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George Clooney & Stacy Keibler: Craig's Bar & Grill Date Night!

George Clooney & Stacy Keibler: Craig's Bar & Grill Date Night!

George Clooney and girlfriend Stacy Keibler make their way out of Craig’s Bar and Grill on Thursday (April 26) in West Hollywood.

The 50-year-old actor and Stacy, 32, were joined by Cindy Crawford and her husband Rande Gerber for dinner at the American restaurant.

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This weekend, George and Stacy will be attending the annual White House Correspondents Dinner as the guests of Time magazine.

The couple will be seated at a table with Steven Spielberg and his wife Kate Capshaw.

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  • Sane

    @KatieDot: excuse me. There are so many impostors here. I’m the only Sane.
    Face it, George Clooney is a relationship with Stacy Keibler and he’ll keep doing as he’s told. Yes, we know Kirstie Alley delegates, as she heads the PR network that Stan Rosenfield uses.
    And yes we know that Stan Rosenfield has compromising videos of George Clooney, so blackmails him to co-operate.

  • Katiedot

    Whoever’s posting as Katiedot isn’t the same Katiedot from Clooney’s Open House.

    As you can probably guess from the disgusting language and crazy ideas.

  • Sane

    Katidot – your mouth needs washing out with soap. There is no way you have access to that kind of information, everyone can see through it all, transparent

  • Katiedot

    And I would never say filthy words that Stacy Keibler has a loose vag’ina because her pelvis is too wide and her bones are big.
    Does that mean that female giraffes have big vag’inas too? How rude!

  • Katiedot

    This is the real Katiedot from

    I have posted twice on this thread: comment #52 and this comment. Other comments using my name have been reported to the site’s adminstrator.

    In the meantime, my apologies for any confusion and anyone upset at the language or ideas posted under my name. It’s the usual crazy woman who posts as signage/observer/ahbiteme and a hundred other usernames.

    There will be no further comments on this thread from me. If you read anything else in my name, I’m sorry but it’s not from me.

  • Sane

    Katidot – and even if Stan Rosenfield informs you of these private matters with the Level 5 clearance on George Clooney, you should not be repeating it on a public board for all to see and embarrass Stacy Keibler.
    Your mouth is so potty.
    So what if George Clooney does not have sex with her? It’s not your business.

  • Katiedot

    And as I have reported this to the site’s administrator. I did the same on imdB to shut up any other conscientious objectors.
    I never said anything about Stacy Keibler inability to secure commercial contracts due to her controversial and embarrassing past and her plastic albeit plain physical appearance.
    I categorically deny saying anything negative about George Clooney’s gay hair stylist Waldo Sanchez. I only used to write about gay or bisexual allegation when I posted as New Kid while I ran Milano Cookie Crumbs.
    Yes, we have exclusive rights to promote George Clooney’s public image as instructed by Stan Rosenfield and Kirstie Alley.
    Apart from #53 #54 and this post, the others are impostors.
    I have contacted Just Jared administrators and reported the offenders.
    Thank You.

  • signage

    @David G: I don’t think she looks Teutonic at all. More likely she’s of Jewish ancestry, and her ancestors Germanized their surname as many did. She isn’t naturally blonde, she has a big broken nose, and her eyes are brown, so not Teutonic at all. Just a big freak whose father probably watched the movie Goldengirl and thought he could create a super athlete by giving his daughter growth hormones. Obviously it didn’t work as the best “sport” she could do was fake wrestling/stripping and being a d-list escort.

  • hmmmm…..

    Hmmmmm I wonder….maybe it’s all true that there IS a PR team here at work but the REALITY is that THIS PR team doesn’t belong to George Clooney at all….no no no no no!
    Maybe…they were hired to blog away, trying to do as much damage to poor old George’s reputation as possible and if they did ENOUGH damage to poor old George they would get an extra big bonus! Because their “real boss” thinks he can still “win” this thing, if he can ruin George first…but time is running out, tick tock, tick tock! ahahahahaha
    In reality, it’s just some aging drag queen behind it all, one whose lost his voice in the public eye; kind of like the Wizard of Oz…you know…a puny little wizened man behind the scenes, with big bucks to spend since his retiring years will be spent in a loveless relationship or amusing himself with the little “Tai” boys you always speak about endlessly.
    hmmmm I wonder now….

