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Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Django Unchained' - First Look!

Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Django Unchained' - First Look!

Check out Leonardo DiCaprio in this first official image from Quentin Tarantino‘s upcoming film Django Unchained!

The 37-year-old actor stars as Calvin Candie, a charming but sadistic Francophile plantation owner.

Also pictured inside: a first look at Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz‘s characters in the film!

Jamie and Christoph play Django and Dr. King Schultz, respectively. The twosome, a freed slave and a German dentist/bounty hunter, travel across America to rescue Django’s wife (Kerry Washington) from Calvin Candie.

Django Unchained is set to be released in theaters on December 25.

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leonardo dicaprio django unchained first look 01
leonardo dicaprio django unchained first look 02

Credit: EW
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  • Spinsters Unite

    Leo aging fangirls stay pressed on his EVERY movement and try to deduce what his relationship status is like the no hope- no life losers you are. Can’t wait till he starts banging the next blonde then you can have a countdown on that as well till the 2 of you ( thats benita and whoever #187 is ) are sectioned.

  • Stewy

    @Spinsters Unite: haters gonna win!!! : )

  • @196

    Seriously. Get professional help.

  • That makes sense

    haters often have nothing else to live for.

  • benita

    @Spinsters Unite: 10,9,,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 Houston we have ignition!

    doesnt matter if there is another one, because as inevitable as that is, him treating Miss Fine Thing like crap and eventually dumping her or torturing her is inevitable too. Think Bar was HAPPY all that time. Nah.That’s part of the fun too. They think they are SPECIAL because society deems them attractive, but THEY’RE NOT. Bar sure wasnt, her mom always brayed about how beautiful she was, but he cheated on her left and right-as the Rock would say, IT JUST DOESNT MATTER.

    The lesson of Leo is, you can be the highest paid model in the world (Gisele) on the cover of Sports Illustrated, in Victoria Secret, but he’s still gonna frustrate you an dump you, or you will want to dump him.
    Emotionally unavailable men are that way for everyone. Evil glee!

  • benita

    @Spinsters Unite: and we can also diss her clothes, hair, nude photos, surgeries, and everything else she does. That being taken into consideration, who is the real loser?

    Bar was the best for doing stupid crap and starting diplomatic incidents, I think Lively was next best with the “leaked” cameraphone.

  • Lol

    Some people here need help… no joke.

  • i love you leo


    Just reading tids bits of what you say keeps me laughing. Do you think Leo needs some professional dating advice or some behaviorial therapy. You just seem to know everything about them and who they date are you GoldieLocks? Can i ask you have you slept in Leo’s bed without him?

  • benita

    @i love you leo: He’s been doing therapy for a while, which shows that he aint exactly happy with his life despite blistering success. Therapy aint enough, the ability and committment to find and keep true companionship is, not just a trophy but a real partner.

    I’m not GoldieLocks, (???) but maybe one of the three bears???? ;0

    I’ve never been near Casa DiCaprio, and taht is a weird question to ask–can I ask why you are asking?

    Two things you “haters” dont understand:

    1. I dont want to date leo, I think he’s undateable, unlovable, and emotionally unavailable. I WISH he was someone I wanted to date.
    Well, I think he has loveable qualities but forget being in a happy relationship with him. I really think that. No matter who you are. I’ve dated the not-so-well known version.

    The displeasure is all yours !

    2. This IS therapy for me. Works better than the 50 minutes. You have NO idea how much fun this is !

    And another:

    3. Yet, despite all this, I think Mr. DiCaprio can still suprise us. You never know. Some people buck the trend, no matter what.

    A friend of mine was in the military and married a korean bar girl-these marriages have a 70 percent chance of failing but here theyare still happily married 20 years later….and she got her masters degree in biochemistry summa cum laude as soon as she got here.

  • benita

    take a look at the Met Ball pix. For the most part, I’m projectile vomiting. With the exception of Gisele, Solange Knowles, and Hilary Swank.

    There has been a lot of celeb activity in midtown- I work down the street from Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, etc, and I swear I saw Blake Lively galloping down the street yacking wildly into her cell phone. Could be wrong, but celebs are everywhere. They have to pick up their outfits at Bergdorf or whatever–I also swear I saw Beyonce and Solange outside Norma Kamali but could be wrong there too. There were limos and Ferraris everywhere.

    Gisele looks prettier than usual- while I think she’s a great model she also is a little raw boned looking too sometimes and not aging well. Still a fantastic presentation. And she has the best looking accessory-Tom Brady!

    Will we see Barfie or did she drop off the invite list this year? Is she shooting her “movie” in Israel right now? How about Erin? Did she get boosted to the list because of her Leo dcik connection? Will Blakey be there?

    Stay tuned, all the pictures aint in yet.

