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Nicole Kidman: 'Railway Man' Set with Colin Firth!

Nicole Kidman: 'Railway Man' Set with Colin Firth!

Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth work on their new movie, The Railway Man, on Tuesday (May 1) in Perth, Scotland.

The co-stars, in character as Eric Lomax and Patricia Wallace, respectively, filmed a scene at a train station.

The project centers around “a Scottish second lieutenant who was captured by the Japanese in Singapore during the war and shipped off to a camp in Thailand, where he suffered terrible tortures and was forced to help build the infamous bridge over the River Kwai.”

Late last month, Nicole and Colin attended a photo call for the flick in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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  • theresa

    what’s up with all the trolls here? they all seem to be obsessed with Nicole’s lips. in the name of the God people; get a life. as for the film Nine, the trolls involved should know that there was a whole cast of A listers in it; Penelope Cruz, Daniel Day Lewis, Judi Dench, etc. Nicole had a less than supporting role yet you want to blame the failures of the film on her. get real people.

    what it comes to on the part of you trolls is pure jealousy. Nicole has what many of you want and will never have; a husband who loves her, four children, a successful career, and the respect of her peers. here in Hollywood people, the ones with all the power, love Nicole.

    When she finishes filming Railway Man she goes straight to the filming of Grace of Monaco. for the record, the producers of Grace of Monaco actually sought out Nicole. In other words, they CHOSE Nicole for the role of Grace Kelly. now tell us all, just how successful are you trolls?

  • Sinclair


    The truth is, they are just old hags with a keyboard. lol
    Everything they say and write shows exactly how ignorant they are .

    Who cares if they like NK and KU anyhow? The truth is they do not respect themselves and show that in their posts.

    Who would write the trash they write and think anyone could respect anything they say.
    Its not even a conversation. It is just trash smack out of their gutter minds. They think they are clever or funny?

    Their words ya tell exactly what they are.

    No class broads with a self esteem problems.

  • Louise

    I love Nicole when she wears period costumes. The shoes are a hoot; they look absolutely charming on her. This will be a great movie.

  • FF

    Same old trolls, different site. They have to get their hate out somewhere since nobody goes to the E board anymore. Last few times I checked, a big 200 was looking at the board which is about half the graduating class at my sons high school. Whoopie. By the end of the day, maybe the whole school would have looked. Step it up, girls. You can’t ruin a reputation when nobody’s looking. And with the whole Robert Downey Jr “Hmmm” thing on CDAN, the “entertainment lawyer” was outed as a fraud which makes that site pretty pointless as well.
    “Online, Enty writes that he’s an obese, thrice-divorced entertainment lawyer who lives in his parents’ basement, drinks heavily and networks with his famous clientele, who feed him his best items. He says that some of his best stuff comes from celebrities he’s been friendly with — Leonardo DiCaprio, for example, the subject of one of his recently revealed blinds. Enty also says Gawker Media offered to buy his site. He also claims he was friends with actress Amber Tamblyn when she lived in LA, and sent along a poem and a 2007 handwritten FedEx receipt supposedly from Tamblyn as proof. Enty also confesses to “ramping up his blinds on the celebrities who receive the most comments” and, by extension, unique hits. “That’s the only way to make money,” he says.

    So just who is “Enty?” He provided a scan of his bar card, and he is, in fact, a lawyer registered with the California Bar. According to public records, he is 43 and lives in Los Angeles. He does work at an LA-based law firm but according to them, he’s not an entertainment lawyer — they don’t even have an entertainment division. Enty, it turns out, handles wills and probate.

    Nearly everything Enty says, in fact, doesn’t check out. That package Tamblyn sent? That receipt, dated December 2007, came from an LA-based recording studio called Michael Turner Productions; sole employee Michael Turner says Tamblyn has never been through there: “What does she do?” Gawker Media, says founder and CEO Nick Denton, never offered to buy CDaN. He’s never been friendly with DiCaprio, and within 24 hours of calls to DiCaprio’s people, that particular “reveal” vanished from Enty’s site.

    Oh, and the person most likely to be Himmm? Someone who says it’s absolutely not true; he lives in Virginia and has retained a lawyer.

    It all indicates that Hollywood and the media have been punked — duped by a soft-spoken probate lawyer with delusions of grandeur.”

    Sounds like a couple of old broads I know.

