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Charlize Theron 'Would Jump Off a Building' for Kristen Stewart

Charlize Theron 'Would Jump Off a Building' for Kristen Stewart

Check out this new poster for Snow White and the Huntsman featuring Charlize Theron as the evil Queen Ravenna!

The 36-year-old actress and co-star Kristen Stewart recently appeared at CinemaCon 2012 to promote the movie, out June 1, which co-stars Chris Hemsworth.

“I really, I really, really love that girl. I love that girl, like, I would jump off a building for that girl,” Charlize told Access Hollywood about Kristen. “She’s amazing, she’s amazing. She’s the real deal … [and] she gives really good back rubs.”

“[Kristen] is the kind of actor that I like to be around because there’s nothing she’d really stop at in order to do the job,” Charlize added. “She’s got a tremendous amount of talent and, you know, I think you can have talent, but if you don’t have tenacity and moxy … She’s bad ass.”

Also pictured inside: new posters for Kristen and Chris in character!

Check out an extended first look at Snow White and the Huntsman below from Yahoo! Movies – it’s almost five minutes long!

‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ Extended First Look

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charlize theron new snow white poster 01
charlize theron new snow white poster 02
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  • lala

    what the hell is she talking about?she is 36 years old she should know better by now than to talk bullshit…

  • Gossipgirl

    @lala: Word! Her comment is really OTT! She should be making those comments (if at all) about her son or mother.

  • wandalismus

    wow I just lost my respect for her…why is she such a brownnoser?

  • Ugonna Wosu

    wow. Stunning picture. As for the two above me, while I find her comments nauseating, you two are taking them too seriously. She was being enthusiastic, that’s all.

  • Ugonna Wosu


    she and Kristen are friends. If you watch the video, it is not as sickening as it reads watching her say it, lol.

  • Oh please Charlize

    I don’t see her boyfriend Alexander skarsgard making those types of comments about the co stars that he works with, He always says nice things about his co stars but not in an over the top manner

    jumping off a building for a co star really? Charlize your smarter then that

    Her comment was way over the top and not the norm ,kristen ain’t that brilliant average at best. And I wouldn’t jump of a building for her,

  • BlameCanada

    wow. How disappointing. How dumb is she?? You don’t hear Kristen singing similar praise. Maybe CT feels like she is ‘washed up’ so she has to kiss the azz of young up and commers.

  • stream

    that picture is very disturbing…

  • tom

    @Oh please Charlize:
    so it maybe abit over the top, but whats wrong in this society when a woman give a woman a compliment? there are friends

  • sweetness

    You know I’d like to see that idiot actually live up to her words. Stars say the stupidest things to get people to believe they love each others so audiences will shell out their $$$. If this movie tanks she’ll never do a movie with Stewart again.

    Oddly you won’t see Theron wanting to be in a movie with Mara Rooney..and actress who is on every directors wish list because Rooney would overshadow her.

  • Whycantipost

    I would jump off a building for Kristen, but only to get away from her.. -.-
    (Just kidding, just kidding people!)

    Think CT was just being spontanuous, don’t take it to seriously.

  • CLu

    Ugh I’m tired of everyone wanting to suck Kristen’s d*ck. She is a TERRIBLE actress!

  • Whycantipost

    Is it just me, or is there a lot more CT hate going on since the Skars-rumors? I see his name coming up in every CT thread, and usually it’s not positive. :(

  • Alex is her boyfriend?

    Whats up !!!!!!Why are posters saying that Alexander skarsgard is charlize’s boyfriend ?where have I been ? what have I missed? and where are the pics of the two out and about ?

    And her comment? !!!!!!Well she is just being complementary towards her co star,

  • g


  • an opinion

    Go and watch The Today Show interview with both of them. They did not act like old friends.

  • Whycantipost

    @Alex is her boyfriend?:

    Apparantly they have been seen together by witnesses who don’t have any proof of it (pictures/video etc).
    Couple of days/weeks ago there was a video of Alex driving away from Chateau Marmont, a known friend of Charlize was behind the wheel. In the back you could see someone hiding with blond hair. People said: that’s CT. Since then everyone says they are a couple. ‘

    Charlize did an interview recently in which she called herself ‘single’. She even said something along the lines ‘when i hang out with someone people assume we are dating, which is not the case’.

    There hasn’t even been a picture of them together, only 2 vague tweets of people claiming to see them together and a blurry video of someone/something with blond hair in the backseat of Alex’s car.
    So nothing official. Some people just keep going on and on about it and claim to be sure, I’ll just wait for real proof: actual confirmation/picture of them in a ‘couple-pose’

  • Jessica
  • boy oh boy

    These over the top (OTT) comments are just for PR..they make no sense. She is making herself look like a fool that needs a hit.

    she does need the hit. but please. I actually like Kristen, but she has not done that much work to earn this OTT fawning..

