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Should Gerard Butler Co-Star with Lindsay Lohan in 'Liz & Dick'?

Should Gerard Butler Co-Star with Lindsay Lohan in 'Liz & Dick'?

Gerard Butler uses his cell phone on his way to Starbucks on Tuesday (May 1) in Los Angeles.

The 42-year-old actor’s name was recently brought up when Lindsay Lohan chatted about playing Elizabeth Taylor in Lifetime’s upcoming Liz & Dick movie.

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“I don’t know if he would do that,” Lindsay told Access Hollywood about Gerard playing Richard Burton. “But he actually does resemble him a lot.”

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  • kel

    Not unless his career is over.

  • Webster

    He doesn’t look like Richard Burton at all. I agree, only if his career is totally dead like Lohan’s, should he do this movie.

  • No Way

    It would be career suicide for sure.

  • BEAN

    He’s a gross hot mess.

  • Joboots

    @No Way:

    Yeah,’specially with LL’s rap sheet!!!!

  • GerrysMysteryWoman

    Should Gerard Butler Co-Star with Lindsay Lohan in ‘Liz & Dick’? No.
    Now if they want to get Furious Love made? Yes. But he’d have to beat Rusty in screen tests.

  • Helen

    Maybe she had a crush on him ,or she wanted him to joint the z-list with her


    he used to be sooo hot.

    can´t believe what he has become–

    he doesn´t make good quality movies–his private life is a shame and on top of that he looks like a mess.

    if he does that movie–it would be def career suicide

  • Gossipgirl

    I love his shirt! I just bought one like it. Gerry, you need to pull yourself together, for real!

  • tess

    gerry dont need l-lo only if he wants to kill his career, back off l-lo

  • AmberWaves

    Uh, isn’t this a made-for-TV movie or something?

    I can understand why she’d think of him. I would not understand why he would ever consider it.

    Not only does she have a crush on him, I think I read somewhere that he’s “been there.”

    But that doesn’t mean he’d be seen in public with her, much less on a movie screen.

    There are lots of actors desperate for work, who are unknowns and will probably stay unknown. That’s who they should get.

  • mmmkay

    Are those pants permanent?

  • AlrightyThen

    For a film version with Rachel Weisz as Liz Taylor maybe. Not for this Lifetime mess.

  • mustang sally

    While I can certainly see him in the role of Richard Burton I’m just not sure about this particular TV movie, network, or co-star at this point in his career. I agree with a better option being a big-screen movie based on the book Furious Love . . . if even an option. But in reality how can you ever recreate the most iconic love story without the original players?

  • GerrysMysteryWoman

    It’s a hot topic. She’s an attention-seeker and has been mentioned by way of tabloid bits seen listening Gerry at a party just a bit before she went in for her final court date. My guess is, if he said anything in those few seconds or minutes, it was something along the lines, “Good luck, stay clean and sober and focus on reestablishing your career.” Then split to get away from her.
    It’s just to create a buzz. She can’t act. It’s a made for TV thing anyways. The title shows you how unimaginative the team is!
    What’s troubling (to me) is it’s a total disrespectful dishonor and disservice to the intelligent, gifted, beautiful enigmatic interesting iconic fine actress Liz was to even lower that to link her name with LL!! <– can't even respect her enough to write out her name!
    who won't watch it

  • More Pix

    over at Isopix

  • jillyro

    YIkes, what mess, did he sleep in these clothes?! What has happened to him, he looks so sloppy. And that browny-gray hair (dirty dishwater color?) is awful. He looks older than his true age.

  • missmarple

    He’s way older than he claims. There are telltale signs.



  • Emma

    Hey, everyone!

    Totally off topic – but I will get to that, in a moment…

    Kathy – just watched Shame… I think the ending is open to whatever we want to think, which is refreshing…

    Ana B and everyone who wants to see A Dangerous Method – I though Keira over-acted, but the film is good…. much better than Imdb credits it…

    To answer your question, Kathy, I think the two parted ways because of their egos… Huuuuuge egos… :-P

    Now, for the on topic – pls hit the thumbs down – why is our sexy GB so mad all the time? He looks like he wants to kick something…

    Ciao, lovelies! Till tomorrow…


    PS: Manny, I loved the Lockout humour… :-)

  • Emma

    Oh… GB as Richard Burton? I don’t think so… But I would think Vincent Reagan could pull it off… Just love that guy and he does look a little bit like Dick…

    Have a wonderful time wherever you are!


  • Mari


    That’s because he has been practially everywhere. He is such a male w.h.o.r.e.

