFINITELY join Tom Morello’s guitar army-I am sympathetic to occupy but not sure they have an agenda of what to do once they’ve got rid of all the old cruddy stuff.

    BTW perez said:

    1. celebs VERY conscious of public image/gossip sites—read and post on them all the time
    2. Often date younger people to LOOK younger themselves–I think that’s Leo odd, vain thing, he wants to be 24 forever. It’s shallow, but if he is that much of a wanker he gets what he deserves and so do the bitches.

  • eva

    hi everyone … sigh no new entry on leo ??? … so what else to watch more youtubes on leo and kate … ahaks

  • TINK!!!

    Really need to talk….how can we make it happen. NOT HERE.

  • leo’s fan girl


    Can you publish an unauthorized bio on Leo, i would definetly like to read that. Do you think that there would be any chance it could be published and how could you validate all the info. (or do you think there are agreements to stop that info from getting out)

  • @112

    lol. YES. It’s an interesting subculture and alot of facts. :)

  • Canada Girl

    Hi gals! Thought I’d come in and celebrate Leo’s first “dump-iversary”. LOL
    I have to say that Leo looks fantastic in the Django picture and has been looking great in general. Is he getting a little too slim maybe? I’m looking forward to Django; Tarantino is a great director. Since being an A-lister, this is Leo’s first supporting role isn’t it. Nicholson said that he never let the size of a part deter him from being in an interesting film and it’s true. Jack’s had quite a few small, but memorable parts, so good on Leo.
    There are a lot of comments about Leo looking old and fat. Huh? He’s 37 now and looks better than most guys his age. Look at this picture. The bouncers are younger, but don’t look as good.
    *sigh* The skin looks SO good.
    I’m off. Have errands to do before I get to work for the night. I have some news on the work front that I’ll share later tonight. :)
    Hope to see Tink, Dr. Brown, IHeart, Raven, etc. here some time.

  • @114

    OMG Hi Canada Girl,
    So great to see u!
    As posters #100, #103 said, sad most of the old pack left for good last year. Different atmosphere since, not witty and informative mixed with a sardonic remark now and then. Just b*****s.Be warned most of the oldies have never come back so it’s not the same crew any more.

  • vagabond

    lol!Wow nice to see you on,Canada 115 said it’s a rare occasion if someone comes up with anything even close to the way it use to be.BTW,I’m curi2,my names been snatched a couple of times since last
    I think he’s been looking pretty good myself,maybe a little more sleep but other than that.

  • CanadaGirl

    @vagabond: Hi, curi2. It’s too bad that people vacated. It was fun on this board for awhile. I never got why some people couldn’t make it more of a community. If Angelina can have that on her threads, why not Leo? What’s that indicative of?
    What was the general reception of J.Edgar on the thread? I did see it and I was a little disappointed. Not with Leo mind you, but the overall tone of the film, which for me fell under the pervue of Eastwood and the writer, Dustin Lance Black. I think Eastwood took too quiet an approach, and there were so many details and idiosyncrasies that could have been developed had the script and direction allowed for them. I can understand why Leo was disappointed during Oscar time, but I don’t think that J.Edgar was the one to take him across the finish line. Sad really, as he put in a lot of time and effort. Here’s hoping that Gatsby does the trick.
    @@114: That’s too bad. Hopefully more will pop in.
    So I have a new job and will be changing locations. I’m thrilled. I put in a lot of hours at work and I was not happy with my current location, so the change is a relief. It’s not a promotion, but a lateral shift, so no pay raise. *sniff* I worked with a lot of b**ches, and I’ll be glad to get away from them. I really hate “mean-girling” especially when it’s directed towards me.
    Well, off to do more work. (some things never change)

  • Hi C/G!! LOVE Canada

    Canada Girl!! I missed you too. Last message we had, I was putting in a new computer but then was not on the internet for quite some time. Is it the PR presense that sent people away or the b1tchy overtone? Any suggestions to get some new or former blood on Leo’s threads? I was formerly Oh…..

