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Zac Efron Jokes About Hand Injury

Zac Efron Jokes About Hand Injury

Zac Efron stops to sign a few autographs as he arrives back at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Thursday night (April 26).

The 24-year-old actor (wearing a Life/After/Denim shirt) was joined by Taylor Schilling, as they returned from a promotional tour around Europe for their film, The Lucky One.

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When asked about his hand injury at the premiere in London, Zac joked about how he got it.

“A fan bit me,” Zac shared with press (via People). We wonder what actually happened!

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79 Responses to “Zac Efron Jokes About Hand Injury”

  1. 1
    kyle Says:

    It might be true, who knows?

    I hope he gets well soon.

  2. 2
    Fan Says:

    Sorry I won’t do it again

  3. 3
    alex Says:

    no offense but what is he wearing..?

  4. 4
    Rachel Says:

    The promo is over then?
    Anyway, can’t wait for ‘the paperboy’ !

  5. 5
    Sarah Says:


    Who cares what he’s wearing don’t tell me you look good when you feel like ****

  6. 6
    florence2 Says:

    Jj loves inforimg us that these pair are travelling and arriving places together and implying they are a couple as he’s never done this with any other of his costars. Bet they had a great time rekindlng their chemistry

  7. 7
    I Am Sure Says:

    “Joined” by Schilling…..hmmmm. Suuuuuure, they’re not together. Doesn’t she live in NYC? So why return to LA WITH him??

  8. 8
    eat me Says:

    hahhahaa funny zac! i wonder what happen….

  9. 9
    eat me Says:

    maybe it got slam by the door or drawers? Hahaha i like his answer it’s smart he knows people will talk about it….

  10. 10
    Mary Says:

    Get well soon sweetie.

  11. 11
    lauren Says:

    uh he cut his hand from a fruit accident u stupid trolls

  12. 12
    Fan Says:

    Maybe she has a reading for a new project in L.A.
    We have plenty of Hotels in L.A. How do you know she wasn’t dropped off in N.Y. and they added the pic to Zac’s post? JJr has had a lot of mistakes in reporting.

  13. 13
    R U sure Says:

    @Fan don’t waste your time here the haters only want to hear and believe bad and nasty things about Zac. They will never give him a fair break.

  14. 14
    remember Says:

    Why all the attention to this previously poor guy???

  15. 15
    adam Says:

    zac fans see haters everywhere.LOL

  16. 16
    GIM Says:

    @adam: yep zac efron fans, all four of them.:) what a bunch of losers

  17. 17
    kaskaskas Says:

    Too much clothes

  18. 18
    florence2 Says:

    He has said that his preference is for older women so I’d say that they fully reconnected in every way this promo and that is why they arriving and leaving places together hand holdingo the carpet, him hand onher butt her giving him loving looks I’d say he has found his next gf and good luck to her.

  19. 19
    lauren Says:

    tbh can you just stop, we get it you dont like zac and you believe everything you read and hear.
    go to v’s post were you love her more.

  20. 20
    tc Says:

    @I Am Sure: Exactly and that is the big question. Right now he looks like a d-bag Hollywood Player dating as many starlets and one old chick as he can. If that is their intention they are succeeding. It doesn’t help that he makes comments that come out of his very own mouth that makes it seem as if he had an affair with his co-star here, and is very experienced in the sex dept. The co -star does the same. If it was for PR to get people to see the film it will be interesting to see if it worked. right now the film is doing well because it was a Nicholas Sparks film and it ended well. Usually the main character dies and the love story is a sad one. This film had one sex symbol Zefron and the girl could have been anyone. So they capitalized on that and his first sex scenes. By saying he enjoyed them so much and that he had fun falling in love. he had love at first sight with this woman. That is all fine unless you have a memory. Had the timing been different with this film it would be no big deal, just two single co-stars hooking up. But this guy had a relationship that was loved by many, he portrayed himself to be the most loving, considerate, thoughtful Boyfriend in the world. His fans and the exes fans remember that so by him stating these facts about the current co-star either he is the most callous dumb a** in the world or the affair happened. So is it for PR with Taylor ot Lily we will soon see. Lily who cares it will look as if he’s daing his sister since they look so much alike. This chick it will look funny since she looks so old next to him, but this one will be tainted just because it looks like he hid the fact that something went on back when he was in a relationship. If they had trouble as stated in an interview today that was fine but he should have broke up before taking up with this girl that’s all. He looks like a liar since that summer of 2010 he declared how in love he was with his then girlfriend after years of silence about his personal life. I think the what you call Haters are more into just exposing him as a typical jerk and liar instead of havng him always portrayed as a saint that gets away with everything. Definitely there is a double standard in Hollywood and he is the one who benefits always. I think it will not matter after this who he beds because then it will be that girlfriends problem. Fortunately for him and whoever that girl is nobody will care, since he lies about his life anyway. Actually I will feel sorry for that girl she will have to put him with his flirty dirty laundry. If that Hollywood Life article is the truth then heaven help anyone who gets involved with him . I will be waiting for the tell all book from one of his sex partners unless there is a baby announcement first.

