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Demi Lovato: 'X Factor' Judge?

Demi Lovato: 'X Factor' Judge?

Demi Lovato is reportedly closing a deal to join the judges’ table for the next season of The X Factor.

“Although the deal is not yet done and could fall apart, sources say Lovato‘s team is in final negotiations for the job,” according to THR.

The trade adds that show executives, including creator Simon Cowell, hope the 19-year-old entertainer “will bring [in] a younger audience.”

Britney Spears is also rumored to be one of the new judges who’ll replace season 1′s Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul.

WOULD YOU LIKE to see Demi Lovato as an X Factor judge?

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  • arthur

    yes she has a good voice!

  • 123

    love how there is a story circulating about miley being considered for the same job

  • mmbop

    This is a joke right? I figured you’d require at least some sort of mainstream success/acknowledgement to qualify as a judge. Half of the people probably don’t even know who he is.

    The contestants that will be stuck with her as a mentor will probably be like, “Who’s this little Disney chick trying to lecture me?!”

  • Monique Lashonda

    Yes! She is a very talented singer/songwriter unlike britney spears who does not write, dance, sing live, etc. Britney is a manufactured brand.

  • Zahra

    I think she could do well, I really dont think age is a problem anymore and her musical tastes are very varied etc and she may not have selling power but she has a dedicated fanbase who would watch anything she’s on. Her personality is intriguing aswell so I wouldnt mind tbh. Plus she can actually sing

  • Comical

    I’m finding this story hard to believe. I adore Demi and all that …but I’m sure she has better things to be doing.

  • cindy

    She’s already trying to do reality show. Her career hasn’t really started yet and she ready to kill it by doing this with no grammys etc. She has a mickey mouse voice when she speaks her and Birt doing a show together doesn’t sound fun at all.Sounds like a bore.Oh Brit wish u never signed for factor because ur judges look to suck.I thought Simon said they had to have the xfactor and this girl doesn’t at all.

  • http://@1DlovaticBr Lívia

    I’d love to see Demi as a judge in The X Factor, she is PERFECT !

  • Dee

    No just no

  • Zahra

    @cindy: she isnt doing any reality show she did a one off MTV special

  • Marie

    I’d love to see Demi as a judge in The X Factor, she is PERFECT ! +1

  • James Francos #1 fan

    She’s in no position to be judging anyone else

  • Girl

    Christ, no wonder these reality competitions suck. Awful judges judging awful singers singing awful songs and/or ruining good songs.

  • Ego


    So her single going platinum is not considered main stream success or the fact that she has a single that’s currently in popular rotation within the radio stations? Also last I checked this person isn’t a he. Demi lovato is a she. If you are going to give yo u two cents on your inaccurate assumption on what mainstream success, at least get her gender right. You my friend are a text book example of an invalid.

    As far as the contestants go, I think it’s safe to say that she has a bit more experience than the no names on this show. Having said that this was an old rumor that was squashed years ago.

  • maila

    She has an amazing voice, but I don’t think she should be a mentor/judge, she’s a little young and doesn’t have a lot of experience in the business…yet. Don’t get me wrong, I love Demi, but she is dealing with all her personal problems at the moment, is she really the right person to be mentoring contestants whilst making herself better. It might be too much pressure for her.

  •!/MysticLovato @MysticLovato

    Demi always and forever ♥♥

  • Ego

    @cindy: Cindy you must be an invalid of sorts if you think reality tv kills your career. I guess you never heard of people like Kelly clarkson right? Who started on a reality show and is only one of the more popular singers in America? Also I like you equate Grammys to success. You ever heard of the name Selena Gomez? Yeah she doesn’t have a Grammy and she’s a pretty successful singer. Oh yeah what about Justin bieber? You ever heard of him? He doesn’t have a Grammy? Not the smartest jj poster in the world are you? Let’s not forget groups like lmfao as well. Can’t Demi detractors be a little smarter than this tool?

  • Ego

    @James Francos #1 fan: And you’re in no position to be breathing fresh air to support a hack actor like James Franco. You might as well throw Hayden Christiansen into the mix. By all means feel free to kill yourself with your stupidity.

  • Ego

    Having said that I don’t think she would make the best judge. At least not right now in her career. Maybe after a few. Years of experience? Sure. Right now she should focus on her singing.

  • Jolie

    Miley >

  • Rizle

    demi lovato is a nobody lol what is wrong with simon

  • Ego

    @mmbop: Oh and let’s not forget Jennifer Lopez who still has a relatively successful career as a singer and a judge along with a reality tv show with her ex husband. Oh and then ther is pdiddy who has a career as well and had his own reality tv show. You honestly think reality tv ends careers? Your public education is starting to show.

  • Ego

    @mmbop: Did I forget Adam lavigne and Christina aguilera on the voice? You know that reality show they are on as well as having a number one single? You probably fell asleep through that news. How does it feel to be an invalid?

