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Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Django Unchained' - First Look!

Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Django Unchained' - First Look!

Check out Leonardo DiCaprio in this first official image from Quentin Tarantino‘s upcoming film Django Unchained!

The 37-year-old actor stars as Calvin Candie, a charming but sadistic Francophile plantation owner.

Also pictured inside: a first look at Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz‘s characters in the film!

Jamie and Christoph play Django and Dr. King Schultz, respectively. The twosome, a freed slave and a German dentist/bounty hunter, travel across America to rescue Django’s wife (Kerry Washington) from Calvin Candie.

Django Unchained is set to be released in theaters on December 25.

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leonardo dicaprio django unchained first look 02

Credit: EW
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  • mike

    You’d love to think I’m “psycho” because what I say makes you uncomfortable with yourself….


  • mike/benita/whatever!

    You wouldnt get so upset me if at the back of your teeny brains you didnt know I was RIGHT about you.

    Sorry I am.

    I used “mike” because that was the first JJ monniker Tzipi Refaeli was busted under that I saw.

  • mike/benita/whatever!

    @Mike=Benita: I don’t subscribe to your effed up world view, sorry, and I am not going to change. It may be inconvenient but sorry you dont get to get away with what you don’t deserve.

  • mike/benita/whatever!

    btw as much as I like that picture up there…its time for a new thread. OR a new BAR thread so we can run her over the coals again like she so blatantly deserves.

  • Where is Leo? :(

    Leo where are youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu? :(

  • mike/benita/whatever!

    @Where is Leo? :(: he’s in NOLA-wont wrap until June 24/25th.


    OMG boring,boring,boring convo,seriously.Can we talk about LEO gossips,please? Instead of arguing?
    I don’t like Erin at all.SO WHAT YOU GUYS GONNA DO ABOUT IT? IT’S MY RIGHT TO DISAGREE & I can’t wait for the break up news!
    I can be so damn wrong and get disappointed,but I don’t care,I’m not gonna pretend I like her,I am NOT A HYPOCRITE!!! Go away Erin…

  • Mike=Benita

    You wanted to post under “benita” because there was another mike but you forgot to switch out. LOL Nope, don’t change names because I’m a 99 percent lurker. Sorry, lots of people think you’re crazy, and for the record I’m not Tzipi or Bar. You are so sad. Why even change your name? Just go back to Tinkerbell because we can all tell your crazy rants by now. I think you were the “other” mike that posted about Bar. You’re sick because you were acting like a totally different person. God you really are a psycho. Here is mike, post 181, right after comes benita folks, post 182! LOL! cray cray…

    mike @ 05/06/2012 at 8:42 pm 0

    @not so: I read somewhere that Bar and Leo broke up because she was concerned about preserving her “supermodel” (questionable) status because as a “supermodel” she gets better rates. That she was concerned him dating
    “negroes” would make it look like she wasnt a “super” model.

    This is a very sick way of thinking–if he prefers someone who is a second class citizen (her way of thinking) then she appears not to be a “super” model which she isnt anyway. Which is stupid because there are real black supermodels who do much better than her anyway. Saw a Somalian model on the train last week–just breath taking.

    Anyway, I think that’s what this is about, preserving her compensation rate which just shows how sick and delusional that crowd is. Her own mother coming on and braying about how “all men want her, all women want to be her” is another example of wishful thinking.

    @reply | Flag This
    # 182 benita @ 05/06/2012 at 8:48 pm +1

    @Sammy: yeah, think she was, and on the Mexican junket too because more than one person saw her. But I think either:

    a. She’s not as clingy emotionally as her predecessors, and has actual work to do
    b. they just arent as closely involved–its a “dating” thing not a relationship thing…you know when you like someone but its not passionate love? I mean she’s not with him as much as some of the others–in part because because she has a real job to do for Victoria-they are using her a lot.

    Hope its over soon.

    I dont think its that “passionate”–it wont be a big deal to either when its over. And there will be some official explanation like “our schedules made it difficult” blah blah blah blah when he finds another he’s more into it’s out the door for her. But it might take a while-summer and the Euro Trash yachting scene is coming on with Cannes.

