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Brooklyn Decker: I Want to Adopt a Child with Special Needs

Brooklyn Decker: I Want to Adopt a Child with Special Needs

Brooklyn Decker graces the cover of Flare‘s June issue.

Here’s what the 25-year-old model/actress had to share with the Canadian fashion mag:

On adopting a child with special needs (inspired by her love for an aunt who is a Special Olympics athlete) : “That’s in the distant future. But that’s always been a goal of mine.”

On the pressure to be skinny: “It used to really bother me. And I used to think, ‘Why can’t I have that?’”

On her fashion evolution: “I’m trying to wear things that are tailored to me and fit and you can actually see my shape, but it’s like pulling teeth getting me to do it.”

On going beyond her comfort zone onscreen: “It’s terrifying. It’s a scary thing having your mistakes seen on this massive stage.”

FYI: Brooklyn is wearing a Peter Pilotto top and skirt, Jennifer Fisher bangle, and a M.C.L. by Matthew Campbell Laurenza ring.

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  • Jessica
  • SAT

    I’m so sick and tired of all those so-called “celebrities” who are so “kind-hearted” to adopt child with special needs…

  • ck_always

    What is the point is saying you want to adopt a special needs child versus saying you want to adopt a child? Jesus, what a stupid public statement.

  • ace11

    Here we go

    Instead of trying to ‘save the world”

    why not just have one the regular way?

  • sheila

    brooklyn is gorgeous and she seems so sweet and funny.

  • erica

    Cannot stand the hypocrisy of this chik. She’s so fake. She tells one interviewer she can’t stand showing off her body and then turns around and poses like this for the cover of GQ

  • “in the distant future”

    She is using her aunt for attention isn’t she? I’m sick. So sick.

  • andrew

    I suppose there’s no chance she could ever give birth to a special needs child naturally since both her and her husband have perfect genes.

  • Mimi

    Sure you do? And give up your fun career? I don’t think so. Why can’t women just say they want a career over a child. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Raising kids is boring and thankless.

  • Jim

    She shouldn’t do it for the sake of children. She’s always so desperate for attention to get next movie role… way she spends her time for kids unless she is photographed.

  • andy

    ”On the pressure to be skinny: “It used to really bother me. And I used to think, ‘Why can’t I have that?’”

    Are you kidding you’re a model girl ??? what the hell ? this is ridiculous!! ”why cant i have that ” im sorry but you ARE skinny ??

  • Lauren

    Pigs will fly before she and Roddick adopt a special needs child.

  • tom

    haters get a life, lol.

  • Kiki

    Does she understand who she is in this celebrity world? “Massive stage”??? Honey, you’re in Battleship! Nobody expects it to go to the Oscars! Jeez… so much self-indulgence here… This girl needs a SIT DOWN. Just yesterday she was naked on men’s magazines, now she talks as if she’s some legitimate actress?!

  • Flowers

    I hope she does. It it important to talk about special needs kids adoption, instead of just adoption, because it is different. People willing to do that are so few and they need way more money, research and guidance.

    I hope I can also adopt too, someday. There is this website who helps facilitates international adoption from kids with special needs, HIV and other conditions. They are a christian ministry and although I’m atheist , I believe they are doing a great work. So anyone interested in expanding (or starting) a family should check them out : it’s reecerainbowDOTorg

    And everyone else, instead of judging her, you could use this time to try and raise money to help these children find homes.

  • danielle


    Why would you say something like this? I have a special needs child in my life and it is hard. Aside from all the physical, emotional, and mental ups and downs, worry, crises etc. you have people like you that make unfeeling, cruel comments. It is called bullying. Did you know that over 85 percent of special needs children are bullied, over 50 percent are s-e-xually abused? Your life is consumed in many ways with health worries, worries about bullying, about what will happen to your child if you die or can no longer take care of him/’her.

    So your comment is akin to bullying. Maybe you meant to be funny, but you were not.

  • c

    thank you # 15 and #16!

  • Gigi

    @Flowers: Thank goodness for someone bringing awareness to these kids, sure. But is it really what’s she doing here? That’s why people got judgmental. She makes it clear that she doesn’t want a kid anytime soon, so why bring it up? And add that to the fact that she’s promoting 2 movies coming out next month, I’m sorry to say but she’s using it for self-promotion, plain and simple. Otherwise, she’s just one more in the crowd, model-turned-actress, like so many others. I know I hate it when celebrities talk about pretty nice things they want/will do, why not talk about good things that you HAVE done already. Maybe she doesn’t have much to say about herself, since her boobs did all the talking so far.

  • Sophia

    I just can´t stop thinking that Miranda looked way better on that dress!

  • sal

    I cringe every time she opens her mouth. She makes herself sound so vapid. I’m sure it’s in part to the editing, but she’s always making one big sweeping statement, then starts talking about her celebrity crush or something. Ugh. Why is she famous again?

  • Journalistic

    I’ll believe when I see it, however, it’s a beautiful idea.

  • andrew


    I’m sorry it came off that way – I was just thrown off by how patronizing her comments sounded toward real people who have actually faced this situation (myself included).

  • Elissa

    I hope she never adopts because she so obviously has NO IDEA about real adoptions. She just abuses it to get some good press for herself. If she REALLY wanted this, she’d just do it and not talk about it before hand. Also, she should adopt NOT to rescue a child but because she LOVES a child.

    Shame on this woman. No longer a fan.

  • losa

    I have a feeling she’ll change her mind.