  • Paisley

    No no no…a THOUSAND times no. Can you even begin to imagine the fun all the paps would have dragging this thing through the mud? The title alone is a catastrophe waiting to happen. Seriously…”Liz and Dick”? Oh, the humanity!

  • Paisley

    I can’t believe this – JJ censored me for typing the name D I C K

  • Reviews

    I don’t think he was in “the mood” yesterday. He seems all business. I think he is getting organized before he leaves town. He has projects lined up back to back, so he knows there won’t be much down time for the rest of this year. @GFW I think it’s one of those times he might not have wanted to be seen by the papas as he is getting a cup of coffee before he stars his day. Here are some more of those pictures. A very brooding GB.
    As for LL, I think JJ just used her interview where she says he could be a good Richard Burton as an excuse to start a thread and have the fans riled up. JJ loves all the fighting that goes on here lol.

  • boo


  • GerrysMysteryWoman

    “Ana B and everyone who wants to see A Dangerous Method – I though Keira over-acted, but the film is good…. much better than Imdb credits it…To answer your question, Kathy, I think the two parted ways because of their egos…”
    She SO over-acted. She annoyed the hell out of me in the beginning and we never get a sense of why!
    Feel they parted ways over a couple of things. It’s been ages since I saw it but here are a few: 1) Kiera’s character highlighted Carl’s own demons/obsessions which disappointed Sigmund placed him on a pedal to take over for him (or at least say on his side); 2) Freud was closed-minded to anyone who had “senses” being totally scientific; 3) Carl could read him and he did like want that while Carl was open to it; 4) Sigmund was jealous of Carl’s financial status, class position and felt inadequate; 5) Sigmund was a secret woman hater.
    Vincent was trip in that movie too! LOL
    It was a great script!!!
    That’s a good way of seeing this! Yes, she is saying Gerry would make a good Burton… just not to her Liz!

  • food 4 thought

    My answer, JJ, is H E L L to the No!!!! Sleazy mess of a tv flick – run! There are many quality shows and miniseries on tv these days – but this is not one of them.
    And I’d like to add, what is the deal with the pants stuffed into the tongue of his shoes? He has been doing this lately, and It looks completely ridiculous. Try to dress like a grownup, Gerry, not like the 14-year-old you would like to still be.

  • GerrysMysteryWoman

    I like serious Gerry, and thanks for the link. His mouth is clamped as tight as an oyster in freezing water. He’s listening, or trying to. Not a big fan of the N word, (no). Not that this is taking place. The conversation is serious no doubt about it. His outfit is fine. The less there is of the man, the more he needs the clothes. Gerry’s not one to ‘need’ clothes to define him.

  • Reviews

    I love serious Gerry too; he is at his sexiness when he is serious. He has that ‘don’t fuuck with me look”. And the outfit is good too, except the shoes. I don’t like the way his wears his pants with these high top shoes/ankle boots. Why not pull his pants down and not look like a child whose mom didn’t dress him?
    Yeah, it does look like a very serious conversation – probably work related.

  • Cougarsrule

    Gerry should absolutely NOT do this movie and I don’t think he has the time anyway! First off, Burton was short and stocky built, not tall and lean. Gerry does not remind me of RB at all. Russell Crowe would make a better Burton but I’m with others here that it should be for Savage Love, not a made for TV flick.
    I had heard that Lindsey did not bring Gerry up first as she was lead by the interviewer who asked her if Gerry Butler would make a good Richard Burton. That’s how this whole thing got blown out of proportion or so I heard.

  • Cougarsrule


    He always seems to wear those shoes/boots with the tongue hanging out and the pants kind of tucked in them. Is that some kind of fashion statement these days?

  • food 4 thought

    @Cougarsrule: It’s interesting that he’s always sticking out his tongue in photos, now his shoe tongue is always out too. There is a weird sort of symmetry there.

  • cupccake

    @cougarsrule I agree russell crowe would make a great richard burton. Russell would not be caught dead with lindsay in a made for tv flick.

  • Reviews

    “Is that some kind of fashion statement these days?’
    Not that I know of. But one thing I could say with certain confidence: He has no woman in his life right now, because if he had, he wouldn’t be wearing his pants like this.
    I think it’s awful; it looks so juvenile – not manly and not attractive. Let’s hope he gets some wisdom and stops. BTW, it hasn’t been always, just recently within the last month or two. It’s like he doesn’t give a or something, not that he ever did. He was never a fashionista.

  • Stacie

    Love Gerry . just stay away from LL , she’s toxic .