  21. 21
    Bunnylover Says:

    @GIM: can I just say that for only having 4 fans there sure were squashing me pretty good on Monday!!

  22. 22
    R U sure Says:

    @florence2 Wrong again go to Socialitelife .com
    It states perfectly clear they went their separate ways , sorry to disappoint you. NOT

  23. 23
    Deb Says:

    @Florence & @tc:
    Why don’t you just take your stupid, moronic, FALSE comments and stick them where the sun doesn’t shine (like in between your idol and her BF’s lips that are never apart).

  24. 24
    Maria Says:

    @florence2: @tc:
    Did you two take a special class on how to be stupid, or does it just come naturally to you?

  25. 25
    Zzzz Says:

    Zac and Taylor do not, and never did have a relationship more than just friends. After Vanessa cheated on Zac with Josh Hutcherson, Zac leaned on Taylor as a friend only, for comfort and advice over the breakup.

  26. 26
    tc Says:

    Deb and Maria Hit a nerve did I? Sometimes the truth hurts and we will soon see won’t we. Oh and newsflash I do like Vanessa her Bf not so much but I unlike you can see her mistakes loud and clear
    she is not perfect but has never pretended to be. LOL on that Taylor wearing the dark glasses like she is somebody . I will give Zac the right to wear them he is a heartthob she will fade away into oblivion. Unless of coarse she becomes the public girlfriend of that heartthob.Ask Lily collins how dated him helps your career.

  27. 27
    tc Says:

    @Zzzz: So it seems as if he had Taylor to lean on and it seems like you blame V and the same can be said about him . I think the same exact thing about her turning to Josh when her heart was broken . So I guess they are both cheaters or not since neither one of us were there to see what happened. The only differece is he is talking about it now during this promo. Where V didn’t Josh said he dated her during J2 well the thing is J2 was filming way after the break up so I will give you that she had a rebound with Josh. The actual Cheater well they know who did it. Now it doesn’t matter since they hate each other. I just offense to him being so phony ,

  28. 28
    shanghai Says:

    Why does Zac get so much hate and why do these haters even care and bother to comment. Everyone that meets him and that includes all the media and talk show hosts in Australia that met him recently were all really impressed with him and a sincere and genuine person. As for relationships who is to know at what stage a relationship breaks down but he and Zanessa were to together and happy for a long time but it ended and both have moved on. Dont think Zac will be dating any one soon the guys schedule is insane!!

  29. 29
    Deb Says:

    No, you didn’t hit a nerve. I just hate liars like you. I’m pretty sure that Zac does not need your permission to wear sunglasses, nor does Taylor. Who do you think you are, anyway?

  30. 30
    Zzzz Says:

    “I just offense to him being so phony”
    What the heck does that mean? If you’re going to post comments, the least you could do is learn how to write.
    Now, show me something where Zac has said that he cheated on V. You can’t.

  31. 31
    Revenge-Is-Sweet Says:

    I really can’t believe what I’m reading here.
    The haters and jerks here will always hate him. It would be finally time to get a life and leave him alone. He doesn’t need such jerks, I really don’t believe what low lives are here. All of you who just spit poison and hate towards him, should listen to yourself and be ashamed to the ground.

    Has just one of the jerks here read or heard the interviews from Germany. Probably not, because the most of you are unable to read German. Too bad, here’s something he said in a interview to the reporters of a German magazine. “I have no girlfriend. I’m happy as a single, and not even looking for a woman.” If you love, you give someone parts of your heart and your soul that are really private. “Those who love, make themselves vulnerable. “But true love is the only thing that matters.” And further in the text: “If you love, you give someone parts of your heart and your soul that are really private. “Those who love, make themselves vulnerable. Nevertheless true love is the only thing that matters.” The headline of the article was: Zac Efron does not think of a relationship.