    PS B

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  • Where is Leo? :(

    @mike/benita/whatever!: @mike/benita/whatever!: Yeah,I know,thank you.
    I mean,I just want some sightings :)

  • mike/benita/whatever!

    @Mike=Benita: just calm down. I dont care what you think of me, I did leave “Mike” in there by accident BUT it is ALSO the first Tzipi outing I saw that got me intrigued in this.

    Just calm down ding dong.

  • mike/benita/whatever!

    @Mike=Benita: I meant to say I chose “Mike” in the first place because she was outed using it.

    Why do you care???

  • mike/benita/whatever!

    @Mike=Benita: and yes I post under different names so as not to attract biased/paid attention. SO WHAT. People post under different names all the time.

  • mike/benita/whatever!

    @Where is Leo? :(: There were a bunch at Jazzfest this weekend. I’m glad there are still some people that arent “OBSESSED” with going after me and want to yack about the usual.

  • mike/benita/whatever!


    I dont think they are really “together” right now….for the record. It’s lukewarm at best. I dont hate Erin as much as some of the others, but her 15 minutes of Leo are UP.

    NEXT please. But then again young blonde lingerie models are hard to find if you’ve screwed your way through most of them. So maybe he’ll keep her on call.

    You dont have to apologize for NOT LIKING HER. This is NOT a FAN site and models/actresses soliciting admiration and praise are cordially advised to go to Bellazon which makes hardcore JJers puke their guts out all over their lap tops and Ipods.

  • Where is Leo? :(

    @mike/benita/whatever!: Oh don’t worry,nothing against you!

  • mike/benita/whatever!

    @Where is Leo? :(: thanks, preciate it !

  • wtf

    Hahaha, classic, I always knew ‘The Crazy One’ spoke to herself, any how if all this trashing of people is fun to her, best just to leave her to it and not read her posts, shame though, cos when she’s not hating she can be amusing!

  • The BELLAFREAKS again? lol

    “GUYS!!! I was just watching enews and Erin was on with two other VS angels. At the end they asked them to raise their hands if they were single and she didn’t raise her hand. haha Not that big a deal. But does that mean they are getting more serious?!?!? ”

    OH GOSH,they’re sick !
    I wonder if they REALLY like Leos girls,cause it sounds so FAKE!
    It’s impossible to like ANY OF GIRL Leo date,they’re all so dumb (his girlfriends) and I THINK THEY (The Bellafreaks) WANT TO SHOW EVERYBODY THEY’RE NOT JEALOUS!

    I DON’T BUY IT!!!!!!!!
    This is the worst part in searching for any info on Leo,there…we have to read sh*t!

  • junie

    @The BELLAFREAKS again? lol: I was trying to place what she was talking about….it wasnt this thing here. I watched the silly promo video.

    They arent getting more serious but you may have a sighting of them this weekend—hence the e necklace etc. It’s Mother’s Day, and also Erin has a VS thing in LA tomorrow night. He WONT appear there, but the plan could be to meet up on the side. So we might have to suffer through.

    Then again he could fly Mommy in to NOLA….but there was a tweet putting him in LA that could be a joke or not….



  • The BELLAFREAKS again? lol

    @junie: Oh God!!!!!!! Seriously? I’m feeling sick already… *ugh* can’t see these 2 together!
    Blah! =P
    Thanks for the info anyway =)

  • #268


  • damn

    leo fans truly need shrinks/exorcists from these rantings.
    no wonder the guy has so many bodygaurds

  • junie

    @#268: STOP WITH THE ALL CAPS already. I know you dont have capitals and lower case in Hebrew SO WHY BOTHER TO LEARN PROPER ENGLISH WHEN YOU CAN JUST APPEAR TO SCREAM AT EVERYONE RIGHT?

  • junie

    @damn: From #271? You betcha. But if it is who I think it is, he doesnt have to watch out physically, it’s the gay/homophobic rumors she’ll spread online about him he has to watch out for.

  • The BELLAFREAKS again? lol

    @#268: Take a pill…LOL

  • Now Benita is Junie.. Ha !