  • CanadaGirl

    Hi, Oh.
    I’m not too sure how to get people back. I guess just posting and ignoring the rant posters. After reading some of the posts, I was left baffled and wondered what all the squabbling was about. Ironic that I said I hate mean-girling, but posted about X. *shrugs* Different irl to me. I say ignore the silliness and post links and tweets and don’t bother with the rest.
    I’m off. Have a good night Leo-fans. :)

  • vagabond

    @CanadaGirl: I don’t know what that’s about.I was kind of expecting the board to be a little different after last year,not like Bellazon,but different.I haven’t seen J Edgar yet.Most of the reviews I’ve read are like yours.Leo was good but the movie itself wasn’t that great.Which is why i’ve put off seeing it.I’m getting excited about Great Gatsby.It’s getting good reviews on just the small clip that was shown.It’s going to be interesting to see how GG & Django do next year.One of them maybe his Oscar.
    Good luck on your new job.
    Here’s a pic of Leo with Ethan in NOLA.I guess that hats a new favorite.

  • eva

    @vagabond: ooowhhh look at him buying an icecream (snowball that is) im so missing him ..

  • Leoleggs
  • eva
  • @123

    @eva: Kate is a safe answer. I’m sure she wasnt that great of a kisser. Anyone else would have had people guessing! Leo actually liked kissing me the best.

  • vagabond

    From In touch this might actually be true:
    Leonardo DiCaprio Gets Serious
    Leonardo DiCaprio is spending a lot of time with Wall Street power brokers to nail his role in Martin Scorcese’s new flick, The Wolf of Wall Street, about former financial crook Jordan Belfort. “He’s been reaching out to friends and acquaintances about spending time in New York investment banks,” says a pal. Luckily, he’s already perfected the bit about powerful guys dating hot supermodel types!

  • i think
  • lol

    Lee lee Dicaprio getting shit faced at the Boot
    6:36 pm – 3 mayo 12 vía Twitter for iPhone ·

  • leo tweetpic
  • leo tweetpic

    lol same pic

  • benita

    Baby’s having problems quitting the cigs–maybe erin brought on the cravings becase she smokes. looks a little paunchy too. Too much beer, pizza, and ice cream.

    Bar has a new ad for her undies–completely naked again. And not looking too happy about it. Must not be selling well. Didnt think so.

  • benita
  • raven

    Hi Canada Girl!!!!!!!! *hug*

    Glad to see you back. I hope you are well. Many have missed you around here :) I’m glad you will get some relief from the meanies at work. Hopefully there will be a better energy at the new location. Not gonna lie, I didn’t watch J . edgar. Django seems like it will more interesting how he plays that role. What do you think of him and Martin working together again?

  • Mmm….

    Hunky Star Is A Stinky Star

  • eva

    @i think:

    aahhh what a relieved. theres a bit of news on leo … sighhh …

  • ???

    Just check out posts 131 and 132, that rubbish is the reason most of the regulars have disappeared…shame!

  • ???

    My apologises Raven, I meant posts 130 and 131!

  • leofan

    @???: This Benita is mentally retarded. Keeps on talking about how Bar’s people are trying to rekindle any rumors when she is the only one to talk about BAR. As she claims to be educated and experience, she must be 40 plus. I feel sorry for her. No life, sick head, vile language. Poor woman.

  • benita

    @leofan: feel sorry for yourself, I’m enjoying myself. they were trying to do that-there were silly posts about how tobey went to israel to get hem back together—only one person would have said that. It was obvious, so no, I’m not the only one.

    I’m sorry Miss Sweetheart is not selling any panties and the investors are getting nervous, but its not my fault!

    Your chickens do come home to roost.

    “Dont be mad at me
    Because you’re pushing 30,
    And your old tricks dont work anymore…”

    Amy Winehouse, F*** pumps

    And I’ll talk about anything I want. Say anything I want about anything I want.

  • benita

    @leofan: even if I was “40 plus”—so what’s wrong with that? I could be 80 or 17 and still call a spade a spade. So what!
    And you can be educated at 22…or 25….or even 18. Bar just isnt, so what? What happened to “Open University” Bar- did ya flunk?

  • seriously?!?

    @benita: Wow, anger will give you cancer.