    So, now the haters have way more material to hate him, while all other people will understand him. He is young guy and has finally the chance to live his life. And a lot of people out there think the same as me.

  32. 32
    florence2 Says:

    It’s always the same with zacs fan’s they hate anyone saying anything negative about him and portray him as this perfect guy who does no wrong and then gang up on anyone who dates to say he is’nt. But ate quick enough to believe anything and everything about Vanessa being the one who wonged him in theirvrelactionship but anyone dare suggest that Zac could have been the one who wronged her is a no no. Once again double standards she can do nothing right and he can do nothing wrong all because he’s supposed to be this great sex symbol a tag he says he hates yea sure he does.

  33. 33
    R U sure Says:

    @florence2 You are one to talk. You are the first to jump all over Zac , even twisting things around. You give your opinion as if it is fact. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Just like you were wrong about the arrival.Was he suppose to leave her in Germany?

  34. 34
    Bunnylover Says:

    @florence2: you jump on Zac if he sneezes and you think he shouldn’t! And please could you go back over your messages before submitting ‘cos it is very hard to understand you sometimes! :)

  35. 35
    Deb Says:

    @R U sure: @Bunnylover:
    When it comes to Florence, you should just consider the source…….. An 8 year old child who cannot read with comprehension, cannot write, and thinks that s e x is something dirty and nasty. She cannot separate the real world from the movie/acting world (a lot of Zac haters have this problem).

  36. 36
    florence2 Says:

    i’m sure Zac would love to know how down right nasty and be litterling his fan’s are to other people who dare to not fawn all over him. I’m well over 8yrs old can read perfectly fine otherwise I would’nt be able to reply to people like you, never said I was perfect because I certainly am not@Deb:

  37. 37
    florence2 Says:

    I never said sex was something dirty or nasty because it is’nt efron is the one who yet again when promoting a film is the one who gushes about how great the scenes were for him he sounds like the one who can’t seperate the movie world from the acting world he constantly brings up the sex/love aspect, even in his next movie yet again by jj own words he walks around half the time in his undwear and has sex scenes with Nicole kidm an who already efron is gushing over and that film does’nt come out until november, I guess jj wants to keep from in the public eye because between now and then he’s not got much else coming out.

    Efron complains about being called a sex symbol and being called a hearthrob but you can tell he loves the labels the one of him being taken as a serious actor or even leading man are years and years away from becoming a reality for him so for now he goes with his look’s and body to sell his movies and that will only last for so long.

  38. 38
    He's pure stupidity Says:

    I would be perfectly fine with Efron, if he didn’t open his mouth. He does NOT think before he speaks, does NOT care who he hurts. It’s been a pattern for him for years. So can someone just duct tape his stupid mouth shut??

  39. 39
    R U sure Says:

    @florence2 He walks around in his underwear , because that’s what the role calls for.So you undersatand THAT WAS NOT HIS IDEA. THE ROLE CALLED FOR IT. His “Love/Sex ” scenes fade to black. It is other stars that are more graphic. BTW JJ is not the authority on everything and does make mistakes. I’m sorry that Zac doesn’t say how much he hates love scens , just to make you happy. The movie is going to Cannes, something must be right about it. I’m sorry this isn’t a classy movie like Spring Breakers .I think that one has drugs and orgies in it.Oh and your precious darling also.

  40. 40
    Bunnylover Says:

    @florence2: if the film sticks closely to the book you are really gonna hate it since not only does his character walk around in swimming trunks most of the time, he also is aroused half the time and gets stripped naked at one point. Though I understand that this has been toned down. But if these things were in the movie, that would not be Zac’s fault. What is he supposed to do? Say how much he hated making the film? That wouldn’t go down very well! :)

  41. 41
    LMAO Says:

    @R U sure: Your ‘precious darling’s’ movie is going to Cannes because of Kidman’s performance. Other than that, the word is, it’s a confusing hot mess from those who screened it. I have a scenario for you…….you’re the mysterious one he’s been hiding for a year in cars, delivery trucks, etc., who is so ‘understanding’, but you’re just itching to come out, so you’re planting all this nonsense so the tabloids can make you famous now.