    Oh silly Tinkerbell / Showmance / Benita / Junie . You are truly a nutcase !!

  • junie

    @The BELLAFREAKS again? lol: tried to find this on e and couldnt. I know it doesnt matter, but I was curious. Lets see what goes down this weekend. He didnt go to her show in Chicago…lets see what is up.

  • The BELLAFREAKS again? lol

    @junie: Only a fool can think she’ll rase her hand and ‘say’ on a interview she is dating,or single….she doesn’t even said OUT LOUD she is dating Him,she can’t say that,it’s in her contract lol the only thing she can say is “I do have a dog named Eddie”LMAO She’s a loser cause she is probab ‘dating’ Leonardo DiCaprio and was the only girlfriend that couldn’t confirm…what a dumb! Thank you for the info Junie!

  • @277

    dont listen to the haters. I love you Junie. I don’t care if you change your name a million times. My one request would be that I wish you would tone down the Bar stuff. Can you please stop talking about Bar and instead talk about the Bar 2.0 that is Erin the Idiot Heahterton. Dont waste your energy with the past dear. There are lots of people that like you but we’re just tired of hearing abour Bar 24/7. But you’re not the worst n could be better.

  • E!

    I don`t know what`s going on with them if it`s still on or not but is there anyone who seriously thinks she would have confirmed a breakup on E!? That`s the thing going for her career!
    Someone asked if the bz girls like her at all. They like whoever Leo is dating. It was the same in the past and it will be the same with the upcoming ones. Whatever Leo does is perfect for them regardless of their own taste or personality. I don`t really care about them because they seem like a bunch of schoolgirls to me with a typical group mentality. Whatever makes them happy. But reading this one sentence was too much for me. `I knew they were still together but Erin showed it to me personally` ( maybe not exact words but close ). Are you kidding me?
    Anyway there was a tweet last night about Leo in the Runyon Canyon ( it was typed as Runyan if someone wants to look it up ) in LA. So he might be there. Also on the Erin thread it was mentioned she was seen leaving her hotel. Not staying with Leo if he is in town?

  • wtf

    @#268: We all know you are benita whoever, youa re seriously nuts girl!!

  • junie

    @wtf: bite me! NO ONE is stuck with one name here the names are unregistered dumbazz, and this isnt my real name anyway. Who cares! People change names here all the time.

    Anyway, I dont care what you think and know who the real nutsare!

    The Runyon Canyon thing could be a joke if you look at the exchange. Anyway, we’ll know soon. VS could have put them up at the hotel-they have a sponsored event there tonight.he wont go but they could hook up after.

    I guess they are still together! Bummer! But it’s not my affair–and it wont be forever. This aint Spencer Tracy-Katherine Hepburn, you know?Just another hook up for King Schlong-the main one,not the last one, everyone knows that including her and him.

  • jj

    @E!: oh i just checked erin’s bz threat(just cause i was curious to know what u mentioned) but i didn’t see anything there to say/show(any pic) she and her sis r lefting the hotel?! just there was one pic of them when they were in the hotel while they were manicuring! so how can u say some theories like these?!! i’m just curious why she brought her teacher sis with?for just supporting her at the show/to see leo or something/or cause she doesn’t wanna be alone in la cause leo will not be with her/did broke up with her/…?!!
    about their seeing or not after this time just gotta wait and see what will happen! leo is unpredictable at these parts;after almost one month without any sighting while they really could see each other but didn’t ,who knows what will come out tommorow/in the future?! there’s no surprising whatever happen whether break up come out or not! just gotta wait and see!

  • curi2

    @E!: I’m surprised they haven’t jumped on that tweet yet.I don’t get that blind devotion ‘Leo’s the perfect boyfriend,attitude.’There are red flags all over his To me this seems to be his usually m.o.How many times have we seen this before?Him not being around his gfs for weeks at a time.Then of course we got people wondering if they’ve broken up.Then they’ll show up together some where.Leo keeps us guessing,which is why we are always talking about him and his love life.

  • E!

