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Brad Pitt: Legoland with Knox!

Brad Pitt: Legoland with Knox!

Brad Pitt treats his 3-year-old son Knox with a visit to Legoland on Wednesday (May 2) in Windsor, England.

Earlier in the week, the 48-year-old actor’s fiancee, Angelina Jolie, took three of their kids to visit Russell Crowe on the Les Miserables set.

Russell and Angelina caught up at the F Stage, where Les Mis is being shot,” a source told Us Weekly, adding that Maddox, 10, Pax, 8, and Zahara, 7, were with their famous mama.

“The kids were all fitted with [protective] ear defenders because it’s quite a loud sound stage,” the source added. “It was really exciting for the children to see the movie being shot.”

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@lurker: I have been put in moderation too about 4-5 times two weeks ago and I practically screamed at Jared and Chris. Why TF am I being moderated when that stupid hazmat poster and tampon and that laughing on the floor idjit get their posts through? I kinda got tired of that moderation so have not really posted but just lurked. At least Jared still posted the picture of cute Knox and handsome Dad. BTW, I loved that post about Adam Levine wanting to have s e x with Brad. Didn’t Javier Bardem declare he had a mancrush on Brad? Yet these idiots who have never seen Brad in person keep on posting how badly they think he looks. Hahaha — what do they know??

According to tabloid, Johnny Depp was seen boarding a private plane with Amber Heard together and had a secrete getaway, meanwhile, Vanessa Paradis was spotted flying commercial solo back to France. If this is true, Depp definitely was cheating on the mother of his children when filming The Rum Diary.

Jen the hag @ 05/02/2012 at 11:41 pm

Oy Jared my man why does TAMSIN the DOG can post anything but we the fans cannot… did MANISTON paid posters get into you!!!

Javier Bardem was so in love with Brad, he never said that about Penelope Cruz.

TAMSIN THE DOG @ 05/02/2012 at 11:45 pm

OK doggy i changed my user name now happy now??
btw you can post all crap about Angelina Jolie .. at end of the day she is sill well love world wide .. a fact you cannot erase even if you troll the internet posting hate about her!!


It wouldn’t be the first marriage she helps to break. That same thing happened to Banderas and Griffith, but somehow they managed to patch things up. She’s known for craving things and taking what she wants without remorse, like the spoiled brat she still is.

TAMSIN THE DOG @ 05/02/2012 at 11:50 pm

briseis @ 05/02/2012 at 11:32 pm

You know the dog would not admit that Brad is still good looking even if those people who had seen him up close and personal said Javier Bardem and Adam Levine .. Jennifer Laurence..etc. The dog is all bark and no substance!!

I see Tampax still has the stick up her a$$ and bleeding all over the thread. Whine, whine, whine. She actually teaches classes how to whine.

Lenny’s number one shipper, Lenny doesn’t know you exist. In fact, people like you make her skin crawl. How many different ways does she have to tell you that. You literally do make her skin crawl. She’s said it. You’ve kept her in the loser box because your defense of her boarders on you breaking into her house and claiming your all consuming love. And don’t deny it. You are a fan-a-tic.

While Angelina is collecting her 20M and working on a 100M tentpole. Poor Lenny’s movie budgets don’t come close to equaling that and she has to do 4 movies to Brad and Angelina’s one. In salary and budgets. No studio is going to fork over big money for her. She’s on the cheap, hell, she’ll blow you for less. Just ask Scott Stuber and Ryan Kavanaugh. They hit it and quit it after she failed to even break even on their investment. I guess no one at Overnight wanted her services on her knees or in front of the camera, since she can’t get The Boring Girls made. Though, she’s admitted that every thing that she’s ever wanted, she’s never gotten.

But, the shallow, it’s all about me one needs to get to working out and work on her hand clapping and stomping of her feet and her hair twirl. Hey maybe she won’t wear mascara. That’s OK, her skinny girl and mascara wearing man, wears enough for both.

Tampax needs to get laid, they’re would awful tight. But, then no man will have her. She simply whines to much. Much like her idol. I guess, stuffing a sock in her mouth, bag over her face and thinking she’s the best looking woman, after they’re bombed, then she might have a chance. No even than a man would go, damn no. It’s not her fault that her mother left her on a stranger’s doorstep and they didn’t even want her. She knows no love. No one loves a whiner.

Tampax knows that Lenny’s expiration due date is near. What’s a girl to do when their idol keeps getting dumped. After seven years of a string of men leaving her, Tampax, news flash, it’s Lenny. Though you seem to share a kinship. Probably because every man has left you and news flash to you. It’s you. No man likes a whiner. And you’ve given a new name to the word. Even though I don’t know what you look like, I’m sure if I looked up the word whiner in the dictionary, it would be your face.

Once a whiner, always a whiner. You better back a basket of cheese to go with it. Give others something do while you’re doing it.

This tampon poster reminds me of the scientoloco one who used to answer every single post by listing the post #s in long ass posts. It mostly was parked on the Tommygurl’s threads, but sometimes invaded the JP threads too.

This looks like a really fun place- they even have a hotel!

