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Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Django Unchained' - First Look!

Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Django Unchained' - First Look!

Check out Leonardo DiCaprio in this first official image from Quentin Tarantino‘s upcoming film Django Unchained!

The 37-year-old actor stars as Calvin Candie, a charming but sadistic Francophile plantation owner.

Also pictured inside: a first look at Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz‘s characters in the film!

Jamie and Christoph play Django and Dr. King Schultz, respectively. The twosome, a freed slave and a German dentist/bounty hunter, travel across America to rescue Django’s wife (Kerry Washington) from Calvin Candie.

Django Unchained is set to be released in theaters on December 25.

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Credit: EW
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  • One Year Anniversary!

    (R.I.P. Barf+ Leo ) Fall of 2005 – May 12, 2011 on off on off on off on off off off off on off and many sour faces in between.

    Its been one year since Leo and Barf break up and the official word came to us today. Yippee!! Lets keep the flame burning that we will get very good news from People magazine soon with this current one. Summer will be good to us! It still brings me happy tears because it was just so painful to watch. This one hes has/had? is practically non existent so not as annoying but he needs to quit dealing with the young ones.,,20488838,00.html

  • leofan

    @me: My bet is on Max5.. lol

  • wtf

    @me: Ha Ha, you’re probably right, United States of Tinkerbell.

  • me

    @leofan: oh yes, you’re right!!

  • dorothy

    Is this something you want to celebrate, page 13 champion of misfortune?… heck, maybe it is… LOLLL

  • One Year Anniversary!

    @dorothy: I don’t completely understand what you’re getting at but I’m sure at this page 13 here Leo didn’t write one post. :) And besides NEVER A FAILURE ALWAYS A LESSON! ; )

  • leofan

    @me: Now she is One Year Anniversary! :)

  • One Year Anniversary!

    @leofan: actually no, now you’re an idiot because I’m not Tink! But like I care if you think I’m her or not! lol : ) Just because someone mentions Barfie doesnt mean they’re Tink idiot. I just think, this day is special is all! And I have feeling Leo has another “special day” coming up real soon!! : ) Good day!

  • dorothy

    Glad you are all so cheerful, but I definitely don’t think each failure is a lesson…hahahaha

  • Lol

    How many du** people in just one place. I can’t handle. That’s all I have to say. Thumbs up or down, whatever, because I really don’t care.

  • ………

    Erin is sticking around to see what happens after he’s finished filming. If she’s lucky she might get him for a few months in between work. He has no use for a committed relationship.

  • Cannes?

    An alleged binsider posted in another thread that he and Lukas were going to Cannes like last year. Is Erin going with him? Will he shave the beard off for it?

  • for peter’s sake

    @Cannes?: its funny how this “insider” said Leo and Lukas and not Leo and Lukas and Erin…
    Leo keeps all his girlies hidden. You know that. Daylight, Leo, his young catches and public outdoor functions is not a good mix. He never mixes the four you know that. They’re separate and unequal, so I don’t see her going unless she’s gonna wait at the hotel like a mattress till Leo finishes his Cannes business. I wonder how much disrespectfulness can a girl take?!? It doesnt matter to me if they’re still together though cause the end is nearing for this relashy.
    It seems like the longer this “relationship” goes is the less we hear about them and the less pictures we get of them.

  • @313

    Chill out
    #312 asked a question. If it doesn’t matter, wtf do you care enough to be doing a countdown on the relaysh. Leo truly has the craziest fans.The fewer pictures is not even a good thing, as it means more chances for idiocy and wishful thinking from the Jackie Dawsons.

  • ?

    Huh, as soon as there’s a comment from someone who doesn’t like Leo with Erin soon after someone is here to criticize. It’s boring around Leo these days so I guess there’s not much better to do on other sites!

  • for peter’s sake

    @@313: ok mommy I’ll chill out… lol

    @?: yeah its boring isnt it… Erin is so boring you can’t even hate her more like pity her for The End which she doesnt see is coming up in 5 , 4 , 3, 2, …

  • XXXX

    @Cannes?: link????

  • Cannes?

    Poster 736 , 740 and so on. I dunno seemed to know what h/she was talking about. But gossip is a buffet no?

  • NOLA

    his bz thread posted a tweet. he was eating lunch in NOLA today so it seems like he wasn`t in LA.

