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Nicki Minaj's 'Starships' Video - Watch Now!

Nicki Minaj's 'Starships' Video - Watch Now!

Check out the premiere of Nicki Minaj‘s “Starships” video!

The 29-year-old rapper hits the beach in a pink bikini with neon green hair in the video, which she shot last month in Hawaii.

Nicki will also be releasing a new video for the DJ Doorly remix of “Starships.”

“All that fans that were in Times Square [for my surprise Nokia concert] will get to be in the video, which is gonna be super exciting for them to see themselves,” Nicki told MTV News.

“I’m actually really interested in seeing it,” she added. “I didn’t really know how they were going to make it all happen.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Nicki Minaj’s “Starships” video?

Nicki Minaj: “Starships” Video
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  • Pandora

    Girl we all know you can’t sing. Sigh, American music is seriously struggling these days.

  • hahahah

    Stupid hoe !


    I expected something a little… different! for a RED ONE produced track the video seems a little “low budget” and the green screen shots were pretty roughly edited, the effects were a little “this looks boring so let’s just throw crazy effects in” the starship part was cool, all the money looks like it went into that..

    I’m shooting my new music video for my new single in Tennessee (I’m unsigned so nothing with a HUGE budget) and I’m on tour this summer! check me out on FACEBOOK here:

  • LindsayLohanFan


  • Trinity J

    Nickis new album is actually really good. But the songs that she has made singles so far just arnt her best tracks at all. And the videos are lacking in quality also.

  • The Muffin Man

    ok so i watched till 1.11 and turned it off cause i was disgusted by her body, curves are all good but damn i do not find her body attractive at all shes way to out of proportion and she even moves awkwardly arrgghhh and her voice sounds so crack up shes in this bikini and rapping with a super deep voice haha

  • Andres

    Wow, I didn’t know Nicki had that amazing body. Damn!

  • sandan

    her ass is…weird :/

  • Taylor

    This video isn’t what I’d expect from her or for this song. She doesn’t look like she is in control…rather just writhing around on screen like a director told her to. If you compare it to the Superbass clip…I feel like she was present in that one.


    oh Ewwwwwwww gross she look nasty

  • lafamepoma

    Nowadays people just listen to easy lyrics songs, we must remember huge bands like Queen, Beatles, Blur, Fleetwood Mac, such a pity, but don’t worry most of the singers that are famous now, in ten years nobody will remember them, and th old one will make history

  • Kelly

    This is music? Thank god I grew up in the 90′s with Nirvana,Pearl Jam,Chili Peppers etc…..

  • Cj

    Was this filmed in new Zealand??

  • http://@WDK07 Washington Paz

    ameeei o clip ta tudo de bom…. so podia ser NICKI MINAJ pra ser tao rasgante STARSHIPS….

  • um


  • camillus

    Daily picture of the As_hole Nikki Wh_re. Can’t she just go away body looks photo shopped. What a douche bag. Die Bit_h

  • TZ

    Love Nikki – you twits that are putting her down are the main ones buying her music so STFU!

  • solecito

    It’s obvious her booty is fake.

  • kelly

    omg that made me dizzy


    @TZ: That didn’t even make sense…weak logic from a mindless fan…

  • Christina

    Wow…her butt is so big it looks like it stinks….not attracrtive

  • Les

    SEX STILL SELLS. Curves are in. Holy shit Nicki, your Ass is perfect, your body is outstanding. Those who dis it are jealous. Nicki is Capitalizing on her Barbie Body. Good for her. Don’t be so critical. If this was a friend of yours, you’d be begging to be in a video. A great one hit wonder said ” I like big Butts, and you can not lie, ….”I would take her amazing ass over a skinny chick any day of the week. Nicki you are amazing:)

  • unknown

    It took her 5 days to get 8 million views, While it took Rihanna 2 days to get 7million views on vevo! #RihannaNavy !!!

  • Cody


    exactly, im so glad i grew up listening to metallica and zztop

  • Roni24

    She definately has “birthing” hips and a big ole booty. Obviously she is proud of them since she is always wearing the bare minimum in her videos. I remember reading about how it took quite some time for the video to be released eventhough the song had already reached its peak in the charts and was starting to drop. The reason she gave for the delay was that the video was amazing and she wanted it perfect before it was released. If this video is her idea of amazing then somebody should pull the pipe away from her cuz she must be smoking crack rock. This video is just as bad as “Stupid Hoe.” She should spend more time on making good videos and less time talking about how wonderful she is.

  • Random

    @Pandora: Nicki your awesome don’t listen to them I love your songs but please don’t look so nude next time thanks :):)

  • Ravenstorm

    Just because you people are not making the money she is there is no need for comments like that , If you can t write something nice then write nothing jealousy will get none of you anywhere……..

  • http://facebook deyanira sepulveda

    all she is stupid acs she looks sexy with her big butt

  • http://facebook deyanira sepulveda

    she acs all pretty with her ugly big butt i hate it so much how she acs

  • lorenzio


  • http://twitter hashman

    check out the maori hakka nikki has hit this video rock it all over its so clever and sexy with many artistic over tones and her voice is so beautiful like a lure to bed in the head!!!!!

  • May =^-~=

    her body is gross!




    I find that she as to loses some butt in her pound the alame and satr ship.