  • Cougarsrule

    Except for this shirt, which I kinda like, he wears his shirts too small and his pants too big/long. Who the heck shops for this man? Maybe he just wears all the stuff fans send him and they’re guessing his size! He’s prob got a storage unit somewhere that he goes to and “shops” for some clothes when need arises! lolol

  • Cougarsrule

    I saw some more pix of him and he never changes expression except once. He’s doing all the listening I guess. However, it also could be the old “I see you over there, you dirty little pap so I’ll pretend I’m on the phone” ploy. You make believers out of them, Gerry!

  • Reviews

    I would say he is trying to appear younger; he doesn’t want to appear stuffy. He is trying to get so many parts now and the worse thing to do is look your age. You always try to look younger so you can be cast into as many roles as possible, and not get the supporting role of the older gentleman. But if looking younger is the issue, then why not get rid of his gray and color his hair and look again like he looked 18 months ago? So I don’t think it’s the reason he wears his pants like this. Maybe it has something to do with rebelling and refusing to conform. But again, that’s so juvenile.
    Other than that, he looks great. I am not a big fan of gray hair, but even the gray hair looks good on him in these pictures. We haven’t seen him out at night in almost a week now. Maybe he’s been getting lots of sleep lately, and that accounts for him looking good in the face.

  • Cougarsrule

    As if we don’t all know his age, maybe he does have a female dressing him and she’s about nineteen! I’M JUST KIDDING PEOPLE!

  • God Bless yoou all!

    “You need not be afraid of sudden disaster . . . for the Lord is your security.” Proverbs 3:25-26

  • Cougarsrule

    I think you should always dress the way you feel and have your own personal style. I think he just doesn’t put that much effort in to it. Sometimes he looks reall nice and put together and other times he pulls out that plaid thing he likes to wear that looks like he stole it off a homeless lumber jack!

  • Cougarsrule

    Gerry’s got so many action movies lined up in the next two years. I wish he could do a period piece/romantic/drama someday. Gee, I wonder what that could be?

  • Cruizin596

    ABSOLUTELY NOT! Perhaps if Liz was being played by another actress, but not with Lohan. With his recent stint in rehab plus his other issues, being around this toxic woman would be seriously dangerous. I wish that they had done this movie 10 years ago. I think that Russell Crowe would have been a great Dick Burton. I actually think that perhaps Henry Cavill might suit the part.

  • Tonto

    Haven’t been around much lately….real life has kept me busy. But, had to check out any Butler news and haven’t got time to back read other threads I’ve missed. I hope everyone has been doing okay like, Joie, Angelrock, CGE, Autumn, Niknoks, Lolita, Manny, and the most esteemed, GFW. and many others I’ve enjoyed reading here. I hope you all have been holding down the fort here and keeping us all entertained. ;)
    As for the Butler doing Liz and D*ck, NEVER!!!! I’m going to assume the man has enough intelligences not to get involved in this project or any other project with LL. as one poster said, career suicide! And Reviews, thanks for the link to the other pictures. I’m afraid I had to laugh at the ones with a view of his backside. No butt, Butler….the man has no azz. He needs a size pants that accommodates those manly thighs, but he doesn’t fill out the seat of his britches. I guess if I had to choose between thighs and azz, I’d have to settle for thighs. He should have something in all his contracts that says he’s never to be film from the backside unless they are using CGI or padding maybe. ;D

  • GerrysMysteryWoman

    Clyde! That’s who I see from Law Abiding Citizen. Only he’s not in character. I can’t imagine how the photographer felt feeling that searing look through his lens.
    who thinks Gerry looks like this too much other in La-La-Land that it’s not la-la at all, just the opposite!

  • Tyra Banksesque

    Oh no, you can’t be Gbuts without a butt, how can you booty tooch for the camera- time for the Stairmaster, extra squats and lunges to build up that gluteus maximus then I can call you sweet cheeks.

  • +++

    No one wants an old witch calling herself a cougar. Her skin is sagging, and her vadge loose and drying. Gerard will never touch you so stop dreaming, it makes you look pathetic and desperate to announce to the world you still got it.
    Cause’ you ain’t got nothing babe!

  • GerrysMysteryWoman

    Don’t see any gray… little at the temples, which is normal. Hair’s a more natural color, lighter. Don’t like it real dark.
    See khakis, chambray shirt and his favorite boots not sneakers. See a man out running chores not too polished but not in joggers either!
    Face looks great, really great. Dewy. Looks terrific but for the searing look that, I do believe, might melt stainless and possibly cracked his lens!

  • Tyra Banksesque

    @+++:You looking in mirror bitter biscuits?