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Did Taylor Swift Have Plastic Surgery?

Did Taylor Swift Have Plastic Surgery?
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  • stan

    Leave her alone! Kind of tacky that gossip media is going for clicks with these kind of made-up stories. And she is a nice person too…not some Kardashian trash. Anybody who has the ability (not common in gossip media apparently) to use their brain should be able to put this one together. She was seen with this supposed new figure 4 days ago….3days ago she was tweeting pics of her and Selena while being back to her normal breast size. LMAO @ Hollywood Life running both of these stories and writing an article wanting Taylor to admit to her new boobs 2 days ago. I was literally rolling on the floor with how moronic this is. And other gossip sheep just keep the copy-paste button ready?

    Hollywood. :D

  • druevalentine

    yeas it’s true ha ha¡¡¡

  • Jin

    Don’t think Taylor Swift did. Her face doesn’t look fake like Jennifer Aniston’s.

  • Ouch!

    If she did, I don’t see any problem with it. At 22 I highly doubt her boobs were going to get any bigger and if she feels more comfortable now good for her.

  • XYZ

    I think she’s just wearing a push up bra in the comparison picture.

  • BEAN

    So who cares. I’d have a boob job if I was rich too. That said it’d be to make them smaller. I’d have a bunch of stuff done actually. Who cares!

  • tara

    She did have a boob job. If you look a pictures of her before last February and after you see…

    Of course it’s her business what she does with her body…but I am disappointed. I didn’t think she was like that.

  • BEAN

    @tara: Didn’t think she was like what? Having a boob job doesn’t say anything about ones character, so please like what? The only reason people have surgery is because they don’t like how something is and if she did, I imagine the reason was that she was self conscious about it. Fair enough to be ‘disappointed’ she is not confident but EVERYBODY has insecurities and sometimes they don’t go away.

    I’m not trying to attack you or anything but I think we need to get this idea that having surgery somehow makes you a bad person, weird, idk deforms your personality or whatever. That is so stupid!!! Actually being completely confident (whether that comes from surgery) about yourself is the way forward and that confidence allows you to be all that you are.

    I don’t even think she had surgery, I think it’s a very good push up bra but if she did, in my opinion it really does not matter.

  • stan

    Lmao…she has been seen out several times after this push-up bra picture and she is back to her normal breast size. This is pretty old news.

  • tara

    @BEAN: I don’t think having surgery makes you a bad person. It makes you weak. Like you said, everyone has insecurities but I happen to think surgery isn’t the answer. Learning to love yourself as you are is. And especially when the surgery is done to make yourself look more like some twisted barbie-image of what a woman is supposed to look like…I don’t like it. I still like her. Like I said…I’m just disappointed. And it’s my right to be. She’s always been such a good role model. And I don’t think sending a message to young girls that you can’t be beautiful without big boobs is not a good message. And I think we all know plastic surgery rarely ends there when you start it this young. Where does it end?

  • Vivian C.

    Or she could just be wearing a bra. They can make a difference if they fit correctly.

  • kev


    @Tara…OMG! Stop believing everything you read in the news. Taylor Swift did NOT get a boob job. I repeat, Taylor Swift did not get a boob job!!!

  • stan

    You are just trolling now….

    She did not have a boob-job. All the freaking evidence is there. Just look into it…don´t be among the blind sheep who is believing all that bull that gossip media writes.

    Where did the boobs go??? What kind of Copperfield trick is this?

  • TSOD

    She didn’t. The comparison pictures were of when she wasn’t wearing a bra and when she was wearing a pushup bra. Just a way for these gossip sites to attract attention. She didn’t get plastic surgery.

  • sam

    She’s wearing a padded bra with that striped gray and white dress. In the evening dress pic she’s not wearing a bra. You can see the cup lines. How come nobody made a big deal when Ashley Tisdale got her boob job. There were actual before and after pix in a bikini and you can see she has implants.

  • KissThis

    When I saw her at this particular event I actually wasn’t thinking her body looked different, I was thinking her FACE looks a bit different. She does look different. Maybe it’s the makeup, idk… the bangs? But she looks more plastic than ever before.

  • Mary H.

    It’s just the bra. The right bra can make the smallest of boobs look bigger.

  • cam

    Jeeze even her bra size has to be challenged by some people. It is no one’s business first of all and second of all I’m sure she did NOT have any plastic surgery. Must be a slow news day. I’m sick of the haters always trying to trash Taylor & also Miley – this tells me people are obsessed with them.

    Both of thses girls are great, talented and pretty and rich – and so jealousy abounds from some people.

  • Jess

    @Jin: They’re talking about her breast!

  • tara

    @kev: She did have a boob job. And it isn’t anything I read somewhere and believed. I can see it myself. Look at ANY picture of her in a low cut dress before February 2012 and then look at this picture…and then repeat that.

  • http://MOIANU58@YAHOO.COM dari

    I think she have plastic surgery,because her breasts where to small.

  • Peter Samberg

    Agree with Tara.. A photograph is enough to convince me that she got some work done. She looks beautiful though. I don’t mean to sound critical in a negative way at all.

  • look

    @KissThis: She has definately had her nose done and it looks really good. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look better.

  • muglitt

    there are way to many people who dont have a life, falling this girl like she is a goddess is so stupid . she is a spoiled rich kid who knows nothing about life. mommy and dad even bought her her 1st record deal. she can only sing about school break ups and sooner or later people will wake up . can see it now 10 years from now she will have just broken up with her 60th boy friend and be singing about it.

  • mizzy

    What I read, she received tips from the victoria secret’s models how to hit gym.. there must be certain workout which can burst… whateva you want to burst..