  • Joan


    Cdan is nomorebrain’s bible. Guess you must be thinking of her in the above post as the duped old broad.

  • true

    nomorebrains posts on CDAN as blue sky, her name at Urban Myths.

  • What a life


    Spending 24/7 reading made up gossip and repeating it with as many names as possible to make yourself feel important.

    The kind of person no one wants for a friend.

  • Soda

    @What a life:

    Agree WAL… nomorebrains to a T

  • Lynne


    Wow FF. that is some site. Ha ha and no wonder the idiots quote it so often. They fit right in with made up stuff pulled out of their heads to dupe people.

    A few other sites come to mind as well. Same story.

    Superduper . HA

  • KellyInNash

    @FF – CDaN also takes “tips” from readers who like to make up stuff like the obvious blind vice written by a Nicole hater from UMyths. Lainey does too and was outed when a bunch of skeptics confirmed through their “sources” that a story was true only to find out another skeptic confessed to making up the story and sending it to Lainey. The “deer in a headlight look” sent to Ted was also made up and sent in by the same confessing skeptic. None of those gossip sites check sources. As long as it’s written in cryptic tones and it brings hits to their site, they don’t care.

  • maggie

    WOW! This is all very interesting and so very true. I haven’t been keeping up with the lastest K&N rumors but it looks like they are going strong. It’s funny how they latch on to things. I made up a “bracelet” story years ago on the now barely existant Velvet Rope Nashville board and it spread like wildfire. LOL

  • HUH?

    I don’t think that is LOL at all!

  • http://comcast Dee

    @<a href="/2012/05/01/nicole-kidman-railway-man-set-with-colin-firI I'll bet she is losing sleep over you not watching her movies any more because of her lips. You are pathetic. Evidently people that are making movies that know more about film making than you or me, like everything about her, she sure keeps getting the offers.

  • http://comcast Dee

    @Marilyn: Probably becsause they know a hell of a lot more about movie making than you or me. I,m sure nobody, especially Nicole cares whether you go to this movie or not.

  • http://comcast Steve

    Mimi, Wilma, Barb, Anna (all the same person, plus a few more are same person). What small person you must be to knock a persons looks, especially when they are as beautiful as Nicole Kidman.

  • just wondering

    Not to start a fight or anything but would some “in the know” person tell me something about Delaney Shananhan, the “music industry” woman Keith dated before Nicole? I’ve heard she also dated Ryan Adams and I’ve also heard Nathan Followell but I’ve seen pictures of Ryan with glasses and they could be mistaking one for the other. What exactly does she do in the music industry? Is she a musician? Or a stylist or an assistant? How does she meet all these hot guys? LOL. @maggie: I remember the bracelet story on the Rope. Why’d you do that? Just for giggles? I also remember people saying he was dating someone named Shannon or Shanny and others piping up that he wasn’t. I’m guessing that all came from her last name. So can we be civil for a second and somebody give this nobody a few details so I can go back to not caring who he dates/marries? Thanks.

  • @Really Old Hick

    Amanda doesn’t remember much of anything.

  • Sonny



    They have to know where he is at all times!

  • Just Barb

    @Sonny: If they had the sources they say they do, they’d know where he is. Pays to be nice and find the right people.
    @just wondering: You’re a fool if you think anybody’s gonna just toss out info. Go ask your hater friends since they have all the answers.
    @Really Old Hick: That’s one of the more attractive pictures I’ve seen of her. LOL!

  • Not buying it in Nashville

    A helpful hint to those unaware: Even when they do know where he is, they pretend they don’t know or say he’s somewhere else doing something he shouldn’t. So let’s see how long it takes the dummies to call him a liar, say the hotel he’s at is not in Scotland, and wonder if there’s a busty woman in his bed while he taped this video looking like he “might” be off the wagon!

  • Not buying it in Nashville

    Old Hick…the not buying it in Nashville is for YOU!

    Ba and Ha!

  • Sonny
  • just wondering

    I’m not on the hating side but…whatever.

  • Just Barb

    @just wondering; Keep wondering. If you don’t know by now, you probably never will.

  • Jen

    @just wondering; It’s impossible to tell whether you’re being sincere or not when you say you’re not on the hating side but if you are then I’m sure you’d understand why your questions would never be answered here with the kind of obsessive negative trolls this place draws. I hope you take that as a civil answer.