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George Clooney - White House Correspondents' Dinner 2012

George Clooney - White House Correspondents' Dinner 2012

George Clooney and Barbara Walters are all smiles at the Bloomberg & Vanity Fair cocktail reception at the residence of the French Ambassador following the 2012 White House Correspondents’ Dinner on Saturday (April 28) in Washington, D.C.

The 50-year-old actor attended the event without his girlfriend Stacy Keibler.

“She couldn’t make it. She’s working,” George told Politico. Stacy is hard at work on an episode of the upcoming TBS comedy Men at Work.

“Excited to work on set today with my friend @dannymasterson & his new show @MenAtWorkTBS. You guys will love this show!” Stacy tweeted earlier in the week.

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Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris; Pool; Photos: Getty, Wire Image
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71 Responses to “George Clooney - White House Correspondents' Dinner 2012”

  1. 1
    Dana Says:

    They will probably break up soon…he is giving her the slow fade:(

  2. 2
    it's over Says:

    George and Stacy are over! so i wonder who the next girl will be.

  3. 3
    shawn Says:

    Well, praise be, the contract has ended. The part on the TBS show is probably her payoff. There is no way she would have gotten a recurring role on her own. All she ever got before were bit, guest spots on shows, and she wasn’t very good in those, certainly not good enough to impress anyone into giving her a recurring role. Maybe her TBS role will last as long as Canalis’s TNT role. I bet she is being way overpaid, too, just as Canalis was. It’s basically a way of channeling her contract payoff through a legitimate-seeming paycheck. The details don’t matter to me, though. I’m just very glad that George is putting an end this nonsense. I’m also very glad that he chose to go the classy route by not taking Keibler to the whc dinner. She probably could have gone alone, but she wants to continue trying to get people to think they are “together” despite the fact that the vast majority of people are aware that she’s nothing more than a publicity escort.

  4. 4
    shawn Says:

    @Dana: If by “breakup” you mean terminate the contract, I agree.

  5. 5
    Dana Says:

    A week ago she said on twitter she had a fitting fir the dinner then now she is filming a tv show instead..I just feel bad for anyone who gets involved with him.. I take that back they know what they are getting themselves into..they aren’t victims

  6. 6
    Joanie Johnson Dingess Says:

    This is actually a lie. I saw her right there but they didn’t show her much She was in a darkened section on the floor with him. But it was clear it was her. She stands heads above anyone else and she was pouting. They are just PRing it this way.

  7. 7
    shawn Says:

    @Dana: That “fitting” was a big fat lie. She didn’t have any fitting, but she did buy a dress to wear in case she was invited. I think that tweet was to publicly invite herself to try to twist George’s arm into taking her with him. The Craig’s dinner a few days ago was apparently a photo op consolation prize, and neither of them looked happy to be around each other. George seems not only sick of Keibler, he’s sick of the whole thing of doing publicity contracts with trashy escorts.

  8. 8
    shawn Says:

    @Joanie Johnson Dingess: If she was there, she went alone and not with Clooney. Also there would be pap photos of her there as it would be impossible to get in and out without being papped.

  9. 9
    Joanie Johnson Dingess Says:

    A PR stunt sometimes gets bought and the stories go the way the buyer wants it to. George wants it this way for some reason. But Is aw them on live feed together on the floor mingling. There was no mistake. the cam was on them several times too at their table. This is PR at work. Prolly is going to say good bye. Letting her be there but not seen. At least not publicized. Paps some times go along with PR stories if they have enough incentive.

  10. 10
    shawn Says:

    @Joanie Johnson Dingess: LOL. Sorry, but that is impossible. Way too many cameras and eyewitnesses for Keibler to go unnoticed at such a public event.

  11. 11
    Joanie Johnson Dingess Says:

    I don’t know what to tell ya, I saw her there. Right beside him, and there is no mistaking that tall head way above his. And her pout was meaner than a rattlesnakes. lol

  12. 12
    shawn Says:

    @Joanie Johnson Dingess: You are full of it. You must be that blogger who promotes the contract escorts. Keibler was not there. Clooney told her that she would not be escorting him to the dinner, and there was no way she was going to attend alone and let people know that her contract had ended, so she didn’t attend at all. Clooney attended alone, by his choice.

  13. 13
    Joanie Johnson Dingess Says:

    @JJ Please remove all of my comments. Thank you in advance.

