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Brad Pitt: Legoland with Knox!

Brad Pitt: Legoland with Knox!

Brad Pitt treats his 3-year-old son Knox with a visit to Legoland on Wednesday (May 2) in Windsor, England.

Earlier in the week, the 48-year-old actor’s fiancee, Angelina Jolie, took three of their kids to visit Russell Crowe on the Les Miserables set.

Russell and Angelina caught up at the F Stage, where Les Mis is being shot,” a source told Us Weekly, adding that Maddox, 10, Pax, 8, and Zahara, 7, were with their famous mama.

“The kids were all fitted with [protective] ear defenders because it’s quite a loud sound stage,” the source added. “It was really exciting for the children to see the movie being shot.”

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  • anustin

    wow poppa and his little brad.

  • anustin

    poppa is in charge man.

  • anustin

    oh my knox!!!! sweet!

  • anustin

    this is wer u belong,brad.

  • anustin

    lookin gorgeous,boyz

  • anustin

    lovin all the

  • anustin

    walking fckable.

  • anustin

    wer are you,gorgeous fans.

  • anustin

    drooling the gorgeousness.

  • lol

    Every site uses the same one picture. LOL Both daddy and son are looking gorgeous.

  • UGLY Brad!!!!!!UGHHHH

    Tom Benji Holloway
    just met angelina jolie and brad pitt :)
    6 hours ago via BlackBerry

    Justin Langford
    Brad looked rough as hahaha
    4 hours ago
    Tom Benji Holloway
    He did man I though it was a cave man busting adidas trackies haha nah she didn’t she already had about 6 with her lol
    4 hours ago.

  • andu
  • anustin

    i’m proud of you,brad

  • loveAJ

    Love the daddy and son picture. I wanna see the other kids.

  • fyi

    Some tweets saying Brad bought many donuts. I am sure all kids were there at Legoland today.

  • RotflmaoOoo
  • Lara

    Awww how cute, daddy and his mini-me. Hope we get some pics of Angie and the other kids.
    Thanks Jared.

  • Brad Looks Apelike

    him want banana

  • beautiful

    Brad and Knox, like father like son. beautiful.

  • Brad’s Side Trim

    In the white raincoat

  • RotflmaoOoo

    @UGLY Brad!!!!!!UGHHHH: Those are from Facebook? Looks like people are wising up to what I knew all along.bwhaah

    Twitter @ 05/02/2012 at 2:25 pm
    Hidden due to a low comment rating Click here to see.
    Legolas greenleaf
    @ Lauramarston @sherggcxo he’s not as Amazing as he looks in Pictures.
    @lauramarston @sherggcxo muahahaha! I went looking for them on my lunch, found Brad by scarab Bouncers.

  • soi

    Love them!

  • a Lurker

    Brad looks hot. Knox is so cute.

  • lurker

    gorgeous father and son the troll is so dumb it hurts make up shi* looks pathetic it was proven to be fake tweet now the loser say its facebook hmmm

  • lurker

    knox is a brad mini me he seems like a daddy’s boy

  • Casi

    Brad looks too good for his age.

  • Observer2

    Ruh roh, Scooby doo is still here proving that Brad has gotten so way under their skin, they’re going to need surgery. LMAO!

    And lame having three O’s in their name. Like it brings home something. Only proves their ignorance and Brad rules their universe. Go Brad. Keep, keeping on and pissing them off.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Jared ALL the family is there.

    How lovely to see Poppa Pitt and his mini-me Knox. Angelina’s beautiful boys.

  • RotflmaoOoo

    @Observer2: are you gonna post pix of your dads hairy back again. RotflmaoOo that will show me to post pix of brad. Bwwhaha it looks like people who meet them face to face are coming out voicing what I’ve known for so long. Your dear brad is not hot. Bwhahaa he is so fugly they don’t even notice Twiglets bones anymore.

  • Passing Through

    # 1 anustin @ 05/02/2012 at 3:18 pm
    wow poppa and his little brad.
    I don’t know whether to be worried or oud of you, Weng. For once when you said “Little Brad” you weren’t referring to his peen…

  • fyi1

    CG has the same picture.
    Poor troll is so upset Brad looks hot as usual and everyone agrees!

    Brad Pitt: Legoland Fun with Knox

    Posted Wednesday May 2, 2012 2:37 PM GMT

    Getting in some all-important father-son bonding time, Brad Pitt was spotted at Legoland in London, England with his son Knox.

    The “Ocean’s Eleven” stud looked handsome as he made his way around the amusement park with his very own ‘mini-me.’

  • Vannasa

    Brad said he loves girls, wants all girls. Looks like he loves his boys as much as his girls.

  • 20 60

    Brad looks great from 100ft.

  • Knox and the white stick

    No. Not his mom.

  • The Real Emma

    Brad’s going to have the time of his life this summer doing stuff with the kids.

  • Observer2

    Scooby, you’ve been losing your mind for three weeks with same repetitive spiel. All it shows is that you’re not that creative. Which isn’t surprising, people that don’t even hit the double digits on their I.Q. generally aren’t.

    And Brad can’t help it if he’s got it going on and you don’t. I love that you’ve made it your life’s mission to try and bring him down. You’re on the losing side of life. That’s why you walk around with a my L on your forehead.

    His very existence, his very being, the fact that he’s one of the most successful actors, of ALL time, does something to your insides.

    I love to see a troll lose the kind of control that you have.

    By the way, fix your comb over. LOL.

  • Shiandryka

    I’d have to say Z looks most like Bradley. emhm

  • lurker


    The dumb fu*k is cray cray

  • well

    There are some jealous hens here and every jp thread. Losers.

  • MIR

    Sweet baby Knox!! Also:

    The #UX4good2012 group came down to try out the @MakeItRight_9 digital playground.!/MakeItRight_9/status/197775796226629632/photo/1

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Thank you Anustin for taking care of 1st page. Love all your posts.

  • wow

    Brad is in great shape.

  • BloodbuzzOhio

    I went to Legoland when I was a child, lol.

  • cute

    Knox Jolie Pitt, the next Brad Pitt, will break so many hearts.

  • Passing Through

    # 37 Observer2 @ 05/02/2012 at 3:53 pm
    I’m still laughing that the troll seems to think there’s something wrong with the pix of Brad she’s been continuously posting for the last 3 weeks. The man’s 48 not 18. If his face was wrinkle-free she’d be having a conniption fit and accusing him of having a facelift, botox, juvederm, etc. She either needs to shite or get off the pot…and by pot I mean da ganja and not the toilet. She’s already wearing Depends for that leaky bladder issue so what’s a little poop in her diaper, too…


    It’s so funny how Brad always talked about having girls but, it seems just based on the photos that he and the boys are very close. I’m sure the girls can get away with anything with him. But that knox seems like a daddy’s boy.
    I noticed that Maddox grew out his hair to match Brad’s length and style. I’m sure Pax is next to follow.

  • andu

    the blog and twitter are saying anything that woman who is there, not the nanny is an employee of legolands is responsible for giving them a tour.

  • Observer2


    That’s what has been cracking me up the most. The pics that they’ve been posting, like it’s a salvo. LOL.

    But, I do think me posting the pic of the man with the hairy back, hit a bit too close to home. They keep bringing it up.

    I was just posting it for siht and giggles. Who knew? LMAO!

  • Rose

    The trolls having a nervous breakdown now. Fans are having a great times watching the meltdown. There will be weeping and wailing and Grinding of teeth when the wedding takes place. Good times are a coming for the fans!!!

  • a Lurker

    I think Maddox also grew his hair out to match daddy’s.