  42. 42
    shanghai Says:

    Seems some Vanessa fans hate on Zac because of the break up. Sometimes no one is at fault when a relationship is done. They were together and happy for a long time then either one or both wanted to end it. No ones fault so stop hating on either of them and let them move on. Dont see Zac having a girlfriend any time soon because he never seems to be in any one country long enough!! Whilst I dont think Zac is perfect I dont think he deserves all these negative comments even if you are a Vanessa fan.

  43. 43
    tree Says:

    @R U sure – Don’t let all the haters who hate just to hate get to you. I have to agree only on the point where if Zac wants to be considered and seen as a more mature actor he should probably consider not making some of the comments that he does. I don’t feel he needs to say some of the stuff he does to the extreme that he does. Complimenting a co star is one thing but Zac tends to gush and comment on the sex scenes in a way that makes him look somewhat childish. Someone in his camp should teach or instruct him to handle these interviews a little more professionally, I think it would make him come across more mature to his fans.

  44. 44
    Whatever Says:

    @R U sure: Why must you make snide comparisons to his ex?? There is no comparison. He is THE one, who was SUPPOSED to make it big after HSM, not Vanessa. She is just plugging away, taking on roles that are challenging and will give her a broader resume. Her career can never compare to what his should be as a male heartthrob with only leading roles. But she will work harder, cause she has to fight for roles, and deal with prejudice and racism from the peeps who hand roles to vacuous pretty white girls. Stop knocking her and stick to your Zac love.

  45. 45
    Whatever Says:

    @He’s pure stupidity: I totally agree. He comes across as a silly fanboy gushing, instead of a professional actor, who should, of course, be complimentary, yet considerate. He has NO concept of that.

  46. 46
    R U sure Says:

    @LMAO I just said it was going to Cannes,I never said it was because of him. But he is in it. I would love to be that person in the scenario , only problem is , I’m a a guy.
    @All of you. I was not the one who did that scenario or gave out all that information. That person even apologized for using R U sure.I had it first. Just like I suspect someone else is using Zzzz , such a change in tone.
    @tree you are right Zac has a big mouth at times and speaks without thinking. BTW I think it was nice the way you stood by both Zac and Vanessa
    @Whatever I was petty and I admit it, I was just showing Florence2 anybody can say something nasty and hurtful .If people don’t like it, then don’t critize others. That street runs two ways.

  47. 47
    tree Says:

    @R U sure #1 – I say #1 because you had it first. So #1 you are not the one who talked about the hypothetic scenario or the one who knows Zac and talked about the breakup. That was @R U sure #2 who apologized for using the same name. However, you are both guys. I would never hate on V or Z, I always just try and understand them.

  48. 48
    R U sure Says:

    @tree I’m not the one who talked about the scenario, I would never say anything about his private life like that. I never said if I know him or not and I never will. I’m a guy. I have no idea about the other one ,except he said he was a guy also. I would never hate them.

  49. 49
    Still talking about him? Says:

    I think Zac just needs to STFU and think before he speaks, I think it is more immaturity than malice that causes him to say some of the things he does. Hopefully, he will grow out of this as his career evolves. I don’t think he has or had anything going with Taylor Schilling. She seems nice, down to earth but I really don’t think she is his type. One thing about Efron, he’s effusive towards his co-workers and friends (Ashley) when there’s nothing going on. But if he’s involved with someone he’ll clam up and will keep it close to the vest.

  50. 50
    Whatever Says:

    I think we can agree on a few things here. One, he has user friends, who probably contributed a great deal to the problems in his last relationship, as well as his life. He needs to purge them. And grow some balls. Two, he needs to put an end to his immature comments and think before he speaks. Three, he overdoes promo for his movies, ad nauseum. Selling it is one thing; looking foolish is another thing.

  51. 51
    amelia25 Says:

    Beautiful Zac!

  52. 52
    R U sure Says:

    @Whatever I will agree with 1 & 2. ut three if he toned it down a bit. Each city is different he does what is needed. Misquotes in articles doesn’t help any. I won’t say which one , but one is so out of character for the way he speaks and acts..

  53. 53
    Maria Says:

    Okay, miss older-than-8, tell me what this means:
    “……..nasty and be litterling his fan’s……..”

