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Madonna Cracks Down on Lourdes Leon

Madonna Cracks Down on Lourdes Leon

Lourdes Leon gets ready to hit the books as she makes her way to school on Friday (April 27) in New York City.

The 15-year-old daughter of Material Girl Madonna carried a pair of boots and a shopping bag with her.

Earlier this month, Madonna dished about Lourdes on the Today Show, saying that she hadn’t been tough enough on her daughter, according to HollywoodLife.

In the interview, Madonna says, “I think I need to be maybe tougher. It’s hard. Every day is a negotiation,” she adds. “But cigarette smoking I’m not very fond of – for anyone.”

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28 Responses to “Madonna Cracks Down on Lourdes Leon”

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  1. 1
    Joseph Says:

    Looking more and more like her mother. Awesome.

  2. 2
    **DOLLY** Says:

    Im happy she admits it..
    you have to raise all childen with tough love…

  3. 3
    tsquared Says:

    Wasn’t she always bragging what a tough mother she was? Didn’t she say the kids had to pick up their rooms or face grounding, had inflexible bed times, had to do homework etc? And how did she miss the fact that her child was smoking? You smoke, you reek of smoke. Did she believe her when she said it was her friends? Seems to me Madonna is backtracking big time here.

  4. 4
    Kate Says:

    With a mother like that anyone would smoke

  5. 5
    Fassdong Says:

    She is a child!
    Of course she should not be smoking!
    Madonna needs to step up her A-game or she will end up like Lindsay Lohan!

  6. 6
    Jezy Says:

    I don’t think Madonna should be blamed for her kid’s normal adolescent rebellious behavior. Just because her kid is sneaking around smoking doesn’t mean Madonna is a bad mother. After a certain age, you can’t just give your kid a “time-out.” For some things, teens have to learn from their mistakes. Smoking is popular among the hipster crowd.
    Leave Madonna alone!

  7. 7
    Frozoid Says:

    What the hell? Madonna used to smoke like a chimney for years.

  8. 8
    Jessica Says:

    brand new video

  9. 9
    Jane Says:

    No offense, but I’m getting a lesbian vibe from Lourdes Leon. There’s something very masculine about her, not necessarily looks wise, but just her overall demeanor. Madonna is a narcissist. Those kids she hoarded are nothing but objects to her. Her feathers are just ruffled because one of these objects put a crack in the perfect image that this narcissist has been trying to send out for years. This girl is going to be Madonna’s karma, that’s all. Plus, I really find it distasteful how Madonna constantly tries to push on other kids what she doesn’t want for her own. It’s ok to yell out, at a concert full of young people, if they’ve taken ecstasy, but her own daughter smoking, god forbid! It’s ok to smoke in your videos, and to pose with cigarettes in your photoshoots, so that other kids can think this is cool, but god forbid your own daughter does it. (Madonna’s own words, smoking is bad, ESPECIALLY for my daughter. Why? Is your daughter more special than other kids who are getting poisoned with cigarettes?) It’s ok to expose other people’s children to your raunchy acts, but god forbid your daughter reveals some leg or cleavage (Madonna’s own words, criticizing her daughter for the way she dresses). Madonna is a narcissist and she’s never going to get better. Money has made her into a monster, while her own brother sleeps under a bridge in Michigan.

  10. 10
    Julia Says:

    @**DOLLY**: Nooooo……. What you have to do is raise children with respect. Why would you use something on a child that was developed for adult severe drug addicts? It is basically pulling all support and/or association with the addict until they choose to get help. It was NEVER meant to be used on child, and the version parents abuse their kids with today is a bastardized version that should NEVER be used on anyone.

    “Tough Love” (as used inappropriately on children.) is a euphemism for a last ditch attempt at parenting after said parents realize how there children have turned out, and still don’t want to take responsibility for the results of their lack of parenting. They are blaming the children for what they, the parents, didn’t do, and what they didn’t do was the job they signed up for when they chose to have children.