  14. 14
    santje holland Says:

    Im sorry im not american, but what is this meeting for actually?
    Why are movie stars models and entertainment people mixed with politics? I saw that kim kardashian was there??
    What is this in America?Is there no respect for politicians?what is this for? Im sorry but dont you have respect for your government? This is so strange us ;europeans;

  15. 15
    jaspisgirl Says:

    same question than #14

  16. 16
    Helen Says:

    What kind of event that invited people like George and Barbra ,respected and A-list..and in the same time trash like Kim and Lindsey got invited

  17. 17
    Gina Says:

    I suppose guests arrive in order of importance. Lindsay and Kim were two of the first one’s lol

  18. 18
    PIP Says:

    @Helen: Barbra was as big a Ho back in her days, the only difference is Kim gets paid and is is open with her antics.
    George is trying hard to be Mr Respectable, but too many cocktail waitress/hookers in the background.

  19. 19
    Amy Says:

    She was working? It’s ironic that someone she was working with tweeted this on Friday.

    essica Luza‏@jessluzaReply

    Nice meeting you! Safe travels! RT @StacyKeibler: Excited to work on set today with my friend @dannymasterson & his new show @menatworkTBS.

    That doesn’t sound like she was working – it sounds like she was planning on traveling somewhere (like DC). I’m certain that the Men at Work producer would have juggled the schedule so that she could have attended the WHCD – more publicity for the show. Also, she apparently only had a “guest” spot.

    Anyway, the pics from the WHCD and after-party was the first time I’ve seen GC look happy in a long time.

  20. 20
    Pari Says:

    I think so too… :) YAY George!!! You look grand awesome, amidst all the wonderful White House Corr folks out there!!! YAY!!! :)

  21. 21
    Nancy Says:

    George looks so happy and handsome.
    Good to see him being natural, just being himself.
    I’m so proud of him!

  22. 22

    aaawwww—how sweet of him–he always gets his ***** some work–
    that is vey nice of him.
    he is a good father-figure

  23. 23
    an opinion Says:

    Does The View talk about Barbara Walter’s facelifts? The group on that show are so hypocritical.

  24. 24
    lord Says:


  25. 25
    shawn Says:

    @santje holland: I’m American and most of us don’t understand it, either.

  26. 26
    shawn Says:

    @Amy: I agree with everything you said.
    I’m just very happy that George had the courage to end the contract sooner rather than later. He looks genuinely happy in these photos, and that is rare to see these days. Now maybe he can have a happy birthday.

  27. 27

    Joanie- Maybe you are right, maybe not. Anna is an ex-journalist and she says what you said happens ALL the time. Obama has too much to lose, and despite George level of power Obama’s word and staff carry more weight. We all will know in a few weeks won’t we? These games no longer has the power that they use to. The focus is turning to Romney unfortunately for Obama. Negative attacks are the campaign to defeat Romney. Stupid! Why? Clooney’s escapades with Appalachian Honey Keibler, Klepto Lohan, and Kartrashian is soiling the man’s campaign. Romney and his people WILL be all over this like flies on s*h*i*t*! Who tells Obama how to run this campaign and his office to allow this nonsense? FIRE THEIR A*S*S*!!!!!! Hollywood is onto George too. What a nice, fine tattered, messy web they have weaved. Priceless!

  28. 28
    signage Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: It simply is not possible that Keibler could have attended with George without that information and pics getting out, and furthermore, she wouldn’t have bothered to attend that way since the only point in her mind and in the minds of the other d-listers is to be photographed and get publicity. The same goes for attending under an agreement that George avoid her and she not be photographed; there would be no point for her since there would be no publicity. She could have attended alone and taken advantage of the photo op and publicity of attending, but apparently she felt that any publicity she would have gotten from attending alone would not outweigh the negative effect of people knowing that her contract had ended. This tells me that she intends to keep pretending that the contract is in effect and milk every last second until she can’t anymore.

  29. 29

    Signage- I am not going there with you!!! IT IS POSSIBLE! Were you there? Does George personally call u? Anna worked on a militiary base during Reagan’s administration. Reagan went on tv REPEATDLY and told the American people he did not buy war weapons. Anna was working on the weapons he CLAIMED he was not buying. THAT WAS HER F*U*C*K*I*N*G* JOB! George and Obama can and will lie if they think it is necessary! TALK ABOUT WHAT YOU CAN ACTUALLY PROVE AND NOT BECAUSE YOU GOT A F*U*C*K*I*N*G* PSYCHIC VISION! You will stupid as h*e*l*l* if it is proved otherwise. It is possible. You went around claiming Canalis and George wasn’t going to appear together numerous times and you were proved wrong otherwise. YOU stated I was wrong about the WholeFoods fiasco when Anna is in WALKING distance to the damm store. Just give it a rest!