  • Delicia

    Leo,seu gostoso!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • benita

    well, I did a whiz around–leo’s in NOLA, Bar’s in israeli, tobey and jen are at ball, god knows where erin is and kate upton is UGLY at the ball.Poor Chloe Sevigny looks awful too and I like her. With all their money these people cant pick out a good dress to save their lives….there was a killer YSL in the window for two weeks…how come no one is wearing that?

  • Wait…what?

    How old are they? Geezzzzzzzzzz


    If Leo date Bar,they LOVE Bar…
    If Leo date Blake,they LOVE Blake…
    If Leo date Erin,they LOVE Erin…

    At least they know they like Leo’s girls more than Himself o.O

  • raven

    I had a weird dream where I flipped Leo the bird. Not in a mean way but in a joking way and I was making fun of him, lol how random?

  • OMG

    The more crazy is they holds to a single tweet (probably not legitimate) to dream he’s in New York visiting their beloved Erin. Loved until he changed to another dumb model who will replace her from their avatars.

  • i love you leo


    I definetly believe you should write for the tabloids found in the supermarkets, even those rags need verification on stories otherwise they get sued. Do you work in the celebrity industry to get all this gossip or is it thru the internet or is this coffee house chat. Also have you been associated with DiCaprio personally or professionally. One more thing stop slandering him. Maybe he is is not available for you and you resent that.

  • @213


    Sorry but You’re looking for freaks in that forum??? … What about in this one??? This Benita girl is a seriously nuts case

  • Wait…what?

    @@213: I just found out about them right here,and I think this forum is better than the freaks,cause at least this something-Benita has REAL info about Him!
    She says what she has to say…those freaks keeps pushing fake things as a fact…Lord!
    @Benita Seriously,I think you are very very very close to Leo,just tell us everything you know….are you the Incog on lsa? just tell us the truth…

    God…stop hiding…

  • Red Bar


    is in florida

    Sarah Sullivan ‏ @SarahMSully Gainesville, FL
    OMG SO JEALOUS RT ” @CarsonDemont Leonardo Dicaprio at the Red Bar!!!”

    Marie Moyle ‏ @marie_moyle Tallahassee, FL
    IM DYINGGG RT @CarsonDemont Leonardo Dicaprio at the Red Bar!!!

  • Wait…what?
  • @omg

    @OMG: hahahahahaha so true and so funny… thanks for the laughs! :)

  • jj

    these days jj is more reliable and update more than bz,sometimes!@Red Bar: thax for ur info and tweets!

  • scary

    This benita freak is a well known model stalker with way too much time on her hands.

  • benita

    @scary: I am not a model stalker. I hate Bar because of the racist and nasty personal comments her team made here. I have nothing to do with other models. I just dont like Bar is pretty much it, and I have no attention of ever contacting her personally. I’m not too crazy about leo’s other pets either.

  • benita

    @i love you leo: Apparently they dont because they write that leo is stinky, his dog stinks and he fights with every director on every set.

    As far as Leo, I’m telling you like it is. Sorry! All these young girls find out the hard way. Years of loving but not being loved back,

  • benita

    @Wait…what?: I am in no way close to leo, @i love you leo: I used to work with the tabloids in another capacity (photo agency) and they do make up all kinds of crap. Once they got a baby doll and pasted a third eye on its head “Three eyed baby born” was the headline.

    These mags used to say Leo was on a UFO with Elvis, Biggie Smalls
    and Tupac, Jim Morrison and James Dean.

  • @226

    MAN – i love you. HAHAHAHAHHA. Please keep writing. I always check you out, and you deserve your own site. You remind me of my love, Lainey.

  • benita

    @@226:” thank you, thank you,glad you enjoyed the show!”

    -Bon Scott
    “Can I sit Next to You Girl”

  • @207

    @207 Nobody here takes Benita and her ilk seriously, she just sits in her little room hating on people, mainly models, we all know this is just malicious, almost cyber bullying and it says nothing whatsoever about the people she is trashing, but says a whole lot about her!

  • benita

    @@207: First off, I dont care if you take me seriously. Second of all, I dont go after models, just wannabes. If its cyberbullying, so be it, its well deserved, how about all the

    BAR IS DROP DEAD GORGEOUS GO STRAIGHTEN YOUR NAPPY HEAD stuff—that’s not cyberbullying? How about threatening to call the FBI (hah!) or putting “Israeli security” (double ha!)

    I dont go after models. Only Bar who claims to be a model, Blake Lively who was sort of border line there, and once in a while I give it to Erin but since erin keeps her mouth shut and doesnt offend me, I leave it. And only here and on LSA, where it is par for the course.

    Do I go after real supermodels, the cindy, lindas, claudias, etc, or the current day, Miranda, Candice, Kate Upton, etc.


