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Daniel Craig: 'Skyfall' Turkey Photo Call!

Daniel Craig: 'Skyfall' Turkey Photo Call!

Daniel Craig flashes a smile at the Skyfall photo call held at Ciragan Palace on Sunday (April 29) in Istanbul, Turkey.

The 44-year-old British actor was joined by Naomie Harris, Berenice Marlohe, Ola Rapace, director Sam Mendes, and various producers to mark the start of filming the lastest James Bond movie in the city.

In case you missed them, check out the recently released Skyfall pictures, and be sure to check out the film on November 9 of this year.

FYI: Berenice is wearing a Roksanda Illincic dress.

10+ pictures inside of Daniel Craig and his cast mates at the photo call for Skyfall

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Credit: Burak Kara; Photos: Getty
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  • Fio

    Berenice Marlohe Talks SKYFALL, Playing a Femme Fatale/Bond Girl, How She Was Cast, and More
    What makes Daniel sexy?

    Marlohe: What you see on magazines is very boring, because it’s cold and most of the time it doesn’t have charisma. What’s very important is personality and what you have to say, because then it’s the magical aura you spread; it’s your personality. So when I got to meet him finally, he had such a beautiful humanity, very grounded, very nice personality, sense of humor, truly a great person. So this is what makes someone sexy or attractive.

  • Fio

    Naomie Harris Talks SKYFALL, Her Favorite Bond and Bond Girl, the Moneypenny Rumors and More
    What makes Daniel Craig special as Bond?

    Harris: I really, really love Daniel Craig as Bond. Casino Royale, for me, was the first Bond movie that really affected me and really connected with me and it was because of his portrayal of Bond because there was more frailty to his Bond, he was more human. If he fell, it was like he was really going to get hurt. So, for me as an audience member, there was more at stake. And also, the idea of a Bond who actually feels and gets connected to a Bond woman and that’s something I haven’t seen before in the previous Bonds and I felt like it was more emotional because of that and a better journey as an audience by watching it.

  • Fio

    Daniel Craig and Producer Barbara Broccoli Talk SKYFALL, Going “Classic Bond”, Invoking the Wit of Ian Fleming and More
    In Casino Royale you gave Bond a very different personality. Where will you take him now?

    Craig: Go-go dancer.


  • Fio

    Director Sam Mendes Talks SKYFALL, How to Craft a Bond Film, the Franchise’s Similarity to DOCTOR WHO, and More
    Mendes: The first time I saw the movie, I was like, “You’ve got to be joking! You can’t do that to the poor man!” But it was too…they were playing almost embarrassment, almost apologized for having a new Bond and I thought that was wrong, and I thought what they got right was Casino Royale. There was a kind of “We don’t need Q, we don’t need Moneypenny. We’ve got this character. We’re going right back to basics. He’s real, he’s in a real situation. Let’s start all over again.” I thought that was very refreshing.

    That’s why I mentioned the word in the press conference, “regeneration” rather than “evolving,” because I feel it is like, you know, we have Doctor Who…there’s a geek answer…we have Doctor Who and I was brought up on the idea of Doctor Who, who at the end of his final episode, he dissolves and a new actor pops up and he regenerates and it’s a whole other character: sometimes it’s an old man, sometimes it’s a young man, but he just changes. I’ve always loved that idea.

  • Fio

    20 Things to Know About SKYFALL From Our Istanbul, Turkey Set Visit; Plus Video Blog Recap

  • Fio

    Bir sonraki Bond kızı Türkiye’den olabilir
    (Google Translation)
    Turkey may be the next Bond girl
    “007 James Bond” series, the 50th anniversary taken Turkey “Skyfall” film celebrating. As in the previous two Bond film starring Daniel Craig is still there. Craig held a press conference last day at the Ciragan Palace, Turkey has only one private interview with Butterfly. Marlohe sexy Bond girls, and Naomie Harris as Berenice answered our questions.

    First of all, welcome to our country. This is the second of your arrival in Turkey. Have you noticed any changes?

    Daniel Craig: I’ve just come to Istanbul, so I did not have time to wander, but I’ve never seen so many changes have been. Now there are more cars. And the traffic …

    A long time has passed since the last Bond film. Why has this much time?

    - Most of the time we have a great under pressure. Took a long time to write the script this time, indeed, pick up the cast. But I love to spend time in a movie.

    Sam Mendes’ films CHILDHOOD PAST BOND

    Is your friend, and Sam Mendes’ Oscar-winning “Skyfall” u manage the proposal götürdüğünüzü you know him. How do you explain this?

    - It is very important in a job, who will manage the next film. Sam Mendes have a name, such as behind the camera made me very happy. I know how he is a Bond fan. Childhood following the previous Bond films.