  30. 30
    signage Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: Wow, seems I really struck a nerve. The gnomes are posting conspiracy theories that Keibler was there with George but invisible? What did he do, make her eat in the kitchen? If she was there, she was there alone, i.e. not with George, but as there would have been no point in her mind to going alone, she didn’t go. If you can explain why Keibler would have been there if she were made to sit in the kitchen, I’m willing to read it, but I can’t promise you I won’t laugh. As for George and Canalis, I was right. They made zero appearances together after December of last year. The final photo op that was released in the spring had been taken months before, which was proven by the differences in Canalis’s hair length compared to actual pap photos that were taken of her around the same time of that last photo op. I haven’t posted a single thing, ever, about psychic visions.

  31. 31
    it's over Says:


    How old is Anna? I’m just wondering because George seems to like being seen with girls who are much younger.

  32. 32

    Signage- Yes you did. Your stupidity and twisting of s*h*i*t*. I have read so many of your messages to my colleague and your need to lie like h*e*l*l* about the real Anna. You do not even live in LA but yet you are going to state something about the weather and stores here like you are some f*u*c*k*i*n*g* experts? Anna says it might be false, but she knows FIRST HAND how much lying is involved in journalism. You talk about what you know **** about! The true conspiracy is how long have you have managed to survive so long, because you can be a true dumba*s*s* some of the time. Then you take info that WE PURPOSELY gave you about Anna and you just twisted it to high heaven. So yes you struck a big nerve due to your lack of common sense!

  33. 33
    signage Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: No, I did not ever post anything about psychic visions. Guess Who/Joanna posted that kind of stuff, if I recall correctly.
    What you seem to be saying is that George may do more photo ops with Keibler, which will indicate that he cares more about offending Obama than he cares about offending Anna. No big surprise there.

  34. 34
    signage Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: There would have been no reason for Keibler to attend the dinner if she was kept out of sight, unless maybe she was servicing the Secret Service in a back room for a fee. You haven’t given me any “information,” and you have posted false information in the past, so I see no reason to believe anything you post, let alone wild conspiracy theories.

  35. 35

    All I am saying is that I would not be suprised at ANYTHING. Nothing but a game to George, Obama and the rest of that crowd. People believe lies before they believe the truth. If they announce a break up then this time he is being above board. If more comes out then it is business as usual. It Is Over- she is over 25, highly educated with high IQ. I will say she is older than Stacy, and has more class, dignity, and does not tolerate the nonsense that Clooney surrounds himself with. She was unaware of any romantic notion, and knows enough on Stan to make Stan nervous, and quick to assist in creating problems. She is considered a threat, and she does not bend nor does she have the patience for the bs that is swirling around on these boards and Clooney’s life. She wishes nothing but the best for him, but she likes her privacy, and does not believing in whoring oneself out especially like Stacy. Canalis and the rest of the gutter trash. Lately, they sent a flunkie boy about 30 named Matthew to bother her. He is now taken care of by the authorities. Games people say.

  36. 36

    Give me a break Opus Dei/FBI/CIA/ whatever float your fancy. Yes we did give you info and you exaggerated it. You also ask our colleague did Anna live in Louisville and offered your license plate number to which we told our colleague to decline it. We had it expressed to you that she lives in LA. You spoke of a traffic incident which told us enough in spades. Do not EVEN think you are going to twist your words on us! Anna was warned about you, and what you would do. You have not suprised us! There is nothing else left to say to you. Go and run around and quote Joanna. God bless!

  37. 37
    signage Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: I agree with all of that.

  38. 38
    signage Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: You must be drinking the bong water along with George. Or maybe I have an impostor, too.

  39. 39

    Good try Signage. So it is bong water now? You are not getting out of it that easy. Next I will be accused of being in cahoots with George’s pr team or Kirstie Alley. The s*h*i*t* gets old, real old!

  40. 40

    Wow! I just noticed how red George’s cheeks are. Anna apparently has gotten so sunburned the past couple of days her cheeks and nose is jut as red or redder. Maybe George has the same issue. He looks better than he has been for awhile. Hmmm….

