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Jared Followill Engaged to Martha Patterson - Exclusive!

Jared Followill Engaged to Martha Patterson - Exclusive!

Kings of Leon bassist Jared Followill got engaged to Martha Patterson earlier this month, his rep confirms exclusively to

“Yes, it’s true!” the rep says. “Jared proposed to Martha on April 11 at his home in Nashville and we’re all excited for the newly engaged couple.”

Jared popped the question with a 4-carat cushion-cut diamond set on a
diamond-covered band, which he designed. Check out the sparkler in these first official engagement pics of the pair!

The 25-year-old rocker and Martha, a model, have been dating for only a few months. A whirlwind romance!

The couple plans to split their time between their homes in Nashville and Los Angeles.

Congrats to the happy couple!

Just Jared on Facebook
jared followill engaged martha patterson 01
jared followill engaged martha patterson 02

Photos: Francis Bertrand
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  • nikky

    what´s the rush??

  • scarlett

    Wow unexpected, but congrats to them I guess. I have never heard of her as a model though.

  • kel

    Congrats, beautiful couple!

  • Mika

    Isn’t she just 21 or something?

  • lisa

    He’s a jewel designer now. Nice one, Jared.

  • Luiza

    “The 25-year-old rocker and Martha, a model, have been dating for only a few months.”

    hmm, let’s see…

  • Debbie

    I hope they prove me wrong about my first thought, which was; “It won’t last.” Just saying… Congrats, though!

  • BEAN

    These southern boys and models.

  • http://debrawelchtx Debra

    Congratulations to the happy couple!!! Martha is a friend of my step-daughter’s. I have known her for 8 years. Martha is amazing, a good southern girl who is very down to earth, very funny, and has an amazing soul. Martha has been a model for the last few years, and for those who do not know her then you do not realize how many shows she has been in, magazines, and photo shoots. She has nothing to prove to anyone so she is not going to defend herself to try and prove you all wrong about her career. That is just not her way. Martha has never been a show off, it is just not her style. When you are in love, you just know. Time does not stop for love. They are perfect for each other. People can be so ugly, that is a shame, because Martha is amazing, he is lucky to have her!

  • lady gaga


  • Dubya Bush

    I would have been so heart broken 2 years ago when I still had a crush on him lol

  • tima

    Official engagement pictures sent to justjared? Not much of a rockstar, is he?

  • Lea

    OMGSH! This must be the big news Jared was talking about on Twitter. They make a gorgeous couple! I wish them the best. CONGRATULATIONS! <3

  • vanderbilt

    model? where is her Vogue covers and Versace campaigns? hmm. I guess just like there are A & D list actresses, the same can be applied to models…

  • tima

    She doesn’t even have a fashionspot thread so I think it’s “aspiring model” for now..

  • ava

    just because people aren’t aware of the work most models does – it doesn’t make them any less of a model. it’s a tough industry. martha’s still very young, i hope some day she lands a breakout casting to atleast shut these trolls. ah well. congrats to the happy couple.

  • Gossipgirl

    @BEAN: Seriously! They are all married or engaged to models. Whatever!

  • lauren

    i read that as robert pattison.

  • losa

    She looks like Olivia Palermo.

  • becca

    good thing jared f is friends with “just” jared or no one else would care lmao

  • Dave Franco

    Always thought this guy was a playa. He is quite annoying on twitter.

  • becca

    @Dave Franco: He is super whiny and needy i unfollowed him a long time ago.

  • Lulu

    If you like it, put a ring on it. Congrats!

  • Delilah

    @Mika: Anything wrong about her age? There are thousands of married girls who are younger than her.

  • speaktruth

    Welp, guess one of my rocker crushes is now off the market :(

  • hm

    They’re engage after only two months of dating? I don’t think it’s going to last just because it happen so quickly but maybe they will surprise me. They should at least have a year long engagement to give themselves more time to get to know each other and to build a stronger bond.

  • mlllllllllllle

    What the Hell is happening to those boys !
    I want a NEW ALBUM ! I’m starving ! Enough with weddings !

  • GEM


    martha is that you?

  • Marthahahaha

    Oh god, seriously? I always thought Jared was the smartest one of the KOL guys and most self-aware.
    But no, seems like he is just another needy dumb “celeb” who is begging for attention and trying to show off with this silly little life.

    I have been scrolling through his twitter and damn…major second hand embarrassment. Him and his Marthakateee feel oh so hip and ironic showing off their crazy “romance”…
    And are they really that deluded that they think this is going to last???

  • Rose&Sage

    this is going to marry because she is pregnant jared

  • Rose&Sage

    Martha got in three months what lily in three years to ensure the future

  • Rose&Sage

    if martha is pregnant I hope you do not give the baby milk powder because otherwise it can be snorted jared

  • Diana


  • lisa

    I’m really happy for Jared. If this had been a couple of years ago, I have to say I would have been completely devastated, but I like to think I’ve moved on from that now. That being said, I’m used to his personality and behavior for years now, and I was kinda anticipating an engagement in their near future. And ladies, he has been engaged before, so this is not exactly new to him. He seems genuinely happy with Martha, and who cares what kind of model she is, they chose to be together, so just let them be. Congratulations!