  • Ego

    @Rizle: She’s obviously somebody to you and 6 millions plus people on twitter and face book. If she was a nobody you wouldn’t be posting about her on a public forum. Grade school little kid. Invest :)

  • Ego

    @Jolie: Demi>

    I fixed your post. No need to thank me :)

  • Ego

    The idiot detractors on jj always makes me laugh. I guess they are too stupid to know what mainstream success is that they fail to realize that they are adding to her succes just by mentioning her name. You got the generic idiot like mmmbop who wants to talk about mainstream success even though said person’s reference to a one hit one wonder group speaks volumes, you got Cindy who fails to realize that reality tv really doesn’t hurt careers anymore. It kind of makes them now, pay attention to MTV little girl, and then you got some idiot calling her a nobody. Well she is obviously somebody to you if you are posting about her.

    Do you guys ever think about what you post before you type it out? Really guys your lack luster education Is starting to show.

  • the truth

    Good choice. She is young, she is talented, and most importantly real. I have so much respect for this girl.

  • Ego

    @mmbop: Also she had a slew of sold out shows and a gold record internationally in south America come on guys. Do some research if you’re gonna bash someone. You’re making this too easy for me :)

  • Sarah.

    She has an amazing voice but that’s a bad idea. She shouldn’t be a judge!

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    …she’s 19

  • Ego

    Having said all that, her and Miley Cyrus are terrible choices for judges.

  • Risa

    Yes. Great choice.

  • Lisa

    What a joke, she has NO TALENT. HEY Simon X Factor SUCKS

  • Mark

    @Girl: I would much rather “awful judges judging awful singers singing awful songs and/or ruining good songs” to people taking the Lord’s Name in vain.

  • Ego

    @Lisa: I see that you’re talking about your mom again. Although I gotta admit giving a hand job while baking pies is a good talent. Speaking of which, tell your mom I’ll see her tonight :)

  • http://@belinhadesantos Beelinha

    Ameei, tomara que a Demi seja a jurada!!! vaai ser muito divertido !!!!

  • Sarah

    Demi should not be settling on becoming a talent show judge now. she should instead focus on making more music and winning grammys. she has so much potential.. :( same with Miley. they are too young to get into judging and all that..

  • Shy

    Oh God. Please NOOO. I’m not sure that I would watch if that fake idiot will be judge. And how can she be the judge. Girl can ONLY talk about her rehab. She is not capable to talk about anything else. There is no outside world for her. Someone will sing and Demi Lovato would open her mouth for commentaries… and she will talk about her rehab again. Again and again. In every commentary.

    I will not watch. Isn’t it enough that there will be mentally sick Britney? I’m, sure Britney will just say: “Thank you. It was beautiful” in every comment. I need someone with opinion. Someone interesting. I don’t want that C-Lister Demi Lovato. Give me Mariah Carey at least.

  • Ego

    @Shy: From the way you constantly talk about her, and yes I have seen more of your posts around here, I’d reckon that you have a raging hard on for her seeing as how you constantly talk about her. I mean you are the one talking about her rehab and her career and giving her said career boost. Why wouldn’t she talk about it when morons like you won’t shut up about it?Also of course Demi lovato will give commentaries. That’s what judges do you idiot. That last stab about her makes bout as much sense as your whole “there is no outside world for her” quip. Would it kill you to make senses. Also you’re calling Demi lovato a c lister when she has been more relevant in her career in the last yeah that Mariah has in the last ten years? Lol your stupidity amuses me. By all mean feel free to rid this world of your stupidity by killing your self. That would be fun to see :)

  • Ego

    @Shy: Also you may not be watching her or the show she is on, but you are giving her buzz and further promotion to her career. Hell thanks to idiots like you, she’s now more famous than she had been since she started lol. I’m sure her team is thankful to the moron celebrity blogger who keeps raising her article count by commenting on it and encourage her other mentally retarded friends to comment on it. You’re basically saying “hey I’m going to advertise a show that I don’t even care about and a singer I don’t even like and broadcast her to the entire world. That will show her.” which in turn earns her an international tour a platinum single and a people’s choice award for bet singer. Yeah that will show her. Not to bad for a c lister. 

  • Sara

    She’s really talented and I like her, I would watch it for once:)

  • Triangle

    Okay, I LOVE Demi, but I hope this isn’t true. She’s an amazing talent and a huge inspiration, but should not be a judge. I mean, for one thing, people hate judges (JLo, Steven Tyler, Nicole Scherzinger, etc.) and Demi does not need to be hated. Secondly, she’s nineteen and her career is only just beginning. She may be good at what she does, but she doesn’t know enough to judge others. This also doesn’t seem very believable. I adore this woman, but I hope this is just a rumor.

  • meagan

    yes I would love it.she has such a beautiful voice and can actually sing live.Shes even great when shes sick and no very many artists does.I would watch the show every night if Demi is a judge.

  • meagan

    @Rizle: nothing is wrong with simon….Demi is very talented and can sing unlike most people.Hes making a right decision and trying to bring younger audiance and he knows how popular she is.