  41. 41
    signage Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: What you stated about me is false. I did not ask what you said I asked and would have had no need to do so. You’re mixing tiny bits of true information with false information, and you seem to be in a particularly pissy mood today. Maybe you are associated with Keibler and are ticked off that she didn’t get to last night. I’ve repeatedly told you that I won’t reveal such private information about Anna as where she lives. You are correct that she is a private person. You are goading me into giving away info, but it won’t work. George knows where she lives, and that’s all that matters. No one else needs to know.

  42. 42
    Rambling Rose Says:

    George looks like he’s having a great time.
    Drinking, mingling, charming, joking….
    Enjoying himself…
    I love to see George genuinely happy

  43. 43

    Rambling Rose- I agree. It is always good to see people in a happy and positive place.

  44. 44
    Joanie Johnson Dingess Says:

    @JJ Please remove all of my comments. Thank you in advance. PLEASE, Jared, remove my COMMENTS.

  45. 45
    Joy Says:

    I actually love that photo of George cuddling 82 year old Barbara Walters. He’s so affectionate and respectful. Total adoration.
    True, he hasn’t been seen smiling from the heart for so long.
    This is the George the world loves. Not the phony forced to live a lie.

  46. 46
    Ah...Bite Me!® Says:

    @santje holland:
    Well, here’s a simple explanation:
    It’s an annual dinner for the journalists who cover the White House & the President. It started in 1920 & became a Washington DC tradition.

    Prior to World War II, the annual dinner featured singing between courses, a homemade movie and an hour-long, post-dinner show with big-name performers. In recent years the featured speaker has often been a comedian, with the dinner taking on the form of a roast, especially of the President.

    So, since the entertainment for the journalists & politicians was traditionally provided by singers, actors and comedians, it’s only fitting that they get together for a big pow wow and celebrate.
    Hollywood meets Washington DC.

  47. 47
    Ah...Bite Me!® Says:

    And I too agree with the general consensus worldwide: George looks amazingly radiant and HAPPY. Great company, relaxed, having an fantastic time! This is real.
    His popularity soars with this kind of authentic publicity.
    [Trashy unattractive d-listers drag him down in the gutter with them. Destructive publicity that sabotages.]

  48. 48
    hmh1108 Says:


  49. 49

    hmh1108- Who are you talking to?

  50. 50
    Ah...Bite Me!® Says:

    I love this Tweet by Piers Morgan:
    “You know it’s been a good party when George Clooney bearhugs you farewell at 3am. Thanks @goldiehawn – you were a fabulous date! #WHCD”
    George obviously partied hard and had a fabulous time!!!
    And he still stayed on till almost 4am.

  51. 51
    well there you go.... Says:

    @it’s over: #31
    —> he may like women who look young & who are young at heart.
    Biological age varies heavily in people.
    I know women in their mid-forties who look like they’re about 25 yet have never had cosmetic treatments or surgery, nor have gone gray…
    Some may even burn the candle at both ends.
    And I know 20 year olds, and 30 somethings who look like the ravages of time have gnawed away. Some look at least one to two decades older.
    Maybe it’s genes.
    With all the nutrition cleanses, fitness regimes & exercise Stacy Keibler does, and despite her cosmetic surgery & Botox overload she looks at least like she’s in her 40s.
    With Canalis, it was the same but she smokes and eats junk food.
    Yet Barbara Walters can get away with saying she’s 50!

  52. 52
    Lay Lady Lay Says:

    Another proud moment for Nick & Nina.
    Sure Hollywood showbiz meets Washington D.C. political journalists.
    And real celebrities attend. No riff raff :-)

  53. 53
    Scott @ DLA Piper Says:

    well it brings attention to Obama’s campaign too.
    The Bloomberg/ Vanity Fair afterparty had some big Hollywood & capital power brokers for sure.
    Great to see Clooney in such good spirits.

  54. 54
    signage Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: I never believed the stuff about you being Kirstie Alley, but at this point, anything is possible. George has been told so many lies by the people around him that Anna probably tried a last ditch effort to contact him and took more of a risk that she had taken in the previous three years. When it seems that nothing is going to change, and you care about someone, sometimes you take a risk for that person.

  55. 55
    signage Says:

    @signage: I mean that Anna may have tried to relay a message to him in a last ditch effort. Clearly he wasn’t getting the truth, so she weighed the risk and took it.

  56. 56

    Signage I saw what you posted to my colleague. B*I*T*C*H*! You are so pushing it!!!! Anna has enough issues and you are part of the f*u*c*k*i*n*g* problem! Even your timing off! Not suprised and you are not getting one bit of damm information out of me! BUGGER OFFF!!!!