  • kathy

    @hm: I’m not famous, but when I married my husband we had only dated 3 weeks. We have been married 18 years now. Just sayin’.

  • Rose&Sage

    @kathy: that pathetic your life must be

  • GoNads

    Two months?! That’s not even enough time to know whether she likes loud or quiet farts!

  • O

    He did the same thing with his past girlfriend. Too soon.

  • Carrie

    Congrats to the couple!!!

    Sounds like you two pissed off alot of fangirls.

    You know people, a couple can get married and be happy and have it last awhile.

    Maybe it’s not them, maybe the problem is you losers!!!

    Again, Congrats!!!

  • FashionGal

    She’s not a model, she’s one of those cater waiters that is supposed be pretty and passes food around at parties. So sick of them labeling her a model. Models work, and get work without being attached to rock stars. Does anyone else think she looks like Lily, especially the hair? Kinda weird that Jared’s engaged to a Lily clone. #issues

  • gaurav

    nice post thnx for info……

    Ashley Greene’s ex Jared Followill is engaged! And it sounds like he’d be fine skipping the ceremony and going straight to the honeymoon!

    More Info:-

  • cal

    @Rose&Sage: i love this comment

  • Lexi

    First of all – the first pic is really gorgeous. They two seem like a happy couple, you can’t deny that.
    BUT what I don’t like about this whole story is how it started and developed. Too much in public. I’m not quite sure if they really HAD to post every single thing and photo on twitter, because they are not important enough for paparazzi to follow them everywhere, but I think it would have pissed off less if they didn’t make such a big deal out of everything.
    Jared changed a lot (oh dear, I had to unfollow him on twitter, it was annoying!) and fans who have been following him over the past 10 years and over twitter all the time, noticed. I don’t think he ever cared a lot about his fans, but after this Martha thing started, he didn’t even get sarcastic jokes anymore. He was just pissed about every tweet sent to him and started insulting fans: Martha, better said her friends, stalked tweets and started talking to fans, not in the nicest way. What’s up with that? Don’t mess with fanbases. Those guys sticked with KOL for YEARS. Ugh. Just ignore it. Don’t make yourself more important than you are.
    If you care about your private life so much, then why do you make it so public? That is what I don’t understand. If he kept more things private, I think more fans would congratulate him and her. I have no idea what kind of girl Martha is, she sure has a good taste in music, she is pretty, and she gets along with everybody, as it seems. That’s great! (I’m very sure she doesn’t deserve the title ”model” but media probably just wants to give her any kind of title, so why not going with that… Nothing against her, but I’m very sure you have to earn that title… Lily is a model. Look at her work!)

    If we consider Jared a very unpopular, normal human being, and if _I_ imagine he or Martha were one of my friends who wants to get married after being with another person for like 3 months or something, I would not jump up and down because of joy. Why rushing into a marriage? If his partner is pregnant, aha. That might be a solution… But getting engaged after such a short time… Why taking that risk? Why not moving in together, living together for some time, figuring everything about eachother out? Marriage is not running away from you. If you love eachother and if you can see your future together, getting married is always an option, no one can take that away from you! Take that shit serious. If you’re absolutely in love, why rushing? And I am not one of them who say “Why not?”… Because if you decide to spend your life together, have children, grow old… in MY opinion you should know eachother quite well. And it’s not like this “love is all we need” thing, life is not a fcking movie.

    If Jared hasn’t changed so much, if not every single tweet would go out to Martha or her friends, if Jared actually showed his fans that he cares about them, if Martha and he woulnd’t make such a big deal out of everything, I think fans woulnd’t be so pissed and annoyed

    And most of the opinions have nothing to do with “jealousy”. So if I read another person who comments a negative opinion about this whole thing with “you’re just jealous”… People, THINK. There are fans left who actually care about their favourite band members, who want the best for them, who are happy for them, but still ask themselves why rushing into something after such a short time, why changing so much and losing your sense of humor just because you’re in a relationship.. That’s it.

    Nevertheless, congrats. If it lasts, good for you! If it’s not going to last… well. I don’t care, to be honest. I rather stick with celebrities who actually care about their private lives and keep their private life private. That makes them special. And I appreciate it when celebrities don’t forget that they are still normal human beings.

    Oh and PS: I don’t really get why everyone now makes such a big deal out of the engagement, because we all knew since Coachella what’s going on. Fans are not stupid.


  • Lexi

    @Carrie There is absolutely no need to insult fans. Comments like yours don’t make sense.

  • Rose&Sage

    @cal: thank you very much

  • Rose&Sage

    kings of leon has a song called 17 can now be called only one that has 21

  • Ace

    I don’t care what anyone says but I liked him better when he was with Alisa. He was funnier, friendlier and made better music when he was with her. Ever since he started dating this Martha chick he went way downhill. Oh well.

    Btw, anyone know why Alisa changed her name from Torres to Towers on FB at least? Just curious.

  • cooki

    hmmmmmmmm so nice i want to girl friend like her any one want to like me

  • Kim

    First off, congratulations :-)
    Second, Since their doesn’t seem to be to many “well wishers”, Congratulations on your engagement again.

  • http://debrawelchtx Debra

    I really can not believe how mean the fans are. Good luck with that.