    Did I understand that you never regret to propose as a director? I do not know, maybe some of you very forced scenes …

    - No, absolutely not. Also I like to force me. I have great working with her. Tempomuz very intense and difficult task, but very nice to work with someone spoke the same language.

    Javier Bardem, I persuaded

    Sam Mendes may have been willing to do artistic approach with the Bond series?

    - Especially not with him for artistic approach. All the films was carrying a good artistic features already in my eyes. We have opportunities in this film is not in the hands of many people. Vast possibilities in terms of budget and resources. So that people can work the best in his business. Besides artistic approach comes spontaneously.

    What about Javier Bardem, who plays the film’s bad guy?

    - I am convinced I had it too. I can say that my favorite actor. Here, too, a great performance. To my great pleasure to work with him.

    Turkish people is unchanging friendship and generosity

    James Bond is coming to Istanbul for the third time on, and yet did not even flirt with a Turkish woman!

    - You are so yellow! How do you know? (Laughs)

    So it is you say so then. Which cities did you go earlier visit to Turkey?

    - 15 years ago, I came to Istanbul and Izmir. Changed a lot. But do not exaggerate the hospitality of Turkish people, friendship and generosity is really very special and unchanging.

    Bond may be one of his girls in the future I wonder Turks?

    - It would be nice.

    You know you’re involved in it, too scriptwriting …

    - A prediction about what will be the next Bond film where you could be found, but very nice to be here. I would love to come to Turkey again more of a Bond film.

    And maybe a Bond girl in the Turkish …

    - Maybe.

    What do you know about Turkish cinema?

    - I do not know too sadly. I need to be educated on this subject.


    My friends, especially men, you’ve got your form asked how protecting. Are curious about your exercise program.

    - Going to the gym. After work four or five times a week doing sports. Also stay connected to have a strict regime. Need to maintain my form, because my job is really a job that requires physical strength.

    Berenice Marlohe: I love your food, like I’m in heaven

    You are the new Bond girl. A mysterious, complex, very sexy and very beautiful.

    - Thank you.

    Please tell us about your character in this film a little bit?

    - But I can not give too much information.

    For example, how much are sexy?

    - So, a few interesting and sexy scenes in the film. Attractive and sexy scenes all the necessary respect for the James Bond films, our hero is reflected in the interaction between the women.

    What was your favorite Bond girl?

    - Barbara Carrera.

    Have an interest in James Bond films SPECIAL

    How to be a Bond girl’ve gone through the process?

    - In Paris, I heard they were there audition. “James Bond” films have a special interest against. He wanted to see my work, so the producer.

    Did you have a child dreams of being Bond girl?

    - Yes, I’m already in the “James Bond” movies, I grew up watching. Previous to show my work to seeking out people who have worked on this project. And finally I found the cast and director Debbie McWilliams’in e-mail address, everything started that way.

    It feels like to go to France to Hollywood? Should be a big change for you.

    - In fact, “James Bond” films from France, had come out ahead. Because there is difficulty in finding employment. Agencies Who knew you were asking, but I wanted to come to a place in this business with the ability, not by push. So I went to Hollywood and lived there two or three months. Was so good for me. When I returned to Paris after the withdrawal from the heard of this film.

    VERY BEAUTIFUL pass the time with Daniel Craig

    Why not the others you’ve been selected as a Bond girl, Have you ever wondered?

    - I think that much impact talent! (Laughs) Joking aside, I try very hard. I can say I worked day and night before the audition. Şanslıyımdır too. This is news even for auditions lucky. Sam Mendes, the character I played was looking for some eastern mystique. Role seçilmemde, I think that the effect of paternal’m Asian.

    What can you say about Daniel Craig?

    - Very good player and very nice to spend time with him. One of the fun and humorous. We love him as Bond girls.

    I love humus and bread HERE

    A little understanding of fashion tell us about the new Bond girls? What kind of clothes do you wear?

    - There are different styles.

    This Bond girl outfit on you?

    - No, but I could not. Very elegant, sexy and feminine have our dress. But there are also dresses as a reflection of Hitchcock films. Designed especially for a scene in the film too loud, I’m wearing clothes literally a femme fatale.

    Especially that scene will be waiting eagerly. Finally, the Turkish audiences Would you like to say something?

    - I love your food. Continuous food I eat, I’m like in heaven.

    Like What is your favorite meal?

    - I loved the side dishes. In particular, I loved the hummus and bread. Meats a …

    Since arriving in Turkey from eating too much bread in the Sam Mendes ediyormuş complaint.

    - Yes, because the bread is really very nice.

    Naomie Harris: Bond girl that I had to keep

    Welcome to Turkey …

    - Thank you.

    How are you getting?

    - Excellent!

    How long is it since I came?

    - Been here for a while. Adana had shots. We came to Istanbul a week ago. This is an incredible place. Air is also very beautiful.