    What do you want him to do when the interviewers ask him about the sex scenes? Please tell me. They are the ones bringing it up, not Zac.

  54. 54
    tree Says:

    The interviewers bring up the sex scenes but Zac creates the answers. He could take a more professional approach to his answers, give a more mature answer. I don’t believe anyone has anything against Zac appearing in the sex scenes in any of his movies, but when he is interviewed he needs to be more professional in his answers.
    @R U sure – I am not talking about written articles, I’m talking about video straight from Zac’s mouth interviews. Hi PR team needs to get him to answer in a more mature manner.

  55. 55
    R U sure Says:

    @tree I agree with you . There are times when he speakes he is very good. Then sometimes he doesn’t think and goes over the line. I know what he is saying and I can undestand why others take it the wrong way. nstead of an adult , he sounds like a teenage boy reading Playboy for the first time. I’ll use this as an example (this is my opinion, I wont argue about it) when he says he and Taylor Shilling got to know each other in every way , that made the love scenes easier. He meant mentally and emontionaly so they would connect on screen. A great deal of people took it to mean they had sex. It is my understanding they didn’t.

  56. 56
    florence2 Says:

    @Maria: I’m sure you know what nasty means and the other word is when his fan’s try and make people feel really small all becuase they have a different opinion to what some of his fan’s have. And when he answers about sex scenes he could do it more professional he’s been in the buinsess long enough to know how his replys come across, and sometimes he does sound like a hornyteenager instead of his nearly 25yrs old it does’nt make him sound cool like obvioulsy he and his pr team think it does or prove that he is all grown up in fact it makes him sound the opposite and that’s why it can annoy people, obvioulsy not you and that’s fine you have your opinion of him and take whatever he says as gospel and I have mine.

    You choose to reply to me I’m not asking you or anybody else to share my opinion of him.

  57. 57
    Maria Says:

    “……..nasty and be litterling his fan’s……..”
    Oh, you mean the word “belittle” I guess. Geez, Florence, it might help if you checked your posts before pressing the submit button. Punctuation would help also.
    What I don’t get about you is that you obviously hate him and disapprove of him. So why do you even read threads about him and post negative things about him? You do it because you enjoy upsetting his fans. You enjoy saying mean things about him and getting a reaction from the people who like him. That’s really a sad statement about your personality.

  58. 58
    florence2 Says:

    Mso I guess that his fans can upset Vanessa fan’s and that’s okay because his fan’s are just as bad towards her and her fan’s. If his fan’s choose to reply to me then that’s their choice and it’s my choice to reply to comments made against me. I check jj daily for other people not Zac but if there is a post and i feel like commenting then I’m going to do so.

    I post comments on other stars on this site not just Zac.@Maria:

  59. 59
    Whatever Says:

    @Maria: Then please remind lauren, eat me, Deb, kelly martineau, hey there!, Merlin’s Mum/jellybean/bunnylover, and several others to stop doing the same to her.

  60. 60
    Rachel Says:

    Well the haters are all out!! Haha! Its so funny that if you dislike them so much, you prefer to come here and write essays on them instead of ignoring their thread! Its pretty hilarious actually.

  61. 61
    Rachel Says:

    I meant that if you dislike someone soo much, why come on their threads and write crap about them instead of ignoring? Honestly, its sad that since the break-up, Zac and V’s fans act like two enemy armies..just ignore his/her thread instead of writing disgusting comments. I guess its not asking too much or is disliking them and writing sick comments about his/her fun?

  62. 62
    Rachel Says:


  63. 63
    Maria Says:

    One person at a time, please. One at a time. ;)
    Not defending anyone on either side. It just baffles me that these people are so full of hate for people that they don’t even have a personal relationship with. And because they don’t know them personally, they don’t know the truth about what went on between them. Yet they act like they are the authority on all things Zac and Vanessa.

  64. 64
    Maria Says:

    First, you will have to interpret for me what “mso” means.
    No, it is not okay for anyone to intentionally go on a thread and post mean, wicked, nasty things about someone. It is not okay for someone to post these things to intentionally upset other people. Regardless of what your rights are to come here and upset people, if you didn’t do it, then no one would respond to you. There is another Maria who does not like Zac, but she stays on Vanessa’s threads and responds to V haters there. But she doesn’t go looking for trouble like you do. Just because other people do it doesn’t make it alright.