  • Where is Lukas Haas???

    Why Lukas Haas don’t spill more tea on LSA anymore??? I miss those incog tea!Hey Lukas,come back,I wanna know more secrets about Leo,who is his black girlfriend in NYC…? lol

  • No matter

    Go Leoooooooooooooooooooooooo,you’re hot!!!!

  • LOL……

    @Where is Lukas Haas???:
    Leo’s black girlfriend is in your imagination. Now go back to LSA with the ‘inside info’ your fellow fantasisers believing the crap that Lukas is your contact.Didnt the ‘insider’ also ‘reveal’ Leo’s affair with Rihanna last summer, the one no sane person except you guys believed. LMFAO. Keep the hope alive, its not like you have anything else.

  • benita

    @LOL……: Leo messes around with black women on the side all the time or hits on them. This is no big news, whether he has one in NY or not is not a big issue–he’s EEOC when he’s on the down low, which is not nice but its his funeral. I say that because what if your soul mate, the one person you’d be truly happy with was Japanese? Or Nigerian, or black/native american which is common. You’d be screwed dating aryan beyotches your whole life.

    I’m sad today because one of the Beastie Boys died in NYC today. His wife was Tibetan as was his daughter with her. We knew people in common in Brooklyn, I feel bad because their later work was amazing.

    was the incog lukas haas? we dont know but apparently he likes to spill tea on leo. being part of an entourage and a hanger on must be frustrating, as close as they are I can believe he’d want to vent. Do I know for a fact it was him? Nope. But I can believe it.

    The Rihanna thing was as fake as the Ghenea thing, but he’s EEOC when its not public.

    There is nothing rubbishy about 130-131. Just unflattering to Miss Barfie.

    I have to ask again, why are you so invested in keeping Leo’s sex life white? If its not does that mean being blonde is not the best thing in the world? We already knew that, and if you have nothing else to bolster your self esteem and sense of worth than Miss Clairol you really a useless bag of nothing.

  • benita

    BTW Incog IS BACK:

    Old Re: Leonardo doesn’t believe in DEODORANT…or SHOWERS
    For all of you co-signing and believing this crap, please take a moment to understand that not everything you read on here or anywhere else in necessarily true. I’ve been around Leo off and on for years, many of those occasions were intimate and he has always been nothing but clean. The only smell of his that was off putting was the smell of cigarette since he’s a smoker and has been for years. I’m not here to spill any tea, I have way too much respect for him but LSA is just becoming too gullible and hungry for tea these days and everything that’s being spilled is not always true. He’s a good guy, does have some extremist environmental beliefs but he even knows and expresses that he’s a hypocrite because of his smoking/private planes. Dude always smelled good and was very clean.

  • benita

    leo’s at jazzfest today–wish I was too. So many acts to see.

  • BS on incog

    @benita: big deal… some idiot claims a story from a tabloid magazine is false isnt earth shattering and then claiming they were intimate to make the story seem more legit is total and utter BS!!!! No one cares about stupid incogs on here.

  • @146

    @benita: Leo is a text-a-holic! He needs T.A.

  • benita

    @BS on incog:

    If Bar’s momma writes all over the place for her, then why not Lukas Haas?

    bar’s mother was outed again on–she writes the same type of stuff (or maybe its adira ronen doing her job) there as here–we’re all “jealous” and “every woman wants to be her” etc. The numbers are the responses the poster knows are Tzipi’s

    Tzipi mother and responses

    Shaked, 05/05/12 18:55
    74, 69, 64,28,23,17 – Hello Zippy – you raised your daughter to sell herself for a fistful of dollars – so why get upset from the definition of it as an actress porn starts??
    Believe me the porn industry has hundreds of beautiful it – that does not make them from z and Noth prig.
    As beautiful bar – but that’s not everything in life – and it has become for example how you can become a model admired merely cheap!

  • benita

    @BS on incog: lots of people do and lend them credence. I happen to believe them, and I dont believe the bar garbage and other crap on here.

    The LSA posts were not flattering to Ms. Barf but I believe a lot of them. You dont have to but going with my gut they are believable.