    I just posted about Bar’s racism again in Lipstick Alley, go find that and try to cover it up and naysay there. I WONT let it go. You offended me too much to let people forget.

    I dont hate models. Just Bar. But dont worry, “stalkers” are men who want sex with their quarry, I’m strictly dickly. I just enjoy injecting a little truth serum into the mix once in a while.

    On the other hand I am sure Bar would love to have a “stalker”–that would mean

    a. she’s important
    b. she’s a CELEBRITY!

    I say plenty about her and also about people in general who deserve and frankly are grown up and can take it. (Naomi Campbell anyone?)
    They dont like it they can stop trying to be in the public eye or change for the better.

  • benita

    “I’m a TRUTH addict- ah sh*t I got a headrush”

    -Zack de la Rocha, Rage Against the Machine

    BTW its not a little room either—more like a whole floor. Rent stabilization been very very good to me!

    “No matter how hard you try you cant stop us now!”
    -RATM, Renegades of Funk

    “Now is the time to decide whether you are part of the problem, or part of the solution”

    -the MC5

  • benita

    Leo, honey, you are so lovable you forgot to learn how to do it in return…hope lightning strikes someday and it changes.

  • …………………………

    Does anyone know if this Erin thing with Leo is fake….or something like PR? JUST ASKING,PLEASE… :)

  • benita

    @…………………………: Not fake, but not really supercharged either. They havent hung out for weeks….and I think MIGHT, MIGHT be over. I think he hooked up during his hopes for an Oscar with Hoover, but it petered after that.

    This is the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of his FINAL break-up with Ratbelly. (There were rumors he was going to the Met Ball with her and even picked up his tux, turned out to be Breaksville) so historically this is a good weekend.

    Pick one of the following:

    A.He doesnt take her to Cannes, and its over.
    B. He doesnt take her to Cannes but is not over and wants her on call for yachting season and doesnt have a film til fall and he’s worked his way through most of the available models already anyway
    C. September, like with Blakey saying “he’s too busy now for a relationship” for an excuse
    D. It’s already over just not announced
    E. It’s so “freelance” you cant even call it a relationship anyway.

    I’ll go with “B.” with a mixture of “E”. Let me know what you think, I’ll think of some kind of online kudos for the winner. Other choices welcome.


    A. Kate Upton (obvious front runner)
    B. Swanepoel (but she’s too close to Erin)
    C. One of the new blonde VSers.
    D. Fill in the blanks:_________
    E. He just hoes around with whomever for a while, black, white, redhead, brunette, party girl, door girl, bottle girl, valet car service girl, cocktail waitress, zoo keeper, dental hygienist, manicurist. I almost prefer this.

    Remember the prereqs:

    A. In entertainment industry or a stromg wannabe–will be “wowed” by his status and easy prety
    B. Fake nose/rhinoplasty
    C.Fake boobs
    D. Fake blonde
    E. Dumb as a box of rocks but thinks she’s smart
    F. Must enjoy/ be ok with dirty texting….(I know that’s a lot of you, me included as long as its from him but ok…._
    G. Under 25 and the closer to barely legal the better.


  • benita

    Funny thing was I knew he would end up hooking up with Erin first time I saw her in the window at VS….I just knew. So hit me up galzzz!

    that’s easy prey… I only qualify for F…because I’m a bad girl…but let me know what you think.

    I think we should all make bets on the new ones as they show up. I swear its Upton though.

  • …………………………

    @benita: I have no clue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :’(

  • benita

    @…………………………: that is why this is fun, we’ll see.

    It aint my funeral! Or my dysfunctional dating. So I enjoy commentary.

  • wtf

    @benita: hahaha, what a sicko you are, maybe you dont go after all models only Leo’s and YOU, you alone make ms BR relevant here because you wont shut up about her, you mention her constantly, you are wildly obsessed, you bore most of us to snores with nasty comments about her and other women!

  • ???

    @benita: Seems like this is the only fun you have in your life…I knew someone just like you, always bitching about younger prettier girls at work, she stopped being that way when she moved away from her equally bitchy sister and lost a whole lot of weight.

  • vagabond

    No sightings of Leo so far?I guess he ‘s filming or will pop up in some exotic locale.@benita: lol at you list here.Not real impressed with Kate Upton.Have you seen Toni Garrn,she’s a new vs model.She’s got the look,and i think she is from Germany.

  • Lol
  • benita

    @wtf: oh bore me some more!

  • benita

    @???: I dont have a sister, I dont need to lose weight, AND I get along with a lot of young pretty girls on the job just fine. Why? They’re smart, fun, and attitudinous–they dont take any sh*t just like me.

    So dream on sweetie…..! We laugh all day and crank the music up too.

  • benita

    @???: The reason I get along with them is that there are things that are DEFINITELY more important to them than being pretty, although they do talk about Dior mascara and so forth, they are FUN.