    STFU Charlize.. people want to see the movie.

  • lloa

    Charlize does not need a hit she is a well rounded Oscar winning actress i think she is told to say these things because people are less than thrilled about Kristen Stewart playing Snow White so i’m guessing they think if Charlize says some nice things about her then more people will warm up to the idea of KStew being a good actress.

  • Applause

    @whycantipost- clap, clap – spoken like a TRUE Skarsgard (in denial that they actually went on dates) fan! Charlize looks fierce in the trailers.

    Psssst- Skarsgard fans are given in any post of a woman he is seen with or acting with or in a photo with or in a video etc etc etc.

  • Elle

    I bet she wants Skars really bad but he’s too busy and she’s really not his type. They’ll go out a few times. He’ll get drunk and she’ll be rude to the waitstaff and the driver and they’ll reallize that they’re just not right for each other.

  • Kai

    She had to throw in the backrub line. At least it wasnt about her boobs or someone’s penis.

  • Strange

    Beautiful poster . Very striking .

  • yoty

    This is just like the Kate Bosworth situation when she started dating Skars all the fangirls hated her and now they’re attacking Charlize but they seem to forget Charlize has mentioned many times she is a single gal

  • y

    Why does she annoy me so much lately? I used to love her but after her recent videos and this comment, she’s coming off lame, ass-kissing, and not funny at all. I’m tired of this act.

  • noelle

    why is she kissing Kristen’s a.s.s.??? it should be the other way around…

  • Lilla

    Who cares if they’re dating it not. It’s no ones business. That poster is fantastic & I can’t wait to see this movie!!

  • Morgue Duty

    Well, now I dont have to watch the movie because I’ve seen the 5 min trailior

  • Rachel ()

    @BlameCanada: Yes. B/c most Oscar winners are lining up to kiss K-Stew’s @ss. She’s really CT’s ticket to stardom. Charlize can only hope to have a career as prestigious Bella F*cking Swann’s.
    Ever thought they may actually be friends? I know, silly thought…
    @yoty: Kate Bosworth & Charlize Theron are NOT comparable. Blasphemy.

  • Tammy

    Kristen could buy and sell Charlize with all the money she’s made from Twilight. Charlize needs the publicity. She won an Oscar 10 years ago. She’s only been in 2 really successful movies in her career The Italian Job and Hancock, which were also many years ago and by no means blockbusters either. IMBD her. she’s been in a lot of stinkers since Monster. I don’t blame her for alligning herself with someone like Kristen.

  • yoty

    @Tammy: That’s is the most stupidest statement most of Charlize’s movies have been successful stop speaking bullshiz you obviously know nothing about Charlize….Kristen Stewart will never reach up to Charlize’s level as an actress and as a human being

  • Tammy

    Oh yeah. The Burning Plain, Sleepwalking, Battle in Seattle, Eon Flux, Head in the Clouds, Trapped, Fifteen Minutes, The Life and Death of Peter Sellars. Which one of those is the most stupidest?

  • Whycantipost


    Don’t understand the sarcasm here, tbh. There is no official announcement or pictures/other proof whatsoever.. There is nothing to deny, since nothing is official;) It really annoys me people are saying they are absolutely/100% sure, dating. How do they know? They know just as much as people who think they are not dating, they just interpreted the facts differently.

    Do I know if they are dating? No. I can guess, but what does that help? Someone here asked a question, I state the facts as an answer: there simply isn’t any confirmation/proof (is that true or not, I haven’t seen any pictures of them actually together/a statement? But I guess you have, since you are so convinced they actually are dating)

    And I come here because I appreciate CT as an actress. She also comes of as a great person with a great sense of humor.
    Yes, also a Alex-fan/big True Blood fan, you got that right. It’s possible you know, to be fan of multiple people.

    But thank you for the prejudice about me being here only because I’m a Skarsfan and because I’m in denial. Your knowledge of people must be amazing:’)

  • Whycantipost


    Woman, are u out of your mind? The only worth to mention films Kirsten has done are the Twilight-movies, which only are popular because of the large fanbase. They are not what you call quality films (let’s be honest here, Twilight will never win an Oscar).

    Does Kirsten get more media exposure than Charlize nowadays? Yeah, that’s true. But CT needing Kirsten to get attention? Come on!

    Charlize has proven herself as an allround quality actress (Oscar, hello?!) Kristen still has to prove herself outside of Twilight.