    First Time in Istanbul?

    - Yes, I’m coming for the first time. People are very warm and the food were very good. We spend a great time here.

    Did anything surprise you in Istanbul?

    - On the way here amazes me, everything I say is not any expectation. Galata’daydım yesterday. I see people fishing on the bridge, was very interesting.

    Been no time to shop?

    - No, I would have shot the Grand Bazaar, but did not have time to do some shopping. I need to go there again.

    Some buildings being damaged during the action sequences Bazaar have speculated about the shooting. What do you think about this topic?

    - The glass had been told something about the crash scene, but in fact he was a part of the set. Definitely not an original structure. Our aim is to reflect the history of architecture and the incredible Grand Bazaar. For this, we are here. There, we do not want to harm in any way.

    Told my mother that had the part ONLY

    Feels like to be a Bond girl?

    - A wonderful feeling.

    The Role Do you remember when they offered you?

    - Of course. Was in Washington for another movie. I learned that I received a call from my agent and role. I was so excited. But it is also a bit annoying.

    Does annoying?

    - Yes, because I had to keep secret. Two months after the disclosure would be made and I can not say anyone be playing this role.

    Could not tell anyone for two months?

    - I told my mother.

    Zorlanmışsınızdır I’m sure to keep a secret …

    - Yes, but later leaked to the press and people began to ask me. I said, “Yes, can you believe I’ll be Bond girl!” I wanted to say, but unfortunately, diyemiyordum. “No, I do not understand what you mean,” I had to say and it was very frustrating. So now everything is very nice to have known.


    How you had a preparation period?

    - I did a study of eight months. Work outside of the physical exercises were also throwing weapons. Diet did not do it, but mostly I eat to be strong. I have to say I loved the Adana kebabs.

    What is the best and the worst part of being a Bond girl?

    - Well do not think any bad of being a Bond girl. I love it all away.

    Things have changed in your life?

    - To be in Turkey, travel the world, working with Daniel Craig and yönetmenimizle was very nice to me.

    Your favorite James Bond?

    - Absolutely, Daniel Craig.

    James Bond’la how to work with your favorite then?

    - One of the really great. I have a very good sense of humor. Very hard working and fully committed to work. An inspirational player. Him and his movies always fascinated me.

    So Sam Mendes? He is also very good director …

    - Yes, a great director. The director liked the direction he is the complete player. The most important thing for him, the real emotion in a scene reflect between two players. Action and other things very well, of course, but it is important for the players. Action to be this way and I think it should remain in the background.

  • Fio

    (VIDEO) Daniel Craig: Bond Plot Is For Our Eyes Only

  • Fio
  • Fio

    (PIC) Daniel and Rachel on set
    (Google Translation)

    James Bond romanticism
    Daniel Craig, Bond franchise’s latest film “Skyfall” Weisz’le Rachell his wife came to Istanbul for the filming. For days the people who dublörlerini Bond, Craig after shooting his wife walking hand in hand to identify the Eminonu.

  • susan

    to FIO

    thanks for all of the posts. it looks like Rachel has finished up with all of her previous film commitments; at least for now. and since she pulled out of the Railway Man Rachel now has free time to spend with Daniel. which is wonderful for both of them

  • susan

    Armed and dangerous: Daniel Craig’s Bond causes chaos in a Turkish market in latest scenes for Skyfall
    PUBLISHED: 12:57 GMT, 2 May 2012 |

    As much as he tries to be discreet, there will always be times when James Bond’s fight against evil caused chaos to the public.
    And in the upcoming film Skyfall, 007 ruins a Turkish market stall as he gives chase to – or runs away from – a villain.
    Spotted filming on location in Istanbul, actor Daniel Craig leaves a market trader smarting when he knocks his orange stall over.

    The 23rd Bond film sees 007′s loyalty to MI6 head M (Dame Judi Dench) challenged when he finds out secrets from her past.
    He also experiences a ‘combination of lassitude, boredom, depression [and] difficulty with what he’s chosen to do for a living’.
    Speaking to Collider, Mendes said the film would delve deeper into Bond’s relationship with M.

    He said: ‘We’ve gone further into their relationship… I thought it was a master stroke when they cast Judi (Dench) way back… because the character… became this female figure, there was a maternal aspect to it.
    ‘There was much more complexity in the relationship and I think we’ve taken that a little further.
    ‘Judi, to me, is one of the great actors of the English-speaking world and so it’s a question of… what can we give her that will take her to another level we’ve never seen her before?’

    Playing the villain is Spanish actor Javier Bardem, whose character Raoul Silva has been described as ‘more than a villain’.
    The upcoming film stars French actress Bérénice Marlohe and Brit star Naomie Harris.
    Marlohe plays the ‘glamorous and enigmatic’ Sévérine, while Harris plays a field agent called Eve.

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