  • i love you leo


    Why are you so obsessed with Leo? What he does in his personal life is his issues, why is that such a concern? Have you been dissed by Leo? I want to know why you care so much about Leo and his life etc. Do you secretly wish you were Leo’s? And have you given Leo any personal favors? And are you jealous of all his x’s? Wishing you were as beautiful as them. You have to be honest to yourself.

  • mike

    @i love you leo:

    Why are you so obsessed with Leo?

    I’m not. You don’t understand/know what real obsession is.

    What he does in his personal life is his issues, why is that such a concern?

    He’s an interesting guy, but also messed up emotionally. Its an interesting dichotomy.

    Have you been dissed by Leo?

    Never met him, never been in the same room with them.

    I want to know why you care so much about Leo and his life etc.

    I like commenting on it but am not trying to be part of it. I comment on other celebs as well, like poor John Travolta’s really bad hairpiece. It looks like a refrigerator magnet, one you peel off. I feel they are FAIR GAME.

    Do you secretly wish you were Leo’s?

    NOPE. He’d treat me as bad as he treats them.

    And have you given Leo any personal favors?
    Nope. I give respect for the good things about him. THere are many likeable/admirable qualities there. But’s he also a jerk when it comes to women. PERIOD. It won’t change, no matter who it is.

    And are you jealous of all his x’s?

    No. They are exes after all, and were never really loved by him or they’d still be there. Or what they got was spotty, a la Gisele.

    Wishing you were as beautiful as them.

    I dont think they are that beautiful, that’s a recurring theme here, not just from me. I would like to be tall like Gisele, but I dont think ANY of them are particularly beautiful, and I’m no slouch and like who I am/what I look like. I dont want to look like any of them, I’m used to me and like it. A little taller would be nice!

    If I could pick whom to look like:
    1. Adriana Lima
    2. Young Sophia Loren
    3. Audrey Hepburn

    moosh them together somehow- Adriana’s eyes, Sophia’s sultriness,
    Audrey’s gamine smile and look.

    You have to be honest to yourself.

    Oh sweetheart, I am. To me he’s the Ultimate Emotionally Unavailable man. It’s so obvious—you could be the highest paid fashion model in the world (Gisele) and still that gets you nowhere.Those guys are like that….it doesnt matter WHO it is, HOW “pretty” she is-it’s all the same.

    He just backs up what I have thought for a long time—some guys its just useless to try with.

  • Mike=Benita

    OMG! You’re pretending to be Mike and Benita! Got busted and forgot to change your name and you’re answering as Benita under your other name Mike. You are cray cray cray cray cray cray all day everyday CRAZY!!! Busted!!!
    Mike….Benita…same person folks!!! LOL!!! Talk about psycho!!!

  • mike

    it’s like they say “King Schlong Cant Keep It in His Pants”-he’s a borderline sex addict, coupled with the fact that he’s one of the most if not the most sought after man in the world. We give him all this love and power and as a result he cant love even one single woman right.

    Don’t you find that interesting?

    As for his exes, one I am determined to keep up the dialogue and challenge, because she and her peeps are just that arrogant and horrendous and deluded,. The others I could care less.

    Seriously, if he was capable of even one functional relationship, do you think anybody would be here? If he was happily married off like
    Matt Damon or Brad Pitt (basically) or anyone else, would we be debating?

    He is fascinating….a real icon like Elvis, Marilyn, James Dean or others–he symbolizes a lot of things in American culture and in HW archetypes—he started out at the Huckleberry Finn type (the beautiful homeless boy in Growing Pains) and later the beautiful outside and now the troubled uber mensch is what he chooses to play. He shows the dichotomy between what men SEEM like (herolike, Jay Gatsby,Howard Hughes the Aviator) and what they are—the dark, troubled side of the American man. Sort of J. Alfred Prufrock.

    He’s like that himself, I have no doubt, struggling with his own image versus what he truly wants and feels like. So he’s interesting. Not easy, like Brando or Olivier or Nicholson or Pacino, but INTERESTING.

    I bring them up because they are the MOST NOMINATED actors in Oscar history–Nicholson tops at 10, two awards. They almost always get the award for lighter films, like Prizzi’s Honor or Scent of a Woman, so I think Gatsby might be a possible winner for him.

    What he does fascinates me….but I aint trying to jump into no HW A-lister life, I just find it interesting what he represents and goes through/does.

  • mike

    @Mike=Benita: so what, I use alternate names, its to keep people from jumping on me, so what. Calm yourself, I aint Deep Throat.

  • mike

    @Mike=Benita: there’s nothing crazy about it. YOU do it all the time. I always change names when ever I feel like it–and I always will.


    Crazy is what people say when they disagree with you but cant mount a reasonable defense for their own tired and indefensible position

    have a nice day!