  • Bianca

    What a nonsensical thing for her to say. That said, the movie looks promising – I know we’re not supposed to root for the evil queen, but homegirl is looking fierce in the trailer.

  • sal

    People relax…she’s purposely exaggerating. But I think the sentiment is genuine. Don’t people get Charlize’s humor by now?

  • Ugonna Wosu


    Not all movie stars’ careers are based on “hits”. Charlize has preferred quality vs. quantity (dollar bills) over the years. Do you think she picked a film like Burning Plain thinking it would be a hit??? You really that naive? Please. She has gotten CRITICAL ACCLAIM for all the films you just mentioned and blasted, where they say her ACTING was what stood out the most in them. She was nominated for ANOTHER Oscar for North Country, and ANOTHER Golden Globe for Young Adult, and was SLATHERED in praise for both movies. You seem to forget that until recent years, most of Meryl Streep’s career was not about box office either. She was a highly respected and regarded actress in her heyday much like Charlize, and still is. Keep your shallow standards private, and don’t embarrass yourself.

  • Ugonna Wosu

    The Twilight movies would have been popular no matter WHICH actress was playing Bella. Because of the BOOKS. It is not like people went into the first one all knowing who KS was. Please. The group effort, and the legacy of the books and that franchise made the film popular, not KS. Such invalid boasting is embarrassing.

  • Movie Buff

    @Tammy: Most of Charlize’s movies are not for the mass audience and sadly you are one of the masses. That’s why you don’t appreciate her achievement. It takes a person of certain intellect to be able to appreciate her movies like Yong Adult, The Road, North Country, Monster, The Burning Plain, Battle in Seattle etc. Charlize’s movies should not be measured with BO success alone because her movies are way beyond that. I see Charlize as an actress, one day when she dies, she will still be remembered just like Katherine Hepburn, Betty Davis etc, for her acting talent and her outstanding body of works.

  • aquarius64

    I’ve seen the character posters for SWATH around the Web, and I’m curious: most of the articles lead off with Charlize’s poster. What gives? Even with the posters with all 3 characters (Snow White, Huntsman and the Queen) the Queen is front and center; SW & Huntsman’s images are not the same size as the Queen’s. Shouldn’t the images be of equal size? It’s starting to look like Charlize’s movie, or the marketing team is pushing Charlize as the main draw.

    Side note: Universal should wait to see the actual box office numbers on opening weekend and the next weekend before planning a sequel. SWATH costed $70 million to make; and being a big action film the expectation is for it to clear $100 million in under 2 weeks, especially with all the hype.

  • Rachel ()

    @Movie Buff: You’re forgetting The Devil’s Advocate, plus I really liked the Legend of Bagger Vance, & I also kind of liked The Astronaut’s Wife…super creepy. I sort of think Kristen is embarrassed about Twilight. She’s certainly trying to do different roles.
    @aquarius64: It’s b/c CT is gonna own this movie, and the publicists know it.

  • stream

    how can she be Skarsgard’s girlfriend? He’s gay

  • Disney Villainess

    Charlize, you better be telling the truth when you said “you are single”. If it is found out that you are not telling the truth…there will be hell to pa! .Kbos lied when she said “they are just friends” and “we are not dating”. Look what happen to her. CHECK YOURSELF.

  • Applause

    @33-Official Announcement? LOL. You come here to check and shoot down any Charlize and Alex mentions. Get Real.Iif you where such a Theron/Skarsgard fan you would’n't be so just the facts BS about a couple of dates.

  • jamie

    Wow, sounds like she’s trying to overcompensate for something….Kristen’s acting ability perhaps??

  • Dlisted reader

    Calm down everyone! It takes a pothead to appreciate another pothead. Charlize probably genuinely likes Kristen.

  • lo,h

    @Disney Villainess: why does she owe you an explanation? she does not have to have her personal life blasted in the media Chalize’s personal life has always been personal

  • kat

    Wouldn’t it be cool if Kristen and Charlize was hooking up….I don’t mean that in a negative way….Maybe they might be making each happy…I don’t know…they would make a good couple though

  • boob

    Charlize has positive media presence, Kristen doesn’t. Universal will go with the character that excites viewers the most. Look at what happen with My week with marilyn. eventhough michelle received all the praises with critics, the central character, the oscar nominee, all the posters and press release kept mentioning emma watson to co-star. michelle was lambast by the general public for daring to portray marilyn, while emma is the media darling and harry potter girl. end of. kristen will get the praise AFTER release, her suitability for snow white won’t be questioned. the queen has a very small role, charlize barely filmed 20% of the time.