  57. 57
    Katiedot Says:

    I never said that Stacy Keibler suffers from Marfan Syndrome.
    Just because she’s shaped like a pickled onion on a toothpick….
    I categorically deny it.
    I have reported the offenders to MI5 and the authorities.

  58. 58
    signage Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: What’s the matter? Did your ex the Hardy boy pilot hire Keibler? Karma can be a, but you’ve earned it.

  59. 59

    Signage you psychotic b*i*t*c*h*! Far from it. We exposed you and you cannot stand it. DEAL WITH IT AND TAKE SOME MEDS!!!! Your friend Matthew is going to be picked up by police. Keep pissing the real Anna off okay?George hates to be embarassed. Remember that….

  60. 60

    Oh yes I will comply Signage and post this for you. My colleagues passed it on to me, and I so hate to disappoint. Lol! message
    by alsmarmot on Tue May 1 2012 12:15:48
    I’m sure you will lie about this message and probably post it on Just Jared or somewhere. I want to address what Timekeeper posted on Just Jared. This person seems to be a manipulator. I have never given anyone online my license plate number, ever. I believe Anna at one time, after trying for close to three years to break through the wall of b.s. and manipulators around George, may have offered that information to someone who knows George as a way to prove who she was, but she never actually gave that information out to anyone. Three years is a long time to play it safe, and I guess she’d gotten to the point where she felt she was willing to take a risk if it would mean the possibility of his being able to communicate with her again. It seems that Timekeeper, and probably you, are trying to convince George that Anna was crazy to take such a risk, which of course is incorrect and out of context. It’s not something she did without thinking it through for a long time. Living in limbo with no closure in sight for nearly three years is very painful. She’s lost everything. But you only see things the way you want to see them, and you twist things into lies.

  61. 61
    signage Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: I don’t know any Matthew. If George hates to be embarrassed, he would never have agreed to the escort publicity contracts.

  62. 62
    Katiedot Says:

    No I never instructed Joanie Johnson Dingbat (one of my subordinate contributors) to post the lies above. She’s on another planet and most of us never even reply to her on my forum. Just a patsy.
    George Clooney WILL do as we manipulate him to do. Timekeeper (aka Cinderella & Davida Rochelle on my forum; aka Kirstie Alley) and our team know he goes through phases. Right now he’s resisting our agenda.
    Soon he’ll feel insecure again and conform. Even Stan Rosenfield (aka Pari) is playing him and George is biting the bait.
    The trick is we make him think that it’s HIS idea to go along with the strategy. And we find a new publicity escort. Timekeeper has the next one waiting. Timing is the essence. Once he signs, he’s trapped.
    Clooney is our FOOL.
    NO; over my dead body will he ever select a real girlfriend of his own choice.
    More power to our PR network.

  63. 63

    Katiedot stupid b*i*t*c*h* I will rip your F*U*C*K*I*N*G* HEAD OFF AND S*H*I*T* DOWN YOUR THROAT!! Your a*s*s* will be turned over just as Matthew! Better yet, Anna will go straight to Clooney’s office and raise h*e*l*l*! George will not appreciate Anna taking his head off his body, and this site will be shut down PRONTO@! I am tired of this bulls*h*i*t*! So what crazy bs are you trying to get over on and you are distracting by pointing the finger at me?

  64. 64
    WINKY Says:

    for “Anna”

  65. 65

    Winky- Tell Anna yourself……… You know how to reach her……

  66. 66

    This is for Anna. Today is her stepfather’bday. May 2nd. He passed away, but Anna wants to show he is still in her heart and memory….

  67. 67

    Winky, Anna is giving back to you. Interpret as you wish…

  68. 68
    hmh1108 Says:


  69. 69
    Troll Patrol Says:

    hmh1108 is one of chain-smoking fat Kirstie Alley’s many sockpuppets.
    The head honcho gnome TIMEKEEPER.

    Here are a few more:
    Boy, she really insists on pushing the hoooker theme. Won’t give George peace of mind or allow him to have real private life.
    Oh, no.

    Just cos she was married to cross-eyed weirdo Parker Stevenson, some other loser prior to him & dated a string of toy-boys…
    No love lost…

  70. 70

    Troll Patrol aka Signage aka Ah Bite Me. Shut b*i*t*c*h*! I am not even remotely connected to this person. Tired of your s*h*i*t*!

  71. 71
    Black Dog lyrics Says:

    I don’t know, but I’ve been told
    A Big legged woman ain’t got no soul

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