TamsinIsChelsea @ 05/03/2012 at 12:00 am

Tamsin=Chelsea hahaha!

TAMSIN THE DOG @ 05/03/2012 at 12:01 am

Observer2 @ 05/02/2012 at 11:53 pm

yeah MANISTON is not only boring hag but braindead too ..who in the right mind would say that she made a difference in her acting by not using MASCARA ..dumb b i t c h !!


Baby, should I take that as a compliment? Dogs are lovable and loyal; the latter being a concept that eludes both your demigod and his mistress.

But I digress, please do tell, who loves your goddess worldwide, you and your multiple personalities? Still upset about the fact that JA is A list and was considered the highest profitable actress, as per Forbes Magazine?

Care to come up with another fake user to counter that statement and boldly claim that “in my country, JA is a nobody”… LOL! I’d love to see that again, hun.

@an oldie:

And yet the collective mind speaks again through a new user name. Way to validate your opinions, dear.

TAMSIN THE DOG @ 05/03/2012 at 12:09 am

you are the kind of a dog that is rabid and foaming at the mouth!! A dog that needs to put to SLEEP ASAP!! BWAHAHHAH!!


yes doggy in our country MANISTON is nobody .. fact Angelina Jolie is admired by out own actors and young actresses . it’s even in the prime news when Brad and Angelina got engaged!!

I just saw on that Brad and Angie bought the Richmond house in UK that they rented last year for Brad filming WWZ for £10million. Not sure how credible the source.

Tampax, Lenny poo comes on the cheap. Though not for her wee one, he’s causing her to plunk down 21M poor girl is going to have to hustle to see if she can get 4 movies made to buy that house. Oh, hell, she’s going to have to find 8 movies to cover her salary and budget.

But, you like cheap. Cheap wine, cheap woman, though, you can’t afford the wee one. Pretty soon, the way he’s going through Lenny’s money, she’s not going to afford him either. Joining CAA a year ago hasn’t produced anything for her. Hell, they’re not doing anything for Lenny.

I think his Charles Manson, crazy in the eyes look may get worse. He better get a really dark and orange spray tan and teeth whitener. May blind people, after they stop laughing at him so much. Put a wig and a dress on him and he’ll look like the paid ***** he is. Just ask Mandy Igber, Lenny’s little side piece that she bought a house for. Doing yoga my a$$. The downward dog pose is for when they’re using a strap on.

TAMSIN THE DOG @ 05/03/2012 at 12:24 am

i bet the dog is doing a jiggy dance since we are giving her a dose of attention.. well at least we are giving somebody her LIFELINE .. making her think she done much important battle for her idol the hag!! Ok folks got to go .. see yah.!!

Bizzy Body @ 05/03/2012 at 12:25 am

@bizzy bee:

Don’t care about my comments? Scroll.

This troll will stay on the board for two days and two nights NON-STOP, crash for the rest of the week, and then come back and do it all over again. Absolutely mental.

Moron, there’s MANY reasons people love Brad. Aside from his looks, he has swag, a pure heart, he’s caring, giving, etc., etc. As you well know, troll, I don’t even have to tell you. You have a jealous heart, you’re mad you can’t have him. So you try to tear him down, but it’s not working.

You say he used his looks to get where he is… even if he did, so what? People have used far worse things to get to the top. At least he has the looks!

@Tamsin: My one and only time posting to you, you braindead, reading-impaired Maniston lover. Where in my post did I claim to have known Brad in person? I was referring to Adam Levine and Javier Bardem who both declared their mancrush on Brad. And they have seen him in person. Unlike you fanistons who have never seen him in person and yet declare how ugly he is. And I wasn’t even talking to you, I was responding to lurker. Now that I have wasted a post on you I will go back to lurking and thumbing you down, you imbecilic cretin who can’t even comprehend what you are reading. You are trying to control the thread and I won’t give you the satisfaction of doing so anymore.

Hello JP fans,
Does anyone know what is happening with the grotto? It has been closed for a while, does anyone have any idea if and when it will reopen?

Oh and I get it you post on IMDB, which is oh so reliable. Not.

Lenny is so reliable that her last movie where she fell in wuv and none showed up stunk up the joint.

Time to fess up. No one loses their siht over seeing Lenny. It’s OK that she has to dime and nickle it in the bargain bin.

And get scrips that no other actress wants to do. It’s let’s get Lenny, she’ll do it, she doesn’t know quality when she sees it. Oh, that’s because she never gets offered anything of quality.

You need to rest oh whiny one. It’s not your mamma’s fault that she purposely dropped you on your head, she thought she was giving you a love tap. But, has been said, the day you were born the doctor took one look at you and slapped your mother, she would have slapped your father, but, she doesn’t know who he is.

Lenny has that problem too. She’s got a take a number machine by her front door. The wee one is just another number. He’ll be gone soon enough because, as usual, Lenny doesn’t ever deliver on what she says she’s going to.

Its close for now but might reopen later she still puts updates on twitter


I don’t have idols like you do. That’s precisely the point of my mockery towards you. So silly that you haven’t figured it out yet.

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