  65. 65
    florence2 Says:

    The m stands for your name. Compared to some of the comments that people post mine are mild I have and never would wish physical harm to Zac or to his family and friends or wish him dead like some fan’s have towards him and to Vanessa.
    I don’t post comments to upset anyone my comments are aimed at Zac and how I feel about things if some of his fan’s don’t like the comments and choose to reply then so be it.

    I don’t go looking for trouble but I’m sure as hell not gong to get slagged off by people and not stand up for myself.

  66. 66
    Bunnylover Says:

    @Whatever: I’m not ‘Jellybean’ or ‘Merlin’s Mum’ And I don’t bash V without reason. useually when others are ranting at Zac for doing the same things as her

  67. 67
    Tony Says:

    Wow, didn’t take long for TLO to drop to 5th place. Guess Zac’s little fan girls only saw it 10 times instead of 20.


  68. 68
    Derpina Says:

    @Tony: The places 2, 3, 4 and 5 in box office was very close this week, according to Box Office Mojo, TLO is in third place

  69. 69
    Tony Says:

    Box Office Mojo. Right now it’s at #5:

  70. 70
    Whatever Says:

    I’ll be honest. TLO has done better than I thought another lame Sparks movie would do. Still don’t think it is a hit, but after the horrid trailers and clips, I expected it to crash and burn.

  71. 71
    VanFan Says:

    Those are estimates. Actuals aren’t reported until Monday.

  72. 72
    Maria Says:

    So, you still haven’t told me what “mso” is.
    Zac doesn’t read JJ, so if you are aiming your comments at him, you are really wasting your time. You do come here to intentionally upset people, and also to start trouble. Don’t lie. Everyone knows exactly what your agenda is.

  73. 73
    Deb Says:

    You are reading the chart incorrectly. It is sorted in order of Sunday’s estimates, not for the entire weekend. I can post a link that puts it in #2, but it is for Friday.
    If you add up each day’s estimates, then Derpina is right. It’s in 3rd, but there is only $75,000 separating 2nd and 3rd for the weekend.

  74. 74
    florence2 Says:

    @Maria: M is the start of your name and so is the start of the sentence.

    And by your logic then any comments aimed at zac good or bad aren’t going to be read by him becuase he does’nt check jj so why does anybody bother writing anything, you can think what you like about me I really don’t care you are the one who keeps replying to my comments and in a negative way but hey that’s fine by me, I don’t have a agenda but if you or anybody else wants to think that then go ahead.

    And obvioulsy the comments are aimed at him becuae they are on a article about him.

  75. 75
    Rachel Says:

    TLO was second on Friday. But from what I’ve read its 3rd for the entire weekend not 5th. Its 3rd, almost all the websites say that! TLO has done well, like it or not:D
    ‘Another holdover, the Zac Efron tear-jerker “The Lucky One,” also had a solid second weekend in theaters, grossing $11.3 million’.

  76. 76
    Bunnylover Says:

    To be honest, I’m not expecting TLo to do that well here in the UK as it has not really been promoted that well. Although the way the premiere was done it allowed fans to get really close (yay!!) it was so out of the way that most people didn’t know where the hell it was! And the advert has barely been on the TV. :(

  77. 77
    LoveNessa Says:

    I’ve been reading the exchange between you and Maria. I have to say, you should really work on your writing skills. How you figure “mso” translates to the first letter of her name, and then the word “so” as the beginning of the sentence is just laughable. Using punctuation and capitals would help a lot as well.

    She is correct that Zac does not read JJ, so if you are aiming comments at him, they aren’t getting to him. The only reason someone would come here and say bad things about Zac is to upset his fans. You can deny it all you want, but we know that is what you enjoy doing.

  78. 78
    sam Says:

    My 17 yr old cuz has links to every interview Zac has ever done and every article written about him. She’s always trying to “prove” to me and her friends what a great dude Zac is. So, I thought this programmed Zac quote about “not clubbing” was uber funny. Also what the blog person says about it.

    “I don’t find myself drawn to that scene. I think acting is a tradition that far predates celebrity and, today, the two are just meshing. It’s not even that I’ve made a conscious decision not to party. I don’t think clubbing is a choice you make. You can have fun with friends without being part of that scene.”

  79. 79
    R U sure Says:

    @ Sam You haven’t changed any in four years?

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