  • lou

    @ 04/28/2012 at 7:33 am

    it gets even better. the usual crazy woman who posts as signage/observer/ahbiteme etc claims that you and i are the same poster. and that we both work for Stan. she really gets upset when anyone dares to disagrees with her. her psychotic rants are so funny, especially the one about the spider, that i forward them to some of the lawyers i work with. in any case, there’s really no way to stop her in the end. she will find a way to keep on going.

  • dsallubf

    For some reason , he doesn’t look happy. His friend brad is getting married, must feel pressure now to do the same thing.

  • Katiedot

    @lou: I know ;) But in reality we are part of the same team. Even if we always threaten to take it to our lawyers they don’t take us seriously.
    A couple o of the posters claim you are Stan, while some others think that I’m lou. I have reported it to the site’s administrators.
    I only work as a PR correspondent, liaising with the Daily Mail, People magazine online, etc.
    I Katiedot of am hired by Stan Rosenfield to run George Clooney’s public profile and I have virtually exclusive control of how that is conducted.

  • bobbi

    I hope this couple has staying power.

  • no kidding!

    @hmmmm…..: oh, really, Einstein??? And is that PR network team forcing George Clooney to have a publicity agreement with Stacy Keibler? Because it’s clear to the whole world that this is a fake relationship. Even if George were to marry her and have a child tomorrow (like Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes) the world would scream “dirty cover-up Rock Hudson style).
    There is no chemistry between George Clooney and Stacy Keibler.
    The last relationship with Elisabetta Canalis planted the seed of doubt in millions of people worldwide. Now it’s beyond ridiculous.
    Nice try at reverse psychology. You’re like the boy who cried wolf.
    No one believes you anymore.

  • lou

    @ 04/28/2012 at 4:52 pm
    if my pr networking team and I can help it they will last a couple of years. we received an incentive bonus for the canalis: clooney bogus fiasco.
    but this is proving more complicated. plus it’s hard to control an alcoholic like clooney at times .

  • the REAL LMAO

    There’s the crazy biotch using someone else’s name again…like no one will notice you are not the “real lou”…
    do you really want to push this thing to the max?
    A much better question might be… will the aging drag queen approve if you push too far and he becomes exposed by your hubris? Think before you next speak…your bonus depends upon you getting the job done, not exposing your boss to humiliation on the internet.
    He cried like a little girl when he thought his name was going to be exposed last time…go ahead keep pushing.


    Stop using other people’s names you moronic half wit…

  • lou

    @ the REAL LMAO -
    04/28/2012 at 5:13 pm
    which crazy biotch can it be stan pari? so you are now imitating me?
    psychotic rant after psychotic rant. your team a fail fail. he’ll keep crying like a little girl if he thinks his family will find out.

  • lou

    @ 04/28/2012 at 5:25 pm
    next time david gergen defecates on you in the ancient redwood forrest in from of PO then we’ll know who is having a laugh moronic half wit.

  • the REAL LMAO

    @ fake lou…..only if his son and daughter find out that he’s nothing but an aging old queen, a gas bag that no one remembers anymore…he’s yesterday’s old news…couldn’t get papped if he wanted to and he’ll never win, not with this strategy….talk about failing! LMAO

  • lou

    the REAL LMAO
    @ 04/28/2012 at 5:33 pm
    the only fake anything is you my dear.
    his son and daughter will never find out and never would believe.
    he is a win win all the way. his strategy has proven to be unbeaten & your boy’s blatant stupidity has served us too well. i see he’s quickly deteriorating. yes stacy will be there. hahahahahaha

  • the REAL LMAO

    maybe we should take this game to the Billboard blog then…turnabout is fair play… sense in leaving the fam in the dark!

  • lou

    the REAL LMAO
    @ 04/28/2012 at 6:36 pm
    anytime. war of attrition. your loss. hahaha

  • the REAL LMAO

    that’s just it…dummy; I have nothing to lose…can you say the same?
    You’re tired out strategy failed miserably and you accomplished absolutely nothing…tick tock, tick tock.
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    Maybe you could start singing the blues?