    @jj: It`s not a theory. I read it on the VS thread here on JJ. It was simply a comment that she was seen leaving her hotel with her sister and they don`t look like sisters. Sorry if I wasn`t specific enough about that. It`s not a theory really. Who knows if it`s true or the twitter sighting of Leo in LA is true ( @junie: I didn`t read the whole conversation so maybe it wasn`t a real sighting ). We will see I guess….

  • .
  • curi2

    Have you guys seen the new VS thread?lol we got a love leo’s future wife,and baby mama poster.I can see it now Leo/Erin wedding

  • E!

    That’s right! A wedding is coming! lol It’s one of the ‘non-haters’ trying to annoy the ‘haters’ even when Erin is barely mentioned in the comments! It’s not worth responding!

  • kandy

    @E!: it moves me so little that I dont even feel the need to respond. : ) But they sure are funny! More like a Leo and Erin break up in the summer 2012 would be correct! But let them have their couple of weeks before it all goes down if it hasnt already still.

  • @

    here,were said there is a vs party show or something;is that after party which jj posted and some one here thought leo will be there?cos as jj said at the party post,Lindsay Ellingson said in her tweeter:“Had so much fun with @KaysieEllingson at the #whatissexy party!,Now on my way home for mothers day weekend :).”

    so it means the show is over,right?sans leo at there(maybe he is not in LA or maybe he don’t wanna be there?) just there is one thing when erin was at the promote show she was happy/relax but at the after-party she is some how sad/tired,i think! i’m just curious more now to know what will happen at this weekend?! just curious!+….

  • Jade

    I bet Leo is still in NO all along…lol

  • OMG

    What I don’t understand he doesn’t seem even remotely interested in her so Why he’s still with her???

    At least with the previous he acted as a kinda boyfriend, but with this boring girl Erin nothing. And we’re talking six months of NOTHING!!!

    At the same time with the other ones we already saw actual sightings, captured of them in public, kissing, holding hands or SOMETHING … but so far with Erin hasn’t been anything to make us believe that he really has a relationship with her.

  • Q T pie

    @OMG: in the beginning you had the pr pap pics walking through the meadows but now its like they fell off the face of the earth…not that thats a bad thing. Works for me…

  • Max5

    well it looks like they are NOT hooking up this weekend, hallelujah, but
    ya never no. I think Django may be in a little trouble with last minute dropouts from Russell and Sascha Baron Cohen, and he might be around using his “producerly” skills to bail it out—drafting new actors. He can do it.

    I am so glad he’s using Jonah Hill in Wolf…I love Jonah, think he’s great. Probably hanging in NOLA after all. I cant say it would be depressing if he was with her….it aint my life but I am starting to really think based on the promo videos that she’s horsey and fake…her voice is really deep for one thing, and though they are supposed to be models and represent a product, the whole thing was really inane.

  • OMG

    @Q T pie:
    Sorry but works for you??? A obviously fake hookup without any interest on any side, only for publicity or just to b*nging???

    Sure you also settle as the Bellazon dreamers with a picture of her lurking from behind in each event, with a vague possible sightings that them could be in the same city, a stupid and very cheap necklace that he allegedly gave her and the fact that she didn’t raise my hand.

    C’mon give me a break!!!!

  • Maria

    I’m sure Leo is going to be with the ones whom he loves on mother’s days. Quite easy to figure that out. Enjoy Leo!

    Where i will be tommorrow:

  • Q T pie

    @OMG: it works for me NOT seeing pictures of them…I wouldnt mind not seeing any at all. I want them to break up. I was wondering why I got so many thumbs down! lol

  • Q T pie

    @OMG: but at least we don’t get ANY pictures!! lol hahaha Its like he’s ashamed to be seen in public with this girl!

  • me

    Sure, sure, anything you say lady, We all know it’s you posing as a bar fan,to keep her mentioned here, just so that you can reply with your malicious rants, I also reckon that you are the mad ALL CAPs. lady from the past, you just want everyone to hate bar as much as you do, point is, many of us do, but just dont think about her any more…oh yeah, you’re busted lady!

  • me

    @me: sorry, the above is meant for mama marmaduke, tinkerbelle, benita, mike, Junie or whatever her latest moniker is!!