    Give children boundaries at a early age, be consistent and respectful, allow them to experience consequences of their actions (tough love is big on this – the poorly parented kids have never done this but all of a sudden they are expected to just deal with what they never had to deal with before? It is the equivilent of throwing your non-swimming child into very deep water and screaming at them from the sidelines to swim. It is going to end very badly. But hey, at least the parent can walk away knowing at least they did everything they could, right? They had to be ‘tough’.) both good and bad, allow them to experience life – don’t take opportunities for learning from them. Share knowledge when asked and treat them the same way you would wish to be treated – no yelling, putdowns etc- and if you’re a good parent you won’t need anyone to tell you this bit.

    My child was raised this way and is a straight A student, mature and responsible. He knows he can come to me for anything, and discuss anything, and he will be respected and his concerns taken seriously. We have never had a lick of trouble from him because he has never felt the need to act out to get his needs met – he gets his needs met by asking, and he also see how harmful such acting out can be to both parent and child (we have discussed poor parenting and it’s effects we have seen amongst his friends and their parents at length.). He’s avoided the pitfalls of drugs, alcohol, and acting out because he was raised with respect, a strong sense of self, and he has developed strong self respect.

    If you feel the need to try “tough love” it should be a sign to you that you haven’t parented properly and you need to go back to basics and examine where you went wrong and how to fix things. It is not the childs fault and the child shouldn’t be punished for growing into the shape the parent has molded them into. Get therapy, get a parenting coach, learn non violent communication, but don’t damage your child to the point they are a fractured, dysfunctional person, then compound that 1000 percent more with tough love. Children kill themselves while being treated that way(“Tough Love”.) – they are being told, “What we made you – how you are, isn’t good enough. Now, on top of raising you ineffectually, we are now going to treat you horribly and only give you affection, privileges, and love if you do what we ask, but no supports to get there. I know it is screwed up and doesn’t make sense, much like the way we have raised you your entire life, but hey, we’re it’s something society tells us will work, and when has society been wrong?? Ignore all the suicides piled up over there, child, they weren’t tough enough to get through tough love and the withdrawl of love and support of the family – but you are, aren’t you child?.

    Do some research, before you recommend it, on where this twisted, harmful concept came from and how it has destroyed tens of thousands of lives and, with the parents, has taken the lives of thousands of children who have every support ripped away after never being properly parented in the first place.

  11. 11
    dianne Says:

    She’s fifteen, she shouldn’t be smoking anyway. Madonna is a more permissive mother than I thought she would be. She sure seemed not too fazed about a 15 year old smoking.

  12. 12
    Jean Says:

    “”"In the interview, Madonna says, “I think I need to be maybe tougher. It’s hard. Every day is a negotiation,” she adds. “But cigarette smoking I’m not very fond of – for anyone.””"”

    Wow, what a weak, milquetoast comment. I see now, her children will do exactly what they want to do.

  13. 13
    danielle Says:


    Oh please. I raised my kids with “tough” love and they all turned out fine. They were told that while we realized they were their own people etc. that smoking, drugs and underaged drinking would not be tolerated and there were consequences if they broke those rules. Consequences that hurt (not physically). They were raised with a zero tolerance attitude from parents and aunts/uncles etc for smoking, drinking and drugs. When we took them to Italy they were allowed to taste wine and we used it as an educational experience since drinking laws for kids are different there. By education we studied how to produce wine, what makes a good wine etc. One of them now wants to own a vineyard as they are fascinated with how to produce wine. So Julia, tough love works wonders when the kids know the rules and know there are consequences and know what happens when you break the rules.

  14. 14
    unbelievable Says:

    I don’t negotiate with children. This is her first mistake.
    And it is not hard, as Madonna says.

    I have raised 4 children to adulthood, as a single mother, and we are not rich, no nannies, chefs, or chauffeur.

    I know what I am talking about.

  15. 15
    BGO Says:

    I think Madonna is tough enough. I mean they aren’t even allowed to watch TV! I smoked at her age and I have the greatest and most supportive parents anyone could ask for.Kids do what they want to do.. Parents can only hope the values instilled will carry along with them. Lets also remember that there is no such thing as a perfect kid.. they fck up but thats part of the learning experience to prepare them for the rat of their lives.