  • Myself
  • Django delays

    are interfering with his yachting in Europe

  • He’s in New Orleans

    never left

  • Erin is hoping

    she gets to party with him in Europe. Leo is continuing his party without her in the Big Sleasy

  • be wary….

    of people you think are insiders. most of them are full of **it, nothing claimed about leo on here is ever true.

  • Myself

    @be wary….: …so tell us what is true then…

  • me

    @One Year Anniversary!: Oh my gosh, such an idiot, you know the dates of Leos break ups, haha, I dont even know the dates of my own break ups, go get some fresh air!

  • One Year Anniversary

    @me: go yourself. : )

  • @me

    And it`s impossible that this person googled it and that`s how the date came up? Also you are here to complain about everything posted on these threads. I agree some posters here should get some air but maybe you should, too.

  • @#326

    If this is all so above you or people are writing things you dont like,as evident by your posts on this thread why are you here? Go live a full life and get YOURSELF some fresh air

  • be wary….

    i dont know anything. i’m just a blogger, but i dont believe most of the people that post ‘inside info’ know anything either. i mean looking at the past posts have they ever been right about what/who/why leo is doing?

  • ss

    embarrassed for the posters who are waiting for leo gossip. He’s not gonna be at cannes and he’s not gonna be seen with erin. Django is on a tight schedule right now and they have to finish it by the end of june. Leo may be a f*ck up in his personal life, but he takes his work very seriously to goof off now.

  • vicious clown leo

    I suppose he is too petty to take seriously his clown work and his clown life

  • car

    what is wrong with his private life? he has a cute girl now, nothing wrong with that.. and how do you know he won’t be seen with her.. are you her??..

  • vicious clown leo

    nothing wrong with having shameless pets around if you have no possibility to interract with humans.

  • car

    if you are her it s strange you refer to yourself as a shameless pet

  • vicious clown leo

    i am not around petty leo for referring to myself as a shameless pet.


    Hahahaha Seems Leo never left NOLA…..LMAO at the freaks!

  • eva

    @ss: and he will lean on kate for shoulder to cry on, telling about his hectic life, his petty gf, whatelse? etc and etc …

  • eva

    somehow i wonder how if leo acts with angie … hurmm …

  • leofan

    Raven symone says leo is the only white boy she’ll ever marry. I have posted this news for genuine leo fans and not that lunatic tinkerbell.

  • @leofan

    Judging by these posts ALL you Leo fans are deluded lunatics!
    Poor guy

  • car

    no, you’re not around Leo at all here, on this thread.. not at ALL hahahaha!

  • @ss


    He found time to goof off while filming Gatsby. The man knows how to make the most of his time.

  • LOL

    Yes!, He knows how to make the most of his time…. BUT NEVER FOR HIS GIRLFRIEND!!!!! CERTAINLY MUCH LESS FOR ERIN.


  • vicious clown leo


    This thread supposed to about new Tarantino movie.I wonder why someone posted the photo of the main hollywood loser here in costume a la Elvis Presley?

  • What? No NOLA for Erin?

    She hasnt seen her boyfriend in a month and she chooses to go to
    Nashville…say it aint so…she must not miss him that much!

    Erin Heatherton‏@ErinHeatherton

    So flippin excited to be in Nashville for the first time! Even more excited to see Lily! Life is sweet

  • C’mon now…

    Erin probably hasn’t had anything to do with Leo for weeks! It was a set-up, and the sweet, poor thiing is in a very awkward situation! I hope she “tells all” in due time…like when Leo marries bart.

  • @346

    Does it occur to you that maybe after Nashville she will go to NOLA? You don`t know what`s going on with them. Maybe it`s cooling, over or just super low key. Don`t jump into conclusions too soon… Nashville is close enough for a meeting so you never know!

  • C’mon, c’mon now

    Leo is not marrying Bar or anyone else and you know it. He needed a respectable girl for the holidays. He and Erin have mutual friends and she was more than willing. They had a brief relationship, but his behaviour with other girls showed it was never serious. Erin is Bar_in_waiting, atm. That’s the best she can hope for.

  • What? No NOLA for Erin?

    @@346: I can jump to conclusions all I want because IN THE END my conclusion will be correct! You know it, everybody knows it. Its funny how the relationship is turning into stale mode. Honeymoon is definitely over! LOL