  16. 16
    Common Sense Says:

    Crack down on smoking… but sex with lesbians and whole NBA is ok…..eyeroll

  17. 17
    Clá Says:


  18. 18
    Jane_ Says:

    You sound like the same troll that often takes digs at Madonna. Her brother is homeless because he chooses to be. She has helped him multiple times and the offer for free rehab for him still stands, but he has refused as he thinks it’s “too boring.” His own father fired him because of his conduct, yet he’s offered him his job back if he commits to getting sober, but Anthony does not want to do that. It’s easier to ask for money on the streets for dr*gs and alc*hol all day. His own former wife and son have turned their backs on him because of his ab*sive and destructive behavior and he has not seen them in 10 years. This guy had his own apartment which he destroyed and the city inspectors had to come in and take the place over because it was in such a state of disrepair. Throwing money at him is feeding his addiction. Even so, Madonna has sent him things, like blankets, glasses, and so on, some of which he sold for more dr*g and alc*hol money. This guy is a long-term add*ct and Madonna’s been trying to help him for the past TWENTY years. There is only so much she can do and any person with a brain would not blame her for his predicament.

    It’s easy to run your mouth when it’s convenient, but when the facts are there, the ones that don’t help your cause, then you ignore them.

  19. 19
    Truth Says:

    New York City is one of the worst if you plan on relocated with your offspring period! Madonna of all people should know this being that she moved to New York City back in 1977 she’s originally from Bay City, Michigan. Drugs, Clubs, Sex, you name it and you’ll find it… Hopefully Cigarettes is the only habit she’ll pick up.

    When you child is small it’s easier to teach them right from wrong. Why wait till she’s a teenager to say oh now I want to teach her what’s right. Maybe your career isn’t more important than your children and maybe it’s time to be a parent for a minute.

  20. 20
    Chloe Says:

    I think it’s hilarious the comments here from “good” parents. The ones who “know what theyre talking about”.

    Do they seriously think they know what their kids do 24/7?

    I’m not a smoker. But when I was around Lola’s age, I did steal a cigarette from my aunt’s purse and smoked with my cousins. That’s normal teenage stuff:

    EVERYBODY has done something that was not age appropriate when they were growing up HIDDEN from their parents.

    Either smoking, or drinking before one is 21, or going to a club with a fake ID, or lying to parents about going somewhere… TEENAGERS DO THINGS LIKE THAT AT ONE POINT OR ANOTHER.

    Lola was not smoking with her mother. She was secretly smoking with a group of teenage friends. The difference is: she is the famous daughter of a famous woman. The only picture that interested was hers. And that’s the difference between Lourdes and every other teenager in the world: she got caught doing something she should be doing.

    If anything, that proves Madonna is a great mother. It means that her kids are just as normal as everyone’s kids and even their rebelliousness is normal.

  21. 21
    Lenett Morgan Waite Says:

    Don’t do as I do do as I say. How stupid. Going on a Tour that’s going no where fast. A flash in the pan. Yes I get that vibe too. The socalled Queen of Pop will lose it for sure.

  22. 22
    :) Says:

    @Julia: stfu! how about parents who have more than 2 kids that turn out differently. Ex. I know someone with 2 boys -1 is almost an air traffic controller/the other who is just 1 yr younger still works @ Wendy’s. You can’t learn parenting from a book. I say so far you’re lucky so stop taking credit for everything your kid has a whole separate life and you never know what will influence him. Also most likely to succeed usually turns out to be the under achiever at the reunion.

  23. 23
    :) Says:

    @Lenett Morgan Waite: She already sold 200 million $ worth of tickets and is on her way to top 10 tours ever. reported everywhere dip shi

  24. 24
    jasper Says:

    it never ceases to amaze me the stupid **** that comes out of stupid people’s mouths (referring to commenters like danielle)

  25. 25
    Truth Says:


    Anyone that thumbs down obviously have never lived in NYC and if you have lived in NYC you’re in in denial.

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